Newcastle need to set the record straight against Aston Villa.

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Sunday lunchtime will see the return of Premier League football at St James’ Park as Aston Villa come to town.

That sounds suspiciously like the start of a match preview but I can assure you it isn’t. That won’t be along until closer to the match itself.

St James’ Park is likely to at least be near to being a sell-out for the match, and that should help to spur on the lads to get the first points of the new season on the board. However, if that doesn’t work then those players that were at Newcastle when we got relegated need look no further than the footage of them being mocked at Villa Park on that final day of the season for inspiration.

Still, much bigger than the need for retribution against the minority of their fans who acted like arseholes, the ones who unfurled their pre-prepared banners, the ones who lined the streets outside Villa Park to stir up trouble with a set of fans who had just seen their team relegated, is the need for three points.

I’m not going to lie and say that it would be the end of the world if we don’t claim all three points, or even if we fail to claim a point as it won’t be, it’s far too early in the season to start the prophecies of relegation. But Villa are a good side, a top eight side, so they won’t be an easy proposition.

We do need to start picking up points though, and a lot of those wil need to come in our home games at St James’ Park. This is where the fans can be the twelfth man. I have a suspicion that the events at Villa Park won’t have been forgotten very easily which should ensure we give a hostile reception towards them, which is great.

I don’t care what anyone says, the way those fans acted that day was bang out of order. A bit of banter and a sing-song is all part of the fun, but to seemingly revel in the demise of a team that had no real connection, no rivalry, with them doesn’t sit well with me. I never realised we were so important to them to be honest.

Both the players and the fans have now got the chance to set the record straight. The players should be 110% up for it, they should be physical, bully them, bruise them. The fans should be vociferous, vocal, intimidating, but not to the point of violence I hasten to add.

Three points would be all the retribution I would like.

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206 Responses

  1. Boom. First comment. Cannot wait for this match! 10:30pm here, a great time to watch with a few beers and fellow supporters.

    What does the ANT or DEC refer to from the picture…? Can’t figure it out.

    Howay the lads.

  2. Sorry to stat the comments off with a negative but any points home or away against a top 7 team will be a bonus this yeay. There are 12 clubs out there that we have to get our points from, and we can.

    Agree about the Villa fans. Don’t know what that was all about at all. Though they have had their up game after MO’N left so they may be vulnerable.

    Hoping we can just enjoy the game whatever the result. Looking for goals so my prediction is 2-3

  3. I’m in sydney Aussie so I know how you feel! Getting up at 5 for Man U was a killer. A 10.30 Sunday night start will be perfect.

    I think this is a massive game. We need to try and keep our unbeaten home record in tact for as long as possible. Lets face it they have lost their best player in midfield in Milner so nows a good chance to play them.

  4. Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go. Hopefull 2 new players this evening when I get home. will check on the android from time to time.

  5. ya heard that and milan got boatang so it seems we are the last club standing. OM president said sticking point with us was if we stay up and dont get relegated he wants automatic permanent move…

    Newcastle United have been told to include a specific option to purchase the player in their offer to sign Hatem Ben Arfa on a loan deal, according to Marseille President Jean-Claude Dassier.

    The President wants the magpies to ‘add an option in case of automatic continuation in the Premier League.’ This seems to suggest a condition or promise whereby Newcastle will have to purchase the player if they stay up.

    He said:
    “This case is not complicated. On the British side, I asked them to add an option in case of automatic continuation in the Premier League.” We will not let the British take us for idiots. We know them. They saw what was happening with Hatem and they come back.”
    “Bremen is more serious. This would be great for him to go there.”
    On the other side, Werder Bremen Sporting Director Klaus Allofs has said the club’s interest in Ben Arfa was ‘not hot’.

    He told a TV channel before their game against Sampdoria:
    “We’re not looking for a replacement for Mesut Özil. Whether or Marko Marin Aaron Hunt or someone else, we’ll find an internal solution”
    Ben Arfa, the 23-year old France International is believed to be keen on a move to Newcastle United.

  6. Calm down lads Ben Arfa will be on his way later this morning, i think he is on a flight at around 11.25am from Marseille or this is what i am lead to believe.

    at least thats what i clinging too at the moment :-)


    I know how you feel. After the world cup I was labeled a “part-time boyfriend” and now that Newcastle are back up I plan on keeping this nickname.

    Many late nights watching games but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m in Melbourne, would rather your warmer late night weather however.

    Cheers for the info on ANT & DEC yanktoonsouljah.

    Andy Carroll BRACE!

    Bumble Beez U12’s to top the fantasy comp!

  8. Im a villa fan, and i was at that match.

    Before that match, if you got relegated i probably would have beeen dissappointed with the way the fans reacted, but if you remember before the match, Martin Laursen came on the pitch to say goodbye to the fans as he was retiring from football, and what did he get, he got all the newcastle fans chanting above him.

    So put it in to prospective, im glad the way your fans got treated on that day, because that player will never play again! Big deal you got banter because you got relegated in a season where you deserved to.

    Anyways, its a new season and a new chapter in both clubs, so good luck in the season, and hopefully you do a better job, as you are a premierleague team, and looking forward to playing once more.

    Going to be a hard game!!!

  9. Villa will play us off the park-the relationship the team has with O’Neils assistant is excellent so don’t expect them to roll over Just because O’Neil isn’t there-they played football we could only dream of 1st game of the season.
    Not hoping for much out of this game but I sense another defeat is on the horizon.

  10. no worried aussie toon. you can youtube ant and dec. give you more insight into what that sign was aboot

  11. You know something, I’m not bothered what happened 18 months ago now, it happened, get over it, this is a new season, a new(ish) team, a new manager & a new start, so lets not start dragging up more of the past just to inflame our fans yeah, not good for our new image Toonsy!!!

    I think we should get at least a draw this Sunday, I’ll be watching the match at the pub as I’m 2 hours ahead of you guys, so Sunday lunch will be washed down with a few Keo’s while I banter with any Villa fans that turn up :)

    Yes Villa have a top 8 team but M’ON was there backbone & yes there players get on well with their 2nd in command but it’s new & away matches aren’t the same as playing at home, so with Milner also gone, yeah I know Ireland has replaced him but it’s still a massive change for their side, so its our chance to start the ball rolling & make SJP into a fortress again :)


  12. I wonder how match fit Ireland is, will he start the game against us on Sunday or maybe come on as a sub…

    I personally really rate Ireland, would have like him to come to us, can be dangerous going forward.

    My Prediction is 2-1 (Carroll, Barton)

  13. Yeah, Aussie guys, 10pm is a good time for us. Still, it doesn’t matter what time the game’s on I watch it live. It’s rather good to be able to see every Newcastle game – home and away – live.

  14. Here we go again! Do you remember Modric and Rooney in past seasons. We spend time chasing players who we have no chance of getting and end up at the end of the transfer window signing players who are not good enough. We will not sign Ben Arfa, move on and bring in the players we can sign and will strengthen the team. A creative pacy midfielder is a must! A left back who will challenge Jose and a fast pacy striker who will act as a foil to Carroll.
    I`m not convinced CH will be able to attract the players we need,given Ashley`s stance on capital outlay, but they are players out there who will improve our chances of staying up. Come on Chris make your moves now and give the team a better chance of survival.

  15. Also an Aussie (Melbourne), and have been arriving at work in less than pristine condition for many years due to the Passion i have for the Toon, but in a way i enjoy to commitment to the team that it takes to get up at 2am on a work night to support the Toon. Sort of makes me feel part of it. Although the Wife dosn’t enjoy being awaken when we score, i try, but i cant hold it in. Lets hope i get to wake her up this weekend when Big Andy Knocks in the winner against the Villians! Howay the lads!

  16. It did leave a bitter taste in my mouth at the time,they were bang out of order but if what Dem says is true then our fans should have been more sporting to Laursen.Tho that does surprise me,if it was announced over the tannoy tho and the Toon fans maybe didnt hear it if they were singing as has happened when I’ve been to away games,you cant hear a thing.
    But that was then this is now I’m more worried about getting some points on the board,Villa were impressive at the weekend and their pace is frightening.They will be top 8 so any points from those teams are a bonus but thats not to say we shouldnt be looking to collect points from some of them hopefully starting on Sunday.
    ………..of course if we were to win I doubt I’d be able to stop a wry smile and a quick thought back to that day which ruined what had been up until then a great holiday in Tenerife.HWTL

  17. Hawktoon – well your wife should have plenty of sleep this season mate, as I doubt we’re going to score that many.. lol ;)

    No mention in the French press about the Toon & Ben Arfa so far today & not much yesterday either, it’s all about WB & him now.. :(

  18. mossa….I just want benny to sign for anyone at the moment so we can just move in from it………ref Rooney tho,he himself has said that he would have signed for Newcastle if Man Utd hadn’t come in for him……I think that was more a desperation to leave Everton tho ;-)

  19. Yes, Hawktoon, it’s a different sort of passion and commitment we have over here. Maybe not the same as those who go to every away game in the flesh and sing their hearts out for the lads, but it’s something not too far from it. HWTL.

  20. Have a plump timing of 6 in the evening for the villa game.the manu game was painful at 2 in the night,especially the way the team performed,although was not expecting too much against one of the worlds best teams on their ground.hope the guys in the stands can inspire the lads onto a result,even if its a draw on sunday:-)
    And hope we have some new signing in by then,even if its not ben arfa:-)

  21. Paul……….not unless he’s on a private plane cos there are no flights from France or anywhere else at that time ;-)

  22. I watched some of the Villa v WestHam game at the weekend. West Ham were awful and made Villa look better than they were. Still, Villa moved the ball well at times, especially down the right.

    I’m going for 2-1 to Newcastle, but it’ll be nervy. Looking forward to it.

    And if somebody mentions HBA again I’ll explode.

  23. guys,how do u put smileys on your posts?am blogging from my phone,can somebody tel me how to?

  24. I must admit I thought the Ant and Dec banner,if ill informed , was quite funny,our biggest problem that day was the jokers on the pitch.

  25. I think being a Toon fan takes alot of effort no matter where you are, given all the shi!te we’ve been dragged through during Ashleys reign. Though no matter what the situation i still get the same excitement and anticipation prior to kick that i did as a youngster.

    For the record i DO think we will sign 2-3 more players during the window. With at least 1 of them to be of decent quality. Call me optimistic but surely Fat Mike has learnt something from relegation, this squad is weaker than the one that was relegated and needs strenthening!

  26. Mick G says:
    August 19, 2010 at 8:13 am

    agree, looking back the banners were funny, can we not have a laugh at out own expense?? holding a grudge for these alone is a bit childish..

    it’s a small world of ever changing fortunes…won’t be long before it’s villa on the receiving end..

  27. Hawktoon…….true we’ve been thru the mill and not just with Ashley.Hopefully we’ll sign 2or 3 but i won’t be beting my house on it.I’m not convinced the squad is weaker(possibly on paper) as Viduka,Owen,Duff and Martins gave our team absolutely nothing especiallt near the end of the season.Hopefully as well Jonas,Colo AC and others have improved……we’ll find out soon enough.

  28. Aussie and Charlie – good work. I will also be watching at 10.30 – finally a decent time – and it is a day after my wedding. Perfect

  29. Richietoon, agree to a degree. But what got us relegated was the lack of spirit and injurys, not lack of quality as we had a far better squad than the likes of Hull. What will keep us up this season is our spirit, but without reinforcments a couple more injury’s could have us deep in the SH!te . What i do like about the current squad is that they DO appear to have pride in the shirt and will not lie down with out a fight

  30. Firstly, welcome back to the Prem gents. It’s good to have you lot back where you belong.

    I was at the game that saw your relegation from the Prem, and admit to smiling when ‘that banner’ was unveiled. However, please take it in context. This was undoubtedly just meant as a bit of banter. As far as I remember, there has never been any great ill feeling between our two great historic clubs (you lot taking Nobby back aside!). I’d ask you all just to put it aside, and lets just get on with the new season.

    If what I’ve heard about hostilities at the end of the game is true, then I unreservedly apologies on behalf of my clubs support. Unfortunately we do seem to have a rather silly young Chav following at the moment, who have seen Green Street and Football Factory one too many times. Frankly they are an embarrassment, and I ask that you don’t judge us all by their behaviour.

    Anyway, good luck for the rest of the season (Sunday aside). I’ve got many a Toon fan friend who will be very happy if you stay up, so I’ll be routing for you. Hope you can pick up 6 points off small heath too!!

  31. You will be totally outclassed, and outplayed.

    Villa wont let you have he ball, and totally suffocate you like they did with West Ham.

    Plus Villa are a much more dangerous team on the road, history confirms that, and we see it season after season with Villa how good they are on the road.

    Plus they have sent the kids for todays game against Rapid Vienna. The only three players out there, you would call 1st team are Friedal, Downing, and Albrighton.

    Dont be drawn into thinking they are a different side without Oneill, if anything they seem to be better off without him – a very good vibe in the Midlands at the moment.

  32. A lot of people expected a better chance without O’Neil but at the moment it looks like they will have an extended honeymoon period with the caretaker who the players seem to be close to. I don’t suppose this will last – a manager cannot be the players’ friend when the big decisions have to be made.

  33. Getting a little ahead of yourself Michael, we will provide much stiffer opposition than the hammers.

  34. Newcastle will certainly be underdogs but 100 points in the Championship aint bad and holding United back to 3-0 wasnt the result that the Baggies had against Chelsea. Villa’s away form last season was only 2nd to chelsea and United in the league- so it will be a tough encounter for you geordies if the same villa form on the road as last season comes to town. Unfortunately im going to be missing it as going to V Festival in Stafford, but I’m going to ask Paul Weller to tune 5-live in for us! UTV

  35. Michael………Villa do well on the road because they hit you on the break with their pace…..and as such we will get alot of possesion…..therefore Villa will let us have the ball ;-)

  36. Durham Villan

    what u have to realise is that newcastle fans never cause any trouble anywhere…never….they never take the piss out of anyone either…they just sit there quietly applauding and being totally respectful to all opposition fans..

    anyway, best of luck for the rest of the season…

  37. Hawk…….thats what I mean by on paper……those players had the quality but no heart if they had we’d probably not have been relegated.Onwards and upwards hopefully now tho :-)

  38. Do you really think that if the positions had been reversed and it was us sending them down at sjp we wouldn’t have been ripping it out of them? We’re going to need more than a desire for some payback to beat them on sunday.

  39. Spot on Rich, the only way is up and it would be nice to kick off with some points this weekend. I think we will get something out of this weeks game…..with a bit of luck, all 3 points

  40. Richie-they’ll also be alot quicker than us when they break, lol. As for the banner, fair enough it was a bit of banter but they obviously intended to aggrivate us and they succeeded. The Laursen excuse is void, all away fans sing from the moment they’re in through opposition doors until the moment they leave. The banners were planned long before our lot knew he’d be paraded round the pitch. Unless you’ve got Neil Buchanan on standby I don’t see how anyone can claim they were used in retaliation to us simply singing!
    Either way the atmosphere should be good on Sunday, hopefully we’re all 110% up for it and we cause them problems

  41. noir9……..I dont think we would,not like that and not what allegedly happened outside the ground although possibly some of our idiots might have done admittedly.I was at Peterboro away last season and we looked likely to send them down and there was none of that carry on.Just banter and drinking together before and after the game…………we would have acted like that with Sunderland or the smogs tho.However its all gone,a new chapter for us back in the prem and a new chapter for Villa with a new manager who ever it may be.

  42. What the villa fans on here have to remember is, this is not last season & the last season (08/09) when we were relegated, we still beat you 2-0 at home & only lost 1-0 at your place because one of our player (Duff) scored an own goal, so please don’t expect us to be a walkover on Sunday yeah guys, as you’re away record is good but not against us ;)

    Should be a good game & a test to how well we’ll play against the top teams in the PL, obviously not the Top 4 teams but the next level down :)

  43. Aye Ross it’s their pace that worries me………said before I think we’ll win,,no logic just a gut feeeling…….and it’s a canny sized gut :lol:

  44. Durham villan,seeing both sides of the story and seeming more than half intelligent you will be giving football supporters a bad name.maybe your chavs could join up with our moronic tendency that hang around St james’ hoping to be interveiwed by Sky and go and support someone more suitable,Chelsea Man utd/Citeh etc.

  45. We will beat first home game the crowd n players will b bang up for it, what u gott remember west ham r worse than we r at the moment, also om getting gignac n remy so arfa shud b on the move n despite what dassier is saying the french guy on talksport said we hav talkin since weekend and agreed deal so what happens

  46. noir9 says:

    there were fans up and down the country taking the piss out of newcastle that day..not just villa..

    ever thought why..??? maybe there’s lessons to be learned and maybe take a look at ourselves…

  47. A point wouldnt be bad on sunday but got a sneaky feeling Lovenkrands is gonna get th winner in a tight 2-1 victory

  48. Malchick-that’s the issue mate, we’re still tarred with this “delusional” brush. The amount of toon fans that think we’re currently capable of playing CL football every season is minimal these days. It’s all they’ve got to slag us with though, our “idiotic fans”. I can imagine there were hundreds of teams laughing at us but none of them have ever bothered to speak to a level headed Newcastle fan. Much easier to just pay attention to the idiots on sky news and use them as ammo!

  49. Journo’s invent the ‘messiah’ talk and the ‘we should be in Europe, as a minimum’ talk just so they can use it as a stick to beat us with. They have nothing else to do.

    Good journo’s know the truth, bad ones make shit up.

  50. Cyprus , I actually think villa are a LOT better team than they were two years ago, and noe Milner may wish to stab us in the back,,,,,

  51. hope we get some positive movement on hatem today,and if not him then we really need to know if he is coming,make a decision and sign him or leave it and move to next targets,if there is any… think we wont get beat sunday,fancy a tight win.if we play like we did at old trafford with loverman up top with andy we can cause them problems.dont think losing o’neil will disadvantage villa at all just yet,probably the opposite.but we need to just concentrate on ourselves and not worry too much about what they may ,may not be doing.we have a fine record over villa at sjp and think with it being our 1st home game of new season back where we belong and with possibly a certain frenchman making debut(fingers crossed) we can run out maybe 2-1 3-1 winners.we are a lot more stronger opposition than west ham at home anyways and with andy carroll on form with some better service and hopefully gootrie in for smith we can beat the villa.

  52. Stuart 79 , No experience says , good journos, make it up , and yet make it so near the truth , that it is beleived it is the truth,…

  53. Just wish somebody could get hold of hughton and shake him.come on man get a f’ing grip and get players signed and no we don’t have a good enough team to stay in the prem.wake up hughton and stop vein ashleys puppet.

  54. what hughton is saying is full of shite,we know ben arfa wants to come here,the problem will be ashley being a tight tw@t

  55. ch is frustrated at the moment in his quest to bring players in! If I was you mate I`d be making every effort a.s.a.p. to bring in bodies because if results go against you early days it will not be long before ashley is feeling your collar and laying the blame at your door. If we are led up the garden path again and results go against us I`m afraid I don`t think people will stomach another season like the one we endured when we were relegated.
    I don`t want to be negative and how I hope that we kick off against Villa with three points but realism tells me that the squad we have MUST be increased and improved.

  56. Waddles mullet says:
    August 19, 2010 at 10:25 am
    Won’t up bid?

    I was told we’d given them a sweetner.

    Not sure about the Werder rumour though.

  57. couldnt agree more am getting so pi**ed off now with lack of signings and the whole HBA thing i wish ch would stop treatin us like idiots n jus tells what the f**k is goin r signing ppl or not, n i wish HBA would jus bloody sign for someone so we can stop talking about it

  58. the guy on talksport said we had agreed a deal n it should be done today, ive got a feeling it that dassier d**king around waiting for a cash offer the problem is i dont think theyve got one, even he said it would be decided today

  59. Stu Hmmm very interesting
    We put bid in on Tuesday morn and that’s why marseille put out the story about werder.
    Interesting marseile top 2 targets remy and gignac are same agent as beni boy.
    Both nufc and marseille playing the game but their will be only one winner. Not us IMHO

  60. the facts as i am aware are arfa wants leave, they want him to leave,they come to us with the orignal deal loan with option to buy, we agree deal, arfa wants to come us does well for france, they pull deal n think they can get cash, starting makin statements there was no deal n leak storys of other clubs bidding, arfa storms out bcoz he knows the truth n tells all, om call bk say we will let u leave if u shut up, dassier it will b sorted by thursday hoping they can recieve bids, they do recieve bids from benfica definetely but arfa demanding to move here, dassier having to accept the loan today haha

  61. waddles i phillpe oclair on tuesday said this – we hav been negoiting all weekend and hav agreed the orginal deal that they came to us with, from his sources in portugal benfica hav bid accepted on monday but arfa refusing to go bcoz he wants move here, he said there could be other teams come in late but he was 99% certain arfa would join by today and would be one of the highest paid players at our club, also he confirmed arfa was here over weekend with his laywer n agent n he came to prove how much he wants the move he also said there is noway he will stay at OM

  62. I think todays the day baby, one way or the other. If OM have brought in the replacements, which shows what can be done if you put your mind to it, nice quick deals, then we should see him go somewhere.

    I want it to be us but I am not desperate for it

  63. I don’t think laying any of the blame on CH is fair. Do people think he wants to spend a nightmare season in the prem? He’s just as frustrated as the rest of us I reckon. He knows we need players, it’s up top where the deals are done, I doubt he’s heavily involved in negotiating the benny deal. Marseilles are also being little twats about the whole thing hence benny going AWOL and just refusing to play for them. All fingers point to them being awkward. We could shell out the cash and do the deal but that’s clearly not going to happen so it’s the loan with option to buy or nowt.

  64. It’s fcuking obvious that the blame lies squarely at the feet of Marseilles with regards to the Arfa saga.

    Unfortunately that doesn’t sit well with the “Mob” agenda. Na, they’d much rather ignore the facts and sit and pish and moan about the fat cockney and his puppet.

    Get a fcuking grip man.

    Look at it like this: if you’d just made a winning bid of £10 on eBay for a twin pack of XXL bedsheets and the seller then emailed you and send they wouldn’t post them unless you paid an extra fiver – what would you do?

  65. Davy, yes I heard it.
    Remy official now.
    Marseille need money to fund both deals gignac next but skint until sell benni boy

  66. Benny is a smoke screen. I said so yesterday. The real target is Cruz from cithey.

    If not then we should look into him as cithey have said he can leave.

  67. hitman says:
    August 19, 2010 at 11:23 am

    I agree with Crooks, wholeheartedly.

    The arrogance of the man is astounding.

    He is trying to change football single handedly. He thinks wages are too high, transfer fees are too high and agents are a menace who get too much money – Now of course he’s probably right on all accounts but to think he can change football on his own is just pure arrogance.

    He tried it with the Daily Fail and failed miserably as no other club would follow his lead – He’s finding out the same again.

    The only problem with this is that it’s the club’s PL future he’s gambling with.

  68. Never a huge fan of Crooks as a pundit myself, but he’s spot on there. Fair enough if you want to budget, spend sensibly, that’s completly understandable. But to not spend at all just comes off as Inexperienced and foolish to be honest.
    The benny deal is different given the fact it’s Marseilles arsing around but we’ve spent nowt. As Crooks says we’re going back to the prem with the same team currently. He says it’s laughable. If I didn’t try to laugh I’d cry.

  69. garthy boy is spot on likes,at least some of the media are realising what is happening and hopefully that means if or rather when we have a bad patch they maybe wont get on ch back,its not his fault that we may be going into the season with a terribly under strength squad for this type of competition and some in the media have already picked up on it.really hope ash can prove them wrong coz thatl mean that we have strengthened and we have a decent shot at staying this moment in time,with this current squad in which we already have a few injuries to key areas we are looking at an uphill not being a doom monger im being realistic.surely ash can see what everyone and now that is including media faces like crooks are saying and get his wallet out? we dont want/need star signings of stupid ammounts we just need 5-9m to get us through to jan and see where we are.stoke are spending,all the rest are about to start me thinks and im worried now that we will be left with egg on our stripes again.12 days to go…

  70. Crooks is from the same school of punditry that predicted us to “do a Leeds”.

    The very same school of punditry that, on our swift return to the PL, said we only did what everyone expected given our resources.

    And now they’re predicting tough times ahead. Oh well w@nk my dog and call me Keano!

    I don’t know what’s more ridiculous – the fact that some of these mongs actually earn a wage or that some of you actually take them seriously.

  71. Anyone else think that its F..ckin hilarious that Given is going to end up at Fulham? – twat.

  72. la provence(om paper) are reporting today that hatem and is agent and lawyer are in bremen to discuss terms after agreeing fee with om.they say the ‘dithering’ of newcastle has scuppered our chance of signing hatem and he is now in germany…..

  73. we got harris and ranger to come in.these 2 are better then are current players.harris score goals we need that from central.yes he may be young but he is scoring in the reserves and scored for us in pre why or why is he keeping these 2 back.sorry i would go with ranger after carrol the lad is mobile and he is are best centre forward holding the ball he can pick a pass out.if we are not going to get better players then what we have got..then these to must be given a chance.both big strong lads not as if they are week.

  74. spot on garth,but ashley never listens to anyone.
    look at the ammount of people in football,who warned him the last time relegation threatened.i had my suspicions from when the final whistle of the championship season blew,and talk of a manifesto,to fear the worst.
    there is just under a couple of weeks of the window left,but under this greedy bufoons stewardship,i’m not holding my breath.
    chris hughton looks like being a casualty of mike ashley’s so called loyalty and friendship.
    he gets newcastle promoted back to the prem,saving fat boys bacon,and this is his reward?
    kevin keegan also came in and saved newcastle from relegation,and was treated in a similar fashion.
    with friendship like michael wallace ashley’s,who needs enemies.

  75. Its is frustrating as hell n I wish they spend money but I do admire the fact we won’t b bullied into doin what’s best for the selling club n doin whts ryt for us

  76. The problem with Ashley is that he just doesn’t understand football. He’s supposed to be setting the club up for long term success but how is that possible if he’s only willing to sanction loan deals and players that are cheap as chips? We cannot move forward until we add permanent quality players to the squad. Hughton will be devastated if we miss out on Arfa, a top quality player who turned down several other offers just to come here. I fear it’s going to be a long hard season and that Hughton will unfortunately be the fall guy.

  77. Trojan – you can’t credit Keegan from saving us from relegation when it was him who dragged us down there in the first place.

    What was it again – 8 games without a win?

    As sh1t as the football might have been under BSA I doubt he’d had ever got us relegated.

  78. Blackpool have spent a million each on a Bolton reserve that came from non league and a L2 striker with an average record. Money isn’t going far in the market so why throw away this chance to get a quality player like HBA who wants to come here?

  79. @ 87… These bedsheets on sale for a tenner, do they already have “bouycott” written on them or do we pay extra for that.. Bargain deal though!!

    … Seriously though, if the mob do decide to kick off and get us relegated again by September 1st, please get someone to check the spelling first. Those knuckle draggers made us look like a bunch of tw@ts worldwide!

  80. @99, quite possible salty, think hooters comments about being frustrated with the market at the moment mean theres no transfers about to happen…mind you its just as likely its all more poo.

  81. Toon Chicken says:
    August 19, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    In our relegation season KK left us with 4 points from our first three games and two of those games were against Man Ure and Arsenal – Both away from home too!

    davy says:
    August 19, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    It’s only good for the club if the rest follow suite – Their not doing, so we will be left behind.

  82. Don’t remy & afra have the same agent? Therefore wouldn’t the agent be with remy at L’om rather than in bremem……please somebody end this soon so that we can all move on.

  83. G Crooks is a class A1 knob.

    On the villa fan thing, they premeditatively knocked up banners to take to the ground, murder one.

    Obviously not all of their fans are scum, but some patently are. I ‘d be truly ashamed if we did that to anyone, bar s*land & manusa.

  84. What’s your point, Stu?

    Burnley took 3 points from Man U in their first game last season and it didn’t do them much good.

    Sadly, we’ll never no how things would have turned out if Kev had stayed and used fan power to fight his cause (a la Benitez) instead of turning his back and walking out like he always does (a la pussy in boots).

  85. “Sadly, we’ll never no how things would have turned out if Kev had stayed and used fan power to fight his cause (a la Benitez) instead of turning his back and walking out like he always does (a la pussy in boots).”

    and try to claim £25million damages…..poor thing…

  86. @ 100 ASIM

    You are correct – we do have Vuckic and Ranger to come in, but the problem is that CH is too conservative to play them on a regular basis. CH is poor with squad selection. When push comes to shove he always plays the same old plodders. CH had no courage therefore will never succeed in Prem. CH is a weak manager with flair for creativity. The squad mirrors his personality.

  87. Skjelbred – now is this real or just repeating the same old same old? Yes he would improve us but he has been mentioned so bloody much I just dont believe it. I simply cant take anymore of this crud, same old shite.

    Turner gone at ‘Pool. Weird. Good job he didnt go 2 months ago otherwise our kid wouldnt have got in!

  88. waddles…..I just want the window to be shut so we can get on and support what we have preferably with a couple of new faces.All this speculations just going round in circles.sick,bored and p!ssed off with the whole thing.

  89. It appears to me that OM want assurances that we sign Ben Arfa after the loan period. The fact that no other club have shown much interest in him suggests he’s not as good as you’s all make out.
    What is so good about him really?

  90. Vuckic could be the answer if he’s as good as everyone says he is but how long will he hang around for if he’s not getting a sniff?

    People say you should the young kids when you’re doing well and winning games – Can anyone tell me how we’re going to blood any kids in over the next few years then?

  91. Toon Chicken – We were in freefall before Keegan took over, why do yuo think Allardyce was sacked? We got hammered in the cup and looked like a team with zero confidence. Injuries and suspensions mounted up and we had a difficult run of fixtures. It’s not surprising it took a few games for him to turn it round. Under Allardyce I think we were doomed

  92. toonchicken,i’m talking about when allardyce was sacked,we were facing it then also.okay after a bit of a shaky start,got us playing in the 4-4-3 formation.
    we could have easily went that season,but keegan saved billy bunter’s sizable rear end.
    your talking about the following season.

  93. Today at work,I was hanging a door for this lady….. well i didnt know she was a mackem ! I took my Jumper off,She my old toon shirt…… then the abuse the started.Told hang the door by herself.

  94. As I mentioned last season STU we should have blooded Vuckic and Ranger in the instead of relying on harewood etc.

  95. Lets not forget that Big Sam also got shafted by Fat Ash!

    He had to sell our better players before he could bring anyone in.

    He was sacked because he wanted some money to spend in the January window and Ash wouldn’t give him any.

  96. In fairness Raffo, Vuckic was out until April last year and we don’t know all the details about Ranger’s alleged indiscretions.

  97. seems like arfa is in germany, even if he aint as good as he is made out to be, he is still alot better than what we have…oh well suppose we have smudge to provide the goals, i feel sorry for carroll, has a lot of potential but wont get much service.

  98. He didnt really help JFK out either, I remember watching SSN on deadline day, When Ashley got out of his helicopter in the pissing rain and ran to the entrance of the training ground so he could sort out all the clubs problems like the worlds fattest member of the A-team

    The result Nolan, Raylor and embarassing Failed bids for Johnson and Richardson and one of the best keepers in the world and our last remaining pacey, creative player out the door…

  99. gave vukic a start,rather blood him,than play the amazing cart horse nolan.
    he must be rubbing his sizable thighs together mr newcastle.he couldn’t get a game for a struggling bolton side,in over a year,yet he’s somehow deemed a good signing at 4 wonder bolton snapped our hand off,highway robbery.he couldn’t get a game in front of 20 thousand people,he rocks up here playing in front of 50 thousand,no wonder he loves it here.
    even the late great bobby robson questioned the recruitment of nolan,he did not think it was a good idea.
    i think he repayed some of the outlay on him last season with his goals,but he does no longer have the pace for the prem.

  100. Run like the routledge , is that it? One goal.
    For France , big wow.
    Yous are all getting excited by him whilst the rest of the football world take no interest in him.

  101. Why does ashley not realise that one good signing an te fans will be off his back and in the stadium cheering the team baffles me that he is so stupid

    I seriously fear for the team because if we do stay up what’s going to be different in the next window?is he suddenly going to strengthen I doubt it and wel be grabbing freebies and loans again.

    I don’t even think if we get drubbed 4-0 at home by villa he would invest in the team.does he not realise he could lose everything if we go down again.

  102. @BobbyShinton – check him out on youtube, then tell us that he just “runs like Routledge”. Lad has bags of skill and will get better in time too.
    There are plenty of other clubs have been interested in him, Arsenal, ManU, Real, etc. Presumably non made a bid due to his questionable temperament?

  103. one thing we’ve never factored in to the equation,if we were to survive this season?historically when a promoted side survives the first year,the second season tends to be tougher again.could we even rely on this cupcake ashley to do the right thing,at that given time either?
    knowing him probably not.

  104. mike ashley’s wallet,the last time a certain person was asked to look at a player on youtube,it turned out to be xisco,look how that ended up lol.

  105. We all need to remember that the only person who loses real money if NUFC goes down will be MA. He is interested in improving the squad to the point where it (1) stays up, (2) draws well at the gate and (3) sells lots of shirts worldwide. So we all need to just keep in mind that our interests and his are nearly the same, he just has to write the checks if things don’t work out, we just have a few beers and complain about it if it does not.

  106. @144 MikeAshleysWallet says:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    I dont think BobbyShinton said Ben Arfa “runs like Routledge”. He was responding to a comment from the person with screen name “RunLikeTheRoutledge” :)

    But I do agree, anytime I have watched him he has been pretty impressive, fast, can take on a player and the one thing we have missed in a long time can make something out of nothing ‘creative..
    He is a player that can have an average game for 30 minutes then next minute produces a bit of magic and changes the game with a bit of skill, assist or goal.

    We are really lacking a player that other teams should be weary of. ..

  107. richietoon are these sites to be believed? coz all we have heard is from french papers, plus there manager said there not interested last night…maybe that was bullshit tho…i dunno, doing my head in now!!

  108. @mikeashleyswallet – I could look at any player on YouTube and they would look fantastic. I remember looking at Albert Luque and thinking he was a world beater.
    Get real man, no other clubs are interested or they would have made a move.

  109. @ NI Toon I shoulda read whole thread before posting lol. My bad, but you get my point that Ben Arfa is the kind of player we need to create chances for Carroll and whoever to stick away.
    Also as pointed out by others the extra revenue he would bring in ie shirt sales etc would surely be a good thing for fat Ashley’s bank account?

  110. Amazing how we forked out 6mil for Xisco and yet we won’t offer the same for a player of Ben Arfa’s pedigree.

    Ashley has never spent wisely. He will only settle for freebies or snagging others when clubs have no choice…

    Jonas, Gosling, Campbell, Bassong, Williamson… unless they are virtually free, he doesn’t want them unless we sell others.

    In three years he has yet to spend a cent. So anyone expecting someone to be bought is delusional… The reason Ben Arfa has falling through, is because OM wanted a permanent sale and Ashley would only put up funds for a loan deal. So its not gona happen…

    If we do bring anyone in, it’ll be as a loan deal.

    IE. NO CAPITAL OUTLAY!!! For all those who questioned the defintion. Its plane and simple. No money being spent.

    The little spent on Perch was covered by the wages saves on the likes of Geremi, Butt, Casapa, etc…

  111. alex……..I’m not believing any of it mate,only when or if there’s any official announcement on any player

  112. By the way, it was only a few weeks ago, I was getting slated on the blog for ridiculing the naivity of the bloggers, as they speculated everyday about potential transfers that Ashley was about to make.
    Apology please from you all.

  113. @ Bobby Shinton – I would love to meet the man who could turn Luque into a world beater lol.
    I have seen comments from L’OM fans and yeah he has a tendency to go missing in games – but didn’t Ginola and Robert do the same? Thing is the impact of these kind of players sometimes is massive in the first season – remember Asprilla? Even if he’s just a one season wonder I’d be happy as that would likely mean safety and another Prem campaign the following season.

  114. BeeGuy says:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    I totally agree. So the only conclusion we can come to about the way he’s doing things is he’s a fckin delinquent!

  115. 158 I Love Mike says:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    He thought Jonas was a free!

    It was his bum buddy, Wise who fcked up on that one – Again!

  116. Only myself and stu 79 predicted the inevitable.
    God, you’s lot are naive.

  117. I love Mike…

    Bassong 750k, Williamson 950k and Jonas only cost us because MA f##cked up on the ruling and we got taken to court…

    The point is, unless theres a player out there Ashley can spend less than a mil on, then we arn’t gona buy him.

  118. ashley is a greedy twat the sooner he leaves the better .
    we need investment fast . ben arfa is the kid we need beleave me this kidd can play , if ashley does not open his wallet for him he must go

  119. JJ I wouldnt really worry about how much a player cost or doesnt cost as long as he plays well and does his job for us. I think bassong n williamson ,tho neither have played many games for us , fit into that bill.

    If the club doesnt have the money to spend on new players the club doesnt have it. Simple. We cant buy what we cannot afford.

  120. hawaythelads

    Go where ?? We would be in adminmistration by the end of the year…

    Ben Arfa would be good but there are loads of players available who would improve us going to other sides, I dont think it is too much to ask for him to give Hughton a small budget like £10m.

  121. Johno Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Well with the likes of Stoke spending £9m on one player, Blackburn being bought by yet another billionaire and Wolves splashing the cash it looks like it’s curtains for us then!

  122. JJ
    ehh? So you admit he spent money yet say “In three years he has yet to spend a cent”, well which is it?

    I think they were quoted around 6 mil for Jonas wernt we? Somthing around that, so give or take a few quid, around 7-8 million for them three aye?

    “The point is, unless theres a player out there Ashley can spend less than a mil on, then we arn’t gona buy him.”

    Like Xisco (6 mil) and Collocini (10mil)?

    Sorry like mate but if your going to have a point, at least base it in some sort of reason.

  123. 166 Stuart79 says:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:42 pm
    Johno Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Well with the likes of Stoke spending £9m on one player, Blackburn being bought by yet another billionaire and Wolves splashing the cash it looks like it’s curtains for us then!

    What have the likes of stoke spending 8mil on Kenwyne Jones got to do with newcastle tho?

  124. i remember a time when ashley was giving good money to alladyce in not only fees but big wages as well as cacapa, beye, faye, smith, barton, viduka, geremi etc came through the door….all high wages

    sams poor buying didnt help

    wise buying xisco & nacho didnt help

    kinnear replaceing given and nzgobia with nolan & taylor didnt help

  125. surely we can afford 6-9 million to speculate to accumalate to help us stay up? surely that wouldnt break the bank? its all we need mike!!

  126. saltysellars11 says:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:52 pm
    surely we can afford 6-9 million to speculate to accumalate to help us stay up? surely that wouldnt break the bank? its all we need mike!!

    Obviously not, so why go on about it.

  127. ashley thinks he’s the footballing equivalent of wyatt earp,thinks he’s the saviour of one is going to go along with his view of how it should be.
    when the rest of the clubs are going about their transfer business,ashley’s playing at championship prices.moby dick(the white whale)ashley is living in cloud cuckoo land,with his roy of the rovers pipe dream.
    never mind him neglecting the first team,what about scouring the world for new talent?doesn’t seem to be any young talent being signed either.
    i think we are being led up the garden path by fat boy.

  128. Johno Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Well logic dictates that if they can spend that much on one player their going to be buying better players than us – No?

    Don’t try and tell me that it’s not how much a player costs, it’s how good they are, as you know as well as I do that good players cost money.

    If it was so easy to get good players on the cheap, every club would be doing it and be successful doing it – But none of them are.

    Although Ashley’s arrogance would allow him to think he can break the mould that the rest of the football world stick to.

  129. TROJAN 69 says:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:57 pm
    “what about scouring the world for new talent?doesn’t seem to be any young talent being signed either”

    Remember that little bloke who looked after that, who everyone hated and pretty much pushed him out the club, the one who seemed to be the only one who did his job. Dennis something wasn’t it, wonder what happened to him…

  130. Well as the transfer drawbridge begins to creak shut on us again how are the optimists and rose tinted glasses gang feeling….still excited?

    Another entertaining window from where I am sitting….we have landed a crock,a fish that looks well out of his depth in northern waters and a big fat pensioner.

    Well done Mike….backing the Puppet as per usual…zzzzzzzzzzzz

  131. ashley for 1 did not sign barton it was sheperd , bassong was on the free ???
    last season newcastle united got a hunderd mill just for winning the championship and there no money to spend on players what a load of shit and we will get 60 mill off tv rev ashley is milking every penny he can get his hands on?
    he is brain washing all the fans with lyes and its time to get rid of the fat 1

  132. My girlfriends just came home and asked:

    “Did you guys sign Ben Affleck?”

    Huge lols.. He’d probably be better than Nicky Butt I thought.

  133. ashley for 1 did not sign barton it was sheperd

    Wrong, It was Ashley, Allardce had to convince him it was a good deal to sell Parker and Bring in the reformed charcter Barton…

  134. Stu – your logic is totally flawed.

    We’ve been up there with the big spenders ourselves – remind me what it bought us again?

    That’s right – the Intertoto Cup and the old First Div title.

    Awesome!! :rolls:

  135. Good players do cost money but a big transfer fee doesnt always mean a good player if you get me so i do stand by its how good a player they r not how much they cost. Our problem is we dont have the money ( r so it seems ) to spend 6 million on ben arfa.

    Ive said before i think this team/squad is good enough to keep us up but i dont think the current team/squad will develop into where we as fans want it to be (which has to be trophies doesnt it?) unless money is made available n that is the truth of it. But i think the future of the club as a whole is more important than quick success ( aka portsmouth )

  136. I Love Mike says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    Is that the same Dennis Wise that thought Jonas was free, but ended up costing us £7m? Or the same Dennis Wise who spent £6m on Xisco and gave him a contract worth £50k a week?

    Wow, you’re right he was the only one doing his job – Shame it was a bad fckin job!

    Toon Chicken says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:18 pm
    Stu – your logic is totally flawed.

    It’s not actually – I still maintain it had more to do with who was actually spending that money..

  137. Johno Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    You think the squad is good enough?

    What happens if Carroll, Enrique, Jonas, Routledge and Nolan all get injured?

    This squad ain’t good enough – The first team might, just might be good enough but not the squad when injuries and suspensions kick in.

    If you disagree I would like to see your logic and evidence.

  138. sad to say this – but unless we sign 3 quality players, who have PACE FLAIR and Creativity then we are done 4 – we do not have enough skill to open a tin of sardines!never mind premiership defences, effort will only go so far!!
    its quality not quantity that is urently reqd!!
    Ashley please wake up and smell the coffee!!

  139. Allardce was brought in by sheperd and his first signing was barton 2weeks later ashley bought us so u r wrong ?

  140. jettson, we won’t get and don’t require 3 creative players – not many teams have any real flair. And Jonas, Routledge and Guthrie can all create chances.

  141. Agreed. Three more players should give us a fighting chance.

    Left Back, Striker and a creative centre midfielder would do the trick.

    Cru or Keane both available for loan I imagine for the strikers, Arfa Daley for the midfield and I don’t know any left backs.

  142. 184 Stuart79 says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:29 pm
    Johno Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    You think the squad is good enough?

    What happens if Carroll, Enrique, Jonas, Routledge and Nolan all get injured?

    This squad ain’t good enough – The first team might, just might be good enough but not the squad when injuries and suspensions kick in.

    If you disagree I would like to see your logic and evidence.

    Just going on those players there , Id replace Carrol with Ameobi , Enrique with Kadar , Jonas with mclovin , and routhledge with guthrie.

  143. Stu – I’d say the squad is good enough – not by a mile, but still better than most we’ll be competing with…

    GK = Harper, Krul, Forster
    RB = Simpson, Perch, R Taylor
    CB = S Taylor, Campbell, Collocini, Williamson, Kadar
    LB = Enrique
    RM = Routledge
    CM = Guthrie, Nolan, Vukic, Smith, Gosling, Barton
    LM = Jonas
    CF = Carroll, Lovenkrands, Ameobi, Ranger, Best

    Compared to most bottom half clubs that is a cracking squad with cover in most positions.

    While we may not have ready-made replacements for the wings and left back we do have plenty of decent utility players such as Perch, Gosling, Lovenkrands and Kadar, and that’s before we get to the youngsters.

    I’d bet most bottom half clubs would kill for our squad.

  144. Stuart79 says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:26 pm
    I Love Mike says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    Is that the same Dennis Wise that thought Jonas was free, but ended up costing us £7m? Or the same Dennis Wise who spent £6m on Xisco and gave him a contract worth £50k a week?

    Wow, you’re right he was the only one doing his job – Shame it was a bad fckin job
    Mate, speak to anyone at the club and they will tell you Dennis Wise did a decent job. No dramas im afraid, so lets not spout off about signings or wages when you have no idea who signed them or how much they are on eh.

  145. squad is NO WAY CLOSE to be good enough!!
    a MUST buy is a DM (FER), creative Midfieldr (HBA) and left back cover (Van AArnholt?)
    this is the minimum requirements!! every other team who we will be fighting against is investing!!!
    Im pleased this is my final year of the 3-yr season ticket package! after being a season ticket holder for 21 seasons – WILL NOT give MA one more penny!! my time will be spent in the 3 bulls watching it live!!

  146. and yes the prize money for winning the championship is a hundred million u should try looking in to and u will see

  147. Haway the lads – That is really interesting, considering there is no prize money for winning the Championship. I gets forfeited and split between the rest of the CCC teams as the winners get the benfit of the Prem money.

    I suggest YOU look into this, not me ;)

    Prize money :lol:

  148. well why has the plan went to s**t then?why have they stopped,just because dennis the menace is no longer there.

  149. hawaythelads says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:48 pm
    and yes the prize money for winning the championship is a hundred million u should try looking in to and u will see

    mate the figures are an estimate of how much a team ‘could’ earn when promoted, i.e. the turn over of a Premiership club is £100 million a season. I think you may have fallen for sky’s marketing of games like the championship ‘richest game in football’ play-off. The figures they say are not prize money, but how much promotion ‘could’ be worth for the season.

    Problem with this is that the figures released for our last year in the Premiership show that our turn over was far less than 100 million, but the £78,598,000 game doesn’t have the same ring to it does it…

  150. Squad is not good enough for what? A run at the league title? A champions league position? A top five finish? Then yes you are correct is is not good enough.
    Is the squad good enough to compete with our peers in the bottom half? Yes it is, without a doubt.
    Is the old mentality slipping back now that were are in the PL again? I thought the reality check of relegation would have adjusted everyones expectations, yet there are still some who seem to think we should be competing in the top half of the league. If we do manage a top half finish it will be a massive surprise. We are a newly promoted team and we should adjust our expectations accordingly.

  151. i aqm off would love to finish this conversation another time but i still think ashley made more than he has spent

  152. Johno Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Guthrie couldn’t even play on the wing in the Championship – What hope in the PL?

    As for the others, non of them have ever proved they can play in the PL.

    Too many risks I’m afraid.

  153. Micky Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    “Is the old mentality slipping back now that were are in the PL again? I thought the reality check of relegation would have adjusted everyones expectations, yet there are still some who seem to think we should be competing in the top half of the league.”

    I’ll set my expectations as high as I want! Just because we’ve only just been promoted doesn’t mean we have to think small.

    A club who attracts the support we attract deserve better and deserve to have a good level of ambition.

  154. about the villa game

    I think that the fan should act in real class
    cut all the shit that happen in relegation year off
    forget all the over joy some of villa fan had in that day
    it’s a New chapter now

    then we can be a real class fan like we are all along
    don’t put ourself down by booing them it’s just a waste of time

    instead, go and sing all your heart out for the lads
    to spur them more