Onouha tipped for Toon transfer deal?

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Available at a knock down price?
Available at a knock down price?
I have spoke before about the possibilities of Newcastle signing Manchester City defender, Nedum Onouha, twice before in fact, and now it seems that the press are starting to run with the story.

I must stress it is being reported in The Sun, but apparently Hughton is lining up a £3.5 million deal to bring the former England Under-21 international to St James’ Park over the summer. It also claims that this ‘bid’ will use up nearly half of our summer transfer budget, which means we could be looking at a kitty of around £10 million to purchase players with. As much as I would love this to be true, I really can’t see it. Although it does seem to roughly tie in with my initial valuation of around £3 million. Unfortunately though, as will be the case a lot more often over the summer, I suspect this is just paper talk.

Now we have moved back into the Premier League we don’t have the luxury of getting on with things quietly. The interest in Premier League clubs is at such a level that the press just won’t allow us to get on with things like we were able to do in The Championship.

It’s par for the course though, and it would be naive to expect anything less as various news outlets try to push sales up. The now famous statement has warned us that we shouldn’t expect anything to be leaked to the press, and to pay no attention to what is written unless it comes directly from the club.

But speculating is fun at the end of the day, and it would be very boring if we didn’t discuss at least some of the transfer rumours we hear about, even if they end up not coming to fruition, which will more than likely be the case.

I have picked this rumour out as it is a move that I would like to see. At the quoted price of £3.5 miilion, I think it would be a great bit of business for a player who is arguably already better than what we have and still has the best years of his career in front of him.

Unfortunately, the signing of players isn’t my job. But if I was to put myself in a position of someone who likes making money, like perhaps our owner, then this deal is surely worth looking into? A player like Onouha, at the price quoted would be a bargain, and his price would only rise over time.

Citeh don’t need him, or the money, and it looks like his days at his boyhood club could be over after Onouha blasted Roberto Mancini on live TV the other week. Surely they could let poor Newcastle have one of their players at a reasonable price? Actually while we are at it can we have Steven Ireland aswell? I’ll even throw in some cheap trainers to sweeten the deal.

As I said earlier, it is all speculative, but my god it would be boring if we couldn’t gossip or speculate, especially now there appears to be no leaks from behind the iron curtain. That is good news for the club, really professional for once. The bad news is there is 97 days until the transfer window shuts, and that’s a lot of gossiping to be getting on with!

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77 Responses

  1. I’d like to see this fella come in and Smith go. I hope someone comes in with a bid for Smith as I do think Chris wouldn’t mind letting him go. he knows his opportunities are limited and will not be signed and is still maybe young enough to get one last decent paying contract.

  2. If Hughton was actually interested a loan to buy would suit all parties. City have loaned out several players like Valeri Bojnov, Jo, Benjani and Caicedo so they are willing to do loan deals. NUFC don’t commit to a big part of the transfer budget budget and Hughton gets to see if Onouha would be a good signing for us.

  3. I’ve think he would be a fantastic little signing! he had some right speed for a defender which is just what we need! reads the game very well too! Would love us to have a similar team to this next season:

    Left wing is still an iffy one for me, routledge is a true winger to me, Jonas isnt! He is a quality player but something about him doesn’t fit! Would like to see him in the middle for a change see how he does!
    Second striker is same, loverman does deserve his chance but seems quite prone to injuries! A fast bellendemy type player would be good! thrive off Carroll too!
    Krul needs to get his chance in my eyes too!!
    Good basis of a team there i think-if Onouha deal goes thru anyway! Big IF there cos I’m taking it with a pinch of salt! Think the kids need blooding in slowly but not just the last 3 minutes of a game like I can see Hughton doing!

  4. Looks like The Sun were on the NUFC blogs yesterday too.

    Would be good to see but I doubt it. Although I think it highly unlikely he’ll be at City next season. I imagine a few teams like Everton, Villa or Sunderland will be in for him.

  5. hitman says:
    May 27, 2010 at 9:08 am
    i think we will be at the back of the q on this one lads..

    That is totally and utterly negative, hitman! Why wouldn’t he want to come here instead of competing at the top end of the league with the likes of Everton or Villa?

  6. Mike26 you are retard! isnt Jonas a good winger? And why isnt Lovenkrands in your lineup? you are realy retard!

  7. Well we did manage to sign 2 fully blown Argentinian internationals – both bigger names and better players than Ony-whatshisface.

  8. Sorry – ignore that last comment – don’t know what I was thinking.

    Relegation – doom – gloom – bedsheets – moan – whinge – fat cockneys – raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!

    That’s better! :)

  9. TC,the lad has bigger teams chasing him,no moaning or bedsheets just common sense..

  10. hitman – has it actually been confirmed that we’re chasing him, let alone any other “bigger” clubs?

    Que Sera Sera – n’all that innit! ;)

  11. nar just spec at the minute TC,the papers(cough) are saying us,the scum,everton and villa are after him

  12. @12 Kristoffer says:
    May 27, 2010 at 9:49 am
    Mike26 you are retard! isnt Jonas a good winger? And why isnt Lovenkrands in your lineup? you are realy retard!

    Firstly thank you for asking but no I am not a retard. Nice when bloggers try and get to know fellow bloggers. Makes the place more homely.

    Secondly I dont think Jonas is a good WINGER! Good PLAYER but in my eyes (Note at this point its my eyes not saying “you should think the same too”) he is not an out and out winger. Routledge is but Jonas isnt. Somebody who dives down the wings at pace and fires crosses in left right and centre accurately is a winger to me. Jonas runs, scares defenders then does not know what to do. Hence many many dodgy crosses and shots this season-against worst defenders than what were coming up against this season may I add. We need a better left winger.

    As for Lovenkrands its my personal view again (notice the word MY, again showing that I’m not forcing my views onto you) that he is not good enough. Yes, coming on as a sub to make an impact he would be great. But whole games he flags a bit and I think we could get better. Somebody that can sprint like and idiot the whole game (bellend style)

    Lastly next time you have a view on somebody’s post try using big boy words. NUURGGGHHH RETARD isn’t really a valid argument. Effective, yes, valid, no!

  13. MIKEY 26,i am with you on your post,there is no need for insults there seems to be a lot of it on hear lately from certain ones,you have your own views which is good to debate,and others have there views thats the idea of the blog,do as i do mate just ignore those that turn to insults and debate with others cheers,and keep your views comeing :)

  14. I hear what you’re saying, icedog – good call.

    From a personal standpoint i’ve made more of an effort to be civil these last few days.

    That said – I still think I’d rather be called a cnut once than read the same old negative bollox every day, ten times a day, about how we’re already as good as relegated. From our own fans might I add.

    If I wanted to read that I’d just go to SAFCblog.com

  15. Toon Chicken says:
    May 27, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Has anyone actually said were as good as relegated already?

    Do you think it’s reasonable to speculate that if the likes of Villa and Everton are in for him he will go there instead of coming to us? I think that would be a perfectly reasonable.

    It’s all speculation at the minute, but what else is there to talk about? Nothing is happening apart from the normal summer speculation – So this being a blog where people comment on all things will comment on speculation.

    I don’t see a problem. If you do, go away and come back at the beginning of August so you can comment on facts only.

  16. TOON CHICKEN,your point well taken,fed up myself with all this doom and gloom,we havent kicked a ball yet,lets just debate or have a laugh admire your self-control lol

  17. ROY CROPPER,long time no hear,hows you m8 well i hope,whats your views on buys/loans carry-on

  18. loan or buy, this guy would slot straight in for simpson. his bonus of being an equally able centre back would hopefully mean that if we were to pick up a couple of injuries, we wouldn’t see simpson at centre back.

    i disagree with mikey26 on the jonas front, but agree that loven is better utilised as an impact player, and he does disappear over 90 mins. for the speedy striker to compliment the big men; how about jay simpson or nicky maynard?

    also agree about loosing smith and bringing in a keita type, though i don’t know how good this mulumbu is

  19. another defender wouldn’t go a miss… I’d try Jonas more centrally too, but i’d also try Colo at DM. I prefered Guthrie in the middle, Lovenkrands was never a winger & even milner wasn’t a winger either, interesting that people now think he’s worth 20 odd mil now he’s played in the right position, but there ya’ go…

  20. “As reported by the Daily Huelva Information, a landmark as the Newcastle United has joined the bidding for teams interested in Adrián Colunga. The ‘magpies’ have become the Premier League, after a decline last season and want to build a team with no trouble passing, so have set their sights on the ram Recreative.

    It so favorable for the presence of Pablo Longoria. Recreative The current technical secretary and worked for the English team a few years ago as chief of scouts from European market, so that relations are good to hold talks for the striker”

  21. Stuart79 says:
    May 27, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    That means nothing to me.


    I didn’t post it solely for your benefit tbh although I am enjoying watching your personality swings on here being played out in rather camp, floucing fashion.

  22. I cannot beleive fans or idiots (you choose) say that our only player who is going to the world cup. Is playing for a side rated fifth to win it is not good enough for a side that is going to be in the bottom half of the premier league. What about the rest of our squad how do they match up.
    Only jose is on the same wavelength as Jonas because he is as good. the rest of our squad is vastly inferior

  23. fair point budalovesa. i agree. his first season here he struggled, improved since, hope we see that mask in the prem!!

    aye, bring on the world cup..i fancy argentina mesel….or germany…or brazil…

  24. Toon Chicken says:
    May 27, 2010 at 1:28 pm
    The World Cup really can’t start soon enough, can it!

    World Cup?

  25. Nee masks allowed in the Prem, mal.

    He’ll get booked if he whips it out!

    Same goes for the mask I think ;)

  26. aye good point TC, forgot about that. could be worth a booking though. especially against them lot down the road.

  27. Morale officer says:
    May 27, 2010 at 1:53 pm
    Am I needed toonsy

    No, so fck off!

  28. Hehe – i’m not a fan of lol’s and rofl’s, but I think this moment deserves one, so…

    LOL :)

  29. see on ssn the special one says he likes 2 or 3 players 30yrs of age or over in his teams,they have no sell on value,but what they give you for 2-3 yrs is worth more,do we think he knows what hes talking about ?

  30. No doubt, icedog.

    We do have Harps tho, and I think Lovenkrands turns 30 a few weeks into the new season.

  31. What would Mourinho know?

    I’d rather listen to our brilliant owner and our great fans.

    Youth, youth and more youth!!!!!

  32. Fair do’s.

    I guess you could say Nolan and Smudge are as good as – they both have bags of experience.

    They both run like they’re 30+ anyway! ;)

  33. ashley knows better like, must be 25 or under,wonder who we should trust mmmmmmmmm

  34. You’re right Stu.

    I’ll have to check my history books but I’m pretty sure you never win owt with kids!!!

  35. he has told “real/m if he takes the job he will sign players in there 30s,wonder what ashley would say to that like

  36. Once in the history of English football!

    Must be a great way of running a club!

    Although correct me if I’m wrong but the last time I checked our kids we didn’t have a Scholes, Beckham, G.Neville, Butt or P. Neville.

    But we have Vuckic so he should carry us over the line on his own.

  37. aye stu you’re right. we don’t have any nevilles, giggs or beckhams. maybe we need to start developing them.

  38. We haven’t got a team of kids full stop tho, Stu…

    Carroll, Lovenkrands
    Jonas, Nolan, Guthrie, Routledge
    Enrique, Collocini, Taylor, Simpson

    Nee point getting your knickers in a twist yet man.

  39. MALCHICK,thats part of the five yr plan m8,or was that the last 5yr plan,get lost off sometimes

  40. Toon Chicken says:
    May 27, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    That’s the plan though, TC.

    Whether they turn out to be rotters, it doesn’t matter. The hierachy want all kids because their cheap.

  41. I don’t remember reading that, Stu.

    I’ve gotta do some work tho.

    Catch ya’s after!

  42. Anyway I’m bored shitless arguing.

    I think you’re all in cloud cuckoo land.

  43. Wasn’t going to bother today, but I have to ask the qeustion. How many footballers, good or bad, didn’t start as kids. Too much emphasis on whether they are old enough rather than are they good enough. We won’t know unless they actually get games in the deep-end. I believe there others beside Haris who will swim given a chance. It’s down to CH as far as I’m concerned to give them a chance but obviously not all at the same time. The ManU happening was a unique one off but who’s to say it can’t be repeated.

  44. BIG WILLY hows you fellow well i hope, long time no hear whats your take on what the special one had too say m8

  45. with the new rules regarding home-grown players it’s vital we now start developing young talent. not since ardiles have we had a manager interesting in promoting the younguns. nearly cost us our place in the 2nd division like but we’ll not go there, eh!

    needs to be balanced. hughton’s a good coach, give him a chance.

  46. Icedog, he talks a lot of sense. Reminds me of Cloughie as a manager. I would have no problems with us having oldies in the team. I’ve suggested quite a few myself in the past.

    I’ve been around but a lot of the time but I can’t be bothered about jumping on the roundabout unless it really grabs me, if you ken what I mean. ;)

  47. BIG WILLY aye m8 it does reminds me too,ime the gaffer we do it this way,would the muti- mil players hack that today,J.M. seems to have nee bother like

  48. Icedog, pure charisma and personality, couldn’t see him chinning anyone to make a point. :)