A brace of Banguras on the cards?

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Toon interest in the Banguras from AIK.
Teteh and Mohamed
Newcastle United allegedly have much interest in Teteh and Mohamed Bangura who currently play for Sweden’s AIK.

You’ve probably seen various reports linking Newcastle to the Banguras from Sierra Leone who, incidentally, are not brothers. Both players are currently at Allmänna Idrottsklubben (AIK) in Sweden.

Let’s take Teteh Bangura first. The 6ft tall 21 year-old midfield/striker has a prolific scoring record with 58 goals in 67 games. Most of those goals have been scored in various lower leagues although he still managed a creditable 7 goals in 9 games for Sweden’s top division AIK.

Speaking in the Swedish press (which for some reason sounds like a torture device to me – don’t ask me why) yesterday, Teteh said:

I like the Italian league.

It’s good that clubs after me. It is the dream of every player to play in a better league. But right now I’m happy and pleased to be here.

Which doesn’t sound too hopeful in terms of a Newcastle transfer, although most players are careful not to burn their bridges and will state they’re happy at their current club.

Moving on to Mohamed Bangura – this 21 year-old striker also has a prolific scoring record having netted 70 goals in 93 games. Again, a lot of those goals came in lower leagues although he outdid Teteh at AIK last season getting 19 goals in 22 games. He has also played 3 times and scored one goal for Sierra Leone.

Mohamed told the Swedish press that he is likely to go if AIK get a decent enough offer, saying:

If there is a bid that AIK think is good I have to go.

And when asked what he thought he was worth, he said:

Ha ha, I can not decide. But I need to do more goals for them to get big money.

AIK’s sports director, Jens Andersson, confirmed that a ‘handful’ of scouts were at the club yesterday watching both Banguras and then added:

I do not want to comment too much on it, so interpret it as you wish. I can confirm that we are in a favourable situation where we have players who are of interest to several clubs.

I can’t find any confirmation that Newcastle were represented amongst the scouts watching the Banguras, although Sky Sports got a quote from somewhere that had Teteh saying:

I know Newcastle have seen all my matches and follow me.

Their stats look excellent, although it’s guesswork as to how they’d cope in the Premier League.

There’s also an Alhassan Bangura if Newcastle want to try for three.

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52 Responses

  1. Teteh looks a lot like Muntari, thats not to say he will be any good – just a random observation

    as always – I will believe when they are wearing the shirt

  2. Both have good scoreing records even though its lower league would not mind both meself

  3. Scottie good point think its a waste of time meself that cup but prob be big deal for them

  4. Not a good point, Scottie. Sierra Leone surely won’t qualify for the Aftican Nations, ever.

  5. Either one of these Bangura boys, and one more experienced top level striker, aka- edrinc.

  6. Sturridge please Now.
    Stop messin about and get that AC money reinvested in some quality.

  7. Everton and Newcastle are set to be disappointed in their chase for Feyenoord star Leroy Fer.

    The 21-year-old defensive midfielder has been strongly linked with a move to the Premier League in recent weeks, with both Everton and Newcastle having previously sent scouts to Rotterdam to run the rule over him.

    A deal with the Goodison Park club was rumoured in January, while Dutch rivals FC Twente are also interested and were hopeful of completing a deal.

    But Feyenoord Technical Director Martin van Geel has confirmed he intends to keep hold of Fer, even though he is entering the final year of his contract. That could lead to a number of Premier League sides keeping an eye him next season with a view to a Bosman move.

    One player who will be allowed to leave Feyenoord, though, is another Premier League target, Georginio Wijnaldum.

    Wijnaldum has been watched by scouts from Liverpool, as talkSPORT reported last earlier this season, and Arsenal and Chelsea are also known admirers.

  8. Just been watching Teteh on YouTube and he looks awesome! Some of his goals are quality, if he could do that in the prem he could possible be top scorer for several seasons. Can’t see him costing a lot either, why not go for him? If we got him for around 2m and he performed as consistently a he did for AIK then we would all be laughing!

  9. Stoke have bid £6m for Sturridge. Ashley – get a £10m bid in and we would get him.

  10. Micky Toon says:
    June 24, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    “Ashley – get a £10m bid in and we would get him.”

    Surely that doesn’t matter a great deal to Abramovich though Micky, they’re not Blackpool. What will matter to him with all these new rules and regulations is having a few homegrown players from his academy who are, hopefully, good enough to filter through into a fancy foreign first team squad one day, players like Sturridge. I’m not sure and he may be loaned out for another year but I would think that is the case anyway.

  11. Seems to me that every other club is looking at the same players we are, could it be that we only have one scout between us!!

  12. 6m for sturridge??!!! he’s worth at least double that, i’d feckin go mental if we signed him – defo got 15 goals a season in him…english…good attitude…always eager and chasing things down, sick touch, can play AttMid also….


  13. Yes Sturridge was the youngster who most impressed me last season, though we will have to see what happens at Chelsea.
    It,s been claimed that their no.1 target the Brasilian Nymar has been priced more than the club are willing to spend plus the new Portugese manager is about to bring one of his Porto strikers with him.
    I think that probably both will end up at the club, because Abramovich is not the kind of guy who will accept second place.
    Gotta laugh at the present owners of the big European sides, all of who have super Egos, the Oligarchs, fighting it out for first place and bragging rights.
    Anyway back to Sturridge, doubt if Chelsea want to sell just yet, see how things are when the dust settles, in which case we should try to get him on loan this season, put us in a good position if Chelsea decide to sell, plus he aint a bad player.

  14. chuck says:
    June 24, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    “Gotta laugh at the present owners of the big European sides, all of who have super Egos, the Oligarchs, fighting it out for first place and bragging rights.”

    Chuck, The biggest spending one, Real Madrid, and the best one, Barcelona, are both owned by many thousands of ‘socios’ rather than Oligarchs.

  15. on another topic, it certainly looks like both Colocinni and Jonas, plus Enrique, “los tres amigo’s” may be plying their trade elsewhere next season.
    Apparently Colo is on a reputed £80k, no wonder all three remained loyal while in the second tier.
    The Younger, Cheaper and better, revolution is in full swing, though i wonder if our scouts went to any country other than France ?
    Which begs the question, just how far reaching is our scouting system, seems that we (the EPL)
    end up paying through the nose for both African players and those from the Americas, with other European clubs recruit from the sorce.
    Of course Carr, described as chief scout or whatever, well i could be wrong but it seems to me he and Ashley are running the show, an acceptable new Dennis Wise so to speak.
    Which in turn begs the question, exactly what is Pardews role in all thats going on?
    Is he out of the loop ? it certainly appears that way, as most of what he says is either contradicted, or stuff of no real consequence.
    Well IMO it’s Ashley pulling the strings on advice from Carr, leaving Llambias to negotiate
    (within limitations) and Pardew to give the appearance he matters in all of it.
    But then whadda I know ?

  16. We haven’t got a chance of getting sturridge so let’s all move on and think realistically, we’ll probably get some washed up striker that no-ones heard of on the cheap. So just be quiet about sturridge! We aren’t gonna get him.

  17. Workey

    Yea I realise that and many German sides also, plus Barcelona, i believe it is a great idea to be owned by the lumpen proleteriat, Barcelona, mostly because of their representing more than a football club, actually the club represents a political ideology, with Espanol the other Barcelona side representing the political opposite.
    As for Real Madrid, the Socios are on par with the Oligarch’s being for the most part wealthy
    part owners and just as demanding of success and use deep pockets to ensure it.
    Plus they being Franco’s team (though he being from the Celtic NW corner of Spain) again the political opposite of Barca.

  18. Ive just had a look at him (Teteh) on YouTube too, he definitely knows where the goal is! Granted its lower league but I would take a punt on him, he looks like the PL would only make him better. Fu*k the mackems

  19. Saylor4captain

    What’s your problem, get outta the bed on the wrong side ?
    Ok , if it bothers you I wont mention Sturridge again (at least to-Day)

  20. Saylor4, personally I’ve never thought he was likely to come to us, as someone has already pointed out the impending ruling on having a majority of home grown players makes it probable that clubs will keep their English ones, especially ones like Sturridge.

    I suppose it justs accentuates the belief that all of these young foreign players are being bought for eventual resale, although if the rule is in force will they still be saleable. Wonder if MA has thought that one through?

  21. chuck says:
    June 24, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    “Of course Carr, described as chief scout or whatever, well i could be wrong but it seems to me he and Ashley are running the show, an acceptable new Dennis Wise so to speak.”

    Chuck, It would be ironic if Hughton brought Graham Carr into the club, only to see him team up with Ashley and start running the show, then Hughton gets sacked!

  22. YO MILNER !!!

    Being you were waxing poetical yesterday, how about a couple of franglais chants to welcome our French foreign legion, something they may get.
    After all with the number of Galic player, the fans need a good franglaise vibe to work with.

  23. sturridge geting sick of hearing his name did sweet f a for the u21s saw some fool earlier wanted to waste 20 to 25 million on him he aint the answer

  24. Workey

    I thought Hughtons firing and the cold manner in which it was done, after doing such a great job, for a paltry amount (relatively) was cold and should give every fan a good idea of who we are dealing with here.
    The recent sale of Nolan, with more to come, believe it, also shows the true nature of both our owner and the business in general, I’m afraid any kind of sentimentality, has been left out of the equation.
    But I’m glad he (Hughton) has found himself another job and only wish him the best, hope he does a good job, it will be tough and may take time, but he’s a smart guy and a good coach and manager.
    And perhaps it’s now time to put this subject to bed, though not forget!

  25. chuck says:
    June 24, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    “to welcome our French foreign legion”

    Chuck, I used to have an English friend who was in the French Foreign Legion during the time of the first Gulf War, but there were hardly any French gadgies in it! I think that’s the whole point of it, hence the name.

  26. chuck says:
    June 24, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    “I’m afraid any kind of sentimentality, has been left out of the equation.”

    It has nothing to do with sentimentality Chuck, it was just rank stupidity.

  27. ‘Chuck’
    No I didn’t I got out on the right side for once today. It just does my head in that people actually think we’ll get him.. When if you think about it, we actually don’t have a chance. I used to go on nufcblog.com untill people started coming up with names such as Gomez, Sturridge, Eto’o and then I come on here and its exactly the same. The people who haven’t got their head in the clouds will realise we have no chance. The people we should be focusing on are the two that this article is actually focusing on. Two players that are low profile players with bags full of potential. It would be much appreciated if you just pipe down about sturridge :) thankyou!

  28. Er, why wouldn’t we get Sturridge?
    Stoke have put a bid in for him, so they think they can entice him to their sh!thole in the NW.
    He’s already been on loan to Bolton, so it’s not like he’s some kind of Chelsea 1st team superstar.
    Sturridge is EXACTLY the type of person we should be looking at if we want to progress. The names that make me shudder are the types of players that are mentioned in this article. They play in a nothing league against nothing opposition. They are a massive gamble to a club, that I would like to think are serious about pushing on from last season.
    You can youtube them all you like. Anyone can look good on a highlights reel on youtube.

    Personally I couldn’t care less what sturridge did for the U21’s. Fowler couldn’t do it for England, but he was on fire when ever he played for Liverpool.

    Sturridge has shown last season that he can play in the PL and can deliver the goods, ie score goals.

    £10m and we would get him, should he want to join us :-)
    I know Chelsea won’t be bothered about the money, it’s the fact that others have started at £6m.

  29. Also, if we are talking about what we are sick of hearing, that word Potential. Potential doesn’t win you games, potential doesn’t win cups or championships. Proven talent does that. Fine, take a gamble on a young ‘un with potential, so he can develop as a reserve or a sub with occational appearences, but to have someone that needs to go straight through into the first team who has potential is just suicide.

  30. Micky Toon says:
    June 24, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    “You can youtube them all you like. Anyone can look good on a highlights reel on youtube.”

    Micky, you inspired me to look up Frank Pingel to test your theory. :-)

  31. Micktoon
    I see you’re another one of these people who have their head in the clouds.. Just cos Stoke have made a 6m bid doesn’t mean Chelseas gonna sell him for around that price. You say they aren’t bothered about money? Please. Every clubs gonna try and get the highest price they can get, especially someone like Sturridge. Anyway, what MA and AP are trying to do is get ‘potential’ stars in, Marveaux isn’t prem proven, he isn’t pure class, he just has ‘potential’. You’re right, anyone can look good on youtube but not everyone can have a goal scoring record like these two do. You’re just another one of these people that think, oh they’re in a lower league they are sh!t. It doesn’t matter what league they’re in, they still have to have the mentality, performance and vision to be able to get in the right positions at the right time and have to be able to finish the ball when they possess it. There’s no harm in giving them a chance, 1 or 2m is hardly a gamble these days is it? Yes we would all like sturridge in but nope, it aint gonna happen.

  32. CHelsea said weeks ago that they wanted £20m for Sturridge, and I’ve never heard hem say any different, so all this we’d get him for £10m doesn’t sound very likely.

    Just cos some rag said Stoke have offered £6m doesn’t make it true, and even if they had, that still doesn’t mean it’s been accepted!

    Chelski might be ade of money, but they’re not so naive as to sell a bloke for £6m that they know they’ll be able to get 3-4 times that for if they hold onto him for a while.

    Also, as has been pointed out, teams need to have X number of home grown players, and with the likes of Lampard going rapidly over the hill, they’ll need someone else to fill those quotas. I reckon a loan move is much more likely for him this season.

    What would people think of someone like Jermaine Defoe? He’s told spurts he wants to leave for a regular game, and the lad does nothing BUT score goals, and I doubt he’d cost that much. Wages might be another matter though.

    Also Kalinic has apparently said he wants a new club as well, and he’s a player I think could be a big hit in the right squad and probs wouldn’t cost much in fees or wages.

  33. scott says:
    June 24, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    “CHelsea said weeks ago that they wanted £20m for Sturridge,”

    Scott, it was Alan Nixon (I think that’s his name?) in the People who said that Chelsea wanted £20 million for Sturridge. I don’t think that Chelsea themselves ever actually said it.

  34. Worky, exactly. You’d have every top club in the world lining up for him based on that.

    This comment from there sums it up – this chap played for newcastle in the late 80s, he was fuffing dreadful, shot from 6 yards and the ball landed in the city centre, absoloutley fuffing hopeless.

    Saylor, perhaps you should go back to ed’s blog if all you want to do is argue. If you had spent any time on here, you’d see that I’m actually one of the more realistic fans on here. I don’t go as far as some wrist slitters, but I know what is and what isn’t possible.

    So, instead of wetting myself over players that people on here have never heard of and pretending they are our saviours because of what is on You Tube, I’ll spend my time champion the purchase of one of Englands best young players at the moment and if you don’t like it, then tough, just skip my comments.

  35. Micky Toon says:
    June 24, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    “Help! I’ve been moderated! Damn, it’s the quote from you tube.”

    Sorted out now Micky.

    I was thinking about doing a blog about Pingel as a ‘club legend’, which he is in a strange way.

  36. Chuck @ 28 – for you, here’s the best possible French inspired fan chant i could come up with:

    To The Famous French Nursery Rythme, Frere Jacques:

    Yohan Cab-aye,
    Yohan Cab-aye,
    We love you,
    We love you,
    Score another goal now,
    Score another goal now,
    Ding Dang Dong!

    Ok, so u have to imagine the crowd actually signing it out loud together, One half of stadium do the first “Yohan Cab-aye” – and the second line picked up by the other half, etc.
    Also, You simply change the name at the beginning to whichever player is relevant,or just scored i.e:

    Sylvan Marx-veau,
    Sylvan Marx-veau,
    We love you, etc.

    And, I left the final line as it appears in the original French nursery rythme, cos then you’d get to Shout “Ding Dang Dong!” and kick the air.

    Here’s the original:

    Frère Jacques,
    Frère Jacques,
    Dormez vous?
    Dormez vous?
    Sonnez les matines,
    Sonnez les matines,
    Din, din, don!
    Din, din, don!

    English Version:

    Are you sleeping,
    Are you sleeping?
    Brother John?
    Brother John?
    Morning bells are ringing,
    Morning bells are ringing,
    Ding ding dong,
    Ding ding dong.

    What do u think? Got any legs? It’s Easy to Learn!!

  37. If anybody else can think of any lyrical changes, please make them – i think the nursery song will be familiar to many…

    I had thought something more “You’ve arrived at the Toon”, like:

    Yohan Cab-aye,
    Yohan Cab-aye,
    Is a Toon,
    Is a Toon,
    Gonna win the league now,
    Gonna win the league now,
    Ding Ding Dong!

  38. Milner, If we signed Teteh Bangura, I would do one to the tune of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’

    Oh you Teteh Teteh Bang Bang
    Teteh Teteh Bang Bang
    We love you.
    And, with
    Teteh Teteh Bang Bang
    Teteh Teteh Bang Bang
    What we’ll do!

  39. and if we got both bangura boys, some kind of Vengaboys beat would work nicely…??

  40. Don’t anyone give up the day job. ;)

    In a rock theme, how about:-

    Frog Outa Hell.

  41. Milner says:
    June 24, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    “and if we got both bangura boys, some kind of Vengaboys beat would work nicely…??”

    Bangura boys are coming
    And everybody’s jumping
    Benwell to San Fransisco
    An inter-city disco

    Nope, can’t think of a part of Tyneside which rhymes with ‘disco’. Milner?

  42. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    June 24, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    “Don’t anyone give up the day job.”

    Believe it or not Grumpy, I have actually written music in return for financial reward on one or two occaisions!

  43. Worky –

    As a man of ur musical expertise and profound forsight into the beauties and wonder, of both music, and football (which is essentially ‘music for the eyes’), I’m sure you must know that the only thing that rythmes with “disco”, is………Xisco.

    Could this be a sign?

    Xisco and the Vengaboyz – 3 up front?