Newcastle v Aston Villa – Match preview.

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Remeber this? The last time Villa won at SJP.
Remeber this? The last time Villa won at SJP.
The last time Aston Villa won at St James’ Park will be remembered for much more than the 3-0 scoreline.

In that match, Newcastle ended the game with just eight men on the pitch after Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer decided to have a scrap (as pictured), which resulted in red cards for the pair of them.

Then Steven Taylor also saw red for what can now be described as one of the funnier moments on the football pitch. The red was for deliberate handball and preventing a goal, but it was the way that Taylor tried to get away with it that will be remebered most. Watch this video to refresh your memories. Good times eh? Anyway, getting back on track, Villa have a pretty awful record at St James’ Park.

Our home record was fantastic last season, in fact we won 18 out of the 23 matches played at St James’ Park. Granted, the opposition is that bit tougher this season, but Newcastle can use last season for inspiration and help to turn St James’ back into the fortress it once was.

One thing we will need to be wary of is the pace of Aston Villa. There is no doubt that they have a team who can damage anyone on the break, which is probably why they have such an impressive away record. They can soak up the pressure that the home team will inevitably put on them and then counter with their pace. That resulted in Villa having the third best away record in the Premier Legaue last season.

Danny Guthrie and Peter Lovenkrands will be looking to return to first team action after being forced to sit out the 3-0 defeat against Manchester United with minor knocks. Dan Gosling is obviously out until the new year and Steven Taylor is still some months away from a return. Sol Campbell is approaching full fitness but it is expected that the match against Villa will come to soon for him to make his debut.

Team selection is a big question mark for Newcastle. On one hand, the onus will be on us (youe see what I did there?) to attack Villa as we are the home team. On the other hand I expect that making sure we keep things tight will also be near to the top of Chris Hughton’s agenda. I would like to see this team in a 4-4-2, although it does depend on the fitness of Lovenkrands and Guthrie and whether or not Hughton will accomodate club captain Kevin Nolan.

NewcastleSteve Harper, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Danny Guthrie (or Kevin Nolan), Joey Barton, Jonas Gutierrez, Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands.

Aston Villa will more than likely give Steven Ireland a debut after his arrival from Manchester City midweek. John Carew has a chance of being fit but it is thought that the match will come to soon for Gabby Agbonlahor, Steve Sidwell, James Collins and Carlos Cuellar who all look likely to miss out.

Newcastle have not lost to Aston Villa at St James’ Park since that now infamous match that I mentioned earlier, and have averaged a goal a game in the last 15 games against The Villans. Newcastle are also surprisingly strong in their first home game of season having not lost their SJP opener since 2004, and we have only conceded one goal in all of those opening home games combined.

It will be a tough game, but I believe that there was enough shown against Manchester United on Monday to suggest we can be a handful for a lot of teams this season. Aston Villa are missing a few players aswell, which could hopefully help us out as we look to kick-start our season.

My prediction – Newcastle 2-1 Aston Villa

Howay the lads!

P.S – Don’t forget to vote in our poll. I want to see how YOU think we will do.

Date – Sunday, 22nd August, 2010.

Time – 13:30 (British time).

Venue – St James’ Park, God’s Country (Newcastle).

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184 Responses

  1. Postby nufc1892 »
    Hatem Ben Arfa had clear the air talks with Olympique Marseille and is expected to travel to Newcastle on Friday morning ahead of a medical. The deal is in the region of £800,000 for a one year loan deal with an option of a £7.3M purchase at the end of the season.

    More to follow tomorrow…..

  2. It has been a long long longX100000 while since i last seen ranger play.

    My dream(Possible inception) told me Ranger scored a hat-trick against Aston Villa. and won the match 3-1. :lol:

  3. If Lovenkrands doesn’t make it we should definitely go with Ranger up front. I really hope we see Vuckic get half an hour as well.

  4. Okay,Off to sleep,good night everyone.

    Hope when i wake,(Mostly of you all will be sleeping)…Ben arfa news will be on NUFC.CO.UK.


  5. Toonsy I can remember it well especailly when the sniper took S Taylor out that was a classic.
    and you must be haveing a laugh when you say Guthrie (or Kevin Nolan) as if there was a choice to make. So hows you today Toonsy fella and why did you get banned from uncle Eds :)

  6. Dave – Pass mate. I don’t even know if I was banned to be honest. All of my comments needed moderating all of a sudden so I assumed that is what happened, especially as I didn’t swear or owt ;)

  7. That’s just more rumours but from a diff blog, but cheers for posting it. I think villa looked very good and we will do well to sneak a draw. I think we will get beat 2-1 but the lads will put in a good performance which will set us up nicely for our nextgame

  8. Would like to Ranger start if Petey doesn’t get the nod from the docs.

    WhoTheVuckicHaris – quality name mate! Made me chuckle, that one. Can’t get the song out me head now though.

  9. oh Toonsy a wee small request see the way that team Sc*nth$rpe is banned on here could you not do the same with the car dealing guy Daly

  10. think we will win villa r good but there no man u, plus west ham r sh**e so i am not to concerned gabby agbonwhore is owt

  11. just my opinion don’t have a go at me about it, anyway i think he’s predictions b4 the games r stupid as anythink can happen although i wud b suprised to c villa lose

  12. Dave – It isn’t the word Sc*nthorpe that is banned, it’s the bit in the middle that is ;)

  13. how would u be suprised to lose yas aint tht good y’na your best players have left yous in the last 2 or 3 years cos yas aint going anywher other than 6th, granted ad rather be in your clubs shoes than ours but how can u say yas will come to st james n hammer us 3-0 dont think many teams will do tht this season and a certainly dont think dorty villains will neither think it’ll be a good game and a close game yes but defo not a 3-0 loss think we’l win 2-1, but we’ll just have to wait till the match i suppose

  14. Ranger and Vuckic will hopefully get twenty minutes on Sunday. Lovenkrands might force his way into the side and Smith might be the unlucky one. Though if you go on you’re only as good as your last game it would be Nolan dropping out.
    Attack attack attack without being kamikaze for me.

    Will the lad from the Pharoah islands get a look in gthe squad?

  15. Toonsy
    You are ahead of the game.
    The chroncle today picking up the story of the away ticket allocation.
    Legend in your own lunch time my friend

  16. NUFC gets its first point(s) in game 4, and then gets better, week by week. MA splashes enough cash in January to get through. MA hires scouts to recruit youngsters to the academy, and base begins to turn out well educated starlets.

  17. Buda – Cheers man. Bit pissed off really as the NUST pinched my work and digging, but had the contacts (or people taking them seriously) to get the story published. Bit of a shitter but oh weel :(

  18. Here’s another view from a villa forum:

    ” we need to be treating Newcastle with the contempt they deserve – if we don’t get 3pts on Sunday then we didn’t play very well cos they are really shit!”

  19. Must say the majority of villa fans i’ve met at games I have been reasonable guys. Every club will have mouth pieces that shout from the roof tops.
    Still in the words of Keegan I would love it I would really love it if we beat them on Sunday.

    It would be interesting if the stories from leyton orient are true if Smudger and Beye had to contest a 50/50

  20. -must add that’s not totally represntative of the Villa fan’s attitude to the game but like us most think a narrow win for their team is possible.

    Mostly likely line-up is…


  21. a think albrighton might play hes played well in his last couple games so a think he could start instead of ireland or reo-coker

  22. My feeling is there’ll definitely want Reo Coker to help out Petrov because Ireland is totally different to Milner’s box-to-box play.

    I thought on a big away day they might be more likely to opt for Downing’s experience (wasn’t west ham Albrighton’s first start)

    But yeah, it’s up in the air – like ours I suppose as we wait on players’ fitness.

  23. TOONSY think you have behaved with great restraint over that stolen storey,shows different class eh.

    see big dave is sending ashley oot on loan to l/pool to put them right and owl heed to m/u.think we will be lucky to get draw on sun villa are a canny counter-attacking team hope ime wrong

  24. Dave – Just seen it. Aye I got an e-mail and it was one of those brick wall ones where you just know from then on the same answer will be spewed out. So I got in touch with Mick Dennis and spoke to him and he said he would have a look and that something didn’t sound right about it all. That is all at the minute. Then the bandwago rolled into town and pinched the fecker :mad:

    Reet, off to work.

  25. Leave Nolan alone he’s a good lad an intelligent footballer and after what he did last season

  26. Well Carroll & Harper have come off the subs bench to replace Defoe & Howard in my fantasy football team so I’m going for 2-0 with Carroll to score both :lol:

  27. Leave Nolan alone he’s a good lad an intelligent footballer and after what he did last season we should be backin him. Yes he might not have the legs but did shearer have that lightning quick speed and he scored all those goals. And would u rather have a quiet captain who doesn’t say anythin or one that rallies us and the players??? Give the lad a chance all he wants is good for team

  28. Webbo @ 40 > Leave Nolan alone he’s a good lad an intelligent footballer and after what he did last season

    I nearly agree with that but I would change it to he’s a Fat lad an intelligent footballer with a big gob ;)

  29. Webbo you cant compare Nolan with Shearer and do you honestly think the supporters need him to rally them and to tell us to get behind the team ?

  30. why is everybody baggin kev nolan. The lad was strong for us last season and deserves the armband. Give him a few matches and you all will be eating the crap you have given him. Wouldnt be surprised if he got the winner vs villa

  31. yanktoonsouljah thats the good thing about life we all have our own opinions but I will not be eating any crap and I will not be changing my opinion, Nolan has far too much power at our club

  32. big dave,

    indeed i respect your opinion and everybody else’s i just thought everybody like nolan. What do you mean he has too much power?

  33. We are all nufc, whether we agree or not, we all line the fat man’s pockets by buying kits and merchendise, and by going to matches…wasnt trying to disrespect you or anybody else big dave, fair enough?

  34. fair enough, hey so ive been outta pocket all day been jumping back and forth from here and ed’s blog, catching bits and pieces, is hba in newcastle or what? anybody got any info for me?

  35. yanktoonsouljah @ 50 I just think he has to much say in the team and is basically undroppable even when he is playing badly he still plays. And it really gets to me that he keeps comeing out and telling us to get behind the team, I dont think any of us need to be told to get behind the team

  36. Tomorrow their president will go to press again ” We have no contact with Newcastle about Ben Arfa ” again what the XXXXing loop.

  37. BIG DAVE aye canny m8,sick of nowt but rumours flying aboot,they say ashleys at sjp now here we go again ;)

  38. big dave,

    I agree that he doesnt need to tell toon army to get behind team. We have the best supporters in the world. i think he may have said that because he is worried people are getting mad at ashley again and doesnt want a repeat of 2008 which we cant afford. We have to be behind the team week in and week out. As for being undroppable, maybe, but if they are gonna keep playing him as a support striker he needs dropped. As a midfielder he is fair enough, but support striker he is atrocious…

  39. webbo ur a f ukin arseole if ya think nolan is anywhere near sir alans class he couldnt lace shearers boots and iam sure shearer would do a better job playing for us than that lazy fat get nolan

  40. YTS its on a few blogs but dont read to much into it m8,some sado!s always looking to get fans going,mind it might be true,lets just wait and see eh

  41. whey as me auld granny used to say “Trying to squash a rumour is like trying to unring a bell!!”

  42. if big kev isnt playing well,which looking at him the last 7/8mnths id say is likely,then he needs dropped for vuckic,even for half a game.big daves dead right,he has far too much power over ch i reckon,but i could be wrong like.i admire him for the goals he scored last season.but that would be about it really,he is the weak link in our teams attack.would rather have routledge on left,raylor on right and jonas off carroll with maybe young vuckic getting a good sniff too.if we do get hba or any other number ten style attacker who do you think will make way? its got to be nolan,but it wont be

  43. ice……YTS that takes me back to the old youth training schemes…… ya arse of for £25 pw ………..still happy days tho.

  44. I was disappointed Vuckic and Ranger didn’t get a decent run out last week. The match was well settled early. Could have at least brought them out for 20 mins or so. It would have been a good experience for young lads.

  45. Not comparin him too shearer that’s against the law to compare anyone to big al but wot I’m sayin is u don’t need legs to be a good footballer. YTS your rite defo better in midfield than SS. I also agree that he is sayin stuff to take the heat off Ashley. And a big gob is wot we needed too give the others a kick up the rse. I told him we needed someone like him after his debut at the unwashed an I said he would go far if he opened his mouth and guess wot I was rite  haha howay the lads

  46. Batty hows it going Lad I seen you and Stardy were having and old chin wag last week on eds ;)
    Funny enough my 1st job I got £30 and had to hand £20 over house keeping what a joke, you couldn’t drink to much on a Tenner

  47. RICHIETOON aye m8 and it might come back yet,mind it will be £100 things gan up like.
    sick of rumours,mother-in law had nicked off wor lass said,the old sod tured up today,belive nowtm8.
    lucky to get draw on sun for me hope ime wrong

  48. batty……….I was working for a consruction company and tha gaffa had me waiting in his garden for his bloody pigeons coming back from Belgium to chuck the rings in the clock/timer thing.I put the rings into the clock about 3 hours after his pigeons got back :-)

  49. rich i did mine fitting gas cookers fires and the bloke also owned a pub and had me doing cellar work

  50. I noticed Kenny Huang has pulled out of the running to buy Liverpool.

    We’ve got a decent sized Chinese community haven’t we?

    Anyone fancy a chinky?

  51. Batts alls good mate but getting pissed off with the transfer window it’s gona be the same as last years, the Fat Controller is gona piss about untill the windows closed. you still playing the poker :lol:

  52. ice…….never got caught mate,if he’d give me some extra dosh I would have done it right……….wasnt a bad day like just sat in his garden all day instead of mixing plaster in a tin bath!!

  53. BIG DAVE nay didnt need yts,worked on the fiddle with batty,and he still hasnt payed me yit,still saying he hasnt weighted it in yit

  54. dave divent woory man we still have the top south american youngsters too come in yet :lol:

  55. Batty thats right were still waiting for them. oh and I dont see stardy on that much ?
    But a few times I have thought that TC could be him

  56. big dave,

    im trying not to mate, but i want this transfer sooo bad if we dont get him im gonna be gutted either way, because i think this lad is a game changer, his creativity is something we desperately need and it sounds like we could have had em days ago if ashley would have shelled out the 5 or 6 mil and that p!sses me off….

  57. BATTY heard there is hgv drivers wanted at elders in consett from a friend dont know what the poke is like,and might be to far for him to travel.
    i know you knew aboot troy in fact you sussed it first i belive

  58. been a member since 2008 mate…lol maybe that guy who was gonna buy liverpool will buy us…its said he is looking elsewhere…

  59. hi , i’ve been reading this blog for the last couple of days and would just like to make my first and last comment.

    your all a bunch of tosspots especially that dim witted batty..

    i wont be returning.

  60. RICHIETOON west ham have spent money and were well in dept,they must be takeing wor bobby thompsons out look on life,let them worry who want it,should sent ashley a dvd on him

  61. to be honest villas team is much stronger



    compared to your shithole of a team i should think a piss easy win for the claret and blue villa boys
    3-0 me thinks with albrighton young and ireland on the scoresheet

  62. friedel spends his off season at willowgates retirement community in florida you dummy. he is old as jesus and couldnt even make the yank cup squad. He will be picking the ball outta the onion net sunday

  63. im sgt heagerty you dummy…fake ass craig coozy why you take somebody’s name and try to act like your him

  64. you took the name of a hotel worker to get toon fans riled up, you have got to be one of the unwashed

  65. hey fake craigcoozy, sure blew a whole in your story by me being on here….yanktoonsouljah= sgt heagerty on ed’s blog you moron…

  66. villatillidie ya arse wipe wheres martin gone lolol your gonna go down bank quicker than a turd oot of fat ashes arse

  67. ice…….West Ham will still struggle tho imo……..we should have Bobby T as our pacey midfielder ;-)

    That David Murray doesnt half talk some sense tho ;-)

  68. Villa have quite a good team, shame they represent the biggest shithole in England. Aston is the pits of the earth.

  69. I’ve got odds of 3-1 for being the fake craigcoozy :-(

    whatya think about that big Dave Murray :-)

  70. I wish Dave (M) :lol:

    I’ve drifted out to 50-1 now on Ed’s blog,should be nearer infinity/1 like

  71. BIG DAVE hopeing for a draw m8,villa a good counter-attacking team away from home hope im wrong

  72. Kenton……..thats what me gut says.

    aye ice,it’s their pace on the counter thats the worry

  73. as long as we attack and play barton and guthrie we’ll win! they have few people out, andwest ham were so bad last week plus a bit jet lag…. does anybody wanna take a 1 can of carling bet that ben arfa doesnt sign???? i will send by post lol

  74. How fun, The scousers are going to the wall, Mascherano in the next week, Torres, Reina and Gerrard in january

    I wonder if that twat who was boasting in the chron about how they would be sold unlike us because they are a worldwide brand, Who won a load of trophies 30 odd years ago you know…

    Has anyone raided the scouse forums yet ? :lol:

  75. Totally sick of the rubbish this week.
    Expected something last Tuesday head done in.
    I love Nufc in the transfer window

  76. I think the liverpool supporters are some of the more sensible i have met on the net… Never heard any of them say a bad word about us, unlike Villa, Spurs and Everton

  77. benny’s or ben arfa Dave? cos I might struggle to only say benny once but should be ok with ben arfa…….so which is it benny or ben arfa ?? ;-)

  78. Richie both ye get extra points for the more times ye can mention his name between now and lunchtime tomoro :)
    Reet Lads im outa here till lunchtime tomoro ;)

  79. wtvh………I hope so,would have been nice to have some in time for the Villa game tho…… would have helped the ticket sales cos they don’t look to clever.I think I’m gonna be in the upper tier of the Gallowgate on my own.

  80. If there are new signings i love the fact they could make their debut away at Accrington Stanley.

  81. Aye i know was expecting a bumper crowd, TBH i thought the atmosphere was good last season, Lets hope that continues and we can send these twats back to their slums with ringing in their ears after taking the three points…

  82. richietoon! u could chance it? i heard the royal mail r happy in there jobs lol. then again he could be a mackem!!! i would put a smiley face but i dunno how lol

  83. I’m happy these lads are out
    Quintet miss out on Newcastle trip through injury
    Agbonlahor, Cuellar, Collins, Sidwell and Weimann all out this weekend.

    Its on the villa official web site so must be true

  84. This is live on ESPN with King Kev (guessin in the studio) – reckon we should say hello to him during the game :lol:

  85. Nick @ 139

    I work for the brewery that makes carling – at work now – can we up 1 can to about 40,000 kegs? :lol:

  86. Does Dassier really have any other option than let Ben Arfa join us, Milan have signed Boateng, Bremen have signed Wesley, He’s turned down Benfica and Hoffenheim

    Admit defeat and let the lad get his wish, Get a bit of cash now, Save on wages and more cash if it goes well… :D

  87. CC- Maybe the fact that it has all gone quiet from Ben Arfa and his entourage is a positive sign?

  88. JT- I would assume it is. If nothing was happening behind the scenes I’m sure he’d still be complaining in the press.

  89. we have to turn on ashley he not going to sign any 1
    and i am am sick of the way he is treating this
    he going to let arfa slip from under our noses he a fool

  90. Nufc4ever, sssshhhhh! We wud b like pompey, palace etc if we kept spending onUr negativity is depressing marra! We will sign HBA and the African fella, its all good! Stop f ***in whining about ashley and start supporting what we’ve got! It cnt b changed by a blog, just cross ur fingers like I am n hope we get these lads in! Have Faith!

  91. That meant to say spending on what we think are good players, only to b disappointed … ie luque, boumsong, Owen and so on! We need to realise that nothing is achieved by being held to ransom… it results in silly debts, and players who aren’t worthy of the shirt!

  92. Tiote and Ben Arfa would prove to be a good summer of business for the club, if we can get a right back in even on loan it would really top it off.

  93. The mail is saying tiote deal is done. Praying it’s true as this news would cure part of my nufc depression.

  94. Rangerman totally agree it would be great business, personally with the comments no capital outlay my mine was on signing players from the championship like that reading play maker, not a european hotshot play maker.

    if tiote and ben arfa sign before accrington game we can try to focus 2 weeks on a defender who can play all across the back 4 and a striker which i do believe will happen with 10 days. but these 2 deals have to be wrapped up within this week giving hughton and ashley time to get a defender and striker.
    (best line up by blackpool game)
    Collicini, Williamson, Campbell, Enrique
    Barton Nolan Guiterez
    Ben Arfa

  95. What do you guys think about this formation, (I think it makes no sense dropping our best player and making him our 2nd best player on the bench.) Routledge has looked a bit shell shocked so far so I would go.

    -Ben Afra————————

    With Benny in a Lionel Messi type position. :)
    Assuming these transfers FINALLY come off.

  96. Possibly Collo at RB instead of Perch.
    I think that would resemble a prem team if Carroll plays like he did against ManU. :)