Is someone telling porkies?

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Are Newcastle United even planning to sell Coloccini?
No bids, but is he up for sale anyway?
Much confusion abounds at Newcastle United about the futures of Joey Barton, Jonas Gutierrez and Fabricio Coloccini, but it seems that a lot of the confusion has come about from one quote and an awful lot of hearsay.

Micky Quinn sparked up a bit of a storm recently by saying that he knew through a third party that Arsenal have enquired about Joey Barton. To be fair he didn’t say what they’d enquired about and maybe Arsene just wants Joey to feed his fish while he’s on holiday, although it’s reasonable to assume Quinn was talking about Arsenal enquiring about Joey’s availability for transfer.

This caused much discussion – particularly on Gunners’ fan boards – about whether or not Barton’s Arsenal material, how much he would cost and suchlike and so forth.

On top of that we had the Journal claiming that Jonas Gutierrez was next for the chop and then – somehow – Coloccini was added in as a potential leaver for good measure.

Yet with all three of these players there’s very little in the way of evidence to suggest that they’re either for sale or have attracted interest from other clubs, and at the end of last week a flurry of reports appeared suggesting that Newcastle have received no enquiries about Barton, Coloccini and Gutierrez.

Mind you, that claim is not – as far as I can see – backed up by any real evidence either! The tabloids simply seem to ‘understand’ that such is the case, presumably via the use of Voodoo.

So someone’s telling porkies: either Quinn or the press or the informant or whoever. Or, to be kinder about it, what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate (to paraphrase ‘Cool Hand Luke’).

Which all goes to show that any and all of this speculation should be treated with a healthy pinch of salt. A lot of people find the speculation fun, particularly in the football-free off-season – and that’s fine – but we should never take it too seriously without substantial, confirmed quotes from people who are likely to know something approaching the truth.

So what of Barton, Coloccini and Jonas? I think a lot of the speculation comes about because of the club’s general policy of reducing wages and seemingly ‘rebooting’ the team with younger, mainly French players. But surely even Ashley must know there’s a balance to be had, mustn’t he?

So what do you think is the future for these three?

Will they leave or will they be here next season in black and white? If all three did go then – along with Nolan and possibly Enrique – we really will have ripped apart the core of last season’s team and whether that’s a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

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27 Responses

  1. Think every player has his price at the toon and their wages are high, however with Colo and Jonas I think it would need to be a substantial offer…way above press speculation. Not sure about Joey though as his gob does him no favours with Ashley. Hope all 3 stay!

  2. What has happened to the Gervinho transfer saga? It has gone real quiet the last weeks on all sites and club fronts… Might we be pleasantly surprised? He was my number one target all along. The guy is SUPER down the flanks. I saw them play in Ghana and begged Tiote in person to convince him to join us. Will it work??? Let’s see and cross our fingers :)

  3. Colo will stay. Barton as well imo but Jonas will probably leave with Jose unfortunately.

  4. I agree with AndyG. Every player has his price. Andy Carroll sale to Liverpool proved it.

  5. all 3 players have stated that they are happy here, not because of the location/families/fans ect, its all about money, who else in the world will offer these players 50k, 60k. 70k a week? nobody.

    Think jonas might go, but barton will run down his contract and colo’s wages will be so high we wont be able to get rid of him.

  6. If these three went the club would save a tidy amount on wages but they MUST be confident they can replace them all with equally talented transfers in, a lot easier said than done and not cheap either.

  7. I agree that every player has his selling price to his club but also the player has his own wages.

    Nolan agreed to go to West Ham because at his age he needed a lucrative and lengthy contract, as it would be his last, which we (and probably all other premiership clubs) wouldn’t give him but West Ham are desperate to get back into the premiership.

    Carroll was sold as it was an offer we (and probably most premiership clubs) couldn’t refuse.

    I don’t think Colo will leave. He is the highest paid player at the club, which other clubs will find hard to match, and appears to be happy with the club and the North East. I also don’t think Jonas will leave. Although Spanish clubs pay less in wages than us their income tax is very much lower than ours, that can tip the balance for an individual.

    I think there could be a few clubs in the premiership that could make an offer for Barton. And I think we would accept a bid but thet would have to match his current wages. If he was told that he would not be an automatic first choice in our team then his ego would kick in and he would be off.

  8. Alreet folks!
    Completely off topic but …… It was mentioned on TalkSh!te the other day about the reintroduction of standing areas in football grounds. I hope there’s some truth in it cos I would love to have them back. Any thoughts ?

  9. Great article, at last someone telling it as it is, namely it’s all paper talk, pundit speculation and heresay !

    The trouble is he blog sites get jammed up with ‘lesser intelligent’ fans who believe everything and start yet another Anti-Ashley campaign, accusing him of selling everyone and pocketing the money. That in turn gets reported back and before you know it the new headlines are suggesting it’s all Ashleys plan to rid us if the senior players – surely people can see that good news doesn’t sell papers.

  10. alot of speculation that chateau neavau unifie are to announce a big signing this weekend……

  11. APT says:
    June 25, 2011 at 11:03 am

    “alot of speculation that chateau neavau unifie”

    Nuevocastillo Unido y los tres amigos is so last season.

  12. Ha! Just noticed that Nolan’s in the kit advert at the top of the comments. Oopsie!

  13. Davies says:
    June 25, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    “Ha! Just noticed that Nolan’s in the kit advert at the top of the comments. Oopsie!”

    Aye, probably time to change that one Davies.

  14. Chris Houghton is preparing a 3m bid for gutherie – yay!

    But if Barton goes as well, i’d like to see a good quailty english midfielder come in – any out there?

    otherwise Gosling might be the only player on the pitch speaking english, along with Simpson and Saylor…

    How important is English Grit?

    Should we try harder to get Blaise Matuidi?

  15. Any more talk on Barnetta? Neil Taylor at LB? Erdinc? Bangora boys? Sturridge?! Boudebouz?

  16. Milner says:
    June 25, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    “Chris Houghton is preparing a 3m bid for gutherie – yay! ”

    Aye Milner, but I could have predicted that the moment Hughton was announced as Birmingham manager, the hacks would associate him with virtually every player who they saw as surplus to requirements at Newcastle. ;-)

    I’m still smarting at the suggestion that we shouldn’t give up our respective day jobs to become songwriters!

  17. Just checked out the chant efforts, not bad and obviously Frere Jacques is easy to work with and very recognisable.

    How bout the old standard for Marveux when he scores.

    We think your marvelous
    we could be wrond but
    We think your swell

    Or the old Jada Jada, Jada jada jing jing jing, tune
    Ba ba, ba ba,
    Demba’s ba ba bangin em in

    Frere Jacques
    Oh Ben Arfa, Oh Ben Arfa
    Best by far , yes you are
    Bang another goal in, bang another goal in
    Un,deux,trois- un,deux,trois

    Well i guess the singers have already got there stuff to-gether and we’ll here it soon enough.