More delusions of grandeur from Allardyce.

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Allardyce - Thinking above his station.
Allardyce - Thinking above his station.
How do you know when Sam Allardyce is talking garbage? Simple, his lips move. Following on from last weeks outburst, Big Sam has again seen fit to question something that has nothing to do with him.

Following on from last week where he very bitterly blasted Newcastle fans, Allardyce has now directed his venom at the current England boss Fabio Capello over his squad selection for the upcoming World Cup. He feels that Capello, who has overseen a remarkable transition in the England team since the departure of the wally with the brolly, has made a huge error in leaving Paul Robinson out of the squad, and blames it on some personal vendetta that Capello must have against Robinson. It isn’t the first time Allardyce has played the victim card either, more of which I will detail later, but in the meantime our former manager had this to say:

“Fabio has always said the people in form would get selected. There is nobody better than Paul Robinson at the moment, so there must be something before that has happened to put him off him, as a person and not as a goalkeeper.”

“He has made the biggest mistake of his selection process, has Fabio. As much as I respect him for what he has done that is one big, big mistake.”

Who the hell does he think he is? Not only is he bitter about losing what could been the job of a lifetime when he got the boot from us, for which he blames the fans, he is also bitter about the England boss. I understand that he is standing up for one of his players, but to blame it on a vendetta is seeking for a sensational reason when there really isn’t one to be had.

As I said earlier, this isn’t the first time Allardyce has played the victim card. Obviously his bitter tirade last week against us very fans was soon put to the sword. His claim was that players like Scott Parker wanted to leave because of the fan pressure, when in actual fact Parker said he was considering leaving because of our former manager. He believes it was the Newcastle fans that got him the sack, they didn’t, and whilst it was partly down to bad timing in the midst of a board-room takeover, his record of results still doesn’t stand up for scrutiny and can’t be ignored.

Then there is also the two occasions where Allardyce was overlooked for the England job. I say overlooked as according to himself it should be him taking the team to South Africa this summer, and we also would have made Euro 2008, and probably won it had he been in charge!

That last bit was sarcasm, just in case it was missed, but the rest isn’t. Here is what he had to say when Steve McClaren got the England job ahead of him after the departure of Sven Goran Eriksson:

“At the time I should have got it and I really don’t know why I didn’t. It had to be political for me, rather than my credentials.”

Fast forward again, and this is what he had to say when Fabio Capello got the nod, again at the expense of Allardyce:

“They just went straight for another foreigner … it must have been something political.”

Anyone else see a pattern emerging? Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, eh? Naturally, none of this is because he just isn’t good enough so it has to be someone else’s fault. Whilst Steve McClaren went away ashamed and rebuilt his career in Holland with dignity, the man who never got the chance still carries on with his ‘I am the victim’ mentality.

Allardyce should learn from the dignity displayed by Steve McClaren and Paul Robinson, who has just got on with it. And he should learn to keep his nose out of other peoples business. Some said I was off the mark last week when I called our former manager bitter, I hope this changes their opinion a bit.

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121 Responses

  1. Simon – Possibly, and I dont think he had enough time with us in fairness.

    On the other hand, he does act like a cock, and this ‘blog highlights it.

    The guy is so far up his own arse he can see what he had for breakfast!

  2. I hated the football he delivered and it would have always been very dull under Fat Sam.
    These days we couldn’t even afford his backroom staff :)

  3. Totally agree…the man is a tool! Worst football I’ve EVER seen at St James Park under Allardyce…

    Just cos the geek collects loads of stats on players he thinks he’s a genius. Tosser…

  4. Its funny how Allardyce is vilified so much in this article…the reasons for this I leave with the author. NUFC sacking him was an enormous mistake and its amusing how some ‘fans’ still try to support the error through insult. What he did ast Bolton and is currently doing at Blackburn should be making all ‘Mags’ as jealous as hell to be honest. Ask any NEUTRAL fan who they would want at the helm of their club…SA or CH and the answer would be as uniquivical as could be. BIG SAM all the way I am afraid. I wish you all the best for next season as I have, to be a honest, a strong affinity with you as a club. This article is just plain wrong and I would appreciate it if the true Mags (like the previous) poster stood up and admitted that if he had stayed you would NEVER have been relegated and Sam is, undoubtedly, a very good manager.

  5. How Capello can take green over robinson/Harper et al is rather hard to fathom like.
    He shoulda took a goalie from lower down the league, oh! he did (james).
    …..It doesn’t bode well, does it?

  6. BTW,
    i don’t remember what we played like under fat sam.
    I fell asleep & woke up ‘just’ after he left.

  7. The final mistake of Fat Fred. Would we have survived had he stayed, possibly. Would we be playing boring football, definately. Good manager at little clubs, not a NUFC manager though.

  8. In life everything is based on perception, obvious that Sam sees himself as bigger than life, with his enormous backroom staff of physio`s, psychologist`s and football video analysist`s.
    With team`s that play the most robotic boring game, usually 6ft. plus playin a percentage game, most goals coming from set pieces.
    Perhaps he perceives himself as a modern day manager, on the leading edge ?
    How would he do if given the job at a Man. Citeh or Chelsea,even the National side,
    Being he has untill this time really never had the big bucks to spend, would he change his tactical game plan with a better quality set of players, or revert to his somewhat controlled style ?
    Guess we will never know.
    Only thing i`m glad of is he is no longer here, as i prefer a side that entertains, through playing attractive football, than a robotic contrilled side.

  9. Allardyce is a bitter old tool. He should never have been appointed Toon boss. His ineffective anti football seems to be championed by a few people, which is fine if you feel that way, but when he played Smith in the middle of a back 5 because his own signings weren’t up to it, you have to accept that he was the wrong man for us.

  10. Adam says:
    May 16, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    “Its funny how Allardyce is vilified so much in this article…the reasons for this I leave with the author.”

    So it’s alright for him to slag us off and not expect the slightest retort?

    Haddaway man.

    This is the biggest job he ever had. He had money when he was here and brought us Geremi, Cacapa etc. All old players on massive salaries, one of which we only managed to shif in January and the other only went because his contract is up.

    If you had such a strong affinity with our club, then surely you would have seen this? Granted he has done well at Blackburn and Bolton, but that makes not one bit of difference as it’s his, less than successful, time here that he will be judged on by us.

    He blamed us fans for his failures, blaming the likes of Scott Parker leaving on us when in actual fact most of the squad was considering leaving before he got the boot.

  11. Allardyce was out of his depth at NUFC but it wasn’t entirely his fault. Freddy made yet another huge mistake by signing him because he was totally the wrong type of manager for a club like this. As chuck mentioned Allardyce plays the percentage game, a boring mathmatical game, trying to earn and score from x number of set pieces ect. Sports phycologists ect huge background team, everybody have an area to defend at corners ect. Thats fine if your a smallish team trying to survive in the prem but its not the style nor ambition of this club. We needed an Italian style manager IMO who played flowing attacking football and aimed to create enough goals from playing it along the deck ect. Outclassing robotic teams like Bolton, Stoke ect.

  12. DJG – And Allardyce had the players to do that, and the money to get players to add to it.

    What did we get?

    Michael Owen playing up front as a target man. Fecking genius Allardyce like…

  13. I, as a Rover STH was debating style over results with Big Sam at the helm. But I’ve gotta be honest the memory of a top 10 finish now outweighs any thoughts of some of the poor performances. 3 home defeats only this season has made my season ticket very worthwhile.

    So this is why I must take issue with some of you on two areas. Firstly, I know some of you will never admit but I don’t think you gave him enough time for him to show his potential. I do believe relegation would have been avoided and a wasted season in the chumpionship would have been avoided.

    Secondly, this idea of big club, small club. Some of you have to realise that massive support alone doesn’t constitute the title big club. Firstly your a city so I would expect big crowds. However winning trophies to create history is also part of the deal. Since 1994 we have won the league, a cup and made numerous semi final appearances. With all that said I wouldn’t say we are a big club. Newcastle have appeared very rarely at the top table of football.

    So please forget the ideas of big club for the moment because nobody outside the North East believes you!

  14. TOONSY should have took him up the mountain with you and left the prick up there :)

  15. @5……Yes mate maybe most neutrals would pick sam ahead of CH but that would be because nobody yet knows how well CH will perform in the EPL.If he does well tho for a season or 2 then I reckon you’ll get a completely different answer.Either way I think the article is having a go more at SA’s comments as opposed to his management skils.Some of those comments are just bitter ramblings and some are just down right lies i.e Scott Parker comments.
    Maybe we would have stayed up if he’d stayed maybe not,we’ll never know.Yes we got off to a good start under him in the first few games but what followed was relegation form and God was the football boring,that’s my opinion obviously some(maybe all) will disagree but hey thats what we’re on here for.HWTL

  16. Iain – Most of us know he didn’t have enough time, and admit. In his brief time with us he was shite, with a far superior squad and money that he had ever worked with before.

    I see you reference 1994? Did football start then? Don’t start on trophies son or I’ll send you back to Lancs with a red arse and looking silly, like the other ‘Rover’ who made an appearance on here the other day.

    Are we a big club? No. We have a huge fanbase which, as you rightly pointed out, doesn’t make us a big club. I also only see the ‘Newcastle are a big club bollocks’ written in the press, and a handful of fans aswell to be fair. If you choose to observe the minority rather than the broader opinion, then it’s up to you.

  17. simple fact is that fat sam is a cockend and to be honest i dont think he is even has a footballing brain. His plan is simple… everyone defend like chickens, then hoof it up field and hope it lands on the right head.
    then he has about three million backroom staff to do everything from wipe his arse to man the dug out… while he sands up in the skies eating about 400 sticks of chewing gum at once!
    his style of football was even worse than souness.. and thats bad.
    nope, you can keep your sports science fat boy… it dont take a rocket man to work out you are a tosser with an ego bigger than your gob! all you pro sams out there… bring it on.

  18. toonsy

    Im sure in parts of the country like the North West where they are big Rugby towns they see football as almost the same thing where you have big players, good headers of the ball, and players good at holding up the ball and they treat it as almost a game of holding territory. Maybe we are quite demanding up here but I think most NUFC fans expect, or at least hope for, quite continental, if not exotic, free flowing skillful and attacking football.

    Allardyce was a manager who wheeled and dealed with his son and agents and got players like Enrique, Cacapa, Geremi, Barton who to me were like a mismatch of styles that he had no idea how he would turn into a team, we ended up with players out of position and N’Zogbia at LB ect.

    IMO we need a manager Hughton or whoever, who we keep for many years and can essemble competely his own squad.

  19. DJG
    Sure i have to agree, most echoing points i made above.
    But have to disagree with the Italian manager, playing attacking flowing football.
    Why ? face it Italian football over the last decade has been known for it`s defensive style, whoever scores first, closes the door (catinaccio)and defends for the rest of the game.
    Only going forward on the occasional breakaway, booooring !
    Anyone watching the recent Barca Vs. Milan game can testify to that, ten men behind the ball some never crossing the halfway line, Italian football, no thanks,the most exciting and entertaining football played anywhere is right here in the EPL.

  20. toonsy. I’m not starting on trophies. Just merely highlighting OUR history. Can’t remember making comparisons with the toon! Perhaps your eagerness to bite shows a feeling of insecurity talking about the recent past? And there lies the problem.

    Back as far as King Kenny Newcastle have failed to find security both in the Managers office and in the boardroom. Funnily enough I see Liverpool going the same way.

    I hope for football sake Ashley keeps faith with CH because he has steered your club through a minefield.

    There is still huge debate about Sam at ewood but most have shut up now! I don’t know your feelings but a pint after the game goes down much better after a win than a defeat with a good performance! I suppose it depends on what you want? However i’d rather be 10th than go down playing decent football.

  21. we’re a massive club and if we don’t win the league next season I’ll be gutted and shouting for Hughtons heed.I won’t be even be happy with a champions league place and we are the biggest club in the world..FACT…………………..sorry just wanted to live up to the stereo-type that the southern press make us out to be and that mindless morons read and believe…..and does that mean York,Chester,Exeter etc should get crowds of 50k as they’re citys??

  22. Iain – I was referencing your point where you mentioned your ’94 success and League Cup, and thought you were going to start banging on about how you lot have won more than us ;)

    I agree, a win is a win however it comes. Something Allardyce never really managed to here. No he didn’t have enough time and was a victim of circumstance (as I said in the article itself), but what we did see wasn’t encouraging.

    The to bait the fans like he does doesn’t sit well at all. Say you finish 17th next year, and Allardyce gets the boot because he has performed worse. Then he blames the Rovers fans for it, how would you feel?

    That is the position we find ourselves in with Allardyce.

  23. Jesus christ on a bike. Just flicked over to have a look at the Dagenham v Morecambe score.

    6-0 8O

  24. Iain-

    When was the last time Blackburn won a trophy. We won one a few weeks ago. ;)

  25. Iain says:
    May 16, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    “Knowing your lot richie you probably wont give hughton til christmas!”

    I hope you not stereotyping us? ;)

  26. DJG says:
    May 16, 2010 at 3:01 pm


    When was the last time Blackburn won a trophy. We won one a few weeks ago.”

    Now thats just made us look silly :( ;)

  27. toonsy

    There are a lot of if’s there but I don’t think we’d give him the abuse that came from the gallowgate. Two reasons. Our fans haven’t the bo**ocks and secondly our club finishing 17th couldn’t find a better manager as we haven’t the status.

    I really admire your following, particularly away. I’ve always had a few beers with many of them and I’m glad to see them back.

    I think Allardyce is only giving as good as he got because of what he has done at Ewood. He must have gone through a crisis of confidence when at the toon and returning at our club has confirmed that he is actually a decent boss.

    Good to talk toonsy, off for the Sunday beers now, see you in the Fernhurst next season!

    Arte et Labore!!

  28. funny how things change over the years,when i was a kid standing (which i liked) in the family centre paddock all we asked for was a good attacking game of footy win or lose,no worrys about champions lge etc them days 100% tryers cold water and sponge for shirkers,and great banter too boot

  29. Paul Robinson had the most clean sheets of all ENGLISH goalkeepers in the PREMIERSHIP. (FACT) Sam is right again.

  30. Is he right to question the England manager?

    That would be like me saying you should pick one of your players over another, wouldn’t it?

  31. Toonsy, I was joking m8. :)


    I dont get you implication that the fans have the say in a manager leaving. If a manager does leave it is either his choice or that of the chairman/owner. Big Sam signed for Fat Freddy Shepard about 2 weeks before he left and Mike Ashley came in. Therefore he was never really the choice of Ashley and when result got bad Ashley got rid of him. Also if Hughton loses his job it will be Ashley’s decision not the fans.

    Also you go on about Big Sam playing a style of football but getting results. You have to understand that he wasn’t getting results here, we were mainly losing.

  32. The more I think about it, the more I realize what a job Chris Hughton has done.
    Nothing seems to faze this guy, just gets on with the job, money or no money, using the horses he has at his disposal.
    I think Ashley owes him big time and a new contract would do a lot to-wards showing his appreciation.
    It`s going to be tougher this coming season, but hopefully we will survive the first season back and there`s no one who i can think of that can do a better job with this side than CH.
    Yeah he has his detractors, just waiting to see him mess up, then bring in the big name guy.
    Careful what you wish for, remember what happened with Sir Bobby !

  33. DEREK,your right old lad he has the most clean sheets,then so would many other keepers with 9 defenders in front of them

  34. Icedog – Nice one ;)

    Robinson has also let in 55 goals. Nearly 1.5 per game.

    Clean sheets result from team performances. Sure you get the odd exception, but if you don’t concede it generally down to the whole team, not just one player.

  35. DJG says – Good manager at little clubs, not a NUFC manager though.
    why because newcastle are so big and great that they have one how many trophies in the last how long………………………………? oh wait ya’s got relegated”!

    so chuck if you would prefer attractive football at newcastle, i’m sure you loved their amazing style of play in their last season in the prem.
    sure their football was good this year in the championship but they arent gonna be able to play with as much freedom in the premiership as they have in the championship, look at burnley they tried to play attractive attacking football on got destroyed many times this season.
    CH will have to adjust his style to keep the team in the prem.
    anyway wish ya’s the best of luck this year in the prem, the prem is definitely not the same without the magpies in it.

  36. irie-rover says:
    May 16, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    “and djg ya’s won the championship trophy wow! amazing”

    I said saying that would make us look silly lol

  37. irie-rover

    I was being sarcastic, you would understand that if you read the whole blog.

  38. toonsy

    Its alreet man coz Rovers can’t get in the door for trippin over all the trophies they’ve won man.

  39. sorry to have to say this, but to the author of this blog you are a narrow minded moron that typifies the wreck of a club you so ‘dearly’ support. Newcastle Utd are an EMBARRASSMENT a true example of how not to run a football club. Your fans are so fickle, and their love to hate and back to love relationship with the fat oaf ashley is in my eyes a disgrace. BIG ClUB my arse we will take 6 points off you next season and send you packing back were you belong in the second tier of english football, from all Blackburn rovers fans we wish you the very worst next season. xxx

  40. surpose big dave is pulling a caddy for J.B. today been no sign of him,unless toonsy left him up the mountain ;)

  41. intertoto, you mean, your certificate for getting so far in a cup but not actually winning it, sensational. lol

  42. and theres the mindless moron who reads and believes the southern press aka Josh

  43. ”BIG ClUB my arse we will take 6 points off you next season and send you packing back were you belong in the second tier of english football”

    Im sorry mate but thats utter shit and you know it.

  44. richietoon says:
    May 16, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Big Sam is a liar.FACT

    That is NOT true.

    He has a team of backroom staff to lie for him.

  45. josh says:
    May 16, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    “sorry to have to say this, but to the author of this blog you are a narrow minded moron”

    Thank you.

    I take it you deny that Allardyce said those things about England? And about us fans then?

    If Allardyce wasn’t so portyl he would suck himself off such is his own importance.

    Blackburn – Home of the spinning jenny. You have your very own modern spin machine in Allardyce.

  46. I wonder how Blackburns pursuit of Real Madrid pair Raul and Guti is progressing?

  47. JOSH good luck to you trying to find someone to buy you another prize,thing is a lot of clubs have big owners now,not in your day when walker was the only guy with cash,other clubs had boards of dir

  48. 55 toonsy says:
    May 16, 2010 at 3:41 pm
    I wonder how Blackburns pursuit of Real Madrid pair Raul and Guti is progressing?

    didnt know they play in defence now like

  49. Starkadder….I stand corrected

    Irierover yeah thats the one

  50. Icedog – Your on form today fella. I’ll have to remember not to cross you lol.

  51. hey josh, glad to see you have the power to speak for all rovers fans, after my comment above saying i wish newcastle luck this season, i guess you over rule me on that!
    i always enjoy blackburn -v- newcastle games as i have a mate thats a newcastle fan and its always good for a bit of banter!

  52. BSA is a 1st class boring tosser that blame’s everything and anything rather than take the blame himself. all ye ever get out of him is ” My record at Bolton speaks for itself ” well he should have stayed there instead of jumping on the 1st ship out.
    Ice you have got it wrong mate JB caddies for me I caddy for no one ;)

  53. Irie – All clubs have fans like Josh mate, yes even Newcastle.

    Like the unwanted friend they just hang around and usually speak the loudest as they seek attention ;)

  54. Big Dave says:
    May 16, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    “Ice you have got it wrong mate JB caddies for me I caddy for no one”

    You carry Barton’s balls though dont you Dave? :lol:

  55. Hey lets not get carried away here, face it Sam brought in Anelka, when no one believed in him and it would`nt be the first ex Real player he has signed.

  56. i cant beleive we are getting rovers fans on here sticking up for their history and our club is bigger than your club bollox. its all in the eye of the beholder and how blinded each of us is by love for our clubs and i dont have all the facts to hand… but… Are we measuring big as in fan base??? if so i guess we are a bigger club (by about a million miles) than bburn. OR are we measuring it in big as in terms of the prem?? if so the stats from prem since its conception have us at 8th best team on points scored etc and that includes our season out in the ccc. So on that count we would be classed as a bigger or better team than bburn on average. OR are we on about cups… in which case from the birth of our club to now we have more sucess than bburn again. OR finally are we on about euro top twenty rich clubs (even though ashley would have you think we are broke all the time), in which case i think we sneaked in through the back door in 20th this year and that includes our quick jaunt in the ccc.
    Bburn are defo bigger than us in terms of the size of the managers fcuking gobs though, of this i will admit defeat, you guys win.

  57. I believe I speak for all Toon and probably alot of Rovers fans when I say Josh you’re a twat!!

  58. Nicky Butt and Ossie ardilles going head to head for the Oldham manager job 8O

    Butt doesn’t waste any time does he?

  59. anyway, getting back to the whole point of this thread in the first place…. would fat sammy be a better manager than capello?? we need to have a poll to see who agrees that whale mouth is the right man who forsome reason is always being looked over. I am sure that sam is not just being bitter and twisted.. is he?

  60. Chuck yeah he signed Anelka but he also signed Cacapa and Geremi. If you throw 10 darts one might be a bullseyes but he signed a lot of washed up, high wage mercinaries aswell.

  61. You guys are very touchy to-day, what is it about Sam that gets you wound up?
    Cant take a little criticism?
    Whatever he does and I`m not a fan of his brand of football, but one thing we have to admit, he has managed to keep his sides from being relegated, at whatever cost.
    And for clubs like Bolton and Blackburn, that`s no mean feat in a league as demanding as the EPL.

  62. BIG DAVE finished your round of golf m8,how did JB go,toonsy been up the mountain looking for you

  63. Chuck – Thats fine, but he done nowt whilst he was here so why should we be thankful for what he done (or didn’t do) for us?

    Im not diminishing what he has done elsewhere, but what relevance is it to us?

  64. Oops sorry toonsy didnt think before I posted that link. Hope it’s not a bitter rival. lol

  65. Chuck I agree he’s done well at Rovers and Bolton and can understand why the Rovers fans like him,me personally I just don’t like the way he blames everyone else when something goes wrong and if he was half as good as he thinks he is he would be managing one of the top 6 clubs.That’s my opinion on him mate.

  66. DJG
    Which high paid mercenaries are you on about, I recall the former Spanish and real midfielder (the guy with the hair) who was IMO a great buy.

  67. well not that i ever thought we were gonna win the league next season, but i really do think newcastle will win it or at least come second!

  68. bookies have it wrong again,I don’t believe they reckon there are 9 teams with a better chance of winning the league than us!!;-)

  69. toonsy’s been gone a suspiciously long time. Must be writing a new thread about those betting odds.

  70. DJG says:
    May 16, 2010 at 4:13 pm
    Oops sorry toonsy didnt think before I posted that link. Hope it’s not a bitter rival. lol

    dont worry m8,toonsy doesnt have a rival,they would need a bit of grey matter to start with,then a brain to be able to use it,and some PR ablity,helps if you know what your talking about,you a taker like?

  71. @84… campo was good. i think fat sam should have stayed at bolton really. he had a good rep there but since leaving he is just thought of as a cock by everyone.

  72. DJG
    I`m a bit suspicious about who exactly (which Bookie)has us for a tenth place finish and look who is one step above us?
    Have to say there are (got to be politically correct here)
    eight strong teams above us, not like a few years back, where we had good finishes under Sir Bobby.
    A bit more parity perhaps and we know the big sides have to revamp, Chelsea getting a bit long in the tooth, Man. U.will be making moves following a lackluster season.
    The Arsenal fans are becoming more demanding and Spurs will also be spending.
    We will have to await the dust clearing around Liverpool,
    in order to see what happens there.
    But a fourteen man cull (rumored) at Citeh could be interesting.
    M.O` staying and I believe has been given some dosh and Moyers at the toffees is quite canny though lacking any real big funds.
    have to say it`s going to be an interesting summer and hopefully a great season, coming up.

  73. We will finish higher than your bunch of losers you will go down again were you belong your not good enough for top league dream on.

  74. Dont know who set those odds in regards to the finishes in the EPL, but I would place no credence on any odds made prior to the seasons start.
    After all if Citeh`s cull amounts to 14 players, that`s a complete new team of unknowns.
    If they are taking bets get your money on now!

  75. richietoon,dont worry m8 just let him talk to himself,b/burn fans are good at that

  76. Icedog – To be fair, most of them that have popped on have been fine. Naturally there is the odd exception ;)

  77. icedog…..ya right mate his Mam’s prob just woke him up from his afternoon nap so he’s in a bad fettle………or his lass is upstairs with his best mate and he’s occupying himself on his pc ;-)

  78. Thats what annoys me Toonsy,when I’ve commented on other teams blogs its hopefully ben constructive and for a bit of friendly banter like Irie-rover has done today.You have to be quite sad just to hurl a bit of abuse then dissapear,like you say mate theres always the odd tit who comes on.

  79. Icedog – Ya alreet man, some people spout shite so deserve it back.

    Richie – I have to admit, I haven’t been constructive on Nottingham Forest’s message board all season ;)

  80. Richie – Moi?

    I think posting a YouTube vid of ‘last night a DJ saved my life’ the day after DJ Campbell scored a hat-trick against them and sent them packing from the play-off’s is highly constructive :D :D

  81. If the cap fits
    That to me is banter and funny tho probably not for them at the

  82. Richie – They have asked for it though. All season they have been giving it the biggun and they get all touchy when they get it back.

    They weren’t interested in the ticket for Wembley I offered them either lol

  83. aye Toonsy I got a text of a lad at work from Nottingham when they closed up to us asking where our points gap had gone,obviously he got a text off me at the end of the season saying theres our gap.

  84. If you ask me sacking Allardyce has been the best thing Ashley has done. He brought in terrible platers like Rozenhal, Cacapa, Viduka etc. and dapted a playing style which did not suite our team. I hate Allardyce the only thing he’s oing t Blackburn is keeping them in a respectable position.

  85. I’d say Newcastle are a big club and Rovers aren’t purely on crowd support but on the number of trophies which was brought up earlier it’s not as one sided as you toon fans think;

    Champions rovers 3 United 4
    FA Cup rovers 6 United 6
    League Cup rovers 1 United 0
    Europe rovers 0 United 1

  86. Enough about fat SAM!!!!! he was crap!!! we played some of the worst football ever when he was here he is a misrable sour graped fat twat (rich by the way with what Ashley give him) this was his chance to manage a team that was close to top 4 finishing and he blew it you can not play that style of football and challange at the top level hence Blackburn now!!! and the best thing can you see the relief on the FA by not giving him the England job we would of been the laughing stock on the world stage……….. where would he have played Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Cole or maybe he would not of picked them……if Jack Walker was still alive he would not of picked Fatso!!!!………..Fat Freddy picked him and gave him money and Shepard if asked now knew he blew it big style by picking him!!!!!! if he was any good some bigger clubs on the continent would have come for him also, bottem line is chairman now because of sky TV money no that the magic 40 points is more important than fans coming to stadiums watching nice football and FAT SAM fits that criteria of maybe getting 40 points with crap crap crap crap football and come on BLACKBURN fans you must no that he plays crap crap crap football i mean he has fell out with one of your flare players Morten Gamst Pedersen and come on tell the truth you all no he likes him more for his long throw!!!!!….anyway FAT SAM will you just F..K O.F you made a load of money here with us and gave nowt in return!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. why is it the fat lads fault that the toon army cant get there shit togther and havent been able to for a long long time. stop blaming everything on everyone else and just concetrate on trying to stay up otherwise you be saying your goodbyes to the premier league again

  88. his football hasn’t been the best i must admit and there are plenty at Ewood who are still not sold on him. The thing that has turned people around recently is that he has brought kids like Jones and Hanley into the first team and has signed the likes of N’Zonzi for peanuts and they have been outstanding.
    My problem is that he plays percentages way too often. He generally likes older players who will do ok for you but not progress you too much. I think because he had to turn Bolton round from scratch he thinks he has to do that at every club when the likes of Toon and Rovers were already in decent shape anyway.

  89. Bonger….fat sam was just a small part of whats wrong with the toon,its more the bitter crap he keeps coming out with since he left.Blaming the fans for Scott Parker leaving when Parker himself has said it was down to Sam that he left.Anyway he’s gone,he’s doing a reasonable job at Rovers nowt to do with us so let him concentrate on your own club.Good luck next season(apart from the games v toon).

  90. Apart from several on here with some brain cells, there is a certain narrow-mindedness somewhere. Basically, this is what’s happened:

    Bolton – Sam did VERY well.
    Newcastle – Not so good.
    Blackburn – Doing well, but next season will be what he’s judged on, for me.

    I’m a rovers STH in the BBE. I LOVE it when Newcastle come to town. It’s a jolly good sing-song and a booze-up to boot! I have an affinity with Newcastle for 2 reasons: Shearer (LEGEND!) and my missus being a geordie. MAYBE it was good that you got rid of Sam. Your loss, our gain! (Or win-win actually). Yes he had a torrid time at your place but what about his record here before christmas? Not exactly sparkling was it? Hell, some Rovers (myself included) were calling for his head in January, but have been proven wrong.

    On the personal front, yes he’s a bit of an arrogant twat….but he’s KIND of earned that right. He sarcastically referred to himself as the expert and had a dig at us Rovers fans in that bad autumn/winter spell. But he’s earned the right to declare himself better than us at managing a football club. Nobody can say otherwise, no matter how annoying he may be.

  91. Simon are you a total moron ? No seriously are you?

    The Blackburn fans hate his brand of so-called football, Just like all the other clubs fans have had to suffer Allardyce, his god awful ”alleged” football and his ego.

    Any premiership team should have technically good players and not have to resort to route one hoof ball, clogging people and having their playing emphasis solely on defense. If that makes for entertainment THEN GO AND WATCH RUGBY LEAGUE.

    Tactical genius what a joke. People like Allardyce, Megson and Pulis inhabit a grey world where they get by by not even trying to play football and the beautiful game means nothing to them. They should be done for crimes against football. Sunday pub managers the lot of them.

  92. Big Sam and his ‘percentage football’ will forever be a divisive topic. You’ll be stretching to knock the work he’s done at Bolton and now Blackburn – with one of the meagre budgets in the Premier League. His personality is outspoken and self-referential, but egotism is a prevalent mood in a host of successful managers. No one is asking anyone to join his fanclub, but simply respect his results on the pitch.

    The Newcastle job wasn’t right for him. His tactics would never be accepted by the insurmountable fan expectation and boardroom politics. I think he’s learnt a lot of lessons since his time at Newcastle.

  93. Fact of the matter is, that manager like Souness and Big Sam didn’t know what to do when they had resources available…
    They both got rid of every ounce of flair we had in our team and where in the past they converted teams from relegation strugglers to mid-table battlers. Here they converted us from European hopefuls to mid-table battlers.
    Because thats all they know how to do!!!

  94. Just look how Bolton are growing under Owen Coyle…

    Great manager, good football and Bolton finished higher than they ever did under Big Sam.

  95. Actually, they finished 6th… But regardless. I just don’t like him as a manager.
    I really think Owen Coyle will be the next David Moyes.

  96. Ok, Rovers fan here. I’ll get onto the Allardyce issue in a moment, but I think a hearty ‘well-played’ to NUFC for getting back into the Prem at the first time of asking, but I honestly believe the club and the fans needed a big shock to get them back on track , and the season in the Championship was it. I’m not exactly sure when the rot in NU set in, but I believe it was well before Allardyce came in.

    A few years back I heard some facts on Sky Sports, and, at the time, it was reported that only Man U had spent more money on players in their time in the prem. I think that realistically, Newcastle bought great, great individuals and had a great bunch of players at their disposal, but for all these individuals, I think NU struggled greatly to find a team that actually worked, and that in turn did no-one any good, the fans, the board or the players themselves. As I said, Newcastle needed electro-shock therapy to pull it out of the hole that it was in.

    Sure Allardyce wasn’t a great manager (for you) but then again neither was Kinnear, or even, dare I say it, Keegan or Shearer. And that’s not really a slight on any of those names, but when history repeats itself a number of times when you changes something, perhaps your changing the wrong thing.

    I think you’ve spent stupid money for little return, and then due to the real pressure to succeed from both the fans and the board, nearly every manager has had to press the panic button.

    Going down to the championship, I believe, has focussed your team and your club on something other than tinkering with the team or finding a manager to match the hype that you’ve created for yourselves (probably created without you knowing, but still). And the club and players have responded to that and you do have a team that works together.

    I think you’ll do well with a bit of stability and if you stick with CH then I hope all goes well for you next season

  97. Newcastle have tried and failed to copy everything that is good about little old Blackburn.
    Jim Smith, Gordon Lee, King Kenny, Souness, Batty, Shearer, Gallacher. Only Shearer and Given have ever been successful. The circus off the pitch has ruined your club and like other Rovers fans, your support is fabulous with some great times had down at our place and up in Newcatle alike. Its a pity that fat fred sent your club spiralling, even fatter ashley went deeper and even further into rack and ruin whilst all the fans finally said enough is enough and vogted with your feet. We as Rovers fans will be glad to see your lot back at Ewood because we know what a good lot you are. So for the whingers and whiners who is bothered whether SA is a good manager ? What counts is that at this very time BRFC are the 10th best English team and NUFC are the 19th. You get 48k a game we get 25k ? Were just proud about our club and uncincerned about who is the bigger or better. Footballs a roller coaster of a ride. Get on it and enjoy it. We as Rovers fans are on it and we certainly enjoy it.

  98. Roverite, I have to very grudgingly admit that Shearer’s very finest period was at Blackburn. You missed out Duff, who was also a fine Blackburn player but not quite so good at Newcastle. We don’t envy you for having Allardyce though!