Deportivo la Coruna v Newcastle – Pre-season match banter.

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Super Depor...
Super Depor...
Newcastle clash with Deportivo in The Riazor tonight in game four out of five of our pre-season campaign.

I’ve said before that pre-season is mainly about sharpness and fitness, and that applies to the ‘blog aswell as we welcome back the return of our match banter articles.

This is the place to come together and piss and moan about the match as we always do, and we should hopefully have the added bonus of TV coverage to aid in our dissection of tonights performance. If you know of any links for the match then please feel free to share them with your fellow Newcastle United supporters in the ‘comments’ section below.

Performance is the key, for me anyway, although a result would be nice to go with it. It is time that we stepped up our game and showed everyone what we are made of, and a decent performance against a good team like Deportivo la Coruna will at least show that we are on the right track as the proper season draws ever closer.

NewcastleSteve Harper, Ryan Taylor, James Perch, Fabricio Coloccini (c), Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Danny Guthrie, Joey Barton, Xisco, Andy Carroll, Leon Best.

SubsTim Krul, Kevin Nolan, Peter Lovenkrands, Jonas Gutierrez, James Tavernier, Shane Ferguson.

Howay the lads!

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387 Responses

  1. Interesting team, finally we get to see how the midfield pairing of Barton and Gutrie will do.

  2. It shows we need cover for the wings but I think its given Xisco a decent chance for at least a run-out.

    It’ll be interesting to see both how Taylor does at right back and Perch in the centre.

    Real test for Guthrie and Barton to prove they are the best pairing – but I reckon for ManUnited it will be Smith, Barton and Nolan

    Carroll really needs a goal I think to get his season going.

  3. Quite close to the team I’d like to see start against utd! Hopefully a good stream will be going. Woulda preferred to see xisco start upfront see how he does. Really excited about this game, first preseason match I haven’t been working on.

  4. Iraq goals working too. They’re playing in their blue and White us in all white. Gonna be murder to keep up with on a poor stream like

  5. Could be a nightmare.

    Depor – Mainly white kit with thin blue stripes.
    NUFC – White kit with blue trim

  6. Haha looks like everyone is immediatly realising how stupid the selected kits are. We’re both essentially playing in White and blue.

  7. same ross suppose it dunt mean alot though, would expect raylor to do better from there

  8. Andrew-I noticed that. Routledge will not be playing In defence and we certainly don’t have a Danny gootrie in midfield, lol

  9. I’m at work n all of these links are blocked, any commentary or live text links??

  10. Aye Danny gootrie is the one we’ve been waiting for. A foreign cm I’ve heard, lol. This commentator is just making it up as he goes along. “james perch, a player with huge potential”. My link just skipped there after freezing a bit, looks like they got into our box again

  11. Chris Houghton :lol:

    He can’t be a professional commentator FFS! No way. If that is the calibre I am up against then I expect to get the Sky Sports Fanzone gig that I applied for :lol:

  12. This is the worst commentator ever! Chris Houghton, Danny Goothrie, Ryan Tarylor is a centre midfielder and we got a point against PSV on sat!

  13. Haven’t really noticed Joey Barton too much so far. Guthrie’s been our fulcrum so far

  14. My link is freezing every 30 seconds now but only for a second or two. Bloody annoying.

  15. this Ricki kid is being ridiculous right now
    He must have held the ball up in that corner for a full minute!

  16. Leon Best, no relatio to George of course…

    Really? I mean really? Wouldn’t have guessed :lol:

  17. Leon best is no relation to George?..well bloody hell, his footwork certainly had me fooled!..

  18. Thanx Toonsy but can’t even get that, gonna have to rely on the blog for my ‘fix’ of whats happenin!!

  19. I’m seriously thinking of switching my commentary to Arabic. And i don’t speek it that fluently.

  20. I can’t wait to see Carroll do that to some of the center backs in the PL this season! Haha

  21. Wor Andy leaving his Mark early on one of their cb’s. We’ve had nowt in their half though. Every time we get up into the final third it’s given away. Looked a great tackle from perch there. Gootrie has me wetting myself, hahaha

  22. What? Is xisco on? That’s a genuine question because if so bloody hell I haven’t heard his name

  23. Andy doesn’t seem to have his timing or positioning down for his jumping at the moment

  24. Anyone have an idea whose gonna be our right back until simpson is back? If its Perch, he should play more games on the right to get used to it. Or he’s prob in center because of injuries

  25. Barton’s someone who could wear a Hitler moustache and not actually affect his popularity.

  26. Just heard “chisco” mentioned there. Had no idea he was on the field until 25 minutes in. Think we’ve went with him down the left flank once.

  27. Silly tackle from Perch. Not dangerous but the chances of timing that on a bouncing ball were always slim.

  28. I think they’re giving Perch opportunities at both full back and centre back as those are both likely to be problem positions for us during the next few months.

  29. According to this commentator we’re going to be pushing to getting 3rd place again in the league. Who is this guy?!

  30. These new shirts look like them skin tight things! That’ll be flattering on some fans I’m sure.

    Or Campbell….

  31. * faints to step over, knocks ball, runs over the line, puts eyes towards the heavens and hands on hips *

    I hope to not see ‘Routers’ doing this on a regular basis.

  32. AndrewT – I would guess he is a university journo/sports reporter who is covering a meaningless game for his degre or whatever.

    If I was marking him I would give him an ‘A’ for comedy value but an ‘F’ for accuracy

  33. Best should have scored with a header from 6 yards out. Made only the slightest contact if any – good ball from Barton.

  34. I would love to see Routledge try to play more like Robben sometimes and just run through players rather than go for completely ridiculous passes.

    Best was kind of close for that one. Where was Carroll there??

  35. Colo looking good so far tonight like. Getting a foot onto everything going into the box. Unlucky from best there, not far away. Just saw bartons facial hair, brilliant. I’d like to see him keep it, although I doubt the whole of sjp sitting in replica hitler tache’s would go down too well.

  36. Why would we give a monkey’s about Barton’s moustache? I couldn’t give a frig whether it’s a handlebar by the time the 16th rolls around as long as he plays well.

    Who are “Howton”, “Gootry” and “Lovin’ grans”???!!?!

    Is someone taking the p*ss out of us or what?

  37. Actually, to be fair he’s not wrong about the ‘tache. He looks like Oliver Hardy. Needs to get rid.

  38. Stuart-I think the shirt varies. Baggy on some and then you’ve got Barton and Raylor running around in their 13-14yrs style, lol

  39. My stream froze there and I came back to see an excellent best header. Was he stopped for a foul there?!
    Toonsy-press would have a field day, haha. Nee offence to this young lad but I hope he doesn’t pursue his career as a commentator like.

  40. I really like how what was described as the best bit of the game came exactly as the link wasn’t working.

  41. Nice to see our defender has improved… He only had about ten minutes to find his spot – Fortunately his spot was the post!

  42. Holy Crap Ryan Taylor!!!

    Don’t try to do something fancy that far back in defense! Especially when you can’t pull it off

  43. decent effort by carroll – okay game for a friendly, it’s more about getting match fitness – guthrie not looking to sharp (or gootri according to this commentater)

  44. Whoah whoah whoah!!! Did anybody else catch that orange Sports bra that Xisco was wearing???!!

  45. Idiot Ryan Taylor. Why is he trying to backheel it facing his own goal? Boot it mate. Not the worst first half there to be honest, we passed it around quite well at times, just a bit wasteful in their half and ours at times. Some positives though definitly.

  46. Good end to the half, Raylor trying back heels on the edge of our box and Xisco reveals his bra…

  47. Carroll is wearing one too. They’re most probably a support that holds a heart monitor lads. Don’t worry, just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s making fashion statements under his shirt! Lol

  48. Has been a tight game so far. Both teams working hard to win back possession. It seems the Barca style pressure has continued to spread throughout the La Liga. Gone are the days where you can spend 10 seconds on the ball in Spain. Well, unless your name is Lionel Messi or Andres Iniesta.

    Xisco has looked good when he is on the ball. Not afraid to take on a man and links up well. Looks a good player.

    Best and Carroll have both played well.

    Colo has been a rock in defence.

    Barton and Guthrie are a good team in the middle. They are keeping possession very well and look good under pressure.

    Routledge came into it towards the end of the half, but I’m waiting for Jose to burst into the game.

    Should be a good second half.

  49. well must admitt that we were very canny considering a feww sarted who normaly wont get in 1st 11, xisco, r taylor…best has looked ok n all

  50. Before anyone starts calling Xisco, remember he’s a striker playing out of position on the wing.

    It’s a Hughton trait it would appear.

  51. ok, the heart monitor thing sounds like it would make sense. Carroll and Best have done alright. Routledge’s crosses have been pretty decent, but some of his shorter passing has been dreadful, especially when he’s under pressure from like 3 guys!
    Xisco has been pretty good as well on the left flank, pushing up a little but not too much. Guthrie has definitely been our playmaker in the center, with Barton cleaning things up a little more. Colo has been great defensively, although his passes going forward seem to always just give the ball back to Depor

  52. he started better than he finished stu, im all 4 givin the lad a chance ;) same as best, he played ok in 1st half. i reckon with jonas on then give loverlands 20 mins we could beat this lot no prob. looked very solid at the back n all ;) happy dayz i reckon

  53. I would like to see Best off, Xisco up front and Jonas on the wing.

    Best hasn’t done anything wrong, but as it seems Carroll will be our main man it would be good to see how others link up with him.

  54. I hope soon Toonsy, means we could enjoy the game even if we lose.

    Just don’t look at Andys. You seen what he done when Stevey T texted for a look at his other halfs

  55. good points toonsy. Take off Best and give us a little something different up top then just another big fella

  56. Andrew-arsenal were wearing them at the weekend throughout the emirates cup and we were wearing them last time out at sjp too. Just to make sure everyone is getting a canny workout in pre season. Can’t stroll around when they can accurately assess your 90 minutes the moment you step off the pitch, lol.

  57. nothing like seeing a friendly match at 2 in the morning with the whole world asleep around you……….

  58. I think CH is telling Xisco if he wants to get a game he has to be ready to play anywhere as he apparently looked good out there on Saturady albeit for less than half a game

  59. didnt see ranger on subs, looks like hes goin on loan then ? unless hes injured. lookin forward to 2nd half ;)

  60. Is this an extra long half time or are they not shown the 2nd half coz of that bloke doing the comentry?

  61. I think the heartrate monitors are a spot on piece of kit. Players will be aware of them and will put the extra push in. The game so far is quite good…I know its a pre-season but Depo to me are equal to say 6-8th place in league. Our defence is looking strong, Barton is performing his clear-up midfield roll well. Im dreading when the announcer says “And here comes Smeeth and Noolan”
    Anybody else notice KURL as our reserve keeper on the lineup……

  62. The England players wore heart rate monitors in South Africa but Capello said they were a waste of time because they didnt register anything at all. :)

  63. defense is impressing. midfield looks somehow lopsided or out of whack (obviously with Xisco out of position) and Carroll and Best look decent.

  64. Mike-this commentator probably typed out the team sheets. He hasn’t got a clue. Jonas on.

  65. Lovely from routledge there, shame about the ball from Barton cos Carroll was on his tod in the box

  66. commentator just called Andy Carroll, Jonas because of the long hair. Now going off about Jonas

  67. we look good going forward but seems to be a big gap in the midfield when we loose the ball

  68. That shirt looks a bit tight on big lad Nolan. Good to see Tavernier, wanna see as many of the young ens as possible

  69. Nolan giving a young lad the treatment after he went in late on him, quite amusing. Did he just call Jose luis Enrique?

  70. Fsotc-tavernier for perch I think. Krul for harper. Nolan for Guthrie?..who was that pressuring their back four when they had the ball there? Great work whomever it was, Barton maybe. The trophy is hilarious.

  71. i think Guthrie was taken off for Nolan. Xisco off for Jonas. Perch off for Tavernier. Harper off for Krul.

  72. ~El Toro~ – disagree about…

    “Xisco has looked good when he is on the ball. Not afraid to take on a man and links up well. Looks a good player.

    Best and Carroll have both played well.”

    But I’ll give you…

    “Colo has been a rock in defence.

    Barton and Guthrie are a good team in the middle. They are keeping possession very well and look good under pressure.”

    For me, Best never really looks switched on and also looks like quite lazy.

  73. AndrewT says:
    August 3, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    “And apparently our left back’s name is Luis Enrique. This guy is a weiner”

    I corrected it for you AndrewT :D

  74. I notice Nolan isn’t wearing the fitted shirt – He must be wearing xxl just so it doesn’t look painted on.

  75. Harper (Krul),
    R Taylor, Coloccini (c), Perch (Tavernier) , Enrique,
    Routledge, Guthrie (Nolan), Barton, Xisco (Jonas),
    Best, Carroll.

  76. Holy crap best, give Andy a decent ball!!! Twice within the same play you gave him crap.

    …deep breath…i’ll keep supporting him though on the pitch

  77. Carroll can put a canny cross in aswell, just looks like his all round game is coming along really nicely. Tell you what they took that lad off after jonas’ challenge but if it was really that serious he’d have at least taken his bloody boot off. He’s been sitting in the dug out winging for about 10 mins now lol

  78. Jonas isn’t getting a lot accomplished but at least it’s looking more exciting. It’s got to work eventually, right?

  79. Nice of them to make the game free for their fans though, you’d have thought it’d pull in a far bigger number than it has. We’d be out of pocket about 20 quid if it was at sjp!

  80. Don’t think we’ve looked too bad second half like. That’s twice jonas has given the ball away in a really stupid position now though.

  81. That foul on jonas was a yellow card if you were playing in the park. Two hands up and pushes him off the field after he’s beaten his man, lol.

  82. Gotta say this sounds quite exciting from what you are all saying, really wishing I wasn’t at work :o(

  83. I agree with you though Stu – I am also enthused and Tavernier isnt looking too bad either

  84. Its OK staffs but we lack movement when we have the ball. Ben Arfa would look good in this side :)

  85. It’s not been a bad match to watch actually. Certainly more positives than negatives out of it.

  86. Who was it the other day on here saying tavernier looked rubbish and that he wouldnt make it? I was always under the impression he was one of the brighter youngsters and he’s looked canny tonight in his brief time on the pitch

  87. OH! Jose just lost his footing on his cross. Would have been a hilarious goal if it accidentally went in

  88. Its getting to the point when I’m ganna knock the sound off and let wor lass talk to me!!

  89. Cheers AndyMac @ 242

    More reports today that we have had a bid for Arfa turned down with talks ongoing – hopefully true….?

  90. Awful pen like. Slowing down before it’s even reached the line. Bobbled it’s way towards the goal and was a simple save. Howay lads bring the trophy home, haha

  91. Am I right in thinking the only other penalty Barton has taken for us was the one against Fulham (?) a couple of years ago and he tried his best to miss that one n’all???

    What a total twunt!!!!

  92. i remember Joey scoring for us in the relegation season, with Joe Kinnear talking about what an amazing finisher he is.

  93. Arsenal have Ryo Miyaichi on loan. He scored tonight. WHen did that happen then? :S

  94. I thought i heard th announce say penalty shots to be taken? Is that right? Or is it over?

  95. Aye forgot about Brom.

    Still, it’s just another reason to hate the little prick!

    I know it doesn’t mean much but it would have been a nice little fillip for the start of the new season. W@nker!!!

  96. No idea how even after the pen, jonas didn’t finish that Chance he had from like, 6 yards lol. Either Carroll or “loovengrandz” and they’re surely netting. Oh, we scored our pen lol

  97. Just read that apparently we are trying to get Lansbury on loan from Arsenal he played on loan for Watford last season but Arse wants him to go to a premiership club this season . Dont know anything about him except that he 19 and a midfielder .

  98. Jb missed the pen in realtime then according to commentator…so relieved,if he’d missed it in slow mo it would have been worse :roll:

  99. our finishing during the game should have been much better though. Lots of opportunities that should have been put away. Granted, some of them were pretty close. Depor might have bossed the game at times, but I think we had the better chances in the game

  100. silverware yeeey. I’m happy overall..we looked half decent tonight

    PS: I we have to rely on Carroll though for goals…we are f**ked.

  101. Good boy Barton, just happens to be the name of the team to win the fantasy football as well.

  102. european trophy in the bag already – played some neat stuff at times – deportivo are a decent side probably equiv to everton or fulham from the prem
    lets face it if we do as well as those two teams this season its almost a cert we’ll stay up

  103. solid james perch! every 1 were slagging him off.we need goals we look solid at the back that what i look at the most.nolan cant play in central midfield with 1.the way forward 1 upfront so we can more of the ball to feed are striker.he must no that we cant play 442.becasue we are not good enough without central midfeld runners.not mobile to play that why.

  104. All in all I think we did ok against a very decent Spanish outfit.
    Whats going on with JB’s tash?

  105. i am confident that Carroll will produce this season. Did you see how cool he looked walking up to take that penalty?

  106. no1 else a bit worried that we neva looked dangerous in fronta goal,,stil nt bad for pre season,, love that slug looking thing on bartons lip, looks like he bin cort wiv a choklate milkshake,, n am i the nli 1 hu thinks xisco looks like niko of gta 5

  107. Asim said at the weekend that Tavernier was not up to it.
    Never did think he knew what he was talking about.

    Haha do you think the London media will still say we have won nothing. Haha

  108. Lads, who scored our penalties?

    Lovo, Nolan, Carroll, Barton

    I though it was 5-3 in the shoot-out so who have I missed?

  109. why has xico played out wide again.thats not giving him a chance so why take him with us and leave the main man at home ranger.never going to get a game so why ch saying that he will get his him up front.u do with the rest of the strikers.dont like xico anyway but come on give the lad some hope.

  110. I’m surprised we didn’t see Willo, Shola and Smith. No injuries, are there?

  111. As for our striking options I still reckon Ranger will prove himself to be the real deal. Vuckic also attacking from midfield

  112. Aye bright side is another game towards full fitness. CH could do with playing his first choice XI on Saturday though otherwise we’ll still be trying to fit the pieces together at OT

  113. Really encouraging performance.
    The defense looked assured & dealt with what was thrown at it, even with changes.
    Midfield got at ’em & played some neat stuff.
    Carroll ain’t too mobile, highlights the need for a foil.
    Shoulda buried the 1st half one.
    Best did fine, growing in confidence throughout the game. Couple of half chances.
    Good fitness levels throughout.
    Gotta play PL along side a big ‘un.
    La Coruna are a top team & didn’t wanna lose their cup to us.
    Pity Joey missed the pen, cos 0-1 woulda been fair.
    Great pens of steel for the win!
    Great win, abroad, for a cup, against a proper team.

    Rangers game’ll be different like.

  114. put my hands up! he always played at full back and was a bag of shit.played well tonight.i would take all the young 1 in front of any other player and he looks like he has improved but its 1 game.

  115. the stream stopped just as the penalties were to be taken :( but hey we won then grt stuff put on ssn but nowt on yet. cool that’ll do the confidence a good boost ;)

  116. CLINT aye m8 will be diff,we will get kicked more,still say we need 2 more like,but overall cant winge owr much

  117. ice,
    aye mate i was pleasantly surprised at our performance.
    A distinct lack of hoofing gannen on.
    & they look pretty close to fitness.
    Liked the attitude of questioning every decision, a real winning mentality, cool.
    Deserved win away.

  118. ice,
    aye, we need the nippy forward, cos we’ve got the ‘big ‘un’ well covered.
    & if Vuckic is good enough, we might not need another MF’er.

  119. Pleased with tonight. Carroll has the potential to just get better this season and we didn’t just play hoofball. We do need another striker though. Routledge looked good but Ben A would be more than welcome, lol. Colo played v well, raylor looked a bit shaky and tried some stupid stuff at times. Canny pens though, far better than the national team, haha. Liked Carroll’s “just smash it” mentality.

  120. “Raylor looked a bit shaky and tried some stupid stuff at times”

    Thats because he’s a makeshift right back :)

  121. I thought Tavernier looked good at the back when he came on and Perch, Coloccini, Guthrie and Enrique were excellent as well. Must admit I was disappointed with Barton and Routledge at times. It’s nice that we won though!