This transfer window is starting to follow a familiar path.

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Stick or twist?
Stick or twist?
It’s been nearly four months since promotion back to the Premier League was guaranteed.

The mood was optimistic and getting promoted so early would surely mean we could steal a march on the competition in the transfer market, right?

Wrong, or so it seems. Here we are with only 13 days of the transfer window remaining, and still we await some key additions to our squad as we preapre to fight for our Premier League lives.

I’m not suggesting that the squad we have currently can’t survive as I believe they can, if we are able to field our best eleven in every game that is, and given our record with injuries any chance of that happening would seem unlikely. I’m also not suggesting that we won’t sign anybody else in this window, we may well do. But the way this transfer window is working out certainly has a sense of deja-vu about it.

All summer long we have had dialogue from Hughton suggesting that we would have new players by the start of pre-season, then the end of pre-season, then the start of the season. In fairness, we have had some new players signed in the shape of James Perch, Dan Gosling and Sol Campbell, but the the word from Hughton is that he is still searching for another two players, and no doubt those players will be signed just before the bell tolls on another transfer window.

This window is beginning to have the hallmark of Mike Ashley all over it, but then again we were at least warned this time around. The way I see is that Ashley had a chance to tap into that feel-good factor that had surrounded Newcastle after promotion and fuel that by offering a sensible budget for new players. He fluffed his lines.

Of course, the definition of sensible is open for debate. I would have said £20 million, spent wisely, would have pretty much guaranteed safety, and another year of Premier League income to boot. That sensible investment would appear to be very unlikely to happen.

You could look at it from another perspective and say that Hughton and Ashley have enough faith in our current team to survive without the need for many additions, which would be commendable, but it would also be a massive gamble.

As I have said all along, I will wait until the window shuts until I pass a full and frank judgement on how the wondow has gone, but it doesn’t look too promising at the minute. If we survive without an outlay on players it would be great, brilliant, ground-breaking. However, if we don’t survive I want to hear nothing from Ashley and his cohorts about how relegation has a massive finanical impact on the club.

After all, it will have been his fault!

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158 Responses

  1. * * * * * * * * * Krul

    * L.Young ** Collo ** Sol ** Enrique

    Bentley * Ben Arfa * Vukic * Jonas

    * * * * * * * * Jo * Carroll

  2. The fat fook needs to get the wallet out offer the 6mil for Ben Arfa and then get another loan lad in, that’ll do for me.

  3. this is so frustrating.those saying that we have delusional expectations are wrong,we dont.we have meagre expectations of the very least needed and at the moment even that doesnt look like happening.the wording of this thread has really hit home to me how bad we have done so far in this window and the frustration is palpable,the wording of ch has gone from ‘very very confident’ to ‘hopeful’ to ‘frustrated’ is this down to ash? cant see any other reason.we still have time but it should of been sorted by now,but as you say,we have come to expect this

  4. It’s looking more and more likely that I will become the next Raul moat if we don’t sign antibody else!!!!!!!!

  5. Rich – Vukic is still 17 and has what 5 caps to his name!! Granted he looks a quality prospect but As much as I cant wait to see how he develops theres not a chance he’s in there as a starter ahead of Barton, Smith or Guthrie!!

  6. Well I like most said I’d be happy with 3 or 4 decent additions to the squad.

    We’ve already got 3 (admittedly one won’t be fit for another 3 months or so) so if we get 2 more it’ll go down as a successful window in my book.

    I’ll save the mob some time by putting the usual “crock, fatty and fish out water” comment for you to copy and paste in your response. :roll:

  7. WM If you are going to be the next Raul Moat please don’t wear that orange T- Shirt that he wore or the fashion police will get you first

  8. It is blatantly obvious what we need and it seems Hughton has been targeting the right kind of players, but unfortunately none of the big moves have yet pulled off. Of course the fofinancial straightjacket doesn’t help and it seems ‘no capital outlay’ meant something after all. Within that restraint though we have attempted some good deals, even if for some, like Ben Arfa, we tried to bite off more than we could chew.

    Feckin’ windows are always the same and it becomes a panicked last week…

  9. Vuckic will be 18 by the Villa game. As daft as it sounds I think it might change how Hughton feels about playing him – just a reminder that he is ready for action.

  10. it makes no sense to gamble on a squad that got relagated, we only looked good last season coz the most of the players we have are top championship players at best, NOT prem quality, couldnt they have raised the funds by getting rid of a few and replacing them with the likes of arfa and co, for feck sake its frustrating!!!

  11. it makes no sense to gamble on a squad that got relagated, we only looked good last season coz the most of the players we have are top championship players at best, NOT prem quality, couldnt they have raised the funds by getting rid of a few and replacing them with the likes of arfa and co, its frustrating!!!

  12. So far we’ve only signed a crock, fatty and fish out water but hopefully we well get someone unexpected at the last minute like we did with Sibierski.

  13. Same old shite as usual the big fat foook needs to reach his chubby little hand deep into his pocket and spend done of the money the club has made if Blackpool earned 90m from promotion we won the league so come on you greedy fat get

  14. I hate morons like NUFC_Richyg01 – what the hell kind of team is that?
    Bently – Aye cos we can get him, yeah good one mate…
    Jo – You certainly have your head in the clouds dont you?
    Luke Young – Are you for real mate?
    Ben Arfa and Vuckic in the middle? This is not football manager 2010. Who would protect the back 4?
    This is why I cant stand going on blogs and forums – I play football manager and I love it but you get these twirps who come on going – OH OH we need another AMC and a DM and maybe a AMRLC. And they get carried away thinking that because Bentley costs £3.6m after one season on FM2010, that it must be true like so why dont we get him ehhhhdurrr.

    Tell ya what lets jump on the bandwagon.

    Dani Alves
    Balotelli on loan
    and maybe a DM/AMRLC/FC Utility player running around to protect our DC’s.
    We will play fluid with more expressive play.

    Nah seriously though, the transfer window is always frustrating, this isnt as bad as the Roeder epic though of Rossi and Siberski.

  15. Ye could be right WTVH!! Would love to see him get some game time under him as as i said im well excited by him

  16. Right at this moment in time.

    I would be over the moon if we got Hatem Ben Arfa, Some cover for left back, maybe somebody like Michael Ball, its underwhelming but he is experienced and he wont play all the time, and a pacey striker a la Craig Bellamy, since thats out the window Im not sure who is out there who is better than what we have got.

    Id play this


    Simmo Sol Colo Jose

    Wazza Smith Barton Jonas



    Guthrie and Nolan are good cover for the midfield, and when Danny Gosling is fit I would put him in instead of Smith. Cant decide between Colo and Sol.

  17. raid Man City 4 Bridge / Barry / get HBA in why not!!
    we so short its unreal!!
    wat wud £10m be if it keeps us up!!
    cmon fatman open your purse strings u tite TiT!!

  18. Here’s a question for you, what happened to the £50m that was pledged to NUST from the fans??

    The reason I’m asking is, couldn’t those fans who’ve pledged that money, offer it too Ashley for a percentage of the club, say 25%, that way, some of it could have been used to buy new players & pay their wages for this season at least, I know I’d be willing to give the club a few hundred every summer to buy players with, would anyone else???

    Yeah I know a few hundred isn’t much but times that by say 50,000 fans would get us at least £10m a tidy amount to get some decent player in the club :)

  19. Cyprus – If I gave £300 and 50,000 fans did that, we would have £15300. Not a weeks wages for some players. Puts it into perspective.

    I dont understand how clubs like Blackburn can find a billionaire but we cant!!! They dont fill their ground.

  20. 19 jettson says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:57 pm
    raid Man City 4 Bridge / Barry / get HBA in why not!!
    we so short its unreal!!
    wat wud £10m be if it keeps us up!!
    cmon fatman open your purse strings u tite TiT!!

    Is this a real post? R a joke post for Football Manager?

  21. LMFAO @ Mark Scott…

    i have no comment on whether richyg01 is a moron, i don’t know him. However the little comic sketch on the manager2010 is funny. One question though, would you say Sol Campbell was a SW/DC or just a DC? Or indeed a FB/DC/SW (FB standing for Bat Fastard of course lol)

  22. 22 Mark Scott says:
    August 19, 2010 at 3:01 pm
    Cyprus – If I gave £300 and 50,000 fans did that, we would have £15300. Not a weeks wages for some players. Puts it into perspective.

    I dont understand how clubs like Blackburn can find a billionaire but we cant!!! They dont fill their ground.

    50000 x 300 is 15,000,00

    51 x 300 is 15300

  23. Wilson6 says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    “Blackpool earned 90m from promotion we won the league so come on you greedy fat get”

    Oh dear, another one who believes the headlines in the papers :roll:

    Look at it again, and I mean actually LOOK at it. Blackpool will only get the full £90 million if they get relegated and don’t come back up for 4 years and claim ALL of the parachute payments.

    Promotion is actually worth £40 million for the Prem season. Then, if they get relegated

    Season 1 in fizzy – £16 mill parachute payment
    Season 2 in fizzy – £16 mill parachute payment
    Season 3 in fizzy – £9 mill parachute payment
    Season 4 in fizzy – £9 mill parachute payment

    40 + 16 + 16 + 9 + 9 = £90 million.

    Bingo, there is the headline £90 million.

  24. Blonde moment lads blonde moment. I only calculated £300 x 50 hahaha, Im not a genius at maths haway.

    @Markaccus – I would indeed say Sol is a FB. He can also play IM, ABK, and AS – thats In Mcdonalds, At burger king, and Avoid Salad.

    I hope he turns that fat into muscle and sharpish.

  25. So Marks Scotts maths isn’t his strong suit, so if we had 75,000 fans giving £300 each, we’d have a decent amount of dosh for players yeah :)

  26. Toonsy your my new Finance Consultant. I’ll stick to the tactics and signings hahaha

  27. On that point Toonsy – we do still what exactly happens our relegation payments? are we still guaranteed them or what?

  28. N i think why blackburn is an attractive investment is , low wage bill and id imagine little or no debts.

    I also think they are run by the jack walker trust ( I could be wrong ) n therefor there might be nobody as such to haggle for a price if you get me

  29. Toontastico – No. if a team that recieves parachute playments gets promoted again, they forfeit them and they get split equally between the rest of the teams in the league.

    So basically we will have got one season of the money but the rest will get split up without us getting a penny.

  30. look lads, regardless of what happens the next 13 days we have to get behind our troops. This side did what everyone said couldnt be done last year. We were suppose to do a leeds but instead these lads snatched 102 points and coasted to the soda pop title. If we dont bring in another player we will still finish between 10 and 15th depending on injuries. We have got to stop crying about ashley. He is a cockney dirt bag we all know that. He damn near destroyed our club we know that. But if we can balance the books this year and stay up, the team will be alot more desireable for somebody to come in and buy the club. Having said all that i hope we get ben arfa and a few more players because that could be the difference between surival and top half. On the ben arfa front, there is a lad on the other nufcblog that is saying that as soon as marsaille get remy (been confirmed today) that we will get ben arfa. Fingers crossed but either way we have to get behind our club because we all know what happened 2 years ago when the fans split and started protesting instead of carrying our team….hwtl

  31. there must still be a shed load of players without clubs, we dont seem to be linked to any of them, what about the austrian guy from wigan that we were supposed to be after ? Gallas !!!! looks like my boy wiess is going to rangers, anothre missed or perhaps city didnt want him in the premiership.
    Chopra will be cheap now that bellars has signed !!! ha ha lets hope not

  32. All the money we got from being relegated has gone to pay off outstanding debt, ie money for players like Duff, to replay the £30m that Ashley put into the club last season & to cover some of the £70m we had due to losses the prvious seasons, so forget about what was, try to fthink of ways to generate more finances for the club instead!!

    If Ashley isn’t willing to use his own money, we need to find ways ourselves of getting some stake in the club, so that we can be part owners & raise capital for players :)

    Btw lads, we’re not as bad with our owners as some clubs, I mean look at QPR, they have 3 billionaire owners, 1 is the 5th riches man in the world at present & they still don’t spend any money on transfers!!!

  33. RichyG at least Im realistic, and not somebody who believes everything they do on football manager. I suppose you think your playing football manager in a parallel universe, and it will somehow be reflected her.

    Seriously though, SKYSPORTSNEWS QUICK!! 405 sky viewers, breaking news that First Name Last Name has just taken over Real Madrid, and bid £105,000,000 for Ameobi, and transfer listed Benzema, Higuain, Kaka, Ronaldo, and several others

    HUGHTON ACT FAST! RichyG get on your little game and sign them and it will mirror.

  34. Cheers Toonsy – So when you hear lads stating, which i have done, “MA wants us to be a yo yo club to avail of parachute payments” it makes no financial sense anyway (not to mention the many other reasons it makes no sense)

  35. Blackpools ground didn’t cost 100 million to upgrade with a 10% interest rate. They also haven’t just finished paying for players who were already sold on. The fact remains that we have been broke for a long time and the extra earnings from being back in the prem won’t be paid upfront. It won’t be until next season at least when we have a bit of a transfer kitty to play with. The club has to operate within it’s means and as long as the atmosphere in the stands remains good for the season then I think we’ll be fine. I just hope more fans realize our season starts at stoke

  36. Toonsy there aren’t 50,000 season ticket holders. I’d guess 30,000 if you’re lucky.

  37. 50,000 x 300 is only 15 grand. 8O

    Plaus that is for the family area alot of seats you can double that so more like £20M plus that again from sky plus merchendise sales matchday sales cup comp money. The club makes more than it is spending on wages now.

  38. Toontastico – Absolutely it makes no sense. Regardless of how much money Ashley isn’t spending, the very notion of him wanting us to be relegated is ridiculous. There is absilutely no benefit to being a yo-yo club whatsover.

    £40 million + guaranteed in the Prem


    £17 million guaranted in the fizzy

    Now if Ashley is as greedy as is being made out, where would he want the club to be? ;)

  39. I give up….. I try to motivate people into thinking of ways to make money for our club & all you want is for Ashley to pay for everything out of his own pocket…

    Well NEWS FLASH, it ain’tgonna happen, he said so himself in that statement, the club will need to fend for itselfs & that may take 4-5 years before ALL debts are paid off & what ever money the club gets, it can spend it on what it needs,…. we will not be getting any, ANY hand outs from the owner again!!!!!!!!!

  40. toonsy

    Why dont you email that to the club, Ashley wont want the club to become a yo yo club but he is playing russian roulette by not spending a sensible ammount IE a £10m transfer kitty to add an extra touch of quality to an already pretty decent side and some very good young uns.

  41. There aren’t 50000 season ticket holder but there are way more than 50,000 Toon fans which is the point, we have a massive local & worldwide support for the club, why not use it to make money for the club!!!

  42. toonsy we all gonna have to get out of the habit of calling it the fizzy, its Npower or something now mate. ;)

  43. BadgerToon – you wouldn’t be giving it to them to frig it up, it would be to buy players with, something everyone wants to do but can’t cause we have no money!!!

  44. get wilshere,van aanholt on loan.
    Is that hard?
    Laurent robert is another free agent.give him a trial since his age is a problem.

  45. DJG – Have you ever pissed on an electric fence? If so then you will understand how it can still be called the fizzy :lol:

  46. Aug 19, 2010 3:03:00 PM
    Photo GalleryZoom
    Ligue 1 : Hatem Ben Arfa (Marseille) – (Panoramic)
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    Werder Bremen
    Hatem Ben Arfa
    Werder Bremen sporting director Klaus Allofs has denied rumours linking Marseille winger Hatem Ben Arfa to his club as a replacement for departed playmaker Mesut Oezil.

    “We do not need a replacement for Mesut,” Allofs told Sat.1. “While we always look for players to improve ourselves, Ben Arfa is not one of them.”

    Allofs’ words come just a day after France Football claimed that Ben Arfa was on the verge of moving to the Weserstadion.

    Ben Arfa, 23, has long been considered a top prospect in French football, but has yet to fully realise his potential. This summer he has been linked with a number of clubs, but a concrete offer for his services has yet to be reported.

  47. CC – I would imagine the club are getting pretty pissed off with me e-mailing them :lol:

  48. “I Love Mike I Love Mike says:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    ehh? So you admit he spent money yet say “In three years he has yet to spend a cent”, well which is it?

    I think they were quoted around 6 mil for Jonas wernt we? Somthing around that, so give or take a few quid, around 7-8 million for them three aye?

    “The point is, unless theres a player out there Ashley can spend less than a mil on, then we arn’t gona buy him.”

    Like Xisco (6 mil) and Collocini (10mil)?

    Sorry like mate but if your going to have a point, at least base it in some sort of reason.”

    See I Love Mike… this is why I generally don’t debate with idiots… But I’ll make it simple for you…

    His net spending has been ZERO! He has not invested a cent in the squad because for every player that comes in, one goes out of equal or more value… Understand now?

  49. Marseille have confirmed they have reached an agreement in principle with Nice for France striker Loic Remy.

    The 23-year-old is currently en route to the Stade Velodrome to undergo a medical after Nice accepted Marseille’s offer which, according to reports, was in the region of 15million euros (around £12.4million).

    Italian Serie A
    Scores | Fixtures | Table | Stats
    Spanish La Liga
    Scores | Fixtures | Table | Stats
    German Bundesliga
    Scores | Fixtures | Table | Stats
    French Ligue One
    Scores | Fixtures | Table | Stats
    Scottish Premier League
    Scores | Fixtures | Table | Stats
    Dutch Eredivisie
    Scores | Fixtures | Table | Stats
    Remy has been courted by several clubs this summer, including Stoke, Tottenham, Liverpool and West Ham, but is delighted to be closing in on a move to the defending Ligue 1 champions.

    “I am very pleased and proud that Marseille are interested in me,” Remy said in L’Equipe.

    “After waiting so long for a transfer, everything has accelerated very quickly. I’m surprised.

    “I need time to think but I am committed (to moving).”

    Remy has emerged as the hottest prospect in France after impressing at Nice following a switch from Lyon in 2008.

    He has scored 26 goals in 68 games for the club and played a key part in establishing them as a Ligue 1 outfit.

    Marseille are also interested in Toulouse striker Andre-Pierre Gignac but his current club have denied receiving an offer for the France international.

    A Toulouse statement on Thursday morning read: “Contrary to reports in the media last night, Toulouse have not received an offer from Marseille for Andre-Pierre Gignac

  50. How long is this Ben Arfa thing going on for. Its been 3 weeks now man come on. Its that Marseilles president in the paper every day contradicting himself constantly. What a dick. Bring back Papin, he sold us Beye without much hassle.

  51. JJ mate, how can you be sure of that because I for one have never seen how much we’ve paid for players or sold them, so unless you have insider info on what players were sold or brought for, how do you know for defo that he’s not spent a cent??

    If you look at the accounts, not that I have but I’m sure it wouldnt say Jenus brought for £6m, sold for £7m or does it??

    Enlighten me please matey :)

  52. I’m going according to the website. Who are about the most reliable on the web. Add the in and outs since Ashley arrived, its equates to zero spent.

  53. JJ – Beye was from Marseilles, £2-2.5m

    Cyprus Toon – Jenas was bought for £5m, sold for £7. Bought by Robson/Shepherd, Sold by Souness/Shepherd.

    A couple of seasons away from Mike Assley.

  54. jj has got a point,cant imagine ashley will have spent more than recieved in transfers

  55. JJ – You go buy what it says on the official website??

    Don’t they just put TBA where the price should be on 99% of the transfers, I kow they do on transfers page… lol

  56. If we don’t get people in by the end of the window it will be Mike’s cockup Chris’ arse.

  57. Just to put it out there.

    I hope we sell Nile Ranger.

    Hes always out in town, goes to the Casino til 4/5/6am, goes to lapdancing clubs til 4/5/6am, then goes to training. This is why he didnt feature as much towards the end of the season. Hes a wide boy init.

    He also speaks to a few of my gf’s friends, if they dont have sex with him, he says theyre “boring” and tells them they must call him “Mr. Ranger” – proper arrogant before he has made it.

  58. Mark Scott – Yeah I know he was mate, we got him from Ipswitch & sold to the Spurts… I’ve been a support for a few years now, tho it does feels like longer.. lol

    Well no good business man will spend more than he earns or else he wouldn’t be a good business man would he :)

  59. Cyprus-Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Here’s a question for you:

    Whatever happened to the £20m a season Ashley was giving us?

    Another one:

    We were losing £30m a year before relegation with a £72m a year wage bill on a turnover of approx £95-100m.

    We get relegated, reduce the wage bill to approx £40m and then get promoted.

    Based on the figures ‘out there’ we will probably be turning over approx £85-90m from our PL season, with TV money, higher attendances, more hospitality and more merchandise sold.

    So we have a wage bill of £40m a turnover of £90m – Where’s the rest of the money going and at the very least why is it going to take us 5 years to break even?

    Oh and if we add the £20m Ashley promised us we’re turning over approx £110m!!!!!!!

    So remind me anyone who can – How have we no money to spend??????

  60. jettson says:
    August 19, 2010 at 3:51 pm
    MA is a greedy fat man init only 4 himself!!

    Well, that does have to be taken into consideration when drawing conclusions.

  61. Stuart79 – yeah Ashley did say he’d put £20m in a year to the club but that was before he had to pay £111m off in debt, so there goes your £20m per year for 5 years…

    As for the losses, we lost £37.5m in 08/09 & the another £32m in 09/10 season, plus we still had a wage bill of £75m to pay, don’t forget we were still paying Owen until he got the Manc Usa job!!! We also had Ashley put £30m into the club to keep it a float last season, so to me we had at least £164m going out & about £90m come in this season, so by my maths, which isn’t the best, we’re still about £70m in debt, not countiing the £111m we owe Ashley, so thats why it’ll take a least 3-5 years to pay it off & be self sustaining :)

  62. BadgerToon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 3:51 pm
    We got him from Forest Cpyrus-Toon

    Oh yeah, it was Bramble we got from Ipswitch wasn’t it :( doh!!!

  63. Cyprus-Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 3:55 pm
    Stuart79 – yeah Ashley did say he’d put £20m in a year to the club but that was before he had to pay £111m off in debt, so there goes your £20m per year for 5 years…

    Nah, mate. He said he was in his farewell statement in Sept 08 that he had paid off the debt and was prepared to give the club £20m a year.

  64. Cyprus-Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    Use a calculator!

    That makes no sense – There’s something amiss.

  65. Stuart79 – Why is that mate because it doesn’t tally up for him to have a £100m in his pocket & nothing for us to spend????

    The losses outweigh the gains & thats life…. :)

  66. om about to sign remy and have bid another 15m euro for gamiero another striker.they seem flush,have we got hba and are just awaiting formalities?

  67. Stuart79 – If you want to know exactly how much Ashley paid out & gained over the last 2 season, go read his accounts, thats the only way you’ll satify yourself, not by having a pop at him on here!!!

  68. I know its wikipedia, but I went on H.B.A’s before, and its since been removed, but it said he had signed for Newcastle today. Maybe somebody knows something we dont?

  69. I could really do with a Cheese sandwich. 1hr 45mins left of work then its pint time for the footbaaal!

  70. Yeah thats what I mean, I know its wikipedia and most things are fabricated, but its possible somebody knows something, maybe they seen him at the ground, or at the training ground. I wouldnt be surprised if anything happened regarding this transfer.

  71. Hate to b bringin bad news but there is only 11days left at 6oclock, not 13 I hope ranger n vukic get a chance

  72. WE’ll sign some players lads don’t worry. We allways do our business on the last day, like a kid about to fail his coursework.

  73. Was chuffed Gateshead is the most intelligent part of the northeast on the real radio competition, 5 out of 5 on general knowledge questions. Sunderland and darlo got 1 out of 5, thicko’s

  74. Cyprus – It takes the piss mate. Days ago I sourced all that info that they have used, contacted the club myself for explanations, I have even got the press interested now, and they do that without so much as fecing mention for this place!

    Pricks. Robbing peoples pensions then robbing stories on top of that! Theives!

  75. They are a bunch of d”’s toonsy what do you expect.

    What happened with the press anyhoo? you said you would tell us when something happened.

  76. While your at it, writing to them I mean, ask them what they’ve done with the dosh they got, ask them to buy some players with it will you?? ;) lol

  77. Cyprus – They aren’t worth it mate, and they would probably not even reply anyway. It’s hard for people who have their head stuck up their arse to see anything around them. No doubt I will get some condascening shit bag telling me it was their sources that told them. Bollocks!

    As long as people on here know different that is all that matters :)

  78. DJG – Not much mate. Mick Dennis is looking into it so he says ;)

    EDIT – He did concede that it wasn’t right though and something was amiss.

  79. The thing is, they’ll probably get more coverage from it than you mate, as they’re a Org or summit like that, so they have PR peeps working there thing for better press coverage…. big company, little company sydrome mate.. :(

  80. Cyprus-Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 4:06 pm
    Stuart79 – If you want to know exactly how much Ashley paid out & gained over the last 2 season, go read his accounts, thats the only way you’ll satify yourself, not by having a pop at him on here!!!

    It’s quite simple – We owe Ashley £110m. Take that out of the equation as the club have already said he is not taking that back – Yet!

    We lost £32M the last time we were in the PL with a £72m wage bill.

    So this PL season on a similar turnover and a nearly halved wage bill we should be in the black.

    What’s hard to understand?

    Oh and don’t forget the near £35m we took in transfer last season.

  81. People who start something that turns into a media story very rairly get any credit or mention. Thats just how it works mate you will have the personal satisfaction of knowing it was you.

  82. toonsy

    I would be suprised if he does anything but he might be a bit nicer to us if we asked him for help instead of calling him a dick.

  83. Stuart79 – You missed the £32m losses for last season & the £40m wages to add to that plus the £30m he put in to keep us afloat last season too….

    plus the £35m you say we got from selling players was alreadt accounted for on other debts :)

    Have a nice day :)

  84. Cyprus-Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Are you thick?

    Where do you think the loan to him has come from? He’s covered the losses with his £20m ‘gift’ and the rest in the form of loans.

    What a moby!

    You need to go to night class or something…

  85. Cyprus-Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Oh I forgot – How do you know we lost £32m last season? He hasn’t released the accounts yet.

    The last set of accounts were for our last year in the PL.

    Wanna embarass ya self a bit more?

  86. ch is the only manager who would put up with the fat man. I appreciate what ch has done for us but we are now in the big league and can no longer make mistakes and get away with them. The current squad are not good enough to survive especially if we have a run of bad injuries. CH has had plenty of time since promotion to bring in more bodies their are definately out their. Paul Scharner is a free who would cover left back central defence and midfield. What happened to o`hara at spurs? Robbie Keane is also somebody who would lift the club perhaps we could get him on loan.

  87. richie-

    Yeah I noticed haha! Sounds like the anti-ashley brigade is gearin’ up for another bout. I hope to God we wrap up some of these damned signings. Ben Arfa and a [quality] striker and I’d be happy.

  88. Turn-over is not the same as income, there are many expenses that have to be covered including tax, vat, interest, player value writedowns (if a player is bought for say £16 mil on a 4 year deal you would have to de-value him on the accounts over the period of his contract if you didn’t & he leaves for nowt you would take a £16 mil hit on your accounts) etc etc. You need to look at total income – total costs to arrive at a plus or minus figure in each financial year. Look at British Airways, they turnover 100’s of millions & lose 100’s of millions – the costs kill them.

  89. Not much else to do right now before the Villa game but to get pi$$ed at Ashley, beg for Ben Arfa to get grabbed, and hope that Andy Carroll can finish like he did at the end of last season.

    We do need some sort of back up

  90. What happened to ‘You have to speculate to accumulate’. Not much accumulating going on.

  91. Cyprus-Toon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    “The thing is, they’ll probably get more coverage from it than you mate, as they’re a Org or summit like that, so they have PR peeps working there thing for better press coverage…. big company, little company sydrome mate..”

    Are you kidding, Cyprus-Toon?

  92. Do you guys not think this whole not shaving thing might get a bit embarrasing. I mean if it gets to October and Barton has a handlebar tash we are basically just giving other supporters poo to throw at us.

  93. look at yous man, willys out, sanctimoniously arguing about a few figures like that is a complete spread sheet of NUFC finances for the past few years, get a life.

  94. “aye we need a couple in and the quicker the better”

    Aye Rich Which couple are ya suggesting mate Colin and Justin or Richard and Judy… ;)

  95. here’s hoping at least Davy. nobody would have expected this type of player being interested in playing for us, but he’s persisted. How MA has not acknowledged that simple fact for the weeks and weeks that this has gone on is ridiculous. Unfortunately, it’s believable that it would prolong. Hate it.

  96. I am really excited and also hoping to see Guthrie and Lovenkrands starting against Villa. Completely different team compared to what was against ManUre

  97. Oh Gosh,i am utterly disappointed that someone at Ed’s blog mistaken me for some else and blaming me all sorts of things. geez. i shall not post there anymore. grrrrrr….

    I just went there,merely saying Newcastle interest in gignac is true,but no bid have been made. :(

  98. WTVH – He’ll be on a couple of grand a week won’t he? At least. I think Vuckic is on £8,000 a week.

  99. @toonsy: well,i actually been there way earlier than coming here :lol:….and some guy just label me as another random guy who says Newcastle interest in gignac is strong…..and i just reply is true. haiz. :(

    Oh well,i shall just go visit there and not posting anymore.

  100. AOD – I’ve just popped on there and said much the same thing about you myself mate :)

  101. Dave – Ish. One of my drivers was unfortunately involved in a motorway crash and died as a result so have got a lot on my plate at the moment.

  102. whey I’m off to watch the village play mens football,nae money,nae debts,nae greed and nae bloody speculation and rumours. :-) later lads.

  103. Jesus Stuart can’t you just shut your goddamn mofo gob. You are unquantifiably irritating. Whenever I see your name appear my heart drops before I’ve even read any of your irksome twaddle. You seem to be desperate to be able to say ‘I told you so’. I pray to God that Mike Ashley proves you wrong and we get back into the top six within five years.

  104. Too many accountants on here tonight.

    We hope that Hughton would play Vuckic or Ranger or even both but it aint gonna happen. He will go with the experience but Smith Nolan and Guthrie were not good enough eighteen months ago so how are they good enough now.
    Why does the lad from the Pharoah islands not get a game. Played all the pre season friendlies the disappears.

    Someone earlier said Ranger spends all his time in casino’s and lap dance joints do you know if if he is looking for a buddy cause it sounds a good life

  105. Anyone hear or read the full robbie savage story on us. The radio highlighted the fact that he said we were doomed to relegation. But was this taken out of context