Simpson blow could signal Onouha manouvre.

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Simpson: Facing a fitness race.
Simpson: Facing a fitness race.
The Chronicle is reporting some rather worrying news today concerning right-back Danny Simpson, claiming there is a race to get him fit for the new season.

That seems a bit strange to me really, as most of us have known that Simpson has been carrying a niggling injury through the last few months of the season. I always thought it concerned the players hip though, and not his ankle as is being reported.

Let’s not forget that Simpson played on the last day of the season in what was a meaningless game really, the day after which he underwent surgery on a damaged tendon. So surely if it was likely that Simpson would be out for this length of time, the common sense thing to do would have been to send him off for his operation as soon as the title was wrapped up and give the lad a headstart on his recovery? We have Ryan Taylor who could have covered in that instance so it wouldn’t have been a problem, which is why I smell some sensational reporting.

If it does turn out to be true though, the paper reports it could pave the way for the arrival of Nedum Onouha from Manchester City, especially now it looks like he has put the final nail in his Man City coffin whilst appearing on Soccer AM a few weeks back, something I wrote about a while back here.

The added bonus of signing someone like Nedum Onouha is obvious. Not only can he play at right back and centre back, he is also probably better than what we have at the moment, although that is only my opinion of course.

It could also pave the way for Steven Taylor to leave Tyneside, something that has looked likely for a number of years now. It would be a shame as the lad plays with heart, but being honest he hasn’t exactly pulled up any trees at Premier League level and gets caught out of position an awful lot. He can improve though, and has done, but we didn’t really miss him for the second part of this season did we? Don’t get me wrong, I would love him to stay, and that would be my ideal outcome, but who knows what will happen, eh?

The fact that the Taylor rumour is being reported in the transfer rumour section of the Arsenal website should mean nothing. All it is doing is aggregating press reports, with the Taylor rumour being taken from the Daily Mail who also mention the usual suspects where Steven Taylor is concerned. You know the ones, Everton, Aston Villa, a bit of Chelsea etc etc.

We just have to wait and see what happens over the summer. There is still plenty of time to go so I reckon we should all chill out, relax, enjoy the hot weather and take everything with a pinch of salt until it happens.

It’s what the statement wanted after all!

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163 Responses

  1. Onouha would be a good signing but I suppose it depends who else is after him. Let’s get S taylor signed up to a long contract asap, he is still developing as a player & people forget he is still a young lad. If he’s good enough for wenger, moyes or o’neil he must be good enough for us……or would we rather have another milner situation?

  2. Noir9
    Taylor has got his bags packed ready :)
    Mike will be happy to see him off the wage bill.

  3. It would not be a good thing to loose Taylor, one of our best players.
    To end up with a back four of Onuoha-Taylor-Colo-Enrique, would leave us with a pretty decent defense.
    Just a playmaker and a good defensive midfielder and we have enough for both survival and the basis to rebuild on.
    The side will require more bodies than last season, as both a platooning system (horses for courses)and injuries will have their effect.
    There`s also a couple of decent players @ Portsmouth who will leave.
    Too early to know really, as we are being linked to everyone who ever kicked a ball.

  4. If he’s not on my desk, 9 o’clock sharp tomorrow, it’s MA’s fault.

  5. I just really hope Onouha does come to us, regardless of what happens to Taylor.

    I think if we ever did get him our defence would be quite impressive, as Chuck said.

    Most of all it would be my first exclusive ;)

  6. “Hamburg chairman Bernd Hoffman wants to return the club to its glory days and believes former England manger Kevin Keegan is the man to take the German side forward. Keegan played in the Hamburg side that was beaten 1-0 by Nottingham Forest in the 1980 European Cup final.”

  7. Steven Hunt is available. I think we should put in an offer, but would he fit in with “The Plan”?

  8. Onuoha-Taylor-Colo-Enrique
    with Wilo, Kadar, simpson as cover looks like a very good defensive unit on paper.

  9. I think Hunt would be ideal. Not the most technically gifted player to grace SJP but by feck he never stops running and makes himself a nuisance for the other team.

  10. I’d go for Onouha – very versatile and just what we need. Apart from that though I’d really like to keep Taylor who is getting better and better as he gathers experience – like most centre backs!

  11. Wouldnt be a big fan of hunt , when ive watched him for Ireland any time he starts he doenst have a big impact on the game , but when he comes off the bench he can make a big difference but i dunno if he would come to a club to sit on the bench, He would be a very good squad player

  12. villa and the scum are in for onouha price tag 3mill..can right this one off then

  13. We couldn’t afford his wages…too rich for us Hitman.
    Sunderland have got an open cheque book it was saying on teletext.

  14. I fear I might have to go back to my comment on your other article toons, to consider the options if Simpson is knackered –

    “What is the end of the world, relatively speaking, is the news that Hughton sees Ryan Taylor as playing a bigger part next season. Holy sh8t man, I worry that Chrissy’s been out the sun a bit much.”

    Perhaps Hughton was hinting at the problem with Simpson in that statement?

  15. The worrying factor around MA’s “The Plan” is that it doesn’t seem to accommodate for the more experienced player. I was worried that Hunt would be too old for “The Plan”.
    Actually, do we know this to be the case? Is CH really not allowed to sign anyone who is deemed as too old? Where’s the cut off point? 24? 26? 30?

  16. I hear so many people talk about this plan and people fitting into the plan but i have never actually heard the club come out and say they would not buy players over a certain age. They have talked about building for the future but whilst building for the future you must make better the present meaning strengthening and possibly bringing in more experienced and better quality players

  17. I hope this is true although I doubt it. Taylor out and Onouha in for the same sort of money would be an exceptional piece of business in my mind.


    would be a v strong defense imo.

  18. We can all hope that we could sign a player like Onouha,but does anyone honestly believe that he will end up here after all the CRITERIA limits Cashley has put in place.
    Also,what is the point of shipping S Taylor out.Dont we want to keep our best players now.?
    IF Villa and the Unclean ARE interested in him then who is he going to choose. We as fans would play for the team for nothing but Onouha is,nt one of us. He,ll go where he can smell the Bisto.

  19. I understand people saying what is the point of letting S.Taylor leaving. Well apparently he wants to leave, as partially confirmed by not yet signing a contract extention. Next summer he will reach the end of his contract and is free to go to whoever offers him the biggest wages out of Arsenal, Villa ect. I personally don’t think he is the best defender in the world anyway, although he is alright. If we could cash in now for someone like Onouha, who imo is better, then why shouldn’t we.

  20. I think Onuoha would be a great siging as he has the potential to be in the england team in a couple of years. If it means letting taylor go i believe Onuoha will only cost about half of what taylor could be sold. However if Taylor was to stay onuoha would still be a v good siging as he is much better than our current rb simpson as he is a top class defender.

  21. We’ll only get him if nobody else is interested in him. Both Villa and Sunderland will offer him more money but also they can offer him so much more in terms of ambition and an exciting future.

    We’ll come across that alot, so we need to be lucky.

  22. What an exciting future, skulking around s*land.
    glory hunter.

  23. I think what other teams will have is the more reliable promise of stability and a better idea of what to expect. We’re going to be a bit of a wild card and we’ll still be tainted by everything that’s gone on recently, with some players inevitably doubting if it’s a secure option.

  24. I will probably be mocked but I hope we have as good a salesman in place as King Kev was back in the day. To push a few more doubting Thomas’ through the doors.

  25. Why anyone would want to go to Sunderland to suit ambition beats me. What did they achieve last season witht their mighty million pound signings? A successful relegation scrap.

  26. Every footballer’s a glory hunter, especially the better ones – They all want to be at a club that will be challenging for things.

    How ridiculous to suggest it’s wrong, in your ridiculous little way.

  27. Chris Hughton has brought back a whole bus load of stability & credibility.
    In one (count ’em) year.
    50+k to play in front of.
    That can’t be underestimated.

  28. 30 DJG says:
    May 24, 2010 at 4:14 pm
    Why anyone would want to go to Sunderland to suit ambition beats me. What did they achieve last season witht their mighty million pound signings? A successful relegation scrap.

    If you honestly think that we have a brighter future than Sunderland you are just completely and utterly one sided in your opinion.

    Although I would be happy to hear your reasons for thinking were in a better position than them.

    It’s a shame and it guts me to say it, but with their owner backing them and a good manager their a million miles ahead of us. Not to mention they seem to have a chairman who knows how to cumminicate and knows what he’s doing.

  29. CLiNT – Ashley has proven a number of times to be unpredictable. I’m not convinced players are going to be entirely and immediately sold on Newcastle like they once were.

  30. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 24, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    It won’t be 50k plus if we continue to be run like pound stretchers.

    For people to take supporters for granted is just plain wrong.

  31. It’s all a matter of will these players wanna play for teams like s*land.

  32. If a player goes somewhere/anywhere just cos the wages are good, that doesn’t mean they’ll ‘play’ for them.
    If it’s purely monetary they have the same problems we’ve had in the past.
    I can’t believe i’m having to state this.

  33. Stuart79 says:
    May 24, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    “For people to take supporters for granted is just plain wrong.”

    Aye. At least we should see the return of 10,000 fairweathers for a bit though.

  34. Would be a great signing as far as I’m concerned, but if the likes of villa are in for him it would be a major coup for us. I also heard the rumour of the scum having an open cheque book. Annoying if so but we haven’t really got time to sit about speculating on other clubs, just need to hope we bring players through the door. Pretty sure if we had cash for onouha it would come through taylor departing.

  35. Twist it, spin it anyway you want but in the final analysis: If you’re that pissed off, get yerself away to lend (or should that be ‘hire’) your ‘support’ to a team that charges less to get in, spends more on players, doles more PR crap that keeps you sated & be happy.

    Or grow a F***ing spine & support the lads & never mind the bollox.

  36. I think this idea that Sunderland will be million miles away from us is a bit sort sighted like. Just because they have a chairman who communicates with the fans? and an ‘open chequebook’ hold on they wernt spending Man City money last time I checked and I would be suprised if they spend a great deal this summer. At the end of the day the north east is an area that players seem reluctant to come to in general. That goes for them as well as us.

  37. bowburnmag says:
    May 24, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    “I’m not convinced players are going to be entirely and immediately sold on Newcastle like they once were.”

    You mean players like Luque, Geremi, Owen, Cacapa, Xisco, Rozenhal, Smith, Viduka, Barton, Boumsong, Luque, Bramble, Babayaro, Kluivert and the rest?

    Terrible shame that is like, Bowburn.

  38. Thanx toonsy,
    could be a good start like.
    Sounds like there are a few loop holes for the usual suspects.

  39. workyticket says:
    May 24, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    Just take a look at who was buying them players before you ridicule them.

    They didn’t ask to come here and have terrible injury problems. In fact some of these players were quite suprised that they’d be offered wages so high.

    If we had a decent manager who could spot good players we’d have been fine.

  40. Aye CLiNT, but if they start at teh top of the game then it will no doubt filter down. Plus, as the natural order is restored, those with a bigger income will thrive if they can sort out the outgoings.

  41. Have we had any expensive players that have performed for us?

    Shearer, Bellamy, Woodgate when fit errrrrmmmm

  42. toonsy,
    course they should start at the ‘top’.
    I just detected a reluctance to go straight for the throat & rip it out like.

  43. No, I think it’s fair to say we don’t want any of that sh*te. I mean players who you’d actually want at the club.

  44. Looks like it`s between W/Brom and ourselves, so says Malumbu, a player we have previously checked out and appear to be still interested in.
    Would rather young Mamadou Sahho from PSG, but fear they will both be out of our price range, as will Onuoha.
    but there`s plenty of prospects out there, without having to go to the lower leagues.

  45. CLiNT – But it’s like trying to get a heroin addict off the stuff. They vary rarely do it themselves, but with help they can work themselves out.

  46. CHUCK – That Sakho is out of contract at PSG this summer mate.

    Amidst some controversy so it seems ;)

  47. dead right Worky…all those turkeys you mention @47 earned millions at the toon and what did they contribute ?

    btw Rosenzahl is ower here at Hamburg, useless all season
    Martins at Wolfsburg….useless all season, though him playing second fiddle to Dzeko and Grafite is a bit tough like
    Boumsong—would have played in Champs League semis against FC Bayern if he hadn’t been injured….but still garbage like…

    btw whats the word about the new toon communications officer ? You know the we hen that MA announced after his failed statement. Has she appeared on the scene yet ?

  48. We’ll get who we get.

    The best bands aren’t super groups filled with virtuoso’s.
    They are built on chemistry, team work, spirit. Simple constituent parts are always better as one.

  49. This UEFA debt thing is all pie in the sky too.

    Clubs with wealthy owners will stay spend a fortune – There’s ways and means of getting round anything.

    For the rest of us I suppose over time transfer fees and salaries will drop or just stagnate.

  50. Toonsy – Relatively…

    Definites – Andy Cole, Albert, Beardo, Tino, Speed, Milner.

    Possibles – Jenas, Dyer, Robert, Martins, Ferguson.

    Maybe a few others in there.
    Most of that was daft money of course.

  51. Stu – Aye, but they are on about limiting how much outside money can be put into the club. Remember, this is that thing that Abramovich is throwing his weight behind aswell.

  52. What people have to remember is that Football is just a job and Football clubs are just empolyers.
    It was refreshing to see the Inter president talking about Mourinho leaving for Real and giving him his blessing. If that was here their would be howls of protest about lack of loyalty etc…
    Perhaps it was because Inter know they can just go out and get another top manager. Roy Hodgson apparently. Anyway the continental approach to their managers and players seems a lot more modern than the british way.
    We want our managers and players to be as die hard as us.
    It doesn’t happen. They are only loyal for as long as they are at the club and will move for a better offer. Just like we do.
    So, just like in real life the best people move to the best jobs for the best wages. You really do get what you pay for, unless you are lucky and happen to get an inexperienced young player.
    I have no qualms with buying players cheap and selling them on for profit.
    Support the club not the staff, if that makes sense.

  53. toonsy,
    just take the smak away.
    That’s what has happened to us.
    We went down, & now we’re back.
    The plan ain’t to everyone’s liking, but it’s being implemented anyway.
    It may take a while, but we’ll be better off in the long haul.
    Truth hurts.

  54. Cole – Agree
    Albert – Agree
    Beardo – Wasn’t a fortune imo, local lad, says it all
    Tino – At times
    Speed – Agree
    Milner – Nee chance. Was average for us.
    Jenas – Hmm
    Dyer – Hmm
    Robert – Hmm
    Martins – Hmm
    Ferguson – Yes, but I reckon we have the new one in Carroll

    Hopefully the new Ferguson can stay out of pokey though ;)

  55. toonsy – Actually to be fair, we could be talking at cross purposes because many of the players worky mentioned didn’t cost a bomb in anything other than wages.

  56. Sir Les is a good eg bowburn.
    Cost a bit, got the same back for him though.

  57. toonsy says:
    May 24, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    “Remember, this is that thing that Abramovich is throwing his weight behind aswell.”

    Of course he is. He wants Chelsea to be a self sustaining club from now on if at all possible, so now he’s spent his wad, he wants UEFA to pull up the drawbridge to stop other clubs like Man City and the next ones from catching up, and on the European front, teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona etc.

  58. “toonsy – Actually to be fair, we could be talking at cross purposes because many of the players worky mentioned didn’t cost a bomb in anything other than wages.”

    I was thinking the same BBM – Didn’t Cole cost something like £1.75m? Albert was something like 25p and a box of pickled onion Tudor too, wasn’t he?

  59. Any player that cost a wedge, did the job properly, was sold for around the same we payed or more, is safe imo.
    It’s the others we need to worry about.

  60. toonsy says:
    May 24, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    If that’s the case they would just get one of their companies to sponsor the club for about £100m per year. Then it’s legitimate turnover.

    CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 24, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    Any chance of letting us know what that plan is that ain’t to everyone’s liking?

  61. Then there are the one’s that have the crowd on their back from the get go.

  62. Are you for real Stuart?
    Haven’t you been participating & moaning about it for countless weeks?

  63. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 24, 2010 at 5:07 pm
    Any player that cost a wedge, did the job properly, was sold for around the same we payed or more, is safe imo.
    It’s the others we need to worry about.

    Isn’t that were the manager earns his corn?

    If you have a good manager who is trusted to bring in the right players the money is irrelvant.

    Look at Martin O’Neill – He spent £14m on Young, £12m on Milner and he will probably double his money on Milner and would make a profit on Young.

    It’s all about who’s doing the choosing.

  64. Unfortunately the northeast clubs will never be able to compete financially with teams from locations with large catchment areas.
    London, Greater Manchester/Liverpool, West Midlands.
    Sure they can put bums in seats, but fall behind drastically when it comes to sales of kits.
    Real Madrid claim their shirt sales paid for the recent Galactico purchases, guess we have to find a couple of asian players (Chinese/Japanese) so as we can sell a few shirts.
    Anyone know of any ?
    Where`s Micky Toon when we need him ?

  65. Quite a few of the better players mentioned (Ferdinand, Cole, Jenas etc), and not mentioned (Ginola) were only with us for a relatively short time until a better gig such as ‘Spurs or Man United showed up.

  66. chuck,

    there are far more teams in those areas to choose from.
    What you on about?
    We have a captive audience in the NE.
    manu, arse, liverpool, yea. The rest, na.

  67. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 24, 2010 at 5:10 pm
    Are you for real Stuart?
    Haven’t you been participating & moaning about it for countless weeks?

    Oh is the statement the plan? I didn’t realise – It’s that pathetic!

    So to be clear, the plan is:

    – Not to spend any money on any players
    – Rely on our ‘brilliant’ youth team – Who hasn’t produced a regular 1st teamer in Ashley’s time.
    – Break even in five years – Why five years?

    Have I missed any positives?

  68. young didn’t even make the england squad.
    milner is not worth anything like the cash mentioned.
    mo’n is a cock. & is already thinking he can’t deliver, just like kk. Too emotional.
    ALL MANAGERS buy DOGS sometimes.

  69. a realy think we should buy tom cleverley if united wont to sell him. bid 2-3 mil for him. this kid is going to be a realy good player and i think united no this if they dont then getting him on loan will be a big plus for united but not for us to lose him at the end of the season back to them. in are case this kid has it all 2 footed pace and he scores goals and makes it look easy very cool when he given a chance to box to box can also play on the wing but central midfield he likes to play. we will have a gem if united sell then we wont need to spent big.he is out their for us to buy on the cheap we wont get any1 better.

  70. Why have we had more managers buy more dogs than any other club though?

    Also I’m glad you know O’neill well enought to come to the conclusion he’s a ‘cock’.

    How ironic!

  71. Cos it’s gonna be imposed on clubs soon anyway.

    Clear enough.

    splashes card watta.

  72. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 24, 2010 at 5:25 pm
    To be CLEAR,
    The club supports it’s self within 5 years.

    We’ll be in Div 1 by then if we cannot spend any money for five years.

  73. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 24, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    “ALL MANAGERS buy DOGS sometimes.”

    That made me think of Roy Keane for some reason, Clint.

  74. Cos we’ve had more managers.
    The clue is in the question.
    It takes one to knaa one.

  75. Stuart79 says:
    May 24, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    “Why have we had more managers buy more dogs than any other club though?”

    Fat Freddy’s picked a few as well.

  76. When it comes to all the ‘sell Taylor’ talk, you do have to ask: If the likes of O’Neil want him, why the hell wouldn’t we? He’s not on gigantic wages, he’s a passionate, local lad and a natural leader. He has shown he can learn and develop. What it comes down to is the situation with him in the dressing room. If he’s causing friction, best cash in; if that is all press garbage (as it probably is), keep him.

    Like the sound of this Citeh lad, too. Shame we’ve been linked with him by the press – means it’s rubbish.

  77. Clint
    Go back and read what I said, then make a statement, not on what you assumed i was saying.
    Yes we can fill the stadium but the Greater Tyneside area is a relatively small (population)catchment area and we are not exactly a w/wide name like the present top sides.
    Therefore we miss out on a major sorce of income, in which case a couple of Asian players on the side might help.

  78. I suspect we’re wasting our time worky.
    If he doesn’t get it b(u)y now?
    I’d say he was being facetious but i don’t sense the experience.

  79. stuart the prem is going backwards ! we couldnt be in a better place. you are coming out with we are not going to spend but u dont no that untill it happens what are u going to say if we do. dont start coming out with we bought some player for 2mil and then say we are going nowhere. any way look at barca and real madrid they are buying who ever they want and dont care. all the top clubs in england cant buy shit untill they have stopped buying so they then get the scraps who they dont wont and we are in that place as well so stop talking rubish.

  80. I read fully what you wrote chuck.
    You’re supposing that only people in & around Tyneside support the Toon.
    Haddaway man.
    You obviously don’t get around the north east & see fans all over Durham, Northumberland etc.
    & before y’start with that no one in Durham supports the Toon stuff. Gerraway.

  81. If you think UEFA will get through all this legislation regarding debt and ‘break even’ you’re as niave as they come.

    Big clubs will just say goodbye, were setting up our own league – That’s providing they don’t just bypass the new laws in another way.

    Totally niave!

  82. Though i do agree with getting some asian players for said purpose like.

  83. asim says:
    May 24, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    If we do buy some players I’d be absolutely delighted!

    But it doesn’t look good.

  84. Stuart,
    you just can’t stop yerself making it personal can you?
    Grow up or something.
    Alternatively, come back when you’ve got an argument, can be civil, & have a little humility.

  85. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 24, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Good un.

    If you think being called niave is personal, I’ll go one further – Get a bloody life!

  86. 94 workyticket says:
    May 24, 2010 at 5:32 pm
    Stuart79 says:
    May 24, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    “Why have we had more managers buy more dogs than any other club though?”

    Fat Freddy’s picked a few as well.

    Souness has said quiet alot in the irish media how Fat Fred signed all the players in his time

  87. Clint…signing an American wouldn’t be such a bad idea either…though obviously not the impact a Korean, Japanese or Chinese player would have, due to our anti-roundball, pro-pointyball mentality in general. It still may open up another market for the Toon.

    I am just being country-oriented. I was excitied when Onyewu was wearing the kit and Rossi too (though he claims Italy for World Football purposes).

  88. Stuart – Thats if UEFA let them. Certain concessions have been put in place to keep clubs happier though, and it has recieved backing from most clubs in Europe.

  89. Stop being snide Stuart.

    good call, the small % of american fans is still millions like.

  90. There’s no need to get upset cos someone doesn’t share your opinion.

  91. stuart it is going to happen mate sooner rather then later. no chance break away league thats why they have got the champs league.if they break away they wont be aloud back in their own leagues and it my be good short term it will then get boring who is going to travel week in and week out and pay the money they would lose millions then get bored.

  92. I think I’ve lost track of what I was debating.

    Checklist –

    – We shouldn’t spend silly money on individuals. CHECK
    – We’ve spent some silly money (transfer fees and wages) on individuals over the years with little return for that money, either on the pitch or in future sales. CHECK
    – Previous regimes and Ashley’s regime are as guilty as each other for allowing this. CHECK
    – Some big money players were cracking value for money nonetheless. CHECK
    – Because of the sh*te we’ve gone through recently, either small or big money players may be reluctant to jump aboard for fear of instability from the owner. CHECK

    Done. CHECK

  93. Chuck says:
    May 24, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    “Unfortunately the northeast clubs will never be able to compete financially with teams from locations with large catchment areas.
    London, Greater Manchester/Liverpool, West Midlands.
    Sure they can put bums in seats, but fall behind drastically when it comes to sales of kits.”

    Chuck, with the exception of worldwide sales for Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, and perhaps Chelsea, Newcastle United are about the biggest shirt shifters in the Premiership, and being situated in one of the largest cities in the UK with only one club, they have a good catchment area in UK terms.

  94. I honestly thought that said shirt lifters when I read it quickly. I see a play on words but I thought it was more obvious at first glance.

  95. Had to read that ‘shirt shifters’ bit a few times. Could have been mistaken for a number things 8O

  96. dam right workyticket only manu sell more in england.with are new kit we will make millons so stuart like the club says we will only use what money comes in that means we will buy players.

  97. their is 50 pounds of my money going to newcastle and i bet u all of us on this site will be buying.

  98. batty says:
    May 24, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    “hi lads could u tell me what u think aboot this england song the geordies get a mention”

    Good to see you again, batty!

  99. arlreet marra,
    hope it’s all good mate.
    How’s y’lad deein’?
    Hyem soon?

  100. bowburnmag says:
    May 24, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    “I honestly thought that said shirt lifters when I read it quickly. I see a play on words but I thought it was more obvious at first glance.”

    Some people just have a filthy, dirty, disgusting mind I suppose. :-)

  101. clint dont know if ya seen it on the news but there was some trouble at khandhar air base all our lads fine but me lad and his mates seen sum action and got half a dozen thats the way it goes i suppose better them than us

  102. batty says:
    May 24, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    “and u worky how u doing my freind”

    Busy, batty, but ok. Toonsy having to do a valiant job holding the fort here most of the time ATM, but I’ll be back!

    Where have you been?

  103. Hi Batty
    good to see you back, and great to hear all is well with your son

  104. We did spend some silly money on players that fail to perform, but I am sure we had signed and released more youngesters who were never good enough for EPL.

    So what?

    It proves only one thing, we did not scout good enough.
    There’s nothing wrong with either policy. We need to have both experienced players and promising young players to be a successful team in the long run.

    Stop “the plan” or “X model”. We are NUFC and we deserve better.

  105. Quick English question that I can never get right. Is it Lets or Let’s? :D

  106. batty – I’m just writing somthing atm and will look at your clip when I finish. Wont be long.

  107. toonsy says:
    May 24, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    “Quick English question that I can never get right. Is it Lets or Let’s?”

    If it’s an abbreviation of “let us”, it’s “let’s”

  108. I can honestly say with regards to shirt sales in Africa… apart from the Big Four, Newcastle sells plenty merchandise, and were on par with Tottenham and Aston Villa. Despite being a Championship club.
    They have a large following mainly sparked by the football they played during the Kevin Keegan era.
    People loved watching them and many have remained loyal.

    As for a top Asian signing. I would have loved Park Ji Sung when he wasn’t getting regular football.
    But maybe our scouts can spot some talent at the world cup.

  109. worky watch me clipp man all money goes too help the heros and donna louise kids cancer trust

  110. Just want to make my points a bit more clear.

    NUFC is definitely a club that is big enough to raise its own players rather than loaning young players who is not good enough to play for their respective clubs without any potential buy out options.

    Too much beers and I am heading to bed now. Cheers lads.

  111. batty,
    did he ‘notch’ then?

    it’s let’s, short for let us, hence the ‘.

  112. batty says:
    May 24, 2010 at 6:21 pm

    “has any 1 watched my f@ckin clipp ?”

    Got to fly off and shift some more gear now, batty. I’ll look at it soon.

  113. toonsy says:
    May 24, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    “Worky – What about “lets wait and see”

    Is it let’s or lets?”

    Let’s. There isn’t a “lets” in that sense of the word, as it is a verb with no plural version.

  114. Cheers. Always one that has stumped that is. Like spelling believe always toys with me heed.

  115. Hope he’s alreet mate.
    It must take a bit to digest?

    & aye, i’ve checked out the clip.

  116. dave iam fine thanx and will tell me lad do u reckon he will be ok like what i mentioned in earlyer post on this thread in mind i meen >>>> he seems like hes buzzing off it think its got summit do with his m8 that got killed a few month ago think they see it as pay back if u know what i meen

  117. Batty glad to hear everyone is doing good, he should be fine mate, 1st is usually the hardest to get over. Most lads get a buzz after their 1st firefight especially if it is like “payback” time. But it can comeback in later years ie flash backs and questioning yourself, but it allways comes down to 1 thing it was you our them. The hardest thing I found was losing your mates, it normally starts as soon as you get your next leave after it, and drink normally makes it worse, so just try and be with him if ye can.

  118. Wielkie sorry, nie chciałbym zakłócać spokoju tego serwisu, że tak zupełnie poza tematem, ale szukamy wsparcia na rehabilitację małego Alanka. A nuż są na tej stronce ludzie szczerego serca, bo każda złotówka i każda forma pomocy będzie przyjęta z wdzięcznością. Wejdź i zobacz jak możesz wesprzeć Alana.