One thing which hasn’t changed at Newcastle under Eddie Howe

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Eddie Howe.
Howe: Still has a long way to go to change old habits
Undoubtedly, things have improved at St James’ Park since the early days of this season, when the Magpies were struggling to get out the bottom three. However, there is one thing which hasn’t changed, and has actually got marginally worse in the 20 games since Eddie Howe took over, goals, or lack of them.

Eddie Howe’s record for goals scored per game is actually lower than Steve Bruce’s was in the first eight games of the season before he was sacked. Whilst Bruce’s side scored an average of 1.25 goals per game, in his 20 games so far, Howe’s side has managed only 11 goals, with a goals per game average of only 1.1.

Don’t get me wrong, Newcastle United’s relegation odds used to be 5/4 whilst nowadays, looking through what is on offer from the major betting companies, odds of 60/1 can now be found at But despite an very good run of games so far this year with 7 won, 2 drawn and 3 lost, it took some solid defensive play to win those points as the Magpies only scored 15 goals in those 12 games, an average of 1.25 goals per game.

So, whilst the improvement in defence has undoubtedly pulled the Magpies from the edge of the abyss, the effectiveness in attack hasn’t changed at all, and the team still has a long way to go. This consistent lack of goals is a persistent problem which has dogged Newcastle United for a long time, but is it a problem which can be solved by merely by spalshing more money in the Summer, or is a change of thinking required? After all, when the club last decided to spend £40 million on a striker, they came back with Joelinton, a man who has recently found redemption in midfield, but was signed as a star striker when he was nothing of the sort. More relevantly, even the current regime spent another £25 million buying yet another big ‘target man’, Chris Wood, a player who has scored only 5 goals in 33 games for Burnley and Newcastle this season.

Of course, there is the Emile Heskey argument that big target men like Wood can hold the ball up and worry defenders whilst others get involved but that hasn’t been been working neither. Times have changed and Newcastle United are still stuck in the 20th Century. They have come a long way in the months since Howe took over, but they still have a long way to go.

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One Response

  1. I don’t get it ? Why is it after the recent bargaining sessions we are no closer to acquiring a decent side than we were this time last year.
    And who the hell is in charge of signing players, as it appears the recently attempts by three different purchaser’s (particularly Etikitie) were fairly useeless and why do we have three different purchasers involved.
    Having done most of the groundwork, (the heavy lifting) one would expect Howe (the future manager, that is unless they have someone from the continent on stand bye)
    And unlike clubs who were Given a season as manager like Citeh
    The Toon intend to keep Howe, though I doubt it, just ain’t got the resume, I mean look around and check it out where most top managers arrive from.
    And yes , the Toon with it’s newly acquired wealth, should be fielding a decent side instead of Howe’s ex defensive units and they have had all the time n the world to acquire both wingers and a decent goal scoring forward, not in my opinion a very well run recruitment group.
    Of course the fair play deal , doesn’t allow for excessive spending being it would reflect poorly on the approaching seasons.
    Nah ! think a lack of experience, especially with the two Saudi buyers
    “those who were looking at forwards but ended up blowing it !’
    Some-one has to take the blame, for a poor side following plenty of time to do business, but screwing things up, I am extremely pissed
    and hope we can do better as time’s progress. but remain questionable. as a fan.
    there’s still time but I have no believe in the abilities of our latest buyers, who after all barely know Howe or what he is looking for.