Balkan success for the Newcastle young’uns.

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Phil Airey: Making a name for himself.
Phil Airey: Making a name for himself.
As club football enters hibernation for a short few months, there isn’t really much to talk about regarding football matches until the World Cup rolls around in a few weeks.

However, I have managed to latch onto some action from the under-18 team who have been away in Bosnia trying to defend their “Football Friends” title that they won last year. The tournament is held in Foca and is aimed towards building friendship and unity in what was an area ripped apart by the ravages of war. It was once a breeding ground to a golden generation of stars who cut their teeth in the tournament before breaking onto the world stage. Davor Suker, Predrag Mijatovic and Zvonomir Boban all plied their trade in the tournament before going to greater things at both national and international levels.

Our kids kicked off their defence against FK Sarajevo on Friday, running out comfortable 6-0 winners with Phil Airey bagging a brace and being joined on the scorers list by Conor Newton, Ryan McGorrigan, Liam Henderson and Dan Taylor.

That meant progression to the semi-final on Saturday where our lads again came on top. It was a lot closer this time round though, as five goals ended up being split 3-2 in our favour against Red Star Belgrade, Dan Taylor with a double and Paul Dummett doing the damage.

This the setup a final appearance on Sunday against NK Zagreb, and a chance to defend the title. Phil Airey bagged another two goals whilst Dan Taylor got the other in another 3-2 win, and to cap of a successful end of season trip to The Balkans with a trophy.

Obviously there was no place for Haris Vuckic in the squad that went over to Bosnia. Clearly he will be involved in the first team next season so he needs to rest up and keep himself fit enough to hit the ground running in pre-season and hopefully force his way into first team reckoning.

Phil Airey has looked quite impressive all season, and has bagged himself a rake of goals at this level, not bad for a converted right-back. The lad has pace, can finish and if he can keep improving could be moving up the ranks at Newastle United in the near future. Obviously not to the first team just yet, but perhaps the reserve team with occasional cup appearances in the first team could be on the cards?

At least our kids are getting some European games then eh? Or could the senior team be in line to face European opposition once again?

There is a rumour going around that PSV Eindhoven could be due to play Newcastle in a pre-season friendly at St James’ Park. A date of July 31st has been mentioned, precisely one year on from the passing of Sir Bobby Robson. Could two of Bob’s former teams be coming together to pay tribute to the great man?

If they do, the rumour also hints that any money made will go to The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. On the anniversary of his death, teamed with it being at home, and on a Saturday will surely mean that a pretty large crowd can be expected as fans from both clubs come together to pay their respects.

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140 Responses

  1. Doubt they are ready for that yet Hitman. Although you never know I guess.

    It’s doubtful we have the next Rooney though :lol:

  2. Toonsy

    Wasn’t Aaron Spear supposed to be the next Rooney? ;)

    I don’t even see his name being mentioned…

  3. you would think that at 17 he should be showing very strong signs of what the future holds for him…. is there any news on him or not anyone know?

  4. I think a lot of the talented youngsters waste away in the reserves coming to the bigger clubs. Purely because they arn’t playing football which is competitive enough at such a crucial age.

    You’ll find a lot of the stars of the future will be youngsters playing at first team level for Championship clubs – excelling because they are getting competitive first team experience at a young age.

    Players like Bale, Walcott, Lescott etc.

    The only way our youngsters will improve is to play them regularly or send them out on loan.

  5. A lot can change from the age of 15 to 20 in a young footballer.

    Like I said, you need to bring in a lot of young players just to find one good one. The idea being that ieven if they don’t turn out to be good enough for us we can sell them to a lower league club.

    Unfair to ask young kids to be your main source of new players – Sometimes you do need to blood them in nice and easy.

  6. stu @8… i agree mate, ashley is going to fall on his arse i fear as he seems to want to get as much as possible for free or from the kids ranks. its a worry. JJ you right too, we should send all these young guns out to other clubs, its so important. they are just rotting away into oblivion without not even getting to first base.

  7. I think we are taking that approach with goalkeeprs Stu. What do we have now, aside from Harper?

    Krul, Forster, Soderberg, Alnwick, plus that Salami gadgie we just signed.

  8. that raises another question toonsy… how come we get it so right with keepers but fail to bring on many outfield players of similar quality?

  9. Craig – Pass :D

    One thing, our academy is only young in terms of age. Yes, we have the facilities, but we don’t have the attraction of say a Man Utd academy who can attract worldwide youngsters.

    One of the worst decision Keegan made was scrapping the youth setup, especially considering the likes of Howey, Clark, Steve Watson etc came through it and established themselves in the Prem in our team.

  10. JJ says:
    May 24, 2010 at 10:51 am

    How can we send them on loan when we will have to use them as squad players?

    The club’s plan is just so flawed it’s not been thought through from what I can see.

    Youngsters need to be given experience at other clubs, where they will get as game and understand the game. We will need them to play for us in the PL – They won’t be ready.

    Could it finish some of these players before their career has even started?

  11. nurture the good young uns I say. If they are good enough they will get there chance in the Toon first team. Give them the chance to develop by loaning them out to other clubs where they can get the necessary experience, if they are “good enough” they will be loaned out to Prem League teams, i.e. Wilshire, if not then Fizzy pop teams or lower.
    After a year or two comes decision time – the big test i.e. Krul, Frazer Foster, Vukic etc, have they broken through into the Toon first team, if not do they still show potential, do they deserve a renewed improved contract (because they played 30 games for Norwich, Brighton etc) only to be loaned out again, or will they be sold on ? I reckon that’s how meaning of life of Youth Academies, safeguard the future of the club by providing future first team players, or money in the bank from sales, not all promising youngsters develop to be Prem League players.

  12. ———————–Harper—————————-




    Most of the local lads to have broken into and stayed in the first team where far from world class. But they gave 100% and its those players combined with the quality that makes the perfect TEAM.

    Sometimes we just need to give them a chance. Look at young Fletcher at old Trafford… Shocking for his first season, but Fergie stuck by him and look at him now…

  13. we can send the good young uns out on loan with a recall clause to bring them back at short notice if need be. Didn’t something similar happen with the lad we borrowed from Chelski got recalled when Ashley Cole fractured his finger nail ?

  14. “How can we send them on loan when we will have to use them as squad players?”

    Good point Stuart. We can’t…

  15. JJ @16 you’re dead right mate, all those lads were 100% tryers, with not too little skill either I might add.
    I’d be interested to see the combined transfer fees for each of those players, even the players who didn’t play for England regularly Lee Clarke, Steve Watson, Steve Howey each were sold on for combined fees in the region of 5 – 10 million pounds during their careers. Could you imagine how much these lads would be worth in todays inflated market. James Milner, 25 million quid, howay man ! Milner couldn’t even cross the ball, and doesn’t have a left foot !

  16. There’s an interview with on the french football site footmercato where he confirms we’re after him and he’s spoken to us.

  17. Watson was a good player-played 5 aside with him as a kid as his granny lived near me in high farm.
    Remember his overhead throw ins?

    I just can’t see many of the youngsters getting enough experience….we should have played more of them once promotion was bolted on and at least give them a work out and see what they can do.

  18. JJ we need to strengthen the squad with new signings, loan deals and by bringing on the good bairns. I’ve every confidence that MA will support CH with the money, and that CH will get the balance right. The problems will come if we get off to a bad start to the season. A good start is mega important in my opinion..its gonna be tough but I think we’ll pull through !

  19. We wouldn’t loan that many out anyway if we do, maybe 3 or 4 and they would only go because they are unlikely to get much playing time here and they can always be recalled if needed.

  20. Craig Chisholm @21 …fcucked…where did you read that ? That’s not what I was communicating in my post mate. I’m full of confidence for the new season..

  21. I just think it will be a dull window….couple of loans,couple of free transfers,couple of kids…next season I see being difficult,sluggish football…by xmas languishing near the foot of the table,heads dropping,pressure mounting-Houghton blamed (when it will be lack of investment),Houghton Sacked.

  22. @30….was talking about your post, the general feeling is that we are going to rely on kids and freebies…. and i think if you get the general feeling from any of us – defo me, and i go to many of the games and chat alot to all the fans around up in level 7 – we all think we are going to NOT invest and that we will have a battle on our hands. I hope you are right, it will be fab if you are, but to say i am full of confidence in the new season like you, would be wide off the mark. More like i am praying for the best but half anticipating something much different!

  23. My dad reckons it will disaster after disaster with this regime.
    Football Brains and experience needed at the top of the club to get it back on track and investment in good players,not loans,rejects and kids :lol:

  24. AngelOfDeath says:
    May 24, 2010 at 11:52 am
    Is those signings made by Newcastle players??? hmmmm.

    Who cares?

  25. I like the new kit, but Toon Army on the collar of the white one? Oh dear. Who signed that off? Does the black and white one have Geordie Nation under the collar?

    As for summer signings, it will probably be a bit dull. We haven’t got the money or the inclination to go out an buy top players that everyone would wet themselves over, but as long as we get in some solid players that can bolster the squad and manage to keep out of too much trouble then I’ll be happy.

  26. Season tickets have gone on general sale today.

    Apparently the sales have been pretty poor. What do they expect? If their not going to invest, why should everyone else?

  27. Toon Army on The collar haha :)

    Does it have Blaydon Races woven into the fabric as well?


  28. Craig @32 …I said this mate…”we need to strengthen the squad with new signings, loan deals and by bringing on the good bairns”…
    Meaning confident I meant we wouldn’t get relegated and would stabilise this coming season.
    From my 3 decades of following the toon, in the old days, traditionally we finished mid table / upper half of the First Division / Premier League, and we were kept happy by an occasional cup final, good FA Cup run to whet our appetite. John Hall and Freddie Fletcher blew this all out of the water with help from others by getting us to the Champions League for a few seasons. Brilliant times, and I hope they come back soon, like everyone else. But next year is all about stability in the PL. We all need to recognise that.. Anyway it’s all Toonsy’s fault for posting the Toon Barca Champions League link, had me weeping in my cornflakes mate…

  29. When a man is so obsessed with wealth and greed….the only way to hurt him is in the wallet….I think poor investment will mean poor gates that will dwindle once the going gets tuff and the football sucks.

  30. Aye,
    us & blacker playing in front of 8.5k next season, joint bottom.
    Wey hey!

  31. Cannot blame anyone who doesn’t buy one.

    Fot too long now supporters have been treated like sh1t – It’s been a one way road with supporters doing the giving and getting fck all out of it.

  32. Aye Clint…we all live for the big games :lol:
    If the Toon are getting battered most weeks people will start turning away in droves….surely Mick can deliver a side that can hold it’s own in the top division and give a good account of itself playing half decent attacking football?

    Spend Mick before it is way to late.

  33. There’s also a clause on the back of the ticket saying:
    If more than 8.537k show up on any given day, the rest will be put up against the wall & shot.

  34. Anyone individual that turns away in a person drove will have fickle tattoo’d on their foreheed.
    Clause 23.666.
    You heard it here first.

  35. Aye quick Mike, get your wallet out. Before the window shuts in over 3 months :roll:

  36. Big Mick will save the day Toonsy…targets have been identified contracts drafted and he is just dotting the T’s and Crossing The I’s…..USELESS fecka. :)

  37. I’ll be there anyway. I was there as a kid before Keegan (yes those times did exist), I’ve seen worse times.

    Still, just shows how times change. People would rather flap over Ashley’s wallet than support the team :roll:

    Put the bedsheets away lads, it looks silly. Especially with 13 weeks to the new season and 16 weeks until the end of the transfer window there is plenty of time. hughton has said to to expect anything until after the World Cup, and remember only 4-5 deal have been done in the PL at the minute.

  38. @42…. you said it my friend… stability is key this season. With that statement i am also wondering why you feel optimistic tbh?? Why are you optimistic, this is an honest question as i am not and that is the truth. I am all squared away mentally for a right long slog. Will that slog end in survival?? i hope that it will, i think its on the flip of a coin.

  39. bowburnmag-I like him as well..just really against us training other teams players when we have no intention of buying them,we have a load of younger players needing experience so it is not something I think we should be doing unless there is an option to buy the player at the end of the loan.

  40. toonsy… if ashely were to support the team as much as we did there would be no issues. thats his problem, no passion for nufc, never did have, the bloke is a yid.

  41. bowburnmag…. you go to a different seat each season? what you just ask for a diff location each season? maybe i should move around a bit. Have only moved three times in 17 years. worst was right at the front behind the goal, those bastards hit the ball hard man.

  42. toonsy says:
    May 24, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    Where’s these bed sheets?

    Don’t you think that customers have the right to make a complaint if their not happy?

    Why should the supporters be expected to carry on spending their hard earned cash if the club won’t be doing the same?

    I do already have my season ticket sorted by the way, so I’ll be there. But I cannot blame any who won’t go IF the club don’t make any attempts to buy any players for the next few years.

  43. Toonsy just reading between the lines we all know Mick will be getting bodies in as cheap as possible…we are just a reflection of his retail business..that is all he knows and all he will ever know.

    If he treat NUFC like he does his retail empire we would be sniffing at top 6 by now with a few seasons steady investment under our belts,real planning needed (not 5 year pie in the sky bollox,Arsenal,Birmingham,Wolves Model etc etc).

    It is crucial that CH is backed now and Ashley needs to show the fans he is in this for real and the long haul ahead and not just tinkering with an unwanted trainset buying second hand inferior parts off ebay.

  44. So Craig, Shepherd was fine because he was an NUFC fan was he?

    Him walking away woth his pockets bursting with cash dividends made up of yours, mine, and everyone elses money was fine was it? Becasue he is fan?

    Him calling all fans idiots for spending said cash on the club was fine, because he was a fan?

    Him letting a PLC slip into losing £30 million a year, £70 million in debt, mortgaging every assett (his last loan secured was at 12% such was the risk) was ok because he was a fan?

    I don’ really agree with Ashley at times, but get real man. Some of our ‘own’ have been the worst shysters over the years.

  45. Toonsy..quick question,why is Mick loaning us money?
    I don’t understand it/how does it work?
    Is that what all owners do?

    Educate me ;)

  46. If:Rudyard Kipling
    Big word for a little word.

    Anyone caught cheering the team will be carted off to s*land.
    Clause 6.66

  47. Stu – I know what your saying. But those fans who don’t bother going when they know full well that they can have lost the meaning of football in my opinion.

    Is it not as simple as following a team regardless? Or do we have to be in the top 6 to considered worthy of their support?

    It’s delusional man. We have only been top 6 for about 7 seasons out of the last 40 years man.

  48. sjt – aye, I hear ya on that one. I’d prefer no loans this season to be honest if we can manage it, unless in an emergency.

    cc – no mate, after my long awaited retirement from playing, last season was my first season ticket for 14 years (although I kept going when I could). With it being in Level 7, I stand next to lads I used to stand with in the old Corner back in the day. So it doesn’t matter where my seat is, I just pile in next to them. Which is fortunate because my old seat was one row from the back and those last thirty steps were a killer and they’re right on the balcony with a much better view but the same craic.

    I also started having a few pre-match beers with lads I’d met through forums, so they’ve decided to try and get tickets together (including me), so I’ll hopefully have a choice next season. The idea of mixing it up every season is appealing but I think I’d hate to be anywhere but Level 7 now as the atmosphere elsewhere is poor. My old seat (barely 30ft below used to be jumping but since they but the top part on the Leazes it’s dead.

  49. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the new kits? :/ Classical black and white is OK, but the blue one and white one, dunno, looks kinda cheap.

  50. SJT – Think of Ashley as a bank, only when you owe money to a bank you pay interest. We don’t, it’s just a static debt that could technically pay itself over the medium term.

    Other owners have done and continue to do it.

    Abramovich – 700+ million, which has NOT been turned into equity.

    Mansour – 300+ million, which HAS been turned into equity, but we know money is no problem at Man City.

    Lerner – Is owed money by Villa, and charges interest on it.

    Al Fayed – Same as above with Fulham.

    Just a few examples.

    As for our own situation, have a look at this

  51. Sorry, old ‘old’ seat before my playing break was Level 4. Most recent seat was top of Level 7, so this season I’ve asked to be put somewhere near the balcony and fairly near to the away fans.

  52. Cheers Toonsy will have a look at the link later.
    Why doesn’t he just give us money it’s his club after all?

  53. toonsy says:
    May 24, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    I think it’s outlandishly unfair to ask supporters to support the club and buy tickets regardless of how the club is being run and regardless of the ambitions of the club.

    Some will have better things to spend their money on.

    If supporters don’t see any hope or don’t have any hope why keep spending money?

    The club have more or less said it will take us 5 years to break even – If that’s the case, that means we won’t be spending any money for five years? It must do – We have no money.

    The club should be coming out and explaining why it’s going to take five years to break even. A quick look at the accounts shows we should be breaking even next year – What are we missing?

    The club need to offer supporters hope – We have just been kicked in the balls again!

  54. Craig – I dont see Ashley kicking up a stink about anything. Why haven’t we had stability for years now?

    Why did Dalglish go?
    Why did Gullit go?
    Why did Robson go?
    Why did Souness go?
    Why did Roeder go?
    Why did Allardyce go?

    We know why Keegan went in the end, but it was a mistake to get him back a second time in my opinion. The rest of last season, Joe Kinnear fell ill, and Sherer didn’t really have any time. The whole of our last prem season was a shambles aye, but it was hardly running like clockwork before Ashley was it?

    Years and years of mismanagement have caught up with us.

  55. Stuart79 says:
    May 24, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    “A quick look at the accounts shows we should be breaking even next year – What are we missing?”

    Maybe a transfer budget? Already planned out, hence the no new outlay business as it is already generated by the club?

    Who knows, but it goes to show the optimistic side in me I guess that i think there will be money to spend.

  56. BBM
    Or Hughton is trying his ‘Best’ to justify that particular signing. Trying and failing I fear.

    Best aint going to do Jack in the Prem.

  57. See there is a Nigerian interested in buying a large stake in Arsenal.

    Wonder if he is sending his offer by e-mail ;)

  58. “And the Newcastle defender’s ankle injury has pushed Manchester City ace Nedum Onuoha further up Chris Hughton’s shopping list”

    Think you’ll find I broke that first, before any of the Ronnie Gill rabble reporters, thank you very much. Comission please ;)

  59. Taylor will be sold….1 year left,can’t afford to offer him a pay rise etc etc

  60. Arsenal fans know the deal when it comes to transfer deals: it’s only official when it’s announced on

    Hey, snap!

  61. “Arsenal fans know the deal when it comes to transfer deals: it’s only official when it’s announced on”

    “That won’t change this summer. But we know that transfer speculation will be rife in the build-up to the 2010/11 campaign”

    Tells the story more vividly than the link ;)

    Source: Daily Mail

  62. I don’t think there’s anything surer that Taylor will be gone.

    Stay at NUFC were no money will be spent to improve the club and face another relegation scrap or move to Arsenal?

    Er let me think…..

    “Taxi for Taylor!”

  63. I’d swap Steven Taylor for Fabregas – but only if they throw in the Nigerian Steak – with thick chips.

  64. Bowburn-The latter for me mate. We needed a striker and Best was the man brought in. He has sadly looked nonsense since arriving. Hughton however, has been bigging him up the past couple of weeks and I think is trying to justify spending the cash on him. He only scored what, 9 goals last season? All for cov. I seriously doubt he’ll cut it in the prem. I’d have liked to see Ranger given the chance but it looks like he won’t be playing any prem football next season.

  65. Best needs to Get his Zorro mask out the cupboard…he played like a young Pele in that thing.

    Average fizzy player never premiership quality not in a million years…Would have sooner had Beckford any day of the week.

  66. taylor is as good as gone lads. also simpson not going to be fit for new season. so we are two down straight away… and not just crap players either. anyone who thinks this is no big deal is nuts.

  67. Taylor leaving, when we could do with keeping him to bolster the squad is a shame, but it’s not like we disintegrated without him.
    Taylor is ok, but he get’s more leeway because he is a local lad.

    Sorry, I forgot – We’re dooooooomed. Ashley oooot, no money, etc.. etc..

    How about waiting until the start of the new season before deciding on how strong the team is and seeing how well we fair?
    Anyway, there is only really one relegation spot up for grabs. Blackpool will not invest and go down. WBA are always relegated, so that leaves one spot to fight against. West Ham, Bolton, Wolves, Blackburn, NUFC, Stoke, in fact anyone except this years top 7 could go down.

  68. Good news though Craig with Taylor being sold we will break even in 4 years and 50 weeks :)

  69. Micky – But thats not good enough. People want to piss and moan NOW without having anything to back it up, rather than waiting to see if there actually is something to moan about come the new season.

  70. I would love to be excited Toonsy…but we all know deep down that Big Mick is not going build a successful football club no matter how many years he is in charge.

    If he invests hard cash in the 1st team then I will be the first to give him his dues but I can’t see us really breaking into a a sweat and will be made to feel like we are lucky getting in a few loans and kids.

  71. SJT – I take comfort as I remember you saying exactly the same thing before January ;)

  72. Oh!
    there is a one place………………

    …………”Pure speculation”.

  73. toonsy says:
    May 24, 2010 at 1:32 pm
    Micky – But thats not good enough. People want to piss and moan NOW without having anything to back it up, rather than waiting to see if there actually is something to moan about come the new season.

    Sorry are you trying to tell me that someone hacked into the NUFC website and released that statement?

    That must be the reason we have nothing to back any of these theories up…

  74. If he invests decent cash Toonsy that is all we want-A decent team full of spirt and a bit of skill and talent.

    Not asking for Massive signings just Talented footballers to wear the shirt with pride.

  75. wouldnt the selling of taylor fly in the face of what ashley has been saying about wanting to keep local lads at the club,or does his mind change when he sees ££££££ signs..

  76. He will sell Taylor and replace him with a cheaper inferior player or a loan deal for some fizzy pop defender.

  77. hitman says:
    May 24, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    It’s all about sell on value, hitman. He has it so he will be sold.

  78. What is the end of the world, relatively speaking, is the news that Hughton sees Ryan Taylor as playing a bigger part next season. Holy sh8t man, I worry that Chrissy’s been out the sun a bit much.

  79. Don’t forget Shola, the man were relying on to do something he hasn’t done in his previous 10 seasons in the PL.

  80. Could we stick to moaning about events when, or if, they actually happen. I tend to lose my sense of reality otherwise.

  81. Stuart – I think your comment on Shola is the first thing I’ve agreed with you on in ages. He *is* a championship striker. Been saying it for years and it’s been proven, unfortunately while he was still with us. ;-)

  82. Macas and MT – old faces and old heads that are good to see and hear. Where have you been hiding? Although I haven’t been on much since packing in the writing, so who am to talk…

  83. Bowburn – Tend not to post as much as i used to, but still use this and Ed’s site to keep up with the news.

  84. BBM – Been stoved off with work recently, and when I’ve been looking at a laptop screen all day the last thing I want to do on an evening is fire up the computer at home.
    Handed in my notice, so I’ve now got plenty of time to spend on here as I’m handing over work to my teams to do until they replace me. Just wish I could go on gardening leave with the weather being so nice. :(

  85. Micky Toon says:
    May 24, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    “Just wish I could go on gardening leave with the weather being so nice.”

    It’s not literally gardening leave, Micky ;)

    I got put on it once as I was dealing with confidential issues at one of my old jobs. Rather than working notice they just put me on gardening leave so I couldn’t blab about things for 4 weeks whilst the information becamo obsolete. I would imagine a certain Japanese car-maker would do thesame kind of thing.

    Quality, especially if you can do some dodgy work in the mean time ;)

    Not that I did like. Perish the thought 8O

  86. Clint Flick – funny comments.

    If Taylor is a free agent next year, doesn’t it make sense to cash in now if he/or his dad wants him away as long as we invest in decent back up of course.

  87. MT – I assume that means you’re moving on to bigger and better things? Good stuff. I know what you mean. Much as I loved the writing and getting involved on here, I realised I was missing out on some pretty important parts of life, such is the nature of being a football addict. Became harder and harder to balance things and it was starting to show on and off the blog. Real life has won the latest battle. But good to see some old faces knocking around. Same goes for Macas.

  88. toonsy – I know, but it would be apt as I’ve actually got some work I need to be doing in the garden.

    Due to the nature of the clients I deal with daily it would have made sense to have me as far away as possible from them. :)
    I guess they trust me not to do anything evil. Although it’s probably all covered by the official secrets act. So if I did do anything naughty I’d end up in the tower of london or something. :)

  89. BBM – Yes. I went for an job interview and came away with an offer that was too good to refuse and it’s only five minutes further to travel than where I am now. Result all round. Roll on 2nd June!

  90. Cheers Deb,
    just thought seeing as everybody else was making daft comments………..Thought it was ‘order of the day’ like.

  91. Or the Tower Lounge in Blackpool…

    Not sure which is a more grizzly end?

  92. I thought this was a blog where people are allowed to express their opinions, concerning the (NUFC)club in general.
    Seems those who voice anything negative are being labeled as pissing and moaning, No!
    Perhaps they have every reason, as I dont see this side as it presently is, being very competitive and think there`s every reason to be pessimistic.
    Unfortunately some prefer to ignore reality and place too much emphasis on dressing room to-getherness and last seasons reputation in the second tier.

  93. CLiNT – I’m going to pass through Wild Imagination and might spend a few days there on my way to a week all-inclusive in Playa del Pure Speculation in July. I hope to bring back some souvenirs but I fear it’ll be some cheap fakes.

  94. First they try & defend themselves,
    then they make excuses.

    I think everyone knows the doomers views all too well after about…….FOREVER……………of hearing them.
    But hey, knock yourselves out, you will (do) anyway.
    Just shut the F*** up being annoyed that it annoys others.

    Rant only just begun.

  95. bbm – cheap fakes? You mean like bringing Lionel Messy, Cacka or Wayne Roomy to NUFC?

    I’ll get me coat.

  96. bowburn, bring us back a solid fake rolex mate.
    Or a messi facsimile please.

  97. Customs might be a bit grim if they check my bags and find Cacka in there…

  98. Micky – Aye, the official secrets act. What a wonderful document.

    Funny this is if let on the secrets I knew at the time about clients, I could honestly abosolutely no-one giving a shit about it :D

    Still, I suppose it had to be signed for a reason, although it isn’t really plainly obvious to me why. Even now :D

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