Newcastle interest in Mehdi Abeid and Teteh Bangura (+ videos)

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Mehdi Abeid - Newcastle United youth target.
Mehdi Abeid - done deal?
Newcastle United look at two youngsters to strengthen their forward/midfield areas.

Rumour has it that Alan Pardew is interested in a couple of young lads at the moment. One that is said to be a ‘done deal’ – but is not yet confirmed on the official site – is Mehdi Abeid.

Abeid is 18, is a French Algerian (or possibly a Algerian Frenchman), used to play for Lens and can take on either a midfield or forward role as far as I can establish. He scored 3 goals in 11 games for Lens B last season and is now said to be available on a free transfer. Apparently he has already completed a trial at Newcastle and rumours indicate that he all but has his black and white slippered feet under the Toon breakfasting table.

Information on the young lad is hard to come by it seems this is ‘one for the future’ and Graham Carr and Co have obviously been digging deep to identify talented youth. Well, we hope he’s talented anyway – I can’t imagine they’d bother scouting someone with two left feet and the footballing skills of a house brick.

The other player the Toon are said to be chasing is Teteh Bangura, a 21 year old Sierra Leonian striker who currently plays for Allmänna Idrottsklubben (AIK) in Sweden, scoring 3 goals in 5 games for the club last season. Bangura has been called up for the Sierra Leone national side but has so far only warmed the bench.

I managed to find a couple of videos of Bangura for your delectation:

It’s worth reiterating that the Bangura stuff is still speculation, coming mainly from the media. So for that matter is the Abeid stuff, although the general consensus seems to be that Abeid is the more definite of the two at the moment.

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20 Responses

  1. but mohamed bangura looks a lot better. also from AIK. i have a feeling daily mail is mistaken.

  2. I saw the guy at the top of the page sitting In the directors box Sunday. I always have a look in there because I sit next to the side of it. I saw tiote there before he signed as well. But I remember seeing him and thinking he had the footballer look about him

  3. Mehdi Abeid our mystery international midfielder which pards was talking about during the week??

  4. Im from sweden, and i have to say that Mohamed Bangura is the better of AIK’s two Banguras, but then probably alot more expensive. And it might happen that they think Teteh has more potential, i don’t know.

    Mohamed did 6 goals and 1 assist in 13 matches last year.

    Look him up on youtube, there should be videos showing all of his goals.

  5. gervinho is the mystery midfielder the club are trying toget done this week, fee agreed and terms agreed but his agent stalling the deal

  6. I’d be very surprised if Gervinho came to us, i’m sure he released a statement not long ago saying it was a no go- that he wanted champs league footy??

    but i do like the sound of young – just breaking their international squad – foreign talent….rather than paying thro the nose for an established flop like carlton cole.

    howay the lads, great season all in all, with the highs outweighing the lows i.m.o

  7. i’d much rather us linked with these kind of players tho, than West Ham rejects like Carlton Cole – who’d been linked with a “7million cut price” (!!) move our way…..

    I say we bring in as much Ivory Coast/Ghanian/ Timbucktooonian talent as possible, which’ll gradually trickle genetically into the Toon-pool and transform the city to a Cultural Capital with as much vibrancy as a Libyan border town.

    One final note, one assumes Routledge will commit to QPR now (and probably terrorise us next season), and of the relegated teams, here’s my pick:

    West Ham – Demba Ba (str), Rob Green (GK)maybe-even tho we know he’s sh7t??

    Birm – Seb Larrsson (RM), Foster (GK) – who’s recently retired from int scene to concentrate on club footy

    Blackpool – C. Adams (blatently going to Liverpool rather than us tho)

  8. Just thinking, why was it now we ever got rid of Aaron Hughes, so many years ago ?
    Guys a true professional, still playing great @ Fulham.
    One could put a decent side to-gether from our cast offs, N`Zogbia, Bassong, Hughes, Distin, Carroll, Parker, Given, Duff, Milner,etc. etc.

    Listen enough with the diamonds in the raw, people most of us have never heard of and probably never will again, we need strengthening at the back and up front that should be obvious to everyone, but all i hear about are midfielders, hey howeah man !

    Yeah i know it`s speculation time and there`s blogs to be written, but lets try and be real here, dont wanna be associated with any more players from countries no one has heard of, with unpronounceable names, ok !

  9. Souness is the reason we got rid of Hughes, Sir Bobby really liked him.

    milner, if we buy african we will lose them to the african cup next season. We must get someone in to cover for tiote when he goes or is suspended.

  10. If the terms and fee have been agreed why is the agent stalling???

    Hoping that a bigger club comes in for him I would have thought.

    Aaron Hughes was average btw.

  11. Rangerman
    Thats why he is still playing regularly ten years later, because he`s average ?
    You dont last ten years plus in the PL,if you are average !

  12. chuck says:
    May 24, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    Thats why he is still playing regularly ten years later, because he`s average ?”

    Chuck, because he has been a utilitarian squad player who can be average in all defensive and midfield positions. Managers like to have one or two players of that sort hanging around.

  13. Oh Yeah !
    Tell you what! niether of you know what you are talking about.
    Aaron Hughes is like a number of good players who appear to those who dont really get it as average.
    Because like a Dennis Ervin and a Carvalho they dont appear to be doing anything spectacular, they never slide in , allways remaining on their feet.
    Not to mention their reading of the game which nine times out of ten has them perfectly positioned.
    My point is players of that ilk make what they do look easy and unspectacular, therefore being labled as average.
    Believe me you dont play in the PL for that amount of time by being average and plying regularly to boot.
    Ask Mark Hughes,also played regularly for SBR, not a bad judge of talent.
    There`s a lot of hot air on these blogs, mostly by the know nowts, the guys who used to knock Shay and Butt, and really did`nt give them the credit they deserved, simply because they did`nt get it.
    If i told you Butt did what Tiote does now ,without all the cards and in non threatening areas, i know you would`nt believe it, but thats why these guys get pencilled in week after week.

  14. Chuck, I do actually agree with some of what you’re saying, especially about players such as Butt and Irwin. Butt was indeed the target of some who didn’t really get it, and perhaps I did slightly undestimate Aaron Hughes, but I feel that it is time for your Amstel medication ye radgie get! :-)