PSG slap a £10m price tag on Newcastle target Mevlüt Erdinç

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Newcastle United target Erdinç
Is he worth £10m?
Whilst PSG set a £10m price tag on Mevlüt Erdinç, who Alan Pardew has admitted to being interested in, Newcastle United are also allegedly looking at Daniel Sturridge and a Spanish winger.

Newcastle have been linked to Mevlüt Erdinç for a while now but it seems that the injection Qatari money into Paris Saint-Germain means they have less need to sell Erdinç to fund their recent purchase of Kevin Gameiro.

PSG have thusly set the price for Erdinç at €11.3m (roughly £10m) which, according to the French press, is likely to ‘cool the ardour’ of the clubs interested in the player, the most prominent of which is apparently Newcastle.

The Sunday Sun picked up on the story and they suggested that Newcastle is still very interested in the player but would look to play a waiting game and attempt to negotiate that price down whilst they’re doing so.

This transfer window we have so far spent very little – mainly getting players on frees or buying them out via contract clauses – so maybe paying £10m isn’t out of the question if Ashley, Llambias and Pardew think the player is enough of a ‘marquee signing’ to justify it.

A better option financially might be to try and lure 21 year-old Daniel Sturridge away from Chelsea with the promise of regular football. Various hacks in the weekend press have suggested that is indeed what we’re likely to do, possibly taking him on loan for a season with a view to buying the player in the summer of 2012.

Negotiations for Sturridge might be hampered by the fact that Chelsea doesn’t actually have a manager at the moment though.

Finally, another rumour that gained some purchase this weekend is Newcastle’s alleged interest in Valencia’s winger Vicente Rodriguez. He’s 29 years old and not French, which seems to contradict our recent transfer profiles, but he’s also free and prone to injury, which seems to fit them perfectly!

This Rodriguez thing has all the feeling of something plucked out of mid-air by a bored hack to me and I don’t see it going anywhere beyond rumour, which in itself probably means it’s 100% true!

I do however think our interest in Erdinç is definitely possible or possibly definite and that our interest in Sturridge is possibly possible, although whether we end up with one, both or none of those players remains to be seen.

I wonder what’s happened to our interest in The Zog after the recent acquisition of Marvellous Marveaux?

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8 Responses

  1. Latest rumours have Zog going to Liverpool. I’d say it will depend on our outgoings as to who we will get in. Nolan will be missed but I think our team has improved in quality. I dont think we should be looking at getting anyone on loan including Sturridge. I would like to see if Chelsea want Pat Van their young left back. He has been sent out on loan quite a few times and they will either be ready to get him playing or get rid of him. A bid of 5mill or 20 mill for him and Sturridge as paid might be good business.

  2. This transfer window has me quaking. i wonder what would have happend if carroll had not been sold. Administration!!!!!!!!. 35 million for Andy, 37 million from TV, Merchandise, Gate recipts, sponsorships, etc etc…. still nothing.

    Ashley and Lame – A*s, have some have questions to answer.

    on a side note

    I know why D wheelan hates Ashley so much. the guy is a lier.If Some asked him his fathers name and he would lie. ashley i think earns money to blow at Casinos & brothels.

  3. Indian Magpie,

    The reason why Whelan and Ashley are not pals is probably because Mike Ashley informed the Office of Fair Trading and the Serious Fraud Squad of price fixing by Dave Whelan. Whelan was then fined and the Which magazine then, on behalf of its consumers, took him to court.

    Whilst Whelan’s JJB Sports continued to decline, Ashley’s Sports Direct continued to expand and prosper. And it is believed that Ashley now owns part of JJB Sports, probably to just rub salt into the wound and irritate Whelan.

  4. If it’s Erdinç or Sturridge.

    I’d much rather have Sturridge.

    We’d be a side to fear with the French connection + Sturridge.


  5. our wiley owner actually does have a stake in JJB sports.something around 10%!as one of his business associates said,mike ashley likes to park his tanks on other people’s lawns.

  6. We are probably skint again.
    Bet the AC cash has been pissed up the casino wall good and proper :lol: