Best and Xisco – The surprise packages of pre-season so far.

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2 goals in 3 game for Leon Best.
2 goals in 3 game for Leon Best.
Rather than bore you with an individual article concerning how both Leon Best and Xisco are doing, I thought it would be nice to combine the two together instead.

After all, they are two players who appeared to be following the same career path at Newcastle, and they still might, but what they have both done this pre-season is come back fighting for their lives. Not their real lives, but their lives as Newcastle players.

Now I know that they would only have been sold if the manager, Chris Hughton, didn’t want either at them at the club, but both players had become targets for the boo boys at Newcastle. Since they arrived back for pre-season training, with a hell of a lot to prove I might add, they have both been surprisingly good. We have Leon Best who has now scored two goals in three games, then we have Xisco who definately looked like he had a point to prove against PSV on Saturday when he came on.

Now I’ll hang fire before declaring that all of our Premier League prayers are answered as that would just be silly to suggest, but the fact that both of these players look to be upping their game when it matters could help us in the forthcoming season.

Firstly Leon Best, who couldn’t hit a cows backside with a banjo last season, has looked decidedly clinical upon his return to the team this season. His goal at Carlisle showed a bit of pace and compsure despite the fact it came against ‘weaker’ opposition in the form of Carlisle, and let’s not forget he also set-up Haris Vuckic for his goal at Brunton Park. Then there was the equaliser aginst PSV, where Best did well to get amongst a host of bodies to head the ball into the back of the net. Those goals should breed confidence, now he has to use that to push on to greater things.

Then there is Xisco, who has never been given a chance here. I know he feigned injury to get out of playing, but when you look at the circumstances of the time you can perhaps see why. Anyway, he ended up out on loan at Racing Santander, who didn’t want to buy him at the end of the deal, so now he is back here at Newcastle.

It had been suggested that the former Spanish Under-21 striker would be heading for the exit door over the summer, but the problem with that is the huge wages the lad is on – nobody will match them. So we are stuck with him, and it would have been easy for him to flounce off in a huff again, but he didn’t.

What he has done is declare his commitment to the cause and shown a willingness to play anywhere for the team. He impressed against Norwich, setting up Shola Ameobi for his goal, and impressed against PSV where he was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet himself.

As I said earlier, these two players won’t solve all of our problems, but if they can play their part then it is a case of job done. Personally, I love someone who tries, which is why I get so damn frustrated with Shola Ameobi at times as it appears he doesn’t.

Both Best and Xisco are trying to prove a point, and I like that. If they can prove their point then it will benefit Newcastle. It seems unlikely that we will be adding to our striking options over the summer as Hughton has already been bigging up what we have got, so all we can do is hope what we do have can do the business.

After all, everyone loves a tryer!

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176 Responses

  1. It’s noty easy to get into the Spanish U21 side… so he (Xisco) must have something. I don’t believe he was given any sort of a chance when he arrived, he got caught up in all the Keegangate thing and it went downhill from there. If I remember right, he did score on his debut though??

    I believe he should be given a chance to prove himself, and instead of another striker we should get LB cover.

    Just my thoughts…

  2. Best isn’t PL standard end of story. Xisco looks like he might be but can we afford to wait. Get rid of both of them & buy someone who is a proven goalscorer

  3. Day 1 of my week off and I’ve got to go into work to sort something out :( Brilliant :mad:

  4. So long as we give ALL our players a fighting chance.

    Owt could happen, & some of it could be good.

    Still too early to tell though.

    Howay the lads.

  5. geordiedoonsooth sorry but your talkn oot yah arse,, psv are a top 4 dutch side and are much better than at least half the pl teams if they performed well against psv then shud b o.k for the pl,, and if we were gunna get rid of them now we wud be losing muney not gaining it wich is the clubs plan,, ur bein 2 negative bwt them both, wat proven goal scorer shud we get with owa 3 mil we cud get from these and owa 30 thousand wage cap,, mayb we shud buy owen,, he was a proven scorer but dun f**k al for us,, these 2 will be new signings for us , ppl shud stop shootn them both down,, owa record has been better with best playing than wen he iznt, n a saw xisco both tyms he played pree season n he was a stand owt player

  6. Na bollox to that, CLiNT – certain sections of our fans have already decided they’re not good enough for us.

    Let’s boo and berate them until they leave SJP for good – only then will we able to reclaim our crown as “the best fans in the world”!

  7. CLiNT – Hopefully I’ll only be in for an hour or two. I’ll be claiming the time back though, at least ;)

  8. TC – That was a Zzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg comment if ever I’ve read one :lol:

    Right, let’s go see what’s up with the throbbers at work. See, the bloody place falls down without me :lol:

  9. Not so much the first game at Man U but the second game at home to Villa should give us an idea where our squad is – my fingers are crossed for both of these lads but I hope CH is not relying on our current strike force (sorry SHT @ 1 but I disagree with you)and does manage to bring someone in as well as LB cover.

  10. look lads, we have the best fans in the world but when we dont give our own players a chance we arent living up to it. i said all last year give best a chance cuz he will pan out a good stryker. as for xisco jury is still out but at least he is trying thats better then some of the over paid ship jumpers who bailed on us….hwtl

  11. “Now I know that they would only have been sold if the manager, Chris Hughton, didn’t want either at them at the club”.

    A particularly interesting line there for me. As much as you’d think it was a simple game of sell one striker – buy another… I don’t believe it works that easily in favour for Hughton?

    I will give the benefit of the doubt and believe Hughton’s reluctance to sell has been down to his focus on team unity and morale as well as giving players like these a chance.

    But I can’t help but have a niggling sense that in the same respect for team unity, the disruption Xisco caused (the fake injury), wages and money paid in the transfer would have been enough to offload him and free up money for a cover left back/wing?

    I just sincerely hope it isn’t a case of; we can’t get enough back on players, they won’t drop wages to move, or we have no basic transfer budget to dip into on top of whatever we make on players (basically we buy with the money we make on transfers – no more).

    But hey, i’m a Newcastle United fan… Hard to not be completely pessimistic sometimes!

  12. Whats happened to Phil Airey, the young lad who was scoring for the reserves last season? He hasn’t played for the reserves yet, surely he’s not been released.

  13. I admit I’ve only seen Xisco in the one preseason game this time round and he did ok, but I can’t understand all the praise being heaped on him. Like I said, he did ok when he came on, on Saturday, but nowt amazing. I’m hoping he will come god and be like he new player we are wanting, but can’t say I’ve seen it as yet.

    As for Best, seen him play twice now and he’s done well, thought he was nowhere near good enough last season, but time will tell for this one.

  14. Xisco is on such massive wages that we couldn’t sell him if we wanted to. Therefore, he is ours and I hope he makes something of his chances and becomes a contributor.

  15. I dont know why I get angry but ive just read the Campbell article on the express website just below is a typical comment about us being deluded, So I looked at where this guy was from good old Norwich home of incest and mustard.

    So i thought I would find out how to comment myself and I happened to come across that maestro of insulting and lazy journalism spouting his usually bile saying how we are now apparantly demanding Hughtons removal for Shearer or Keegan and our fans arent loyal as 12% of our support dropped last season… :lol:

    Its not just us that receive Micks bile though some of his comments about other football clubs are absolutely ridiculous namely Wigan who dont deserve a football club unlike the good inbred folk of Norwich, Leeds whose fans are deluded and disloyal as well as having the nerve to take some credit off Norwich and Southampton whose supporters are also glory hunters unlike Norwich.

    How can ths piece of vermin be allowed to write such poorly informed shite, The Express’s sales are down year on year yet they continue to pay this ugly, vile, lying waste of oxygen who is probably behind a fair percentage of the boycott… :x

  16. £46 for a Birmingham to Newcastle return, not bad, should be in rosies for midday :)

  17. dont worry spartanchris!airey is going to be a star.we are not that daft mate.was in dublin with the squad.the problem we have got ch wont give these young players 90 mintues in the first team in pre season.he doesnt wont to make hard choices to play them if they do well, thats why i beleive are bench will be full of players who just for the sake of him to keep them happy not the players who can change a game.ranger was flying in the first game took him off and hasnt played much since.why not give him the most of pre season and find out.the joke is he played him on the wing whats all that about.then plays them in reserves friday we no what he can do in the reserves and harris.why keep using first team players on big wages in the team who a bit part players. i wont hungary players not people who are just their becasue of wages.we all no what these first teamers can do.every other club is using young players in pre season why not us.these young players only play when we have problems in them areas.

  18. JAY JAY rosies eh been in a few times me-sel last time it all kicked off and the cardiff fans got there come-upings

  19. ASIM have said a few times c.h. just does not give the kids a chance,could of give one or two a chance last year there was times he could have and didnt imo

  20. Icedog > last time it all kicked off and the cardiff fans got there come-upings
    Thats because you were there at the front starting on the poor fukers ;)

    Asim you have made a few good points there mate ;)

  21. If players come on & do well, isn’t that good?
    A starting point?
    I’m sure plenty would have the knives out if they made one tiny mistake.
    It’s like walking the f***ing plank, FFS!

  22. xisco, best, ranger and vukic have been are best players in pre season end of, some ppl on here need to get in there heads that they are good players and even if they werent id give my full support to every player that pulls on a toon shirt, xisco has got the same scoring record at under 21 level as torres, i jus hope the idiots are slating players b4 they hav proved thereselves with admit they were wrong if they hav good seasons id rather hav them playin and trying the hearts out than shola strolling round the pitch playin half arsed like he always does

  23. to me we have 3 forwards i would take in the prem! icedog some people wont like it,ranger carrol ameobi and the rest should ship out.dont class lovens as a striker so he would be back up.people miss the point we got enough.the joke all this strikers will be playing only if carrol gets injuried.we wont be playing 2 strikers away from we dont need all these strikers lets face it wont get much of a run anyway so why have the rest of the average strikers in the squad we need wingers and people who can change a game and score from midfield with pace.wingers becasue jonas and rout get injuried we are fecked.becasue the way ch plays his old time favorites.

  24. BIG DAVE your right m8 my lad had to keep me back as i pushed him forward ;)
    sent e-mail m8 there was 2 photos one you sent he is drooling over the big one with it across his chest said there was a lot of clever work in it (dont like the way hes looking at me with pound signs)in his eyes

  25. clint flick it doesnt matter mate we all slag are first teamers off. so what would change with the young guns.ranger looks sharp and scoring goals for fun and playing out of postion.he should be are secound striker becasue of u are keeping maceda why not us with ranger on loan.why say harris will be around are first team and then not give him 90 mintues in pre season games then fitness for them in reserves as u said.they can do it with them instead of reserves and keep is the problem thats why these players will leave he would rather play smith then him .who has got more chance of scoring or doing something theirs my answer.

  26. Ice :) yeah I got your email mate its funny they way they still expect you to put your hands in your pocket when they are looking something :lol: . I normally get called Dad but see when I hear them call me Daaaaddy I automatically think how much is this going to cost me ;)
    I will have a look for more designs in work tomorrow mate for Icepup

  27. asim,
    i get y’bud.
    But, we only see glimpses. CH sees & knows the lads.
    Haris is just back from bad injuries, he won’t want him trying too hard to impress. I agree about Ranger, he looks good.
    It’s a juggling act mate 6 into 2 won’t go & we have to keep them all happy as well. It’s a tough one.
    But we have to trust the gaffer on this one.
    He just wants them all wanting to play, then if/when they get their chance, they take it.

  28. clint flick! we need a hero! its about time we had a young player who every1 talks about why not them.

  29. asim,
    no reason whatsoever mate.
    I reckon one or more will step up this season.
    Vuckic, Ranger or one of the others.
    We just need to feed them in.
    Then we could be sweet for the next few years.
    If we are to loan out Ranger, it should be in the prem, for a few months to see what he can do. Even though i don’t like us training/trying out other teams young ‘uns.
    But there y’go-i’m a hypocrite on that one.

  30. I disagree with you on the Clint mate for a change – I think we should loan Ranger to someone like Bristol City or a team at the top of the championship. We need to have him play 40+ games this season, and he simply isnt going to get that at a prem club, and of course we dont want him playing for potential rival.

    With Ranger out on loan, and you could feasibly make a case for McLovin being a LW backup, then we have 4 strikers to fill 2 spaces, though they are all fairly similar.

  31. americangeordie@12, a while ago I was invited to a new business launch in chester & ended-up having a chat with a former toon player. He had lots of good things to say about all things newcastle, he did also say that it wasn’t the easiest place to play & some players felt that the supporters just never took to them. Might just be an excuse used by under-performing players but might be something in it……..mind you he did spend a lot of the time saying what a good manager big sam was.

  32. Sorry chaps, Leon Best and Xisco don’t do it for me.

    With my ticket through the post just today it means confirmation that for half the games this season, at the very least, I’ll be behind which elven players are on the park at the time. But assuming injuries to the others, the prospect of those lads leading the line together is pretty frightening.

  33. asim,
    Carroll is getting his chance now.
    Soon it’ll be Krul’s turn & he’s obviously been given assurances, or he wouldn’t have signed another deal.
    There are a bunch of young’uns, that if fed in properly can make the grade.

  34. CLINT good points there mate,everything comes to those who wait,so they say,ime still waiting like lol

  35. Raffo,
    aye mate, but i just think Ranger is nearly there & we just need to see if he can do it at this level.
    I’m thinking 3 months, where he’ll get games, see if he scores or bombs.
    Not sure what good a season in the champ would be to him now.
    We just can’t afford to test him our selves, at this level.

  36. bowburmag a agree! carrol ranger and ameobi should be are front line.we dont need anymore! carrol will be played on his own away from home any way so the others will hardly get much playing time..we need wingers.rout and jonas wont stay fit.without them we dont do anything. we need players who score goals from midfield and pace otherwise if these too get injuried which they do.we will be in big trouble with ch going back to his sorry 5 man central midfielders.

  37. Raffo,
    PL doesn’t like it on the wing mate, he’s said as much.
    That’s why we need Whittingham, proper left winger him & scores goals.

  38. Ice you have mail ;)
    BBM I agree with you on Best but im not sure about Xisco havn’t seen enough of him and tbh I feel a bit sorry for him the amount of shite he got over KK etc was a bit ott and he has never got a chance :(

  39. clintflick! prem football is played with some player holding the ball upfront so the other team doesnt come on to u.ranger can do that role. he might score goals it is better for the team to have more of the and xisco cant even trap a ball so what is the point having them in that role head of ranger thats my point.

  40. Clint, i agree that Ranger should go out on loan, but not to a premiership team, he’ll likely be starved for chances near the bottom of the table and that won’t do much for his confidence. Of course the alternative is he does well, and helps out our direct competition, so it’s a lose-lose situation. We should loan him to a team that will likely do well in the championship, but are only lacking a goalscorer.

    I asked a few Cardiff fans about Whittingham, and they said he’s not a proper winger;

    “I wouldn’t call him a winger like Guitierez and Routledge. He’s not a pacey player, but more skilful on the ball, and can definatly pick out a pass. He is a poacher and good with set pieces when he wants to be. He can also play in CM, but it isn’t his preferred position.”

    “He’s more of a playmaker to be fair. Has fantastic vision for a pass and scores many great goals… Check out his goal vs. Middlesbrough in the F.A. Cup.
    I don’t think he’d suit Newcastle’s style of play to be fair.”

    “He’s not a winger so if that’s what your looking for look at a different player.
    1. Whitts hardly ever beats a player get to the by line and whips one in.
    2. He’s not a speed machine down the line.
    3. He constantly cuts in field and dose not hug the touch line like Burke offering width to the team.

    Simple not the type of player I think you would expect given he is completely different to the two you have now.”

  41. Totally agree about CH. His focus seems to be more on keeping morale up than actually having a quality, competitive team on the pitch. We are in desperate need for at least one more pacey and effective winger. Instead our acquisitions have been defenders and another center mid who will be on a table until Christmas. Loan or buy, i really don’t care. But we need true wingers to avoid seeing what we did last season.

  42. Also, I’m willing to see if Xisco and Best can do anything at all this season, as long as it doesn’t further inhibit Ranger’s ability to progress and prove himself. That kid is our future and there is no doubt about it. Why he was completely thrown to the side for Leon is beyond every human’s understanding. Chris Hughton simply does not trust in players under 20 it seems. I really hope that he can prove us all wrong and put at least one young up-and-comer in the next few games. Vuckic, Ranger, Kadar, and even Airey need to get some decent pitch time for these final preseason games

  43. Asim I agree 100% about Ranger mate but there is noway CH will pick him before Best or Shola. Ranger could have came on loads if he had got playing last year but he never got the chances he deserved, CH will allways stick to the seniors unless he has no option its the same with Guthrie he made the CM spot his own last year when he was played there but it was only when CH had no other options if smith or Butt was available Guthrie was either dropped or played on the RW where he is not suited and has even said so himself

  44. Oh aye Clint mate – 2 wingers are needed in my opinion. I think give Ranger till Jan on loan in the champ, get regular games, get some goals, get some confidence, but also this gives best and xisco until Jan to prove themselves. Then if either of them bombs then we get rid and we bring a fit, scoring, confident Ranger in their place.

    Win win for me mate

  45. ranger on loan lads! u are missing the point i would agree with that .but are strikers are not good enough for us to allow him to go on loan.if they were then yes.

  46. BIG DAVE cheers m8 got it,he sits the max 4hrs guy loves working on him the studio call him the corpse never moves or says owt,ankle to hip next,then chest got the M.P. quib :)

  47. asim,
    then really we should be playing Shola or Ranger if it’s hold up y’want. Cos they are the best we have at that.
    But what we don’t need is hoof up top, we need joined up play, not a gap between attack & MF.

    We need to know if he can do it in this league, not the champ. He needs prem experience mate.
    On Whittingham, he’s left footed, something we don’t really have in mf.

  48. AndrewT Kazenga was an unused sub but I know the Seagulls are wanting him back as Poyet seems to rate him and says that he gives them something completely different from what they have.

  49. if they are shit.wait till jan.what if we are in the bottom half of the table and have a chance of going down! u would then be saying we cant risk him to keep us up.

  50. Asim – we all know that CH doesnt play Ranger as often as he should so why not loan him out? We simply cant have 6 strikers in the squad.

  51. clint if u hold the ball up. that is how the midfield can push up and join the attack.not the other way round.if he cant hold the ball up then we invite pressure.that doesnt mean hove the ball up.

  52. Raffo, great suggestion at 57. I don’t want to be playing against Ranger in this league, and by giving him plenty of playing time up until January, he could be ready to offer us something more by then. By that time, Xisco, Best, and even Shola will have proven if they do or do not possess the ability to compete at this level and we can sell them on.

  53. I knew that Brighton were looking to loan him again. I just remember Hughton saying that the reason we were waiting to loan him was to see if he can help us by playing him in preseason. But so far, I don’t recall him getting any game time this preseason. My question now is, what’s the hold up? CH would never play him anyways, even if he was ready.

  54. Asim

    I agree to a point i would rather Ranger play all day long over Best and Xisco, But we all know CH will play 451/433/4321 whatever you want to call it for the majority of the season, Meaning we have one striker playing (Carroll) and probably two on the bench (Loven and Shola) Leaving Best, Xisco and Ranger as the back up.

    Only an injury to Carroll, Lover or Shola would get Ranger even a chance of a place on the bench and an injury crisis for a chance of a place in the starting 11.

    Ranger would be on and off the bench all season or in the stiffs, Why not let the guy get a full season under his belt at Championship level and leave Best and Xisco playing for the reserves.

  55. CLINT ive being banging on for a while about whittingham,a good buy for the toon imo,nowt like a good left foot,he can play left/wing,inside m/f,(g.SPEED) has played in the hole as well and has played left back and has scored some smokers from free kicks,and the right age what more could we ask

  56. He is another who has really benefitted from dropping down a league from Villa. I think he would be a great buy, but I would rather go for O’Hara if possible.

    Seems as though it is as they say really, waiting for a couple of deals to go through to kick it all off.

  57. xisco wil be da better choice than leon best surely n get ben arfa to our club n im sure we can compete !!

  58. RAFFO,thats part of my point i like o!hare as well it just seems to me we are missing a good left-sided plays and good ones are hard to find at our budget m8,my dis-like is playing right-sided players we ek in we ek out on the left its a waste

  59. Ice

    Hughton would more than likely play Whittingham on the right anyway thats what he did with Duff, It seems to be the in thing playing lefties on the right and vice versa

    Cardiff were playing him on the right last season.

  60. I agree with BBM. My season ticket arrived today too and I will be shouting,screaming and cheering whichever players play.

    The fact that I’ll come on here and berate the odd performance or say that a certain player isn’t good enough means fck all. Better on here than on Saturday.

    I still believe Xisco must have some talent – He did play for Spain U21 after all.

    Best – Well, he’s got it all to prove.

  61. CC see your point dont know why maybe they havent got good enough r/s players,it didnt work for argentina in w.c.can you see red nose at m/u keep playing giggs on the right all the time,class left-footed players are hard to find imo m8

  62. Well, only the 3 hours at work then, on my week off :(

    Anyway, I’ve been away for a while, where are all the insults?

    You bunch of arseholes ;)

  63. TOONSY that was great news ime over the moon,nee fear of steady men eh,never doubted it m8

  64. If wolves tickets only sold out today, why does the official site say tickets for everton are sold out already? The games not till 18th September?

  65. Why are the same people wanting new signings also want the kids to get more of a chance, they’ll get pushed further down the pecking order. Kadar is a competent lb vuckic is more than capable of playing left wing. Ranger is a fantastic prospect but you can’t honestly say that he is proven enough to play as 3rd choice striker in the pl. Best has done well so far preseason as has xisco, I actually think he could do a job for us on the wing. They’ve played better than some of our more established players. Lets not write them off yet, good luck to them.

  66. Ice – I’m pretty chuffed mate, bit of an understatement like.

    I know there are ways of curing it but it doesn’t seem like it when potentially it’s happening to yourself. Still, it’s a huge relief and means I can enjoy my birthday on Weds without it hanging over me :)

  67. I’ve heard that the fund wanting to buy Liverpool are loaded to the tune of the Abu Dabi guys at City.

    I will always wonder what we’ve done wrong!

  68. Toonsy hows it hanging you ass wipe we were waiting for you to get back before we insult you we dont stab people in the back isn’t that right Ice ;)

  69. CC – I can tell people now I guess. Basically, over the last few weeks/months I have been undergoing testing for Cancer. Today wasd d-day and I’m all clear man :D

    I didn’t saw owt publicly because I didn’t want a fuss or drama made out if it, but I’m all clear it doesn’t matter.

    It explains why I have been a bit ratty on here at time with people aswell. As much as I didn’t want the worry to bother me, inevitably it did at times. Apologies to anyone who was offended ;)

  70. BIG DAVE lol,the size looks spot on, have to find out if they do it in liverpool colours he likes that :)

  71. Ya having a party for ya 50th then Toonsy ;-)

    It baffles me as well Stuart,I know we’re not as big a global brand as Liverpool but surely as football clubs go we’re not a bad buy?

  72. Ya naturally ratty ya miserable sod :lol:
    seriously tho congrats,It’ll be a huge weight off ya mind.

  73. TOONSY know how you felt to a degree,my daughter had 3 lumps where she shouldnt,but got all clear on friday,just cysts to be drained.
    you had the right to be ratty it doesnt bother mates

  74. The six strikers we have will be what we go to war with. It may sound a good idea to loan one or two of them out but it would cost a fortune to get better in through the door. I would love to think Chelsea would loan us Daniel Sturridge.
    Lovenkrands is the least impressive at present and must be the one struggling to make the squad for the manure game

  75. toonsy says:
    August 2, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    Glad to hear it, toonsy!

    What tests have you had like?

  76. Rich – My wallet is empty from buying too many Twix’s. This belly doesn’t feed itself you know ;)

  77. Stu – Doctor examinations, consultations, blood tests, ultrasounds….

    The message is simple folks, feel free to fiddle with your plums ;)

  78. later lads going to have good drink for toonsy,and think what me and dave can dream up for him :)

  79. Chuffed for y’toonsy.
    Not as chuffed as you like.
    All the best mate, glad to hear you’re all clear mate.

    Your round?

  80. “The message is simple folks, feel free to fiddle with your plums”

    Like you need a second invitation… ;)

  81. Later Ice mate.

    Just want to say to you guys, thanks for giving me something to occupy my mind. I know you didn’t know but it helped a lot. Nobody knew in fact until recently :)

  82. Toonsy – thats great to know mate, were you injected with radioactivity and have a scan?

    Great news though bud

  83. later ice……..difficult to type when ya touching yersel tho…….apparently :lol:

  84. Raffo – Nah, it’s just done by soundwaves. Had to put some ice cold gel on my bollocks, which was not nice.

  85. toonsy says:
    August 2, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    Just an infection then? Colleague of mine was worried sick once but went to the docs and was told it was just an infection.

    Not nice either way I presume…

    Anyway, good on ya.

  86. icedog:
    August 2nd, 2010 at 9:51 pm
    later lads going to have good drink for toonsy,and think what me and dave can dream up for him

    80 sounds like a spitroast no one wants to see.

  87. Richie @ 117 Toonsy is the world Champion at it
    raffo He was allready full of radioactivity.
    Toonsy as I said mate I am really pleased for you ;)

  88. oh right thats cool, my job is to make that radioactivity for cancer scans so that wouldve been coincidence number 5 wouldnt it!

  89. Stuart79 says:
    August 2, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    I’ve still got to go back to get the fluid drained and for a follow up blood test, just to make sure there is no trace of these hormones that are produced which were there to start with, which is why I got sent for an ultrasound.

  90. Raffo – It would have been. I honestly can’t believe how many coincidences there are between us :lol:

  91. How toonsy,
    thanx to you bud, you give us something to do, even when you’re going through shit.
    Ta mate.

  92. Scary isnt it!! Hopefully a few of the plums will cut you a bit of slack for a while then eh?!

  93. Reet Lads im away to get something to eat take it easy and no fighting.
    Toonsy enjoy your sleep tonight as im sure you will sleep easy Bud ;)

  94. Pleased to hear ur good news toonsy, and as been said, thanks so much for still going with all the posts despite what you have had to go through, then the job worries on top of that. How’s your sister doing now?
    Just hope the team can repay you and give you something to smile about this season

  95. Well thats me, No rest for the wicked apparantly

    Pleased for you Toonsy, Enjoy it mate i always find theres something sent to try us waiting around every corner and shes usually wearing make up… ;)

  96. toonsy – that is such a sh*t excuse you grouchy basket.

    Not a pleasant experience either way but chuffed you got the all clear pal.

  97. Simon – She is just getting on with it mate. She doesn’t really talk about it but it is still ongoing (obviously lol). I think they are going to try and remove it.

    Bowburn – Call me The Grinch :lol:

  98. Just need a decent show tomorrow now.
    Should be an interesting game.
    Away to a good team.

  99. Sol just needs to get fit for now.

    I’m we’ll be in for a la coruna player after tomorra.
    After all, someone will ‘spot’ CH at the game.

  100. I was just reading about that Klose link, Absolute belter on football rumours earlier apparantly we are selling Best to Leeds with a buy back clause if they want to sell him on again… :lol:

  101. Klose – what a joke, dont tell me its from football! thats just liverpools site now, every other post is about them drives me up the wall

  102. Raffo – Nah, couple of blokes in the know reckon they have been tipped off about it :)

  103. you really think theres something in it? I had read something on liverpool wanting him. hes not really the mobile striker we need is he?

  104. Raffo-he’s a poacher who plays off the shoulder of a defender and knows exactly where the goal is. A proven goalscorer to say the least for me. In saying that, it’ll never happen in a million years, lol.

  105. Ya didn’t read text properly Toonsy…it said Toon to get Klose fitting shirt for Campbell :lol: (just kidding Sol,nae offence ;-) )

  106. and its goodnight from him.

    he would be a welcome addition no doubt, but after his WC I would think if he came available there would be a few in for him

  107. Raffo-his wc was weird. Had a tough season at bayern from what they were saying throughout the coverage and wasn’t exactly being given the chance to bang them in but came alive at the world cup like everyone knows he can. If they have any sense they’ll keep him and start him. Podilski is there aswell is he not and both looked very good.

  108. And it’s goodnight from him. (applause)

    I personally think Xisco has untapped potential and was neither wanted nor given a chance under KK. When I have seen him in ressie games he has looked like a first teamer playing a level down. If he could stay injury free and get a fair run in the first team I think he would start to look what he is, a decent enough forward. After all with a better scoring record in the Spanish-u21 than Torres the lad has pedegree. But if a club can turn a race-horse into a donkey it’s Newcastle, see A Luque.

    Best maybe also has had to come to terms with some unfair critisism. He was scoring goals before he came here and has in pre-season so maybe he is decent enough. We have to remember that players suffer dips in form. I think partly the problem was that we were expecting him to be some sort of no. 10, but in fact he isn’t at all. He is yet another target man type striker who can also chip in with goals but I don’t think he will ever be a prolific goal scorer. We shall see but is would be worth giving these lads a chance coz at the minute I don’t see who else we have to come in when our other strikers are injured.

  109. lol sorry DJG.

    I thought Podolski was ok at the WC too, but both of them had very poor seasons. I guess it is kind of the opposite to us, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard all had very good club seasons and played crap at the WC. Theres the secret!!!

  110. God no wonder other clubs fans think we are ‘deluded’. A couple of goals in PRE-SEASON and people are making out that Xisco and Best are up there with the best strikers in our team. I would prefer to reserve judgement until they actually score goals in the league.

  111. To be fair Lualua I dont think that, I just think they should have a fair crack. Shola has had enough chances and so by rights these boys should at least get a couple.

  112. Maybe we should have used Barclays Capital to sell the club.

    They have buyers all over the place for Liverpool according to their chairman.

  113. Aye Stu just heard that.

    Saroof,hopefully that link will work for the match tonight :-)

  114. “Campbell hit back on Monday at press ridicule of his pre-season conditioning”…… was he having a go at the press or some fans? as it was the press that printed the picture and the crap headlines they would be my guess.

  115. So the press are all running with what was written on here yesterday? Love it :)

    Dance puppets :twisted:

  116. looks like huntelaar may be available for loan from AC milan, surely he would be worth a punt!
    Huntelaar surely would not be a gamble, proven goalscorer, and needs a new challenge, we so need a nippy, goal poacher!
    even Bellamy may be allowed to go on loan – would we have him back?? YES

  117. The Sol Campbell headlines yesterday and tomorrow are a timely reminder that we are firmly in the sights of the press, one wrong move and we will get it.
    Meanwhile Rooney is one step away from a full blown Barton type shitstorm and it gets one days headlines and then put to bed, more headlines expected shortly and who knows, any of us on here could be the source.

  118. I dunno what all the fuss is about,Micky Quinn bagged 4 on his debut carrying a much bigger pot than Sol’s.
    As long as he’s fit in the season who cares.

  119. here here toonsy!! so long as he is fit to wear the shirt and is professional then sod’em!!
    As for xfers in, we must get moving quickly, would love to Huntelaar, but i wonder if there is any truth in the rumour of Klose?? Podolski a better bet tho!
    If MA got the chequebook out now and invested sensibly say £7-9m and we got the 2, maybe 3 quality players needed then i think he would have went someway to making amends for his earlier, nieve cock-ups!!

  120. lualua,
    that’s not why others think we’re deluded mate.
    Wanting players to do well, have a think kidda.

    It’s more likely not wanting players to do well that the press & mongs pick up on & disseminate, howay man.
    No one’s saying they’re great, we just want them to have a chance.
    Is that ok?

  121. I can understand where your coming from Clint Flick all I’m saying is lets wait to see how they perform come the start of the season. Of course I want them to do well its better for the team but at the same time I can’t say they impressed me much last season. I hope they do step there game up and work hard for the team and score a few goals but I’m just trying to keep an open mind until they do something that will earn my admiration thats all.

  122. Yeah agree Raffo however not sure Shola should have had so many chances ;) lol Did ok last season though. Lets just see how they get on. I think everyone wants whats best for the team at the end of the day.