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Are Newcastle fans now more realistic?

November 6th, 2010 | 65 Comments |

The 12th man?
The 12th man?
It’s an accusation that gets thrown about quite often, usually by the press in fairness.

The concensus of the media seems to be that we are a demanding bunch of fans who have aspirations that have been fuelled by a couple of years of heady heights under Kevin Keegan and a couple more years of heady heights under Sir Bobby Robson, and when they aren’t being matched we, apparently, turn against our own team, manager, etc.

Those nasty nasty Newcastle fans, eh?

But is there an element of truth in those accusations? The latest media frenzy regarding Chris Hughton’s position suggests that there might have been, to me anyway. Most of us are aware that the story started off in the minds of the media, and in particular a certain Anal Oliver, but it did get through to players and, rather ridiculously, some fans aswell. (more…)

Come on feel the noise!

October 29th, 2010 | 74 Comments |

Sing your hearts out for the lads!
Sing your hearts out for the lads!
This weekend, life stops for the majority of Newcastle fans, and Sunderland fans for that matter.

The Tyne/Wear derby is back on the agenda, and I have a feeling that this one could be particularly tasty, for a number of reasons.

Newcastle have arguably been knocked off their perch as top dogs in the North-East due to last seasons ‘character building’ season in the second tier of English football, but Sunday presents a chance for us to claim that crown back and take the bragging rights, until January anyway.

For that to happen it’s going to take a whole lot of togetherness, both on the pitch and off the pitch. It’s going to take a team effort, and the fans need to play their part in the proceedings and get behind the team vocally and show them filthy, dribbling tramps what support is. (more…)

Where have all the fans gone?

September 27th, 2010 | 104 Comments |

A regular sight at St James'? Nah.
A regular sight at St James'? Nah.
There used to be a time when tickets for a match were rather hard to get hold of at St James’ Park.

I don’t mean going back to the Keegan era when we had a long waiting list for season tickets but only a 36,000 seater ground. In fact even as recently as just a few seasons ago it was pretty hard to get tickets for home games.

You were either consigned to the heavens in level seven, or if you were really lucky and got in there really early then you could maybe grab a spot in another part of the ground. It was never guaranteed though and more often than not those people searching for tickets would have to make do with what they got rather than choosing where they wanted to sit.

The crowd of 41,915 that witnessed the defeat to Stoke yesterday is a far cry from what we used to get in the Premier League, so where have they all gone? (more…)

Newcastle need to set the record straight against Aston Villa.

August 19th, 2010 | 206 Comments |

Sunday lunchtime will see the return of Premier League football at St James’ Park as Aston Villa come to town.

That sounds suspiciously like the start of a match preview but I can assure you it isn’t. That won’t be along until closer to the match itself.

St James’ Park is likely to at least be near to being a sell-out for the match, and that should help to spur on the lads to get the first points of the new season on the board. However, if that doesn’t work then those players that were at Newcastle when we got relegated need look no further than the footage of them being mocked at Villa Park on that final day of the season for inspiration.

Still, much bigger than the need for retribution against the minority of their fans who acted like arseholes, the ones who unfurled their pre-prepared banners, the ones who lined the streets outside Villa Park to stir up trouble with a set of fans who had just seen their team relegated, is the need for three points. (more…)