Toon have one week to sign Erdinç or he’ll be offered elsewhere

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Newcastle have one week to sign Mevlut Erding.
Decision time
Newcastle United have been given one week to sign Mevlüt Erdinç before PSG listen to bids from other suitors. Oh, and Joey Barton runs rampant on Twitter.

According to yesterday’s French press Newcastle have one week to tie up a deal to bring Mevlüt Erdinç to Newcastle.

Newcastle’s €7.5m (£6.57m) for the player has been accepted by Paris Saint-Germain and it’s now up to Newcastle to reach agreeable personal terms with Erdinç to complete the transfer. If they cannot manage to do this, Erdinç will be made available to the other clubs interested in him, such as Lille and Rennes.

Erdinç has previously said that he would prefer to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, but it seems that Kevin Gameiro and Guillaume Hoarau are already ahead of him in the pecking order of PSG’s strikers and it is thought that PSG – now backed by Arab money – may yet recruit another striker too.

Erdinç in fact began his last game on the right wing for PSG. It’s not the first time he has played there and he can be a versatile player, although it is thought that he much prefers playing up front. If that’s his priority then it will surely be more likely at Newcastle than PSG.

However, PSG coach Antoine Kombouare seems to want Erdinç to stay and said:

For me, Erding is at PSG. I count on him.

Assuming this ‘one week target to sign the player’ story from the French press is more reliable that the ‘decision by last Friday’ story from our own press, then we might be in a position to be the Erdinç speculation to sleep one way or the other by next weekend.

On another note, has, I wonder, Joey Barton taken over the role of the ever-erudite Stephen Fry as the king of all tweeters? He certainly seems a regular on it these days his latest entry on the hateful application ventures into the world of politics:

This is a good country but we were once pioneers of the known world, a truly GREAT country, now we pedal the stuff the America’s tell us to.

‘Land of the free, home of the brave’ only George Bush and his idiotic subordinates believe that …

This is not about American people, there’s some good America friends of mine, truly great people.

It’s their gov and also r gov following them.

Joey Barton for Prime Minister I say!

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15 Responses

  1. I am beginning to wonder if we really want this guy we have let so many other PL experienced players slip through the net so this guy must be absolutely special or fits the present regimes fiscal plan to a ‘T’.

    All I want at the club is a striker who can put the ball in the back of the net on a regular basis I believe we have the creativity to get the ball to the right man who he is or will be I do not know but apart from the unknown Ba we have no one at the club who fits that bill so we need to spend, spend wisely but effectively and let’s face it we have signed a few that are a gamble even if they have a pedigree where they came from the PL is a different world to anywhere else.

    I am nervous but hopeful for the next 9 months at least we have stopped signing OAP’s at the end of their careers looking for an easy ride unlike a certain other club who shall remain nameless.

  2. Padrew is a BIG fat laire
    Mike I would kill him if he fukin showed himself in my hood..I live in dc..USA..a
    They didn’t bid for him…all this time we were linked with him…he ain’t coming why should he…if everyone at st James have a value and u can’t create a team with that policy

  3. i hope we sign Erding, as i dont know who on earth we’d be looking at otherwise…Shane Long is being tapped up by the baggies i think…who else was there ? thankfully crouch and defoe rumour seems to have past…

    anyone know where u can watch the game today?

    i know someone posted yesterday saying lufc tv were showing it for 11 quid

  4. it`s time newcastle united came clean about their real transfer targets/bids, and for who,or are they ( as they have done in the past), just play acting about new signings , knowing they have no real intention of signing any more players unless present team players are sold and need to be replaced

  5. Someone’s tellin porkies or is it fc9ukin woppa’s. First we want him .then we want someone else. then he wants to stay and fight for his place. Now, we are on a deadline to sign him. What the f(uk is goin on. ?
    Is this football intrigue or just more bollox from our esteemed dynamic trio.?
    Believe nowt till it’s happened. I wish i’d never gone to St Jame’s 55 years ago. I might still have me hair and I would be considerably better off. How much more s4!te must we suffer . Ho-Hum!!!!It’s called keepin the faith I spose. HWTL.

  6. boring boring boring god getting so bored with this striker situation its gone on all summer ffs the season starts in 2 weeks just sign a fu@@ing striker

  7. Just been reminded that it’s 2 years today…

    Thanks for all the good times and the happy memories that you gave us.
    Manager now of that great team in the sky.
    God bless you Bobby, deeply missed.

  8. This feels like déjà vu all over again when we tried (and thankfully suceeded) in getting Ben Arfa from another French club.

    I have sneaking suspicion that Ashley, Lambias and Charnley don’t take prisoners and are pretty hard nosed when it comes to negoitations unlike our previous chairman who would rollover to appease the fans but saddle the club with an expensive often eldery player with little or no resale value and equally little or no effort or desire once the bumper pay cheque has been secured.

    I wonder whether this is a Xisco / Tiote moment in that the board will not repeat the mistake it made of giving an initial a high wage to a player until he has proven themself in the premiership. But once proven like Tiote give a well deserved new and improved contract.

    Tomorrow is the 1st August so we will see whether the so called bonus issue to Erdinc’s agent resolves the matter.

  9. Rest In Peace Bobby

    Has anyone ever seen the england compilation video 1990, he’s telling a story about how Gazza came out the changing room at pool side, covered head to toe in toilet paper bandages, and ketchup, saying: “Has anybody seen the doctor? has anybody seen the doctor?!……Just…Fantastic. Fantastic.”

    Always made me crack up – shows the kind of humour he liked and his take on life, i think. Certainly couldn’t imagine Fabio in that situation.


  10. this move is looking increasinly dogy i bet we have someone else lined up…I see we are now being linked with Beckford ffs surely we can do better that him nufc better get there fingers out and sign someone with a bit or qualty.. this is just getting ridiculous 2 weeks to the start of the season and STILL no replacement striker i can see it happening BA and Strolla up front for the season

  11. I honestly would take our squad as it is now if it were possible. Jose to stay, prime a player like Kadar or Ferguson as back-up lb (and don’t ever play a right sided player at lb – it looks painful), try playing Vuckic behind a lone striker and also Benny in that role when fit, don’t sell Ranger or Best (surely Best just as good as Beckford anyway), give Mehdi and Moyo some chances on the right now and again etc etc.

    As it is, I’m sure Jose will go and I wouldn’t be surprised if an offer comes in for Barton close to the end of the window too. Van Arnholt and Adam Johnson on loan would be fantastic if either or both were possible.

  12. Come on lads it is the silly season, it is no good asking the club to reveal its plans on who they want to sign and who they do not want to sign, you are really living in cloud cuckoo land if you think otherwise. What is the point of saying we want to sign …… it immediately alerts every other club and the selling club put up the price and the agent will negotiate as high a fee as possible. When you read that we are after so-and-so accept it is just paper talk designed to get you to buy the papers and get you talking. Believe we are signing a player when you see him in a black and white shirt with smiles all around.No matter how much you go on it will make no difference to who comes and who does not come, yeh it is fun speculating amongst ourtselves but accept that is just what it is, specuulation. Pardew, Llambias and Ashley do not read your comments and even if they did they would take no notice, just turn up and 13th and give the lads all the support you can regardless of whether you can pronounce their name or not. As far as calling them liars you have no justification in saying they are. Who says that Nolan actually said all that was reported or again have the papers taken a few words and turned them into something else. You know journalists ‘Never let the facts stand in the way of a good story’. Any club worth its salt will keep all negotiations under wraps until they can make an announcement that is a fact.