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Carroll, Morrison, Hoilett and Zaha. All rumours – no action yet.

January 12th, 2012 | 27 Comments |

Zaha allegedly a Newcastle United target.
Zaha allegedly a Newcastle United target
Rumours abound about Andy Carroll, Ravel Morrison, Junior Hoilett and Wilfried Zaha but so far there has been no action from Newcastle United in this transfer window.

After yesterday’s rumours about Andy Carroll‘s potential return to Newcastle, people have been queueing up to dismiss it all as twaddle. Apparently Newcastle have denied they’ve had any contact at all with Liverpool about Carroll and Carroll himself allegedly Twitted that it was rubbish, although the only quoted denial I could find was from Kenny Dalglish, who yesterday said:

Och aye the noo, I am worried about the people that invent these rumours. They have absolutely no foundation whatsoever. I don’t need to justify what is in the paper. I have stood up – and always will stand up – for the players.

And yet the rumours seem to persist and a lot of the press still think Carroll will eventually return to Newcastle, possibly at the end of the season. Make what you will of it! (more…)

Pardew explains the Enrique hole. Oh, and Xisco’s gone!

August 12th, 2011 | 41 Comments |

Dennis Wise's wonder boy returns to Spain.
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew tells us why we didn’t have a replacement for Jose Enrique already in place, and Enrique explains the reasons for his departure. Oh yes, and news about Xisco.

As if in reply to Jimbob’s post of yesterday Alan Pardew broke his lengthy vow of silence to tell us why we didn’t bring in a replacement for Enrique some time ago. Pardew said:

I am sure some of the fans will be asking why we had not brought a left-back in earlier.

The difference was if Jose had signed we would have ended up with two very, very expensive left-backs and that is something we could not afford when we are trying to create the best side.

We need that money in other areas and of course we do not have the striker to cover the line yet.

I understand a big bulk of our fans just want our best players wanting to stay here – it does not always work like that, unfortunately.

Which really means the Mike Ashley would not risk any money on a new left-back whilst there was still a smidgen of a gnat’s willy of a chance that Enrique might sign a new contract. (more…)

Alan Pardew: “Being honest is a big part of what I’m about.”

July 11th, 2011 | 22 Comments |

Pardew: Great to put fears to bed.
Pardew: Great to put fears to bed.
<< Part five.

At last! The final part of my transcription of Alan Pardew’s long and winding interview for BBC Radio Newcastle’s ‘Total Sport’ programme.

In this final episode, Mr Pardew tackles the question of players he considers to be lesser lights of the squad and what’s to be done with them, gives us his thoughts about the number nine shirt, how next season will be one of “transition” for the club and how it’s great to come in and put fan’s fears “to bed”, something which Mr Pardew is quite adept at if reports of his alleged shenanigans at his previous club are to be believed.

Total Sport: “A few people are asking on text as well about various other players, mainly strikers about what the sitution is with them and will they be alowed to leave the club. For example Alan in Shildon said what’s the situation with Nile Ranger? Also, Leon Best has been mentioned on text. John in Berwick’s even asking about Xisco, who I presume will be expected back at pre season training as well”. (more…)

Toon ups bid for Gameiro, Abeid is definitely signed and Xisco returns

May 25th, 2011 | 20 Comments |

Kevin Gameiro - still a target for Newcastle United.
£10m target for Newcastle
Newcastle United pursue Gameiro, seem to have definitely signed Mehdi Abeid and welcome back Xisco from his loan spell at Deportivo.

The Daily Mail is suggesting that we’re still in hot pursuit of Lorient striker Kevin Gamerio, despite the player indicating a preference for Valencia over Newcastle (has the man no taste?). We have allegedly upped our offer to £10m in an attempt to out-price Valencia.

Allegedly interest in the player from Spurs and the Mackems has cooled.

Mehdi Abeid is, apparently, a definite now, despite nothing yet appearing on the club’s official site. Abeid has been explaining how some of our existing team members persuaded him to join:

I have had contact dating back some time and I visited the facilities there last week. I even trained with the reserve team.

The leaders of the club told me about their plans and that they will rely on me for next season. For my part, I intend to give everything to develop in the Premier League.

I already discussed things with Hatem Ben Arfa and Cheik Tioté and they encouraged me and welcomed my signature.

That looks like it’s pretty much a done deal for the relatively unknown ex-Lens player. (more…)

Offers on the big no. 9? Who wants it?

January 31st, 2011 | 117 Comments |

Andy Carroll, Newcastle
Liverpool interest now?
So, with mere hours to go in this January’s transfer window will there any further developments with regard to Newcastle?

We’ve all heard/read/been bored half to death by articles stating Carroll wanted by Spurs/Chelsea/Liverpool (insert name) and that he’s subject to offers from £15m-£40, currently; Spurs £23/25m dependant on who you believe and now Liverpool for £30m.

Ho hum, maybe it’s been a blessing in disguise that Andy has been conveniently ‘injured’ during this window?

Also, we’ve started to hear stories that Manchester United want Jose Enrique for a reported £8m, who knows?

In the meantime Barton has been courted by West Ham and/or others. While Xisco, apparently, is ‘nailed on’ for Coruna.

So, have we made any offers for players coming in?

Ireland from Villa is a ‘done deal’, so they say. Whether there’s any truth in that, time will tell. (more…)