Taarabt happy to join Newcastle as stepping stone to “very big” club.

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Adel Taarabt.
Taarabt: Modest and unambitious.
Queen’s Park Rangers midfielder, Adel Taarabt has revealed that he would be happy to join Newcastle as he feels that he doesn’t need a very big club at this stage of his career.

The player is intent on a move from the West London club as he feels they will be relegated after their first year if they don’t invest heavily in new players, and he is also unhappy at the club not offering him an improved contract with promotion told The Mail on Sunday:

“People say Newcastle will be good for me, that the fans love players like me. It is fantastic to play in front of 50,000 supporters every week.”

Then, in an obvious attempt to ingratiate himself with Newcastle United supporters, he added:

“I do not need one of the very big clubs at this stage of my career.”

The player had previously stated that his ambition was to leave QPR for one of the very big clubs such as Chelsea or Arsenal, but now seems to be prepared to put these plans on hold, possibly due to lack of interest from the big guns. Now it seems that he sees Newcastle United as an ideal club to act as a ‘stepping stone’ on the way to him achieving his ultimate ambition. However, with prices like £10 million being bandied around for Taarabt, which would include up to 40% going to previous club, Tottenham, it is still highly doubtful that Newcastle United would be interested in a player who is relatively unproven at the highest level for that kind of sum.

Meanwhile, things are still unclear on what will be happening with Wayne Routledge and his potentially permanent move in the opposite direction. Routledge, already on loan at Queen’s Park Rangers after being told he was surplus to requirements by current Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, is still currently in football limbo.

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21 Responses

  1. If I was Alan Pardew, I’d be issuing a statement along the lines of “We can’t afford a truly big player at the moment but we’ll make do with Adel Taarabt until we can.”

  2. Not upset if Routledge still be Newcastle next season. He’s good lads and good squad player for us.

  3. Well at least he shares the same ambitions as Ashley, come here, improve as a player then we’ll flog him for more money.

    I’d rather keep Barton.

    Only Barton and Enrique left out of the so-called ‘best players’, doormat Pardew promised as priority to keep..

    and they’re both rumoured to be leaving

  4. Routledge played well on loan at qpr so hopefully he comes back with that confidence and that’s maybe y he was loaned out to get game time and his confidence back oh and how to cross a ball haha

  5. ginkoh says:
    June 19, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    “Not upset if Routledge still be Newcastle next season. He’s good lads and good squad player for us.”

    Ginkoh, I still can’t understand why Alan Pardew told the world that he wasn’t good enough for Newcastle. It’s is a silly thing to say when you’re trying to sell him to another club, and is also a silly thing to say if he ends up staying at the club too.

    And you’re right, he is a good player for the squad.

  6. @5

    He was saying what most fans thought but should keep his mouth shut in the future because he’s making a fool of himself at the mo..imo

  7. I’d rather have a young’un as a squad member. Routledge is pony. typical first division player at best.

  8. mark says:
    June 19, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    “but should keep his mouth shut in the future because he’s making a fool of himself at the mo..imo”

    Mark, once you get to a certain age, it can be very hard to change the habits of a lifetime.

  9. Scratching my head at the inconsistency of people commenting on here lately. In January this guy was the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD EVER!!! vol.1
    Now, he’s not good enough? He is a fantastic talent and I’m sure he’s more of a Pedro style striker than a Barton or a Tiote. When I was watching him last season, that was where he seemed to play.

    This guy and Charlie Adam are the players to sign, but Adam will be going to the scouse.

    On another note, we seem to be taking the “Arsenal Model” a bit too literal at the moment with all of these French players.

  10. I see The mighty unwashed are preparing for a big push for the top 4

    from the Sunday sun..

    “Sunderland want 10 players now that they have the Henderson cash, as Bruce plots a massive overhaul of his Black Cats squad.

    As well as N’Zogbia they want David Vaughan, Seb Larsson, Kieren Westwood, Wes Brown, John O’Shea, Darron Gibson, David Ngog, DJ Campbell and Connor Whickham”

    I bet Man U and Chelsea are quaking in their boots reading these potential signings..

  11. Warnock used Routledge in a freer role that worked just fine for him. With us he was strictly right side and didn’t really get a chance to show what he can do.

    Mark, if Bruce can sign that lot for £20m then he ought to be in the foreign office as a negotiator, total world peace in a week!!

    Not to sure about Tarrabt, when he’s good he is very good but I get the impression he loses interest when things don’t go for him. Wasn’t he subbed in quite a few of QPR’s games?

  12. Anyone know how the 40% kick back to spurs works – i.e if Routledge included in the deal, do they get a share of his value?

    If not, could that act as an incentive to warnock – 60% of 5m (3m) and Routledge, rather than 60% of 10m (6m)

    …but then i guess, he’d effectively just paid 3m for Routledge which might be a bit much….

  13. He sounds like a total prick,let’s get him signed pronto.
    Players like this will be dedicated to the cause and bleed for the cheap puma kit.

    I wouldn’t take this egotistical prick on a free transfer.

  14. Taarabt is one of the best players in Europe at the moment. Ashley will be happy to sign him because he could be a great investment. In the future he could go for money than JUDAS! Sigh in for £10 mil, if we get Europa next year he may stay at the club ;D

  15. Can’t stand the lad. Like I said on .com earlier, he’s nowt but an arrogant little gobsh*te who reckons he’s a one man team. Terrible attitude, great skills, awful application.

    If he signs I will not be celebrating.

    The day he leaves, however…

  16. Not keen on Taarbt. It’s good to be confident but his comments border on hubris. The gulf between the Prem and the Championship is steeper for some players than others. You can never tell who will sink and who will swim. 10m would be a lot to spend on an unproven luxury player.

    As for Routledge, I think if we can’t bring in a winger we should hang on to him. Not sure he really got a fair run in the side last season. Perhaps, the relationship with Pardew is too far gone. Pardew should never have said he wasn’t good enough, that was out of order.

  17. Sorry but Taarbet , or whatever you’re name is you are putting the fans’s back up before you even play a pre-season game,
    as brian clough would say ‘ now then young man , keep your mouth shut , work hard, and maybe they’ll like you …one day !’
    anyway looks like he’s got a double chin from the fotee ..needs to do some sit ups over the summer !!

  18. chap’s definitely polarized opinion.for once though i think ashley won’t buy this player even though he IS a midfielder and that too of French origin!
    i read somewhere that we’re after daniel sturridge on loan.the bloke did a job for bolton when he was on loan there.i wonder why we don’t try and make loan offers for youngsters or fringe players from big teams.sure,we won’t be able to sell ’em on later but it’ll add to the squad depth and make sure we’re not caught short with injuries

  19. At least the lad is honest. I would bet that most young players see moves to big premier league clubs (us, spurs,everton, etc) as a step in their progression and aim to be playing for what he calls a massive club, i.e. playing champs league football. Look at modric and fellaini asking to be moving on now. Even Carroll had his sights set there so why all the BS. As long as he applies himself while he’s here then I don’t see why we shouldn’t use him to take the club forward.

    I do think 10 mil is far to steep tho, they can half that. He does look good but is unproven.