Wigan Athletic v Newcastle United match highlights and post match interview videos.

Posted on January 2nd, 2011 | 36 Comments |

Brief highlights of the game. I will try to replace these with more extensive highlights if/when they become available.

Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, salutes “discipline” of Newcastle performance and how players “pulled their socks up” after loss of No. 9, Andy Carroll with a thigh strain. He also hints that Newcastle might be interested in offering David Beckham a deal!

Wigan manager, Roberto Martinez, muses on his sides “disappointing” performance in what was a scrappy game.

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36 Responses

  1. Andy Gray’s prediction:

    Pound for pound, there isn’t a huge amount to separate these two and I think the final scoreline will reflect that.

    Recommended Bets:

    Back the draw at 3.4
    Back the 2-2 draw at 19.0
    Back Andy Carroll to score at 2.4 or better !!!

    What a plonker. ;)

  2. DJG-haha, classic Andy Gray genius. He could challenge Toonsy for best predictor of 2010 :D

  3. wigan are a disgraceful attempt at a prem team, 15k & change.
    Fank thuck we’ve beat the bastards for once after all the bullsh games we’ve had v them in the last few years.
    Shoulda put a few past ’em today, but anyhoo, 3 points, so i don’t give a phuck.

  4. Clint

    Wigan looked poor today, and they are set to look even worse if Cleverly is indeed called back from his loan spell as the media suggests. N’Zogbia and Cleverly out the door within a month, bad times for them me thinks.

    In other news, I hope we don’t go in for Keane and Bentley. It’s not that they are bad players, but I just feel we could grab someone just as good, if not better for around the same price. Also, our team is crying out for just a little bit more pace. Neither offer that.

  5. El Toro,
    agree totally mate, on all counts.
    I thought Martinez would have done better than he has, although he’s limited at wigan like.

    bentley & keane, mmmmm.
    Admittedly, bentley does have a good cross on him & he obviously needs a change of scene, bit risky though, unless he was virtually free. Same with keane.

  6. Clint Flick

    How I see it, people want to see Bentley come in just so he can cross to Carroll. I think that would be a silly reason to buy a player. Carroll is already scoring goals and we should be looking to strengthen in other key areas where we have deficiencies. Granted Carroll would probably score more with better delivery, but I just don’t see value in putting all of our eggs in one basket. We need to sign a striker that runs the channels and gives the opposition something different to think about so that we aren’t left up s**t creek without a paddle if Carroll gets injured. Lovenkrands’ movement caused endless problems for the Wigan defence today, but he just lacks the quality once the ball gets to him. If we can find a quality replacement for him we will be laughing.

  7. El Toro,
    mate, again, i totally agree.
    A quick no. 8/10 with a bit of skill too, sorted.
    Especially as we seem to have gone to a 442 more these days.

  8. CLint

    Do you know what the sad and ironic thing is? Two of our former players are exactly what we need right now. Bellamy up front, N’Zogbia on the right. These two would see us competing for Europe…(sigh)

  9. El Toro,
    aye, especially Bellamy.
    Zog is a good player but a right miserable get, he shoulda stayed like.
    He’d be playing regular now, but hey ho, that’s football.
    Pity sourpuss go shot of Bellamy too.
    Great foil that lad.

  10. That match report is hilarious. The bloke can’t spell Ameobi, he fails to mention the fact that we hit the bar twice (however mentions them striking the bar before claiming neither team did anything creatively second half) and opens the review by saying all this against a team that they only needed to turn up and put in a half decent performance to beat.

    Hilarious really when you even had a national television station today claiming that Wigan was just a rugby league town situated around big dog’s such as Liverpool and Manchester. They have absolutly NOTHING to be arrogant about. Priceless.

  11. “a massive stroke of luck for the visitors to actually score” sums it up really..

  12. To be Honest,i feel that Jan Matches,there are potentially 9points for the taking.

    We Must try to beat Mackems,Must Beat Hammers.

    And we already won wigan.

    After my certain Calculation,if we beat those bottom half teams and grind some surprise wins against the top teams,

    we might get 56points by end of season. ;)

  13. Jan 2011.
    West Ham(Win)

    Feb 2011

    March 2011
    Everton (Win)

  14. April 2011
    Aston Villa(Win)
    Man Utd(Lose)

    May 2011

    And that’s my predictions. Possible of getting 56points.Definetly i am confident we will get more than 40points if nothing crops up suddenly.

  15. or we start on a incredible winning streak starting from now that will lead us to a European spot ;)

  16. Also,talking about the Two David’s transfer rumor of coming to Newcastle.

    David Beckham,looks set on to Spurs and i believe he wouldn’t want to join us,unless Pardew got some excellent negoitating skills. ;)

    David Bentley,is a good prospect to come to us on loan,but if what Harry says that he is always injury-prone on ‘Friday’s’,it might need to reconsider the decision. ;)

  17. couldnt help but laugh when they showed the ball hitting taylor on the arm and acts like he got shot in the stomach not for the first time he has done that!

  18. One of tabloids saying we’re after Taarabt of QPR. Now he IS the sort of creative player we could do with. Doubt if they’ll sell though.

  19. being linked with taarabt n bojinov again today both wud b great signings, also someone on twiitter reckons bentley is happening

  20. Bit off topic, but wasn’t it nice to actually see the ball stay on the ground yesterday and witness a bit of football being played or is that just me !!

  21. Watching Sky Sports soccer extra and they are highlighting Bartons tackle yesterday, Match of the day also condemned it as has Graham Poll in the Daily Mail but all are gutted that video evidence cant be used to ban him.
    Two things spring to mind on this subject –
    1. Barton, has to be whiter than white, they are queuing up to kick you son.
    2. There have been far worse this season which have done no more than raise an eyebrow, Cattermole for one who is dismissed as being ” Lucky on that one” and ” got away with that one”, makes me puke.

  22. No way Beckham will come to toon, both him and his matchstick wife want to hang out in London – cant see his minger wife hanging out in Bigg Market.
    Bentley can do a runner as well, spurs fans hate him for a reason….. hes crap

    Trabant would be an interesting signing but doubt QPR would sell unless we offer em shola (warnock reckons he’s a better all round player than carroll)

  23. Bigbadbob

    The continued vilification of Joey by the media is pathetic, but agree with you he needs to be whiter than white and give them no ammunition. It was good to see him wear the captains arm band for a time yesterday and take the time to throw his shirt to the supporters at the end of the match.

  24. Bigbadbob

    It’s a joke. Roger Johnson committed a SHOCKING tackle of Cesc Fabregas on Saturday, a potential leg breaker. Yet only one or two in the media said it was a red card offence.

    Barton’s tackle looked worse in real time than it did when slowed down. It was a tackle from the side with no risk of catching the opponent any higher than his lower ankle. A yellow card and nothing more.

  25. Well Pardew has said that he’s only looking at bringing in one player so I can only assume that will be a striker.

  26. this benny thing seems to have gone off the map a bit was all the talk he would sign 1st jan after turning up at sjp.
    on keane dont know if the rags are right but they said brum knocked him back as he wanted 1mill if he helped keep them up,and keane has not re-futed it,if true do we want a player driven by cash had to many of them in the past imo

  27. “One of tabloids saying we’re after Taarabt of QPR. Now he IS the sort of creative player we could do with. Doubt if they’ll sell though”

    He undoubtedly has qualities but Warnock has said he’s a “hot and cold” player. Putting on a show at home against Swansea then invisible at Norwich six days later and subbed after only 62 minutes.

    Keane makes no sense on many different levels but the main one is age. The others being lack of pace and creativity, wages too high, transfer fee, effect on the squad etc etc

    Something has to be done about the forward line though as Lovenkrands and Best are clearly not BPL standard and Shola is, at best, bench warming material.

    If we’re seriously considering spending money on Keane then we should look to offload the above to release wages to bring in a rising young striker who can either play as a partner to AC or who could play on the right and link up with HBA as attacking midfielders. Shechter of Hapoel Tel Aviv springs to mind but I’m sure there are loads of others.

  28. Good to see a clean sheet again, owt to do with Harper coming back in?
    Although Saylor tried to put paid to it again.
    & he refused to close down cleverley for their best chance, which Harper mopped up for him.