Newcastle need defensive reinforcements.

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JLoyd Samuel in action for Bolton.
JLoyd Samuel in action for Bolton.
The treatment at St James’ Park is already beginning to fill up, even before a ball has been kicked in the Premier League.

It is worrying that we seem to be losing players left, right and centre due to injury, but an additional concern is the amount of time that players will be out because of these injuries.

Take Danny Simpson as an example, he will miss the first month of the season through injury, and it looks like Steven Taylor will be joining him although that is yet to be confirmed. Tamas Kadar is another player who is fighting to be fit for the start of the season. Add all that together and it is becoming apparent that we are desperately short of players in certain positions for the new season.

It’s sods law that we haven’t suffered any injuries in central midfield as we have between 300-400 players who can cover there. Ok, maybe an exaggeration, but you get my point. We need more players, especially in defence, especially now. Could that force us to reignite our interest for Bolton defender JLloyd Samuel?

Hughton said some time ago that he was interested in bringing the 28-year old defender to Newcastle, but then it all kind of died down and wasn’t mentioned again. Now the signing of Samuel is rearing it’s head again although whether or not this is new interest or regurgitated bollocks is unknown.

For the record, I actually think that Samuel would be a decent bet for cover. He has played all of his career in the Premier League and would be happy to play second fiddle to Jose Enrique at left-back. He can also play at centre-back aswell, although I wouldn’t want to see him there.

As it stands we currently only have Fabricio Coloccini and Mike Williamson as fit, recognised senior centre-backs, which isn’t good. Our other two central defenders certainly look likely to miss the start of the season so something has to be done. Hughton does at least know that.

“If I look at what we’ve got at this moment, defence is probably the area where we’re a little bit light,” Hughton told the Northern Echo.

We have four spaces left in our squad of 25, unless there is a mojor shock and some of our current senior players miss out, in which case there will be more. That does at least give us some room for manouvre. Thing is, it’s fine having the space, but it will need filling, and I can’t see how we are going to fill it, or who we are going to fill it with.

Injury crisis? It wouldn’t be Newcastle without one!

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167 Responses

  1. I think Samuel would be good cover for left back. We couldn’t really get anyone to compete Jose anyway and J’Lloyd would be a bargain probably in the region of 500k.

    I know Van Aanholt’s name has come up a lot with fans but would Chelsea loan him knowing he will only be cover. Last season he came as a stop gap where his football was guarenteed. Bertrand is one who is further down the pecking order at Chelsea and might be available permanently.

    The other left back options off the top of my head would include Danny Fox, Bouma, Shorey, Garrido.

    With our budget Samuel is a decent signing in a position where cover only is required.

  2. The thing about Van Aanholt that is a positive is that he can play all down the left side, so there is more potential for him to get games.

    Wonder if Chelsea will fall for that? ;)

  3. Is there a limit on the teams in the fantasy league Toonsy?

    I plan on joining but I has no internets to do so! Until somepoint this week anyway!

  4. Icedog – Went fine mate. Have to wait until next Monday for next visit there.

    Daverism – No limit that I am aware of, just join in when you can.

  5. I have to say as much as I acknowledge we can’t disillusion Enrique with ‘too big’ a name for cover, in terms of expectation of starting etc… Which is why Samuel’s good for a benchwarmer second fiddler to wor Jose.

    But I can’t help want to see a smarter signing. Van Aanholt in particular. I’d love to see him as the first choice left back for any cup game (given his age but hunger to play) and could play a part last 20 minutes or so a game down the left wing – a position at our club crying out for a fast, naturally left footed talent!

  6. trouble is samuel wont see it that way,swap the bench at bolton for the bench at newcastle?can’t see him going for that.

  7. re Van Aanholt….would love to get him,as has been mentioned covers left back and left wing.

    Toonsy have ya had D-day ref job yet? if so what did ya go for?

  8. toonsy,has been to hospital to see if he has any lazy bones,he has just returned filleted lol.

  9. hughton to samuel,come to newcastle as are seats keep you warm as,as you warm them hehe.

  10. Harry Redknapp – “Nobody seems to be spending any money”

    Welcome to our world sackface :lol:

  11. Rich – Aye, not last week but the week before. Sticking with the Japs mate. I got a payrise and a new/extra job role. Better the devil you know eh?

    Right, back in a bit.

  12. Meanwhile, Newcastle today refused to comment on a report that Peter Beardsley is set to be offered a “senior” coaching role.

    From the chronic…………
    ………Let’s hope this pressmongering is true.

    Howay Pedro, get on board & show ’em how it’s done lad.

  13. CH really needs some more staff people in, our size of coaching staff is unacceptable for premier league side…

  14. As much as you can’t help but love Beardsley, i’m in 2 minds whether to have him on senior coaching?

    Sure, inspiration can come from the presence of a player that achieved heights and was reknowned for talent.

    But i’m not sure what’s more beneficial to a player, more specifically a younger player developing – inspiration from a solid, professional coach… or a really good player?

    I can’t comment on Beardsley abilities as a coach of course, he might be top notch, but I hope you get where i’m coming from.

  15. Having a ‘dyed in the wool’, ‘die hard’ Geordie on the coaching team, with years of coaching experience & probably newcastle’s greatest living player.
    The lad played every position, & for other top clubs too, he knows exactly what us lot expect.
    If he can’t teach some of his skill to our team, no one can.

  16. Samuel would b good signing good cover n compition for jose also sign him on a 3year deal give us time to develop one of r young lb to take over once his contract runs out

  17. Having heard that “having a die hard Geordie” almost made me cringe. I expected the words “Geordie Nation” to come rattling out after it.

    I couldn’t give a toss whether someone is from Newcastle, London, Mars, wherever, as long as they benefit the club. If Pedro does, then fine, if he doesn’t then should be shipped out like anyone else who is substandard at their job.

    That is what gets me about Steven Taylor, peoples blindness to his faults because he is a Geordie, well kinda Geordie. He is far from perfect, average at Premier League level at best yet he gets treat like the next Cannavaro. It’s frightening.

    And before you all have a pop at me, this is my first comment on here, and yes I do come form, and live in, Newcastle.

  18. Steven Taylor is still being judged on potential, not performance.

    He seems to have all the physical gifts (barring height), yet is constantly out of position and doesn’t appear to be good at communicating with the rest of the back 4. Maybe he’d communicate with them better should they start dating one of our forwards… ;)

  19. CLINT with you 100% on beardsley its a no brainer imo,would take carver as 2nd choice,cant see him takeing it for the “reported”£30000 like

  20. Taylor can be a good defender but as has been said he’s out of position a lot.I’ve said on here before that that isn’t totally his fault as he’s never really had a good experienced CB alongside him to bring on his game.I prefer him at RB anyway.I just want a great team and backroom staff,if any are Geordies then great that’s a bonus but I’d rather have the best we can get as opposed to getting people for geographical and for having a history with the club.

  21. Aye Icedog,nice touch.Is the club donating owt from Saturdays game to SBR’s charity?

  22. StavNUFC says:
    July 26, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    “Having heard that “having a die hard Geordie” almost made me cringe.”

    Makes Pedro sound like Bruce Willis.

  23. Taylor is still our best centre half by a mile though, and that’s what is worrying

  24. Speaking of which, I believe casting starts next week for the remake of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. ;)

  25. workyticket – lol

    I remember Taylor playing well alongside Abdoulaye Faye when KK was boss – now there was a proper CB. I always thought selling him was a major mistake, even if he wanted to leave for family reasons.

    Also agree about Taylor at RB, against some of the more physical teams (stoke) maybe a back line of Taylor-williamson-colo-enrique?

  26. I’m guessing that stav never saw Pedro play, ever?
    Er, how is having at least one top ex player, that just happens to be a Geordie legend as well, coaching at the Toon a bad thing?

    Just overlook what i went on to explain, deeper into the comment then- Oh! you did!!!

    I couldn’t care less where players etc come from either, but i do see the NEED for AT LEAST ONE GEORDIE on the staff.
    But you probably haven’t read this far, have you?

  27. I could be that Geordie ClintF…..I’d do it for £30k and I’m a looker like Pedro ;-)

  28. richie,
    i’ll send you a application form mate.
    Tell ’em you know me.

  29. will do….reverse xmas tree formation 5 up front one defender,thats the way forward like :lol:

  30. richie, it’s suicidal to only put out a 7 man tean dood.
    Even kk put out 11.

  31. ice,
    alreet bud,
    ta for the back mate.

    Pedro’s a long time coach now, how is it even a risk?
    He must knaa something aboot this game.

  32. Macas says:
    July 26, 2010 at 3:16 pm
    “Taylor is still our best centre half by a mile though, and that’s what is worrying”

    No mate, the fact there are NUFC fans out there that believe that, this is the worrying thing.

  33. I Love Mike –

    Not to say that Taylor is our best CB, but he did play well in the Championship. Not sure who our best CB is ATM. Maybe if we had kept Abdoulaye Faye?

  34. For me, Williamson is our best CB. He hasn’t made a mistake as far as I have seen him play for us.

  35. Does Williamson have the pace to step up against Arsenal or Chelsea?

  36. StavNUFC @ 23…. said “That is what gets me about Steven Taylor, peoples blindness to his faults because he is a Geordie, well kinda Geordie…..”

    Stav, you may have noticed that Shola’s crucified by some at any opportunity and he’s born and bred in Newcastle! Shola could score six blinders against Man U or some other big name and his goals’d labelled as flukes!

    Simply, some posters on here have their favorites who can do no wrong and by the same token, those poor sods like Shola who are pilloried at any opportunity.

    Fickle I’d say!

    Right, tin hat’s on and I’m in the bunker now!

  37. lesh says:
    July 26, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    “Stav, you may have noticed that Shola’s crucified by some at any opportunity and he’s born and bred in Newcastle! Shola could score six blinders against Man U or some other big name and his goals’d labelled as flukes!”

    Born in Nigeria and he’s black, Lesh. That’s the difference, sadly.

  38. BTW,
    welcome to the blog stav.

    Though it’s interesting that you choose to ‘have a pop’ for your 1st comment.

    Anyway, i won’t take it personally, let’s not get off on the wrong foot mate.
    Suffice to say: I reckon Pedro’s got something to offer on the training side of things.

  39. It’s all about opinions Lesh,I’m not Shola’s biggest fan but the lad will and has scored goals in the prem.He will get into double figures if he gets enough games in my opinion.Will he get the games tho with Caroll being given the Number 9 and the likelihood of often playing one up front.We’ll have to wait and see.Like I said ,not his greatest fan but I often have to shut up the tit who sits behind me and boos him at every opportunity.
    Season ticket thru the door today.bring it on HWTL.

  40. Aye,
    Shola’s got some v the scum, that’s legendary status right there.

  41. In all fairness as much of an enigma Ameobi is so to speak, I’ve rated him a lot higher recently than ever before. I think the game a couple of seasons back at stadium of manure where he showed some decent dribbling, took defenders on and scored a goal proved to me he at least has some ability. And the penalty at home against Sunderland? Smashing it top bin, great.

    I think his experience and power will do us well next season.

    To can Williamson step up against the big boys next season in line with his seeming lack of pace? I’d say so. He looks a very committed yet composed defender to me – and a defender with brains and bravery wins hands down over any athleticism for me.

  42. Aye,
    & Shola’s scored in europe, plenty ain’t got that on their cv like.

  43. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 26, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    surely, you can be black or white to play for the Toon?”

    Yes Clint, but how many times have the usual cliches such as “die hard Geordie”, “bleeds black and white”, “would die for the cause” etc etc been used in regard to Ameobi compared with the likes of Taylor (who was born in Greenwich, incidentally) or Carroll?

  44. Worky,
    I totally agree mate.

    I back all our players, as i’m sure you do yersel?

    Shola is a Geordie as far as i’m concerned.

  45. workyticket says:
    July 26, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    “Born in Nigeria and he’s black, Lesh. That’s the difference, sadly.”

    For some possibly, but not too many players commit errors as noticeable or awkward looking than Shola. There’s a hilarious youtube video of Shola’s greatest moments, can’t link to it from work but if you search “shola ameobi forgotten man” it’ll be the first one.

  46. Worky @53, I’d like to be able to disagree with you about Shola’s country of birth etc.

    However, given that we’re supposed to live in a more enlightented snd tolerant society and despite best efforts to erradicate racism from football, we may still have some who harbour such prejudices among the Newcastle United community.

    The irony and the sadness is that they wear black AND white colours!

  47. I Love Mike – So who would you say is our best centre half then? Because it certainly isn’t Colocinni, and Williamson looks to have a distinct lack of pace and is untested in the Premiership. Taylor has his faults, but I’d say he was better than the other options we have.

  48. Wasn’t it Pedro & others that set up the ‘Kick it out’ campaign? (at Newcastle?)

  49. Free Scoring Smudge says:
    July 26, 2010 at 3:45 pm
    “Does Williamson have the pace to step up against Arsenal or Chelsea?”

    Do many? Mate, there are only a hand full of teams with fantastic players which ANY defence in the Premiership would struggle to ‘step up’ against, but we only play these teams twice!

    There is a massive gulf in quality between these top few teams and the rest, so to answer your question, no, I doubt he has the quality to step up against those teams, against the other 12, aye, I think he will do fine, cause he is at the same level as the defenders in those teams!

    Unless you suggest we go out and sign Terry and Lucio, cause they are that level?

  50. Macas,
    tons of CB’s don’t have blinding pace, it’s more about positional sense than anything.
    That cuts down the need to be super quick.
    Williamson has done a great job so far.

  51. It was certainly about their time CLiNT (@65) and Beardsley et al would have taken prominent roles in publicising the campaign

  52. Free Scoring Smudge says:
    July 26, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    “For some possibly, but not too many players commit errors as noticeable or awkward looking than Shola.”

    FSS, Taylor’s positional errors in the Premiership because he thought that he was still a striker were defended to the hilt by many because he “bled black and white”, “would die for the cause” etc, and sometimes blamed by gingerists on the poor ginger fellow in front of him (Butt) because he would try to get back to cover for him, then be berated for being an old dinosaur who’s legs were knacked.

  53. & terry is sssssssslllllllooooooowwwww.

    & didn’t the ‘top’ 6 lose unprecedented amounts of games last term?

  54. Smudge,

    Good video that. It reminds me why I love Shola so much and want him to do well. He falls over in comic fashion, misses sitters and gets stick for it but when he scores, more than any other player, its just magic.

  55. Macas says:
    July 26, 2010 at 4:10 pm
    “I Love Mike – So who would you say is our best centre half then? Because it certainly isn’t Colocinni, and Williamson looks to have a distinct lack of pace and is untested in the Premiership. Taylor has his faults, but I’d say he was better than the other options we have.”

    Hard to say, which is better, running or riding, they all have positive aspects as well as their negative mate, but Taylor isn’t the best in my opinion, in fact I would say he is the biggest liability and put him behind both Williamson and Collocinni.

    Having said that, ive mentioned a few times on here, I think he has the making of a fantastic right back. So much so, if played there, I think he could even make the Euros squad, think about it, compare him to Glen Johnson in as many aspects of the game as possible, he comes out about the same or better in most categories. An interesting one.

  56. ILM,
    yea, ST is a good RB.
    & generally a better defender than GJ.
    Scores the odd goal too.

  57. Worky –

    I agree that Taylor makes mistakes, including WAY too many handballs even when they go unpunished. It’s just that Shola has his own special way of committing fouls and mishitting balls. I love the analogy of his playing style being like a deer falling down a flight of stairs.

    That being said the man scores goals when he’s on the pitch and has the ability to make some really skillful passes (I remember a fantastic backheel from last season in particular).

  58. I Love Mike – I think Taylor makes a better right back as well. He’s definitely our best right back and if he’s going to play there we really need at least one new centre back.

    At centre back, the problem with Taylor is that he only looks impressive when making last ditch tackles and blocks that only come about because of bad initial positioning. I think the best defenders should go by unnoticed.

  59. Aye,
    Shola has set up some absolute corkers too.
    Shearer’s mega goal v everton, & his landmark goal to name 2.

  60. I reckon we’re starting to have a back line that can play across the backline.
    Perch & Taylor can both play various roles.
    Versatility is good.

  61. Free Scoring Smudge says:
    July 26, 2010 at 4:24 pm (Edit)
    Worky –

    “I love the analogy of his playing style being like a deer falling down a flight of stairs.”

    FSS, Wasn’t it a horse falling down the stairs? and Sir Bobby once likening him to “Bambi on ice”?

  62. Clint-still my favourite goal of all time that shearer effort against everton. Never seen anything like it. To even have the brain to think “I can turn and hit this here” nevermind have the balls to try it AND pull it off perfectly..magic.

  63. And just to add a couple of ditties from the tripe-rumours site…..

    26 Jul 2010 14:10:02
    Bougherra and davis off to Newcastle before transfer window closes 100% fact, i have spoken to a certain MR SHEARER and he has said a deal in the region of 8mil for both is in the offing.

    And for good measure….

    26 Jul 2010 14:16:18
    Kenny Miller attracting attention from Newcastle, could possibly be linking up with bougy and davis in the north east.

    Ho hum and it’s also saying that L’pool have accepted £60m bid from Citeh for Torres.

  64. I think Shola annoys people because of his inconsistancy he can conjure up some ridiculous skill and then 5 minutes later stands on the ball and ends up on his arse.

    I always remember an away european game where he came on as a sub (Panionios??) and totally changed the game, A bit of tricky dribbling Won the pen which Al put away, Then fell over his own feet when he was on on one with the keeper a couple of minutes later.

    He is a regular goalscorer in top flight and in europe when he gets a run in the team which hasnt been enough due to injury.

  65. Worky-

    You’re right on about the analogies, and Sir Bobby sure knew his striker well!

    The vocal minority slag Shola and make it seem like he’s unloved by most supporters. However, look at most of the posts and you can see it’s hard not to love him – for both the spectacular and the spectacularly clumsy he provides.

  66. Ross,
    aye mate that goal blew the lid off SJP.
    Shola’s measured header back is often overlooked, as is his back heel into the path of Shearer for his record breaker.

  67. Edixon Perea available on a free, could be just what we need up front.

    Don’t know much about him but apparently he wants to come to England and I remember he used to be good on football manager.

  68. I think the problem most fans have with Shola is that he looks lazy and that he’s not trying. Alot of that is down to his gangly legs and the way he runs, he looks like he’s jogging and not sprinting, one poster on here said it was actually a medical problem with his legs, although they may have been lying :).

    I have been to numerous games though when Shola has just stopped running or hasn’t been paying attention and fans have had to shout at him to chase the ball or look up, that’s poor concentration and shouldn’t really happen, that’s what annoys people most IMO.

    I don’t really rate him, but he’ll pop up with a few goals, sounds funny in an interview and would score against us if we sold him so we may aswell hold on to him as a squad player :)

  69. Deer falling down the stairs, it is true :lol:

    But you see I think that is half the problem, the fact that he looks cunmbersome, well he is a bit, and doesn’t tear arse about chasin everything down.

    The fans want that from their players, they call it commitment, when really it’s not needed. Look at how they play on the continent for proof.

  70. Shola’s really bulked up in recent years – he must of done loads of weight training while he was injured – and is a different player now to be honest. I miss his really gangly style when he first got into the first team, but he is still a handful on his day.

  71. I’m in the fantasy league! Unfortunately only Colo made it from the mighty toon, with Harper benched

  72. Clint-the only goal that rivals the shearer effort that I remember seeing, was Thierry Henry vs manure. Henry being my second favourite striker to have ever watched in the pl after shearer. He made incredible bits of skill look effortless and scored some stunning goals, that manure effort just being one of them.

  73. To suggest that Shola gets stick because he’s born in Nigeria and is black is a little wide of the mark.

    He gets stick because he’s wank in the PL and always injured!

  74. Stuart79 says:
    July 26, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    “To suggest that Shola gets stick because he’s born in Nigeria and is black is a little wide of the mark.”

    I’m not saying that he gets “stick” because he was born in Nigeria, exactly, Stuart. I’m suggesting that, perhaps, his faults are picked over more in more forensic detail than those of other ‘Geordies’ such as Steven Taylor and Andy Carroll. Also, no-one has mentioned yet that he’s the second highest euro scorer in Newcastle United’s history.

  75. just done my team for the fantasy football!great idea toonsy! hart in goals terry vermalen skrtel and upson def arshavin bale modric and barton mf rooney c and tevez subs..Harper craddock routledge and keano whadye rekon lads

  76. I think some abuse hurled at Shola and any other black or asian player which is deemed as racist isn’t often meant to be by the peson shouting it. 1 of my mates once got in trouble at the match for shouting “you useless black tw@t”, now i’ve known this person along time, we have friends who are black etc so i know he’s not racist. He said he said the word ‘black’ as he was singling out Shola as the person who was useless, he also said if the player was ginger haired he would’ve said “you useless ginger tw@t”, so i think sometimes it’s too easy to get branded a racist these days.

    Many people say “i’m going for a chinky’s”, instead of “i’m going for a chinease” i honestly don’t think that’s meant in a racist way, it’s just a way of shortening or changing the word for local slang.

  77. Don’t shoot the messenger but text just now, and I quote.
    “If this comes off you should all be happy!”

    Mind you got 2 text yesterday one off a a different mate!
    “don’t expect any new signings except a couple of loans”

  78. Stu@ 91
    On the button.
    Hopeless and only keegan dared to get rid!
    Every other manager including sir bob seen something else?

  79. Latest player to be linked is Egidio Arevalo who played in midfield for Uruguay in the World cup.

  80. Damn right Ross.

    Worky, i did mention his euro goals, but, tbf, i didn’t say 2nd highest Toon euro scorer.

  81. Rangerman, I thought Arevalo had been signed by someone within a week of the world cup finishing, could be wrong.

    Waddles mullet – putting both together maybe we are getting two quality players on loan – Ben Arfa and Van Aanholt would be fine.

  82. Can’t for the life of me see Ben arfa coming here!
    Sorry just can’t see it.

  83. Neither can most. In fact I can’t see anyone else involving a fee higher than £1.5 million coming in.

  84. Rangerman,

    I didn’t think he was up to much to start with but he settled into the tournament and didn’t look out of place against some top players. We could probably pick him up cheap but it doesn’t strike me as Hughton’s type of signing, even though I think he would be quite well suited to the physical side of the league.

  85. The fantasy football idea was a good one. Had to get my two token Americans (Dempsey, Hahnaman) and toon players (Collo and Routledge), but somehow ended up with my team being from Arsenol, Fulham, and Man U

  86. MDS says:
    July 26, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    “Had to get my two token Americans (Dempsey, Hahnaman)”

    Despite some decent up and coming outfield players, Goalkeepers are usually the best bet from your side of the pond, MDS. Friedel has been one of the best goalkeepers in the Premiership for many years now, even if he is older than Methuselah. Of course, there are many other good ones.

  87. Hey hey lads. Everyone doin’ ok today?


    Better keep that secret safe! Uncle Ed would kill me :D


  88. Evening Lads Re Shola I am not a fan of his although I have to admit he has pulled us out of a hole a few times and has scored a fair few goals, but I think he has had a fair few chances and played plenty of games if he is not injured. I just dont like his lack of effort and his canny ability to get caught offside which for someone of his experience IMO shouldn’t be happening, the fact that he was born in Nigeria or that he is black has never entered my mind as I have allways looked on him as a Geordie. I cant understand the comparison of him to S Taylor and Carroll as for me them 2 allways look as if they give a sh1t and dont look as if they arn’t putting a full shift in.
    But saying all that I would still rather have Bambi over Best any day

  89. Worky- keep an eye on Guzan at Villa. He was massive in their cup run last year and will take over when/if Friedel ever retires.

  90. Here’s one off football rumours tht were gonna sign jllyod samuel n ouble swoop of andre bikey n chris eagles for 3mill from burnley

  91. Davy – Don’t depress me further :lol:

    Anymore bargain rummaging and the Ashley lay-off will come to an end from me :D

  92. Waddles mullet I have allways thought that Shola must be a cracker in training as every manager has give him a good go so there must be something he shows in training and maybe cant take it all in to a game.
    OHurley where have ye been mate thought ye fell out with us ;)

  93. Worky,

    Shola gets stick because unlike the Geordies Carroll and Taylor, he has had 10 years to prove himself and done now where near what he should have… He also hasn’t shown anywhere near the passion the other two have shown on the pitch…

  94. Dave – Don’t want to say too much about it really mate. Not until I know more bud. Hope you understand :)

  95. I think the need for defensive reinforcements is clear. Bikey is not the answer though Christ. It is a slight worry but we have to wait and see. I would much rather get s Campbell for free and I would go for shorey over samuel. Shoreys a full international Samuel struggles in boltons team.

  96. Reet off to work. Hope you are all planning some form of surprise party for my 300th (officially) ‘blog tomorrow ;)

  97. Dave-

    I’d nivvor give up on the Toon or you fellas :) Just been busy and rather bored with Transfer Season

  98. dont like some of the players talked aboot for toon,guess thats what we have ashleys ashes,am with stuart on shola not good enough,just one game at sjp i counted him off-side 9 times the play just breaks down with him

  99. OHurley I know how ye feel mate :(
    Ice thats 1 of the points I was trying to make with his experience he shouldn’t be getting caught offside that often ;)

  100. I would like to announce my team that is going to take this fantasy league by storm:



    J. Cole

    Rooney (c)
    Van Persie



    Think you’ll all agree that this will win the league.

    What’s my prize?

  101. Wouldn’t be so sure stu as I have a dew of those players but some better ones too, so the trophy is raffos baby!!

  102. Raffo – I’ve unearthed a few gems there. A few who are gonna have a top notch season.

    I see Van Persie and Rooney getting at least 20 each, Carroll will get at least 10, Rodwell will win young player of the year, Molouda will get double figures, Cole will be a revelation at Liverpool and Bale is always good for a fair few assists.

    Have I mentioned the defence….. Solid as the Tyne bridge!

  103. Why do we need more defenders, we have fit. (or fittish).




    I make that a decent starting 4, plus cover.

  104. Aye, what happened to Joe kinnear, Toonsy there’s the title of your next post. :)

  105. richietoon says:
    July 26, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    Well I would of done if I wasn’t so pissed. It was the first day so we started on the drink as soon as we got there at 12.

    I was a bit worse for wear by the time the match started.

    Weather was spot on though.

  106. we watched it on an outdoor bigscreen in Alicante,great atmosphere loads of beer and baking hot.happy days.wish I was back.

  107. no it’s on net. Seen that about toon official cancelled meeting with marseille as could not produce a document!

  108. he might be good enough for everyone elses team but he wouldn’t get in mine :lol:

  109. Produce a document? sounds a bit far fetched when all you have to do is go back to the 90’s and fax it!

  110. DJG – an injury or two as we saw at Norwich and we have a rb at cb and a lm at lb. Round holes
    square pegs etc. We don’t have a balanced 2 players per position squad yet, and we also need 2 wingers IMHO not another striker. We will need to get rid of one of them at least 6 is alot anyway.

  111. ahh well, you know any info is appreciated on here, keeps us going, I think we will get ample signings in though

  112. One of me mates reckon only loans now.
    Other says it no stop contacts all over?
    Personally I keep saying Ashley is a big gambler and it would be one big gamble not to spend.
    We have a sweep at work I took we will spend £16 million on transfers in!
    What a knob head!

  113. I Love Mike says > I think we will get ample signings in though.
    Cant see it happen, But then you love MA so I guess you must have faith in him

  114. 1st day at work 2mora,meetin in Durham then down to Leeds,really cant be arsed…..still it keeps the wolves from the door so has to be done.

  115. God I must vent my anger! I despise all of you cretons who genuinely believe we will survive the drop next season!
    We have the shittest squad north , west , east and south , outside of Blackpool and west bromwich.
    I hate you arses who have their heads in the clouds!

  116. Just copied and pasted that BS, BS!

    Will take great pleasure in ramming it doon your red and white throat come the end of May!!!


  117. bull sh*t number 9 – mid table obscurity is fine with me, nothing more nothing less. This judgement comes with experience and an understanding of the game, along with watching the team, which I presume is more than you do.

  118. Clearly Richiegoon you have been called a cretin on many occasions and it’s drummed into you. What planet are you fools on. ?
    You’ve really been sucked in by Ashley and this crap about having money. He’s a billionaire. !!
    One of the richest in this country!
    Please tell me who is gonna score for us?
    You seem to forget we were top of the league playing woeful football last season particularly the first half of the season. The horrific quality of strikers in the chpionship saved us from some drubbings!
    I’m actually questioning whether yous are ticket holders and didn’t witness the dross on display.
    God , you’s really are thick crettons! Yes RichieGoon, I’ve deliberately spelt it wrong you tti

  119. not really bobby I just see comments from them.You don’t need to worry about it as you’ll be watching safc anyway.smb.