Probing Newcastle’s new signings – Yohan Cabaye.

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Cabaye? Whey eye!
Cabaye? Whey eye!
Welcome to my small series of ‘blogs looking at Newcastle United’s new signings in the latest transfer window. First cab off the rank will be Yohan Cabaye.

Cabaye, who’s recent signing was broken on Joey Barton’s Twitta, and this ‘blog, was signed from Lille OSC for £4.3 million, which must be something of a bargain for someone who is thought to be something more like £8-10 million. Lille, a very good and stylish attacking side, won the double of France’s Ligue Un Championship and Coupe de France last season with a host of very talented players such as Gervinho, Moussa Sow, Eden Hazard and not least, Cabaye himself.

He comes from a family of footballers. His father Didier played for French side Lens until his professional career was ended by a serious injury remiscent of Hatem Ben Arfa’s when he sustained a double leg fracture. His younger brother Geoffrey plays in the French lower leagues with Iris Club de Croix.

Cabaye is not a particularly imposing specimen, standing at around 5 feet 9 inches. Although supposedly a central midfielder, he can also play well on both flanks, having outstanding technical ability and a very good shot. He is also a very versatile player who is good at winning the ball, and knowing what to do with it when he has it. In his past, he has fulfilled roles as a defensive midfileder, a ‘box to box’ midfilelder as well as an playmaker. He is also a very good penalty taker, having scored eight of his thirteen league goals in the 2009/10 season from the spot. Looking into his history, his technical abilty is hardly surprising as he was a precocious talent who displayed great abilty from a very early age, joining his local club, Tourcoing FC at the tender age of four, moving on to the Academy of Lille OSC when he was twelve.

He has also been a much sought after player in recent times who has been held in very high regard by no lesser managers than Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and several others. Ferguson once said of Cabaye:

“Cabaye and Eden Hazard are two of the names that any club will want to own,”

Cabaye’s most productive season with Lille so far was probably the 2009/10 season referred to above, when he scored 15 goals from 46 appearences in all competitions. Perhaps more telling for a player of his type was that he also provided 11 assists. Last season, when Lille won Le Championnat de France, with Cabaye scoring four goals in 48 appearences, providing 9 assists. His overall Lille record is 253 appearences in all competitions, scoring 39 goals and providing 35 assists.

Major Honours.

Club: Ligue 1 – 2010–11 (Lille OSC), Coupe de France – 2010–11.

International: UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship – 2005

Odd facts about Cabaye:

His maternal grandmother is Vietnamese. When asked in an interview with French magazine Hourrafoot if we would have played for Vietnam had he not been selected for Blanc’s French national side, Cabaye replied in the affirmative and added that he would like to assist in the development of Vietnamese football someday.

Yohan Cabaye in action.


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18 Responses

  1. All these French signings, although fantastic I still feel Mr Ashley is doing some P.R work for Sports Direct after opening 3 stores over in France would make a fortune in shirt sales etc over there. Keep spending Mike!!! Speculate to accumulate!! Great Blog by the way

  2. Great articlem look forward to reading the others through this transfer window, especially those on Sturridge, Huntelaar, Hulk and Van Aarholt (lol)

  3. Alastair says:
    June 24, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    “All these French signings, although fantastic I still feel Mr Ashley is doing some P.R work for Sports Direct after opening 3 stores over in France would make a fortune in shirt sales etc over there. Keep spending Mike!!! Speculate to accumulate!! Great Blog by the way”

    That’s interesting Alistair. I just thought that Graham Carr had picked up a taste for fine French cuisine, judging by the size of him in a recent interview. I’ll have a look at Sports Direct in France.


  4. Great signing. My hope now is that Alan Pardew is the man to bring the best out of this team. We are building talent…!

  5. I’ve got a feeling this guys going to be a proper player…I think he’s our best signing yet

  6. And that is not a bad thing at all. For some reason I am excited by Cabaye, more so then Ba and Marveaux. He could be our attacking engine.

  7. Witters

    “A poor mans Xavi…”

    So inaccurate it’s unbelievable. They are completely different players. Only similarity is, well, they both play CM.

    Not that I wouldn’t kill for a poor man’s Xavi…Because that’s probably Cesc Fabregas to be fair.

  8. Good signing, could have got him cheaper than £5m though. As for Marveaux , the only reason hes here is because of the agent. Very good source.

  9. wow,we really pulled off a coup with this he gave up champions league football for us only he knows but i’m happy that he did.let’s hope he can drag us into a europa eague spot at least next season

  10. Chuck, you dont say? No, i say your uneducated on football, reading some of your posts you obviously have never played the game at any decent level. By saying its his agent, im saying money talks, no change of heart, no failed medical, the player was minutes from inking his deal at liverpool when his agent was called and offered a handsome sum of money to convince the player to come to newcastle. As for Cabaye, we have paid over the odds

  11. Yeah right whatever.
    Of course you have no proof of this, just some little conspiracy theory you cooked up that fits the mo.
    As for “paying over the odds” well that applies to all clubs. You’ll never convince me that Andy ‘judas’ Carroll is worth £35M, nor that any of them earn their wages, but thats just the way it is.
    Ultimately if he does the job the gaffer asks of him to his best ability, then he is worth whatever we are prepared to pay for him. Time alone will tell.

  12. I would want to see what Cabaye’s passing range is like. The videos don’t really exhibit a CM skillset… which is slightly worrying. We need a player who can pass the ball and dictate play. I’m sure Cabaye will be decent though.