Newcastle must make sure they don’t get stick in a rut.

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Stuck in a rut?
Stuck in a rut?
I know it sounds like an obvious thing to say, but it really is important that Newcastle don’t get stuck in a run of defeats this season.

That is what happened in our relegation season, and confidence drained as a result. Now I know there were other factors at play, such as the behind the scenes turmoil, but getting stuck in a run of bad results will have done the players no good at all.

It’s a vicious cycle when it happens. One or two defeats can perpetuate into a run of defeats, just look at Sunderland last season – 14 games without a win wasn’t it? That is why it is important that we start picking up points now.

Now I don’t want it to sound like I am pressing the panic button already and I know it may sound like I am going a bit over the top, but getting points on the board early simply must be the aim. Once again if we take Sunderland as an example, an inbred, six-fingered example, but an example all the same, they would have struggled to survive last season had it not been for their good early season run of results.

There is no better time to start the picking up points than at St James’ Park tomorrow lunchtime. Beating Aston Villa would be a great result and would give the lads a bit of extra confidence going into the games against Wolves and Blackpool.

Would it be too early to call them games six-pointers? Probably, but they are still very important in the grand scheme of things. The theory is that those are the teams we will likely be scrapping against at the bottom of the table, so any kind of positive result for us means that it would be a negative result for them, even at this early stage of the season.

I am confident that this set of players we have at the moment have much much more mental tougness than the side that got relegated, and that they have the leadership amongst them to be able to avoid slipping into one of those long runs where not many points are gained.

In one respect, the fixture list has been kind to us like that. We don’t have a run of games where we face the top four or six teams in a row, not yet anyway. Manchester United is out of the way, and realistically we were never going to get anything at Old Trafford.

Now we face Aston Villa, and yet again we are the rank outsiders to many people. But with home advantage and the players feeling that they have a score to settle against the team that hammered the final nail in our Premier League coffin, I firmly believe we could spring a surprise and upset the pundits by getting a result.

Villa? Bring it on!

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358 Responses

  1. We need to get behind the team and make SJP a fortress, villa aren’t that great and if we can keep young, agbongalor, Carew, Ireland etc off the ball we should sneak a result :)

    Come on the toon

  2. Stevep

    Agbongalor is injured so is Cuellar so that makes them quite a bit weaker at both ends. Agreed we need to make SJP a fortress again this season as I think thats where most of our points will come from.

  3. To me Ashely Young is the key player. If our full backs(Not much confidence) can keep Him out,Carew will be a pointless striker there lurking in penalty box. ;)

    They are generally very quick in counter.

  4. Having said that ticket sales looks poor for tomorow, understanderble as its on the telly. Next home game is blackpool,(who are losing 5-0 at Emerate’s) full house and win would be nice.

    Baggies 1 Muckems 0 :)

    love listening to Gary Rowel he sounds so gutted when their losing. :)

  5. we wont beat villa.. we just dont have it in us. a lucky, scrappy draw is our best chance.

    pool 0-6 arse

  6. Toonsy its a bit early to hit the panic button :) but you mentioned something that I do worry about if we do go on a bad run of results will CH be able to rally the troops.
    Stevep you sound a bit like Captain Fantastic telling us we need to get behind the Team ;) If im not mistaken I think someone said earlier that Villa have a few injuries

  7. I’m still backing Avram Grant to be first manager sacked – should have put a bet on a few weeks ago.

  8. Lets not get too negative chaps.

    Villa never beat us at SJP and that was when they had O’Neill. I think we might get a result tomorow, they’ve lost Milner and Agbolhahor to injury. Only Ireland and Young will really cause us probles and I fancy Enriqu to handle Ireland aslong as Perch has a good game. Guthrie and Lovenkrands back will make a big difference imo. Its two top 6 teams in our first 2 games. Looking at the other teams, I think we could beat any of them at SJP if we play well.

  9. West ham getn stufd at home, makes the villa result less impressive. boing, boing, baggies, baggies! down with the unwashed!

  10. Villa beat us at home when shearer got sent off by renni. First home game of the season for mr guillit first full season

  11. I thought the only reason the Muckem survived last season was because Craig Gordon came back from injury wasn’t it??

    OT Seems Blackpool are getting taught a lesson at the Arsenil.. 6-0 at present… :0

    I think we need to get some new faces in & I don’t mean Sol or Gosling as that will give the teams a lift to help us win some of these no-so-sure games :)

  12. QPR have started well, 9 points already, do boro play tomorow, their nearly in the relegation zone haha. Blunderland lost aswell after they been bigging themselves up aswell, might knock them down a peg or two.

  13. Pressure on us tomorrow like.

    Alot of the teams were going to be competing with have already got wins under their belts.

  14. Don’t like Stan Collymore but he was on the radio earlier as a Villa fan saying he thinks they’ll get a two one win but “would be happy to get out of sjp with a point”..said it was a fortress and people were talking our chances down for the game far too quickly

  15. Need to sign Ben arfa and toite now.think we can beat teams like wolves.west ham are terrible and have 2 games against top 4 coming up.getting a win tomorrow would be massive

  16. Anyone know much about Tiote? I think O’Hara would be a good option for that kind of money.

  17. Wolves are looking really resilient. It will be a really tough game at their place and so getting at least a point tomorrow is vital.

  18. Stuart 79

    agree, thats both the teams that come up with us in the points.

    2mrw has to be a win with a solid performance.

  19. Whoa~~!!!

    Did the ball cross the line?? Did Stoke deserves an equalizer?

    Controversial again.

    And Is it bramble fault that leads to WBA goal? if is true,Bramble to Sunderland ish the best gift for Newcastle Fans. :lol:

  20. for me the player to watch on sunday is albright,plays right and left,might give our m/f a run around,thump him early on lol

  21. villas win against the hamers looks less impressive now they jus got battered off bolton, we need cut the mistakes at this level

  22. come on the toon i can feel were gonna win tomorro, harps,perch,colo,williamson,jose routledge,nolan,barton,jonas carroll,lovenkrands although id hav guthrie for nolan but we know thats not gonna happen

  23. Why should it? What has Nolan done wrong exactly? I must have missed the goals that were caused by HIS mistakes on Monday?

  24. Toonsy, we ain’t gonna win unless Villa play like one of the crap Fizzy teams we used to bully last year. I don’t think they will so it’s 1-2, and that’s being optimistic about us actually scoring, probably in the 89th. Perch will get grilled again. Keep Chris, but bring back Kev, please, so we can get the team looking dangerous going forward again. This Tiote is one indifferent defensive midfielder too many, CH just doesn’t seem to ‘get’ flair players…

  25. No toite

    Opstelling FC Twente: Mihaylov, Tiendalli, Wisgerhof, Douglas, Buysse, Brama, Janssen, Chadli, Bajrami, Janko, Ruiz.

  26. toonsy its not he made mistakes he did ok i thought monday as did most the lads lets see what we do against lesser teams instead of judging us against the best in the country we aint at there level, anyway toonsy its my opionion that guthrie n barton would b a better two in the middle, i still rate nolan n he is great captain but if we go two strikers i jus think gootrie n barton wud giv us a bit more

  27. Toonsy we carried him for 70 mins mate and we shouldn’t be carrying anyone, if they are not up to it drop them. I honestly couldnt believe how much better we played when Strolla came on and we were back to 11 men ;)

  28. Davy – I agree, about Guthrie and Barton, but what I don’t agree with are people saying that if he is left out we will win/draw? Why? What did he do wrong, personally, that helped Man Utd win 3-0?

  29. Dave – The lad had concussion, and whilst I agree that he shouldn’t be on the pitch there has to be some credit given for him stopping on. After all, concussion can be a nasty fecker.

    If it was Shearer and he stopped on with concussion people would have been creaming in their pants.

  30. @Toonarmymike:

    No Ben arfa. :lol:


    Azpilicueta – Hilton – Heinze – Taiwo


    Lucho – Cheyrou

    Valbuena – Brandao – A. Ayew

    Subs : Andrade, Sabo, Kaboré, N’Diaye, Abriel, J. Ayew, Gnabouyou

  31. The most important thing is that we get two up front not that we get Nolan out of the team.

  32. Het vertrek van Cheick Tioté bij FC Twente is definitief. De Enschedese club heeft zaterdag overeenstemming bereikt met Newcastle United over het vertrek van de middenvelder uit Ivoorkust. Tioté, international, maakt zaterdagavond al geen deel meer uit van de selectie van Twente voor de wedstrijd tegen Vitesse.

    Basically says he’s signed for us and no longer involved for today’s game

  33. For god`s sake give perch a chance. OK he did`nt have the best of games against Man U or during pre season but getting on his back is`nt going to help. 2-1 to the toon with the bigger lad and loken scoring. I`d just love it if perch proves everybody wrong

  34. toonsy i agree with u i think people of got far to carried away with the defeat to manu i mean there best team in the country look what they did to chelsea a week before, am gonna wait to see what we do against lesser teams before i make judgement yes cant make mistakes at this level n we need a couple more players but i think we will be ok, n i jus think the fact people were expecting us to even compete with manu shows some fans level of expection still is unrealistic

  35. Dave – So did Enrique, but I’ve yet to see the witch-hunt for him to be dropped! Harper was shite, but I’ve yet to see the witch-hunt to get him dropped. So did Routledge and Jonas, but, well you get my point.

  36. Davy – Unrealistic? It’s downright delusional, yet the same people moan when we, as fans, get called it.

  37. Just bought 2 tickets for the blackpool game, gonna go wiv me fatha.

    davy if we get some good results it just raises the expectation levels and then people say why arnt we going for europe. I deffo think we shouldnt be scrapping it out with the likes of West Ham and blackpool. 10-15th and above sunderland and I would be very happy.

  38. Toonsy
    ‘Dave – So did Enrique, but I’ve yet to see the witch-hunt for him to be dropped! Harper was shite’

    Might that be because we only have one LB!

  39. Toonsy I agree they were poor and they did get stick and rightly so, I even said Harper was at fault for the 3rd goal. But they did turn up and try :)
    And yer probably right about Shearer but he was the Mr Newcastle and wouldn’t let a bit of concussion get him down :lol: :lol:

  40. DJG – Not really. We have Perch who can apparently play there although I get what you’re saying.

  41. The only way we will survive is to make st james a fortress like we did in the fizzy. It is not like the old times with owen et al could`nt care less. Non of these lads will give less than 100%.

  42. tha was always no chance in ben arfa playing tonight weva he signed for us or not he hasnt been to tha marseilla training ground in like 11days or summit so he would never hav been selected, dont read to much into that wal hav t just wait and see if it actually happens we havnt even got official proof he was in newcastle today just what a couple of people have says, not one news channel has picked up tht were meant to have signed tiote and wer only waitin t agree a fee with marseille for ben arfa all seems abit far fetched to me

  43. Dave – Aye alright then :roll:

    Just remember that whilst you trot out the “Nolan has too much power” line to ask yourself how many managers got forced out of Newcastle because of Shearer ;)

    Of course he was/is Mr Newcastle, BUT that doesn’t negate the fact he had a huge ego and a hell of a lot of influence whist he was a player. Read Sir Bobby’s book for confirmation of that, particularly the bit where Shearer used to spit the dummy when Robson didn’t want to play him.

  44. TOONSY,ive twisted about harper a few times,and still say he should have done better with that 3rd goal there was only one place that ball was going imo

  45. If Harper is poor again tomorow I think Hughton should send Krul jogging up and down the touchline. When Krul camein for the second half against Baggies start of last season and had a blinder that put Harper sweating on his place he then went on a class run of form for months. I think he needs a similar kick up the arse.

  46. I seriously wonder where is ben arfa now??? :roll: :roll:

    Since he is not with OM at all~~

  47. toonsy ya right it is delusional the fact people even thought we should be competeing down at man u is a joke, we hav to concontrate on beating 12-14 teams in this league anything else is a bonus, and ya also ryt about jose n jonas mistakes no saying a thing yet ppl are crucifying perch but i dont see ppl calling smith n barton for not pickin up the midfield runners which was causing perch to come into the middle not saying hes great but giv the lad a break the way some fans gettin players bks is unreal shud b giving them 100% support no matter who is wearin the shirt

  48. I think the same eleven will start. Hughton to be his usual ulra cautious. It is his choice and use of the bench that will be crucial. I would like to see Loverboy, Ranger and Vuckic used after an hour but will probably see Guthrie, Taylor and Loverboy

  49. davy

    I can’t believe some people called Perch, I don’t think he could have done any better in the circumstances. Nobody called Barton or Routledge yet they gave the ball away cheaply time after time which put pressure on Perch.

  50. that is trouble with most of our fans were always comparing everything to the keegan days yes they were the best times but forget about them and concontrate on now instead comparing everything to bk then

  51. Ice :lol: :lol: with the family being away to the caravan I have been bored to tears mate, But I went fishing and caught mesel a big fish.
    Toonsy all great players have big ego’s and no players should be happy to be dropped ;)

  52. am still not gunna believe it until i see him on the website and ssn in a toon shirt, maybe they’ll announce them both together

  53. Gullit for a start, although I agreed with that. There was always pressure as Shearer was undroppable, even when he wasn’t scoring goals. If he was dropped then WW3 would break out

  54. ‘AOD – a think he in lous 202 all you can eat chinese restaurant’

    Theres a sign on the wall in there saying the condensation is normal. I dont think it is the moisture on the walls is really alarming.

  55. Well one thing is for sure Routlidge has a point to prove to villa tomorrow , i hope he rips them apart .

  56. I got a gut feeling,telling me that,once ben arfa saga is done deal..

    we will not see 1,but 3players being announced altogether. hahahas. :roll:

  57. malouda scores, although wigan are playin a hell of a lot better than chelski..

    AOD- who would be the 3rd ?

  58. Barton was our best midfielder according to the stats against Man Ure.

    Personally for what it’s worth, I really don’t know what Nolan ever did at Bolton to warrent us paying £4.5m for him. SBR did warn Ashley.

    Get in Molouda!

  59. Sorry read it wrong about the 3 year bit , just got excited about the fact we have got him . :)

  60. well done m8 and thats without a good bate.
    some famous people are easy catches at times

  61. Axel..does it say he has to undergo the formality of a medical or that the medical was a formality…or neither ;-)

  62. See no1 calls toonsy a nob, prck or twt wen he says something yous don’t like. Why’s that like u rse lickin tossrs. Pick on players that r actually sht like perch jonas and best just not good enough for us

  63. Webbo – That would be because I have that likeabaility factor ;)

    Been for a smoke, calmed down now :D

  64. results have put us in the bottom three. Its ridiculous early i know but you don’t want to be looking and listening to the media going on about it or it will start mind games and maybe effect the players confidence.

    Come on the TOON i will take any win and three points

  65. Ice I just wet the line then seen this massive fish circling my bait them wham he took it and run, but he was easy brought in and just as I was about to bank him he done the submission roll :)

  66. @GeordieToon89: A LB challenging Enrique… IMO,i don’t think we need a “cover” for Him,we need someone who can challenge his spot instead.

    But i would want Per Cijan Skelbred to come in..I do like this player.

    Oh,i done a bet,and bet on Wigan manager to be first to sacked off. ;)

  67. Can only go off the stats, Dave.

    Although I am a little concerned about Villa’s pace tomorrow.

    We do have probably the slowest team in England. Well apart from the Everton Masters side.

  68. Cheers Rich. I must have some likeability factor. I mean people love talking about me :lol:

  69. lee ryder (cough) reckons bullard was on the lash in the toon with nobby saying to people he wants to play for the toon :rolls:

  70. IT says he only has to go through the formalites of the medical and work permit and the deal is done .
    The work permit should not be a problem because he has 20 odd caps for the ivory coast and played in all their world cup games before they got knocked out .

  71. Webbo
    What has Best done wrong in his short time at Newcastle.
    For me we knew how good he was when we bought him and he has lived up to that expectation. Looked decent in pre season. Give the guy a chance.
    If you say he is not good enough. Name a striker we could sign for 3 million or less that is better and imprtantly available

  72. Stuart79 – I think there are plenty of teams as slow as ours – Birmingham, Stoke, Blackburn are about the same. We do have Enrique, Jonas, Routledge and Lovenkrands with genuine pace.

  73. 108 WhoTheVuckicHaris says:
    August 21, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Explain to me how Blacburn with 3 points and a win under their belt have had the same start as us?

    When it comes to pace, I was talking about centre mid and centre defence. V slow!

  74. Cheick Tioté has his way and does three years after FC Twente tricks in the Premier League. Newcastle United he incorporated the 24-year-old midfielder as of now.

    Tioté made no secret of wanting to leave like at FC Twente. The Premier League was his dream destination and the Ivorian found in Newcastle. The medical and the formalities after the transition in the bag.

    Newcastle United reportedly makes more than four million euros for Tioté, who was in his third season in Enschede service. FC Twente paid in 2008 over two million euros for the midfielder to take over Anderlecht.

  75. Toonsy/Ice :-)

    Axel……cheers,wasnt quite sure.Does he defohave 20 odd caps,wiki(not reliable I know) only has him down for 8 caps.

  76. Alright gays, just a question on the fantasy footy, how do you change your formation from 442 to 352 or 343

  77. davy says:
    August 21, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    “that is trouble with most of our fans were always comparing everything to the keegan days yes they were the best times”

    But we didn’t win anything, Davy. Being maudlin about failure is bad psychology.

  78. hitman says:
    August 21, 2010 at 6:11 pm
    aye stu thats reet just like you stalk TC and stardust

    I lose track of TC when he goes to the dole office, I don’t know where that is, and I lose Stardust when he goes to the YMCA.

  79. Raffo it does it automatically depending on which players you pick I think….I picked 3 mf and 3 forwards so auto went 433

  80. agree with your post about someone to challenge enrique AOD

    also skjelbred or w/e yes he is a good player and he is a newcastle supporter but do we really need him if we sign ben arfa?

  81. Birmingham in particular are slow in the middle – Ferguson and Bowyer. I don’t think pace in central defence is really an issue.

    But some of these other teams offer less pace throughout the lineup. Stoke playing 4centre backs in defence and Delap on the wing in particular – and Whelan and Whitehead aren’t blessed with pace.

  82. Stardust reminds me of Andrew Stone – Anyone who watches Pineapple Studios will know he’s the sad, weird, deluded, self fantasist with no mates.

    TC on the other hand is probably just a 10 year old lad/lass on school hols wanking over adult conversation.

  83. Cheers rich but it won’t let me add in any others, ne mind il win it the old fashioned way

  84. 130 DJG says:
    August 21, 2010 at 6:27 pm
    Stu I bet you vote for the tories.

    Nah mate, I was a staunch Blairite.

    Didn’t even vote in the last election though.

  85. Looks like Martinez could be the first manager to go this season.

    Leaste we’re not bottom!

  86. Raffo..I’m doing terrible today…….3 nonstarters last week and 2 so far this week :-(

  87. they started really well anall, i think whelan will give him a chance though maybe until january

  88. Well West Ham and Wigan are imploding, we just need another team to really break down.

    In all honest though, even in this first season back we should be aiming for mid table imo. Also if we aim for 17th it can quickly go horribly wrong with a few bad results and we all don’t wanna be in that final 6 game situation again, I dont think my heart could take it.

  89. lad on .com saying that wiki is saying tiote is having a medical on the 23rd(monday)

  90. Why did we buy best then if we knew he was dire?????caceido for three mil still at city lookin to get rid big strong fast eye for goal or spend the money on a loan for jo keane or sturridge

  91. well blackpool got beat 6-0 that could be classed as breaking down, lost they chairman and manager saying he will consider his position, i rekon he’l be away within the next couple weeks meself

  92. i wouldnt touch jo with a barge poll he is shite and is trouble he got kicked out of everton when he was on loan so we dnt want him at newcastle plus he’s similar to carroll, caicedo-sturridge and keane i would say yes yes yes to them but in a way id go for keane for a loan for a year just because we need someone who is experienced in this league but caicedo will be an awesome prospect so a dunno wha ad do, we have ranger aswel though he’s going to be good

  93. Aye rich I’m similar to that too!! Ne mind!

    No one on .com knows anything man, and wiki can be edited by me right now if I wanted

  94. he is good but it is the only position where we need strengthening … Barton, Nolan Smith, colo anyone can play there and do it well ..

  95. Agreed if the first few wekks are to go by (they arnt by any strech an indication of where teams will be by christmas) there should be quite a few strugglers this year. West Ham have been slowly on the slide for years and I think this season they just wont have enough left in the tank. Wigan have outstayed their welcome, that sounds rude but come on theyv’e had a canny innings for what they are, similar to ‘rickety shack’ Pompy. Blackpool had a honeymoon result but I can see them struggling week in week out, they are relying on Harewood ffs. Another team will probly join that group and I think if we gwt these lads we are currently linked with in and make SJP a fortress we will be fine and dandy.

  96. FC Twente confirms departure Tioté

    Cheik Tioté its last game played for FC Twente. The Tukkers have accepted a bid from Newcastle United leaving only the medical examination is to throw spanner in the works.

    Jan van Halst, CEO of Twente, Eredivisie Live in front responding based upon departure Tioté. “It’s unfortunate because it is physically real Tioté summit could competitions and overturn. But if a player has put his sights on a departure for England and there is interest than you doing anything more.”

    The transfer fee paid by Newcastle United for the Ivory Coast international is not known. Previously circulated an asking price of around six million euros for the auditor, who this season until the first base player in Enschede.

  97. I hope big andy bullies jon terry he thinks he’s the dogs bollox. He always picks on the little fellars av u noticed come on andy give the tyt a fookin good slap

  98. Agreed DJG – I think Blackpool are going, then 2 from Wigan, esp if zog goes, west ham, wolves, maybe w brum and I fancy there to be a shock name down there

  99. right well hes obv signed wer just waiting final confirmation on our club website basically

  100. Aye, normal clubs announce it subject to a work permit, but we all know we’re not a ‘normal club’.

  101. Stu

    hes got the Uziblog 9mm out.

    I think its also because he doest join in the disscussions like toonsy, probably too self important to chat with the peasants. :lol:

  102. By the way, West Ham’s next two league games are against Man Ure away and Chelsea at home – They could well be zero points after four games!

    Here’s hoping.

  103. Wigan :lol:

    Who was it that said Wigan have a good young side? Chuck… ;)

    Granted it was against Chelsea, but 6-0, on the back of a 4-0 loss, both at home, would be worrying.

    Martinez to get the boot then!

  104. @toonsy: I already did a bet on that,Martinez is first to go…well,here’s hoping. :lol:

  105. I’ve just got Sky for the first time this season,and one thing I’ve just discovered,what a nob Andy Gray is.He’s so far up certain clubs arses.He was all over Man Utd on Monday and now he as spent the whole match masturbating over Chelsea.

  106. DJG – I just can’t be bothered to copy eveything that Newsnow throws out ;)

    That’ll get the P.E.F.F all radged up. I bet it will be copied and pasted on there in no time :lol:

    Fair play to him and all that, but the original is only over near enough the next one down on the Newsnow page.

  107. Dear lord there are some bloody miserable negative buggers on here… know the type, they’d dig-up a bag of gold nuggets in their garden & complain the bag was heavey…..

  108. toonsy

    Thats right man!

    newsnow newcastle is my homepage. :)

    I dont need some amature journo to tell me every rumour 10mins after its come out. ;)

  109. DJG – I do the same, sometimes, but I try not to unless there is either no original thought in my head, nothing going on at the club or no major news, hence during the summer it was getting done quite a lot by me. Hopefully now I will be back to the more original thoughts and the like.

  110. To be fair, Andy Gray was complimentary of Andy Carroll and was calling out Richard Keys, who was literally laughing at Newcastle and on a mission to make Newcastle miserable. He almost admitted as much.

  111. Not happy with my fantasy football team today, why the hell didn’t I pick Malouda ahead of Essien, c0ck. Come on Carroll & Harps for tomorrow, I need big performances.

    Seems like Chelsea are running away with the league then, maybe there should be 2 premier leagues??

  112. What people like you and Ed can do that they cant is offer real life opinion to the MOST IMPORTANT stories of the day and then allow for a discussion with bloggers to take place. I dont think Ed has got the jist of that. He only ever offers the occasional ‘we think’ like something the queen mother would say, even though its just him. :lol:

  113. Cornish – If there are two Premier League then all the money and interest will just stop in the top one and the second one will become a slightly richer version of The Championship

  114. Toonsy @ 177 Yeah you’re right but 6-0 results really make the league seem weak below the top 4-5 teams or even arguably between the top 2 and the rest.

    Like a poster above said I’m glad we’re not facing that Chelsea team right now

  115. 187 :lol: yep, can’t really argue with that, that Ancelotti fella’s prob last in the manager sack race with this sort of football.

  116. If everything comes off and Tiote and Benny boy come in,im still convinced we need a striker and Lb cover as carroll and jose will get injured at some point .j loyd samuel would be sufficient for lb i think ,but struggling with the striker ,bellers would have been perfect ,maybe Robbie Keane on loan ?

  117. @192 – not saying your wrong, just think hooters thinks we have the players to cover LB & in fairness a few teams have a problem with the lb position. Good strikers cost lots of money & I’m not sure we will have anything left in the pot if we sign afra & tiote.

    I’d guess that Defoe’s injury problem mean that there’s little chance of keane going out on loan & there’s no point signing a striker unless he’s better than what we have.

  118. Rangerman says:
    August 21, 2010 at 8:05 pm
    Dutch media are reporting the fee at 8 million euros.

    That’s about as likely as us getting Pele on loan and him playing in goal tomorrow.

  119. Nowts confirmed yet and No1 knows if we have either yet, on a side note looking forward to the Sunday paper rumours

  120. i was robbed in my fantasy footy with defoe and keane not playing!!! nzogbia didnt play last week so i sold him, not that he would of got me any points… any crack from craigcoozy ???

  121. maybe Tiote’s club won’t let him go on loan but more likely Ben Arfa is viewed as a bigger risk due to his temperament and flair players are often more of a gamble.I think Ashleys just opting for the safe route by loaning him(according to rumours) with the buy option.

  122. The opportunity of a loan and no-commitment to a future fee is what makes the Ben Arfa deal different and is what is dragging it out. We might have the money but are trying not to spend it where possible.

  123. Nick..know what ya mean,I had 3 non players last week and 2 non starters so far this…Zog got me 2 just points this week.I’m relying on players tomorrow.

  124. i hate losing as well like! i got ashley young in my team but id happy if he scored an og or just got the dumps and couldnt play…. my prediction 1-0 either way,,, toon to get a pen!!!

  125. Cheick Tioté continued his football career at Newcastle United. The 24-year-old midfielder signs after the medical examination of his work permit and received a contract with English Premiership club.

    Tioté, who last summer with Ivory Coast took part in the World Cup in South Africa in 2008 made the transition from RSC Anderlecht FC Twente. The season before was Tioté on loan for Roda JC. In Enschede midfielder played 58 league games in which he once scored 22 times and came into action at European Cup matches for FC Twente.

    More news

  126. RICHIETOON me rumours never m8 i normally leave that to you ;)m8,na heard its right,but weather its true,read iy on one of the sites

  127. this tiote guy looks Like a good signing and just what we need for the season ahead. He’s big and strong by the looks of things so he’ll settle in the prem nicely. And they call him the lion as he gives his all in every game which is good to hear, might not be the silky creative player that gets people on their seats but still something we need and something that will go a long way to keeping us in the prem.

  128. Great news that, Fraser needs to be playing and I think he will start next season as number 1

  129. Would anyone have a problem with Arteta playing for England?

    He’s now a British citizen so I say – “What number do you want, son?”

  130. RICHIETOON could be m8,dont you or big dave go on eds blog for the mo,wicky wo is giveing you ex forces lads six nought,getting a bit bad from him stopped reading to be honest

  131. How is stating that soldiers who treat illegal wars like a real life video game are stupid disrespecting all soldiers? There is a brain dead faction to the UK armed forces – it’s fact. The same applies to any military on the planet. I have no respect for those people. I won’t apologise for it.

    I do have respect, however, for the soldiers who openly voice disapproval for the wars but have no choice to take part or else their name is wrongly dragged through the mud or their families lose income. That’s a disgrace.

    I won’t cry for the idiots. I won’t be guilt tripped into it either.

    All this because some bigot on Ed’s forum was slandering Celtic and myself as being a mass IRA supporting racist murder squad. I get the distinct impression several users of these forums have about 9 different accounts they log back and forth in.

  132. WWW we dont want this sh!t on here use to get enough of it when I was on Uncle Eds
    Ice hows you mate haven’t seen you on much today

  133. Toonsy, you need to warm up your red card mate…..theres some total bollocks running on here tonight..!

  134. Wickywoowoo… I realize what point you are trying to make mate, but some of the people who have family in army might take offense to what you write… How bout we keep the political debate on forums for such and talk football here?

  135. Wickytossbag

    Every war in history is illegal one way or the other.

    Whether you think it’s illegal or not, you should support the lads and lasses out there fighting. If you don’t then I suggest you go and live in a country where your freedom doesn’t come so easily and where your stupdi idiotic views would see you be-headed!

    This coming from a man who’s country released a convicted terrorist, not any terrorist, the biggest mass murder of terrorism in this countries history, just because he was ill!

    Get a life and get out of mine, you stupid Catholic, peado accepting prick!!!!

  136. I have family in the army too. I will also respect your politely made point, I give up with these places.

    I’ll leave batty and his illiterate spastic society to make IRA allegations and other racist slurs. Have a good night all.

  137. Evening lads. Well if the Twente official site is confirming the deal as being done you’d think the club would announce something sooner rather than later like. Strange we’d shell out for him yet not Benny but it’s a strange old game and we’re certainly a strange club at times, lol. Looking forward to tomorrow, think we’ll be well up for it and hopefully we can get a result at home.

  138. stu i applaud u thats the best post ive ever seen on these blog spot on and every word true

  139. Valle you have hit the nail on the head mate as I take offence to that sh1t @ 223 but I will refrain from insults on this occasion ;)

  140. 223 wickywoowoo says:
    August 21, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Opps sorry thought I was reading a NUFC blog….

    No need for all that chat on here tbh.

  141. I cant believe I addressed Wicky on Ed’s and he’s bloody on this one :roll:

    divnt worry ice,I was quite polite..ish ;-)

  142. Big Dave… Enough trouble out there for us to worry bout besides our precious NUFC mate… With Tiote in and Ben Arfa likely, whats next? I hear strong rumours about Keane on loan, those 3 would be immense imo.

  143. Ross, I’m thinking its just Ashley looking to get the best deal and he’ll take as long as necessary over Ben Arfa to get a loan deal without committing to purchase because it is possible

  144. Valle, I hope you’re right about Keane. There’s no way on top of two possible midfield signings we could afford a decent striker. Where have you heard that?

  145. batty – People like him and his views make my skin crawl. He wants to apprecieate what the armed forces have done for him, now and in the past.

    We didn’t want to be speaking German now do we….?

  146. BIG DAVE na m8 been a bit busy with phone calls you know what i mean ;).
    then i watched a good film,if you like action,watch CENTURION

  147. The Keane rumours are all around the net guys… Seems Sky’s Odds on us taking him in have fallen to 1/8 and he wasnt in todays spurs team… Still just a net rumour tho

  148. Not really, batts. I don’t expect us to win so anything will be a bonus.

    That’s not me being negative, just realistic. They have some real good players, with pace and skill and are set up for the counter attack.

    Will be there though cheering and singing like fck…

  149. CC level 7’s full isnt it? ya mean upper tier of the Gallowgate? ;-) wor lass’ll be there too….still reckon mid 40k’s

  150. Batty… Here is hoping, but unfortunately i have no way on checking up on those odds. I guess we will hear more in the next couple of days if there is any substance in it.

  151. Big Dave says:
    August 21, 2010 at 9:51 pm
    Stuart proud of ye lad
    Ice the last film I watched was Braveheart ??? yrs ago R u into films ?

    Dave I respect our armed forces more than anything I could ever dream of respecting. What they do is incomprehensible. They put their life on the line for King and country when we are just sat here fcking about on a blog, complaining about NUFC!

    I wouldn’t have the bottle or the heart to do what they do, for that I respect them beyond belief!

    Special people, special people indeed.

  152. Aye upper tier smart arse ;) Ive always sat in the Milburn in the past, wires crossed

    Looking at the official site a lot of the gaps filling in, Whatever it ends up as it’ll be bigger crowd than theyll get at the SOS in the next decade…

  153. Valle you dont need to check the odds the resident bookie just give you them mate ;) sorry but you failed yer 3 in a row :lol:

  154. BIG DAVE just got into them while layed up,icepup gets them from some place ;)also went off for a while when some dick came on,turns my guts,and i would say some things and get banned

  155. Big Dave… Well, the hattrick will have to go to Carroll tomorrow i guess… Split feelings, but i guess its for the best ;)

  156. CC……..ya’ll prob see me knocking the lad oot who sits behind me when he starts booing his own players again ;-)

    batty I’m bricking it.

  157. No betting man as you might have guessed by the way lol, i live in Denmark and we dont use odds to the same degree as you guys… I just know those were the numbers posted, but they might have been the other way round?

  158. Stuart I have allways thought you were a goodun but this >
    I wouldn’t have the bottle or the heart to do what they do, for that I respect them beyond belief!

    you have went up even further in my estimations.
    There is very few people that would have the balls to admit what you just have. I know it makes me proud to know that people respected us in serving our Country ;)

  159. Big Dave says:
    August 21, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    Like I said, Dave – You’re special people, very special indeed.

    Whenever you’re in an argument with anyone you can just say “I fought for my country, I put my life on the line for my country, what have you done?” Nuff said… Respect.

  160. Transfer odds are particularly unreliable I think. On Thursday, Ashley Young was 1/2 to join Spurs and Keane 1/3 to move in the opposite direction. Earlier in the summer Keane was odds on to join Fulham when it was briefly thought Jol would take over.

    It’s unlikely but it would be great business if it came off.

  161. Batts you are a big time poker hustler ;)
    Valle I will give you the hattrick for that one mate I hope yer right mate :)
    Ice you dont need to go off mate rise above them but I do understand how you feel ;)

  162. Big Dave… Apreciated mate ;)
    Vuckic… Great business indeed, Perch, Gosling, Campbell, HBA, Tiote and Keane for something in the region of 7 million?

  163. Yeah I do mate.It brings a tear to the eye at the match too if they have squaddies there to see everyone applaud them.

  164. RICHIETOON i read how you rose above it on eds,i was going to go on and say what i thought wont mind getting banned on there.
    but i rose above it lol

  165. Ice…but I was canny polite,cos believe me I wanted to phrase everything a bit differently :twisted:

  166. well after reading stu post which i agree 100% and yes hes right which of us have the bottle ive had loads of fights in pubs clubs on the street etc been glassed stabbed but would i fuk have the bottle too go too war good on ya lads and lasses

  167. Ice sometimes its better to just say nowt, I didn’t even know you went on to EDs
    Richie I went on just to see what you said ;) im sure you did want to phrase things differently. But im sure Batty covered some of them points for ye :)

  168. RICHIETOON i know what you mean my nephew is in his 29th year and seen him in tears over lads that didnt make it home,and hes a but feels it like everone

  169. BIG DAVE i dont go on eds but read the comments m8,thats why i was going to just to have a go at him

  170. Aye ice,ya never forgot nor should you.I’m proud of everthing I’ve done and prouder still of lads still out there doing it.

  171. Batty if you were trained to do it ye could and I would say the same would go for Stuart aswell. I can remember a Sgt in training that I would have done anything for mostly through fear TBH. But I had a Sgt major that was a real hard Bast*rd that I would have done anything for just to please him and for him to say you done well Lad

  172. Here Ice just thinking back there Toonsy took the Hump with me today mate :lol: :lol: :lol: . thats the 1st time in ages I got a bite out of him :) then when he went I felt real bad :( for winding him up but he didnt stay away to long ;)

  173. Hot off HBA’s twitter:
    In turmoil, Olympique de Marseille can not handle several problems at once. Also, the Olympian Club president Jean-Claude Dassier, returned in a long interview with Le Figaro on the case Hatem Ben Arfa, he considers “major concern”. “I heard that Werder Bremen did not take. I hope that English clubs (Newcastle and Arsenal, ed) it will work and that Hatem is always attracted by England. I do not know either. I pray that it will spend the least possible harm to him but he put himself in a complicated situation. The attitude that was his in respect of the OM does not necessarily encourage other clubs to see what happens to bind (…). I will do everything to try to help him continue his career without injury, but Ben Arfa I really do not facilitate the task.

  174. Ice ;) yer right mate we need to keep his feet firmly on the ground :lol:
    Richie I see that SGT guy that was on here last night from Eds is a bit pissed of with WWW too :lol:

  175. aye he’s yanktoonsouljah on here.I think he’s in the process of getting out the U.S Forces now due to injuries sustained……..think he’s coming over for a look in Newcastle to see if he wants to live here(I think)

  176. Hey guys not all us jocks are sad bitter little gobshites like www, lots of scots have died all over the world for this country so that people like him can sit on their fat arse’s in the safety of their own home and spout their garbage. For many people the forces are a choice & they love it, but for alot of others the only alternative is the dole.

    Anyway, see lawro’s been on the mike ashley greggs diet over the summer.

  177. noir……aye I kna mate,he’s just bitter and twisted knas nowt about the real world.

    see ya ice……thats me off too,all excited about the match,like a little kid.later lads

  178. This isaacs blok on twitter might have the inside knowledge but I’m doubting his football knowledge as he seriously debates whether we Smith or Tiote should be first choice in defensive midfield. And he thinks Smith is the better tackler.

  179. 233 Stuart79 says:
    August 21, 2010 at 9:36 pm


    Every war in history is illegal one way or the other.

    Whether you think it’s illegal or not, you should support the lads and lasses out there fighting. If you don’t then I suggest you go and live in a country where your freedom doesn’t come so easily and where your stupdi idiotic views would see you be-headed!

    This coming from a man who’s country released a convicted terrorist, not any terrorist, the biggest mass murder of terrorism in this countries history, just because he was ill!

    Get a life and get out of mine, you stupid Catholic, peado accepting prick!!!!”

    For once, massive respect to the Stu.

  180. batty says:
    August 21, 2010 at 9:41 pm
    good riddance too ya ya dirty c@nt make sure the door hits u on the way oot


    If your reading this, please never come on this blog again, your a pretend part time toon fan, and sometimes I wonder if you are.

    wickywoowoo says:
    August 21, 2010 at 9:38 pm
    ”I’ll leave batty and his illiterate spastic society to make IRA allegations and other racist slurs”

    Gan take your silly old fashioned, undemocratic, ‘Irish republican army’ wtf are you scottish or irish boy are what, shithead views elsewhere off this blog for genuine toon fans and dont come back, because trust me I speck for most on here when I democratically say f### you prick.

  181. Ha Louise Taylor of the observer thinks Man City will be champions! Kenywne Jones to Stoke City will prove the best summer signing! and Victor Moses at Wigan will be a ‘one to watch’, you silly silly muckem t##t.

  182. Sorry did I say observer I ment gaurdian, actually no wait she’s scabbing across from one t’other.

  183. aye thats what I said the other day 3-1,hope AC scores I need him to drag my fanatsy team oot the sh!t

  184. Hey guys am new here. Apparently the deal regarding ben arfa is almost done according to this source ( some kind or agent or smth)

    cwarr07 @isaacJLJ Deals done, just needs OM to sign it off & not back out again

  185. tino…he’s signing…he’s not….he’s in Toon….he’s not………deals agreed … deals agreed………I think that’s about the gist of it ;-)

  186. Morning all, we’re ok lads, Messi says Jonas is as good as Rooney, Torres or Fabregas! lol

  187. I’ve read a couple of times that the pitch at SJP has been narrowed this season, seem to remember hooters denying it but the guy in the observer mentioned it again today. Wonder if there’s any truth in it?

  188. I doubt we will be going on the offernsive… Chris says that we will mostly be playing with 1 striker upfont.

  189. tino – less space for the better teams I guess, although it would also mean less space for us to use. Probably just more press bollocks & he needed something else for his article.

  190. How can the club now suddenly turn round and say we won’t offer big wages to anyone when we have offered in the past £60k to the likes of Barton and Smith and £100+K to Owen.

  191. DJG – because we can’t afford them & unless we get costs under control we’ll never get out from under this mountain of debt and be able buy players or find a buyer for the club. I’d take all this with a pinch of salt anyway, our wage limit has been reported at anywhere between £15 & £40k a week & yet we supposedly have offerd saylor an improved contract of £45k per week.

  192. the sunday sun reckon there been no contact with OM for over a week regarding benny arfa.

  193. The Sunday Sun never get anything right – Ever!

    The outcome of todays game could depend on how Perch handles Ashley Young. The problem is he will need help from Routledge and that will stiffle our attacking threats.

    Worried about their pace and guile.

  194. hope its not true about the pitch,owt from the better teams is a bonus but against the not so good teams its us who needs to use the width with our wingers so wouldnt make sense.Theres a couple of lads from the village who work on the ground staff so I’ll see if I can find out for defo.

    I wouldnt want Santa C to injury prone,to slow dont think he’ll offer owt better than we have and his wages will be huge.

  195. man u had pace and guile stuart..never realy got behind us..didnt see their 2 wingers run perch or bull..when evra got free perch got back and put him in the we should have more of the ball..lets see how they cope in the air against we will see what standard we are at against villa..

  196. Rich – My head hurts, and I have burnt my hand as I was pissing around with flaming sambuca :( :twisted:

  197. Toonsy….never piss about when pissed there can only be 2 outcomes embarassment and pain :-)