Where have all the fans gone?

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A regular sight at St James'? Nah.
A regular sight at St James'? Nah.
There used to be a time when tickets for a match were rather hard to get hold of at St James’ Park.

I don’t mean going back to the Keegan era when we had a long waiting list for season tickets but only a 36,000 seater ground. In fact even as recently as just a few seasons ago it was pretty hard to get tickets for home games.

You were either consigned to the heavens in level seven, or if you were really lucky and got in there really early then you could maybe grab a spot in another part of the ground. It was never guaranteed though and more often than not those people searching for tickets would have to make do with what they got rather than choosing where they wanted to sit.

The crowd of 41,915 that witnessed the defeat to Stoke yesterday is a far cry from what we used to get in the Premier League, so where have they all gone?

I personally think Sky giving away Sky Sports for free yesterday will have had an impact. A lot of people are suffering in these tough economic times. Many people are worried about the security of their jobs and find it hard to justify going to a game and spending the best part of £50 for the whole experience when they could just watch it on TV for free.

I’m sure that isn’t the only reason mind, and I also believe that the ‘posh seats’ are having an effect. I’m not sure how our corporate figures are stacking up compared to days of old, but I know that they weren’t that impressive last season. In fact I would say that the highest percentage of empty seats had something to do with the amount of corporate interest that relegation cost us. I’m not so sure that we have got all of that back yet.

Then there are the people who don’t want to go whilst Mike Ashley remains in charge. It’s their decision of course, but I know of a few people who feel that way. I was one of them, but now I have put my little protest on the backburner and will be back at SJP whenever I can make it next. My nephew remains staunchly defiant though and still hasn’t gone back despite the fact he lives in Newcastle. As I say, it’s his choice I guess.

All of them factors, plus more that I have probably missed, combine to at least explain part of the reason for our dipping attendance. So far we have averaged 45,019 over the three games, which is not shabby by any stretch of the imagination, but there is still room for improvement. How to improve it is the question though.

One way to improve it is by opening up cash turnstiles, although I’m not sure if this is a possibility in the Premier League. It should be, but what I mean is that the police will probably want to know how many people are going to be there so they can get the right amount of bizzies in place to control things. It’s silly, and I’m not sure it’s right, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

Even if that attracted just one thousand fans extra on the day of the match it would be a success. To be fair, if it just attracted one extra person it would be a success in my opinion, although no doubt the accountants would disagree with me.

We are at a time where, in my opinion, clubs have to do that bit more to force people to part with their hard-earned cash. Even Manchester United didn’t manage to sell as many season tickets as they usually do and had to revise their forecasts downwards, so we aren’t the only team that is struggling to shift tickets.

I just love to see a full St James’ Park, as all of us do I am sure. I’m also sure we will get a full house for the derby on October 31st. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of gate we get against Wigan though. It’s a Saturday, 3pm kick-off, a normal kick-off if you will, so it should give us a true reflection of what we can expect without the flashiness of free Sky TV to alter the figures.

My guess (and I realise predictions aren’t my strong point :D ): 49,000.

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104 Responses

  1. I would think it is probably as you mentioned, a combination of all factors. But, I strongly suspect economics has a lot to do with it.

    Right now the US is experiencing an interesting phenomenon with regards to American Football. TV Viewership ratings are going better than expected this year and are at all time highs in some cases. 2 arguments I’ve heard for this: The cost of tickets (sometimes over $400 to take a family of 4 to one game) can no longer be justified in an error of economic uncertainty. I live only an hour from San Francisco and Oakland, and could in theory, go to see either the 49ers or Raiders play on any given Sunday. But that’s an expensive day out (tickets, food, parking, gas, bridge toll). So, I would say economics are probably the biggest influence there.
    But, the other theory I heard, and one I quite agree with, is that the product (the TV Show) is just so darn good now. Instant Replay, multiple camera angels,including the sky-cam, and other qualities, make it far easier to just stay at home or meet friends at the watering hole for a lot less quid.
    Could it be that (forgive me) soccer on TV is experiencing the same phenomenon? I love watching the games, and as much as I would love to get over to England to watch Newcastle, I am just as excited to stay home and watch it with my girls. The replays and commentary allow me to enjoy some aspects that attending a live game can’t.
    Just my $0.02 worth.

  2. I agree … times are hard and lets face it … for many people a visit to SJP is a luxury that many people can no longer afford and/or justify.

    The poor performance yesterday will not attract a much bigger crowd in my opinion … 44,500 for Wigan

    Its not just live sky that affects the numbers … its also ‘first choice’ where you can virtually watch the whole game just a few hours after the final whistle.

    Seems odd that we were complaining of not enough away tickets a few weeks ago … :) and even they were sticking for games like Everton … :(

  3. Was just flicking throigh the news and found this which made me chuckle;

    “The millionaire owner of the Segway company has died after falling from cliffs while riding one of his firm’s motorised scooters.”


    On topic, NorCal makes a good point, but I think a lot of the reasons are economic at the moment. All I know is that if I had the chance of going to the game itself it watching on the box, I would choose the former everytime.

  4. Toonsy I think it would be a combination of all the factors you mentioned but I would say the main one affecting the Stoke game will be the free Sky ;) . Just another thought do you think longball tactics could be a turn off especially when its both teams that employe hoof and run tactics :)

  5. NorCal ToonFan says:
    September 27, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    “The replays and commentary allow me to enjoy some aspects that attending a live game can’t.”

    Some good points there NorCal, but just as a side point, you can also see aspects attending a live game that you never see on TV either. Having the abilty to see all 22 players moving around the pitch at the same time can give you a tactical reading of the game that lots of close up shots on TV simply can’t. You can’t beat the real thing in my opinion.

  6. Well,
    economics, yea.
    Sly sports freebie, aye.
    But a large % is down to who we’re playing, with the first 2 reasons having a bearing on that.
    stoke/wigan/blackpool, hardly get y’money on the table, you’re going to watch a proper football team time, is it?
    There were a few poorly attended games at the weekend like.

  7. i know last season we had a good attendance but if we went down this season then the 3 year plans would be over so the attendances would be very poor, even if we stay up (unless we have a great season) attendances are going to drop..

  8. Worky, I agree. And, like I said, I would love to see a game live. When I had season tickets to MLS FC Dallas games (when I lived in Texas), I went all the time.
    But, I do have to say being able to see the replays, especially around close calls, is a real plus.
    Right now, more than anything I do think it boils down to simple economics.

  9. eastcoastmag,
    aye mate, that’s an oxymoron, ‘enjoyable commentary’.
    Paradoxical, anathama, you name it?

    stoke scared everyone away with their repugnant brand of, er, er…I can’t think of an apt name for it.

  10. LOL EAST – Andy Gray boils my piss.

    Its also the added extras as you say Toonsy, not just the ticket but the beer and pie and programme which all seem to be going up, plus the train tickets etc.

    Theres nowt really to add to it, aside from for me it is the money. I live in Barnsley but my parents still live in Durham so I would kip over for a few games, but I simply cant afford it. I have sky and it is simply so much cheaper and less time consuming to stay at home.

    I also agree with the summary on the opposition, although you could argue that the ‘lower’ opposition would usually give us a better chance of a win and so maybe more people would pay money to see a good performance, as opposed to a game against Man U for example where we are expected to struggle. The last 2 home games aside of course!!

  11. aye if sky are giving the game away for nowt I’m prob gonna stay at home to watch it and save my money for the next non televised game – as you say it’s an expensive business but nothing actually beats being there

  12. richie,
    that’s the one mate.

    aye, you’d think people would prefer to see us beat someone (lesser team) but it doesn’t seem to pan out that way, does it? Strange.
    stoke et al will put you off y’pie like.

  13. TF,
    aye but surely being there is 4D then, have sly got that?
    I don’t think so.

    andy gay, self appointed cock.

  14. Anybody tried getting onto the box office online the day? Mackems at home went on sale and the official site has just went barmy for me when i’ve tried to get tickets, lol.

  15. i think the stoke game was a victum of economics and the fact that it was a stoke game. Supporters can’t afford to go to every game like they used to, and thus must pick and chose which games to go to. Stoke as seen sunday, are match killers and not a good draw.
    On another stoke note, i watched the game again today and i think one thing that hoots should consider is dropping nolan in matches against teams like stoke and blackpool, and most likely bolton, fulham etc. Teams that are negative and physical. His game is more of power and positioning and when we play teams that load up the box and have some equally physical defenders, nolan disappears. I’m thinking Mcloven with his pace and guile would cause those teams more problems. I don’t think it’s the formation thats at fault, but the personel.

  16. Toonsy, getting back to your cash turnstiles point. It makes sense to me, no huge security risks, not unmanageable anyway. God knows, even a discount an hour before the game. Folk could pop in on a whim.

    It works in lower leagues, at the rugby and cricket so why not. If you get say 1000 more in, at what, £30? That’d easily cover extra security/staff arrangements?

    Just seems like a dumb thing not to do, so what’s the reason anyone?

  17. Toon_factor says:
    September 27, 2010 at 7:24 pm
    Once sky sports 3D comes out there will only be about 20,000 haha<<<< haha fuk off dick

  18. Aye Clint – sound logic for any other club but ours eh?! Mclovin must be alittle pissed to keep getting overlooked. I just dont agree to the idea that shola and carrol complement eachother. I know shearer and sir les did, but they did an awful lot more work off the ball than strolla does.

  19. Raffo,
    i’d definitely give PL a run out like.
    He must be chomping at the bit by now. Hunger in a striker is good.
    Shola has tricks, but PL has pace & a skill of getting front post. That can’t be ignored, especially since it’s sorely lacking in our other strikers atm.

  20. AndyMac says:
    September 27, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    “Can I just ask how many of you are Sky Broadband customers ?

    Because this news item may be of interest to you”

    The only thing Andrew Crossley and ACS Law are interested in is blackmail. IPs can be spoofed and they know it, but they just want embarrassed husbands etc to cough up before it goes to law. Toonsy might be worried though! :-)

  21. Thats right Clint, though I cant see it happening.

    What has happened to Ed’s blog? Theres hardly any comments and an average of 250 articles a month!! ~Crazy

  22. raffo

    “What has happened to Ed’s blog? Theres hardly any comments and an average of 250 articles a month!!”

    You have just simultaneously asked and answered your question.

  23. Raffo,
    there’s a long way to go like & we still have a few options. But it’s getting closer to ‘time for a change’ in the line up. I know CH & managers in general like a ‘fixed’
    team, but something has to give. We can’t lose many more games to bottom half teams, & none at home.

    Ed’s blog is f***ing overkill & buzzkill too. Way too many blogs & hence, no flow in conversation. It’s a no brainer that he just doesn’t seem to get. Most of the stuff he puts up would just get covered by people in a couple of threads. Each to their own, i guess.

  24. I don’t like to dish out to much stick to Ed because he puts a lot of work into his site. My problem is the amount of articles he rights and the sensationalist headlines he puts up. I also fail to understand why he reports every rumour from websites like goal.com and caughtoffside etc. They are almost entirely fiction. I know one of these websites said Liverpool were after Routledge and the price tag placed on him was £8m. :lol:

  25. Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    September 27, 2010 at 10:26 pm
    I don’t like to dish out to much stick to Ed because he puts a lot of work into his site.<<<< whats that copy and pasting then stick in his own little snide remark because he,s a grade A snake

  26. Rights? What was I thinking. Writes is the word I was looking for. I do look like a idiot now. :(

  27. Well,
    Krul HAS to play, no option.
    & there ain’t too much wrong with the back 4.
    Tiote should be nailed on, he looks great, assured, slick & tough.
    Barton looks good mostly, especially with Tiote.
    Jonas looks like a man possessed now his place is under threat, did well v chelsea & stoke. Routledge i don’t have too much of a problem with. I know people think he can’t cross, but half the time, there’s no one up with him in the box to get on the end of his work.
    HBA looks class & upsets defenders & mf’ers alike.
    That leaves Nolan & Carroll. Both have great games & not so great games. & Both seem to feel they can’t be dropped. Somethings gotta give.

  28. My opinion for what its worth. The relegation season had us playing to a total of 926,244 fans at an average of 48,749 every home game.

    Bolton Wanderers47,711
    Hull City 50,242
    Tottenham 20,577
    Blackburn 44,935
    Man City 45,908
    West Brom 45,801
    Aston Villa 44,567
    Wigan 47,657
    Stoke City 47,422
    Tottenham 47,982
    Liverpool 52,114
    West Ham 47,571
    Hull City 31,380
    Mackems 52,084
    Everton 47,683
    Man United 51,636
    Arsenal 49,972
    Chelsea 52,112
    Portsmouth 47,481
    Middlesbrough 51,252
    Fulham 52,114

    Whereas the latest figures from this current season shows an average of 45,019 from three home games.

    Maybe the writing was already on the wall in the relegation season, maybe the Ashley/Keegan issue had a serious effect on home attendances afterwards ?

    Overall I believe that if CH could get a winning side at home (assuming some element of attractive football along the way) then we’d easily hit the 50k mark on a weekly basis.

  29. BTW these are the latest figures for the top six clubs in the first three games of 2010-11

    1 Manchester United 225,495 75,165
    2 Arsenal 179,933 59,977
    3 Manchester City 138,536 46,178
    4 Newcastle United 135,058 45,019
    5 Liverpool 129,542 43,180
    6 Chelsea 124,281 41,427

  30. batty@28…not fallen for that one again mate…once bitten… ;-) :lol: …thats why I’m on o2 now :-)

  31. raffo i stopped liking him when he started slagging our players an ex ledgends , hes still doing it now he thinks hes a clever b@stard but all in all hes just a judas

  32. Do you not think that MA has made a boob by;
    1. singing corner being season ticket only – this was full last year!
    2. daft ticket pricing – £25 to sit behind a goal, surely only £20 would make it more attractive
    3. not having cash turnstiles in operation
    4. if ticket sales slow, offer adult and child packages at £30 a shot
    5. re-structure the milburn stand pricing, its always half empty!!
    6. give tickets to schools or football groups for a nominal fee, somebody in a seat is better than an empty seat!
    these things could be done very easily and would surely benefit the club

  33. Jettson the singing corner is also available to members and £25 is very fair in my opinion to sit behind a goal, it’s cheaper than a lot of the other premiership grounds. But something does need to be done to get sell outs and the atmosphere back at SJP.

  34. jettson….other than level 7 the milburn is made up of corporate areas and the more expensive “bar” options like 1892 and platinum so other than the big games will probably never sell out(not for a while anyway).
    As jay jay says, although still alot of money, compared to many other grounds the pricing isn’t too bad.I recently paid £35 at Everton and have paid £36 for Man Citeh.

  35. For what its worth I think there’s a multitude of reasons why crowds are down.

    They’ve been slowly going down since Ashley bought the club, mostly down to the clubs lack of transfer activity. That’s not his fault I suppose, if there’s no money, there’s no money but people will blame him as he’s the man in charge.

    The economic problems in the region are also having an effect (Sunderland and Boro are also down a lot).

    There’s also a distinct lack of enthusiasm about the teams chances of achieving much this year, although staying up will be an acheivment in it”s self.

    All in all I see the crowds being similar to last years, I mean people just aren’t going to keep turnin
    g up to watch us have the odd shot at goal and lose are they?

    On a final off topic note, anyone else worried that the other two clubs that came up with us have started the same as us and in WBA’s case actually a lot better? Beneath us are a few teams who we can expect not to be there at the end so that worries me too.

    One dimensional? Do we need to play two up front at home? Need to do something because don’t forget the next visitors to St James’ are Wigan and they beat Spurs at Spurs and on their day are no mugs.

    Danger signs so early in the season I wonder…

  36. Tickets at sjp are very reasonable these days. Back in 2007 I paid £38 to watch us play arsenal at home. Seats right near three top of l7.
    2008 £38 at manu.
    A far cry from my £22 to watch each home champions league home game. Seats were halfway line milburn stand.
    We don’t want to start giving tickets away, we aren’t sunderland.
    If we manage to establish ourselves ad a pl team again. The fair weather fans will be back and the ground will be full again.

  37. Jay Jay / Richietoon

    When i say £25 is too dear, i meant in the context of this blog – i.e. a reason why crowds lower, altho i personally think £25 is ok, a fairer and more just price of £20 MAY entice more fans to turn up, it will be interesting to see ticket prices for the Arsenal cup game, which is also now on Sky.
    One area that MA has got rite is the family area of level 7 which has been extended and looks full, however i would like to know what is happening withthe seats at the top of SJH stand (the old family area) they appearred all empty on Sunday!
    Do people think ther may be too many ‘corporate’ areas in the Milburn? what can be done, surely better to sell a seat at £10-£25 in there than to leave it empty, same goes for al parts of the ground surely makes sense??
    Milburn stand is just so sterile now!
    Would be great if the singing corner could be extended and also open to non-members / season tickets, this does get the atmosphere going.
    I sit in the SJH and notice the volume they make from that corner.
    Roll on the days of standing areas again (i hope)!!
    Wat other options are there??

  38. Yes Stu I am worried, but not too much yet. There is still time to pick it up, but I think there may be a suprise or two in who goes down this year. I think that maybe Blackpool will go back down, just, but I fancy us and West Brom to stay up. I think Wigan will struggle and we really must beat them next game at SJP. Not just as they will be struggling too, but to pick up the confidence back up at home. We may well be an away team this season, fine, but we must pick up some points at home, at least ugly draws if we arent winning.

    I dont see the point in this singing corner thing. Surely the best way to have a good atmosphere like we used to is have the ‘normal’ fans back in and have all those who like to sing and shout spread around all 4 corners? Thus encouraging those around them to pipe up once in a while. It pains me to hear, or not hear, the silence sometimes. I know there are a hardy few, but why are they also so far from the pitch? Just a thought

  39. jettson…….thats why I said still alot of money which it is especially these days…………I just meant reasonable compared to other clubs.

    I have a season ticket yet still spend £20-30 pound each match on me and wor lass.Some people just can’t afford that sort of outlay at all and some not every other week so will pick and choose their games.I’m lucky tho,not on a great wage but don’t have a mortgage or any debts.

    Yeah I think the corporate areas are too big but reducing them won’t increase the crowds as we can’t even fill the “public” areas of the ground.
    We also have to remember that the away teams we have played so far have brought a p!ss poor away following which lost 1k-2k off the crowd.

    One thing that dissapointed me other than the booing was the hundreds(possibly thousands) that were streaming out of the ground with 10 minutes still to play.I realise some probably had to leave early but nowhere near that many.I recognise that is their right to go when they want, I just find it dissapointing.

  40. Stu/Raffo…….aye agree,Blackpool we should have got something from and probably won it, Stoke game was poor but we could have still got something from it.However we didnt in either game, lose to Wigan….or even draw and the pressure will really be on :-(

  41. Lose to Wigan and the Hught-oot calls will no doubt start ridiculously premature…

    We changed things after Blackpool effectively for the Everton game, A couple more tweaks IE Gutierrez back in for Routledge and hopefully a fit Guthrie for Nolan would make us a better ball retaining and counter attacxking side, Annoying Citehs fans, Who would get on Henry Mancinis back to open things up making hime take off when of his 7 holding players, Opening up the space for a smash and grab couner attacking win :)

  42. Angel

    he is referrin to Joey Barton and a challenge made by Salif Diao i believe!
    Funny really considering Kenwyne Jones was down for two mins in 1st half, gets treatment runs back on and immediately jumps and heads a ball!!
    double standards by Pulis, he should look at his own team 1st and never question other players motives!!

  43. Any attempt to take a stab at Barton, heaven forbid that he might have actually been fouled. W@nker pulls is like. His team play the most boring brand of football going yet he’s quick to criticise.

  44. Richer no mortgage? Fair play fella. A mate of mine is looking to pay his off in a couple of years. He’s only 36.
    How did you manage it? Sorry if I’m being nosie, you obviously don’t have to answer that. My mate got lucky with some shares from his work and he gets massive bonuses. Not quite bankers levels, bit close.

  45. Shut up Pulis, you biased fool. Look at your own players. What was Fuller up to? Happened right in front of where I sit at SJP. The barsteward launched himself into Enrique looking for a free kick and hurt himself in the process (Serve him right) However they scored from the subsequent free kick. Why do the media not look at that?

  46. Micky…….had a bit of my own from when me and the ex wife split and sold the hoose and wor lass had some when she came over from Spain…..so bought this one,not a great hoose but its all paid for.

  47. Just ordered my tickets for the wigan game can’t wait don’t get to home games very often as live in south wales

  48. Nice one ritchie. Id love to be mortgage free, but I can’t see it happening for years or if I downsize to a shed.

  49. I’ll be mortgage free in 22 years :lol:

    Although speaking of debt, I have just paid the last installment on my car today :)

  50. Rich @ 65 – People leaving early does mt head, especially when there is only a goal or so in it. I mea if we are losing/winning by 3/4 then I can kind of understand it as the result is no longer in doubt. I like to get away sharpish, but I always stay until the end to clap the team off.

  51. mortgage free is the best thing I ever did – by pure luck I managed to laden myself with a ton of debt buying a house whilst keeping my flat a while back – nearly killed mw at the time but 3 years later I sold the flat which paid off the existing mortgage on it as well as the full mortgage on my house – gotta love those housing booms
    Anyone know much about the new french kid we’ve signed (reporting on nufc.com)?

  52. Rich – Yeah I can, but this is my own car that I bought before I could get a car to use.

    Interstingly, my company don’t do company cars in the sense that you keep it all the time. If you want one you have to book it for however long you need it for and take it from the pool. If I wanted one permanently I would have to pay for it like the guy on the factory floor would have to.

  53. Toonsy…….I pay enough for my season ticket and I’m gonna milk every last drop of joy/misery out of it :-)

    It p!ssed me off when only a few days before I was taking the p!ss out of Everton fans for leaving early,just to feel embarassed watching it happen at St James’ a few days later, imagining the Sky cameras showing them leaving.

  54. Dont know 441,

    but at least he is a left sided midfielder, something which is always a useful addition. Another N’Zogbia perhaps?!

  55. Aye I’ve got a company car,not bloody cheap with the old tax like……at least the service and tyres etc are all free(for me anyway)

  56. I normally hang about till 5 on a normal saturday kick off, Easier to get a taxi back to where i usually park, Everyones fcuked off and finished barracking the owner by the Milburn…

  57. Rich – Wouldn’t have thought the company car tax would bother you with the money your on ;)

    Generally, unless I am on a course or have to rush out to an emergency like a bad accident, I don’t use the cars. If I know I have to go somewhere, like when I visited all the car dealers on the UK, I’ll do the route they are on myself and do all the deliveries and such.

    I have a HGV license so I may aswell use it at times, and it’s a nice break for me to get out and about, it saves the company money as we don’t need an ageny person for that night (which is expensive), and allows me to do the bits and bobs that I need to do.

    In fact I’ll be out and about tonight, up by Eastlands in fact :)

  58. CC/anyone – That is a good point, where does everyone park nowadays?

    I used to park in the brewery but it has all been knocked down know so I just parked on Wellington St last time I was up but I don’t like all the parking warnings around there. I sometimes park under The Gate aswell.

  59. Toonsy I bus it in from me mams. Means I can have a couple of liveners before the match. Saying that I haven’t been to a home game since 2008/2009 season. Shame on me.

  60. Toonsy, I always park at manors multistory for a sat game, only 50p an hour or mea house next to city hall for Sunday if I can get in or evening as only £1 on Sunday or free after 6pm.

  61. I have to buy my ticket and pay for the train, usually £44-£60, that’s before even having a bite to eat and getting on the lash. My pay is low, mortgage is sky high. I’d have to save up to be poor. :(

  62. I park at South Gosforth then get the metro in.

    On cup games if it’s gonna be a low crowd I sometimes used to park at Arthurs Hill clinic area……ya get the kids asking for cash to “look” after it tho…..I always used to say no and never had any botha.

  63. Park on nunn st which runs parallel with Scotswood rd. Always spaces, only ten minute walk to the ground and best of all you miss all the traffic after. Onto Scotswood rd, then onto A1. Easy.

  64. Rich – I’ve lost most of my accent aswell now :(

    It comes back pretty quickly though, and when I speak to my family up there I revert back to it, so it’s not gone completely :)

  65. How annoying is this: maineblue.co.uk

    This “smaller” club have finished below Man City 8 times in the last 30 years, Been to more cup finals than them since the 76 final, Finished in the third as recent as 2003 as compared to them who havent finished in the top 4 since 1978.

    Have won 11 major honours compared to their 9, Have qualified for europe 11 times in the premier league era, 7 times through the league, 2 twice due to cup finals and a couple of intertotos by being the highest placed applicants, Compared to their mighty 2 seasons in europe both through the fair play leage since the formation of the PL!!!

    Have a better average attendance than them already this season even with the Stoke match.

    Who the fcuk do they think they are, A bit of cash and they think they are fecking Real Madrid or Barcelona, I would love it if we beat them…

  66. toonsy says:
    September 28, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    CC/anyone – That is a good point, where does everyone park nowadays?

    Lambton worm car park, Have a sing song before the match… ;)

  67. I seriously having problem accessing the newest blog article. grrrr….

    All my browser returns me a HTTP error msg….