Newcastle United v West Ham match preview.

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Can the Mags overcome a resurgent West Ham?
Can the Mags overcome a resurgent West Ham?
Tomorrow evening will see the visit of Alan Pardew’s old club, West Ham United, to St James’s Park.

Of course, as most of you will no doubt know, West Ham had an awful start to the season with them lying rock bottom of the table for much of the season so far. Unfortunately for Newcastle however, West Ham’s manager, Avram Grant, at last seems to be pulling them through with a recent resurgence in form which has raised them out of the relegation places at last.

Whilst the Magpies may still have the advantage in terms of League position, West Ham’s recent form has been slightly better, with The Hammers managing two wins, two draws and two defeats from their last six games, two of those wins and a draw coming in the last three games. Meanwhile, Newcastle are on two wins, one draw and three defeats.

Team news:

Newcastle will still be without top goalscorer, Andy Carroll, with a thigh strain, Dan Gosling who is yet to play for the Mags and still recovering from a more major injury, Hatem Ben Arfa with a double leg break and Ryan Taylor who is also still some way from a return after a fairly serious ankle / foot injury. Finally, vintage centre back, Sol Campbell will be out with some kind of illness or other.

On the West Ham side, Jack Collison, Anthony Edgar and reserve goalkeeper, Peter Kurucz, are all out with knacked knees, Da Costa with a dodgy ankle, Magpies’ old boy and perrenial member of the injury list, Kieron Dyer, along with Thomas Hitzlsperger, are both nursing thigh injuries. Meanwhile Valon Behrami (hip) and Lars Jacobsen (heel) face a race for fitness before the encounter.

Returning to previous form for a moment, it could be said that St James’s Park is not quite the home fortress that it once was for the Magpies, having lost four games on their home turf so far, with only three home victories so far this season.

What the managers say:

Speaking in the run up to the game, Alan Pardew harked back to his days as West Ham manager, a position he enjoyed for over two years.

“I haven’t actually been back to Upton Park since I left, not to watch a game.

“I have purposely kept away because when I did return, I wanted to return with a really good team, and I hope to do that next year in the Premier League for both clubs.

“This game is important because it’s about this year and about both of us making sure we are Premier League sides.

“I think West Ham will escape the drop and I certainly hope we will, and a victory for us tomorrow would certainly go a long way towards putting a little bit of distance between us and that pressure cooker down at the bottom.”

Meanwhile, Grant said of Newcastle, and the upcoming game:

“They want to keep their momentum because they won a difficult away game, we want to too. We are concentrating on what we want to do.”

Let’s hope that Newcastle have what it takes to overcome a resurgent West ham side.


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35 Responses

  1. As this is one I fully expect us to win we’ll probably lose.

    It is exactly the same as the Blackburn, Blackpool, Wigan and Stoke game.

  2. at the end of day ime pleased we got shot of dyer,has cost w/ham a fortune with no return plus he might have put a exra bit into this one

  3. I’m hoping the lads are up for this, along with Pardew. Nothing wrong with him telling our lads he wants to get one over his old employer. I’m alot like Stuart though. Reckon we should win it meaning we probably wont turn up. Hope we can finish the job of 6 points after Wigan though.

  4. I’d actually go as far to say if we win this we’ll stay up. That’s how important this game is.

  5. What really p!sses me off is that Parker will be in their team. He’s another who had to be levered reluctantly out of the Toon. I suppose you could say that Dyer is their white elephant gift from us and helps to balance the football karma of Owen. :)

  6. WORKY only people who do no work make no mistakes,part and parcel for those who do.thats what my da used to say :)

  7. icedog says:
    January 4, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    “WORKY only people who do no work make no mistakes,part and parcel for those who do.thats what my da used to say”

    Thanks, Ice. Just getting ready for the big move on to Hugh’s server, where we may have to ‘lock down’ the site for a short while. That was probably it. The site should still be online through the change, but we may have to block comments for a short while while we move the database and such.

  8. I really have bad feeling about tomorrow. A game that could give us a little cushion and allow us to play with a little less pressure. We really need 3 points with 5under1and coming up which is one we can’t count on but another I’ll have every digit crossed. In the next two games could make the rest of our season so much easier.

  9. icedog says:
    January 4, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    “hope that switch goes smooth famous last words,we will just have to wait m8”

    It’s been delayed slightly, Ice. It was going to happen on Thursday, but it looks like we’ll have to struggle on for a few days more. Still, things seems to have been a little better recently since I put the bouncers on the door.

  10. icedog says:
    January 4, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    “WORKY whats battys rate of pay like lol”

    I think he’ll be working for Toonsy from now on, Ice!

    Cheers Clint!

    Gotta go lads before I die of hunger.

  11. we must avoid defeat tomorrow at all costs, a win would be even better. Howay the lads, show us what you’re worth !!

  12. workyticket says:
    January 4, 2011 at 9:58 pm
    icedog says:
    January 4, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    “WORKY whats battys rate of pay like lol”

    I think he’ll be working for Toonsy from now on, Ice!<<< worky i dont work for no 1 m8 ,but i will always help some 1 i like ,and i will go on both sites thats if iam still welcome on here ?

  13. dog worky hasent spoke too me for a couple of days like ,think i must have done sumit , you know me i just say what comes into me head m8

  14. Stuart79 says:
    January 4, 2011 at 8:26 pm
    As this is one I fully expect us to win we’ll probably lose.

    It is exactly the same as the Blackburn, Blackpool, Wigan and Stoke game.

    Technically not exactly the same, considering we’ve got a new manager and this is one of his biggest old clubs. (I know it was C.H’s aswell if you wanna be pedantic but that don’t really count to be frank and when we beat them away I think it was more to do with them being totally crap than anything else)

  15. I’m afraid I agree with stu – this is a game we should be winning, like those others mentioned, which is why we probably won’t. We probably won’t even turn up after the good win at Wigan. We must win to build momentum back up

  16. Us 2, Them 1. Just kidding. How the hell would I know? Tell you what though, I’d bench Lovie for Nile, how about you?

  17. Really concerned we may be going to lose Andy Carroll. I’m highly suspicious of this ‘thigh strain’ and needing to go down to London for an MRI. I’d imagine they have MRI’s in Newcastle! Now all this talk of Tottenham wanting to do a swop for 2 of their players plus 8 million pounds. I honestly think the writing is on the wall and he is going. :(

  18. If we were offered Crouch, Bentley and Keane plus £5 million in exchange for Carroll, would we do a deal? I think I would be tempted to deal for those 3 players, but of course theres the addition to the wage bill that would be need to be addressed. I dont think we can hope to hold onto him if these bids get more serious as we cant offer him what these others can at the moment. I only hope that he is true to his word and stays, but money talks.

  19. I think one of the reasons Chris was fired was he was not geting the team fired up for the so called easier games. We were beating the big boys and showing we could play well but were not motivated for the bread and butter matches. If we can win this game I will much more preapred to back Alan as he will be succeeding in the one area Chris coould not

  20. Hope we get the points tonight. Would put us in a nice safe position for now, but won’t be easy. Surely the fact that Carroll has gone to see a specialist somewhere doesn’t mean he is being tapped up by Spurs. .com are jumping to conclusions if ya ask me.

  21. Super super Cheik
    Super super Cheik
    Super super Cheik
    Super Cheik Tioté

    He was outstanding again yesterday, let’s hope its not a hamstring and JB was also on top of his game. Where would we be without those two ?

    Disappointing crowd, although Level 7 did their best as always :)