Newcastle: Ready, Willing & Adel?

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Soon to be trading his Hoops for Stripes?
Soon to be trading his Hoops for Stripes?
As we all well aware, silly season is here again, and in usual fashion, we have hit the ground running, with rumours that range from plausible to the most ludicrous fabrications ever known to man.

I’d like to start off by my apologies for the strange title, but bearing in mind that I am still recuperating from an injury that has kept me away from the blog for awhile, am hoping that people reading this will humour me.

Anyway, back to business, and the word on the street, (if we are by any chance pursuing all the players that we have been linked with) is probably that Newcastle United is in the process of procuring a whole new squad.

Let us start with my favourite, and ever so reliable source of information, The Daily Mail.

According to The Daily Mail, as the title suggests, we are lining up a move for QPR starlet Adel Taarabt.

The 21-year-old attacking midfielder has been outstanding this season following his summer move from Tottenham and has been the creative force behind their rise to the top of the Championship.

Though the Moroccan cost QPR a measly £600,000, which could rise to £1m based on appearances and promotion, Newcastle apparently want to test the water with an offer now. All in all, I would be fairly pleased with this piece of business as Taarabt has scored 11 goals in 23 games and appears to have what it takes to play at this stage.

Manager Alan Pardew wants to add some attacking flair to his side and is said to be considering Tottenham’s Robbie Keane and David Bentley among others but Taarabt may fall closer into line with his transfer budget. How exactly the press is aware of the budget allotted to Pardew remains a mystery to me, as there has been nothing mentioned, and is mere speculation thus far.

On Keane and Bentley, Pardew told Sky Sports 1 after the victory over Wigan:

“I’ve made it clear to Mike and Derek that I think it is important that we be seen to be doing something positive with the group. We have got some really good players and I think we need another player in this window. Hopefully we can get that. There is a lot in both of those, but I don’t know if they are for us. You have got to make sure that the decision you make is the correct one. And the most important thing, I think, for this particular club is that they can carry the shirt and be big enough and bold enough to play with the expectation. Those two players obviously fit that bill.”

Pardew continued:

“I can’t say we haven’t spoken to Spurs because I was speaking to them last week and we talked about players. I think they want to do some movement and we want to do some movement. Whether we take a player from Spurs is a question I can’t answer, but we are looking at the market and we want to bring an offensive player in. I have made no mistake about that with the board and with the press – I want an offensive player.”

What I find really interesting in his entire speech however, is the fact that he has used the expression, ‘We need another player. Hopefully we can get that.’

This leads me to wonder, is one player coming in all the action we are going to see this window? Hmmm…curiouser and curiouser.

And now back to the ever so famous Daily Mail. According to them, Newcastle boss Alan Pardew is hoping to add some pace to his squad, in the form of  Paris Saint Germain ace Stephane Sessegnon.

According to them, the 26-year-old is contracted until 2013 but is hoping to leave during the transfer window following an argument with his manager:

“The coach insulted me. I believe that a coach cannot call one of his players ‘a******’ or call him ‘a s*** player’ as was the case with me… That is what he said to me, I am not going to cover up what he said. Under these conditions, it appears to me that it is impossible to continue to play for Paris. Impossible.”

The Benin international is valued at £7m and this in the current climate will I believe be beyond our spending power in terms of a solitary player.

Over to The Daily Star now, and apparently Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has spoken with them over the possibility of a loan move for former England captain David Beckham.

It is clear, however, that the Geordies will face tough competition with Tottenham and Everton also offering the former Manchester United pin-up a return to the Premier League.

“David Beckham is an asset to a team on a number of levels. But for a manager it’s the playing level and the fact he can deliver a ball. He has the experience and guile to play for this team, 100 per cent,” said Pardew.

“But there has been no talk about David Beckham. Perhaps I should ring him and see what he’s up to, see if he is coming home… We won’t leave any stone unturned for any player who becomes available and who we think can take the club forward.”

When asked if he would make a move for Becks, the Newcastle gaffer revealed:

“That conversation will probably take place on Monday or Tuesday next week. We’re just looking at the market and making calls to see who is and isn’t available. Then we’ll have to nail it down. I will put David on the list!”
So now, it’s over to your thoughts. Let’s assume we are playing fantasy football here for a second and assume you have 5 million plus money made from player sales. Who would you bring in, and who would you ship out to make more room and raise funds for further squad expansion.

Fingers crossed for a good window, though I’m personally not expecting much, and A Happy New Year to all our readers.


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105 Responses

  1. Why would we need another giant up top?




  2. Dont expect to see Beckham in our shirt. He’s a London lad and would (I think) prefer to go there.
    Personally I think get Robbie Keane in on a similiar deal to what we have with Ben Arfa (loan to buy), he would be the ideal foil for Carroll. In addition we are crying out for a good crosser of the ball from the flanks so I think Bentley may well be a good option.
    Not expecting a lot else if I’m being honest though..

  3. HOWS CLINT tickity boo i hope.

    how long have we being saying we needed a nippy little fellow with a bit guile,nee body taking any notice of us,is it that hard to see m8

  4. Highly unlikely that we will get Taarabt; though he’s probably the only player in the champ worth signing along with Connor Whickham. We wouldn’t get either cheap enough so might aswell forget it. We’ve got more chance of getting Bentley on loan IMO but that wouldn’t be my first choice as he can’t even get on Spurs bench for some reason. (and if he’s a £15M player supposidly he should do)

  5. DJG on bentley he started to belive his own press and he likes to be the man aboot town bit like young ranger by all reports,do we really need that type in our club,we do need someone in asap like

  6. Adel seems to be terribly inconsistent in his play. The great strength of NUFC this season has been a very consistent midfield. Cleverly is about to be available & he should be another reliable midfielder. The inconsistency belongs out on the wings, but within a player that can make the brilliant cross or cut back.

    IMHO, NUFC will make its buy(s) from some unexpected source, with a low price so there is cover until HBA returns. I would expect two wings and cover for Enrique.

  7. Spurs seem to pay (and expect) highly inflated prices for some reason. Is it a London thing? Arsenal are a bigger london club and they seem far more sensible than Spurs.

  8. I thought even at the time, when he was pulling trees up, that £15M was inflated for Bentley, he should have been £10m tops.

  9. ice,
    hi mate, i’m ok, you?
    Happy new year man, hope it’s a canny one for you & yours.
    ice, they know where to find us if they need advice, don’t they?

    i shoulda looked at the bottom.
    BTW, happy new year mate, hope you’re feeling well soon bro’, here’s hoping.

    spuds are an ‘eyes removal machine’, it’s a rip off to see them play too.
    Ideas above their station, crappy little ground, for now, & shit hole place to live/subsist.

  10. Ideas above their station, crappy little ground, for now, & shit hole place to live/subsist.
    Sounds much like our next opponents Clint ;)

  11. I’d like to see Taarabt in the B&W, even if we do sign Benny also, the more flair players the better as far as i’m concerned. However I have always thought he was quite hit and miss. I dunno why, but i also thought it was quite common knowledge that he has a rather poor attitude? Who knows, maybe he thought he was billy big bollocks at Spurs, but Warnock might have well knocked that out of him at QPR. Only a good thing if he has.

    As for the Pardew interview yesterday Fernando, I also noticed he made sure he almost emphasised on the “one player” issue. I might be wrong aswell, but I also thought he mentioned in the BBC interview that he wanted a winger?..if so and we’re only getting 1, then the no10 striker that we’ve been desperate for, for bloody ages, will have to wait.

  12. We need a striker and right winger. Its pretty obvious.

    I would settle for Bentley and Keane on loan and then look to the summer for our permanant signings.

    Oh and signing HBA permanant too this window.

  13. No chance we’ll get taarabt, for a start, we’ve already got a lot of midfielders at the club (if we want to play a young unproven AM, we’ve got Vuckic). More importantly, he’s an important player to their promotion campaign, the money they’d get from promotion will be many times whatever fee Taarabt would fetch, It’s not like QPR are skint anyways.

    As to possible right midfielders, I’d much prefer Sessegnon to Bentley, but I’d prefer Krancjar to both of them. Krancjar is angling for a move away because he just wants to play regular football, a great quality for any signing to have (unlike bentley, who just doesnt seem to have a real hunger to play IMO).

  14. Welliton upfront with Carroll would be my fantasy transfer. Any good deals will have to wait until the summer IMO . Bryan Ruiz of Twente is apparently awesome but I ain’t seen much of him. Think he plays right wing.

  15. MAW,
    Honestly mate, you’d rather live out in east london(wham) than NE london(spuds). :)
    At least wham fans are an amiable bunch, generally.

  16. beatski-Agreed mate, Kranjcar is versatile aswell, along with pitching in with the odd goal

  17. CLINT pretty poor xmas/new year but getting there now,think we will get one striker in along with benny but thats taking its time also,can see a couple going out sale/loan,ranger going on loan would not shock me,with best getting on in front of him y/day

  18. Sorry Clint but some of the W Ham fans I have met had a bad attitude towards us, as well as the north in general.
    Maybe not representative of real people from that area but I can only judge on what I see/hear :(

  19. MAW,
    Well i was at our game at their place, with a whammer & he payed for the ticket, even though we beat ’em.
    I live down in the smoke, & they are canny with me like.
    Along with gooners.
    I know fans of every hue & i’ve gotta say that the least friendly/self effacing are spuds by miles.
    The canny ones are a tiny minority.

  20. ice,
    just continue to repair mate, hope y’lads ok too.
    At least you still have y’sense of humor mate.
    Bet the 3 points raised y’spirits a bit like.

  21. aye, Kranjcar can play anywhere across the midfield, cracking delivery + shot, and can take people on with his silky skills. He also wants a move away which can only knock a couple of mil off his transfer fee (the most likely factor to sway Fat Ash).

    We could actually play an effective 451/433 if we had Him and Ben Arfa as well.

  22. CLINT aye 3 points helped,looking forward to tiote up against parker on wed,was nice to see 2 up front for a change just a pity they dont cut the mustard for me

  23. Spurs fans generally come across as vile on the Internets. Fulham and Arsenal fans always seem like decent folks. I have to say that Sunderland fans seem the most honest on the net.

  24. Pardew likes to play with wingers and we could do with someone who can get to the byeline and cross to add variety to Barton’s diagonal balls in.
    Add in Ben Arfa and Gosling and we should have more options in our problem area of going forward from midfield at home against the pack-the-defence teams.
    The major worry is that the second half of the season sees loads of injuries and suspensions, ’cause I’m not sure our squad depth is up to that…

  25. CLINT aye thought for a while we might lose son with this swine flu and viral infection thingy,couple in hospitals up here were not so lucky only in there 20s poor souls,one lass had just had a baby 2 days before

  26. at least these yellow cards dont count after 31st dec as we had a couple of players near the mark

  27. Lace,
    can’t argue with that mate (arse/fulham). ;)

    that’s well tough mate-Eeek!

    the yellows are scratched now-Phew!

  28. ice,
    0-1 away is cool with me, whoever scores.
    Know what y’mean though, we need that nippy striker.

  29. CLINT so do i hope for one,said before the storey in some rags said brum knocked keane back he wanted a mill if he kept them up he has said nowt to say its wrong,dont want anyone driven by money we have had them type

  30. Wonder how the following are feeling at the moment and whether they think it was worth jumping ship? –
    Given, Owen, Beye, Nzogbia, Martins, the only two who have probably bettered themselves are Milner and Bassong but i wouldnt have any of them anywhere near our club ever again.
    Mind you, wouldnt mind seeing Bellers in a black and white shirt again even though it would be a high octane addition to the dressing room.

  31. ice,
    aye, we don’t want/need any bread heeds at the club.
    Got rid of ’em & we must steer well clear in the future.
    Passion is what we want.

  32. BATTY taks you ages to do owt now m8 its a age thing richie says.
    get your lass telt,buy her some boots bought first like :)

  33. I think if we buy a small pacey striker who knows where the net is, our need for a quality winger decreases anyway. The only reason we’re desperate for quality from the flanks is because thats where most of Carrolls goals come from and Carroll scores most of our goals. We get a nippy, goal scoring striker along side him and we can start to go through the middle a little more often.

    Has to be said, Simpsons ball to Ameobi at the back post for the chance he missed yesterday was brilliant aswell like. Was inch perfect.

  34. I thought getting Bentley on loan might have been an interesting move, theres no question in my mind he’d be a more useful outlet than routledge..but with a consistent and fit Barton i’m not sure if theres much use for him-Barton, after some initial problems has basically made right mid his best position. He still drifts in a lot, and you can bet he’s going to get outpaced by a lot of opposition, but he can cross, pass, cut in and tackle (yes, and tackle well for the most part!)and his reading of the game is brilliant-His tackle which led to his shot and the eventual Shola goal was similar to the goal he got against liverpool, he’s not pacey or anything but he gets himself in the position and knows when to commit. Considering our strength in depth of CM-and the fact that Barton can be brought in there if we want to sub on routledge, i’m, not really sure if we need a Bentley just to deliver crosses in for Carroll.

    All I’d like to see if i’m honest is a LB or LW who can play in either position, that way we have cover for enrique/arfa/jonas and someone to spur jonas on for the time being. The other thing is as has been said continuously, a pacey striker.

  35. Wayne looked awesome in the ball yesterday but let himself down crossing. Surely he needs to be told to get into the box or cross from the bi line to make up for his deficiencies.

  36. Fellas,
    What about macheda from Manure? And will Citeh
    not be releasing the likes of Adebayor or Santa Cruz on loan?
    I’m not saying that those are the guys we want but does anyone know if they are going to be released or not?

  37. yea, agree that a striker is a priority too. btw jonas, routledge, barton and hba when hes back, the wings are ok at the moment – ideally would like to strengthen there but definitely need a striker to help andy scoring goals.

  38. LACE you would think any decent player would know what and when to do that imo like without being told,as you know it takes more than two good feet to make a player

  39. machedas agent was talkin in the papers yesterday sayin that he is lookin at loan deal and they’d have an option to buy in any, but they had only mentioned a fwe italian clubs. not sure fergie would want to give us a loan-to-buy on him.
    thought i heard SC was also linked with a move to italy and adebayor to villa. dunno if any of it is true or not though.

  40. Ice – very true but sometimes players need to be retrained and given direction. Hence the need for coaches. Even Shearer late in his career was told by the great Bobby Robson to change his stance and face the goal more. Saved his career.

  41. NATH not a bad shout,fergie has said he can go on loan but to the team that will give him the most games

  42. Hi all and a happy new year to everyone. First post under the new regime.

    I have to say I thought The shrimp had a good game when he came on, he took a lot of pressure off the team by being able to take on and beat players down the right although his crossing could be a lot better, same with Jonas. Personnally I would always start Routledge, at least give him a chance to improve and become an invaluable asset to the team.

    For a short term loan I would take Keane, another possibility (don’t all laugh at once) Cisse?

    I would also go with many of the suggestions about our own youngsters can’t be any worse than chucking Best on.

    Although paradoxically Shola scored the winner and did some good stuff I also think much the good play foundered on his inability to beat a player one on one and his first touch at times was abysmal. Time for Ranger to get a start methinks. As for Warnock saying Shola had better feet than Andy, you can see why he aint been much of a manager.

    Anyway got stuff to do so will stop there, although I could drivel on at much greater length. :)

  43. nathandio-I’m sure Fergie said the other day he was open to the option of Macheda going out on loan. I think he’d be a canny 6 month deal for us but you also have to consider the fact that the last time we had one of manure’s strikers on loan, we did bugger all with him. Not saying that would have them refuse to give us another, but they’ obviously want reassurance/a contractual stipulation that means he will play.

    As for Manny at City, i’m pretty sure he’s off to Juventus. Dunno whether it’s on loan or what but that’s the only club i’ve heard being heavily linked with him. Santa Cruz i’m clueless about. When you look at the amount of players just sitting around doing nowt for them, it’s pretty mad.

  44. Talk Sport reckon that Peter Taylor has been lined up as Pardews assistant!!!!!

    Watch this space…………

  45. Yes we need a striker. A foil to Carroll or if injured Shoala but what is the price for a top striker. Not really in favour of taking cast offs from the top teams it has proved a disaster in the past. Duff, Kluivert etc.
    I haven’t seen enough of Npower league to know if there is anyone there who would step up. Even less clue about foreign leagues such as the french and dutch. There was talk earlier in the season we were interested in wolfywinkel Is he worth a shout.
    Just think with the budget we have the striker isn’t going to be proven and will be a gamble

  46. We need to get routledge to do cut back passes or just blast the ball across the face of goal I reckon, I thought his cross was a shot yesterday, wasn’t actually that far over the bar :)

  47. BATTY cheers man,you might have talked me round,i got the better of him last time like,just wondered if it was worth the chow

  48. Peter taylors interesting, Carver would be the popular choice but maybe both could do a job.

    Taylor as assistant Carver coaching, with Stone and Donachie…

  49. buda-Pretty sure Van Wolfswinkel dislocated his shoulder against Liverpool and is out long term. Until the end of Jan at least.

  50. Our need for a top striker stems from the fact we do not get enough goals from midfield. Tiote, Barton, Smith, Routledge, Jonas, Guthrie etc do not know where the goal is. If these guys chipped in with four or five goals a season each Carroll, Shoala and Nolan wouldn’t be under so much pressure.
    A very high percentage (ask big sam he knows) of goals are scored from inside the penalty box. So it figures if you don’t put yourself in that area you won’t score. This was a trait of CH teams we did not over committ

  51. I keep hearing from Leeds fans that we will be signing Max Gradel. Is he any good?

  52. I’ve heard the name Max Gradel thrown about alot but in all honesty i’ve never seen the lad kick a ball. The fact that it’s only us and Wigan who are reported to be after him though, isn’t the most promising of signs. If we’re getting 1 player in, in an attempt to bolster our attacking options, i’d hope it wasn’t an unproven CCC winger who is only seen as worth a punt by us and another relegation candidate.

  53. Ross

    To be fair, he looks a decent winger who has scored a fair few goals and a player that Leeds fans want to hang onto. But whether he would give us anything different at this level is unclear. He is also a small player with a big attitude apparently.

  54. Speaking of needing a foil for Carroll, Fergie might get rid of Owen for a good prince… :D

  55. Peter Taylor hey?

    He’s refused to comment on the link to NUFC in his post match interview

  56. Tony-

    LoL, can’t he just, mate? Wot a tosser. Maybe we could get him back on loan and pay him 1k/week HAHA! Actually, better idea- he can pay US to play here.

  57. Stu,

    From what I gather Taylor has a good reputation as a coach but is a crap manager.

  58. Peter Taylor did a great job training England sprogs a while back, I’m sure he’d do a canny job for the toon as trainer.

  59. TGS – Good job he’s not getting the managers job then, isn’t it?

    He’s definately in talks with us.

  60. An attack minded coach. Just what we need. We need to be more offensive but wonder if that’s possible with the make up of the current squad. Midfielders capable of scoring

  61. Peter Taylor is an ex-spurs man from daan saaf…- queue “Cockney Mafia” link…

  62. I would love to have Taylor at the club. He had an awsome record managing the U21’s

  63. dead right lacedaemonian, he’d be great for us imo

    Great coach with loads of international experience. Never quite cut it as manager though

  64. He always seemed like a great bloke too.

    I have been rattling my head thinking of wingers we could buy. I can’t think of any strikers other than Welliton. Just watched a usual YouTube video of Bryan Ruiz and he looks great. I was also thinking of Arda Turan. How is he playing these days?

  65. DJG says:
    January 3, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    “worky it’s been submitted for review.”

    I know, it’s all in hand for the “howay-day” ‘blog. Just found and edited that image of the Fairs Cup victory parade bus as well.

  66. Peter Taylor’s career has been on the slide since his second stint with England U-21’s. It’s also no secret that ever since he began his management career he’s brought in his friend Junior Lewis as first team coach so quite why he’d join NUFC is a mystery unless Pardew just wants a Yes Man to sit next to on the bench ?

  67. DJG says:
    January 3, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    “Oh well. I’ll have to try and think of a play-on-words title for next time.”

    I thought up that one for the photo caption, DJG.

  68. I thought I used the word interest too many times but I couldn’t really explain it otherwise.

  69. ah come on im sick of hearing about Robbie Keane, he is over rated and i cant even understand why. he is useless from open play he is simple an peno king, he adds no new dimensions to a team team he cost ireland a place in the last euro campaign by simply been a moron against switzerland and france in croke park he had simple headers after goalkeeper error and in stead of simply heading it in the dip shit try an overhead and for no rational reason,

    he CONSTANTLY step over the ball to let in run through his leg and it never works it goes to defenders feet, he is an idiot. The worst thing ireland ever done was make the half wit their captain, its bad enough i have to see him line up in green i dont want to see him in the B&W as well,

    i would rather cisse or macus bent an we seen how der prem careers went, to be honest in terms of strikers the market is void there is very few proven pacey strikers around.

    i think we should look to our youth in Nile Ranger ask shearer to teach him how to finish he work rate is fantastic and he can play he just lacks the killer instinct, we also have Leon Best who has not been given a chance since joining and i think west ham and stevenage could be a turning point in his toon career. and of course we have Shola who has 7 goals this season and his chances have been limited to 12 starts its a nice strike rate.

    which brings me on to a winger Bentley would be one of my 1st choices he can shoot, he can cross and he can carry the ball everything you need in a winger but someone mention his attitude which i will be honest would put me off him so try him on loan see how things go if he is disruptive chuck him back to london after all Ben arfa is due bk in feb

    lets be honest Jonas as much as i like him his crossing isnt the best but i put dat down to the face he is right footed crossing from the left,

    and wayne routledge makes runs and he never seems to no wat to do next bit of a brain he would be a smashing player with his pace and quick feet and also he is not a great crosser..

    at the same time we have Ryan Taylor who i dont think is a right back he is a winger in my eyes, his delivery of the ball is 2nd to none and boy can he strike a ball and a quality free kick taker has been sorely missed in our team,

    next david beckham as great a player as he is i dont think he has the energy to play on the wings and more as id opt for bentley but becks can play in centre mid but my arguement to this is Dan Gosling he is like a new signing now the fit again maestro will be a massive boost and will mount a heap of pressure on Danny Guthrie to start performing because he has been rather lack luster this season.

    in terms of players out
    Steven Taylor ( if we got Dunne )
    Peter Lovencrank
    Sol Campbell
    Alan Smith (or play him as a striker)
    Xisco (or atleast give him a chance)
    Kadar( on loan )
    Vukic (on Loan)
    Ferguson (on Loan)
    Youth needs some experience we have some real quality there loan spell is doin great for Foster and Lua Lua

    Players In
    Richard Dunne

    ill give reasons for in’s and out if asked

  70. sorry for not putting this in my 1st post id like to see us sign Matt Jervis from wolves

    Also John Carver has been linked with a welcome return to NUFC