Work permit issues end Toon interest in Bangura. Erdinç decision expected today.

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Teteh Bangura no longer allegedly a Newcastle United target.
Not on the radar anymore?
Newcastle United allegedly end all interest in Teteh Bangura while Alan Pardew is keen to get a decision from Mevlüt Erdinç by the end of today.

You have been spared my rambling nonsense for a few days due to the village I live in once again having had its telephone exchange stolen. To be more precise, it’s the copper wire that links the exchange to the houses in the village that was stolen. It’s really getting tiresome. I’m now on first name terms with some of BT’s customer service staff who are, I must say, polite, courteous and completely useless.

But I’ll spare you a rant about that and move on to Newcastle instead.

News hot off the (Daily Mail’s) press is that we’ve ended our pursuit of AIK striker Teteh Bangura after work permits delayed talks. The Mail has suggested that Manchester United are now interested in the player and that scout Martin Ferguson is off to watch Teteh play this weekend.

The Mail, as usual, merely reports these things in omnipotent fashion without any quotes or other evidence to back them up, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s complete and utter tosh. I find it hard to believe that something like a work permit would ‘delay talks’. If no work permit was likely at all for the player then, sure, no transfer would happen, but a mere hitch with said permit is, I feel, unlikely to remove a player from our list of targets.

Anyway, it’s a shame because I feel either of the Bangura’s would be good acquisitions. Both are young, reasonably prolific scorers and would, I think, cost a fair bit less than Mevlüt Erdinç.

As Jimbob reported, Newcastle are still waiting on a decision from Erdinç and apparently we’re pushing to get it by the end of today, although I’m not sure what we’ll do if such a decision is not forthcoming. Pardew has intimated that he has other irons in the fire, although – with over a month left in the transfer window – I suspect the club would be inclined to wait a little longer for their first-choice striker (by which I mean the first-choice of those that haven’t already snubbed us).

I’m not subscribing to the idea that he doesn’t want to be here and that we should tell him to shove it if Newcastle United isn’t his first choice. Firstly, rumours about things like that can be played up by players’ agents as they try to secure the best deal they can for their client and, secondly, even if we are his second choice, it’s just the way football is these days. Once a player gets here I’d expect him to commit to the team and, who knows, maybe Newcastle will then get under his skin and he’d be glad he came to his second choice club after all.

Anyway, he wasn’t our first choice!

So we may or may not hear something about the Erdinç situation today but I won’t be holding my breath.

I must admit I don’t like the funny ‘ç’ at the end of his name though. I have been tempted to follow the lead of others and simply use ‘Erding’ instead of ‘Erdinç’ but that struck me as somewhat disrespectful. It would be like calling me ‘Hugg’ instead of ‘Hugh’.

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34 Responses

  1. any minute now, really reallly, any minute now?…god im bored of hearing about it, he better set the pitch aflame with his skills to warrent this kinda build up

  2. “You have been spared my rambling nonsense for a few days due to the village I live in once again having had its telephone exchange stolen. To be more precise, it’s the copper wire that links the exchange to the houses in the village that was stolen. It’s really getting tiresome. I’m now on first name terms with some of BT’s customer service staff who are, I must say, polite, courteous and completely useless”


  3. “Pardew has intimated that he has other irons in the fire,”

    Last time i heard that kind of statement. we got Gonzalez and Xisco on transfer deadline day.

    And keegan walked the plank.

  4. Hugh, move away from the village and back up north…….u still get ya copper nicked…but not from the unwashed!!!

    Would love to hear some positive news shortly on a new striker and defender

  5. I don’t think it will be today as the common rumour flying about is that Erdinç and his agent are waiting for the 1st of august because apparently they get a big fee if he’s there till the end of this month. Most rumours i tend not to listen to but this one seems…. believable somewhat. Although noone can comment on bangura too much as noone has seen him, the fact that he’s followed by a few big clubs must mean he’s got decent potential.

  6. Seen erdinc play a thew times now and he’s a very good technicall player so if he does come that would be great, but why not go out and try and sign bangura aswell as we need cover and like u have said quite a few big clubs are scouting him it would be even better if we could sign 2-3 players before the end, would give us options up top need cover at the back. Although taverneer and some other young ones look really good for us so AP needs to use these young players further.

  7. Hugh your BT story is becoming far more interesting than the Erding/Erdinc’,and even with BT’s ineptitude I would think that episode will come to a conclusion well before the Erdnic’ one.

  8. Hugg fella, where abouts yer living, in outer mongolia or what, why are they still using copper wire for your phone line when most have optical cable these days, even here in Cyprus.. lol ;)

    As for Erdinç or Erding, how ever you want to spell it, this is gonna be another HBA transfer in the fact we know its gonna happen, just don’t know when until he appears at the club.. :(

  9. another player to strike off the list if we had signed him and erdinc it would have been a decent transfer window BUT knowing us we prob wont get either and on transfer deadline day we will end up with some plank and no cover for jose same old Ashley always LYING

  10. Toon69, I currently live in Somerset – Scrumpy Land.

    What’s worse is that not only do they keep stealing the copper cables but there’s virtually no mobile phone reception in the village eother. If I hang out of an upstairs window at a very specific angle I can sometimes get 2 bars on my phone for a few minutes, but that’s about it.

    Optical cable! Ha, that’s a laugh. They’ve only just learnt how to sit on chairs here.

  11. Erdinc (Sorry, cant make that little thing on my keyboard) looks like a really good option now, altho i have to confess that i didnt feel that way at the start of our window when we were linked with 10 million players and top scorers and what not!… Heck, at the end of the window i will end up being overjoyed if we get someone like Crouch.

    PS: I guess that was the plan all along?

  12. Hi All,

    Listen, about this Deriç thing it`s all getting a bit Hatem Ben Arfa and Im losing the will to live for christ`s sake.

    Why are we allowing ourselves to be caught up in this frenzy about a player we know nothing about and nobody else seems to want!

    Mark my words we will end up with someone like Cameron Jerome for a minimal fee.

    Has anyone else noticed hoe Best & Ameobi are being bigged up in some of the club statements? The writings on the wall, shame it`s on the s___house wall and stinks as usual.

    Maybe I`m just frustrated and bitter……Go on Deriç!

  13. Hugh, I live in Somerset too. And I’ve only just had my line back from BT, lol
    I don’t mind living in Somerset but sometimes it’s really like the dark ages!

    I’m praying for this deal on Erdinc to come through. It’s so annoying reading time after time about gervinho coming to Newcastle then it falls through, same as other players.
    I hope me reading about Erdinc all this time wasn’t a waste of time!

  14. “It’s all in the game”

    I still believe we are holding out for someone at one of the bigger clubs (personnally I think Sturridge), and once AVB has finished his assessment of the players, and possibly recruited a new forward too – then Sturridge will be left further down the pecking order and open to move to the North-East. NUFC in the meantime, need to play the game too with regards to Erdinç – so Chelsea think we have other targets etc.

    It’s just a big game, trying a save a few million and you cant blame them for that – even though its frustrating as F*#k !!


  15. Getting Boring this.
    We have been chasing Erdinc for a long time just can’t see the point chasing players that really don’t seem that interested in coming.

    Someone mentioned Jerome…that is the type of crap we will end up with at this rate.
    I hate NUFC board and Partridge with a passion me-total pricks.

  16. Wrighty @15 I to believe we will get someone from a bigger club ,possibly citeh, because at the moment they have more strikers than the public service come September.

  17. The point has already been made about the ridiculous amount of time and effort put in on this bloody turk. Its should be amazingly obvious even to bloody Pardew, he doesn’t want to come, but just keeps dropping the occasional hint to keep us wasting our time, has a greedy agent (doesn’t bode well) and the fact we are ALONE in wanting him
    Even pardew should twig to the “WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY” “NOT WORTH THE EFFORT PUT IO” neon lights flashing

  18. Erdinc sounds more bent than a Turks Slipper :lol:

    That 35m must be making MA a nice pile of interest…..ahhhh shit I forgot it was spent on free transfers,undersoil heating and “Huge” agent fees.

    Yawn,Stretch ahhhhhhhh that’s better.

  19. clearly in dire need of at least 2 strikers & proven cover at LB as Jose will be away.
    Mbengue for me, if offer has been made previously for him, it shows that there is a keen interest in the player, W Bridge was awaful when playing for WHU, he not the answer.
    Midfield is fine, as is keeper situation.
    Hope sumit is sorted asap, in order to gel into team before Arsenal, but more so for the mackems, cant afford to lose that one!!

  20. Erm ! seem to recall the strange looking “C” was pronounced as a “ch” therefore Erdinch.
    Dont quote me though, been a whie since i was in Istanbull.
    Great city bye the way and it,s a real trip going to games there, especially Galatasaray, fans are like nothing i have seen anywhere, rabid!
    It,s allmost like an organized riot.

  21. Dont believe any of the suggested Enrique replacements.
    The designated guy was allways Taylor, but we lost him because ? you got it, cheapness !

    Izaguirre is about the closest thing to Enrique we could get, an attacking wingback, think he was voted best SPL player or something.
    In general got rave reviews, plus we have the goalie Celtic want badly, Forster, to induce the trade, but it,s back to reality, profit before silverware.
    As for M’bengue, good player, but again our guy wants free agents or cheapo’s.
    Ah well !

  22. Speaking of Sturridge; he was immense in that Chelsea game the other day so I doubt he will be leaving Chelsea now. Such a shame really.

  23. Phisix says:
    July 29, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    “Speaking of Sturridge; he was immense in that Chelsea game the other day so I doubt he will be leaving Chelsea now. Such a shame really.”

    Perhaps they will give us Torres instead. :-)

  24. Think i’d rather have Ameobi than Torres based on Torres’ form and injury record over the last couple of years.

  25. paulsio,that bollox is up there with ashley’s “joe kinnear is my hero,he’s better than capello”.

  26. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 29, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    “paulsio,that bollox is up there with ashley’s “joe kinnear is my hero,he’s better than capello”.”

    I defended Uncle Joe, who was unfairly criticised by many who didn’t understand the game and merely went on very old cliches about Bobby Gould’s Wimbledon side. However that was taking things a bit far Trojan!

  27. what did joe do next? did he ever leave hospital?

    the more you think about that season the crazier it gets!