Newcastle after Zambian striker?

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Are Newcastle interested in Young Boys striker?
Are Newcastle interested in Young Boys striker?
Talksport seem to be reporting that Newcastle are winning the race to sign Emmanuel Mayuka from Young Boys Bern.

Quite how they know that is beyond me, but that is what they are saying anyway.

Now most of you know by now that I like to cover speculation when a new name crops up, regardless of whether or not I have any faith in the report or not.

It’s all part of my plans to put together a database of different players we get linked with over time, and my primary plan of all round world domination! That was sarcasm of course, maybe, but we do get linked with an awful lot of players.

This latest one has me a little bit interested though, mainly because I’ve never really heard of him. Talksport claims that Newcastle have sent scouts to several of his games and that Newcastle are at the front of a queue to tie up a £2.5 million deal for the 20-year-old.

So he appears to be the right price and the right age, but what about his ability? Well he is a full international already and has 19 caps to his name along with three goals to go along with them. He is currently impressing in the Europa League for his Swiss side having progressed through the ranks at Maccabi Tel Aviv. I’ve found this video for you all to have a look at.

He looks alright for a 20-year-old, but the Premier League is a different kettle of fish to what he has been playing against.

The truth is that with the January transfer window just a few short weeks away there is bound to be speculation, no matter how many times the club say they are not spending or not buying or whatever.

Any truth in it? Who knows? Probably not, but at least this is another name I can add to the archives.

What d’ya reckon?

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51 Responses

  1. Angel

    Agreed. We need to spend on a quality winger. Routledge an Jonas will be back up for Ben Arfa and …

  2. Micky Toon, please say yopu’re a a sensationalist rumour monger @3 – we don’t need this mid season!

  3. would compliment Carroll i suspect well

    and anyone who gets the number 24 shirt is class


  4. Well guys if it does turn out to be correct, I can only assume it’s because Hughton’s dug in about wanting to recruit his own number two.

    If so, then it’s both a disgrace and an indictaion that we’ve got at least one man of principle in the SJP hierearchy.

  5. i kinda feel shock and makes newcastle a laughing stock once more.

    cause simply.

    WE ARE THE ONLY TEAM IN PL without any assitant manager.

    and having i guess the smallest staff department than any other teams.

  6. Whats happened they had a fall out or something? Hughton and Barron out. Has he got someone lined up like or what? This is a joke.

  7. Barron’s gone too. I am gutted. I just dont know what the hell he is playing at. They mustve fallen out as this is a joke

  8. Well it seems like some of the pricks on here that were calling for his head yesterday have got their wish.

    I hope you’re happy now. W@nkers!!!!

  9. Sickened by MA. I am genuinely sickened by this. They use the excuse that they will handle the situation in the New Year when results are going well. However, when we go through a bad patch they get rid. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer lad. I hope he walks into another job.

  10. Paul Barron has gone as well , The guy brings us back up and this is the thanks he gets . We are not even in a relegation place ffs . The media are going to make us a laughing stock again and they are right . Right back to where we were 2 seasons ago IN THE SHIT. wonder how many goals liverpool are going to hammer in saturday , with no coach of any discription who is going to take training and pick the team .

  11. Players have to train by themself until we have new manager. what the shame ! Hope MA have plan to appoint someone before decide to sacked CH.

    But I don’t think so.

  12. Frank Rijkaard would be good the meanwHile i start cursing ASHLEY again

    I hate Mr mIke cause why can’t he leave THIS to end of season,and always sack manager in mid-way

    ARGHHHH…Bloody hell.


  14. GUTTED. I’m gutted. To be honest, for me, out-of-the-blue.

    I feel like turning my back on this club while under MA…. I really do. AND I HAVE NVER EVER FELT LIKE DOING THAT !!

  15. Really gutted for Chris.

    He was the lowest paid PREM manager and won’t even get a payoff because of his contract running out in Summer.

    Search begins now????? You better have someone lined up you fat flicking pr1ck

  16. What a joke that fat pie eating T**T is, and to all those fan’s saying he was getting better and is not that bad you can eat your words.

    im so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I told u all this morning martin oneil as said he been interviewed n had job lined up was on radio over weekend

  18. I’m in shock. Quite possibly the worst decision by Ashley from what is already an impressive list of foul ups. Micky Quinn was on TalkShite saying Ashley’s heart is just not in the club. Who’s gonna take the job? The betting is apparently on O’Neil, but could anyone see him wanting to be hampered by the fat git??? Who’s next out of the door?? Carrol to the highest bidder?

  19. Said CH would be gone by xmas almost 12 months ago – I think we would have struggled 2nd half of the season with CH at the Helm once injuries start happening and fatigue sets in ,our form has been hit and miss some great games but some real shockers recently.

    I think CH is a nice guy…maybe too nice for premiership football and management deserves a pat on the back getting us promoted.

    Hope we don’t get O’Neil in and hope Shearer is not lined up.

  20. Heard a rumor a couple of weeks ago here in Holland that Newcastle United were intrested in Ronald Koeman and he wanted to manage a premiership team . The guy has no club at the minute so no compensation would need to be paid . Its on a football program that usually get things right . Thought it a load of bullshit at the time so never mentioned it on here . After todays happenings i am starting to think their could be something in it . Hope not .

  21. Disgusting decision by FMA. Houghton is what this club has been crying for for ages! Good manager not big on being in the media and only interested in managing. Back to square one now and on route to be relagated. Must be a bug blow for the squad aswell and it might well start to fall apart now. Could we also be standing here on saturday ready to host Liverpool without a manager or an assistant manager? Shambles this club is.

  22. You did indeeed Davy…

    If O’Neill comes in then in fairness we may get funds.

    I’m not saying i’m being optimistic – because I’m downright ANGRY.

    Hughton was a great guy – and as fan of NUFC not a fat owner – I WISH YOU THE BEST MATE

  23. If he backs whoever comes in then why the hell did he not back Chrissy!!!

    Chrissy did wonders considering our net spend was nothing!