Nedum Onuoha would be a snip for £3 million.

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Available at a knock down price?
Available at a knock down price?
It looks like the love affair between Nedum Onuoha and Manchester City is coming to an abrupt end, and if it was up to me I would be straight in there making sure Newcastle United could benefit from it.

Onuoha appeared on Soccer AM yesterday and was less than complimentary about his current boss at Manchester City, Roberto Mancini. At 23 years old and with the best years of his career in front him, Onouha would appear to fit in with our much speculated about transfer policy, and would improve our options at both right back and in the centre of the defence. Rumours that a price tag of around £3 million have been mentioned, but when you consider that he could be worth far more than that in a few years time then it would make sense for Mike Ashley to dip into his pockets, or the clubs bank balance, to sign a player that would not only benefit us now, but also strengthen us for the future.

“It was good to see the club be so successful because I’ve been there for so long, but I almost feel like I was taking a backseat to a lot of the action,” Onouha said.

“When Mark Hughes lost his job, the new manager came in and I don’t think he liked me, to be honest. I kept myself fit and I was being very professional but, in the end, it just wasn’t to be.”

Trouble brewing at Eastlands? And his outburst didn’t end there. In addition Onouha blasted Mancini for ruining Joleon Lescott’s chance of gaining a World Cup place, and for shifting the goalposts when it comes to signings at Manchester City. Onouha continued;

“Just because you’ve got money it doesn’t mean you have to spend it, but if you are to spend it, spend it well. Make sure it’s a player who is going to fit into the team and help the team go forward, as opposed to one who changes the total dynamic of the club.”

That previous quote was in reference to Patrick Viera, a Mancini flagship signing. So it does seem like Onouha will be heading for the exit door at Manchester City this season. He would be a cracking signing for us if we ever got the chance of completing it, although our unwashed foes from down the road are also monitoring the situation. Then again, if he did go to Sunderland, it would mean that the unwashed have no need for Alan Hutton who could appear back on the radar for us.

Onouha has linked up with Steven Taylor for the England Under-21’s many times, so perhaps Tayls could put a good word for us? That would be an action befitting of our future captain, although another action we would also like to see from Taylor is with a pen, whilst putting a siganture on a new contract.

Football management…………. It’s easy!

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82 Responses

  1. said this from the start of the summer. Man city clear out we should be sniffin around. A lot of talent goin to waste and they are young and gettin annoyed

  2. Just been reading the papers. It apear less than a week after officially launching our bid to hos the World Cup, the FA are already putting their foot in it :(

  3. underrated and, for me, better than toure and richards. can’t see you getting him for £3million though.

  4. ‘start of the summer’? didn’t realise you had such nice weather up there

  5. it wont matter what he costs cos our club have already said they are laying out no money on new players. look at freebies and loan jobs only, the rest is a waste of time even talking about.

  6. So who’s going to give CH the £3m we’d need to buy him & what makes us think that he’d choose us over any other PL club because as you’ve already clearly said, he a very good, young prospect, so don’t you think if he’s on his way out of Manc Al Citey, then clubs like Toffees, Spurts, Chelski, Manc Usa, Arsenil, Cessepool etc will also be after him & if they are, we’ve got to hopes & bob is playing golf mate…..

  7. @ 7… some interesting names there mate, quite like the manc Al Citey one lol
    you right though…. we have no cash to spend. lets look at free agents from the ccc, thats our level alas.

  8. after half a dozen disaster windows with cnut ashley i have zero hope or confidence that this window will bring any pleasant suprises at all.

  9. We have no “plans” to spend, thats not to say that if the right player became available at a good price that potentialy would have a massive sell-on value CH couldn’t persuade MA to open the cheque book. The biggest problem would probably be other clubs wanting him.

  10. no @ 10, what they have said is there will be NO capital outlay on players. That means they will not any extra funds available and that therefore indicates a sell -before-you-buy policy is in place … or loan jobs or freebies. you can dress it up anyway you want but no capital outlay means no hard cash for players. its like you saying to your lass you want to go for a beer and she says the bank is empty i can not give you any dosh, you want a beer sell some of your tools. this is what we have in place now. we want new tools… we godda sell some first.

  11. I remember when onouha came off the bench a few seasons ago against newcastle and you lot were singin “who are ya who are ya who are ya”! Short memories havnt you…

  12. No Craig, it actually said “there are no new plans for capital outlay”

    You can put any spin on it but the cold hard fact is that even economists are unsure of just what it means so you trying to second guess it is laughable.

    FFS, it’s just an example. At no point did O say we were in for him, just that he would be a good signing.

    It’s that selective reading creeping back in again. I concur with what Noir9 says, if someone is there who is a reasonable price who we could make a profit on I would expect Mike to see the £££ signs and dig into his pocket.

  13. craig @ 11, actually says “no plan for capital outlay” plans change! I think your right & that the plan is currently no cash buys but if a player became available that potentially could make us a big profit the money would be found. Yes it might mean that we then have to sell, but if you told your lass that pint you were going for would cost £2.50 but would earn you £10 next year she might just find the money.Especially if she just happens to know a multi-millionaire.

  14. john@12…..and I bet you were always nice to Tevez when he played for Manure?,short memories havnt you mate ;-)

  15. You won’t get Ned for £3 million.. at least double that.

    If you’re after a bargain though Martin Petrov will be available on a free from us and he is quality. Though can be a bit moody.

  16. toonsy, its not me putting a spin on it, no capital outlay is pretty simple.. it means no money outlayed. there is no spin on that is there.

  17. @14 mate, could be right but i think in these greed inflated times, unless it is a freebie or loan deal there is little chance of getting a bargin at a fraction of their true value, simply cos everyone is looking and twigged on to that player situation and potential. And as ashely (right or wrongly) has already came out and said we are skint etc etc, this will automatically put off alot of good names as they thing we are a two-bit club with zero ambition… probalby heading into a very tough slog this next season too.

  18. Ned for me is great player who has been really unlucky, iv no doubt that if he was given a chance he would be a fixture in the City team a la JT at chelski as he is blue thru & thru, he would do well for newcastle, but my oh my where are you gonna get 3 million quid from if thats the fee, i would think double that and City may start talking,anyway all the best for the coming season lads..CTID

  19. Not nice no but i knew he was a great player, you actually thought he was shit and now your coming on saying hes the best thing sinced sliced bread. Yea hes a good player but if he was that good he would be getting on. He’s fast and strong and everything but john terry he is not! Love him to bits though and he’s a city fan, so i doubt he’ll leave us to go to newcastle and ruin his career, everton maybe.

  20. Nice to see the media does its job with some of these city fans believing what they read about us fans eh?

    Always like Man City to be honest. Loyal fans who stick with their team even in the dark times, much like us.

    Anyway, off topic, but I’m currently on a large hill and the weather closed in so me and the dog have gone all tribal and took shelter under a rocky overhang type thing.

    Just like being action man me ya knaa ;)

  21. ps, 3 million was mentioned in the newspaper. I didn’t pluck a figure from thin air ;)

  22. johnmfc…….I’ve neither said he was shit or best thing since sliced bread,my point is fans sing/hurl abuse at opposing players i.e ‘what a waste of money’ if they’re having a bad game.That doesn’t neccesarily mean thats your true opinion of them as a player.I’ve done it in the past as will you have.As for ‘who are ya’ a few seasons ago not many people outside of Man City probably knew who he was mate.

  23. 24… godda agree that if i was a footy player i would stay a million miles from newc as our owner is a nut job with grand plans with zero input in terms of cash ONTO the field. He bangs on about sevicing the over heads none stop but has not invested one penny on the pitch. blokes a lying dick.
    I would stay clear of liverpool too if i were a player as they are on the brink of imploding in a spectacular fashion.
    Everton seem a solid bet as do prob villa i guess. if he were french arsene would take him!

  24. Having only been a observer of this blog for numerous months I thought I’d post my first comment (mainly bourne out of fustration).

    This site & others have tried to clear up this ‘capital outlay’ business. I thought I’d have my say so took the libery of putting ‘capital outlay’ into google and (Chris Crisholm) here’s what I found:

    Capital Outlay
    Payments made in cash or cash equivalents over a period of more than one year. Capital outlays are used to acquire assets or improve the useful life of existing assets.

    As previously written on this site and in simple terms in means we won’t buy players where payments spread over more than one year. This means that if the money is available then we’ll be able to buy a player or players. Whether there’s any budget for players is other question.

    I do feel that if the club went out & bought so-called super stars it would shut a lot of people up even if it was to the detriment of the long term future of the club. I’d also question those who want the major signings havethe best interest of the club at heart or just want big names.

    The transfer window isn’t even closed (I don’t even know if its open to be honest) & already it doom & gloom. Lets see what the summer brings be it loans, free or buys before we start to criticise but one thing is for sure…irrespective of what the ins/outs are there’s b0gger all we can do it about it…

    Rant over….

  25. also, many times the ‘who are ya’ chants are the opp of what we are saying. we have sang it to bigger teams than city such as manure when we did en 5-0 etc. for me, its actually a piss take out of a good player not an unkonwn. we sang it against roy keene when shearer got him sent off a few years back.
    I dare say city fans would shout it at ronaldo if he were still at united!

  26. I think it was season before last he was 21 and had been playing in the u21s for a few seasons, and it stands out because i was shocked to hear it sang. And then last season you were singin “we’ve got joey barton we’ve got joey barton”, you couldn’t make it up!

  27. johnmcfc-When has anybody said he’s the best thing since sliced bread like?…
    Also, when did this apparent singing take place? Was it at SJP? Keep in mind we were beating you 2-1 up until about the 87th minute when you were at our bit, maybe we were singing “who are ya” at you in general, given the fact you’d spent a wad of cash and at that moment in time, we were taking all 3 points.

    Regardless, fans abuse opposition players. It happens at every club, all over the world. I’m sure if Barca rolled into Eastlands and Messi had a shocker, he’d get a bit of stick, yet you’d still kill to have him on your team sheet.

  28. @27… i also saw that one too, but for every one you can find like that i can find a one that counter acts yours. See below – which indicates that it actually means investing money generally. The bottom line is, as avery dodgy statement from our leader!

    Financial Dictionary

    Capital Expenditure – CAPEX definition

    Funds used by a company to acquire or upgrade physical assets such as property, industrial buildings, or equipment.

  29. 10mil on Colo when Ashley was getting called tight fisted so n so, 5mil in Jan on players when we weren’t expecting it, ill reserve judgement on signings until the summer is over. For me, money has always been sanctioned when the right player was available, everyone can see we need strengthening in certain areas, i’m hoping, and always optimistic, that we will get the cover, and more importantly, the right type of player/person, needed.

  30. which is kind of the point craig. Nobody is sure if it means we will buy or not and searching google indicates that as you say, yet people think on the negative side of it.

  31. witters….well said,until the window opens then shuts again none of us know how much or if any money will be available.Few of us thought any money would have been available in January but it was.Your interpretation of ‘capital outlay’ is correct but even if you take it the other way as in ‘no money’ will be available,do you believe it? It’s not like the Ashley regime has a history of being honest do they?
    I enjoyed last season,not just the winning but the craic with away fans.Real fans not prawn sarnie munchers.
    I hope we enjoy next season too,we will get new players but how many and what quality and value we’ll have to wait and see.Roll on August.HWTL

  32. @32… 10 million on colo was off set against milner at 12 million. it is fact that until this janaury window that ashely was in black with outlay on players to what he has sold. there can be no other club right down the league that has done that!

  33. @ 31

    Whilst I’m sure you might be right you have selected to quote capital expenditure not capital outlay which I’m sure from a financial perspective are different things.

  34. No it was at eastlands, and it was definately directed at nedum because it was sang when his name came on the tannoy to come on. Bad example with messi and barcelona because i definately wouldn’t with them, but yea alot of teams and players u giv stick, i was just pointing out he’s not the unknown u thought he was a few years back, and he wasnt then. YOU’VE GOT JOEY BARTON YOU’VE GOT JOEY BARTON!

  35. He was fairly unknown to opposition fans tho john.We give Bellamy loads of abuse now but I’d have him back in a heartbeat even tho he’s an obnoxious little shit.

  36. I’m sure irrespective of what you think of Ashley we’re in a better position than we would had fat fred stayed…

    We’d be in a right old pickle had we continued with the financial model that that fat tw@t had in place…

  37. we are not going to go through all this capital expenditure/financial soap stories again are we,lets just all wait and see,then we will have plenty to talk about ime sure its becomeing a bore now imo

  38. Johnmcfc-Do you honestly think people were singing it because they didn’t actually know who he was? It was probably sang in an effort to belittle him, as opposed to us genuinly requesting to know who he was. I’m sure plenty of Newcastle fans know who he is, given the fact that our own Steven Taylor Captained the England u-21’s for quite some time. We’ve been linked with him in the past, this isn’t the first time.

  39. @39

    I appreciate that last comment was off topic but just getting a few things off my chest!!

  40. ROSS,morning m8 enjoy the cup final,what did you think of some of the p/mouth players on show

  41. icedog……..true mate,boring stuff.Here’s one for ya..I heard lastnight that Nolan was being sold to Everton (against his will)probably not true as it was off the ‘bloke in a bar’

  42. RICHIETOON,rather read fairy stories like that m8,than boring shit that we as fans can do sod all about anyway,on nolan nowt would surprise me about toon at the minute like m8

  43. aye Icedog,just one of the lads said his brother had bumped into Nolan and Carroll in Spain..Carroll pissed and touchin up every lass that passed and Nolan had said they were selling him to Everton but he didn’t want to go(all allegedly) like ya say,more than likely a fairy story.

  44. craig chisholm says:
    May 16, 2010 at 11:05 am
    @32… 10 million on colo was off set against milner at 12 million. it is fact that until this janaury window that ashely was in black with outlay on players to what he has sold. there can be no other club right down the league that has done that!

    Why do you constantly promote what you say as gospel when no one has any facts of financial dealing? Since the Milner deal was so high, the chances are that it was probably done in instalments, when it has been stated from the club that Colo was bought out right in one payment.

    You talk about being in the black when the club has just released figures showing we have lost £70Million in two seasons! take of the blinkers eh, if money from transfers goes back into the club to ease the financial strain, this is a GOOD THING! Without it, we may possibly not have a team to support!

  45. Sorry icedog….getting bored of it myself but wanted to clarify what it means in a vein hope that it would put it to bed…

    I shall say nothing more on the topic (maybe)!!

  46. will still stick my neck out and say J.B.from stoke and J.O”hare plus one will come to sjp,i know some will say like carroll but thats still my take on it

  47. bollocks to that richie. If they can tar us all with the same brush then we can do it to them, right? Its only fair after all ;)

  48. forgot to add S.TAYLOR will be off to spurs too,in deal with o”hare,wouldnt mind p/mouth c/h in if taylor does go like

  49. Agreed. There will be a clear out of good players for superstars at Man City every summer and we should be sniffing around for players like Onuoha, can play anywhere in defense and very good player.

  50. Witters – I dont think Icedog meant it personally to you, just in general.

    Talking about ‘the statement’ already has that whodunnit DA DA DAAAAA feeling about it :D

  51. Icedog – :lol:

    Reet, im off my mountain, not need for mountain rescue. Quick visit to the in laws (which is why I tried to get stuck up a hill), then I will be back 8)

  52. Aye Milner sold for £12m and now people are saying he is worth £25m. Another good piece of business there. Although I admit it has taken him becoming an England regular and moving to a top 6 club. I remember when Souness said we wouldnt win anything with 11 James Milners. I wish we had a team of £25m players now. Shows what a to##er that man was.

  53. anyway… away from topic… anyone got any idea why the mail on sunday thought it a good idea to ruin our world cup bid. Lord Triesman has just now stepped down so its obviously true but the only question for me is WHY did the mail wnat to stop us getting world cup?? w@nkers. that bid is a dead duck now.

  54. DJG,souness says he will never go back to manage any club as he cannot handle todays stars,we could have told him that years ago

  55. mick @47.. you take your blinkers off man and read my post properly… i have not said we are in the black. i have said we were in the black` with players sold to bought up til this last window…. go and work it out man. thats not gosspel or fairy tales… its pure math.

  56. I am not getting this fascination with O’hara.
    No better than what we have already and there is no way harry will let him go for nothing. I would be much happier to see us sign Cleaverley, Pratley or Ledley.
    Onouha would be a good signing to be first choice right back.

  57. Icedog, I tottally agree with the boring comment. Some of the stuff on this blog just seems to go around and around in circles epecially the financial stuff. Most of us don’t understand it, even the ones who claim to.

    And Toonsy you are dead right about the obvious fact that many people do not read comments correctly before reacting to them. Often the criticism of a comment is actually agreeing to what has been said or intended!

    A lot of the strange stuff I put into my comments (or even some of the sensible stuff) is usually ignored, so even though I follow the blog I often can’t be arsed to say something. That will probably change as the World Cup gets under way and also as the new season begins.

    Keep up the good work though, at least you try to put some fresh ideas out.

  58. On our transfer policy I keep hearing we need three or four players. Where in the side are these guys gonna play.
    Goalies we have are above average.
    I concede we need a better right back.
    At left back all we need is cover. So what do you spend on someone to sit on the bench for thirty odd games. Who worth their salt is going to come to be a reserve.
    Centre backs. If Colocinni has a half decent game and catches the eye because of his contract terms he will be offloaded by MA. If not and we keep what we’ve got do we need to Buy?
    Midfield wide left and right look ok for first choice so again we are buying for the bench. Centre midfield I have faith in Joey he showed with his passes for the goals at Plymouth and QPR he has the best vision. away from home next season it will be a five man midfield. if we sign somebody he is going to be looking to play regular. Guthrie is a favourite of many but not mine so would get many peoples vote. So that means Smudger becomes a very expensive reserve.
    Keep hearing we need a striker with different qualities to what we have cannot disagree but what do we do with the ones we have. Ranger out on loan. Loverboy on the bench? Best who knows?

    Someone tell me what they actually want when they say we need three or four players

  59. Cheers Big Willy ;)

    Don’t let other people put you off commenting. I nearly stopped a week or so ago as people were getting on my back.

    Luckily, people supported me and told me to ignore what they say, which I do. You should do the same, fcuk what the rest say :)

  60. Thanks Toonsy, actually what bothers me is not what people say about me, I have a fairly thick skin. It’s the total lack of reaction to some of my comments. It’s a bit like being with a group of people who are all talking but no one is listening. That is I admit a bit of a genralisation (?) as there are often some good discussions going on but other commitments prevent my participation.
    So I shouldn’t be too surprised at being a peripheral blogger.
    There I have even provided my own Psycho analysis. :)

    And on a football note anyone think Cannavaro would be worth having for a season whilst we find our feet.

  61. lets be honest, we are talking footy here… and even worse, we are talking newcastle!! it is impossible for more than two people at any one time to agree on something. its a blog, there are no rights and no wrongs. just make your arguement and be prepared for the shit that will follow!!

  62. Craig – Wrong end of the stick man ;)

    I was on about how I was going to stop writing these comments, not the blog itself ;)

  63. PS, save some abuse for the next blog. Fat Sam has been at it again, and I have been digging deeper this weekend ;)

  64. Craig, our press are a destructive collective born from the Sun, most of the Sports Editors are all ex Sun men, Woolnough and co on a Sunday morning is worth watching if just to get an idea of their own self importance, the one i detest is the Manu lapdog Steve Curry, what a twat.
    The answer to your question is , yes, they pretend they want us to win the World Cup but behind the scenes they are at it 24/7 to derail the whole show.
    Just look at the way they continue to big up Beckham when 99% of the fans cant stand the tosser.
    The days of reputable sports reporting are well and truly over, the French public are appalled by the recent sex scandal involving their team but only because they dont want their press to become Anglocised.
    I gave up on the Red Tops, stopped buying the Journal or Sunday Sun and now only get the Chron during the season, i tried the Times but even they have morons such as Rod Liddle and Matthew Syed.
    There is more sense and truth in this blog, Truefaith and .com than in all the papers, they are a disgrace.

  65. If we are to sell in order to have cash to buy (not getting into “The statement”, it`s been done to death)
    who goes ?
    Perhaps there are teams out there who still think Smith can do a job for them.
    He could bring in at least 3m. and if he is to sit on the bench that 3m. would be well spent on someone like Onuoha, making our back four look pretty solid.
    Looking at both Pompey and Citeh, i believe we can expect a massive clear out,with Pompey having to sell and Citeh talking bout 14 players to go.
    If we cant get someone decent from that lot, instead of looking at second tier French no name`s, then management needs shaking up.
    Oh ! the French kid may turn out to be another Bassong or N`Zogbia, yeah sure, what are the odd`s on that ?
    Better a known player with EPL experience.
    Who besides Smith, well imo R.Taylor and Guthrie would`nt be missed and we could raise a few bob more.
    Say the sale of those three would generate 5m add a few mill to that and we could substantially strengthen the side.
    Too which two or three up and coming loaners would then make the side competitive if not formidable.
    It will require a decent sized squad in the PL., what with the usual injuries and having to platoon players,
    horses for courses, certainly not the walk in the park we had last season.

  66. BBB – Aye, nationl interests aren’t importing as getting the headline and shifting a few extra copies.

  67. If we are silly enough to sell him, it’ll be for more than £3 million, that’s for sure. But even if he was £25 he’d still be out of your lot’s reach.

  68. Slacker says:
    May 16, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    “If we are silly enough to sell him, it’ll be for more than £3 million, that’s for sure. But even if he was £25 he’d still be out of your lot’s reach.”


    Did Mansour buy you your ground in the end? Or is still council owned?

  69. can I just say that a clubs capital outlay means buying players on tick having to pay them off over a say 5 years, and we wont be doing this anymore. MA has not said there is no money for new players in any statement, FFS lets just wait and see.

  70. Why, when City buy, are we quoted (in the media) as offering OTT bids for numerous players, yet when we may sell, it is for a small fee.

    Bellamy – arguably his best season for years. Paid £13m for him 12 months ago, yet Everton may get him for £6m.

    Same with Ned; vastly underrated, yet you think you could get him for £3m?

    If Steven Taylor is worth silly money, where does that put Ned?

  71. I would love to see us go in for Onohua. I have rated him and believe he would strengthen centre-back and more likely right-back. I feel we need to capitalise on the money situation at City, but it’s just a case of the Fat one giving us money to spend

  72. Craig@80…that’s the way of the world unfortunately mate.I’ve said before Beller’s is an obnoxious little shit but I’d have him back in a heartbeat and I think it would be a huge mistake if you got rid…….you did get Given on the cheap tho and while you have the sheik payrolling you clubs will always expect more money of you than they would other clubs but I’m sure you can live with that.