Toon back off from allegedly ‘mercenary’ Zog

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Newcastle United allegedly cooling on Charles N'Zogbia transfer.
Wage demands too excessive?
A senior Newcastle United source says we’re going off the idea of bringing Charles N’Zogbia to the club due to his approach to things.

It seems that Newcastle are cooling on the prospect of bringing Charles N’Zogbia to the club, mainly due to what they see as ‘mercenary tactics’ by the player.

Newcastle have apparently been quoted a £12m fee by Whelan’s mob for The Zog and the player is said to be demanding £60k a week in wages, which apparently brought on such fits of expectoration in Mike Ashley that he almost brought up all the pies he had for breakfast.

A ‘senior Newcastle United source’ told The Journal:

The N’Zogbia situation is turning into a bun fight, there are a lot of clubs in for him and there is a lot of confusion about what his intentions are.

It seems he is waiting to see who offers him the most money, that is his priority and is that the sort of person we want to play for Newcastle United?

He is a very talented boy, but is he just a mercenary? We are considering all of these things. We need to have a long hard think about it because it is a lot of money to spend on one player who left under a cloud.

Apparently nine clubs have expressed an interest in N’Zogbia and a bidding war is likely to ensue.

It seems the club is unhappy with the fact that The Zog is after as much money as he can get rather than choosing Newcastle for altruistic reasons. Alas such attitudes are part and parcel of modern football, although some players may display them more than others.

But can we blame him anyway? Early in my career I worked for a company for 12 years and – up until the end when it all got a bit pants – I was fairly ‘devoted’ to that company, occasionally refusing better-paid jobs to stay with it. Yet I still wanted to get as big a salary as possible out of them.

I don’t know – maybe there’s a line somewhere between expecting a good wage and just being plain greedy, although I would imagine different people will draw the line in different places.

If some reports are to be believed, Liverpool have already agreed terms with N’Zogbia anyway.

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30 Responses

  1. Little punk badger 1st hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha c*msh*t

  2. I dont see what major benefits he would bring to our squad, even at Wigan he looked sluggish and un-interested

    as for £60k a week, I’d like whatever he’s been smoking!

  3. Fans want Nzogbia, Fat bas**** wont pay wages and the fee, get one of your sidekicks out to slag him off. Fans are dumb they would keep on wondering what happened.

    In the mean while AShley will be blowing money in a casino or down a Broad’s *******

  4. I just think he is petulant and probably too expensive a signing for us which is a positive in my opinion.
    Most players are driven by money say Liverpool offered you 30k a week but Chelsea offered you 60k I know where I would be heading……and first game of the season I would kiss the badge and all that nonsense :lol:

  5. Let him go to liverpool i say 60 k a week no thanks also caused enough crap last time,what you think the odds are for the carrol v zog rematch lmao

  6. Got no time for insomnia….attitude stinks and people seem to have very short memories.

  7. At last his true colours are there for all to see. When it was first posted on here, I couldn’t understand why everyone seemed to be tossing themselves into oblivion over the prospect of signing zog.
    I even said so on here and commented that he would be a disaster of a signing and his attitude stinks.

    No matter everyone just ignored the warning and continued to stroke themselves stupid over charlie zed.

    Now, surprise, surprise he is only interested in coming to us for the money and now everyone is slagging him off!

    Fickle? Can’t be.

  8. Micky Toon maybe you should look back at other blogs you wernt only 1 did not want him back

  9. I ahve a great idea for Mike Ashley, since he is looking to reduce wages.

    Sign me up, ill play for free. i can play as a striker and will bang 12 -18 goals. with good amt of assists. just pay my lodging boarding etc

    i can play as a holding Mid too.

  10. Given the animosity between Ashley and Whelan I cannot see Ashley agreeing to any deal where he feels he is being ripped off, especially where Whelan is involved.

    I bet Ashley’s biggest disapointment was not Newcastle not getting in the top ten but Wigan not being relegated

  11. “It seems he is waiting to see who offers him the most money, that is his priority and is that the sort of person we want to play for Newcastle United?

    no we want players that are free, that have injury problems and can be paid when theyre fit. or we could sell Spiderman, use his wages + 20k per week more and you have a talented winger who’ll score 12 goals per season..

    too many spin doctors at our club, inc Pardew who are full of soundbites and propaganda.

    the old addage, u get what you pay for mite bite our bums this season..

  12. What do the club get from releasing this information?

    A dig at a Whelan player they aren’t interested in?


    It’s a negotiating ploy to pressure a genuinely “Toon Loning” Zog to sign on for less than he was asking for?

  13. Talk about fickle!! It’s an invalidated, un-named source. Though I’m not surprised Ashley is put off… he would have to wipe off all those cobwebs after all from the £35mil to actually spend on proven quality, as opposed to releasing hidden contract clauses, or signing more walking wounded on bosmans.

  14. I will be 28 in August, so probably no sell on unless i set the world on fire in my first 2 seasons.

    I want Nzogbia but i do not know where would he play, or may be fergie is loaned out

  15. well i have heard a lot of fans who would love to have charlie back. to bring back good old days

  16. No,

    I am actually a very good header of the ball, and i do not wear turban. when we play at corners i am useful in both boxes. i am 6’0

  17. I think there is a lot to be said for being wary of money grabbing bar stewards. You only have to look at Arsenal, to see you don’t have to spend billions to have a good team, though you only have to look at Arsenal to see you need a bit of grit too.
    The success of newcomers is dependent on how they are bedded in and integrated into the team.
    If managed correctly and the Club, manager and other team mates all play their part, the outcome could be very positive, with a higher league position and a serious challenge on silverware. If the above happens, those newcomers will grow, will want to stay (or will go at a vastly inflated sum) and will be better the season after. If not we’ll get relegated.
    It’s a massive gamble, but I don’t blame AP for trying to create a team in his own image – if that is indeed the case.
    Regarding Nolan, Barton and even Andy Carroll; being a Newcastle fan, I am used to the nausia associated with living with a rollercoaster team. Here today gone tomorrow.
    Mike Ashley definitely has a plan. Success in business involves risks. If this one works, I have a feeling he will be forgiven for a multitude of sins.

  18. Indian Magpie-Insomnia and good old days just aren’t registering in my head.
    What does is a petulant arrogant prick that believed his own hype and had ideas way above his station.

  19. Mike Ashley only has one plan and that is for NUFC to be ran like his cheap sweatshops and retail units.

  20. If cahrlie has got his head right, he could become a great & i mean great player.

  21. Taarabt for 10 million! is he having a laugh? Good player but woth half than that considering his experience. Would rather have sturridge for that price at least he has played in the prem and scored.

    Just my opiniont tho.

  22. Never liked his sulky miserable presence on the pitch or the quoted comments about wanting to leave (us and Wigan) off the pitch. Would be happier if we signed Barnetta at this point.

    We already have Gutierrez, Marveaux, Ben Arfa and Ferguson who can play down the left wing. Some of those players and N’zogbia could also play on the right or centre but I don’t really see any need to bring back N’zogbia when we all know he will be saying he wants to leave for a bigger club within 6 months.

  23. Don’t know if we need him now.
    Wouldn’t be happy spending big on him anyhoo.

    He has a predisposition to moaning & his price is over-inflated too.
    Better off being stuck at wigan with whelan making nowt from him.


  24. Nice article, I agree, it’s a bit unfair to brand him a mercenary. He has his life and future to think about as we all do. Its fine to say 60k would be out of our range, but if somebody else is willing to pay him that then more power to him. It would have been nice to have his talent back in the squad but like they say, “you can never go home again”.