Quinn says Toon transfer policies “make no rhyme or reason”, but do they?

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Micky Quinn attacks the Newcastle United owner.
Ash-bashing Quinn
Former Newcastle United striker Micky Quinn attacks Ashley for (potentially) letting Barton go and suggests that our transfer policy consists mainly of trying to buy cheap foreign players we can profit from in the future.

Former Toon striker Micky Quinn has launched a scathing attack on the head honchos at Newcastle United and in the process has confirmed that Arsenal have a legitimate interest in Joey Barton, which I originally doubted.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Quinn said:

I know through a third party that Arsenal have enquired about Joey Barton. What I’m gutted about as an ex-Newcastle player is that the spine of the team, the personality of the team is going to be gone.

Why are they letting players like Joey Barton go if they have any ambition, but it’s only going to Arsenal’s gain. He’ll put a bit of steel into that Arsenal team, he goes forward, he was made captain, he’s grown up and he said himself that he’s making up for lost time for stupidity and injury, he wants to get to the top.

I think Joey has settled down a lot now, we know he’s a bit of a hot-head, we know he’s paid on and off the pitch for his stupidity but he’s settled down.

I’m past judging Mike Ashley and his decisions, they make no rhyme or reason. Joey Barton has got one year left on his contract and I thought with the likes of Kevin Nolan they could actually take Newcastle into the top eight of the Premier League and add to the likes of Cheik Tiote instead of selling their best players all the time.

What they’re trying to do is bring in cheap foreign players a bit like Tiote, they’ve had one player that they bought for £3million and they’re trying to go down the same route. What doesn’t make sense to me is the players that they’re bringing in from all over Europe don’t know Newcastle, they don’t know how the city works, it is cold up there.

If they get a lot of foreign players in they need to hit the ground running next season because we know the Premier League is unforgiving and there’s only one way they’re going to go – down.

One of the questions Quinn asks is why we’re letting players like Joey Barton go. Well first let’s clarify that he’s gone nowhere at the time of writing, but the various suggestions I’ve seen as to why the club is letting players like Barton and Nolan go include:

  • a general policy of getting rid of older players in favour of younger ones,
  • to reduce the club’s wage bill,
  • to deliberately break up a ‘clique’ that has existed in the club since Hughton’s time as manager,
  • to (at least in Barton’s case) rid themselves of someone who’s been critical of Ashley lately.

Or any combination thereof.

There are arguments either way. Assuming Barton joins Nolan in the departure lounge, some would argue that’s only two players gone and we still have the likes of Jonas, Colo, Saylor etc. as ‘older hands’. Of course that’s assuming that none of these other ‘older hands’ leave too.

Others would argue that Nolan and Barton (in particular) have characterised the team spirit that got us promoted and established back in the Premier League, that they still have plenty to offer and that they should not have been sold.

I’m of the opinion that there’s a middle ground somewhere, although I’m not entirely sure where that is. I believe there needs to be a balance between youth and experience but I don’t know exactly what needs to be on either side of the scales to maintain that balance.

I guess the decisions of Ashley and co can only be judged in retrospect. If, next summer, we’re flying high then the head honchos at our club will have earned a pat on the back for good vision. If we’re fighting a relegation battle – or, worse yet, actually relegated – then they’ll get a battering.

It’s Ashley’s gamble.

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30 Responses

  1. I agree with Quinn.
    It all boils down to profit in the Eyes of MA.
    We will end up with a team of faceless foreign drones back in the chsmpionship if MA and his cohorts are not careful.

  2. I disagree think the players we are bringing in are good qaulity players who could push us forward we should keep barton and jos’e and jonas but we are showing signs that we still can get qaulity aswell.

  3. Buying cheap damaged replicas of established products is a huge gamble!
    Sports direct or Nufc anybody?

  4. If he lets Barton go it makes no sense as he’s letting money get in the way of quality and obvious team building.

    Letting Barton go would be a huge backward step for us & i doubt he’ll be replaced by another quality player, just a cheap version that will wilt come November when we go to the likes of Stoke, Everton etc..

  5. I agree that I wouldnt want to see Barton leave, however it all comes down to price everybody seems to be on ashleys back about nolan leaving, but after all he has just signed for bolton on a 5 year contract where he will be paid almost £15 million. Is nolan worth that at 28 course not. However I wouldnt try and discuss this with the people who are against ashley as these people still dont agree with selling Carrol for £35 million.

  6. Firstly,Micky Quinn forgets that the Bartons,Nolans and others also got us relegated and also there have been some bad results last year in the Prem by the same guys it needs changed We are a one pace side and easily beat by pacey skillfull teams.We were also beaten in the last 10 minutes too often.We need to inprove and we need pace and whether we like it or not we need to put faith in the guys running the club hard to say but we need to and stop knocking the management.We were 12 th last year and it could have been worse,we were lucky with arsenal at home and others.Come on guys lets get the changes made and I also agree that a mixture of youth and experience is required but there has also got to be players who want to be there
    For me I am looking forward to next season and 90 minutes of entertainment not 75

  7. Enjoy the rollercoaster for another season – it has to be better than being Villa!

  8. ‘faceless foreign drones’

    I can recall people asking ‘who’ when we bought Tiote for a few million. What about Bassong, another nobody. I can recall the howls of criticism at Colo, Enrique and Jonas. Now they are our stars and essential to the team.

    I can also recall the welcome given to Owen, Duff and Viduka. Say no more.

    We should get rid of Barton, he is and has always been a trouble maker.

  9. It’s a huge gamble changing so many starting eleven players at once. With players from outside the EPL.

    If they don’t get some early points the pressure will be intense.

    They could play really well but a few individual errors mean we get hammered.

    I’m excited and at the same time worried that we end up with a spineless team running around in mitts and leg-warmers that are easy to roll-over.

  10. Quite right Geoff777 @ 10.

    The danger is trying to gel all the new recruits. At least we have brought them early and not on the last few days, and at least they all speak the same language, albeit on English, bar Ba.

  11. A team is exactly that made up of a range of individuals. You need leaders and players who can dig deep when you go to Stoke, Wolves etc. My concern is that they will lose the balance and guts if we lose the spine of the team. When Newcastle sold Gascoigne they bought around six players from the money they received. They played like strangers and were relegated. Take note Pardew, your record at west ham and charlton is poor in your second season as manager!

  12. Its easy for us all because we can judge in hindesight.I have had a suspicion for a while that all was not well in the dressing room.Its all very well Nolan taking in Carrol sweet but where was Nolan when Carrol was jumping between Agents etc and Barton well we had 1 season in the Championship,1 good in the Prem and part of one in prison If I were Joey I would just concentrate on playing for the huge salary and stop being a mouthpeice.It only unsettles the fans.You know there guys change clubs,get a huge signing on fee and life financial security then kiss another badge.Support the players that are coming to the club.As far as MA is concerned,I am glad he is getting tyhe figures right for whatever reason,there may come a time and quite soon where the strongest will survive and the debt ridden will dissapear.Where have the money men gone in any case the guy at Mackems what has he spent,the guy at Birmingham,what has he spent.Take of the blinkers guys we have made a great recovery from relegation and I think and hope we are going in the right direction with pace,what Barton and Nolan dont have !!!

  13. I wouldnt be too upset if Barton left next season but I do think we need to bed in players whilst he’s still here.

    lose him and a few injuries to the likes of Guthrie and Gosling and we’d be in deep shit.

    As Tiote showed last season adjusting to the physical demands of the Prem is quite difficult. We need player on the pitch that can handle it for a full season.

  14. @Jim Gray

    hold your hourses m8, still early yet.

    you mightn’d be saying this if we let Enrique, Colo, Barton, spiderman go without adequate replacements.

    We’ve only relaced Nolan so far and he’s untried at this level.

    Yes he’s a quality buy but it doesnt mean he’ll fit straight in. Look at the flops liverpool have had over the last few seasons.

  15. Nowt to do with Micky, Joey & Kev all being scousers then, hey?



  16. Mark,that is the point.dont think for a minute Pardew and Ma are stupid he wants a successfull club and successfull players love him or hate him he isnt a mug.
    They will let go who they know they can do without and also dont forget what ended Sir Bobby was a dressing room clique with Dyer etc.If it needs cleaned out get it done and dont forget we almost got sucked in last year to the brown stuff truth of the matter is we need pace,we need improving so let the club get on with it by the way are Barton and Nolan going to be quicker next year I think not.On another point if Enrique wants to go nowadays they cant be stopped so dont blame the Club .How long before Carroll kisses the stupid hen badge!Lets get building and for the record I dont want Zog back he is another one that the club nurtured and where did his ambitions take him Wigan well that says it all
    Lets get it done now and not in January when it is all headless stuff in the market happy Days ?

  17. If a player doesn’t wanna be here, whomever it is, for whatever reason…Make like a tree!

    & that shall be the whole of the law…

  18. lets be honest Nolan was not going to be in the team next season and you dont pay a cheerleader 50 grand a week until he is 34 so lets put that one to bed. As far as Barton goes it is more difficult because he does have quality but far from helping team spirit I can only see him hindering it.

  19. Now we are getting some true thoughts and not just emotional reaction if its time to move on let them go
    there are no “loyal servants” these days they all have castles,racehorses and helicopters
    You have to trust the management,quinny is delighted he has a good forum going but we need to be more consistent and therefore we need new players

  20. I agree with Quinn but then again if we re-sign Nzogbia and a top of the scale striker along with one extra quality player then im sure all will be forgotten. i love Nolan/Barton, they have done great for us but if we are to push onto the next level then we have to judge AP/MA next season.. personally for the 1st time in ages, im really excited for the new season nd very optimistic that we can achieve around 8th-10th. Howay the lads.

  21. I am sure he knows it but this is MA most important time with NUFC.There is no mystery any more.He has money to spend,he now knows what the club is like,he has put in a manger of his choice long term and he had a successfull season last year to build on.He rattled the fans with the arroll transfer but promised funds in the Summer.The fans can do sums and I reckon to date the nett spend is Nil so there could be two big signings to come.If he lets the fans down he has lost the Support and we are in for a horrible time of protests but if he keeps his word,I think silently the fans will appreciate that he is leading in the right direction.Mind you I dont think we will see him in the Strawberry but he will get some respect back
    Bring on the new Season
    Good forum Quinny,can I get back to work now !!!

  22. I dont want Barton to go, that is a given fact.

    however people are forgetting the incoming Fifa/Uefa rules whereby clubs cannot spend money that has not come in – so bringing in cheaper players who can be sold on later for profit does make some long term sense, as it means we can opperate better for longer

    the problem with this is that, if the players who are brought in are shite/trouble, it will create more problems than benefits

  23. couldn’t disagree more with Mr Quinn sorry.

    Whilst i don’t think that Nolan should have gone, or that Barton should go due to the fact they performed well the last few years, there is no way that players are being brought in on the cheap to the detriment of the club.

    So far we’ve brought in a striker that did well in the EPL last year and a couple of good players from a strong european league recognised for its exceptional young talent.

    Do we have to spend 14m on each player that comes in to prove the club aren’t trying only to make a profit? I think it’s fantastic that the club are trying to identify young emerging talent and are clever enough to not have to splash outlandish fees for them. It’s a welcome reprieve from the last few years when we spent silly money on “proven” performers, only for them to fall flat on their faces. Is this really any riskier?

  24. Yes, AussieToon. It’s not the amount of money that is spent but the quality that is bought.

    Tiote was an unknown, except he won the Dutch league. Cabaye is an unknown but he too has just won the French league. Ba and Marveaux were free.

    We need an infusion of young talent to invigorate the team who want to show that they can make it in the best league in the world.

    The club’s age policy is there for all to see. No more last big financial contracts for those whose best days are behind them. Thank heavens (hopefully), there will be no more Freddy like trophy transfers, on borrowed money, to appease the fans.

  25. “Quinn says Toon transfer policies “make no rhyme or reason”, but do they?”

    Yes and no. Bringing in new players to fit in around an established nucleus which has been forged in adversity makes good sense. However destroying what is already there, bringing in unproven players to replace the “spine of the team” as Quinn puts it can be very risky.

  26. I know its not related to the topic.. but still..
    if Jose Enrique will leave Newcastle should bring South African Peter Masilela from Israeli club Maccabi Haifa. He is cheap and extremely good, both defensively and most of all attacking.

  27. Just like to say sny1 questioning players bedding in should think twice and look at facts. Gosling to come back has played EPL along with demba. The French league players generally fit into this league as north France isnt exactly the tropics they do get snow and co,d rain in a season. Then there is the fact so many players will be able to speak French with each other helping them settle and bond early. Just look what it did for Jose, jonas and colo. We will have Ben arfa, Tiote, ba, cabaye and marveaux all able to speak French. I also don’t expect cool to leave just because Jose and jonas might? They didn’t know each other before coming to the club. Let’s not forget that wages being high isn’t the reason a player is shipped out… It’s value it’s based on. Cool isoniazid 80k and apparently the two new lads on 60k each. Tiote is on about 60k. If a player is worth it they will be rewarded but there is no way Nolan, Barton and smith are value at 60k for more years… Lets put it this way Carr has setup a scouting system which seems to work. If they think a player can suit this league the chances are they can. The snag is in the past our scouting system has been pants or non existent.