Rumours, speculation and hearsay!

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Real rumours or false dawns?
Real rumours or false dawns?
Day 52, and still there is no conclusion to the series of dramatic events that have unfolded regarding the transfer/loan/whatever of Hatem Ben Arfa.

It appeared that Werder Bremen were close to sealing a deal for the Frenchman yesterday, which has been denied by them today. Just another rumour then.

At the end of the day it would appear that Newcastle still have a chance of signing the player, although heaven knows just what is going on right now. Your guess is as good as mine, but until anything is confirmed by Newcastle, or one of the other 20,000 clubs that Marseille have hawked the player around, everything is just a rumour.

It’s been both interesting and disturbing to watch people posting, particularly what they post, and how the attitude can change after reading one piece of, usually, unfounded rumour. People can go from extreme optimism and from trying to fit a player into the team, to spitting the dummy out and slagging off the club within minutes of reading one of those factless, foundless articles.

I’m not sure where I stand on rumours to be honest. In fairness, it would be pretty boring if we didn’t have them to talk about, whilst on the flipside we must all collectively realise that not every rumour has any foundation behind it, in fact most of them have no foundation behind them at all.

Still, speculation is fun, and we aren’t the only set of fans that is eagerly awaiting the next link to the latest player. In fairness I think a lot of it is to do with the desperation for a couple of new faces on Tyneside, which is part of the reason why rumours tend to be jumped on.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t speculate, but there does need to be a bit of care taken with these rumours. If the press are to be believed then we would have a sqaud of about 100 or so players by now, Andy Carroll would be pairing up with Didier Drogba at Chelsea and Steven Taylor would be at Liverpool.

To me, the Ben Arfa rumour is just about the most credible one out there. There are far too many bits of information, quotes, and pictures of the player at Newcastle airport to suggest that there is more to this than just newspaper speculation.

Even that saga appears to have cooled now mind. We are fast approaching the end of the 48-hour period in which the Marseille president said it would all be sorted. It needs to be sorted, and quickly, so we can all move on, with or without Ben Arfa in our ranks.

Rumours. Love them or hate them, but I bet you wouldn’t be without them!

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290 Responses

  1. If it’s in a red top don’t believe it … that’s my motto and it has served me well.

    When we move for someone the first we will hear will be on the official site.

    I am a patient man …. so that’s fine by me :)

  2. OM just denied the Milan*(Huntelaar) trade deal with ben arfa~~~

    So bremen denies….

    Milan trade deal,not true~~

    So is there any more clubs other than Newcastle interested??? I don’t think so….

    What is right now,is that is it true that OM is waiting for Newcastle agreement of the so called extra clause?

  3. Great article! I’m in the navy and rumours are powerful things here too… You can sense the mood changing in an instant when a ‘sailing early’ rumour starts doing the rounds! With regards to the HBA rumour: its beena good one! People got really agravated yesterday! Quite fun to watch…

  4. I do actaully believe we will bring in the players am more frustrated that’s been left so late when arfa signs getting his name on my top straight away

  5. lots of folk saying ben arfa will sign tomorow…. lets hope so.though have been here before

  6. saltysellars11:
    when did deschamps say tht ive just been on marseille website but couldnt find anything about geordie arfa, hope he hurrys and signs b4 we play villa would set the stadium alight cos he’ll be well up for it, hopefully he wont turn out like pancake he was well up for it on first couple games(at home) and did nothing away and after about 3 games was foooookin abismal

  7. its on la provence,just an interview mostly about reimy signing,but at the end asked about ben arfa and he says
    ‘he’s not here’

  8. I’ve heard arfa signing tomorro aswell, someone on other blog reckons its that he is on verge of signing

  9. I had a sneaky feeling they wud let him go if they signed remy, maybe ma brought him here in his helicopter

  10. we can only hope. I’m going to spend the rest of my time trying to not even think about this anymore. If he’s not in the team by friday, it ain’t ever gonna happen

  11. its a piece with didier talking about transfer market,at the end they are discussing wor hatem and he says ‘he is not here’.so im hoping that means he is in newcastle! it seems to be coming to a head

  12. I’ve heard Arfa will sign for us tomorrow or 2 days or next Monday more than 10 times already so don’t expect too much from this rumour. However I will be happy if Arfa saga will be end as soon as possible. Hopefully he can available for Villa match on Sunday if we can sign him.

  13. i think maybe he’s saying he wont be staying at marseilla yna these frenchies pronounce things differently with different meanings anall so perhaps he’s saying he will be leaving, im reading on eds blog about people saying he’s havin medical tmorro n tht bt al believe it all when a see it, a said earlier in week we would get him soon as marseille signed remy cos hes a direct replacement bt i had them down as signing gignac aswel bt supposidly toulose want nearly 14mil for him nearly as much as fabiano so marseille are after someone else

  14. Rumours. Love them or hate them, but I bet you wouldn’t be without them!
    I dont think so Toonsy i’m totally fu*king p$ssed off with them and the WUM’s that spread them :twisted: I think we should ban all talk of them :lol: . The sooner its over the better and we can just get on with footie ;)

  15. off to walk the dogs,may stay out all night so i dont spend hours trawling net looking for arfa signs for toon! really think its coming to an end one way or another though and i reckon about 95per cent he will be at sjp one way or another on sunday.on the pitch? hope so.later lads

  16. if he signs tmorro or in time for villa al be in tht stadium watching match with me ben arfa shirt on :)

  17. is there any truth in the M’ON signing just in time for the Villa game!?????????????

  18. ive just read it and it says ‘for the moment it is not there’ which i believe means our bid isnt ther

  19. Toonsy, I know the situation was different, but this ben arfa saga has the same hallmarks as the gosling deal. All over the papers, and not a word said. He’ll sign. I think.

  20. Leroy Fer – Newcastle back with an improved offer?Which was rejected 4million and they going back with another offer!!!!=For another centrel midfield!!! “WHY” If we have some money we should buy HBA Outright first & formost a play makers is NUFC number 1 priorty think back to David Ginola…. then there was Larurnt robert….. FRENCH FOOTY WIZARDS I THINK HBA IS BETTER ALREADY AND HE IS STILL ONLY 23 IV WATCHED this lad 4 a while now he is a FANTASTIC FOOTBALLER NOW?? he will be a super star if he gets the right manager behind him he,s one of those players who needs loved and wanted and who better then??? chrisy houghton Who worked so much magic with the whole teaM last season players really seem to like him and then theres the Geordie public WHO LOVE THERE FRENCH FLYING WINGERS or players want to play 4 NEWCASTLE UNITED look at what he,s done to do get here Jumped on the first plane out here they didnt want him now ITS MARSEILLE.Deschamps and the owner making him suffer trying to change his mind so they can sell now 4 funds and to screw nufc over

  21. jimmybobnufc > think back to David Ginola…. then there was Larurnt robert….. FRENCH FOOTY WIZARDS I THINK HBA IS BETTER ALREADY AND HE IS STILL ONLY 23

    I’ll have a pint of what your on ? or maybe not

  22. getting word that odds on hba signing with toon have went up dramaticly in last few hours. Also got a report just minutes ago from lad on ed’s blog that bets on HBA signing with toon have just been suspended….

  23. btw the Didier Deschamps interview, he is just saying he is not going to be at O’M by August 22nd, in other words he is leaving the club,not that he isnt there at the moment.

  24. I agree this is very much like the gosling deal were the club wudnt deny or confirm anything, he is the type of signing that will hav sjp packed out n on there feet

  25. yanktoonsouljah

    Do you mean that odds have went down? Cos if odds go up that means it’s less likely.

  26. Skjelbred wants to play for us too. He’s a boyhood Newcastle fan. Expect to rant on about him for the final two weeks of the window only to realise there’s not a chance of him signing, haha

  27. it was 4/1 now 1/10….then according to lad i trust on ed’s site betting suspended on hba

  28. Yank-no need for trust in someone regarding whether betting has been suspended or not, just check the bookies, lol

  29. Maybe deal has been agreed all week but om said he can leave once we sign a replacement n in the meantime tryed to drum up intrest by leaking fase storys bout bremen

  30. i would ross but im stateside and bookies dont take football serious enough here to take bets on transfers…

  31. I also fink hba been told u can move to toon if u keep quite coz we ain’t heard a peep from him since he went bk

  32. toonarmymike, look on ed’s blog, top story about the dutch defensive midfielder…comments start about 300 or so on the betting thing

  33. jimmybobnufc

    Completely agree, £4M plus for yet another CM! Get Benny in, give them a fair offer and get him, we are desperate for a creative midfielder who can hack it in the prem.

  34. Now. what we all say if NUFC signs HBA and he turns into another “turkey”. lame arse, missing in action, pouting, poofer?

    How come no one is trying to buy or get loans from the NUFC roster?

  35. Depending what u read they giv us the orginal deal but wanted a claus when he has played 25 games we automatically buy him which is a good offer

  36. Can anybody phone up a betting shop in newcastle to confirm it.I’m in Edinburgh they probably won’t know what I’m Talking about.

  37. Any minute now someone’s going to say he knows someone who makes the sarnies at SJP & they’ve been told to make extra tmoz because there’s a press conference…..hey maybe roy’s got the catering contract & thats why he’s not been on here all week.

  38. I fink that’s why most of us r so excited bout hba bcoz no of believed we can sign a player of this calibre we still may not but here’s hoping

  39. ”Now. what we all say if NUFC signs HBA and he turns into another “turkey”. lame arse, missing in action, pouting, poofer?”

    Geraway man, the lads in a different class to what we got at the minute.

  40. There has been no betting suspended on Benny coming to newcastle. Once again a chancer posting something to make them sound important.

  41. HOW DID WE MISS OUT ON BELLAMY? he would’ve been perfect for us! loan deal, no fee, pacey striker… we missed a trick there!


  42. Good article Toonsy – really annoys me the way people take press garbage as an excuse to moan when it’s literally 99% made-up, window after window.

    The NBA one has been interesting and annoying due to more open CH quotes and the only thing I’m confident of is that the club won’t pay through the nose or put up with any French pissing about on the deal. If all this saga proves to be anything like true I hope (and trust) that they’re standing their ground. It’s our money after all.

  43. Before anyone rings, it is only William Hills apparently that have suspended the betting on Newcastle being HBA’s next club. One of the other posters checked up and says he rang himself and he has confirmed it is the case.

  44. Well on eds somebody phoned up ladbrokes and they said they weren’t taking any more bets.guess it depends on the bookie.

  45. i didnt post anything to sound important…go look on ed’s blog…comment 400 or so on the article about the dutch midfielder…around 300 the convo started with the odds going down

  46. you dont even know me mickytoon, glad some of yall looked up what i said….i didnt make anything up just telling yall what i saw on ed’s blog…

  47. Lads its not that uncommon for bookies to suspend bets, If they have had a couple of decent size bets that they think might be a bit fishy they will suspend it. It has happened a few times in the last year or so with us, without there being anything in it

  48. Mags09 says:
    August 19, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    ‘it is only William Hills apparently that have suspended the betting on Newcastle being HBA’s next club’

    Good news though, usually the bookies are pretty clued up on whats happening and have their moles and spies aboot. Usually when one suspends the others get windy and follow suit fairly soonish.

  49. Well i for one could see MA getting a friend to place a big bet on HBA comming if he knew the deal was close.

  50. I mention something. The Ben Arfa news on disappear. I don’t know what reason they removed it.

  51. Aye Dave but in my experience when a couple of biggish bets stert coming in on something, what does that usually mean. :)

  52. If Hughton want him, he just have to put the money on the table. We know he have enough money!

  53. Ginkoh

    They just remove old news after 3-4 days anyway usually, wouldnt read anything into that.

  54. 60 Big Dave says:
    August 19, 2010 at 7:59 pm
    Stuart do you still think it will happen ?

    Dunno, Dave.

    I guess I can only go off what I was told originally, that he would be a NUFC player before Villa.

    That was before any other clubs wanted to ‘buy’ him though…

  55. I think this stuff about other clubs is all bs, some news site putting 2 and 2 together for Bremen, and some arsenal fanboy admirer on another site. The Milan one, I read that OM tryed to contact them and they wern’t interested.

  56. Whumpie says:
    August 19, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    “the club won’t pay through the nose or put up with any French pissing about on the deal. If all this saga proves to be anything like true I hope (and trust) that they’re standing their ground. It’s our money after all.”

    You mean like we did with West Ham over Dyer and with Aston Villa over Milner?

  57. DJG you could be right but in my experience if it is a cert the people that are in the know will spread there bets with lots of different bookies all round the sametime, so if it just Hills that have suspended I would get to excited but if more suspend then get a bit excited. :)

  58. yanktoonsouljah says:
    August 19, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Just a friend of mine, someone who knows a couple of ex players and someone who still works for the club.

  59. big dave,

    could be that hills has got some info that none of other bookies have

  60. BIG DAVE your right can see you have layed bets for you brother,been there got the shirt

  61. stu79 well thats good enough for me, ive had feeling all along even more so when he turned up in toon, are any of us really foolish enough to think he jus turned up here of his own accord we will of paid for his flights n hotel n been giving him the grand tour of SJP jus to seal the deal

  62. DJG says:
    August 19, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    To the sane amongst us, yes. But there’s a few on here who don’t like the proven PL player.

  63. Bookies regularly make mistakes. Paddy power have paid out early on numerous occasions only to get their nailed on prediction wrong and have lost a bucket load. I was in ladbrokes when the news broke KK had returned on SSN and their computers hadn’t updated yet. I knew the lad behind the desk and he announced it, the whole shop emptied their pockets on kk as next toon manager and everyone was happy, lol

  64. Ice :lol: yer spot on about my bro and believe it or not they are the only times that I have bet myself ;) oh and you have mail buddy

    Djg I cant see us getting Babel, do you want the Fat Controller to have a heart attack ?

  65. Dave

    If he collapses it wont be because of a heart attack; it’ll be the weight of his wallet. :lol:

    Seriously tho I wonder why BA and his cronies have been so quite, considering they made statements every day at the weekend. They told him they will play ball if he keeps his gob shut perhaps?

  66. DJG thats exactly what has happened we aint heard nothing since he went bk he has been told keep quite n u can move to newcastle

  67. DJG-their odds are often head scratchers like. They regularly cock up when it comes to paying out and they’ll pay out for things like disallowed goals aswell. It’s like they want to give money away, lol

  68. DJG ye could be right, but dont forget Beckford came out saying that he wanted to come to us and that he wasn’t going to stay with leeds then nowt was said again ;) .
    I have just got my hopes up to many times that I tend to not believe much untill I see it with my own eyes :(

  69. a canny thursday,watch a non league match followed by kebab,chips and a can then footy on the tv……..I just need someone to tell me on here that we’ve signed benny then I’m sorted.happy days :-)

  70. RICHIETOON sick of rumours m8,heard big dave lost a fiver,toonsy is growing hair again and your going to win the F.F.just dont know where these ruumours start

  71. @98 why did you have to mention bloody kebabs?! Can’t stop thinking of them now…..mind its taken my mind of the afra saga.

  72. richietoon says:
    August 19, 2010 at 9:12 pm
    noir …it was lush..wi garlic sauce

    Which Kebab shop?

  73. thats the one……..I live the next village up…who are top of the league with a cheeky 8 nowt win the neet.

  74. richietoon,
    Just wondering like.
    I used to get there every now and then when I visited my ex in laws as I previously married a Dudley lass.

  75. was it the one under the bridge ya used to go to,there was 2 of them but ones shut now.A lad called Les Mutrie(ex Hull,Carlisle striker)runs it now.He ran one of the pubs where I live before that.

  76. richietoon,
    No mate it was the bigger club the one you describe was
    known as the old club thats the one that is closed.

  77. Aye Les has the big un.The other ones where I had to go to school when the caretakers went on strike many many many years ago…..its a taxi office now..or part of it is.

  78. aye Stu they’re all dying a slow death……..the beers cheaper in some of the pubs in me village now so the club cant even attract punters with cheaper beer these days.

  79. Stu…..I remember the line saying no women beyond this point in Dinnington club and that was just in the late 90’s :lol:

  80. in me village there’s 4 pubs and a club and I don’t see how any of them make any money tbh.

  81. Richie,
    Burradon, interesting, it can get a bit feisty there.
    Not to far from where I live, but I would not choose Burradon for a quiet night out with the misses lol.

  82. TGS…….aye it can get a bit lively like,that’s why I wanna move to Spain…where you from like?

  83. Richie,
    Is it called the Welfare where the footie pitches are located? Canny pitches there.
    I played 5 a side there 25yrs ago………..

  84. Just seen on Eds blog someone posted..

    wicksy // Aug 19, 2010 at 9:54 PM

    Know somebody who writes for The Sun and he assures me Arfa is on his way tomorrow on a permanent. There has also been talk of a Nugent deal, were trying a loan however Pompey want 3 million up front. Watch this space

    You cant argue with the source ‘The Sun’ !! :)

    Anyone rate Nugent?

  85. ice….them days is long gone for me Ice,I’m a good lad.I’m at that awkward age when I’m too old to fight but I’m also to old to run away from one ;-)

  86. RICHIETOON aye ime like that now,with wor lass like.
    dont rate “nuget” ime afraid and @3mil you must be kidding imo

  87. totally of Topic but I was out walking the dog there and got attacked by a big fu*king st Bernard it was like a donkey, only not as docile :)

  88. if that storey is in the sun it must be true,

    bet they would love it to right it will be a first for them

  89. ni_toon,

    just read the same thing on ed’s blog, what do you think, on a permanent too?

  90. I wont be holding my breath like lol.

    Burradon and Dudley eh, cant say ive ever been, west gatesheed mesell like.

  91. Well, off on me Jollies for 2 weeks on Saturday and expect no incoming transfers whilst away.

  92. Ice dont think it will happen again me old dog taught it a lesson in manners ;) . Reet Lads im away catch you’s tomorro hopefully have someone through the door but I wont hold my breath

  93. TGS..lucky bugga,I was away last month but might pop owa to Alicante in October…..I have to plan it around the footy tho.

  94. @ yanktoonsouljah

    If we can’t sort out a loan with option to buy I would go for a perm deal for ben Arfa. I have watched him a fair few times (not on youtube :) ) and I really believe he has what it takes to make it in the premiership.

    As for Nugent – I would not be too happy with him to be honest. I dont think he would improve the squad I think we could get much better for 3 mil. Maybe on a loan if we can’t get anyone else, might be ok as a striker playing of Carroll. Then again Ben Arfa would presumably be playing this role if he signs.

  95. Theres nowt in Stargate mate, a chippy and an industrial estate thats it! closed the post office now. Have to go to ryton/crawcrook for pubs and shops.

  96. DJG done a bit of courting in stargate years ago like,ryton had a canny park then swimming pool and that,is that still there?

  97. whey naa. Ferndene park is but they took the pool out years ago. I can remember it from when I was a bairn like.

  98. DJG thats a shame m8 had birds in avirys, two pools nice greens to do a bit of courting like,used to love that sort of area ryton/crawcrook/prudhoe and green-something,bloody shame

  99. greenside.

    Aye the bowling green and avirys I think are still there just not the pool. PC health and safety country man.

  100. AYE greenside lads,forgot the name try running it to ryton with a mad farther after you,you forget the name quick sharp lol

  101. NI_toon,

    i would tahe hba on a permanent no doubt, wasnt what i meant though, do you think ashley will buy him permanantly

  102. yanktoonsouljah says:
    August 19, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    i would tahe hba on a permanent no doubt, wasnt what i meant though, do you think ashley will buy him permanantly


  103. DJG born/bred the west end,lived many places in the world through work like, but have lived just outside durham for many years now

  104. Before you say it, I know it seems like I’m only ever on here scrounging these days but…

    This is more by way of hope than expectation as loads of lads have been very generous enough already but the bike ride was never going to be enough of a challenge. So I’ve also agreed to run the Great North Run four days earlier…

    We’re running in memory of a very good mate’s dad who lost a brave fight against bowel cancer not long ago. The charity is Bowel Cancer UK and any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated.

  105. ice,
    ….but have lived just outside durham for many years now…..
    That will be Sunderland eh! lol.

  106. ice your gonna start a west vs east war in a min. lol must admit it gets steadly worse the further east you go down my end.

    Ryton Blaydon Dunston Bensham Felling Heworth Mackems

  107. somebody on eds saying hba has arrived in newcastle hotel…not craigcoozy though so dont get too excited

  108. ranger ranger stop this shit ch if it is true on nugent we need pace not slow english players we have enough of these average nobodies in are side.10 mil or ranger for a striker so we aint getting any1 the kid.he is mobile and holds the ball up.which would enable are slow midfield to join in.

  109. Nugents a donkey, so we will get him yeah!!

    As for arfa, lost all interest in that to be fair

  110. Just seen that there scott myself , i have heard that robbie keane rumor as well from a couple people but have not paid much attention to it. We shall see

  111. Nugent = absoulutly worse than what we have. Would have the impact of Best. We have Ranger, Vuckic are better forwards. People will be checking ssn with aticpation tomorow then lol. night lads.

  112. Werder Bremen sporting director Klaus Allofs has ruled out a move for Marseille winger Hatem Ben Arfa.

    Quoted on SS

    Christ I want him to sign!!!!

    New Robert/Ginola me thinks

  113. geez,it’s scary,i had a dream last night,and dream that Nile Ranger scored a hat-trick against Aston Villa and won the game 3-1.

    I don’t think This dream will come true anyway.hahahas.

  114. AoD.I said 3-1 the other day,I think the Ranger hat-trick may be stretching it tho ;-)

  115. noir……….yeah usually nuffield as far as I know…………….tho many say I kna nowt ;-)

  116. i dont know that what her work mates told her ? and there are often players there from newcastle

  117. off to work hope when i return he a toon player ? and could given be comeing on loan ???

  118. Finally it all makes sense…..the afra transfer saga has just been a smokescreen for the main event, we’ve been waiting for madrid to make van da vaart available! We’ve even got him to tell the media he wants to join man u, turns out he’s a life long toon fan & is desperate to fulfill his dream. Madrid are giving us £5 mil + van da vaart in exchange for shola & best, we’ll then be short of a striker so will use the £5 mil + smith in a deal huntellar & get then van annholt on loan with an option to buy.

  119. the fat c unt has worn most of you down into submission ,championship and frees is not gonna keep us up

  120. of course Ashley’s so tight he might not use the Nuffield and gets em done on the NHS instead………………….come to think of it,when Bassedas injured himself pre season in the states FFS flew him all the way back to get treated in the RVI(I saw him there)

  121. I’m getting of me arse to go to the dentist soon and I’m looking forward to it cos its more fun than all this rumours and speculation crap :-)

  122. It is the Nuffield for all medicals etc!
    lets hoe sumit happens today as we desperate for new blood b4 Sunday, the club , players, fans need a big big lift before sunday! OAP’s are quicker than our team at the minute!!

  123. Aye aye! Ye radgey little dafties!
    Woo hoo hoo hoo! Pure mental ye’s lot like!
    Big Mick is at wor hoose noo, doonstairs wi me mother like. He thinks am at the bog havin a number 2, well I am really, ha ha, but he’ll gann off it if he thinks am blogging on here aboot him. Anyways, ave got the latest bifta aboot transfers. Just hang fire dafties, while I get rid of this cling on!
    Reet, here, listen in doylems. The reason why Big Mick hasn’t spent any spendoolics on players yet, is because, he’s just spent loads on drugs! Pure White snow and a load of 9 bars of benwell pure black! As soon as he’s flogged it roond scotchy and elswick he’s ganna reinvest it on new players!
    Mind, he did say embassy and regal as well as players but a just think they must be the agents names!
    Hoo, charva’s, a divvent like it when ye’s aal caall him worse than sh!t£ like! He’s like part of me family noo, yi kna, he’s been humping me mother since me dad has been in frankland prison. Not many blokes would dee that like! Me dad never did!
    Anyways radgies godda nash

  124. gota go the bank too stick 2 k in iam seriousley thinking of taking it in corals instead too get the 4 to 1 we go down

  125. ” there’s nee bog roll… Hoo Big Mick, hoy is some bog roll up man! ”
    Cush bloke Big Mick like. He’ll dee oot for me. Mind, since he’s been humping me mother, he’s changed the bog roll from Andrex luxury feel to tracing paper! Me mother loved that andrex stuff like! Ha, she waalks roond like John Wayne noo wi aal the cuts on a arse! Bug Mick kna’s wad he’s deeing like! The money we save on bog roll and paper plates is ganna gan towards new players for the toon!!
    Pure business minded Big Mick like! Godda give him pure utmost luscious respect for that like!
    Laters Gaters!

  126. Oi oi Nora!
    Ave just got oot of the pokey so haven’t been able to post! Coventry nick! They aal kna ye doon there !
    Mind, they’ve got better bog roll than Big Mick gives us!
    Toon toon!

  127. anybody know if celtic still have marc crossas? think he would be a great signing for us,he was on loan from barca at celtic,is young spanish attacking midfielder.there are plenty of players out there like,just need to be more competent in our transfer policy,do we even have a scouting network these days? if so who are they?

  128. exactly batty mate,that wot i mean by being more competent.there are players out there that our meagre policy could get,just look at efrain juarez at celtic too,was one of the stars of mexicos world cup team and cost thema bout 2m! he has looked great signing so far,plays in a position were we need better players,is only 25 i think.just think if we arent going to have any money then we need to really be on the ball where freebies and low fee players are concerned.i dont think we are at all.anybody have a clue who our scouts are?

  129. yet we spend what little we have on perch? we didnt need him,dont get me wrong i hope he improves and will back him,but i just am baffled as to why we bought him? was it on the back of calderwoods advice after he worked with him at forest? he hardly set the world alight there calderwood like,didnt he take them down? just think the signings of best and perch in particular were strange and a waste of what little money is available.altogether we spent,i think at least 4m on the 2 of them? dont quote me on that but it cant be far off.and they have made the team weaker in my view.i love hoots for what he has done,but im not sure about these 2 at all.think perch was calderwoods man like.i worry that hoots isnt standing up for himself for the better of the worries me about nolan being skipper because i dont even think he should be a starter,but hoots maybe too weak to drop him? i dont know.think he should maybe of put a bit more of himself about,maybe some at the club-ash.nolan.smith.calderwood. think they can walk all over him? i dont know what goes on behind closed doors and im not being a doom monger,think ch has been excellent for us,but also think he could be even better if he stood up for what he really wants? i dont know,im just frustrated that we could be alot better in terms of team selection,using some younger players sometimes,changing formation when its not going well etc.remember leicester away last year? was the worst tactics ive ever seen as a toon boss.worried we will be found out in epl sometimes.but i fully back him and always have

  130. why dont newcastle say they will buy him if we stay up.then they dont have to pay offer the odds if he does well.we are never going to lose money on him we can only gain.have people seen him or is it more bullsh..t in newcastle.

  131. Stu,
    We are not allowing Marseille to bully us into buying HBA. What would happen if we stay up and he was crap i.e. poor performance, bad attitude etc.

  132. worrying times ahead!
    3 players thats all we need with a fully fit squad – we will be ok!!
    but need those 3 players and NOW!
    FFS we were promoted in April!!!
    This should all have been sorted!!

  133. that is old news when are people going to learn he will sign today ? and for 1 that news was in the blogs 2 days ago

    stuart 79

  134. Lets move on, strike HBA off the list and move on to the next target.
    We have wasted to much time on this one.

  135. Stu – what happens if he strops off again (like he has at his last 2 clubs) and does not wish to play for us after 2 games on the bench … would you still want to buy him then ..??? :(

    this is an entirely reasonable stance from the club and his current employers are simply wanting to put pressure on us to buy him (coz they want rid)

    Don’t you think its odd that no ‘big club’ have been linked with him … if he’s that good he would have been snapped up by now.

    Don’t want him … full stop.

  136. Starting to look like a complete waste of time! If they want rid of him that bad he must be bad news. I just hope that if we do get him he’s worth all the hasle.

  137. shrews mag says:
    August 20, 2010 at 10:11 am

    So you’re basing your thoughts on him due to the fact that no other clubs have been linked? He’s been linked with every team from us to AC Milan!

    Anyway I didn’t see anyone else linked with Perch – That mean we shouldn’t have signed him?

    Just because he’s not good enough for Man Utd, Arsenal or Real Madrid doesn’t mean he won’t be good enough for us.

    Good grief!

  138. OM talking rubbish. Most loan deals may have an option to buy included but not many with an automatic buy clause.
    Suppose we got King Arfa on that deal – he gets injured / plays crap and is dropped / goes to prison – but we stay up despite that. You still want to be legally bound to buy him at the end of the season? You’d then be slagging off stupid Toon people for agreeing to the fee. (same as forgetting to put relegation clause in contracts?) And I suspect OM would not agree to a “plays so many games” stipulation, judging by their behaviour so far.

  139. If we stay up and he’s been a complete flop, we’re then forced to purchase him at the end of the season. If they were that desperate to get rid of him, they’d loan him out to us like they say they’re happy to do, with the option to buy. Surely the club are indicating they’ll be happy to purchase him provided he’s a success. Fair enough that we’re not being bullied into the deal. This will purely come down to principles now and Fat Ash isn’t going to let Marseilles force him into it. This pretty much confirms to me he isn’t coming. Sick to the back teeth of it anyway, time to move on.

  140. we need a gamble! sorry we need some hope..he offers that..he is that good mate…he just needs some1 to love him..ashely get your fat arse out of bed and spin the wheel and the odds or in your favour all win win with him.he will get your fat arse out of your seat when u will watch him.instead of sat back with arms folded..u will fall over and kill the person in front of u.

  141. first post ever on a newcastle board so hi to all just to let you all know ivory coast midfielder arrived earlier today, cant reveal my source, so dont ask but i assume he here for medical to sign, heres hoping for new additions eh

  142. Nothing like putting the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons hey Peter???? This should get a good 100 comment run now!

  143. Heard hba is gana sign the day. Ashley has sweetened the deal with a free over sized sports direct mug

  144. hba will be the best thing that could happen to newcastle and the kidd is 10 times better than what we have got he wont flop he will be a hit with the fans he is a entertainer

  145. FFS STOP!
    You’re confusing us with someone that gives a shit.

    Grow some friggen patience, for crying out loud.

  146. In relation to the HBA deal I actually support the clubs stance that we will not be bullied into accepting Marseilles terms re the loan.
    HBA clearly has excess baggage and appears to cause trouble everywhere he goes, he is a gamble due to his attitude.
    I would support a loan deal with first option to buy at a pre agreed price in oder to see how things pan out.

  147. Well I guess it all comes down to who’s the most desperate. Marseille to rid or us to get the player in.

    If we lose on Sunday there will be immense pressure on Hughton and the club.

    It’s so obvious we need some creativity in the midfield area that we have to get someone in.

    Lets be honest though, this transfer windown is following a oh to familiar path.

    Can anyone remember Hughton saying that our early promotion would allow us to move early and efficiently in the transfer market?

    HA! What a joke!

  148. chill every body he will have his medical today it can take a few hours and then he should sign nufc dont say any thing till he signs and it will be out of the blue like all of our signings

  149. Aye CLINT – he could ne bother, but the fact that CH couldve done that last season and didnt suggests that he wont this season either. I think a specialist in that position, or 2 if I am honest would be ideal. We know we are going to play Carroll on his own up front anyway.

  150. yep he said that Stu………thought it was stupid thing to say at the time cos us getting promoted early doesn’t make other clubs let you talk to their players any earlier,and other clubs may not have known which players they wanted to sell.

  151. stuart thats the joke!he said that..well he didnt even play harris and ranger when we had won the league way back..then other teams were after harris he gives him 22 minutes last game and he says we will see more of him this season..well he cant even get a full game in pre season..he scores when he came on and not seen him is the problem more then ashley.

  152. Not sure about that like, but it makes you wonder why Vuckic isn’t getting more of a look in.

    Could the lad be the answer to our problem?

  153. asim

    I always assumed promotion was the main target for last season and avoiding administraion and a total financial shithole, But now you say it he didnt even play the youngsers… :roll:

  154. Here’s a question: If CH brand of football is enough to keep us in this league but not quite enough to get us going places (upwards direction) how many out there would be happy with keeping him and how many would like to see a change come January. Just so you know, this isn’t a get CH out post, just a subject change to detract from the transfer rumours! ;-)

  155. he cant be anyworse..he scores goals..why was he not brought on..smith or barton dont score..why dont they try jonas behind carrol for support up to andy carrol is he that brain dead.jonas and rout kept coming inside they would be much better running throu the middle that takes the centre midfield out of play and u are then running at the back tracking defenders.they back off and players then find space.

  156. lads talking about putting them in when we had won the league give them first team action..he never did they were fit he isnt going to play them baring injuries in the why say they will be part of it..when they cant even get full games in pre season when ever team in the prem used their kids in pre season not just 20-30 minutes.

  157. nathandio,
    The alternative to CH is either Calderwood or the return of the buffoon JFK.
    No way would Ashley appoint a decent experienced manager as he likes “yes” men.
    At this moment under CH we have stability and a team ethic of hard work and pulling together,however we are never far away from imploding……

  158. Stu @79 – yep, agree with that first bit, and the 2nd to an extent. I think CH may be finding life harder when recruiting at the top level, especially as his boss is not the type to sanction giving in to french try-ons.

    I wouldn’t call it a joke, but it ain’t great news. On the other hand, it’s far from done with yet and we do have some reason to hope that CH and co will do ok in the end.

    One thing we can be fairly confident of: everyone, including CH and Ashley, knows we need to strengthen. Whether it happens in a way anyone likes is another question!

  159. those calling for this sprog or that sprog to be played: will you please grow some sodding humility and admit that maybe – just maybe – you are less experienced and knowledgeable than CH in these matters and that just perhaps he may have good reason?

    Sheesh. Armchair experts.

  160. nathandio: I appreciate the attempt at a subject change, but I cannot actually think of a less appropriate or more destructive subject. Last thing we need now is anyone questioning our manager!!

    Pick something else. Anything. Please!

  161. Patience guys, patience. We aren’t the only set of fans getting frustrated at the window. There really hasn’t been a lot of signings. With the lack of funds, City distorting the market and players preferring Spain to England it has become far more difficult to recruit quality at a fair price.

    What do you suggest we do, sign a shed load of nobodies a la Blackpool? Let’s see how far those players get them.

    We only need two more players and i believe we will get them in.

    – A proper DM that can PROPERLY protect the back four as it is clear as day we need one. Smith just doesn’t cut it.

    – And an AM that can chip in with a few goals and bridge the creative gap between midfield and up front.

  162. We won the league in the third to last game, The last two games had records riding on them with the home record and the points record, so i back his decision not to play the youth team 100%

    I can see how we can possibly find fault with a season in which we won the league, Remained unbeaten at home in league and cup matches, Broke our points record, Were promoted in record time, Won more league games than anyone else, Lost less league games than anyone else, Scored more goals than anyone else and Conceded less than anone else

    Mick Dennis might have a point…

  163. Whumpie says:
    August 20, 2010 at 11:27 am

    The problem with that Whumpie is that Ashley knew we desperately needed strengthening in our relegation season and he didn’t spend a penny!

  164. It would be nice Trojan.

    I read a rumour the other week about R Taylor going to Pompey, Forster going on loan to Pompey and us getting KPB. Obviously this wont happen now, but I would be happy for Raylor to go to be honest.

    I would also be very happy for Forster to go to Celtic on loan this season, as reported they are after him. Get him up there, get some European experience and then he can come back to challenge Harps. I think he will then be in the prime position to take over and Krul will be his number 2

  165. Cmon CH get HBA and the go after Robinho Loan

    Imagine one on each flank trying to out trick each other

    gotta go my pants need changing

    Ahhh Dreams

  166. Am I right in thinking that even if we did pull of the signing of HBA today, as he’s not signed by 12 noon, he wouldn’t be able to play on Sunday? That goes for any signings of course, so it will be the same team out agin this weekend near enough anyway.

  167. RAFFO would love to get a defensive midfielder of any good class even before a the benny saga kid.
    maybe we could send owl heed and ashley out on loan instead,might get something done then lol