Deportivo v Newcastle – Pre-season match preview.

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Deportivo's Riazor Stadium.
Deportivo's Riazor Stadium.
Newcastle head off to sunny sunny Spain for game number four of the pre-season campaign.

Deportivo la Coruna play the hosts tonight as Newcastle step up preparations by tackling their second game in just a few days to ensure they are ready for the big kick-off against Manchester United on the 16th.

Newcastle took a 20-man squad out to la Coruna via private jet yesterday afternoon and will have to deal with a place that us slightly hotter than the UK at the moment. I was planning on going to this myself as a birthday treat but it was just too expensive so I have had to settle for Wolverhampton in a few weeks instead. I’ve heard there isn’t that much difference between Spain and the West Midlands on a sunny day, at least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself anyway!

Newcastle and Deportivo have a bit of recent history when it comes to the transfer of players. Of course there was Albert Luque, who wasn’t exactly a success on Tyneside. Then there are current squad members Fabricio Coloccini and Xisco who both made the switch to Newcastle from Depor. In terms of money spent, it’s safe to say that Newcastle are probably one of Depor’s favourite teams.

Sol Campbell hasn’t travelled with the squad and has stayed in Newcastle to work on his conditioning whilst Steven Taylor and Danny Simpson remain on the sidelines where they wil be for a good while yet. Jonas Gutierrez, anyone heard anything of him? I have searched high and low and can’t find any injury news or anything so can only assume he has been rested so far? Please feel free to update if you know different.

On the plus side, Joey Barton and Wayne Routledge will be back after being rested against PSV as a precaution. I can understand the cotton wool approach with those two as they are likely to be key players for us this season, well I hope they are anyway.

With only two matches left in the pre-season camaign, the time has come where it becomes a bit more serious. The result still isn’t that important, but I would expect to see the team that will face Manchester United feature either tonight or on Saturday at Rangers.

Balance is the key as we simply can’t afford anymore injuries in certain positions. I still expect to see players rotated, but with just under two weeks to go until the big kick-off things should begin to get a little bit more serious.

Howay the lads!

Date – Tuesday, 3rd August, 2010.

Time – 8:00 pm (UK time).

Venue – The Riazor Stadium, La Coruna, Spain.

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41 Responses

  1. Morning toonsy. Glad to hear you’re fit and well. You must be on cloud9 mate :)

  2. quick question toonsy – who hosts this blog and are they any good?

    if you don’t mind me asking of course.

  3. yes – have heard about Klose, i suppose only time will tell on this one!!
    would be quality addition, even at his age, he has all the skills and ability to be a star!!
    I would take him if available, will add a lot of experience to other strikers who are all still learning trade (including shola!!) apart from Lovenkrands i suppose
    would like to see him along with a creative midfielder, why cudnt Beardsley be 20 years younger!!

  4. Anywhere in particular to look for the a stream of the game Toonsy or just the usual places u think?

    Should be a good game tonight, fingers crossed no more injuries though. Getting a bit of a concern there.

  5. toonsy – I’ve decided to start me own blog and I see this is powered by WordPress but I just wondered which hosting company you used and if you would recommend them.

    ps; don’t worry – its not a Toon blog so I’m not gonna try and steal your fanbase ;)

  6. TC – Competition :twisted:

    What is it on? The subject I mean? As for hosting, pass. I was looking into it a few days ago for something else ans couldn’t decide :lol:

    Just have a look online an try to get an independant review, not a customer appraisal as they can be twisted ;)

  7. French press reporting Ben Arfa turning down offers because he wants to come here.

  8. Its to promote myself as an international superstar gigilo, of course! ;)

    And as a side note I’ll also be blogging about advertising and design. ;)

  9. Now guys been reading for months now and thought it was time to get involved, the crack is always spot on, is it possible to get this match on the net tonight?? Cant blieve how many shit players weve bought from them!

  10. Apparently there might be some streaming of the game tonight. Just what I’ve been told mind and haven’t looked into it.

  11. Hitman – For something that is completely made up it probably aint that far away from the truth :lol:

  12. you got any links rangerman?
    where did the klose rumours come from everybody?

  13. carnt see us pulling off klose like,i think we will see 1 or 2 come in and thats it(hope its left back cover and a forward).bolton might be in for cleverly..

  14. hitman re 22

    i was half way through this before i realised!

    by the way – that ground looks mint. the only other one that i can remember being close to the sea was the one that the scruffy bastards down the road used to have. anyone know of a ground closer to the sea? – i bet they do loads of training on the beach

    lucky bastards

  15. deepak, the klose rumour was on that football rumours site & has been mentioned on a couple of blogs. Problem is that 99.999% of the stuff on that rumour site is pure fantasy,someone also reckoned we were signing yobo for £5 mil. Worth a look if you want a giggle.

    That ben afra rumour just won’t go away…..maybe there is something in it!?

  16. thanks rangerman and noir9
    hope we do get ben arfa,the guy is well recognised in here in india among the football following guys.would be something to bloat abt to my manure and chelsea friends.too good to happen i guess though

  17. whats the best way for me to watch the game tonight i used to livefooty but now on any website i try i cant watch the game without downloading something and normally even if i do that it doesnt work?

  18. It’s a poor translation but this is the gist of the Ben Arfa article:

    The keystone of the transfer window Olympique de Marseille, as is currently the player best able to get the money for buying a reinforcement, Hatem Ben Arfa does not seem to make its choice in precipitation. But according to Provence, the former Lyon seems to have decided to reject all proposals, except that one of Newcastle. Hoffenheim, who was close to an agreement with the OM, would have been flunked by Hatem Ben Arfa, like offerings from Italy. The player’s decision even provoked some controversy within his advisers are struggling to understand the position until the player endian OM for Magpies.

    “Newcastle is the worst solution for both Hatem, as for the OM. The English league is not the best place for him to fully express his talent and the club can not even submit bank guarantees for the purchase option! I do not understand where they want to make is RUBBISH! “Said a relative of Hatem Ben Arfa in the columns of the regional daily. In this situation, Olympique Marseille tries to find a solution with Newcastle, but this does not seem so simple and pending Hatem Ben Arfa is still under OM.

  19. alright cheers mate. when it comes down to the ben arfa situation i think his a terrific player but fear he will be another flop like albert luque and co and when you see what luque did at depor it was unberlievable to what he showed at SJP. Its like obafemi martins he had the ability to succeed in the premier league ,to be a great asset and extremely entertaining but he will never be known as a prolific number 9. i just fear that ben arfa will be another flop

  20. Fou all our muslim brethren overseas there’s a chance to watch the Mags on Al Jazeera Sport +2 according to .com

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