Nolan allegedly splenetic about Pardew

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Nolan allegedly angry at Pardew.
Nolan in a flap
Kevin Nolan allegedly reacts angrily at his treatment by Alan Pardew at Newcastle United.

I spent most of yesterday wondering where the ‘source close to Nolan’ from the News Of The World had gone and I’m pleased to say he’s popped up today. Allegedly Nolan is positively fuming at the lack of support he received from Pardew over his new contract and eventual departure from the club.

The ‘source close to Nolan’ said:

Kevin is disappointed with Alan Pardew. Kevin is especially disappointed because he made a point of supporting the manager when he first arrived at Newcastle.

He thinks Pardew paid lip-service to keeping him at Newcastle. He feels let down and he’s furious with his former manager. Kev expected him to try harder to keep him at the club during contract talks.

The incentives they wanted put in Kev’s contract were all about how high up the league table Newcastle finished. “They are managers’ clauses, not players’. If they’d wanted him to be manager, they should have given him the job.

Nolan feels particularly let down because he gave Pardew his full support when he took over from Hughton. Nolan continues:

It was a very difficult time for Alan Pardew to take over and the support of the club captain was crucial. He needed Kevin Nolan on board and Kevin made sure the dressing room moved forward with the new manager.

When the crunch came, the manager did not reciprocate the support and that was very disappointing. Kevin was a big character who helped him settle in and that was forgotten.

It did seem a bit odd that Pardew had stated that contracts such as Nolan’s and Barton’s were his ‘priority’ going into the summer, and of course they failed to materialise in any useful way. I’ve made my thoughts clear on this in a previous post: I don’t blame Pardew because I think Ashley made all the decisions about Nolan’s and Barton’s contracts anyway, and Pardew was simply out of the loop.

That’s just my insignificant opinion of course.

The replacement of older, more experienced players with younger, more French players will be tested next season and I hope it pays off. If truth be told, I have no strong opinions as to whether it will or not, although I admit I have some trepidation about it. And said trepidation might increase depending upon whether or not Barton sees out next year at our club and which other – if any – experienced players leave.

But I’m not called the King of Cool for nothing. Or even at all if I’m honest.

Oh, and bear in mind the ‘source close to Nolan’ might simply be a bored hack looking for a story!

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60 Responses

  1. “Oh, and bear in mind the ‘source close to Nolan’ might simply be a bored hack looking for a story!”

    Replace “might simply be” with “is”.

  2. Pardew talks to much, he should only speek when hes 100% sure that the statement will be correct..

  3. It really boils my piss the more i am reading about Kevin Nolan slagging us off now, Lets look at it this way

    Newcastle Wage £42k
    Offered West Ham Wage £52k

    Newcastle Offered Contract 3 Years
    West Ham Offered Contract 5 Years

    It is pure greed on his behalf & we are lucky we are shot of a player who has no pace & passing is very suspect when on quite a few occasions this season the game just passed him by,(Remember Bolton away last season where we got beat 5-1) – If the games are passing him by at 28 i feel by time he gets into his 30’s we will have another Geremi or Alan Smith on our hands who just become a liability

    Well thats me 2 cents anyway

  4. Paul says:
    June 19, 2011 at 11:36 am

    “It really boils my piss the more i am reading about Kevin Nolan slagging us off now, Lets look at it this way”

    Paul, as Hugh points out in the article, this is the NOTW ‘quoting’ a ‘source close to the player’, so it could be complete and utter shite!

    We don’t really know all the details of the contract he was offered at Newcastle United either.

  5. Nolans gone now.I think we have all been guilty of spending to much time getting angry over ex-players.These last few days have been exciting because of players coming in and the anticipation of new players.Lets enjoy the moment instead of getting angry about things we can do nothing about.

  6. How much we’ll miss Nolan will depend who gets added and who we keep in the current squad, me personally I think selling him was a good deal considering the ££££ that’s been mentioned he wanted a hell of alot of money considering all through his career he has been an average player. People forget that he dud get offered a new deal at the club, and rejected it. Greed

  7. Paul,
    Where is Nolan slagging us off?
    NOTW stirring the crap, but even if it was true, the bloke has a fair point. Pardew maybe a decent manager, jury’s still out, but he’s now proved on more than one occasion that his word means jack shit!

  8. you just don’t get it yet peeps….

    It’s a big scam….Ashley makes the financial moves in cahoots with Dekka and the “backroom staff”….

    In the mean time, players come and go, and when the constellation is right, players will be sold. Cut-throat and a tough situation. ut the players are paid BIG MONEY for this apparent instability.

    Pardew knows what is going on, he’s just playing the part…. Football is about big bcks, when a good player comes along then he’s signed or sold.

    At the moment at the toon, there are blokes who are wanted,, the “in” blokes..i.e. the new signings, the rest are all available, and actually the players can decide themselves if they want to stay or go… Tough…

  9. I’m back again lads haha last time I commented on here was when Nolan allegedly said he wouldn’t drop to the championship I honestly think the only reason he has is something to do with Allardyce he would never of came otherwise so I do think there is something dodgey with the deal, however I wouldn’t say its down to greed the guy wanted to stay at the club the only reason we’re paying him so much is because he is dropping to the championship, I think Ashley is going to ruin your team and you may struggle next year unless you get some more experience in, we for example gave Parker a five year deal worth 70 k a week at the start of last season, I don’t think lengths of contracts matter that much because when a player wants to go they usually get what they want.
    For you Ba is a superb signing I think you need someone up there with him, I’ve heard he is on pay as you play deal which is fair because of his knee but this is why you need 1 or maybe 2 more strikers because if he didn’t get injured he would probably be out for a while, also which made me laugh when we signed him on FIFA 11his trait was injury prone. With the way Ba left West Ham I don’t agree with we gave him a chance and took a risk on him and yes he delivered but then leaves on a free but never mind.

  10. 2n 2n says:
    June 19, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    “Pardew maybe a decent manager, jury’s still out”

    Ask a Charlton or West Ham fan 2n 2n. They’ll give you a verdict pretty quickly.

  11. What’s up with you guys, you have’nt figured it out by now ?
    What ?
    That Pardew is an empty suit, as is Llambias.
    There’s only one boss at NUFC and we all know who he is.
    But they serve to distract attention and give the appearance of normality.
    It appears the scouting system fulfills the role of identifying the commings and goings, Llambias makes the deal (with Asley giving the yea or nay)
    Pardew ? i would like to think he organizes the side and has an understanding of modern football , both from a technical and tactical approach.
    But having watched any number of games last season, i failed to see much in the way of tacticical adjustments to particular circumstances.
    Our new side, full of skilled Frenchmen will need direction in a league that plays both a faster and more physical game, with little time on the ball.
    Can Pardew provide that direction ?
    As for Kevin Nolan, he’s now on £55k. a week for the next 5years, no tears required, just business.

  12. EssexHammer…you guys have a good lad in Nolan. I hope he helps you do the business and get back quickly to the PL. Parker and Nolan in midfield should be way too powerful for the Championship, hope the rest of the team can back them up mate.

    Good luck for next season.

  13. ugh!i feel awfully nervous about the upcoming season now.i hope i’m just over reacting.

  14. Think Nolan will be class again next season in the championship.
    His last 2 seasons with us have been excellent,he brought our side together and I can see him bringing some proper grit to the side as well as plenty goals next season.

  15. Arka…the cull by MA has not even started yet, Collo,Enrique,Barton,Best and others will be shown the door soon.

    All eyes on the exit door and the sound of Ashley’s cash register clocking up profits.
    Kerching !

  16. arka says:
    June 19, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    “ugh!i feel awfully nervous about the upcoming season now.i hope i’m just over reacting.”

    Arka, just to put your mind at rest


  17. chuck,he’s definatley that,”the new signings will excite the fans” err alan two crocks,and lad bought,with the proceeds of kevin nolan’s departure,your going to have to do better than that.does no one else feel like we are being mugged off,yet again?.we signed gosling last year,and he’s hardly kicked a ball in anger,one outing against sunderland,and his knee swelled bigger than pardew’s we sign a lad who’s never played since october,i hope graham carr isn’t using the derek llambias method of scouting on youtube.
    we sign ba,who also has a dodgy knee,to go along with amoebi,who’s always on a physio’s bench.
    all the ashley lovers are out in force on the footymad site,they’ll be foaming at the gash on the “waltons” board.i’m sorry but i’ll take some convincing,on ashley’s raid on france,ligue 1 is not the premiership,okay these lads could come good,but it just smacks of more desperate ashley gambles,and cutting the wage bill.

  18. If what’s said is true then fair play to, good management & Nolan is basically pissed cos pardew couldn’t do him z favour & support his request for an unreasonable 5yr contract, greedy tw@t.

    And Chuck there’s only one boss at any club or business for that matter.

  19. we might as well bring back fabrice pancrate,ashley is buying any frenchman,who falls off the back of a lorry,or a job lot.looks like he’s in his element now,fat boy,he’s found his niche market to support his penny pinching.we need to use our loafs “we’re being had ower again,so far”.

  20. SJT, I do get what you are saying and agree partially to some of your points but please do not work as a counsellor or for the samaritans. Voice of doom or what!! ;)

  21. I am still fence sitting on Ashley (and taking the jalapeno enemas :) ), seems to me that next season is going to see us (optimist me) click with all of the newly signed (and fit again) wunderkids to fly into the top echelons of the EPL. Or (pessimist me) suffer a crock of injuries and stumble into a dire relegation battle, I somehow can’t see a steady midway season, just wouldn’t be us!

    Strikers, we will have Ba, Best, Shola, Airey and Lovens. With the right service they should be able to get goals if we are looking for another striker then I’d be hoping for a Berbatov or similar.

  22. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    June 19, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    “SJT, I do get what you are saying and agree partially to some of your points but please do not work as a counsellor or for the samaritans. Voice of doom or what!!”

    Sirjasongloomanddoom is our resident doom monger and cynic. There’s none better! :-)

  23. So if this is true, and thats a huge if, then what we’re seeing is Nolan moaning cos the club wouldn’t give in to his unreasonable 5 year demands, and why does he think the club should just arbitrarily give him whatever he wants? Cos he supported the new manager. Well done Kev, you did what you were supposed to do anyway! What’s the alternative?

    If there is truth to this report, then its one of the most mercenary things I’ve heard from a footballer in a while. “Yeah I won’t make your life difficult and I’ll support you in your new job as long as you give me whatever I want at a later date”? Sounds like someone making a deal with the devil from some cheap B-movie!

    This report probably isn’t true anyway, but if it is, then I’m pleased to be shot of him if that’s his attitude. At the end of the day, he was offered a new deal and turned it down cos the club weren’t prepared to give him 5 years.

    Also I find it a bit odd that people can keep slagging Pardew and calling him an “empty suit” and a “yes man” cos he goes along with what the owner of the club says. As Witters @20 says, there’s only 1 boss at any club, so we’re no different in that respect, but what do people expect Pardew to do? Disagree with Ashley? Slag him off like people do on here? What purpose would it serve? We’ve all heard the phrase “He who pays the piper calls the tune” and that’s true in all professions. Like any manager, he has no authority against the clubs owner on any matter. Any manager, or anyone in ANY job for that matter, wouldn’t do that. Especially not if they valued the prospects of staying in employment.

  24. Scott
    If you compare, the attitudes of both Pardew and Hughton
    you wiil find one kept his mouth shut on matters that were beyond his control, never said a negative word about any player and kept the dressing room to-gether as a united group.
    While the other has yet to find a subject cocerning the club he has failed to voiced an opinion on.
    He has criticised players, pleaded he was missquoted and we are aware of his promises to keep players at the club, hey there’s a litany of foot in mouth, incidents.
    Plus i doubt if by now he is Mr. Popular in the dressing room.
    One reason why Joey and Smith will go.
    Hey i think Joe should stay for football reasons, but i’m afraid the die is cast.
    And primarily i dont think Pardew is the man to make this side successful, he’s got a lousy record and a reputation to match, but the truth is this club will never attract a decent manager as long as Ashley insists on making all the decisions.

  25. Most of you on here are just moaning little anoraks who haven’t got a clue about anything. The season hasn’t even started yet and Pardew hasn’t even began spending the Carroll money and you’re all moaning. It’s as plain as the nose on your face that the squad needs major overhaul, just as Kevin Keegan did when he took the club into the Premiership. You have a team to get you out of the Championship then you have another team that pushes on in the Premiership. The likes of Nolan, Barton, Lovenkrands, Smith, Harper, Ameobi and Guthrie aren’t up to the job. So it’s time to cash in on them and bring in young, hungry, talented players who can take us to the next level. So lay off the depressing patter and give Pardew time to put his stamp on the squad and then see what happens.

  26. Chuck

    I’m not talking about his handling of players, the dressing room atmosphere or any of that, although I’ve not really heard of any problem with the dressing room under Pardew, and I’ve not heard any player saying that the team spirit has disappeared with him as manager, so I won’t speculate that he’s unpopular with the players or that they like him any less than Hughton. I’m tlaking about this “yes man” tag cos he goes along with what the clubs owner says.

    I agree Pardew has put his foot in his mouth on a few things, but that’s not what I meant. What I said was that people bitch about Pardew cos he doesn’t have a say and he goes along with the owner on everything. The same is true about Hughton whether he commented or not, he worked to Mike Ashley’s tune as well. Every manager in football has to go along with what the owner of the club says cos if he didn’t he’d be out of the door before his feet could hit the ground.

    So if going along with what the clubs owners tell him makes him an empty suit and all the rest of it, then so is every manager going. What would disagreeing with them get him apart from a trip to the dole?

  27. I totally agree with you ralph, most of the people on this site who moan and groan are probably the same people that vote Labour and then complain when they bankrupt the country. Mike Ashley has not become one of the richest men in this country by being naive, he has been very shrewd with the players we are bringing in with the promise of 5 more top drawer players, the future for Newcastle and it’s supporters hasn’t looked so bright for many years. We are apparently skimming the cream of French U21 football which has kept Arsenal as a top force in the Premiership and Europe so if we can follow the same blueprint, we can finally re-emerge as a top Premiership team.

  28. I’ve supported Newcastle for 40 years. I’ve seen the SuperMac years, then the struggle in the old Second Division of the late 70’s, then the Kevin Keegan, Peter Beardsley, Waddle team of the 80’s but nothing compares with the Kevin Keegan bandwagon of the early 90’s. History has proved it was all built on sand, we might have been The Entertainers but we didn’t push on like Fergie’s Man United did. That’s why i believe Pardew’s pursuit of young, talented players instead of over-the-hill cart horses such as Nolan and Barton will make us a force again. Mike Ashley has too much money invested in Newcastle United to allow it to fail, so i think we should get behind the manager and the team and hope we move onwards and upwards.

  29. @charles: I agree (with everything but the political statement) but a lot of fans want everything now. Chris Hughton lulled us into a sense of security and in return we gave him our patience. He was axed and now we’re back at square one, frothing at the mouth and demanding we challenge the EPL top spot from day 1.

  30. charles says:
    June 19, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    “Mike Ashley has not become one of the richest men in this country by being naive”

    Well he was very naive to purchase one the the country’s largest football clubs without any form of due diligence. He let the Shepherds and the Halls completely take him to the cleaners, which I think you’ll agree, was hardly “shrewd”.

  31. Ralph@28
    lt Looks like there’s three of us. We can make this thing grow into something magnificent if we can send all the doomwalla’ elsewhere.

  32. So what if Nolan was supportive of the new manager, thats his job as a player and captain employed by the club, end of. Lets face it, he wanted a 5 year deal on £50k a week so we’d still be paying him top rate at the age of 34 whens he’s even slower than he is now. Two goals since Carroll left in January isn’t the form of a £50k a week player…

  33. He let the Shepherds and the Halls completely take him to the cleaners, which I think you’ll agree, was hardly “shrewd”.

    I disagree. He got the club for a lot cheaper than he otherwise would have done, the problem came when he looked over the club books and thought “whoops”

  34. There’s a lot of sense being written on this blog. I totally agree with ralph and Charles. Ashley must have been as sick as me watching that crap at home last season. How Joey Barton thinks he’s a top class midfielder is beyond me and this rubbish that Arsenal want to sign him. Arsenal have a Rolls Royce midfield so i can’t see them sticking a donkey in there. And as for Nolan, his lack of pace and mobility cost him a place in the England setup. He is exactly what he is: a Championship battler, who isn’t up to Premiership standard. It just goes to show how far our expectations have fallen when supporters moan about players like Barton and Nolan being sold. These players wouldn’t even have gotten on the bench under Kevin Keegan so it’s out with the old and in with the new. It’s going to be an exciting season coming up.

  35. “moaning little anoraks”,i like it,very poetic lol.
    i’d rather be cynical then be convinced,than blindly follow a proven liar and his”band of sychophants”.

  36. I wrote an article for a different site (before I started writing here) when Joey Barton made his “best midfielder in England” comment and promptly sat in Ashley Young’s back pocket all game. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player but top? Nah.

  37. if i owned an anorak,i would proceed to bash mike ashley,over the head with it.

  38. ralph says:

    “You have a team to get you out of the Championship then you have another team that pushes on in the Premiership”

    Maybe someone should have told the Fatman last season ?

  39. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 19, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    “if i owned an anorak,i would proceed to bash mike ashley,over the head with it.”

    A git big wrench would dee the job better though Trojan. :-)

  40. Just to second what the other guy said, you are very lucky to have Ba. He scored 7 in 12 for us and was very dangerous in the air and shooting from range. A genuine predator.

  41. I’m chuffed with Ba, but we defo need another quailty striker coming in, it’s all gone quiet on the Erding front, and we may have competition:

    Lille, who are in talks to sell Gervinho to Arsenal, will need to replace the Ivory Coast ace and are keeping tabs on Erding’s situation at PSG.

    “Mevlut Erding is a player that we are following,” Lille’s general manager Frederic Paquet told

    “There is no contact, but we know about him. He’s a great player.”

    Lets hope Gervinho knocks up a local clunge-merchant, keeping him firmly in Lille, and them out of The Erding race.

  42. Yeah he looked fairly sharp, Hammer. I honestly reckon that had he have been with you from the start of the season you might have just stayed up but that said, a few wins here and there and it can rejuvenate a team. That’s all ifs and buts, though.

    Did he have any injury problems with your lot?

  43. Hammer4 says:
    June 19, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    “Just to second what the other guy said, you are very lucky to have Ba.”

    He did look impressive Hammer, there’s a big question mark over his knee though. I think that Nolan will be good for West Ham so long as he keeps away from the pies!

  44. An enjoyable read, fellas. Frankly, I think we should expect more from Derek Llambias. He’s the link between the owner and the rest of us and, to a large extent, I agree with Chuck that Mike Ashley holds the reins and only very rarely does he let anyone else get a hand on them, and almost never Alan Pardew. But Derek Llambias could be more vocal in conveying to the rest of NUFC, i.e. the fans, what direction we are going in and why decisions are made. It’s all too tight-lipped at the top while Alan Pardew seems to have adopted the role of enthusiastic ball-boy, running after whatever news item is swirling around in an attempt to look busy and useful.

    With that said, I think that Ashley is keen to make NUFC a better, stronger, more profitable club and to that extent I remain optimistic. I would just prefer it if he wasn’t so reclusive, and if he and Derek Llambias had a better rapport with the fans.

  45. Nolan is set with WHUFC, worky. Like somebody pointed out the other day he is perfectly suited to BSA’s style of play – defensive, slow build and then go for the jugular. Nolan definitely found his level in the championship and reckon he’ll be great for another season or two but then I think his legs are going to go on him.

    It’s one hell of a coup for West Ham, though… just hope he’s prepared for the derby though…

  46. aye worky,it’s like 1001 things to do with a frying pan.
    1/ FRY AN EGG.

  47. Thump says:
    June 19, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    “Nolan definitely found his level in the championship”

    As he’d already estblished himself as a Premier League player, it’s hardly surprising that he’d be good at a lower level too Thump.

  48. I disagree. Most Bolton fans were glad of his leaving, great captain, average player. Last season was, without question, the best season of his career and I think there’s only one way to go for him now and it certainly isn’t up. Let’s also keep in mind most of his goals came from knockdowns from Carroll and opportunist shots with kind bounces. How many did he score from open play?

  49. Nolan “knew where the back of the net was”, and u cant fault that…that’s hopefully what Ba’s got as a main attribute also – somethin Nil Ranger clearly hasnt got.

  50. Time to kick back and watch Sturridge nail a hat-trick against the Croats, then a post match I/V where he talks about his desire to play up toon!

  51. Me thinks the lady (or the ladies agent or very close ‘source’ :) ) protesteth ower much.


  52. TROJAN 69 says:

    “aye worky,it’s like 1001 things to do with a frying pan.
    1/ FRY AN EGG.

    Très amusant Monsieur Condom Soixante Neuf

  53. Nolan has a right to be upset. No one saw his departure coming, especially not with 2 years left on his deal.
    Pardew’s position is tricky, as his first obligation is to Ashley. Ashley calls the shots and Pardew is left with the job of spinning decisions made above his head. But that’s why he was brought in. Given the financial situation the club was in, I am inclined to give Pashley the benefit of the doubt for now and hope it pays off long term.

  54. Nolan has the right to leave immediately that he isn’t getting exactly what he wants…Oh!…he did already!


  55. He still had 2 years left, no reason for him to rush a new contract at all… he wanted a new contract, he was offered one, he didn’t like it and he left…
    hardly the fault of Pardew.

    Besides, you don’t know what goes on between pardew and Ashley behind closed doors, Pardew needs to make his case to the owner and the owner needs to agree.

    Pardew; “Nolan wants a new contract”
    Ashley; “He still has 2 years, what does he want?”
    Pardew; “He wants more money and 5 years”
    Ashley: “No, offer him this, thats all I’m prepared to offer at the moment.”