Newcastle v Aston Villa – Match banter.

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Shit on The Villa!
Shit on The Villa!
Newcastle get the chance to taste Premier League football at St James’ Park again this afternoon as Aston Villa come to town.

Aston Villa were of course the team who nailed the final nail in our Premier League coffin last time out, although it wasn’t solely down to them in fairness as we paid the price for a whole season of shockingly bad results.

Somebody should have mentioned that to the section of their fans that rather thoughtfully created their own banners and props to bring to the match in the event that we did get relegated. It is those memories that will be in the minds of a fair few Newcastle fans today and a hot reception for the Midlanders can be pretty much guaranteed.

As ever, this is the place to come together and piss and moan about the match as we usually do. If you wish to have a look at our match preview and familiarise yourself with team news and statistical analysis for the match then you can do so here.

As most of you are aware, we are now running a poll before each match to try and gauge the popular opinion on how you, the fans, believe we will fare in each match. For the Villa game, 43% are backing Newcastle to win, 26% favour the draw and 31% believe we will lose.

The match is scheduled for live TV coverage so if any of you know of any decent links and wish to share then please feel free to leave them in the ‘comments’ section.

A win would be nice, but a defeat wouldn’t be the end of the world considering Aston Villa formed part of last seasons top six. I predict 2-1 to Newcastle.

Howay the lads!

NewcastleSteve Harper, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith, Joey Barton, Jonas Gutierrez, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

SubsTim Krul, James Tavernier, Ryan Taylor, Haris Vickic, Xisco, Peter Lovenkrands, Shola Ameobi..

Aston VillaBrad Friedel, Luke Young, Richard Dunne, Ciaran Clark, Stephen Warnock, Ashley Young, Stilian Petrov, Marc Albrighton, Stewart Downing, Stephen Ireland, John Carew.

SubsBrad Guzan, Habib Beye, Eric Lichaj, Barry Bannan, Nigel Reo-Coker, Emile Heskey, Nathan Delfounelso.

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373 Responses

  1. Aiya,toonsy…

    U should change the phrase under that Picture to

    Get Whacked by the toons.

    So the whole picture will be



    to Get Whacked by the toons. :lol:

  2. Ireland and Young through the middle – how are we gonna cope with that kind of ability?

  3. JJ – Was tinkering behind the scenes. Fixed now. Serves you right for doubting me you sarcastic, presumptious twat ;)

  4. Norn Iron how da hell’s it going mate ;) alls good with me mate. I was really looking forward to todays game and was excited, But after seeing the team im less excited :(

  5. I think we will regret not playing 2up. Even now we will get overrun by the quality they have in the middle but it is a missed opportunity to put pressure on an inexperienced defender and have Lovenkrands exploit Dunne and L.Young’s lack of pace down that left channel.

  6. James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith, Joey Barton, Jonas Gutierrez, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

    Where’s the pace/invention in that team ? No doubt did a great job getting us back up again but would struggle to score against Wigan such is the lack of creativity.

    Lets hope Villa are knackered from their European exertions :)

  7. @Big Dave. All’s good here mate. Hope me starting to post again doesn’t bring us bad luck. :-)

  8. 1-3 villa……….they have too much speed, its their key… we have no speed and no flair.

  9. again what the fu..k ranger drops out for xic..fu.k me goals ch not cart horses and if he comes on and plays on the wing for harris never ever going to support ch again.

  10. asim. I don’t think it matters today with Ranger. Lovenkrands and Shola would obviously come on before either him or Xisco.
    I’d love Vuckic to get a run but its no reason to stop backing a manager.

  11. Same squad last week ? Same problem too, No creativity and pace from midfield with lazy from Smith and Nolan we will get 1 point at best from this game.

    Hughton should play Love, drop Smith and play Nolan middle because it’s our home game and we don’t need any extra defence from Smith. We need attack to win it ! Hopefully we’ll fine but i cannot see optimistic from this line up, poor Hughton.

  12. It’s ‘fear to lose’ squad not ‘try to win’. oh my god, even the game still not start but i feel upset and nervous so much.

  13. I think we will win today , Villa have injury’s to some key players Cuellar & Abongallor are missing and Carew is a doubt apparently . I think we have enough to get a win at home , i have a feeling that Routledge will rip them apart today . Carroll too get a couple in a 2-0 win

  14. I would love us to win this but i just can’t see us coping with Ashley Young, Marc Albrighton, Stewart Downing, Stephen Ireland and John Carew.

    I would be happy with a draw.

  15. Loverman might not be 100% fit so he’s obviously not gonna risk him to much if that’s the case, shame as i’d love to see him start :( oh well, come on toon, win please :)

  16. I think the fact that Villa have so much pace is part of the reason why Nolan is playing where he is as opposed to Lovo. It means we have an extra midfielder. A lot will depend on how quickly Barton can get up and support Nolan and Carroll.

    Lets not forget that Villa play on the break a lot away from home, and they are bloody good at it judging by their form last season.

  17. There counter attacking football is a good as anyones in the leauge. that is my only concern.

  18. Asim – Can you watch your swearing please? Don’t get me wrong, it’s automatically moderated, but just think anout. Trying to man that bit of blog whilst you are on takes the piss man, it’s like a full time job FFS!

  19. Dave – The top one.

    I see Keegan said we will survive then? That will be good enough for a majority of fans then ;)

  20. No doubt they’ll show pictures of fat ash so if they zoom out enough there may be a player nxt to him.

  21. Toonsy have faith in King Kev mate he knows his stuff, But I really couldn’t see him saying otherwise as it would then come across as sour grapes. Then you would have the anti KK party radging over it ;)

  22. Well that’s good of Waddle. A whopping 2 of our players of premiership standard in his eyes.

  23. That high back line will kill us. Young has just clipped a ball down the wing into no mans land there and the back four is nowhere to be seen

  24. That’s an absolute whirler from Joey like. That high back line has me bricking myself every time they go forward though

  25. why r we playing such a high line with the pace of Villa?! Its clear to me now why Routledge has never made it in the premiership.

  26. Routledge and Gutierrez, textbook. They’ve both ran at goal, had no idea what to do with it and lost the ball. They’ve went down the other end, high back line is caught by pace again and they’ve for some reason, not scored.

  27. Waddles back to calling Jonas Carroll again. Do you homework you tube. He did it for bloody ages at Rangers.

  28. Bloody hell! Crapped meself there. This is really quick.

    BTW I’ve found the second stream is slightly better quality.

  29. Yes guys do it. What a start. Don’t rest now. Get in few more. I could not believe it.

  30. I;’ve just lost commentary on my stream and it’s been replaced by some kid. Wierd

  31. This ref is a cnut! Booking our lads for eveything and letting Villa nobble people without any comeback

  32. Aye ref has been rotten with his cards like. That was also a quite blatant trip on smith and how nobody saw it is beyond me. Jose is all over that young lad on the wing. Not young, the other one, lol

  33. FSOTC nee worries. I’ll use the first link in toonsy post above. Not as good quality as the second, but I just couldn’t watch it with german commentary. No commentary was better.

  34. Come On Guys,don’t you rmb,JOE kinnear label him as Mickey Mouse??? :lol:

    Anyway,i was about to Jump,when Alan smith is about to score that pass from Nolan,Sadly he fell. :(

  35. TK-we need to have Routledge just work on his crossing and final ball in training. Just give him 100 balls and have him hit a marker every time like you had to do at schoolboy level, lol

  36. Toonking–from the Guardian’s minute by minute:

    “43 min: Wayne Routeledge could be the poster boy for English football: pace and directness and absolutely no final ball. I’ve lost count of the amount of times promising moves have faltered with the ball at his feet. Good job Newcastle are 3-0 up then.”

  37. Good first half :D, Newcastle are proper weak on the Right-handside thou, Routledge and Perch aren’t PL level IMO :(

  38. Poor final ball? Most of Routeledge’s crossing have been good but have been blocked. He, Carroll and Enrique have been our stand out players of the half. Absolutely brilliant. Barton and Smith and been very good too.
    I’d like to see Lovenkrans come on for Nolan soon and Ryan Taylor for Perch.

    One player who terrifies me is Harper. I just dont feel safe with him in goal.

    Otherwise well done lads you have been superb!!! Keep it up!

  39. The commentator keeps saying that goal that Villa scored should have been given coz it wasn’t offside – the free kick was for hand ball, dickheads.

  40. Routledge will come good man. The guy pissed the fizzy last year and set up goal after goal for us. Give him chance. Perch has also impressed me 8O

  41. Man…if we replace Routledge with Arfa we’ll be a force……even Smudger is epic today..he’s even popping up in attack…i don’t want that ivorian guy at all now..

  42. i think we have to give routledge time he is under a lot of pressure to perform in the prem after showing so much promise at a young age….he is playing poor today mind! hopefully he will get better.

    cant complain at 3-0 hope they keep it going and hopefully tighten up the defence a bit i cant cope!!

  43. Brisvegas – Is that what is was for? I missed that like. I don’t feel guilty anymore, not that I did in the first place like :lol:

  44. They’re all playing well. Well, Harper was a bit of a plank for the penalty, but hasn’t had much else to do – thankfully.

  45. I really hope this keeps up as I really need a shave. I decided not to shave at all until we win. I hope this keeps up as I’ve got a really important meeting with some of the higher ups on Monday and a very important customer. I could do with not going into work looking like a tramp in a suit.

  46. Toonsy-routledge is more frustrating than anything else. Great with the ball at his feet and lightening pace, he just needs to sort out his decision making.

  47. Toonsy I’m watching the one that was posted in 163.
    I was watching the second one from your list, but it changed to german commentary.
    The one at 163 is the same as your first link, but better quality.

  48. And just hear what KK says…. is his voice that soft?? Can’t hear much what he said…..

    But He looks shocked and happy. ;)

  49. BIG DAVE will be a nightmare now.
    perch isnt playing against a dummy give the lad a chance

  50. Let’s keep this pace 8O and pressure up! Don’t let them get an early goal or give them an easy way back into the match!

  51. Cheik Tiote confirmed and coming to nufc, on bbc’s live match feed. HOW ABOUT THIS F*CKING HALF TIME SCORE LINE THEN BOYS?????!!!!

  52. “ToonKing says:
    August 22, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Man…if we replace Routledge with Arfa we’ll be a force……even Smudger is epic today..he’s even popping up in attack…i don’t want that ivorian guy at all now..”

    For God’s sake. Routeledge has been our main outlet for just about every attack. His pace is getting us in behind the Villa defense. He is pushing them deep meaning he brings Carroll into more dangerous positions.

    He doesn’t have the same support Jonas has with Enrique because Perch doesn’t push up enough. So he is doing it on his own. When he comes inside is has put in a couple brilliant through balls.

    Anyone who is saying he needs to be dropped for Ben Arfa who nobody has seen play clearly knows sweet FA about football.

    Same pathetic comments were made form the same clueless fans about Milner when he was here. Yet he is valued t 26mil today… Some fans are truely clueless at viewing the broader picture in the game. 70% of football is played ‘off the ball’.

    Eg: Eriques run off the ball for Bartons goal. Without that run theres no space for Barton to shoot…
    Routeledge has been immense today. And if he can improve then he’ll be a little superstar.

  53. As I’m not at the match I’ll join in here

    Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle
    Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastllllle
    Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle

  54. i want to see chalkdust on routledge’s boots at the end of this half. cuts in too many times. the bugger has pace to burn so use it!

  55. Started excellently. Our short passing in midfield has been excellent for much of today. Keeping the ball, great movement and they look nervous when we go forward. Also, with regards to the back four, it’s only when we’re sitting high and they get in behind us that they look dangerous. Coming at us head on with two line of four, we look solid.

  56. some one needs to go in hard on ashly young. Smudge best bet as he is not booked. and shake the puff up.

  57. Now the Tiote deal is done ,hope to god we not selling Danny Guthrie ,as it seems strange him not been involved as he was touch and go for Manure .

  58. £3.5m for tito apparently. In for Santa Cruz. Really? Class if it comes off, but like waddler said wages will be a stumbling block.

  59. Say what you want about Heskey and I’ll usually agree, but he’s come on to bully the defence. As long as he doesn’t fall down he’ll do just that.

  60. We’ve gotta give Vuckic the last 10 – 20 mins if we’re still 3 – 0 up, it was his 18th birthday yesterday

  61. We are getting through Villa pretty easily at the moment. As Micky says, Heskey is there to be used as a battering ram, nothing else!

  62. Bartons Long passing has been excellent thus far. I’m almost shocked at how good we’ve been in midfield today. The passing and movement has been top notch.

  63. How hasn’t Young been carded yet? He’s mouthed off about every single decision that has went against him, some of them not even worth contesting.

  64. Unlucky Andy.

    They all look like they are really enjoying themselves out there.

    R Taylor and Ameobi coming on. Why?

  65. What a performance. I’ll need intravenous fluids after creaming myself so many times

  66. XISCO??



  67. Smith missed the whole preseason then came straight into the side at Old Trafford. He’s been much improved today, Ireland hasn’t had a sniff

  68. Relax everyone,those who didn’t get to play,will play against Accy Stanley~~~

    Lovekrands to get a start for that match for sure. ;)

  69. I think CH is being canny here. Xisco is obviously a waste of air, so he’s showcasing him to sell on.

    Oooh. It’s five. When did we last score five?

  70. Toonsy I’ll eat my words from yesterday, Mebbe I should count us along with Man U & Chelsea as the untouchables, :lol:

  71. Never realised this stream is so far behind live. Just put SSN on and they reported 6-0 before I saw it on the stream!

    Howay Andy


  73. I am honestly in shock….

    I would do with a bit more of this the rest of the seson:)

    Well done lads!!!

  74. Fantastic pass by wor Xisco!

    Ive been pleasantly impressed with Xisco since he came on!

  75. Crushed that I couldn’t watch this. I woke up, turned on the laptop, and it was 4-0…a 6-0 finish is amazing…

    Way to go lads.

    Envious of all of you that got to be there for that one.

  76. I just hope Ashley wasnt watching and now thinks we dont need Arfa or any other players!!!!!!!!!

  77. What a through-ball from Xisco~~

    Oh Man,how can i sleep tonight. :lol:

    With A DM done deal,and a supposed Ben arfa…

    This reminds me of 5-0 thrashing of Man Utd,albeit a lower case.


  78. I’m very emotional lol what a victory, couldn’t see that coming….still can’t understand playing xisco? should have give vukic a run out.

    But i’ll settle for a 6 nil win when i’d have been happy with a draw!!

  79. That is honestly the best I have seen us play in ages! Nearly got murdered in my local (Birmingham) for wearing my toon shirt! The whole pub is in agreement that The Toon have a chance of finishing mid table after today and a few of them are feeling pretty crap for the way they treated us over a year ago! Shame on you villa fans!

  80. Wow!!!
    Great performance from the team. A big centre forward who is scoring goals, plenty of pace on either flank, Great movement, vision and following up from the Captain = a great result. Our defensive tactics today showed someone did his homework.

    The pace on either flank was the foundation to our attacks today.

    Well done

  81. I do hope you’re right, Big Dave! I’m trying to argue myself into not getting carried away… but eff it! It’s 10:30 in the morning here in New York but I may just crack open a beer anyway!

  82. This is revenge. What an incredible result. Almost lost for words, what a day for Andy Carroll aswell. Fantastic. Andy Carroll, Newcastles number 9.

  83. Unbelievable! Fan’bloody’tastic!!

    Ps CH is managing a squad and Xisco, Shola and R.Taylor are closer to starting than Vukic, and for now rightly so, and they deserve to get involved in that atmosphere and also for the professionalism to keep a clean sheet. Vukic will get his day but it isn’t yet. I will not be criticizing CH’s judgement after that!!! Though the high-line was a bit worrying early on.

    F’ing Great!!

  84. judging by Shearer’s reaction to the sixth, shown on TV, he had money either on a 6-0 win or a Carroll hat-trick!! :lol: :lol:

  85. Wow – didnt see that coming ,amazing performance by the lads ,Tiote deal done ,Ben Arfa possible ,couple of Man city players on loan ,and we be more than ok lads .Be interesting what CH has to say after game about players coming in .

  86. I am dumbfounded what a result

    fuming I didnt put a bet on but I was too nervous thought it might jinx us a tenner was paying $45 coupled with Man U. Wish I was in the toon now the market will be heaving.

    What was that rut you were talking about toonsy?

    Bring on Wolves! and Blackpool and Everton BRING THEM ALL!


  88. The thing that stood out most for me during that game was how comfortable we looked.

    I was extremely worried about us playing Villa today after watching them beat West Ham so comprehensively last weekend, however, now i’m thinking West Ham will be worried playing us.

    Back four looked solid against a variety of attacking options, we bossed the midfield and Carroll was almost unplayable.


  89. View from a Villa fan:

    .vogra said:
    IMO this is our worst defeat in the last 10 years


  90. Well maybe we might have a couple players reaching double figures this season after all ;-)

    Hopefully they take this confidence and believe that they can play. Really was good football too.

    Considering we have Lovenkrans, Guthrie, and Taylor, Campbell, now Tiote to come in. One more pacey creative midfielder and perhaps cover at left back we have a decent looking bench too.

    The youngsters should be blooded in the cup games.

  91. For some reason I took a look at ed’s blog and the people on there are worse than anyone who gets on here. They were all slagging CH and the team off before the game. Strange how they never came back on after the result.

  92. Quick question on fantasy football.if Andy Carroll is on my bench will I get points for him????

  93. Micky Toon says:
    August 22, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    “For some reason I took a look at ed’s blog and the people on there are worse than anyone who gets on here. They were all slagging CH and the team off before the game. Strange how they never came back on after the result.”

    We do have the pleasure of “Hitman” on here slagging off Hughton every now and again, even though I banned him while back.

  94. Micky Toon, i know what you mean, it actually depresses me od Uncle Ed’s. Been looking at comments on there for years but recently it’s actually been depressing me. So much negativity directed at CH the Club and players.

    I for one like Hughton, he is doing what he can and building from the ground up. He deserves the rigvht to build his team in the way he wants, he earnt that right getting us promoted.


  95. Agree Micky Toon. Hopefully that will shut some people up for now at least. Absolutely ecstatic. Never in a million years did I expect that result. Boys were brilliant. Well done CH

  96. Followed this blog for a while like but never really thought I had an original thought that I could contribute with..not that I do now-Howay the lads! Carroll Get in son!

  97. I can’t wait to go into work tomorrow. I’m born and raised in the Midlands but my step mom is from Newcastle and fortunately i was introduced to the toon at a young age.

    I work with an office full of Villa fans and i cannot wait to rhave a bit of fun with them. For some reason they have this superiority complex because they have had a few decent seasons. They were really ungracious when we got relegated and were talking on Friday about hammering us.

    Might create an Andy Carroll 6-0 screen saver and install it all on their

  98. worky – bit odd to single out hitman – sjt, spew, asim, craig jizzum are all ten times worse

    really looking forward to reading their negative spin on things after this result. Especially after the “no capital outlay” issue has finally been cleared up. Spanners!

  99. Unbelievable Match! Watched it on a bog screen in the British Bulldog pub here in Shanghai. Shouted so loud I can’t speak and got some very odd looks from the Chinese but this result is unbelievable.. Never thought we could get a result like this… Proud to wear my shirt!!

    We just need to keep this up for the rest of the season now… ! LOL

  100. dream fukin land hahahahahahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: had more buzz at the match than i ever did wen a was drinking

  101. all the doubters from last week bow your heads in shame!

    Martin Samuel should be stripped of his clothes and left to run through Newcastle in the buff. Big Andy must have made him regret every word he said about him last week


  102. Toon Chicken says:
    August 22, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    “worky – bit odd to single out hitman – sjt, spew, asim, craig jizzum are all ten times worse”

    Nah, TC, hitman’s been the worst about the ‘Cockney Colossus’ recently, although the rest are a miserable bunch of gets in general! :-)

  103. Name and shame, feel free to point out what they said in the future:

    asim says:
    August 22, 2010 at 1:03 pm
    again what the fu..k ranger drops out for xic..fu.k me goals ch not cart horses and if he comes on and plays on the wing for harris never ever going to support ch again.

    craig chisholm says:
    August 22, 2010 at 1:00 pm
    1-3 villa……….they have too much speed, its their key… we have no speed and no flair.

    Ginkoh says:
    August 22, 2010 at 1:09 pm
    Same squad last week ? Same problem too, No creativity and pace from midfield with lazy from Smith and Nolan we will get 1 point at best from this game.
    Hughton should play Love, drop Smith and play Nolan middle because it’s our home game and we don’t need any extra defence from Smith. We need attack to win it ! Hopefully we’ll fine but i cannot see optimistic from this line up, poor Hughton

    craig chisholm says:
    August 22, 2010 at 1:44 pm
    we are gonna get battered lo

    roscoe says:
    August 22, 2010 at 1:56 pm
    nolan is bread! get him off!

  104. I’ve already started the wind up with the Wolves fans. I’ve got family (on the wifes side) and mates who are massive wolves fans.
    Shame I couldn’t make it to the moleniux magic mix stadium as I’m actually visiting family back in Newcastle next week. Talk about bad timing. I live in the Midlands and I couldn’t have organised my time worse.

  105. i am in shock , no one could have expected this :) fcuk me we are only 3 points off top spot ;0)

  106. Toon Chicken says:
    August 22, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Hope you were actually at the match, today?

  107. I used to work at LA Fitness in Warwick and play Sunday league there for Mid-Warks Police.

  108. Where did you play? St. Nicks park? I used to play sixes there when I worked for IBM.

  109. what i game eh lads? cant belive all the doubters on ed’s blog slating ch for his team! hope they will all shut the f up my seat usualy see ‘guests’ but no sign of hatem or tiote today.they may have been sitting somewhere else mind,very likely.all in all one of the best days at sjp for many a year and simply loved the andy carroll song! andy carroll andy carroll andy andy carroll when he gets the ball he scores a goal andy andy carroll! those moaning bout vuckic not getting on should realise that he probly get a game wednesday,hope we dont change too much though coz another big win will do the lads confidence even more good.routledge had a good match like,end product still dodgy but a good showing.perch was great and im pleased that he was coz i was worried aboot him likes.barton was class,carroll amazing.harps rather worrying but just in his kicking and decisions,think krul should start wed.xisco did well.everybody was great but how bad were villa? ashley young was a right moaning pansy! ch has silenced the doubters about his tactics

  110. The home pitch is in Leek Wootton at Police HQ. Play all over Warwick though. St Nicks, Newbold Comyn. I live over in Solihull at the moment about to move to Birmingham city centre.

  111. There is quite a large toon contingent in Warwick, i used to join quite a few up at the gym i used to work at

  112. Shanghai toon! im another fan from shanghai, had to watch the match on local cctv5. what a match! does bulldog regularly show toon matches?

  113. being saying this league is shit for defending! carrol will score goals becasue nobody can cope in the air.if we get enough support up to him we will score loads of goals.1 thing lads i said this last week poeple will be more bothered with andy carrol then thinking about themmselves so teams will be setup different against us which would make us stronger.enough ball like we will get at home..then anyhting was possible..perch will become better as he goes along..well done perch u did realy well when called into action..pace to burn the lad has which is a huge asset to have if he gets out of get back in.

  114. listern you worky who has left it all to toonsy,you my fk up can ban me any time you like, now if you want..
    i have slated hughton but lets get it straight the man makes some strange moves,that have baffled a lot on here.

  115. yes he should have bought harris on..but he brings xico on and what a ball for carrol and he tops it off with best centre forward disply i have ever seen..i have slagged u off ch so hands up..but give harris a game when we are winning 4-0 so when are u going to play him..he will never get a better chance this doesnt happen often..but well done ch.

  116. get in!!!! that was more like it, get a couple of new quality additions in and we will have a good chance of a good finish!!
    the ivory coast lad has signed lets hope he is a good one…now all we need is arfa…come on the toon!!!!!
    how good was enrique!! class.

  117. hitman says:
    August 22, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    “listern you worky who has left it all to toonsy”

    Hosting, design, plugins, advertising, squad and transfers, fixing problems and more is all down to me, Hitman. Not that criticism from a useless good for nothing idiot who can hardly even type his own name, let alone run a website counts for much. Don’t you ever wonder why your life has been such a failure, Hitman?

  118. Sir Erec, most foreign pubs will air which-ever match is on, o’malleys, blarney, mallones, bamboo, etc… you sure you saw it on cctv 5? I checked and it was swimming on…. watched it on an other local channel, only aired the second half though… there was a Shanghai match on, god knows why they aired that instead…

  119. all you no you plum is what i type on here thats it nowt more nowt less,but we get fools like you who think you can get more from it(if that was true what would you think about batty :) ) so give your head a shake lad

  120. What a performance from the lads. A day that I won’t be forgetting for a very very long time. Awesome stuff!