Premier League Relegation Odds: Getting Better for Newcastle and Burnley

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Newcastle vs Burnley
Newcastle and Burnley: Looking good for survival.
As we head into the final stages of the season, we take a look at the current odds on clubs being relegated and which ones we think will avoid the drop.

Less than two months ago, teams such as Norwich, Burnley and Newcastle were looking set for the drop with all three sides struggling to pick up points in the top-flight. However, a resurgence in form from all three has resulted in the bottom half of the table being much more of a level playing field, and has even dragged clubs such as Everton, Leeds and Brentford into the mix.

As of Thursday 24th February, the bookie’s odds of clubs being relegated from the Premier League are as follows:

⦁ Norwich: 1/8
⦁ Watford: 1/5
⦁ Burnley: 6/4
⦁ Leeds: 5/2
⦁ Brentford: 3/1
⦁ Newcastle: 4/1
⦁ Everton: 9/2

Many punters will be looking to have a bet in the coming weeks on teams to be relegated and utilising the various footy betting offers that are available from the top UK bookmakers.

Here are our thoughts on the clubs currently involved in the relegation battle:


Norwich are currently bottom of the league after having played 25 of their 38 games this season. However, back-to-back wins against Everton and Watford followed by a respectable draw at home to Crystal Palace have given the Canaries a glimmer of hope in staying up this term. They’ve struggled against the bigger sides in the league this season having picked up the majority of their points against teams around them towards the bottom of the league. If they are to stay up, Dean Smith’s side will need to improve considering that all of Burnley, Newcastle and Everton have games in hand over them.

Verdict: Relegated.


Watford are just a point above Norwich having played the same number of games. However, unlike several of the others in the relegation fight, we haven’t seen much of an improvement in form from Roy Hodgson’s side. They did pick up a rare 1-0 win away to Aston Villa last week but other than that, they’ve mainly come away with nothing from games. The Hornets are still to play the likes of Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea and so it’s difficult to see them clawing their way to safety before the end of the season.

Verdict: Relegated.


Burnley have lost just two of their seven league games this year which has lifted them to 18th in the league. They have two games in hand over both Watford and Norwich and one over Newcastle who are currently two points ahead of them in the safe zone. After impressive back-to-back wins against Brighton and Spurs, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see them pick up points in their next two fixtures games Crystal Palace and Leicester which could be enough to lift them out of the relegation zone. Burnley host Newcastle on the last day of the season which could be a pivotal match.

Verdict: Safe.

Leeds United

After finishing ninth in the league last season and scoring an impressive 62 goals, Leeds have somehow found themselves in a relegation battle in the final stages of the season. They’ve registered just one victory since the end of November and are conceding far too many goals for them to win games. With three consecutive defeats recently that included 6-0 against Liverpool, 4-2 against Man Utd and 3-0 at home to Everton, Marcelo Bielsa’s side could find themselves back in the Championship if they are unable to tighten things up at the back.

Verdict: Relegated.


Brentford got their season in the top-flight off to a great start but are having a torrid year which has seen them lose six and draw one of their last seven in the league. However, they have had a tough run of fixtures of late and given that they’re four points above the drop zone, they should have enough to remain above there by picking up points in what seems to be one of the easier fixture lists of the bottom teams.

Verdict: Safe.


Newcastle made some solid signings in the January transfer window, albeit not attracting the biggest names in the game with the exception of Kieron Trippier. However, it’s perhaps been Eddie Howe who has had the biggest influence on the team as the Magpies are now unbeaten in their last six in the league, winning three, which has lifted them two points clear of the relegation zone. £40m signing Bruno Guimarães has yet to be fully utilised and that is mainly due to Howe’s current starting XI playing so well. He’ll be reluctant to change what isn’t broken and so the Brazilian midfielder will have to wait for his chance, should he get one this season.

Newcastle have some big games ahead of them, facing Brentford, Brighton, Southampton and Everton in the coming weeks. They’ll need to pick up points throughout those matches to ensure safety given that they have a very tough run of fixtures towards the end of the season with Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal being three of their four last opponents.

Verdict: Safe.


Everton had a good start to their 2021/22 campaign, losing just one of their first seven matches. However, they’ve been freefalling ever since which led to the sacking of manager Rafa Benitez. Frank Lampard was brought in and during his time in charge, the Toffee’s have lost two and won one of their three in the league. They have some tough fixtures to play but one thing that they do have is 1-2 games in hand over teams around them in the league. Although they are in no way guaranteed to remain as a Premier League club next season, they should have enough in them to stay up, albeit by a narrow margin.

Verdict: Safe.

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15 Responses

  1. Comfortable win today. I’m inclined to agree with your assessment, although if it’s not Leeds who fill the third relegation spot I reckon it’ll be Brentford. Both teams are in a shocking freefall at the moment.

    I’m still not counting any chickens in our own case either – a lot can happen in the 13 remaining games. I’d want to be 10 points clear to properly relax.

    The most encouraging thing about the last few games is that we’re getting decent results without some of our star players, albeit we were helped to day by Brentford’s early sending off.

  2. Erm ! and just who are these so called stars you mentioned and could it actually mean the fact that we played quite a few of our recent signings as those games, not that I consider many of the moves we have made to be essential , or really necessary.
    It does appear the scheduled games puts us in a more difficult position, considering the quality of the teams involved, no!
    Trippear is a sick note as is Wilson, could we buy some players that are free of injuries that show up and after a couple weeks are still available, and when playing appear to be decent .
    Trippier and his particular style of play contributed to-wards the wins and he can if necessary be a good assistant to our manager in due time.
    However I remain unimpressed by the unexpected crowd we have signed, which could be considered as the necessary act of any side threatened by relegation, would make.
    It appears the NUFC mouthpieces are certainly in full voice , praising both our manager and the club for the recent unbeaten run,
    and sure it’s nice, however they cannot be described as saviors from relegation, as the competition is not that great !
    Yeah we did sign a hopefully decent midfielder, from Brazil, that’s about it.
    And the summer window where we will have enough competition
    from other clubs will tell the tale of next seasons run.
    Apparently we have enough dosh to actually outspend a number of sides but take a look @ the amounts of money other clubs in the EPL have, we cannot even beat the wealthier clubs combined, so don’t expect too much in the summer window and could take a number of years before we can reach that stage of the competitions.
    While this recent run will do a lot in our case of surviving this’EPL
    season and could certainly impress many of the competition.
    Certainly we could have a difficult time with the management side we have ended up with, which doesn’t really impress me any more than anyone since Big Sam arrived a few years back
    Let’s see who’s right when the season reaches it’s run in. and after.
    that if the half assed boycott still prevails, we may continue to have problems signing those that may be interested in playing in the black and white , as many players especially those who may get some praise may become questionable and possibly be recommended to join a top six club, strictly to raise their wages and lets not forget that it’s usually a short career. where national sides
    representatives end up with more money prestige and whatever count .

  3. Hugh, it isn’t my assessment. My assessment is that I’m sick of all these big target men coming in who hardly ever score, and the one hitman we have who does score is bloody well injured most of the time.

    Chuck, Tripper is 31, he’s played 434 games and has played 30-40 games a season for Spurs and Atletico Madrid for the last few seasons. That isn’t the record of a player who’s always injured.

  4. Worky, I think we’re at cross-purposes. I was agreeing with the assessment about who’ll be relegated this season as per the article.

    But to address your point anyway. I’m not judging Wood just yet. His confidence is low and he’s going through a goal drought. Strikers often do. He is working hard in other areas, though, and that’s good. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt at the moment and see if he can find his scoring boots.

  5. Aye, Hugh, but I think you know what I mean generally. The seemingly endless succession of big, useless lumps up front who never fucking score. Rondon managed a few but we’ve had so many shite target man style strikers who can go dozens of games without scoring, Carroll, Joelinton, Joselu (remember him?) Xisco (remember him?) etc… If they held up the ball and enabled others to step in and score, great, but that never happens.

    On another matter, when I was reading about Chelsea and their current problems with their Russian owner, it made me wonder what might happen with Newcastle the next time Mohammed bin Salman commits an atrocity? The Toon isn’t just owned by someone who knows a brutal, autocratic leader (like Abramovich and Putin), it’s actually owned by the brutal autocratic leader and his brutal, autocratic state.

  6. Ah yes, Joselu. What a star!

    Derby are welcome to Ashley. It’s not just that he was a skinflint, it’s that he executed his skinflintery poorly. I think he wanted to be like Southampton in the 2010s. Realistically they were never going to win the PL, and they had some tough periods in the relegation zone too, but they also had some good top-half finishes, pushing the top 6 at times. The point is, you had something to look forward to at the beginning of the season other than merely surviving by the skin of your teeth.

  7. The Ashley deal ‘collapsed’ in the end. Derby are in the hands of the administrators at the moment so they’re hanging over the abyss. It would have been Ashley, Charnley and Wayne Rooney, the three potato heads.

  8. Chuck, you’ve been making your comments in an old article again. Why can’t you do what everybody else does and leave them in the most recent one?

  9. Why do you use it then?, it being off limits to the like of myself,
    Infers a lower choice level to most who would like to include
    their ten cents worth , thank you !
    No I take it Ashley was more of a gambler, who saw the opportunity to generate some extra dosh he could use to reinforce his real business, “Sports Direct “which gave him an opportunity to transfer or mingle funds from both and god knows they should have shook down all of the paperwork attatched , after all he attempted to use every business process including a short while as a dealer in buying and selling players, I believe the term is “a selling club ”.Which is possibly the reason he didn’t continue.
    Yep, there were a lot of complainers on blogs similar to this and it surprises me that some really thought he bought the club for reasons that certain didn’t fit, the only reason was it gave him a bit of the lime-light and reinforced his other business ‘SD’.
    Yep even making a number of trips to the US, checking out various businesses that were on their way out, but nothing permanent became of it.
    Though I must admit I’m surprised he latched on-to Derby one of the founding members of the FA, and whatever’s s likely to happen there.
    They’re certainly involving themselves with a first class cheapskate.

  10. Well as of this moment it appears NUFC are doing just fine, following an excellent run , right outta the relegation struggle.
    With most wondering as-to why ?
    Well it certainly ain’t the dossers who now make up the side and who are playing for their jobs, being most are lined up to go .
    And it’s not the signings who imo are not much better than those ousted, yeah I know that sides like the top six who attract those more interested in gaining international caps.
    The continental sides don’t hand out caps with tassels and the colors of the country and no one wears blazers except the English national side, ah well !
    Soh ! anyway we appear to be no longer subject to going down to the second tier, the big tv people can continue paying the epl and they in turn can also pay the clubs.
    The rich get rich and St. James’ will expand to include those who in turn will show up every week, and will be renown for a chanting crowd of @ least forty thousand.
    and everyone will live happy ever after with a locker displaying cups n’ stuff. as opposed to being there struggling with the Smoggies and Mackems I suppose.
    It’s also a day out for those going to the game and the land-lords who serve them, will make a profit and all will become happy chappies, and boast about the time we avoided relegation and now only enjoy decent football within the walls of an extended St. James’Park.
    Cause face it had it not been for the Saudis n’ their dough we could be sharing a league with both Boro. and S’land.

  11. Chuck, you make it sound like all the old players are going to be beheaded at the end of the season. Arguably, the star of the last few games has been little Ryan Fraser. We haven’t seen much of this Brazilian box to box star yet as the team keep winning with Shelvey, Joelinton and Willock in the middle. Sometimes I think that this Saudi takeover thing has made you go bonkers, then I remember that you’ve always been that way.

  12. We live in interesting times. Now that Roman Abramovich and Chelski have been sanctioned, KSA, Yemen and Newcastle United are starting to enter the discussion, especially so now that bin Salman has humiliated Joe Biden with his telephone snub. Unlike Chelsea though, Newcastle United aren’t just owned by an associate of the offending head of state, they are owned by an offending state itself, which would be much worse if something happened.