Bitter Allardyce blasts Newcastle fans.

Posted on May 9th, 2010 | 64 Comments |

Allardyce - In less bitter times.
Allardyce - In less bitter times.
Sam Allardyce has take another opportunity to talk of his Toon hell and blame anyone but himself for his failure whist in charge of Newcastle United.

Allardyce was only the manager for eight months, yet it appears that losing his job on Tyneside has hurt his feelings a bit as he takes another opportunity to stick the knife into us fans. He doesn’t blame his awful football that was a success at Bolton, but only yielded only eight victories at Newcastle. He had nothing to do with a string of poor results including the title of being the only team to be beaten by Derby County – the team that got relegated with a record low points total of 11 that season. It wasn’t his fault that some players didn’t want to play for him and were considering leaving in the January window. None of that was his fault apparently, it was the fans who were too expectant that were to blame.

Perhaps Sam has a point? After all, Newcastle have spent a season in The Championship whilst ‘Big Sam’ has taken his Blackburn team to mid-table. You can’t deny the football was awful though, which begs the question of whether results or entertainment are more important? For me it takes a bit of both, but when you get neither as Allardyce dished up the you’re asking for trouble. Despite that though, Sam believes that he was ready to take Newcastle to the next level.

“I had got the staff in place and we were ready to rock and roll,” Allardyce said.

“What we needed was bigger and better players – like a ­Modric. Modric was in our training ground, having a look around. He was top of our list.”

But then Allardyce was hit by a bombshell that sent shockwaves through his over-inflated heed. Between his appointment and his sacking, a certain Mike Ashley had taken control of the club. An owner who liked to be out with the fans in the stand and would have heard a lot of criticism towards the manager.

“Somebody told Mike I wasn’t the man. They told him Harry Redknapp was – and I got booted out. Then Harry changed his mind.”

“I have no problem at all ­because Mike Ashley settled my contract immediately. It was Freddy Shepherd who had taken me on, and I would have been ­bitter and twisted if he had sacked me, but it does get ­difficult after there’s been a ­takeover.”

Now we look at his most astonishing tirade yet;

“Fan ­pressure there is ­hostile ­towards the players. They don’t really ­support the team as they should, they’re very critical and the players can’t handle that. That’s what Scott Parker couldn’t cope with. He said he couldn’t play at ­Newcastle. Gary Speed told me when I went up there that it’s a very difficult place to play your football. If the fans don’t take to you, you’re knackered.”

“I had spent a huge amount of time recreating a football club that needed recreating. That was behind the scenes, with an induction of staff who had moved with me. We’d created a whole new working environment, but that staff got dismantled over the next six months – the club ­appreciated nothing and started all over again.”

It’s nice to see his time with Newcastle hasn’t left a bitter taste in his mouth then. Yes, that was sarcasm. Allardyce is comparing us to Bolton or Blackburn and would have made us into a mid-table team. On the face of it we would probably have taken that now as we emerge from The Championship doldrums. Looking back though our resources far outweighed that of a mid-table finish. That is what he had to work with at the time, and that is also what he failed to work with. Can anyone say they actually enjoyed Allardyce being our manager? Are we, as fans, the architects of our own downfall? Have our expectations been tempered by relegation? So many questions to answer.

At least Sam isn’t bitter though, eh?

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64 Responses

  1. fat sam has such an over inflated ego that it is unrral. lets be honest.. he is crap and plays bloody horrible football for the spectator. i hate his style.. or should i say complete lack of it. this guy needs a reality check. when he turned up we had a wealth of godd players at the team… nad he says he needed better ones.. yep like geremi etc. cock!

  2. Hitman – that bloke is a right ipple for getting that tatoo. Not as bad as my mate who got a tatoo with his first kid’s name and D.O.B on. Problem was he got the year wrong.

  3. Didn’t he sign Enrique too? Cheers for that Meatloaf like! Still a boring tw*t though

  4. Umm, isn’t he spot on?

    He has not said the club is rubbish in any way. He says the fans are ridiculously demanding even though about 95% of them weren’t alive the last time a trophy was won. It is delusion.

    He is a poor manager and I am glad he is gone but you can’t really say he isn’t correct here, can you?

  5. The thing is, what Allardyce is saying is true. The way NUFC fans behaved towards him was disgraceful and embarrassing. Too many NUFC fans expect too much too quick. I have said it many times, the fans must take a very large portion of the blame for our demise.

  6. to say the fan pressure is hostile towards the players just shows how bitter this tosser is.

    he really needs to get over himself, after all what’s his greatest success in football, finishing in the top 10 a couple of times with bolton?

    of course the fans were critical of him, he came in with claims of knowing how to win games scientifically, with state of the art training regimes and expert tactical analysis.

    however, all we saw from him for 8 months was lack of invention, defensive play against everyone away from home, no matter how good the opposition and some of the most sterile, unconvincing football seen played at SJP for years.

    if the fans turned on players under him, it’s because they weren’t performing to the level we knew they could.

    besides, if you’re paid 60 grand a week to kick a ball around, and you’re shit at it, wouldn’t you expect the people lining your pockets to get a bit annoyed at times?

    Allardyce really makes my piss boil, he’s got such a high opinion of himself, i’m surprised anyone else can fit in the dugout alongside his heed.

    Christ, if Blackpool get promoted he’ll probably try and claim it’s cos he laid the foundations for success there years ago, the fecking prick.

  7. Strange how Sam says fan pressure is “hostile to the players”. Yes, it can be, if the players are felt not to be trying or making it clear that they don’t want to play (Dyer flinging the armband, anyone?)- but is that any different to any other team? Perhaps we are supposed not to groan when someone misses a sitter or plays a crap pass?
    Also, which clubs have these wonderful supporters who think all the players in their team are fantastic all the time? Manure? Liverpool? Man City?? Blackburn??? I think not.
    The one thing I cannot stand is if a player is booed. We didn’t even boo Marthalino: (but that’s probably because we never got the chance as he was always off with a poorly fingernail or split ends or something).
    It’s also funny how much Gary Speed said he appreciated the fans when he was here and how much the present lot of players under CH keep saying they appreciate the fans – players like Nolan seem to understand the criticisms as well as the adulation, though.
    I think the problem was simply the job was too big for Fat Sam – big crowds make lots of noise and passionate fans will voice their opinions. Of course he does have to keep justifying his opinion of himself as the greatest living English manager never to be England manager- which means failure is never down to him, it must be other people’s fault.

  8. He probably has a point about some things. What failed to mention was that as soon as Ashley took over he was told he had to sell before he bought.

    We are demanding fans-so what! If you cannot handle it your weak players.

    Parker got stick because he was always on his arse and I remember once he pulled out of a tackle-Not good enough.

  9. Fans of more successful clubs are naturally more demanding than less successful ones. We are not that demanding now, are we?

  10. Hitman – Sometimes it takes a while for comments to show on the home page under the headline of the blog, but you when you click to see the comments it updates.

  11. “Too many NUFC fans expect too much too quick. I have said it many times, the fans must take a very large portion of the blame for our demise.”

    Utter poppycock.
    I’ve been waiting patiently for summat to happen since 1972.
    Feel free to blame yourself but dont you dare blame me.

  12. i think the fans are the most loyal in the country,how many clubs could keep the amount of fans toon can year after year with nowt to show, 69 the last thing to shout about,as for S.A,its the old saying if you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen imo

  13. That’s the thing Icedog. Fat Sham is spinning the story the story to hide his ineptness at the job in hand.

    He bought mainly crap players, he got crap results and played crap football.

  14. FAT SAM has the biggest back-room staff of any epl club,didnt leave much for him to do,still couldnt get a real prize,always blamed clubs for not having the same out-look as himself,G.MEGSON is out the same mould,everybody is wrong except them

  15. Faye, Beye, Barton(Im not his biggest fan), Enrique = Good

    Cacapa, Geremi, Smith = Bad

    I don’t think he did that bad in the transfer market to be honest.

  16. SOunds like people on here are bitter because Fat Sam is speaking the truth.

  17. toonsy, do you think he had enough time though? He had about 6 months playin time – That cannot be enough time to build a team.

    Sacking him thinking he had Arry waiting in the wings was a complete joke – Another complete fck up! That started the rot IMO.

  18. EL TORO,think its fat sam that cannot take the truth,he thinks he better than he is ime great how great are you is his way to look at things imo

  19. There is some sense to what Big Sam is saying. As a lifelong Newcastle fan, I’ve always thought a large majority of our fans are too expectant, this puts the management under pressure immediately to deliver and unfortunately those of us that know about football know it doesn’t work like that, things take time. Big Sam wouldn’t of taken us down, he would have eventually stabilised our club but I don’t think he would have taken us to the top 6, I don’t think he tactically sound enough for that. But we got relegated, that gave us the opportunity to rebuild, gut the club out top to bottom of all the rubbish and rot and now we can begin to look forward, we shouldn’t be expecting a top half, or even a mid table position, let’s aim to survive reasonably comfortably which I’m sure we can do, but let’s wait and see, let’s give Hughton the time and patience. We as fans will play a massive role next season, the lads need us in full song giving positive support, which I know we will do. But there is a truth to what Big Sam says, I said it 3 or 4 years ago to a few friends having a conversation down the pub, we need to go down and be relegated to start again, only then will we return and learn from past mistakes. It hurt to say it, but it was needed. Ashley love him or hate him, will not want to go down again, he will keep the club, and it will make him money. He will give Hughton a reasonable budget. Let’s just enjoy our first season back! HoWay the Lads!

  20. STUART,i agree managers are not given time,but in i dont think fans took to him before a ball was kicked,did they want to see that brand of football ie bolton,now blackburn,lets be honest do you think he will win anything playing like that,i have my 4.5mil for his efforts and how much did it cost to pay off about 20 back-room staff

  21. Fat Sam bores the Shit out of me…get back in your box Sam and put a fkin Lid on it-Gobshite. :)
    “You don’t know what your DOIN!!!!” !!

  22. FLASHJONAS,some of your points are valid,in my case ive been saying for 50 years ah but next we will—————–

  23. El Toro wasnt Rozenthal one of fat Sam’s sigings as well . He was crap as well .

  24. “You think of Peter Reid, Ruud Gullit and Bobby Robson at Newcastle, sacked just into the new season. When you stoop to that level, you have absolutely no idea how to run a football club.” – Sir Alex Ferguson on Soccernet…

    And I completely agree, except for the Gullit part. He had gone bonkers!

    As for the SA jibes – I dont think he was ever the right manager for Newcastle BUT he like so many others wasn’t given a fair chance… The only real signings I’d complain about from him are Geremi and Smith.
    Ronzenthal wasn’t given a fair chance… typical boo boy crowd (pathetic Newcastle supporters) got on his back.
    Same with Enrique at the time! Same with Colo last season. etc etc etc…

    And I completely agree that some of our fans don’t allow players to succeed. 90% of our fans are amazing! The other 10% that ruin it (boo boy crowds) are probably the worst supporters in the country to play for!

  25. Are there groups of Newcastle fans who are hostile towards players when they’re having an off day? Yes. Are there still groups of Newcastle fans who are delusional regarding expectations for the next 2/3/4 seasons? Most probably, yes.

    However, The likes of Big Sham seem all too happy to jump on this “They’re delusional! They’re unrealistic!” bandwagon, when their game plan doesn’t play out as they’d have liked. Alot of people seem to hide behind the fans apparent idiocy in an attempt to cover up their missing of targets. Like i’ve already said, fans like he has described will exist, but he speaks like they’re the majority which for me, these days, just isn’t true. It’s a label we’ve been given and it’s stuck, purely because every neutral has had it it drilled into them. Ask 10 fans in and around the city center whether a top 10 finish is a realistic possibility for next season and i’m pretty sure 9 of them will tell you it’s not and that survival is the main aim. However, we’re all tarred with the same brush, so to speak.

    It’s something we’ll have to live with, but to be honest with you, we as fans know how the majority feel. We’re not these idiots expecting Champions League Football next season we’re made out to be. To be honest, even if people think we are, I couldn’t care less. The delusional card is old and boring, not to mention the fact that its largely not true. Let him mouth off and make himself feel better, the clueless neutrals can agree and we can have a laugh at him.

  26. In fact its probably more than 10% when you consider 20 000 retarded fans went to the unveiling of Michael Owen at James Park!

    Anyone who saw that as a good deal clearly doesn’t know their football.
    I was so upset when he decided to come here! And I got proved right! But how could the 20 000 other supporters not see that as terribly poor business?

    Some fans are truely deluded… And I just hope those same supporters dont turn on our players if they have a few poor games this season.
    Commenting on blogs is one thing! But to boo at games and curse players on a team your “supporting” is nothing short of disgraceful!

  27. all big sam is a shit house for alex fergurson!like gets his sides up for big games to stop the other teams to win the league only wants the manc scum to win it. like most ex united players in that league he has got an advantage.most of these fu.kers who play for that team then jump on them as fans what a joke not are jackie charlton.

  28. he is speaking the truth about the demanding fans, I think we’ve learned this season tho to be patient and not too expectant of our club because switching managers and booing players gets us nowhere but relegated..

    but its water off a ducks back, he’s a shit manager who plays dreadful football, he’s bitter because NUFC is the biggest club he’s ever been at and he blew-it, he’ll never get another chance like it again.. that must be hard to swallow

  29. Yeah but not as hard to swallow as massive bags of cash we had to pay him :)

  30. JJ says:
    May 9, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    “Anyone who saw that as a good deal clearly doesn’t know their football.
    I was so upset when he decided to come here! And I got proved right! But how could the 20 000 other supporters not see that as terribly poor business?”

    To be fair, at the time we had just signed the best of English strikers so you can understand people getting excited.

    Was it poor business? In hindsight yes, and it cost the club any revenue in sponsorship for a number of years. For that you can blame Shepherd.

  31. Surely people aren’t saying managers should be given no longer than 6 months in a job?

    It’s quite normal for a manager to need time to get the players he wants and to get them playing the way he wants. After he has achieved that, then he will live or die by his decisions and results.

    It’s absurd to think you should get rid of somebody so soon. Forget the amount of money it cost us.

    Ashley has spent more on managers than he has on players!

  32. He makes some fair comments about how sections of our fans get on players backs, it doesn’t help the situation so I don’t know why they do it and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that players like Parker, Jenas, Milner, Bramble, N’Zogbia and Duff have looked better since moving on to less pressured clubs.

    That doesn’t take away from Allardyce being clueless and only knowing one brand of football which we didn’t have the players for.

  33. “To be fair, at the time we had just signed the best of English strikers so you can understand people getting excited.

    Was it poor business? In hindsight yes, and it cost the club any revenue in sponsorship for a number of years. For that you can blame Shepherd.”

    Toonsy, anyone who thought MO was worth 17Mil and 100k wages a week, after the age of 23 (when his legs failed him) is deluded…

    I can and will say it over and over again, but only the English ever really rated Owen at that time. Everyone eslse saw him for what he was and is today.

    A one dimensional poacher, with no skill apart from finishing, and unable to fit into formations unless the team was built around him. Also incredibly injury prone.
    It always was a disaster deal in the making.

  34. Just to clarify what I mean by a one dimentional player…

    Owen has no first touch, no hold up play ability, no passing ability, no workrate, no crossing ability, no dribbling ability. All he had was pace and finishing, and he lost his pace while still at Liverpool… It’d be the same as us signing Ruud van Nistelrooi now for 12Mil and saying we expect it to be a good signing!

  35. JJ – I get what your saying like. Only the English ever rated him maybe true, but shouldn’t that explain a bit more about why 20k turned up to welcome an English player to an English team?

  36. Ye Toonsy,

    I guess they were blinded by patriatism ;-)

    Like here in South Africa where everyone is wearing a Bafana shirt and can’t wait for our boys to play.

    Even though in all likelihood we are going to get our @ssed kicked… haha.

    Having said that though, if Newcastle signed Benni Macarthy for 10mil, I don’t think I’d be going to the stadium to cheer. Because I know he’s way past his best.




    The nature of football is that SOMEONE in the team will have to lose possession of the football, that someone will make a mistake that leads to a goal. AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS, A GOOD NUMBER OF OUR FANS CRUCIFY THAT PLAYER!

    what do those fans think that it does the players confidence for the rest of the 90 minutes? you think it’s going to make them feel good about themselves and play better? or is it going to make them feel down, and sorry for themselves and no perform to the best of their abilities? It turns into and endless cycle, week in week out, and one that is difficult to get out of.


    I’m sure those of you that attend SJP are honest enough to realize that there really are, a good number of very unforgiving fans that get on players backs over the smallest of mistakes.


    note: N’Zogbia looks better, as does Parker, as does Bramble as does Milner as does Duff as does David Rosehnal.

    I’m serious some fans need to change.

    Was Joey Barton really being unfair when he said some fans at SJP can be vicious? I don’t think so.

    If we are to do well next season, I certainly don’t want to hear any booing and getting on players backs with those loud sighs or crys out when the ball is lost. It’s FOOTBALL FFS! SOMEONE IN BOTH TEAMS HAS TO LOSE THE BALL, IT’S THE NATURE OF THE BLOODY GAME!!!


  38. People should use Lyon fans as an example.

    Getting tanked 3-0 in Champions League Semi-Final second leg at home, and their fans were in full voice behind their team regardless of the score for the full 90 minutes.

    Could we ever be like that? I doubt it. But perhaps some of our fans have been humbled by relegation, so you never know.

  39. Good rant Sir Bobby!

    If fans are going to sign and boo, rather do it behind a television set!

  40. Sir Bobby says:
    May 9, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    “perhaps some of our fans have been humbled by relegation, so you never know.”

    I very much doubt that ;)

  41. Sir Bobby – I seem to recall being at Cardiff in the rain as we were beaten 4-1 by Manure – and I don’t remember the singing stopping. So yes, We can and do get behind our team when we are losing.

  42. Okay i must admit some of the newcastle fans are impatient or fickle-minded like.But seriously insulting the newcastle fans in order to cover you mis-management is a no-no.

    You brought the long-ball tactics to newcastle.Yes,is boring but did you brought enough Wins? Nope. I will even dare say CH tactics is worst than you,yet can still grind out wins. So whose fault now? the players? Okay,those players you have/brought might be earning those hard-earned money and don’t bother doing well.But did you do a well hair-raising treatment to the players. KK came in got the same batch of players like you,and he bought Newcastle from near relegation to 13th?

    So pls sam,don’t blame the players you have,don’t blame the fans are hostile,Blame yourself. ;)

  43. “Fan ­pressure there is ­hostile ­towards the players. They don’t really ­support the team as they should, they’re very critical and the players can’t handle that. That’s what Scott Parker couldn’t cope with. He said he couldn’t play at ­Newcastle. Gary Speed told me when I went up there that it’s a very difficult place to play your football. If the fans don’t take to you, you’re knackered.”

    He does have a good point there, unfortunately.

  44. big sam we seen what you did at the toon so why don’t you take your fat mouth else the toon you were shit enough said.

  45. You Newcastle lot really live in another world. As a Blackburn fan (one of the ex champions – theres only one Alan Shearer) all I can comment on is results. For a small town club like ours to finish in the top half (with 50 points) is an unreal acheivement for anyone.

    Why do the Geordies think they are bigger than anyone else. What have you ever won?

  46. Damian – That is the point people are making. He is a good manager when on limited resources, but he doesn’t know how to spend money when he gets it.

    He signed a lot of crap here, and whilst he didn’t get the time that any manager deserves, he still didn’t pull up any trees and won only 8 games with a squad that was worth £100 million. It wasn’t good enough whilst he was here.

    Re: What have we won?

    As your dragging up the past with your Premier League win mention, I done a little research.

    Major honuors, including top flight league wins, UEFA Cup & Champions League and previous versions of them, Fa Cups and League Cups.

    Blackburn – 8
    Newcastle – 11

    Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones son.

  47. ah come on toonsy, didn’t you know that only trophies won since 1993 count any more in the eyes of the “what have you lot ever won” trolls.

    why, i was looking through a history of english football book the other day, and there were hundreds of blank pages until it got to the premier league years!

  48. Chris F – It makes it sound worse when 5 of the Blackburn honours were won 2 centuries ago ;)

  49. The Newcastle fans are very loyal, but stupidly demanding. The management and the ownership do have to take the brunt of all the bad decisions as the should have ignored the demanding fans.

    I am sure most would like to see stability and loyalty being extended through the ownership, management and players.

    Otherwise it will be championship again!

  50. “Re: What have we won?

    As your dragging up the past with your Premier League win mention, I done a little research.

    Major honuors, including top flight league wins, UEFA Cup & Champions League and previous versions of them, Fa Cups and League Cups.

    Blackburn – 8
    Newcastle – 11”

    Not sure how you did your research toonsy but I am really worried about your mathematical ability.

    For Blackburn – 6 FA Cups + 3 League titles + 1 League Cup…and you calculate that at 8?

    Did you run out of fingers or something?!?

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