Forget relegation, Europe could be calling The Toon!

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Wacky odds on The Toon next season.
Wacky odds on The Toon next season.
It looks like Newcastle are being tipped for a relatively stable return to the Premier League, according to the bookies, who already rate us as the tenth best team in the league.

The early pre-season odds have been released, and they paint a much rosier picture of what could happen at Newcastle next season, as odds of a league win come in at 1000/1 with some bookmakers. That makes us apparently the tenth best team in the league and comparable to the likes of Sunderland and Fulham in terms of how they view our chances of winning the league. At the other end of the table, and if you want to bet on us getting relegated, odds of 7/2 are on offer, with teams like West Brom, Wigan, Wolves, Birmingham and the play-off winner all ranked as more likely to fall through the Premier League trapdoor.

So if we are ranked as the tenth best team in the league with the current squad, that would mean that with a good run and some luck we could end up with European qualification come the end of next season. And if your feeling extremely optimistic, you can back us at 100/1 to clinch a place in next seasons top 4.

Of course, I am being a bit tongue in cheek, and Europe really would be a dream, but I can’t see it happening. I would be more inclined to follow the relegation odds that have us missing out on the drop and finishing around 15th place. To me that sounds more realistic and would be a decent return to top flight action.

However, if we are to reach those heady European heights then we will need to score goals, something that our bookmaking friends don’t seem to think we can do. To finish the season as the Premier League top scorer we have Andy Carroll with odds of 75/1, followed by both Kevin Nolan and Shola Ameobi with odds of 90/1.

It all sounds incredibly optimistic to me, but the odds are on offer from a lot of bookmakers, and it gives a sense of perspective of how a neutral would view us. Of course the bookies are out to make money, but they also don’t want to lose any. People make great noise about how the bookmakers aren’t wrong often, so we should hope that the theory stands up to the test for next season. I must also stress that these are only preliminary odds that have yet to take into account any transfer activity that may happen over the summer, so there is still time for movement.

Full odds are available from here if you wish to have a look, or failing that you can ask me to have a look for you. I must state that gambling is bad and I wouldn’t encourage it at all, which is my legal bit done, but you are mostly adults so it’s your decision.

Reet, where shall I put my pound?

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119 Responses

  1. That clubs dodgy Toonsy,I went in once before and asked for a stiff one………I’ve neva walked reet since!!.lol

  2. davy
    The biggest mistake anyone can make is betting with their heart and not consulting the old CPU. ;)

  3. Word from West Brom is that their chairman has said they aren’t spending any cash on new players.

  4. toonsy

    Im very suspicious when I hear all these chairmen saying they arnt spending money on players. I often wonder if they are trying to lower the selling clubs expections of how much they will spend and thus decrease the going rate of players. On the other hand clubs naturally have less money than a few years ago like.

  5. Glad you mentioned tongue in cheek, as our finish position varies, some have us 12th others 11th., the best i have come across is 10th and at odds of 100 to 1 no fear of us winning the league.
    The controversial odds are those for two unknowns Citeh and Liverpool, two clubs who could result in having major personnel changes.
    Believe we probably rate about a ten to fifteen spot, then again we dont know who could come in yet.

  6. Rich – Dunno mate, they are both the same according to some people anyway lol

  7. DJG
    In fact revenue has steadily increased in the EPL to where it`s at it`s highest level, with foreseeable increases forecast.
    That is unless Mr. Platini attempts to impose rules or salary caps, even attempt to enforce a program where clubs are required to field a certain number of home grown players.
    Though I foresee stiff opposition from Europe`s top sides, with a threat of abandoning EUAFA and FIFA and they have the ability to do it.
    Step lightly Mrs. Platini and Blatter.
    You may kill the proverbial goose !

  8. I find it hard to believe Liverpool still have lower odds than the likes of Villa and Spurs. There is a huge difference between Liverpool and below. I would back Villa and Spurs to finish above Liverpool next season.

  9. DJG – Especially now the Liverpool debt now ridiculously high. Baffling numbers really.

    Man Utd’s is higher, but they also a hell of a lot more. Precarious is an understatement when it come to Liverpool.

  10. Chuck I honestly dont think we’ll see any wage caps, spending caps or any rules that will damage the Big clubs as the biguns will just threaten to take their ball home and not play anymore.
    Toonsy the Bookies tend to lul you in to a false sense of security to get ye to bet so that they can make their money ;)

  11. I think we are certainly not used to losing anymore apart from a few times last season-hence all the talk of great team spirit,strong dressing room ets
    Take a few whippings off the big boys and it could get nasty :(

    I would love some investment and intent from MA in the transfer Market but I am not holding out much hope…I think if we do start to become whipping boys it will be very hard for the team and CH to stay focused on the the Job in hand under extreme pressure from all sides.

  12. SJT I agree 100% I have been one of the ones that say a good team spirit and fight go along way. But I fear that IF we get a few whippings I think the heads could well drop and it might be hard to get them to hold their heads high again

  13. Dunno, we have some leader now, certainly leaders that are more influential than Owen. I reckon they will sort it out between them, like they did earlier in the season when it looked like we could be starting to slide down the league after Bristol City, QPR, Forest and Scunthorpe.

  14. Hey Dave
    Whether he(Platini) intends to impose some sort of regulation in regard to money or personel, is unclear.
    But my advice is to step carefully.
    We will I believe one day have a European super league consisting of the Group of 14, 18 or whoever,at sometime in the near future and to attempt to impose regulation any time soon may in fact trigger it`s happening.

    On another matter seems Onuahu is almost certain to leave.
    Believe we could get him at a decent price with the promise of 1st team football.
    Either that or bring in Either Steve Finnan for a season or bring back Beye.
    Rather have Onuahu, but believe the other two could do it for us for the forthcoming season.
    Thats if we are to believe there`s money to be spent.

  15. BIG DAVE,aye m8 your just the lad to lul people into a false sense of security ;) what odds are you given for toon to stay up like or will you ask JB first :)

  16. Toonsy look at the fizzy’s as a flight of fancy…our team on paper and wages made other teams pale into comparison and we outclassed most teams quite easily….we all know the gulf is massive between the prem and fizzy pop’s and so are the troughs we could find ourselves in after a few slappings.

  17. Beye couldn’t get to the exit door quick enough,like Owen,Martins,Duff-W@nkers of the highest order.

  18. SJT aye m8,and after saying that they wanted to stay in toon,forked tongue comes to mind

  19. To be fair to Owen, we all knew the score with him. He naver made any declarations of love for Newcastle ala the rest, so in that respect I say fair play to him.

  20. I don’t fear getting beat next season so much as getting hammered. If you look at the season we went done, we didn’t get beat a huge amount of times – draws cost us in the end.

    But we did get some defeats, mainly to Liverpool, where it killed confidence and even drove players out the club.

    Now look at those and consider how many times Chelsea have spanked teams by 7 goals or more this season, not to mention the constant potential or Arsenal and Man Utd doing the same – we could get destroyed multiple times and lose all team spirit.

    One or two of those can damage the team more than 10 defeats.

  21. Im not a betting man but if i was id bet NU in a handiap.
    Ide love to see us finish top half but i cant see it,not with this lot in charge.
    I think we,ll be ok but free transfers and loans will only take you so far
    I think it depends on how we start,if we are struggling early doors i think the masses will become restless again and it will be demonstrations all over the khot end with cries of Ashley out. Hope not,that will mean we,re doing ok.

  22. Toonsy
    To be fair to Owen, we all knew the score with him. He naver made any declarations of love for Newcastle ala the rest, so in that respect I say fair play to him.

    Are you Nuts?
    This player is a number 1 piss taker and was paid in astronomical amounts to sit on his arse draining resources and poncing around keeping the medical team in jobs.

    Owen is up there with Marcelino or worse.

  23. Platini is just a Turkey he doesn’t have any real powers. The real powers lie with the tv moguls who tell us when we are allowed to play.

  24. SJT – Again, in fairness, injuries cant be helped, and Shepherd offered him the vast amount of money, to the point where he actually said he even signed for the money just after he moved here.

    Scored 1 in 2 when fit, but didn’t pull up any tress when we needed him most. Never dreesed the situation up though, if we had of stayed up then I reckon we would probably still have him here tbh.

  25. Thank god we got relegated and he jumped the sinking ship – the horse faced little scouse prick.

  26. SJT,gather like me you didnt like him,rumor mill has it wax face will let him move on this year as well

  27. DJG > They say rats are first to leave a sinking ship.

    That was a famous Stardust saying ;)
    Ice I think we should be ok this year we wont be pulling up many tree’s.

    wickywoowoo re the 7-0 hammerings chelski have been handing out I think the main problem was the teams were mentally beat before they even went on to the pitch, I meant to ask what you think of Kris Boyd and do you have any idea what wages he is on ?

  28. Look you guys have to get over this hangup about players leaving, it`s just business, Beye played well for us, a real pro.
    It was because the club was in turmoil, the Chuckles Bros.(Llambias and Ashley)did`nt know what was happening, nor did anyone else, chaos reigned, can you really blame people for getting out if there was a solid offer on hand, think about it .
    Not talking Mickey oh,he was never anything but a greedy little Cnut at his time here, but like every other football player, money talks and bullshit walks !
    Get used to it !
    And thank goodness for Hughton, the guy who came in for almost no dough and in his quiet way straightened out this club and made them into winners.
    Any other manager who achieved what he has would have been rewarded with a contract no question.
    But our corpulent penny pincher, has decided screw it see how he does in the PL, what a jerk !

  29. Got no problem with them leaving, after lying about how they love the club and want to stay and fight etc etc.

    Doesn’t mean to say I would welcome them back though. Why should I? Sure, to them it’s just business, but to me its an emotional attatchment which they have taken the piss out of.

  30. Chuck TBH I think if CH is willing to accept it as it seems to be, it is a good move to not give him a big contract, as we dont know how he will cope with a team that will at times need picked up and rallied after a few beatings. I know he has done a real cracking job But IMO he had a massive advantage in the CCC with the players we have

  31. Yeah Chelsea freaked M. O`N. out big time, thought he had built a decent side, then gets whacked with seven in the onion bag, scare`y !
    And that was with some of Chelsea`s best players out.
    Almost drove him out of Villa.
    Goes to show whats needed when it comes to building a side,
    Mucha plata !
    And M.O`N. spent big.
    Just look at our Geordie neighbor doon the coast how much has he spent ? to be rated @ number 9# on the bookies list.
    Gives you an idea where we are, not spending one thin dime .

  32. I would take non of the Rats back…even Bassong would get the door slammed in his face from me.
    A rat is a rat at the end of the day and I hate rats.

  33. CH not getting a contract extension and massive payrise is a good decision by MA….so when the chips are down and he sacks him at xmas he will not have to pay him off…just pay for his train ticket back down south to manage QPR or Similar.

  34. Chuck I meant to add that that must mean in your eyes im a jerk too :) As for Beye do you think our players that stayed in the trench’s and fought the fight would be glad to welcome him back ? But maybe it was out of his hands

  35. Toonsy

    Every football player Kisses the badge and spouts the same old garbage, I love it here , these are the best fans in the world, i want to spend my career here, etc. etc.

    If i have to explain that to you, well…….

  36. Time will show whether CH has the players or tactical awareness for the new season in the PL. Personally I can see lots of low scoring games as we aint gonna be scoring a hatful of goals. Hopefully will be well enough organised to avoid 7-0 drubbings aka Chelski – Villa !
    Survival is all important…

    Sirjaontoon@50…good call, even when tongue in cheek !

  37. Chuck – Well what? you patronising cnut..

    Well I have a different opinion? Get over it dude

  38. Dont care about this hypothetical trash lets talk reality.. i hop CH is really looking for some young fresh talent while the market is ripe and the club has appeal get the players in early so they can get familiar with the club and hopefully we can make a 3-5 cheeky moves and stabilize us for the prem..HWTL!!!!

  39. Big Dave, message 43,

    Kris Boyd on a free transfer is a no brainer for me. He has to be got. Even if he flops, he will still get a few million from Championship/SPL clubs so you are guaranteed profit. I think he would get 10+ goals anyway. If people here want Steven Fletcher, Boyd is a must get.

    His wages, I would guess would be about 20 thousand, but that’s a conservative guess. Rangers are in bad debt for an SPL club so I guess wages may be a bit higher there but I would say £20k to £30k. I think we could pay his requirements, anyway.

  40. JJ says:
    May 16, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    “I see South Africa “B” just won the Cricket 20/20 World Cup”

    Aye, they chose to represent the superior nation ;)

  41. And Bayern Munich just won the double….and next Saturday maybe the treble…. See what cloggy’s in the team does for you !

  42. A player i saw today for upfront was caciedo on malaga on-loan from ManC. not bad if the price is right or willing to loan him out certainly young enough 22or23 and looks a player more so then Gomis who last year kept hearing about and doesnt appeal to me at all one of the best moves we didnt make

  43. surely South Africa ‘B’ are the ones who din’t get to the final JJ ;-)

  44. Well sorry boys, for those who are unable to see reality in that football players dont in general give a shit about the club with the possible exceptions of local lads playing on a team they have had a romantic association with since childhood.
    It`s show business with a short lefe-span, therefore they have to maximize earnings,
    Kissing badges and spouting the right stuff is part and parcel of the whole magilla, dont you f*****g gedit !

    And no Bid Dave i did`nt call you a jerk, not even by implication i was only reffering to Ashley, ok !

  45. wickywoowoo I dont watch much SPL but when I have seen him he has looked real good, plus my Son inlaw is a Rangers fan and is allways going on about him and funny enough he thinks Lovenkrands was a cracker, I would like to get him if possible as I think he would fit in well

  46. Chuck – Nobody is dusputing that. people are just saying that they dont want turncoats back.

    Not hard to grasp really

  47. caciedo,ireland,cleverley,austin,skelbrejd,huskelepp,fox,onohua,belhadj,sakho, have even more on my list that would fit well but get us 3-5 sell some of ours some on loan and i think we would be a formidable prem.squad

  48. Chuck we all know MA is a class 1 Jerk. I do agree that 98% of players have no loyalty to the clubs they play for and in lots of ways I can understand as 99% of clubs have no loyalty to their players. I just dont think our players would be too happy to see Beye coming back Gedit :)

  49. Racing Santander stopped up in the end. Hopefully they will have Xisco off us now!

  50. Just makes me think what a strong squad we’d have if our government didn’t interfere in our sport Toonsy.
    But nobody can blame these players for leaving when there place in their birth country’s team is taken away because they arn’t dark enough…

  51. chuck says:
    May 16, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    “And no Bid Dave i did`nt call you a jerk, not even by implication i was only reffering to Ashley, ok !”

    At it again, Dave? ;-)

  52. JJ says:
    May 16, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    “But nobody can blame these players for leaving when there place in their birth country’s team is taken away because they arn’t dark enough…”

    Maybe white people shouldn’t have been such complete and utter bastards over there for hundreds of years then, JJ? :-)

  53. Worky

    Worky. I’m not saying what the previous regimes did were right. But their are many many rural blacks that will tell you they had better lives under that government than the pathetic on we have today.

    You’ll be suprised how racism was condemned in may childhood. I would get the hiding of my life saying any word that degraded them, even if I didn’t know what it meant.

    Today. The racism is worse than ever. Even between different black cultures.

  54. Also. Politics has got nothing to do with sports…

    There are companies like Bakers. That have sponsored cricket academys for black children for the last 30 years!
    There are no such academys in place for white children.

    There are regulations that state South Africa must have at least 5 players of colour in the field in the cricket starting eleven. Regardless of form or who is more deserving. And its hasn’t only caused discontent amongst white players…
    Players like Charl Langeveld (a coloured player) retired from international cricket a few years ago because he was being picked as a player of colour… He said there was no pride in him being selected under those circumstances. Which meant even when he was in form, he wasn’t available for selection.

    People like you get very smart arse about situations you know absolutely nothing about! “Affirmative Action”, basically the reverse of Apartheid is a situation which has seen, black people suffer so much.

  55. Nowt wrong with Baker’s like ;)

    (It’s my surname before I get accused of being a racist or something)

    I’m actually annoyed that nobody has compared the photo of John McCririck to whatever Glazer it is at Man Utd lol

  56. You see a select few make themselves and their families rich through corruption.
    “Companys” are given the rights to a massive contract poorly because they are “Black owned”.
    In the mean time they have no work force – they are a government registered company that then sub contracts a white owned company to do the work. Pocketing money for doing nothing. While other legitamately black run companies don’t even get a look in because they are not Khosa speaking but Sotho speaking.

    People are also critical of “us” treating the Blacks badly. But lets not forget it was the English that came in and used the blacks as slaves.
    If you are going to go back into history with accusations… Its best you keep quiet Worky… and don’t pass judgement on things you are clueless about. It just makes you look stupid and arrogant.

  57. *purely not poorly…

    Its like arguing that there should be five women in every football team in the UK today. Because they havn’t had the same oppotunities as the men for the last 40 years…

    Then saying “you shouldn’t have treated them badly Worky… when the people being effected weren’t even born yet..


    Anyway. Back to football.

  58. JJ says:
    May 16, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    “There are companies like Bakers. That have sponsored cricket academys for black children for the last 30 years!
    There are no such academys in place for white children.”

    Boo ****ing hoo, JJ. They can pay for their own academies.

  59. You think there are only disadvantaged blacks worky?
    No poor whites? You clearly have never been to Africa.
    Think you are standing up for a noble cause, but I can only excuse you because of you utter ignorance…

    You know sweet FA about Africa’s inhabitants.
    You just a typical ignorant idiot picking up tidbits of you miniscule knowledge which leads you to think that most white South African’s are racist. But I’m wasting my time even debating something with someone so clearly clueless about the state of Africa.

    Its got nothing to do with colour. Its got to do with discimination. Regardless of colour and by accepting it or finding excuses to condone it. You are a racist and hypocrite of the highest order.

    But like I said. Ignorant – so no point even debating with you…
    But it has given me some insight into the person you are.
    Quite sad really.

  60. whoah…easy lads.. Divvent spoil your Sunday…put your handbags away…

  61. Careful Munich Mag…

    Just now Worky is going to tell you if Germany gets hit by a nuclear bomb, you had it coming…
    Same logic isn’t it…

    Anyway. Handbags are put away. As long as he shuts his trap :)
    “Sorry for the bad vibes… Comments like that:
    Maybe white people shouldn’t have been such complete and utter bastards over there for hundreds of years then, JJ?”

    Just make my blood boil… As a nine year old child when it ended I didn’t even know what Apartheid was.

  62. toonsy-Where did you get the crack regarding Boyd to Brum mate? On a free we have to take a chance on him. He’s one of these “right place right time” strikers and knows where the net is. If its free’s we’re going for he’s right at the top of the list! Wages wouldn’t be owt to worry about, definitly worth a punt.

  63. JJ
    I was in S/Africa in 1960 during the sharpeville massacre time and numerous times after.
    And I know how things were.
    Dont give me any story about how good things were for Black Africans, they were horrible and if things have reversed and whites are now being discriminated against.
    A little taste of what they handed out is perhaps poetic justice, at least they are not being systematically shot, beaten and jailed that anyone is aware of.
    Some rural (only rural eh!)black Africans had better lives under aparthied, yeah right and slavery was really paternalistic, you guys still dont get it do you ?

  64. Chuck, a

    Another clueless f#$k… spouting his mouth off…

    You say…
    “Dont give me any story about how good things were for Black Africans, they were horrible and if things have reversed and whites are now being discriminated against.
    A little taste of what they handed out is perhaps poetic justice, at least they are not being systematically shot, beaten and jailed that anyone is aware of.”

    If you read what I said, you’d see that I don’t and never condoned what was done during Apartheid.

    There are over 3 000 racially motivated murders on farms every year in South Africa. Blacks killing whites.
    Thats racially motivated, but it doesn’t get the headlines over their because the entire world is black sympathetic. Thats why they let people like Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe get away with murder.

    And what do they do to resolve the problem. They put trade restrictions in place which make matters worse for those poor people that are suffering. Its not a racial thing at all… Its what is right and wrong.
    I’m not afraid to say someone is wrong because they are black, not would I be if they were white.
    If you condone any decisions made by the colour of someones skin, then you are the racist my friend… not me!!! I see all as equals…

    You see “rural blacks” as a degrading comment… I see it as fact… They are black people that live in poor rural areas, and they are completely neglected by the current government, just as they were under apartheid.

    When you’ve had a sister slammed to death with a refrigerator against a wall and you get people telling you thats poetic justice… Chuck… If I ever come face to face with you! And you say that!

    You better run away very quickly…

    When you’ve had an 80 year old grandfather murdered so that that can drink the beer in the fridge and brag about it back home? When you’ve had friends with a disabled father beaten and hijacked three times…

    It that a bit of “poetic justice”?

    I had nothing to do with Apartheid. And when I did have the right to have a say, my family, and everyone I know in fact voted to end it! We all knew it was disgraceful.

    Those blacks that were persecuted as slaves during apartheid are still being persecuted to this day BY THEIR OWN PEOPLE!!! They have no jobs! They have no houses! They have diseases that arn’t treated, they have no education… No water, No food. And why? Because there own people are discriminating against them!!!

    Who do you think runs the charities? Who do you think makes donations to keep them alive? Not their own people thats for sure.

    The 5% of the black population that is stinking rich today keep that money for fancy Jaguar Cars and Massive Sandton Mansions. They give nothing back to their own people.
    Even the famous…”Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund”, only 5% of the money donated goes to charity. The rest goes directly to the staff, or to the bank accounts of Nelson Mandela’s real children. Not the poor suffering kids on the street!

    Nothing has changed in that regard!

    When I say “rural” I’m talking about 90% of the black population that live in tin shacks. Get kicked off land by their own people! They have nowhere to go! They are rural dwellers. Living in the bush! Living off the land!
    They have to sh!t in rivers and drink from those same waters! While the minority (5%) of their “African brothers” in government live in absolute luxury.

    You are so f$%cking stupid and ignorant it grates me!

    Come to South Africa… Let me show you around. Let me take you to the black people that suffer, that you don’t see and you ask them what this government has done for them! You ask them if anything has changed!!!

    Ignorant Prick. Its hypocrytes like yourself that let the world get away with murder… Purely through ignorance!

    My point is that the government in charge hasn’t learned from their hardships. Instead of spreading the wealth. They steal and milk the country for all its worth. Leaving 95% of the nation in worse poverty than before!!!

    What kind of freedom is that!!! There is more discrimination that ever…

    I have a domestic worker (you’ll call her a slave)… She has worked for us for 26 years. She could not leave us even if she wanted to… Because she gets discriminated against by being Sotho speaking instead of Zulu speaking.

    She at one stage feared for her life because she may be mistaken for a Lesotho refugee.

    Rather pipe down on subjects you know nothing about…

  65. JJ – Don’t let him get to you mate. Little hint:

    Amstel time = Masturbation time. Why?

    1) Because he is a lonely wnaker

    2) He has probably bored anyone away who tried to love him

    Don’t get angry, feel sad for him

  66. Lol Toonsy.

    Just sick and tired of these people that accuse a white South African of being racist… Ironically, because he feels colour shouldn’t be an issue in decision making…

    When he said “you just don’t get it” thats whats gets to me… Because its people like him, that just don’t get it…

    Anyway. I thought the topic was over. And I promise even if someone else riles me up, i’ll just ignore it…
    Its not a topic for a football blog is it…

  67. JJ says:
    May 17, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    “Just sick and tired of these people that accuse a white South African of being racist”

    Who accused you of being racist, JJ?

  68. JJ says:
    May 17, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    “Anyway. I thought the topic was over. And I promise even if someone else riles me up, i’ll just ignore it…
    Its not a topic for a football blog is it…”

    And as you mentioned it, who brought up the subject of racism against whites in South Africa in the first place, JJ?

  69. Worky don’t get on my tits again…

    I mentioned that it was unfair for players to be denied a place in a team purely on the colour of there skin.
    If it were blacks being kept out for the same reason, I’d find it just as bad!
    What any sports fan wants is the best possible team regardless of colour!!!

    You turned it into a bigger arguement with your, “poetic justice” comments… and thus proved yourself to be an ignorant, clueless, sad and loney person…

    Lets move on from the topic shall we. You arn’t in the best books with most bloggers on this site. But clearly you are too proud to just say you were wrong to anyone.

  70. Pretty much along the same lines Toonsy, and so hypocrytical of someone against racism…


    “But nobody can blame these players for leaving when there place in their birth country’s team is taken away because they arn’t dark enough…”

    Maybe white people shouldn’t have been such complete and utter bastards over there for hundreds of years then, JJ? :-)

  71. Sure those people living in rural shacks were probably living the same way if not worse under aparthiet.
    Sure i know there are poor whites in SA but still compared to black`s in general they still live much better.
    Yeah I know it`s tough being an apologist for 50 years of racial subjecation.

    Toonsy whats your problem ?
    You another racist, do you agree with this racist apologist.

  72. Chuck – Where have I said I agreed with anything anyone has said?

    I merely said you are a lonely wnaker, that is all.

  73. Yes Chuck,

    I have nothing to apologise for… Like I said. I was barely walking when Apartheid ended.
    I have no sympathy for those that put the system in place. They deserve what ever comes to them.
    There are many things that are worse now Chuck. Hospitals, water cleaniness, employment rates are LOWER amoungst black populations than they were…

    However, if you took the wax out of your old ears! You’d come to realise I never said Apartheid was a good thing at all. I said it was terrible. But this government through pure greed, have made conditions for the poor and uneducated majority even worse!

    Chuck… I’m going to state this one more time… Be very careful what you say. And what you accuse me of…

    Believe it or not, it was your ancestors from Britain that put those regulations in place… It was them that took the Africans out of African and used them as slaves.

    But did you share that view… No!

    Would you be happy if I took away you job and the job of your son and replaced him with someone from Africa to make up for the past mistakes in which you had no involvement? Would you be happy if your son was offered a Newcastle contract only to have it taken away because there arn’t enough African representitives in the toon?
    And his place was given to someone of considerably less talent.
    Then he asks you why. “Why dad? Wasn’t I good enough,” and you explain, “No son, its because your great grandfathers generation were racist!” Thats why you can’t play football for Newcastle…

    Make sense to you?

    Or would you say… That the population as a whole have not learnt from the past and are now making the same errors in reverse! And that is a tradegy that we can’t now finally all be seen as equals…

  74. Toonsy
    You know you are two people on here, one who write`s a decent blog and another who is obsessed with commenting on everyone and every thing.
    You have become quite agressive and insulting and as you know i`m not the first to say this.
    Obviously you are stressed and should learn to relax
    So try to cut out the insults and not take things so personally.
    You are also making yourself into the perfect target, jumping to any bait, with your buttons on display.
    Chill guy !

  75. Well, people said I should toughen up Chuck, and thats what happens. Your right, your not the first, you are the second to say it. Out of how many people on the blog?

    Have you ever thought that maybe it is you who brings out the worst in people with you constant attempts to needle at people?

    Didn’t think so. Too much time in the big city to see feck all other than anything that is about you, you selfish jumped up geriatric prick.

    You treat people with respect, you get it back. Talk to people like 5hite, as you do with me, you get it back.

    Deal with it

  76. What point? Your point is insignificent to me. You are a waste of good oxygen.

  77. JJ says:
    May 17, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    “Believe it or not, it was your ancestors from Britain that put those regulations in place… It was them that took the Africans out of African and used them as slaves.”

    I don’t think so, JJ.

    “The great objection many of the Boers had and still have to English law is that it makes no distinction between black men and white. They felt aggrieved by their supposed losses in the emancipation for their Hottentot slaves, and determined to erect themselves into a republic, in which they might pursue without molestation, the ‘proper treatment of the blacks.’

    It is almost needless to add that the ‘proper treatment’ has always contained in it the essential element of slavery, namely, compulsory unpaid labour…”

    David Livingstone.

  78. God Worky,

    Are you honestly going to deny that the UK did participate in slave labour because one man saw it as an injustice.

    And your quote is supposed to prove this?

    You are an absolute joke! No point debating with such pathetic people.

    Try searching “British Slave Trade” you ignorant tw@t!

  79. The Atlantic Slave Trade, also known as the transatlantic slave trade, was the trading, primarily of AFRICAN people, to the colonies of the New World that occurred in and around the Atlantic Ocean. It lasted from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Most enslaved people were shipped from West Africa and Central Africa and taken to North and South America[1] to labor on sugar, coffee, cocoa and cotton plantations, in gold and silver mines, in rice fields, or in houses to work as servants.

    TAKE NOTE!!!! The shippers were, in order of scale, the Portuguese, the BRITISH!!!!, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, and the North Americans.

    Racist apologist! How can you defend your country for such crimes against humanity!!!
    If one of the decendants of those slaves where to chain you down, rape your wife in front of you, rape your new born baby, and murder your grandfather. Would that be justice after the centuries of bad treatment your ancestors gave them?

    No, it wouldn’t. It’d still be an injustice! And complete violation of equality. As it would be if the situation were to happen in reverse years later.

    Hopefully I’ve made my point! And you’ll stop arguing sh!t with pathetic random quotes from a solitary good statesman of the time!

    Clearly you don’t have the intellengence to admit you are wrong in your accusations! So, like a poor lawyer you try build a case around fabribcated evidence.

    So sad really…

  80. Marko

    Well, from a neutral point of view. Point out one statement I have made which is racist…

  81. Absorbing piece. The blog was to the point and just the information I was looking for. I can’t say that I agree with all the points you made but it was definitely enlightening! BTW…I found your site through a Google search. I hope you’ll permit me to post a link to a site relevant to the quote by George Bush discussed in your article. I’m an occasional visitor to your blog and will be backsoon.