Marseille president slams Newcastle.

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Dastardly Dassier.
Dastardly Dassier.
Marseille president, Jean-Claude Dassier has decided to hit out at Newcastle over the way that they are handling the transfer of Hatem Ben Arfa.

As each day passes, a deal is becoming less likely to happen, in my opinion anyway, which is frustrating considering that it would appear that the player is there to be signed.

Apparently Marseille have no issue with the player going out on loan, but they also want a clause which would mean that the transfer would become permanent if Newcastle managed to avoid the drop, which seems pretty reasonable to me to be fair. However, the way Marseille have acted throughout this whole affair makes me wonder if they are actually telling the truth?

Lets face it, they haven’t exactly been saints have they? A deal was apparently agreed a few weeks back, a deal that Marseille then decided to back out of. But Dassier has today turned the table on Newcastle.

“I asked Newcastle to add an automatic buyout clause if they stay in the Premier League. They refused,” Dassier said.

“The English should not take us for idiots. They have seen what has happened with Hatem and are trying to take advantage. It would be better for him to go to Bremen. They are more serious.”

So Bremen are more serious then? Funny that, especially considering the German club have admitted there is no interest from their end whatsoever.

After reading that quote I would suggest that it’s now highly unlikley that Ben Arfa will end up at Newcastle. It sounds like both Marseille and Newcastle are trying to play hardball, and we know that Ashley won’t cave in to demands.

I just wish this whole sorry saga could be put to bed, yet it continues to roll on. If, and it’s a big if, what Dassier is saying about the clause to buy the player in the future is correct then I can perhaps see their point. Is it correct though? Can Marseille be trusted? It’s very much a case of the boy who cried wolf you see.

People are getting bored of this now and both the clubs needs to decide if they are interested in doing business with each other or not.

Lets see what happens now then!

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211 Responses

  1. Before anyone gets their black & White tinted specs on, we behaved just as dispicable with West and Villa with Dyer and Milner respectively.

  2. Don’t want him … full stop.

    what happens if he strops off again (like he has at his last 2 clubs) and does not wish to play for us after 2 games on the bench … would everyone still want to buy him then ..???

    this is an entirely reasonable stance from the club and his current employers are simply wanting to put pressure on us to buy him (coz they want rid)

    Don’t you think its odd that no ‘big club’ have been linked with him … if he’s that good he would have been snapped up by now.

    and stu I am not saying that we should only pursue players who are being chased by big clubs … but it does tell a story :(

  3. This is just ridiculous. There’s no way Ben Affleck is coming to our club now.

    Should have made a serious bid for Bellamy.

    Put up some more pics of football girls in bikinis, I’m over it.

  4. This fella must run Freddy Shepherd pretty close for the giggest gab in football.

    What a twunt.

  5. shrews mag says:
    August 20, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    Does it tell a story? Probably not – Man Ure weren’t in for Vuckic, (I imagine) doesn’t mean he’s going to be no good.

    Probably that he’s just not good enough for the better clubs, but we’re not that good so he’s good enough for us.

    If we polish him up and then we’ll sell him for a big profit. That’s the new business model.

  6. Bellamy has gone ‘home’ for the right reasons for a change.

    ICE – We can dream, but I think they are here for a while!!!

    A CDM should be our priority. Ben Affleck may come he may not, esp if other clubs are dropping out. I dont think we are being unreasonable at all in not wanting to put a clause to say we will defo buy him, why should we? Im not going to go out with a bird for a date on the proviso that if she doesnt spend all my money I have to marry her?!

    Makes sense and I applaud Cashley for it if its true.

    I still think, and hope, that we can sort out a deal, but I am just so bored with it now, its all we are talking about, yet I find myself still drawn to this site and newsnow looking for news!!! ARRRRGGHH

  7. An automatic deal at the end of the season is perfect.if he shines we get him at a smaller amount and If we go down we don’t get stuck with his’s win win f**cking idiots run our club I can’t believe we won’t agree to this

  8. Stuart79 says:
    August 20, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Before anyone gets their black & White tinted specs on, we behaved just as dispicable with West and Villa with Dyer and Milner respectively.

    That was then, this is now.

    No doubt you’ll try and twist it so that it looks like Ashley was at fault for that too tho. :roll:

  9. Toon Chicken says:
    August 20, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    “That was then, this is now.”

    Oh ok, all is forgiven Mr Hitler then…

    What goes around comes around.

  10. i wish Dastardly Dassier would feck off and run his own club with aplomb rather than trying to switch the focus and point the finger at us! Quel Idiot!!!!!

  11. Ashley is a business man, this clown is a former journalist. Your seeing both playing there strength’s & i’ve no idea if we’ll get this lad or not but this clown ought to shut the f**k up. Everyday he’s contradicting himself, it’s on, it’s not, maybe it’s on, maybe not then :?

  12. An automatic permanent clause will mean that we are not getting the best part of the kind of makes the whole point of a loan deal pointless.we are looking to take him on loan to see wheater he can suit english football and come out a success.wat if he has a bad season and we stay up?it means we will have to buy him anyway.i think we not agreeing to that clause makes sense.

  13. Hope the rumors are true that we are after tiote from fc Twente the lad is a very good dm and is better than smith , he has much more pace and can tackle without giving away free kicks and getting booked .

  14. Afternoon all,

    Anyone know if the rumours about Cheick Tioté are true. Some people saying he could sign today. No doubt just more ‘My Source says….’ …

    I have never seen him play but believe he is a DM in the Alan Smith mould but can play football as well !
    Anyone seen him play?

    I have a bad feeling that we will get to the end of the transfer window and be disappointed AGAIN. Either get no-one or a couple of cheap panic buys!
    Hope I am wrong lads!

  15. Nobodies saying the club are wrong, just that we have been guilty of similar silly games recently.

    I hate double standards, we cannot complain at the way Marseille are going about it.

  16. I can’t see anyone trying to defend Freddy Shephered tho, Stu.

    It’s just you and your and your twisted logic again.

  17. imo we’re no more or no less likely to get him than we were a week ago.I understand why L’OM want the clause put in but from our side we could stay up,Benny could play 10 games and be crap in every one of them but we’d still have to sign him because of the clause.Of course it depends on the wording of the clause ie if he’s picked to play in 75% of the games he’s fit for then if he was he’d obviously have been playing ok for us.

  18. hitman , it could all be bull . I can’t find anything in the dutch media about anybody making a bid for him . A while back their was talk here of a couple of Bundisliga clubs wanting him .

  19. HBA has tagged the following on his twitter page:
    The show Telefoot is back this Sunday 10:50 live on TF1, with Christian Jeanpierre and Frederick Calenge. For this occasion, David Astorga will duplex Marseille Jean-Claude Dassier, President of the Olympic and Loic Remy Marsielle new signing of the club.
    LIGUE 1: Marseille VA WHY EVIL?
    Niang left Fenerbahce (Turkey), Ben Arfa at odds with its leaders, 18th in the standings with 0 points, why the OM is so wrong? The arrival of Loïc Remy Will it help to redress the situation in Marseilles? Andre-Pierre Gignac sign he also in Marseille? Deschamps CommentDidier he saw this situation? The ambitions of the OM will they be downgraded? Survey.

  20. chaps like i posted earlier Cheick Tioté arrived this morning, i assume for a medical, this is 100% true and not a joke, as i also said i cant reveal my source so dont ask me

  21. Must admit this whole transfer window doing my head in, the sooner it close’s the better for me regardless who comes in or not!

  22. Toon Chicken says:
    August 20, 2010 at 1:38 pm
    I can’t see anyone trying to defend Freddy Shephered tho, Stu.

    It’s just you and your and your twisted logic again.

    Is there any chance of you making any sense – EVER?

    Who’s defending FS?

    I didn’t agree with the way NUFC acted with Milner and Villa (FS) and I didn’t agree with the way we dealt with West Ham over Dyer (Under Ashley). I don’t agree with Marseille’s handling of this either.

    But some on here are having a go at Marseille conveniently forgetting that we’ve been less than perfect ourselves in the past.

    So what’s ya point?

  23. Dassier is a idiot? dont worry this will deal will still go through he will be a toon player b4 tonight ???

  24. this is too much now lads,im sick of it.dassier says this,dassier says that.they obviously want the money for hatem so why dont we just pay the fee? we cant want him that much.i understand both clubs stances but it needs sorting now,its getting ridiculous and is annoying the pants of i would say every single one of us! sign him or move on to other attacking players,though we wont get anybody half as good for the price om want,personally i think we should just pay the fee and take him in,we cant afford to be too fussy over details when a player of this calibre is wanting to come here.i would never of thought we would of had the chance to sign somebody like this and most would of snapped om’s hands off at 6m,i would of anyways

  25. Again some media BS using half the quotes from a day or two ago and twisted to make a story. And the French translation doesn’t exactly match the words in that quote either!

  26. The shouldn’t agre to an autooatic purchase use. what if he come here and cant hack it? We’d not only lose the fee but be stuck with big wages as well. Xisco comes to mind.

  27. Like I said last time time, Stu – I’m wasting my time arguing with an idiot. I’ve got much better things to do – catch ya after.

  28. Oh yeah, it’s Friday – Dole day!

    Still got a parking space at the dole office for ya skateboard?

  29. toonsy, isn’t it for the best that the ticket situation gets as much coverage as possible.

    Ed’s not taking credit obviously he is just reporting the usual roundup of stories in the rest of the press today.

  30. he looks like a school teacher that f**king twatssier,move on go elsewhere we dont need to be dictated to by these pricks.
    i know one thing there is more sources on this board than heinz and hp,put together lol.

  31. Stuart79 – You made perfect sense to me, I mentioned the same thing the other day about Dyer. As supporters we can complain about the idiots running clubs, but as a club i don’t think we can have too many complaints that they changed their minds, seeing as Ashley did the exact same thing on the Dyer deal.

  32. Actually, Stu, Tuesday is dole day.

    Friday is the day I go round and fcuk your mutha. x

  33. l’equipe reporting this morning that werder are interested,they just denied this so as to try and get price down…says they will offer 6m euros today and that hatem is resigned to not coming to nufc and will ‘bounce back in budesliga’….hope he goes somewhere so we can put this to bed and move on one way or another

  34. Toonsy, like you I emailed the club about the ticket situation, but now I find that everton tickets are still available, maybe “supporters” really arnt buying many? How do you know how many tickets have been made available?

  35. WhoTheVuckicHaris….dont know where he is staying but landed this morning

  36. @44 peter loves his pants says:
    August 20, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    If this is true, can you not find out the latest on Ben Arfa?

  37. jay jay says:
    August 20, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Away tickets very rarely get snapped up within days – Especially Everton!

  38. Stuart79 I usually find away tickets sell out quite fast but not for the everton match for some reason?

  39. toonsy stardust is trying to say you never started the carry on about away tickets it was nust on eds

  40. Seem This guy is a complete numpty, he’s also having a problem with unvieling Loic Remy to the press over there today, something about his medical but no one know exactoy what’s going!!!!

    Me, I think that Remy has said he’s not joining L’OM until Ben Arfa has left for the Toon as he doesn’t want to play in the same team but thats just a rumour ;) ;)

  41. I don’t think I have come across a man with a lower self esteem in my life than him.

  42. HITMAN i dont go on eds blog but i read the comments,did see he was causeing a bit of bother on there,its not my scene,but i think toonsy kicked it off like from what i saw,good old batty was giveing him some stick.
    hows you by the way m8

  43. forget it lads! media over here dont wont us to do well.they all wont to go down so do most teams.that is a story in the papers evry1 is going on about.the german club are not after ben what evr the marseille are saying is crap.if that is true then why havnt any1 sighed him up.german club would have had him tied up by now.the club are pissed off by us..becasue he doesnt wont to go were they wont him to go..we are then made out as if we are doing wrong..if he signs for us then all this marseille crap is bollocks..why havnt they then said we are not going to sell him to us..and why hasnt any1 from ben arfa come out and said anything doesnt make sence to me when they all kept saying he was going nowwhere but us.

  44. Technical question here.

    Do any of us know just how many NUFC emplyees are working on transfers ans loans? CH may have a “yea or nay” role, but he is not the negotiator of these deals.

    IMHO, NUFC may be using the HBA soap opera as cover to keep our attention from other deals they are working on that are more vital to this squad.

  45. Not bit Stardust. Just like setting the record straight ;)

    Another .org exclusive. Revealed on here far far far before NUST, The Chron/.com (same thing)

  46. Stu – I think you do have a good point about Dyer and Milner; not our finest hour. As you say – it can come back to bite you, and it’s probably part of the problem here.

    But that doesn’t excuse this French idiot for taking everyone for idiots while trying insist on a ridiculous clause (nobody in their right mind would go for it) and inventing competition for Benny just to up his price.

    Sorry to be boring and agree with everyone, like! :)

    For what it’s worth, I’ve a funny feeling we will end up with a new, exciting AM, and it’ll probably be Benny. I’m unaware of any credible alternative L’OM has, and Ashley probably knows it. Never kid a kidder, and all that. Especially a kidder who legally screwed those square mile arses for £800m playing them at their own game!

    What we have here appears to be a clash of two scheming, untrustworthy, weapons-grade fat gits…

  47. aye batty i noticed that stardust and troy turn up at the same time,whats the odds eh.
    iaye dog it was defo toonsy who first brought it to light..just stardust being well yee nahh

  48. batty says:
    August 20, 2010 at 2:36 pm
    stu who star or tc

    Well it’s a close run thing, but Stardust.

    The man gets his kicks from coming on blogs like this, contridicting everything everyone says and talking general bollox.

    He must be one fckin ugly bastard – He musn’t get out much.

    Having said that, you could probably use the same description for TC.

  49. Stu – sorry i’ve been oot … “If we polish him up and then we’ll sell him for a big profit. That’s the new business model”

    The point is his current employers want rid because he is a liability.

    At the end of this season after him walking out again … it will be us who will be trying to off load him to anyone willing to buy him … crap business model …

    and the best bit is … plenty on here will be slagging the club off for buying him in the 1st place … makes no sense …

    if he comes it should be on a season long loan deal only … nothing else.

  50. toonsy – we know where the story originated and that’s all that matters … keep up the good work …

  51. Whumpie – I think Slarth has it nailed a bit further up.

    Dassier – Former journalist and all-round newshound


    Ashley – A hard faced business man,

    I think we are seeing both sides playing their stringest suit. Dassier is using his friends and knowledge to try and manipulate things. Ashley is using his kowledge to try it his own way. It’s like a personality clash kind of

  52. shrews mag says:
    August 20, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    …And if he’s a major success, scores and creates lots of goals then someone comes along and buys him?

    We’ve lost out again!

    I’m afraid the club has to trust the manager, the scout reports and the coaches. If they all like him, get him.

    If he turns out to be a nightmare, it’s the manager who will take responsibility for it.

    Trust the manager – If not sack him!

  53. toonsy says:
    August 20, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Wouldn’t you have thought that Ashley would of realised that his ‘own’ way just doesn’t bloody work in football?

  54. Dassier – Former journalist and all-round newshound


    Ashley – A hard faced business man

    But whos better, Theres only one way to find out…

    Toonsy how did you piss Ed off enough to get banned ??

  55. hitman says:
    August 20, 2010 at 2:40 pm
    aye batty i noticed that stardust and troy turn up at the same time,whats the odds eh.
    <<<< ive always sed it and stand by it defo him

  56. Theres something fishy about this transfer. I don’t like it and im starting to tire of it tbh.

    Why does no other club want him?

    Why is their chairman saying bremen want him when they have said along the lines of, ‘we need to add quality but not Ben Arfa.’

    Why is BA and his cronies saying nowt at their end.

    If this lad really does have a stinkin attitude which I fear he might I dont blame us for rejecting a have to buy clause just coz we stay up.

    Will be interesting if we ever learn properly later on by the player or club what really happened coz I think we are being fed horse s### here.

  57. CiaranTheGeordieLad says:
    August 20, 2010 at 2:52 pm
    Mike Ashley will win this battle.

    Certainly if they decide to settle it in a sumo ring.

  58. going to work..another day talking about ben arfa..this must be the longest i have talked about a player who isnt even are player yet..wont be looking at this blogg until saturday afternoon lets see better news then havin g nolan playing as are running midfielder the ch way.

  59. Hi Guys,
    Read the blog all the time, but first time poster. I am becoming obsessed with checking the net and blogs for news of HBA or any other transfer activity. I am really starting to annoy myself. HBA does totally stink of modric or arshavin and I am just ready for the usual crap of “we offered X, bit they wanted Y…”.

    Defo no signing in before Villa now. I think we will at least get a point but think of mid field will struggle with their pace.

  60. dassier to speak at press conference regarding remy this afternoon at 16.30. maybe he will update on hatem aswell….

  61. Ignore this fool. He is just trying to ensure Ben Arfa goes to Bremen so they get the cash.

  62. apperntly thers an OM news conference at half 4 to unviel remy and discuss BEN ARFA was on french website but google translate never made much sence owta it

  63. Someone shoot me now,im so over this Transfer Window.
    This me reminds of a song
    “Just build me up buttercup,just to let me down”

  64. aye Jay Jay – but itl be the same guff ‘no news’ ‘working hard’ ‘no interest’ ‘great player but not on the radar’ ‘ trying hard but dont expect anything to happen’

  65. RAFFO looks like you have him sussed m8,talk for 10min and say nowt,must be a art that like

  66. Stu – “Trust the manager – If not sack him!”

    I do trust the manager … we have not signed HBA … he’s doing a good job …!!! :)

  67. Is Hughton the most natural fit for one of Ashley’s managers? Syas nowt, never knows nowt and is just so dead pan!

    Perfect fit!

  68. dassier really is a prize wallop,been on l’om forum and they think even worse of him than we do of ash!

  69. dassier may be a prize wallop but at least he communicates with the fans! even if its nonsense its better than what we get.whatever has went on between ash and toon army he should have a legal obligation to keep us updated,not the usual 12 monthly statement of terror

  70. Maybe its just me but i like the fact that he says nothing at all and just gets on with it. We have ( and still do ) had to many bullshitters at the club and its refreshing he gives the media nowt to go on. Fair enough it gives them free run to write what they like but it doesnt seem to affect him

  71. STUART i have said before,think back to last year over the bexford/moses saga,ch said yes we like the players and are trying to work something out we got best so maybe ash gave him a bloody nose over it so now he says nowt,watching his back now?

  72. thats true but still think us fans deserve to be kept updated on certain things likes,we after all are his customers

  73. this is bad news odemwingie signs for wba…….he is a very good striker played for nigeria in wc….got pace ns 2 footed…..when r we goin to sign someone like that..???this is gettin really frustrating

  74. Stu @ 101, Appreciate you have you opinion on hooters, I just find him a refreshing change to some the the gob-shite renta quote managers you hear on sky. It’s just not in his character to be out-going & probably does lack media savvy. Nobody knows what is said in private between him and ashley, what exactly do you expect him to say? When or if he has something to say he will.

  75. Johno – agree m8 – sometimes silence is a good thing. Alows the team to get on and do things without ditractions.

    When Joe K was here it was embarassing week in week out …:(

  76. SHREWS MAG funny that m8 (joe.k.) hes never been offered a single job since he left toon,wonder why lol

  77. I think icedog casue he is certifiably nuts! Tho i did ( and still do ) laugh at that press confernce

    Jfk; Who is simon bird?

    Simon Bird: That would be me

    JFK: yOUR A C**T

    Haha he was spot on mind , but doesnt mean he should of said r acted the way he did ,

  78. Dassier is ryt tool he is jus using press saying bremen r interested he knows what hba wants but he is di**ing around

  79. its wierd how no one is talking from arfa’s camp, just that fat douche from OM, i bet he’ll jus say how we are messing them about an thats it

  80. Alex84 – You’re right, especially considering HBA and his camp wouldn’t shut up about a week ago! :)

  81. Forget about Ben Arfa remember N Zog well is it worth taking on another problem who will disrupt the dressing room. Put this to bed NOW and concentrate on players we can sign. The fat man will not pay the money no matter what so let`s get behind the lads who got us up. We will only sign loan players or bargain basement we have been told this so we might as well get used to it! I`m not saying I agree with it in fact i`m pi**** off but the reality is fat man rules!`

  82. Anyone else think Dassier has a look of Malcolm MacDonald? I do where specs like so maybe I am miles out. lol

  83. my team vs villa

    simple 4-4-2

    ………… harper ……………

    perch .. colo .. williamson .. jose

    routlege .. barton .. nolan .. jonas

    …… loven …… carrol ………

    double substitution after 60 mins guthrie for nolan and vuckic for barton

  84. im thinking there not saying a word coz of the apparent “if you shut up,you will get your move to nufc” thing, which again could be me wishing too much.
    there press confrence must be over now, as france are an hour in front…

  85. Alex84 – If you listen to the French they aren’t an hour in front – We are an hour behind :lol:

  86. Diarra is available on loan from real madrid remember the guy we agreed a 6m fee for. Get your arse into gear ashley and get after this guy!

  87. yep would give him EPL football. Its just a thought of what could happen. And that would mean another good signed lost to wigen just like Victor Moses.

  88. HBA WILL NOT GO TO WIGAN – who the feck would? Moses is a prize plum and will regret his decision ‘on footballing terms’ to go there as I think Wigan are going doon.

    HBA will not go to Wigan when he can go to Benfica, and a couple of German teams and play European football. HBA doesnt strike me as the type to just go anywhere for the sake of it.

  89. HBA WILL NOT GO TO WIGAN – who the fcuk would? Moses is a prize plum and will regret his decision ‘on footballing terms’ to go there as I think Wigan are going doon.

    HBA will not go to Wigan when he can go to Benfica, and a couple of German teams and play European football. HBA doesnt strike me as the type to just go anywhere for the sake of it.

  90. if hba doesnt sign today would we have to wait till monday , or do they do buisness on the weekends?

  91. i highly doubt ben arfa will be signing for us anymore, just think tht the deal is totally dead

  92. @138: Omg,another saga emerging if that news is true. 8O

    I wondering 2 things at the moment.

    1) Yesterday on ed’s blog a guy says we strongly interested with Gignac,which also happens to be OM target….

    ps: and because of that,i was being “bash” up by someone…

    2) If that above news happen to be true about remy,wouldn’t that result another saga,with both of us fighting for Gignac??? hahahas,

    Random thoughts…

  93. i still think the deal is alive it is gonna come down to hba desire to come here, OM accepted offer from benfica on monday but HBA wouldnt talk to them bcoz he wants pl footie

  94. we could do them a deal we’ll pull out a deal for gignac if you giv us arfa on our terms am sure the dossa with bite our hands off

  95. sorry dave i do hope your right i really do a just think its gone now a really cant see it happening we seem to be to far apart they want this and wont budge and we want this and wont budge neither like 2 kids in a playground

  96. i know HBA is class but jus what if he was crap why wud u agree to put in claus that u hav to buy if u stay in the league,we all know he wouldnt b rubbish but to agree a claus like that wud b insane he cud cause loads of b injury prone, jus not fit into the league but we wud hav to buy,i think there ryt to stand there ground

  97. @MDS: great!!~~Finally a news of another player…

    Anyone here,cares to give a brief summary about that player??? And your opinion about Him…

    **In the process,of diverting attention,hehes**

  98. believe it when a see it mate.. Dave i agree if u mean newcastle are right to stand they ground a defo would not agree to such deal fair enough if it was like buy him at end of season providing everything went well but obv we wouldnt want to buy him if he was awful or injured all time thts the whole point in a loan aint it to see if they good enough for the club, i mean not every loan is like tht some are just actually general loans but u no what a mean

  99. tiote obviously hasnt signed as hughton would of said wer close to the completion of a deal or something along those lines cos if he had signed all we would of been waitin on was work permit or somthing so he wouldnt of had t worry about other clubs offering

  100. i but they want it so we buy him no matter what, n cheick toite wud gud signing a proper dm which really lack and will b great for our 451 away from home

  101. And so,i just saw Gignac transfer on principal has been agreed with OM…..

    @hitman: Same Old story,nothing much….i wonder their “some” clubs refers to who??hahahas.

  102. ch wont admit any deal is close until its done only if it gets leaked will he admit it, thats why he always say thats jus speculation he said bout gosling n campbell

  103. @asyraf: yupies,the one and only AOD from Singapore :lol: …I assume you know me in person??? You are?

  104. Definitely a lot of smoke around Tiote right now- probably more than any other player other than Arfa and Gosling this window. A proper DM, especially a young player, would be much welcomed.

  105. AOD, haha no i don’t know you in person.
    i come here daily and regularly see you here.
    i’m from s’pore too! you still schooling?

  106. he’s quite pacey aswel Tiote, well pacey for a dm anyways, and strong as hell, alot of african players are becoming more the rage these days because they all strong as hell and work tha asses off think its because ther fed testosterone when tha bairns

  107. I am currently searching more info about Cheick Tiote if is true,we have done the deal….

    does he plays at multiple position???

  108. tiote is jus what we need a proper dm player someone to jus sit n protect the back n let everyone else go forward

  109. Hughton on Tiote, at least no denial…

    “He is a player we are very much aware of, but as with lots of other names, they are very much speculation,” confirmed Hughton

  110. plays in a couple can play centre half aswel bt mainly used to support the defence n midfield like defensive midfielder, fc twente fans seem to rate him quite highly its just he wants to come to prem

  111. all i know bout him is he very much like an essien type player very strong in a tackle will jus sit n protect bk 4 but he can also get n b effective like essien similar size n build too

  112. i suppose tht could be a sign of he is nearly signed he is just keeping his cards close to his chest as always, or should i say card not cards as we dnt seem t be signing anyone else

  113. tiote would be very welcome,we need a good dm….. but i think we really really really really need some kind of creative spark brought in asap!!! this is of the utmost importance to the toon! can see a deadline day scramble for jason roberts/marlon king/mido

  114. Read somewhere that Tiote has been Twente’s best player since he arrived. Good age and he must have some ability to feature so prominently in such a successful team.
    I’ve thought for a while that the typical African athleticism is something we sorely lack and he could really lift the midfield with his energy.

  115. hes better than essien :] i wish.!! although he is of similar mould mind very strong powerful midfielder, i agree tht we desperately need some decent pace and creativity in the the centre t feed balls to carroll and play off him as he cant do it all bt him self so we need someone and bloody damn quick

  116. i know ch went n watched him play last nyt against celtic dosent mean deal wasnt done monday bcoz we cud of let him play since we aint in europe

  117. i read in the paper today somewere ch went n watched him play last nyt obv chronicle talking sh*te again to fit there story

  118. craigcoozy has posted on eds blog saying tht ben arfa n his reps arrived in newcastle at 2pm today, am trying to see if its the real coozy

  119. I don’t really trust the new insider info on Tiote. This James Isaac guy who is informing the journos about it doesn’t seem sure of it himself. Like he says, his agent mate could be bullshitting.

  120. a think that the tiote deal is total bullshite maybe we are interested yeah bt we aint signed him, and i agree mate a dont believe its him am trying t find out though

  121. 2 Questions before i go off and sleep…Anway,looks like even if ben arfa deal is done,it will be during my sleeping time. Since is still early there,whereas here in singapore is 1.30am already.

    1) Who is more a lousy CDM player for NUFC??? Nicky Butt(5 NUFC GOALS) Or Alan Smith( O league goals for us)

    2) Can anyone here help me find out Will Carew be playing against us on Sunday?? I heard he is injured with gabby too..If Injured,how long??? Cause he is in my fantasy league team….Considering if he out for long,i need to put faith with drogba and carroll already…:(

  122. In houghton we trust. I don’t believe the hype, no1 has inside knowledge on here on on eds blog. We will know for certain what’s going on when it’s announced officially. I’m gona try and make some money out of the hartlepool managers appointment, see if our kid can get me the gen

  123. wel he hasnt replied since a started askin him liike. and a suppose relying on drogba isnt bad mind

  124. craigcoozy // Aug 20, 2010 at 6:28 PM

    Lads as far as am aware nobody has posted on here as me! Av put 2 posts on 2 sayin am off wk so cant giv u update!

    Its shite nw sumbody copied myname cos it jus spoiling it 4 every1 ! Anyway guys al giv u email adress so ya can verify it me in future! And sl text the entertainers so he can confirm its me

  125. AoD. Forget fantasy football, surely we’d be chuffed if Villa have to play Heskey on sunday.

  126. The real craigcoozy knows that people have used his name in the past so this is very unconvincing.

  127. right on the breaking news is tht ben arfa had clear the air talks with marseille and is supposed to be travelling to newcastle today ahead for a medical for a loan move for 800k and to sign for 7.3million at end of season take it as u wish

  128. heskey might be going back to leicester ha knowing tht twat and our luck he’l play and score a friggin hat-trick against us

  129. i wudnt know david craig will b travelling to his updates for soccer saturday probs, n every story theyve printed on arfa has been a day late

  130. So it’s yet more bloggers posting things as they are in the know. It’s boring now. And 7.3 million?! Really?! Cashleys gona pay that is he? Doubt it. Cdm and I’m happy

  131. Well Lads still no Arfa what a surprise :lol: .
    I cant wait till the window shuts as its so depressing, and as I said before we just have to be thankful that the Fat Controller got us 3 top notch players allready what more do you’s want

  132. Raffo, could agree just an option to buy at a higher price because we won’t agree to guarentee the smaller 5mil fee. Sounds fair and we would at least get him for this season.

    That said there is nothing to backup that story

  133. must say a thought the 7.3million was abit ridiculous mind a was just saying what a read in tht link thou

  134. Look lads, this is Ashley. You should consider yorself grateful we have 11 players to put out on the pitch :lol:

  135. 6.2million is certainly more realistic mind..still we best not believe any rumour no matter who the person who says it unless its CH on the toon website

  136. toonsy, its gonna be a test of endurance with that tache…It’ll look like two icicles stuck on yer heed come crimbo…

  137. I hate all this transfer bollocks…hate it !!…

    I’m off to the pub…later boys and girls….

  138. We fans we not that stupid.

    Its true that we can sell this guy if he prove to be good. Just count how many we have sold away ald. Include N’zob these players are all cheap buy.

    If we demoted again. We let him go at contract fixed price. Its good busines, we know that.

    BUT why we still dont buy him?