A fond farewell from Toonsy.

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Farewell, but not goodbye.
Farewell, but not goodbye.
It is with extreme sadness that I am announcing my intention to cease writing articles for NUFCBlog.org.

But I just wanted to pen one last article to thank each and every one of you for being so supportive during my writing tenure on this very site. So here goes.

A couple of years ago I only ever used to post comments on blogs and forums and never really thought about getting involved in the writing side of things.

I always thought, never having being the best at creative writing, in fact writing full stop, that I would never be any good at it. I guess that is something that is up to each individuals taste I guess, whether I was any good with writing articles, but I decided to ask and see if I could give it a go, and Workyticket very kindly gave me the opportunity to do so on here.

I’ve made many friends on here and try to get on with everyone, although obviously things get heated from time to time. Still, I caught the bug and enjoyed writing about everything that happened to be going on at our beloved Newcastle United at any given time. Usually there is quite a lot to talk about when it comes to NUFC!

Anyway, as I said, I caught the writing bug and clocked up 627 individual ‘blog posts in my 13 months as a publisher, then an administrator, on this very site, but this is the end of the road for me on .org.

Basically, I have been inspired by my enjoyment of writing, and from my time working with various people on here, to set up my own site. The main reason for this is to see if I could do it to be honest. I have no real website experience, but I learn pretty fast, so trying to spread my wings and fly solo seemed like the next thing to do in my ‘blogging career.

It’ll be hard, but I hope I can pull it off. I guess there is only one way to find out though eh?

Anyway, all that is left for me to say is thank you to everyone. That includes Workyticket, who gave me a chance, and all the rest of the writers who have all supported me over the last 13 months or so. Most importantly though, it’s a thank-you to you guys and gals. Without you there is no point as there would be nobody to read anything. Thank you once again.

Howay the lads!

NUFCBlog Author: toonsy toonsy has written 643 articles on this blog.

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63 Responses

  1. Good luck Toonsy in whatever you do.

    Articles were reflective and informative.

    Didn’t always agree with you but I am an oddball so don’t worry about it. (sure you won’t even be bothered haha)

  2. Does anybody think we should be pushing to see if we could get Carlos Vela on loan. Arsenal seem keen he gets games.

    Rumour mongers have us as potential suitors for kenny miller. he is another lovenkrands makes all the right moves but cannae put the ball in the net

  3. Cheers man. Would be no fun if everyone agreed all the time :)

    I’m hoping Worky will do a link exchange when I get my place up to scratch ;)

  4. good luck toonsy top and best writer ive seen on these blogs your the alan shearer of the blogs ,or even the king kev :)

  5. Well they do say that good things never always last, so good luck with your new venture Toonsy fella & I’ll look forward to seeing/reading your new blog soon :)

    Btw, why has my old Cyprus-Toon login details been removed off here :( I’ve had to reregister with my Toon Mad details to wish you all the best :(

  6. Cyprus – Pass mate. I know yo have to be registered to comment at the moment so perhaps that is why?

  7. Sorry to read you’re leaving Toonsy. You’ve put in some cracking aticles, both in terms of volume and quality.

    Best of luck with your new ‘blog.

  8. Toonsy-Cheers for all the great articles mate, and good luck with your new blog as well! Keep those predictions coming though, I need my betting tips like ;)

  9. Was sad to read that but no worries if you are going to get your own blog going. These days with wordpress.org setting one up is no worries and we all know you have got the content Toonsy – I hope your articles come in thicker and faster. What’s your new address by the way? Blogging is all about content, if you’ve got that you’re laughing. Ed will always get readers not for his great posts but for keeping up with every bit of news out there, you’ll always get readers for your writing. I would say good luck but you don’t need it, you are already doing it, you’ll just have a new address. It’s a shame for this site as it has become identified with you. I am just glad all you guys are doing this, thanks a lot for all your efforts here at .org.

  10. Wondered where you had been over the last couple of days … obviously sorting your new blog out !!

    You always pen a good balanced article, which results in a good discussion/argument/slagging session etc ;)

    Good luck Toonsy, I am sure your new venture will be a success :)

  11. Toonsy

    I mean will it be like just like this and eds or like that shite seats thing which is just general tit bits and nee abuse.

  12. Fair play to you Toonsy, you’ve been a good laugh on here and have provided a bunch of canny articles that have inspired debate, hopefully we get word of your new blog when it appears because i’m sure you’ll get plenty of people using both when you’re finally up and running.

    And as if this wasn’t mental enough, Blackburn have made a bid for Ronaldinho..the world is going mad, haha.

  13. Thanks Toonsy, your articles were quality as opposed to quantity and always managed to provoke debate and i wish you all the best in your new venture, as they say, feint heart never ….ed a pig.

  14. good luck, enjoyed the blogs, hope the health stuff i sent was of some use.

    all the best

  15. Pure gutted! I really enjoyed reading your blogs and no disrespect intended to any of the other contributors of the blog or the hard work they put in but toonsy to me seemed like the heartbeat of this blog! So i hope your next blog is nufc related n we can get a link on it here!

    Good luck

  16. Toonsy best of luck mate you deserve it ;) Thanks for keeping us entertained with some decent Threads and watching you throw a few wobbles :lol:

  17. dave it must be u posting them links for toonsy blog on judases as i remember you using that name before

  18. Toonsy, Toonsy, Toonsy Will miss you on this site Toonsy. Nice to have had a voice of speculation and reason to help deal with the daily soap opera that is NUFC.

  19. i am really disappointed to hear this. May you get success in everything that you put hands upon..HWTL

  20. All the best then, Toonsy. I look forward to seeing the new space.

    It’s been fun while it lasted. I’ve always liked this site for the articles, but primarily the debates and conversation. I hope the new contributors can keep that format alive.

  21. Sorry to hear that Toonsy. You’ve done a brilliant job on here. Good luck with the new blog, I’m sure you will get plenty of visitors.

  22. So, is this place closing then? With workys comments earlier and now this are we all migrating?

  23. Just checked out Toonsy’s new place. Looks ok, needs a bit of tweaking to the front page. Not sure how much traffic it will get like. I used to post on ed’s, then he closed and then he didn’t, but I never went back. Once place is enough otherwise there’s just too much repetition. So someone is going to suffer either here or toonsy’s. I can’t really see any key differences between the three blogs (.com, .org or .info) apart from the people who pen the articles.

    Good luck with the site Toonsy.

  24. Unfortunately, as we cannot post on the Peter Taylor thread, I have to add my ten pence worth on the “Toonsy is going at last” thread :)

    IMO we have dodged a bullet with Taylor choosing to stay as, again IMO, his career has taken a downward trend for the past ten years or so.

    Despite the fact he’s helped England U-21’s on two occasions, when it comes to bread and butter league football he’s not the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree. Yes he has experience but players need to respect the people who tell them what to do. I doubt Taylor commands that level of respect nowadays whereas if we’d been after Poyet…………………

    On a slightly different topic, Charlton’s new owners who include Tony “Trust Me” Jimenez have sacked the entire management staff and surprise surprise they look like appointinng Dennis Wise as the new manager in the next few days. Yeah well good luck with that Charlton fans you have my sympathy, especially if you thought you were getting out of League One this season :)

  25. AndyMac says:
    January 4, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    “Unfortunately, as we cannot post on the Peter Taylor thread”

    Sorry about that Andy. Don’t know what happened there. It was probably because we are going to move the site on to a better server, and I was getting ready to lock all comments down for a short time when we’re actually making the move. That will be after the next match though.

  26. Good luck in your new creative endevours Toonsy.

    I would compare thee to a summer rose, oh no hang on that was a different writer.

    You and the other creators on the blog were the wingers who put the crosses in for us commentors to attempt to net an intelligent, reasoned or humerous comment,with mixed efforts and at times some nasty in the box fouls being attempted by some obnoxious idiots.
    On the whole most of it was in the best possible taste though by the majority of us.

    All credit to you that you managed to get off the physio/hurt bench and resume play to the delight of the many fans.

    Live long and prosper. ;)

  27. “Sorry about that Andy. Don’t know what happened there. It was probably because we are going to move the site on to a better server, and I was getting ready to lock all comments down for a short time when we’re actually making the move. That will be after the next match though”

    Snot a problem Worky :) Even though Toonsy is now just a small stain on the underpants of the web, I’m sure this site will go on and on and oh f……………………….

  28. toonsy,
    Gutted that you’re off mate.
    You’ve done an excellent job on here, not always appreciated by some (phuck them). You WILL be missed dood, hope y’pop back & make the odd comment.
    Look forward to checking your new work out soon.
    I’d wish you luck, but i always say: “Never trust to dumb luck”. ;)

    All the very best to y’lad & haad y’gan.

    Toonsy Toonsy, black ‘n’ white writing.

  29. Cheers lads and passes. I’m humbled that the vast majority of comments have been expressing thanks. Of course I’ll still be popping on

  30. Toonsy-

    Cheers, mate. We’ve laughed a bit, and some of the mincier of us have cried a bit, but all in all, you’ve written some of the best articles I’ve seen on here. Good luck mate, and let us know when ya get your own site up! I’ll defo make sure that the hit counter keeps crackin’ up like.

    Take care, mate! HWTL

  31. Tough act to follow sunshine. It’s an addictive hobby eh? Only wish I had more time to commit to it.

    Good luck with the new site. Good luck to work in keeping this place alive.

  32. toonsy,
    you will be a huge miss on this site, your efforts have been greatly appreciated.

    Give me the details of your new site in order that I can pay you a visit?

  33. Thanks for all your hard work on here Toonsy. Your articles have always been cracking reads. I look forward to reading more from you on your new site. Cheers, Jilly Bean

  34. Good Luck Toonsy. Wish you all the best in whatever you do. As you said if its blogging, I think you will do well.

  35. Good luck with the new blog Toonsy, nice to see I was the star or your farewell vid…..I’m the fat baldy but exceedingly good looking fella with the black jacket on for those that don’t know ;-)

  36. really sad to see toonsy away i hope everthing is good for you on your new blog. I thought you were the best writer on here, so im sure you will be sadly missed. I take it you and worky fell out or something :( . Lastly reading through the msgs left for you it was really nice to see worky’s post after all the hard work you put in to helping the blog keep going. It wouldnt have been that hard to publicly thank you on your farewell thread. Then again gratitude was never one of his strong points, or humility
    Do’s anyone have toonsy’s new blog addy