Hughton to bide his time in transfer market.

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Hughton: In no particular rush.
Hughton: In no particular rush.
Chris Hughton has today reiterated his intention to play the waiting game and not rush into the tranfer market.

Players have been linked with moves in and out of Newcastle for some time now, and the amount of links each day is increasing. Most of these will of course be pure rubbish, but we wont know that until the transfer window slams shut at the start of September.

Hughton has insisted all along that there will be signings this summer, although it looks like it will be a case of evolution rather than revolution for the team over the close season. That admission comes despite the appearance of a rather unclear statement from the board which ended up confusing things further rather than clarifying them, something that we have a new PR person to help sort out in the future, possibly, hopefully, maybe.

Anyway, I digress. Hughton has spoken today and insisted there is no reason to rush into the transfer market as he looks to play it cool and keep his cards close to his chest.

“I’m not under pressure to make any decisions now,” Hughton told the Chronicle. “This is the start of the summer period, and there’s a fair amount of time before we go into the pre-season period.”

“I have to make a lot of decisions around that, but the most important thing is not to make those decisions too quickly. I’ve got to make decisions, but every club wants to be able to be in that position.”

Hughton has also said previously that either himself or his scouts will be at the World Cup checking on pre-identified targets. Could this finally be some semblance of a plan? Surely that sounds to sensible for Newcastle United? Aye, probably.

It does at least show that targets are being eyed up, international targets no less. Many people have latched onto the negative side of it straight away, which is admittedly easy to do. Some of those have taken the dreaded words from the statement literally without looking at just how much cash is coming into the club over the summer. Hopefully the reason that it’s going to take five years to break even is because some of that income is already earmarked to be used as a transfer budget.

That is something that we can digest come September, as it’s only then we will know what we will be equipped with going forward and if we actually did have any money to spend all along. We should also bear in mind that there has only been around five (yes five) confirmed deals within the entire Premier League as things stand, and they involve three clubs, so we are still no further behind the other sixteen teams.

They also have players linked with moves to and from them, and that will continue to happen to them and us until the window shuts. Personally, I am glad Hughton is taking his time and evaluating his signings. Too many times in the past we have just dived straight in there and signed a player on reputation alone, which has worked on occasion, but more often than not we are left bemoaning another failure in the transfer market.

At least this new approach give the scouts and Hughton more time to evaluate a target, and that has to be a positive, especially as we need to get more bang for our buck at the minute.

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115 Responses

  1. Obviously still at the planning stage…plan,plan and more plans.
    I like the boards style,calm,relaxed…deep breaths ready to pounce at a moments notice !!
    If you are planning on training top premiership clubs teenagers you must have the nursery ready,new books,quilts and board games to make them feel at home.

    Maybe they have made some changes to the 5 year plan..maybe it’s a six year plan,maybe a barcelona model,keep planning guys.

  2. Apparently they want to see how many goals Jozy Altidore will score against England before making an offer.

  3. Well at least we’re getting what we asked for………
    & from the horses mouth.

  4. At least this new approach give the scouts and Hughton more time to evaluate a target, and that has to be a positive, especially as we need to get more bang for our buck at the minute.

    I hope they have got NUFC alarm clocks to wake them up once the window shuts must be riveting working in the scouting team.

    Targets should have been identified and evaluated and approached as soon as promotion was nailed on…that’s planning.

    Let’s be honest with ourselves MA is going to make a mockery of CH and won’t be backing him with any decent money for quality players.

  5. Ha…toonsy…good call. He’ll have better service at NUFC and Team USA then he did at Hull.

  6. Why does Capello persist with green in goal?
    With that apologetic look on his mush everytime the ball flies in the net.

  7. What can I say, Toonsy, it’s my dream to see an American (long-term) in the Toon kit. Right now, he seems the only option…given that Dempsey, Holden, Donovan and others are already signed elsewhere.

  8. It seems that by this stage, (excepting players who suddenly become available)the players wanted would have been identified and that would include an idea of their worth and availability.
    But it`s usually late in the window when most players are signed, guess it takes time to make the deal.

  9. Alright Norcal-went to watch NY RedBulls at Giants stadium over in New Jersey couple of years ago…good night out,cool retro stadium,tidy hot dogs too :lol:

  10. Chuck If a player is available and fits the bill a deal can be sewn up very quickly.

  11. I agree SJT, shoulda tried Harper out, he’s gotta be better than green ffs, most are.

  12. Yeah think Harper would have stepped upto the plate admirably-proper good pro as well.

  13. SJT – NY have their own purpose built stadium now, and I think it’s built by Red Bull.

    And whilst we are on about the U.S of A, see our former player Onyewu has forced Milan to not pay him for a year as he missed so much of last season through injury? Fantastic show of gratitude!

    Michael Owen take note you greedy little shit.

  14. SJT, only been to a couple of games over here…all in pointy-ball stadiums with temporary round-ball lines on the pitch. But, I still enjoy it. Exception was 3.5 years I spent in Dallas, TX where I had season tickets to FC Dallas. Proper stadium.

  15. CLiNT FLiCK:
    May 24th, 2010 at 7:05 pm
    Why does Capello persist with green in goal?
    With that apologetic look on his mush everytime the ball flies in the net.

    That’s not supportive clint, he should be encouraged to think about his strengths, give the man some help.

  16. I think that its between Joe Hart (Depending on how he can handle the pressure) and James who proved in the fa cup final how good he can be at the age of 68

  17. NorCal – Impression I get is that MLS is catching up a bit and building a lot of it’s own soccer specific stadiums.

    Of course that is only going by listening to football shows on the radio over here so I can’t be 100% sure.

  18. Yeah I wanted to see the Giants stadium more than the red bulls to be honest…legendary stadium…a few days before was a friendly with Barcelona full house gutted I missed that.

  19. Actualy, didn’t Juventus play in NY the other night? think they are on some sort of tour out there?

    Something Newcastle should consider to increase revenue, or Asia. Sign one or two of their players and BANG, big dollar!

    Works for Celtic and Man Utd ;)

  20. I think if they get the structure right and more players playing week in week out usa should develop a really decent international side-huge population to pick from which also helps.

  21. I think the unfortunate thing about biding your time in the tranfer market, its that it means no real planning was done in the off season…
    And most of the time, biding our time means waiting till other clubs snap up the bargain buys and then making a a couple panic buys or failed bids on the final day.

    But here hoping things change this time round…

  22. Hart all the way for me. Just got to trust his talent, and he is by far the most talented out of all the keepers.

  23. I think it would be a good idea…but these things take planning and more planning Toonsy…so much planning that by the time the plan is executed it is forgotten and another plan begins…. :lol:

  24. Morale O,
    if i sound ‘unsupportive’, it’s cos i don’t actually support england. But anyone can see Harper is a better bet than green.
    Soz like.

  25. That doesn’t sound very good. So we’ll sit around and wait for all the best players to go to the other clubs.

  26. Yes, NY Pink Cows beat the Old Lady 3-1 at their “Soccer” specific stadium.

    MLS was doing ok before the financial crash, but I think it’s still doing ok. Still expanding as well. Unfortunately, i stilllive 2 hours from the closest team, and am not that desparate to drive there every other weekend.

    Man, I’d be in heaven if NUFC did a summer tour. I awlays wonder why they don’t…people will come…they always do.

  27. Had a good season Hart…saying that James pulled off some decent saves in the FA cup looked half decent,still think Harper should have had a trial,even behind closed doors.

  28. NorCal Have you seen Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos?

    Great Doc :)

  29. Think it has to be Hart for me aswell. At the minute he looks like the future for England in goal, so get him in now.

  30. “I am glad Hughton is taking his time and evaluating his signings. Too many times in the past we have just dived straight in there and signed a player on reputation alone, which has worked on occasion, but more often than not we are left bemoaning another failure in the transfer market.”

    Fair point but I hope that the spadework for the incoming players has been almost done. I would like to see new signings in and settled a few weeks before the season starts instead of the usual transfer deadline day panic signings.

  31. hey toonsy, when sirjasontoon goes on about our regime the same way i do you never take a pop at him i notice mate!! i mention it and you jump on it straight away!! i think you should have a go at him too from now on….just to be fair like!!

  32. Craig – I get on at him quite often to be fair.

    SJT – Your a tit, and why dont you just wait nd see what happens before gobbing off. ;)

    Better now Craig? ;)

  33. SJT – Yes, in fact, my wife and I just watched it last month. It was very, very good indeed.

  34. we are sitting back doing bollox at all so far as planning is concerned. i put money on our first money transaction being an outbound player…. to off set the incoming.

  35. Norman Knobjockey says:
    May 24, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    I hope that the spadework for the incoming players has been almost done. I would like to see new signings in and settled a few weeks before the season starts instead of the usual transfer deadline day panic signings

    Don’t be so outrageous, ya knobjockey!

    Why would we do that?

  36. @33…. i would not worry about that mate… all the best players will cost more than we will ever pay anyway. the ones we will go for will always be available.

  37. Im impressed how everyone knows what is going on iside the club. It appears all the moaning about lack of communication was just that, moaning.

    Obviously there is no need for communication when the fans already know everything with 101 days of the transfer window remaining.

    Or shall we foam at the gash about something none of us have a clue about?

  38. Craig Me and Toonsy had a big argument on here a day or so ago :lol:

    Yeah good Doc NorCal really enjoyed it-not seen it for a while.

  39. Thank you SJT. I have already had the racist card pulled on me, I dont want the bullying card pulled on me aswell :lol:

  40. toonsy, before this (much better blog) was out, everyone was saying the same shit on ed’s blog when i said it would be a farce window. everyone told me to shut up blah blah as plenty of time left. and we all know what happened in KK’s only ever summer window – nothing. i will remind you of this on the first minute after the window has closed. its going the same way….. we all know it, are your memories so short??? we could have had our players deals done for a month now as that is how long we have been promoted… we could have wrapped up everyting, even if it were just cheapo and loan jobs for wiltshires etc. fcuking joke. WHy wait, you know where you need to strengthen, CH has already said he has his targets identified, why the wait??? what is the point? get it done and move on with pre season planning.

  41. Craig they’re waiting cos they (esp. MA) know it pisses some of our fans off.
    It’s a conspiracy man.

  42. Far too simple a Plan Craig…..this transfer window needs-Ultra Hi Tec planning to fit into the 5 year Arsenal Model,Meeting after Meeting,Graphs,Calculators,Flip Charts,Hours of YouTube,more Meetings.

  43. If I was CH as soon as promotion was sealed I would have got out my Plan A and chucked Plan B in the bin.

    Then went up to see Big Mick and Owl Heed and say right this is who I have identified to bolster the team to give us a fighting chance in the premiership.

    Ashley “Haha you are having a Laugh Chris you expect me to part with cash..don’t you read newsnow we are brassic mate.
    I make the decisions round here…shut the door on the way out and tell Leon he is my Number 9 next season”.

  44. SJT – You watched that Spurs video taking the piss out of us?

    It is quite funny

  45. of course he will bide his time because we’re waiting to see who wants who out of our players.
    Jack Wilshere = waste of time. He’s going to be an England international one day but YOU KNOW we’ll never get him on a permanent basis hence we need to give our own players a chance like Guthrie who deserves a chance in the middle of the park more than Barton, Vuckic and especially players such as Wilshere and Cleverly etc.

  46. Not watched it Toonsy-seen it online couldn’t bring meself to watch it.
    Have you seen the Stoke one with Beaty?

  47. Have to feel a bit sorry for Mexico regardless of whether its a friendly or not like, lol. They’ve played some great stuff, we’ve scored twice against the run of play.

  48. Watching the South Africa vs Bulgaria game.

    Again our left back Tsepo Masilela is looking so damn impressive, as he did against Spain and in the Conderations Cup.

    For me he is even just world class, and would be available for a reasonable price coming from the Israeli leagues. I really hope the Newcastle scouts see what I do during the World Cup.

    I have never seen a left back with such an engine to get up and down. And especially good on the attack and at overlapping.

    He and Steven Pienaar really stand head and shoulders above the rest of the team.

  49. @56…..thats one window in 3 years where we have done some business that was ok. oh and we did get shot of geremi in jan to offset the wages…. which was a good thing too for once. but it just shows again, everything is always offset. Lets not forget, in jan we were a ccc team with a decent lead slipping away… all of a sudden we get a couple of bargin basement deals done. it happened last year with shearer coming in in a last minute panic, last years attempt back fired tho in spectacular fashion. this years worked out. It is still NOT the way to do business tho is it?? everything seems a knee-jerk reaction with little or no planning. Routledge himself said it came out of the blue. lets not kid on that it was a well planned out stealth window last jan. 6 wank windows, the odds are you are going to fluke a good one sooner or later.

  50. CLiNT-I think we do mate, Mexico are just passing the ball around them no bother! lol. Theo has looked lively but he just makes the wrong decision at that vital moment. I still think he’ll turn out to be brilliant though, once he starts to learn with his decision making he’ll be a handful for anyone. Lightening pace like. I’ve liked the look of Mexico, a neat and tidy team.

  51. Can anyone confirm if Carrick is playing?

    Cannot take any notice of the performance in a friendly. We always go easy and some players look like they’d rather be at the WC now.

  52. SJT
    Aint seen the documentary but watched the Cosmos on many occasions, saw the finals where Beckenbaur ,Pele etc were plaing against Banks team (Ft,Lauderdale strikers was it) ? with his one eye, think it was 76 or 77.
    Just drove past the new Red Bull stadium in new Jersey.
    From all accounts a state of the aret building, holds around 20 or 30 thousand, very modern.
    Looks like most pro. league teams will eventuall own their own grounds here.

  53. That’s as good as it gets from any player, let alone a right back! Good grief!

  54. Should be able to get the doc free online Chuck..proper razmatazz before the arse end fell out of it.

    Loved the old classic kits…my old school mate’s uncle played for Vancouver Whitecaps back in the day.

  55. carrick, gerrard & milner have been non-existent.
    leadleg king has a lead leg, green is mr fumble.

  56. That Giovanni looks a decent player. Sure Spurs would let him go, he seems to have lost his way there.

  57. That weren’t a foul then CLiNT? Blatent foul IMO.

    Least England look half decent now.

    I hope they give Johnson a run out, looks like a top player.

  58. He kicked the ball away, then went down in installments, like he always does, starting before the guy even touched him.

    But hey, Dos Santos was pretty good, like you said, nice passing.

  59. They won’t get an hour from better teams though, will they?
    Mexico coulda had this in the bag.

  60. stu answering your question off the last thread >… the lad whos singing is a freind of mine from stoke stu i paid for it mate so he could do it all proceeds goes too the donna louis childrens cancer tust and help the heros stu

  61. A strong Portugal side only managed a goalless draw against cape verde, bad for their morale :)

  62. Seen him doon byker with Stavers though doing some maintenance on Mick’s Big Red Bus…should be ready in 5 years…that’s the plan anyway’s.

  63. Ok thanks, batty. Still battling away on this blog against a backdrop of ridiculously positive quarter wits!

    sjt and hitman have been the only ones talking sense recently. Well, without the rose tinted specs anyhow.

  64. Aye sjt. Slowly but surely, with every passing day and more stupid statements people are coming round to our way of thinking.

  65. …And there are those on drugs who thinks that everythings great, we don’t need any experienced players and this latest plan is a blue print for success!


  66. the reason why hughton is waiting is coz he needs to see what other clubs bid for his players,then he will know his transfer budget..

  67. hitman says:
    May 25, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Good article.

    So how many other clubs let their most expensive player get within one year of their contract ending without offering him a new one?

    With this new wage cap we have, Taylor may be facing taking a pay cut!

    Although according to people like CLiNT he should be happy to do that, instead of going to a club with ambition and a club that pays players what their worth.

    It’s a circus!

  68. Wrong Stuart,
    i’ve never said anything of the sort, but feel free to take my comments out of context mate, especially if it serves your blandishments of doom.

    You win some, you lose some.
    It’s the way of football, capitalism whatever.

    I’m certainly not happy about our predicament, but me moaning about every little twist on here is not gonna change one iota of it.
    Carry on with your angle if you think it’ll make any difference, but i suggest that it just gets people’s back up.
    Most people spend their time on here trying to counter the doom, is all, & end up being sucked into an argument rather than getting a point across.
    But hey, it’s a free country, still, last time i looked, so, each to their own.