Marseilles threaten ‘Nasty’ Nigel with court action as Ben Arfa drama drags on.

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Nasty Nigel doing what he does best.
Nasty Nigel doing what he does best.
Olympique de Marseille have threatened to take legal action against Manchester City’s serial leg breaker ‘Nasty’ Nigel De Jong.

This folows hot on the heels of the Dutch hatchetman being banished from the Dutch squad by supremo, Bert van Marwijk, a man usually known for his penchant for ultraviolence in the middle of the park after the Netherlands somewhat robust World Cup performance, when De Jong also demonstrated some of his Kung Fu skills on Spain’s Xavi Alonso during the final of that competition. Van Marwijk said of the tackle which ruined Ben Arfa’s season:

“I have a problem with the way Nigel needlessly looks to push the limit. I am going to speak to him.”

Getting back to the Marseilles story though, their President, Jean-Claude Dassier told French TV station “Telefoot”:

“We will file a claim against De Jong. It’s about getting rid of this type of individual from European grounds,”

He then added on Ben Arfa’s recuperation:

“Ben Arfa asked our medical staff to help and we will do everything we can to help him, obviously.”

Despite Dassier’s seemingly righteous stand to drive out hatchetmen like De Jong from the game, there will be a financial angle to this, and an agreement that Newcastle would sign the player should he make at least 25 appearences for the club before the end of the season, which would now be almost certainly impossible due to the seriousness of the wing wizard’s double leg break.

We will of course keep you informed of any further developments in this story.

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70 Responses

  1. Is this yet another reason for bringing video replays into the ‘Modern Game’ (I use the word modern loosely, having seen some of the savage play this season has brought about)

    The time it took to take Benny off the pitch that fateful day a video ref could have deemed the tackle rash and there fore brought about a sending off of De Mong and gave the F.A no excuse not to punish further!

  2. Sick to death of this “holier than thou” crap emanating from the North-East. Your manager saw no foul, nor did any one else. Only after the fact did all this garbage start coming out. I know they made Billy Elliot in your neck of the woods, but this really is football, and not ballet. I really do feel sorry for the lad who was injured, but shit happens. Using Holland’s complete tosser of a manager to justify your ‘case’ does you no favours. Hope the lad has a speedy recovery.

  3. well why dont you f**k off to Marseille and tell them that, because incase you hadnt noticed the article is about them, not us.

  4. Guess it hurts a little more when you are on a budget under 100m a season, loose pretty much your best player. Survival is you ambition and to loose a game that you deserve something out of.

    Its ok for City who could just go out and splash £30m and be willing to pay ridiculous wages. Newcastle have to build a team.

  5. Agreed. This is getting boring now. If every player is threatened with legal action after a mistimed tackle or the unfortunate outcome of a fair challenge then the game has gone completely mad. I feel sorry for the lad and I hope him a speedy recovery, but you cannot judge a player or a foul on the fact that a player has a bad injury as a result. The only good thing to come from this farce of a witch-hunt is that everyone is looking at the effects that synthtic weaves and moden footware is having on outcome of footballer’s injuries. Fair enough if this was a malicious attack like that of Ben Thatcher or some other terrible challenges, but this is nothing like that.
    Get over it, concentrate on HBA’s recovery and let’s get back to talking about football!

  6. He did get the ball, but it was hardly a good tackle. Well, I suppose every single person who’s mentioned it, including ex and current professionals could be wrong…

  7. Nimagpie. You have just dug your own grave there mate. Again, I feel sorry for the lad and I feel sorry for Newcastle, but the fact that is was one of your best players is completely irrelevant. Does this mean to say if it was someone that you thought was shit, you wouldn’t care as much…?
    The ref was shit in that game, we didn’t deserve a penalty and you did, but that has nothing to do with hanging out NDJ to dry over a challenge that was 50/50 at best.
    Complain about the ref all you want, but the whole NDJ witch-hunt is a joke and frankly, you should be ashamed if you think attempting to destroy NDJ is going to make everything all better. Retribution is fine in the right circumstances, but this isn’t. It’s quite pathetic to be honest and I would have thought that football fans would be able to see that, even if the sensationalist media, who are looking for a story, can’t.

  8. GalileeBlue says:
    October 10, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    “I know they made Billy Elliot in your neck of the woods, but this really is football, and not ballet.”

    What that nasty little thug, De Jong, plays is certainly not football, even his own national manager, who’s tactics are robust at the best of times has had enough of this violent imbecile. If Manchester City ever want to have any class, which isn’t the same as money BTW, they should get rid before he ruins more careers.

  9. Come on you geordie boys and girls,you really are falling for all this media sh*t,nobodys going to be happy here until dejong is hounded out of the country,the last great side you had included a guy called Batty whos job was to break up play in the centre and protect the back four,i remember thinking he was nothing more than a dirty little bastard and a thug,but no doubt you have a different view.I was at the game and have been at many a game where you can spot a malicious tackle a mile away,i didnt see it that way and none of your players or fans did either,but a week down the line after his shithouse of a national manager and collymore and co have had their say its now the worst tackle in f***ing history.I have a great admiration for everything geordie when it comes to football,because of your passion,but am a little surprised how your reacting to all of this,everybody at city is genuinely sorry for ben arfa but get a grip this is a contact sport for grown men,sooner or later a newcastle player is going to break someones leg in a strong challenge,will you then try and hound him out the country?

  10. mick says:
    October 10, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    “sooner or later a newcastle player is going to break someones leg in a strong challenge,will you then try and hound him out the country?”

    If he deiberately breaks two or three players legs and kung fu kicks a player in the chest during a World Cup Final, then I wouldn’t care which team he played for, he shouldn’t be playing until he learns his lesson.

  11. the geordies are right. there’s no place in the prem for thugs who charge around damaging other players. btw how is Andy Carrolls court case going ?

  12. hey mick divent call me a dirty b@stard ya dirty manc tramp as for king dong, 2 broken legs and broken ribs in 6 months not bad aye ,he must be the unluckyest footballer in history the dirty c unt

  13. worthy ticket, we used to have a player who stubbed a cigar out in a team mates eye,beat a team mate unconscious during training and ended up in prison for beating the crap out of a bloke on a night out,his favourite trick on the field was to stand on your achilles,god he was the most detested player around.Thankfully hes moved on and applies his trade elsewhere,funily enough the supporters of his new team appreciate his commitment on the football field and i noticed a few supporters with his name on their back,cant believe how these supporters because of his terrible history have accepted that he wears their famous shirt,personally i dont think he should be allowed to play professional football as on many many occasions he never learned his lesson.

  14. Blend, My point is that people are saying we should drop it move on blah blah, what will that do? Let De Mong feel like he is off the hook? make the FA feel their are conducting them selves well? The over all picture is the one I was pointing out, remember when Eduardo broke his ankle and the effect it had on the whole team, he wasnt even their key player but a lot of people still put that event down to Arsenals poor form after that. I can see something like that happening our team now.

    At the end of the day we will all support our team. Sometimes blindly.

  15. mick says:
    October 10, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    “worthy ticket, we used to have a player who stubbed a cigar out in a team mates eye,beat a team mate unconscious during training and ended up in prison for beating the crap out of a bloke on a night out”

    Exactly, Mick. He went to prison for it so that’s not really a valid example I’m afraid.

  16. And also De Jong singled him out for the ‘hard tackle’ as he was known as our key player, idea was to give him a knock, no doubt instructed by the manager. Also high fiveing and congratulating when he was being stretchered off, very shameful.

  17. Agreed, Barton done his time, he seems to have learned from it. Yet we still hear about his past everyday.

  18. mick the dick aye and he seems too have sorted himself oot unlike king dong who should be staring in porno instead of football ya arseole

  19. mick says:
    October 10, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    the last great side you had included a guy called Batty whos job was to break up play in the centre and protect the back four,i remember thinking he was nothing more than a dirty little bastard and a thug,

    batty says:
    October 10, 2010 at 9:58 pm
    hey mick divent call me a dirty b@stard ya dirty manc tramp as for king dong, 2 broken legs and broken ribs in 6 months not bad aye ,he must be the unluckyest footballer in history the dirty c unt

    :lol: I likes it.

    Manc fans I would like to know. If Joey Barton or Kevin Nolan had put Tevez or Adam Johnson out for the season, would that be totally fine then. No harm done. F###in hypocrites.

    Unlike you lot it has taken A LOT of time and effort to get a world class player to our squad these days, De Jong knew exactly what he was doing when he took him out after 3 mins. Don’t be so neive.

  20. worthy ticket,your posts are all examples of just wearing tinted black and white glasses,my friend.

  21. mick

    your post are a perfect example of wearing blue tinted glasses my friend, when only your managers, fans and a few ex-players are suppoerting the thug.

    His international manager, HBA parent club, I think you’ll find most other club fans and the international community as a whole are condemning his excessive force and dangerous scissor tackling.

  22. djg, if nolan or barton had put anyone out for the season then that would be unfortunate as is ben arfa.

    credit where its due batty,your f—in hilarious you could be the new chubby brown.

  23. It’s not just him though, ‘self claimed hard man’ Henry at Wolves is another one. At least he got punished for his last assault though. Unlike De Slong who wasn’t even man enough to appoligise.

  24. sorry DJG,ive read the arguments on hear but can only smell sour grapes,what happened was unfortunate as is your judgement,goodnight and godbless my geordie pals,im off to bed but promise to call on this site again,especially to take in the genious wit of mr batty.

  25. Those who want us to “move on” will always think differently when it’s their player. Tackles like this have always been around, but it’s rapidly increasing at the moment and has to be stopped. I don’t like football being softened down, but this is different. This is deliberately employing tactics that you know will lead to career-threatening injuries. It’s criminal and needs to be stamped out.

    If Benny had been shoulder-charged into the stands it would not be as bad as a scythe tackle that has been practiced and used specifically to neuter the threat from a team.

    Incredible naivity on here from those who think it was ‘just one of those things that happens’. Don’t believe it for a moment.

  26. We still going on about this – de Jong is a cock, did he mean to take HBA out , yeah probably – will pet be done – prob not
    To be honest the sooner the game is rid of people such as cattermole, Henry, de Jong, shawcross the better – they only serve one purpose which is to take other players out the game and will hardly be missed by anyone who enjoys football
    Still it’s def time we stopped going on about it and talked about footy – oh we can’t cos that shower of shit England are playing some third rate team and fvcking about with our weekly fix … Shame terrys hurt his back poor little lad

  27. did you spot this question earlier ? “the geordies are right. there’s no place in the prem for thugs who charge around damaging other players. btw how is Andy Carrolls’ court case going ?” hypocrites galore up north eh ?

  28. These City guys make me laugh.

    They are quick to refer to Carroll, Barton and Nolan, but what do these three players have in common?…

    …They have all been PUNISHED ACCORDINGLY. Simple.

    It’s only right that De Jong should suffer the same fate for his disgraceful displays on the pitch over the last 10months.

    Also, stop saying “good tackle, he got the ball”. That’s not the rule. I suggest you go and read up on them before you start talking about “good tackles” and fouls.

    Your player deserves to be punished and even if it doesn’t happen officially, rest assured it will now be playing on the minds of every single Premiership referee for the rest of his time in England. Now, kindly piss off ;)

  29. ‘Tackles like this’? Tackles like what? Good, hard, fair tackles?

    Just for ‘E Toro’, it was a good tackle and he got the ball. It wasn’t two footed, and he didn’t jump in or over the ball? Nigel’s trailing leg did the damage, and he did more than enough to try and keep it out of the way to make the tackle 100% legal. Show me a rule that says that is in any way illegal? There isn’t one, so be quiet.

    Stop believing the hype – press always need a good witchhunt during the international break. Obviously no England players caught cheating on their wives this time, so they have to make this shit up. You are making yourselves look like idiots by getting involved with

    De Jong has nothing to apologise for – he would be wrong to do so. If he was a man, Ben Arfa would come out and say it was a fair tackle and that he was unlucky.

    Like I said last night, move on. When you have a number of genuine thugs in your team it’s best not to throw stones eh? Move on.

  30. unfortunately for de jong his reputation precedes him. if it had been an isolated incident maybe he would’ve been given the benefit of the doubt. how many reckless tackles can a player make before the authorities have a duty to investigate?

    tublu, wtf has andy carroll’s court case gotta do with any of this?

  31. Everyone is going on about whether De Jong was in the wrong when the biggest issue for me is the referee.
    I am not bothered if he gets a charge( which he wont), it will only benefit other teams and not us, that will happen the next time he cleans a bigger player out.
    What bothers me is that with cards being dished out for trips and shirt pulls, the referee has decided even after a second look, that this tackle is ok which may set a precedence, can you imagine this idiot in charge of a derby game?
    Punish Atkinson, not De Jong, it is his job to protect the players and administer the rules of the game and his performance was abysmal, if he was in industry, he wouldnt get another phone call. Tosser!

  32. SalfordCityBlue says:
    October 11, 2010 at 8:11 am

    “De Jong has nothing to apologise for – he would be wrong to do so. If he was a man, Ben Arfa would come out and say it was a fair tackle and that he was unlucky.”

    You’re right, an apology would show that your club and De Jong have some class. I can’t say I am surprised there hasn’t been one…

    Now tell me this, if your kid was crossing the road, not on a crossing, and got smashed into by a car and killed, and the driver didn’t even have the bollocks to say sorry, how would you feel? I mean the driver did nothing wrong and it would be wrong for him to apologise. If anything you should be man enough to say that the driver was driving correctly…..

    Would that happen though? Would it bollocks and you know it.

    It’s easy for you c**ts to take the pip with the De Jong thing, but FFS you need to understand the impact that it has on our team and just how much of an impact it could have on our season. In one foul swoop we have just lost our most creative player for the majority of the season, a season where we are trying to re-establish ourselves in the top flight. Losing our best player as a result of that tackle is why people are pissed off.

    I’d also urge you to get your f***ing facts straight our kid. Just how much noise has been made by Newcastle fans in comparison to the media from the Uk, Holland, and now France? Think about that before you start calling us whingers….

  33. Please. If he apologised and in any way suggested he did wrong the lawsuits would be flying in seconds. If he expressed sympathy but said it was a fair tackle you would start frothing that ‘he didn’t show any remorse’.

    Your car analogy is ridiculous too. I would expect the driver to feel sorry for me, but not to apologise – if he did nothing wrong what would he be apologising for?

    No way should Nigel apologise. I am quite sure he is privately sympathetic (and that’s all he should be), but a public apology is in no way necessary or helpful. It would just prolong this embarrassing farce of a story yet further.

  34. I’ve edited a bit more in there for you to digest ;)

    I am genuinely shocked that you would consider someone killing your kid fair game…… I smell bollocks in that little nugget.

    There is already a lawsuit incoming from Marseille anyway FYI…

  35. “if he did nothing wrong what would he be apologising for?”

    but it was a reckless tackle, he did do something wrong.

  36. SalfordCityBlue says:
    October 11, 2010 at 8:29 am

    “Please. If he apologised and in any way suggested he did wrong the lawsuits would be flying in seconds.”

    So really, you don’t want the lad to even offer an apology just in case it apportions blame?

    But then you also say that he did nothing wrong….. so therefore he would have nothing to worry about by apologising for his tackle putting a player out of the game for some 6 months?

  37. bigbadbob says:
    October 11, 2010 at 8:23 am

    “Punish Atkinson, not De Jong”

    disagree bbb, the ref’s performance should be looked at seperately. he was rubbish, simple as.
    he is not to blame for de jong breaking ben arfa’s leg and committing numerous other reckless tackles over the past 6 months.

  38. Reading the blue fraternity’s take on the HBA break, they must be so blinded by their club’s heavily financed and new-found success that their minds can’t extend to realising that the break was the result of a scissor kick – De Jong’s trailing leg causing the break!

    On another note and still referring to delusions, it appears Joe FK would like to come back.

    Thanks for the interest Joe, I’m sure there are other pastures where you wisdom, wit and managerial nous could be put to better use…… Citeh springs to mind!

  39. Asprilla was involved in an incident late on in one of his first games for the club at Man City, tussle with Keith Curle i think, at 5.15pm that evening it was announced that there would be an FA enquiry.
    It is now 8 days since Ben Arfa got injured and the FA would have acted by now, my point Malchick is that Atkinsons performance demands the strictest scrutiny, he is also a repeat offender and is meant to maintain a standard of behaviour on the pitch not be the cause of so much grief.

  40. I didn’t hear it but apparently Alan brazil came up with this nugget of genius on talksport this morning “..had Ben Arfa got up after the tackle, no one would even be talking about it!”..aye but..he couldn’t really just get up, could he?..after all, he did have a broken bloody leg. No wonder we’re looking to other countries for sensible analysis if that’s the sort of thing our pundits are coming up with!

  41. ~ E Toro ~ nice hook
    but you forget Guthrie in that list :)

    For all manc guys.

    The thing is that our boys were rightly punished and that’s the different and may I add , our fan didn’t do anything to defend these guys in those thing at all
    actually we blasted that were stupid thing to do to say the least especially your once lovely boy who beat the crap out off his team-mate at the training ground.

    And about the tackle why did I see it differently
    well, I did saw some replays of that ‘fair tackle’
    and IMO it’s not the same area code of fair tackle at all.
    Nigel De Jong shouldn’t have threaten his right leg like that to Ben Arfa if he didn’t do that then surely no one would argue and that would be a ‘fair tackle’ and then the poor lad wouldn’t get hurted but instead he just bend his right leg to Ben Arfa and that the cause of the injury.

    Here, if you Manc guys take a ‘close’ look to the replay around 0.17 you guys will see what I mean.

    And the other thing our manager did say something after that but it’s just not his character to go out and blast someone.

  42. the crux of the problem is that the fa cannot retrospectively punish players using video evidence if the referee says he saw the incident, irrespective of whether he got it wrong.

    if de jong’s numerous incidents had been looked at independently after the game, like the world cup final, and the correct punsiment had been meted out we wouldn’t have this outcry. people sense an injustice and that’s what gets everyone’s backs up.

    agree bbb the ref’s clearly aren’t up to the job.

  43. Jesus Christ, man! Anyone would think this is the first time a footballer has ever broken their leg!

    It’s part and parcel of football, forget about it or use it as motivation.

  44. Stu – You are right, it isn’t the forst time a footballer has broken his leg in a game of football.

    It also isn’t the first time that a player has come out of a tackle with De Jong with a broken leg. I make that two in 6 months, plus let’s not his display in the World Cup final. If you need reminding…..

  45. SalfordCityBlue

    If he didn’t think that he did something wrong for him to apologise then fine. But you don’t think that atleast he should offer some sympathy for the lad cuz that incident causeed injury and I’m not mean that he has to come out on the public to say that cuz I think it’s bollock but he didn’t do anything at all like it never happened.

    I agree that we should move on but it’s really hard from all the story that going on right now and that Toonsy is right ‘people sense an injustice’ and Manc guys always find that was nothing on the tackle that drag us fall over it again and again.

  46. This is really boring now. It happened, we are furious. Done.
    This place is starting to sound like a spoiled child.
    In other news are we allowed to talk about Liverpool going down.the plug hole? Or will I get chastised like Stuart did for talking about manu, because its not nufc?
    The Liverpool story is huge and it could have so easily been us.

  47. Micky – You can talk about what you want to marra. Stuart is a cock so doesn’t enjoy such privelages ;) :lol:

  48. Batty – I’m working in Manchester toight. Can’t wait :roll:

    Salford Quays, Salford, Denton, Stockport.

  49. Enough has been written about this already. I think we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and move on. We were doing ok before HBA and we’ll do ok without him.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wish him a speedy recovery, but I fear we are giving the media and other fans a massive stick to beat us with should one of our players end up on the wrong side of the law.

    People seem to have forgotten that Tiote launched himself at James Milner at 100mph in the City game and, had he made contact (thank fcuk he didn’t) he would have more than likely been sent off – not to mention potentially taking JM out of the game.

  50. Agree too. Move on, its happened, moaning is gona do nothing about it.
    The foul was minor compared to the poor refereeing.

  51. agree nufc should move on and take a back seat. just let marseille, van marwijk and the fifa medical chief get on with it, they’re doing a fine job.

  52. Malchick – Isn’t that what is happening anyway though? I mean I’ve read the article above, and nothing from Newcastle is mentioned within it. It’s Dassier and van Marwijk who are saying it, yet it’s us who are being told to move on????

  53. I’m really saddened by manc’s ‘fans’ coming on here & having a go & trying to defend such a indefensible act.
    Ok lads,
    when it happens to one of your lot, expect a lot of sympathy/empathy on your sites from partizan Toon army, gooners & cottagers(oo er).
    If you see nowt wrong, why are you here, so phuck off back to your own yard.
    We over here prefer to watch FOOTBALL, not HACKMAN.
    It seems people in other countries & fellow fans in england do too.
    OM will try & sue yo’ass, especially since you’re so loaded, good luck to ’em.
    & as someone else said earlier, you are now a ‘marked team’, the refs will be on your every move. I reckon that’s what you’re most worried about & why you lot are on here, trying a wriggle out of it & defend reckless, shit football.
    Guilty conscience, me thinks.
    Haddaway wi’ya’.

  54. toonsy,
    aye y’right, NUFC has ‘stepped back’, good & right move.
    Let it take it’s course.

  55. Wow, this has decended in to such a farce of grammar and spelling, I’ve discounted all the views on here.
    Unfortunate for HBA, but it wasn’t a terrible tackle, just a terrible outcome.

    Get over it.

  56. b(ell)end,
    i know it’s gonna be difficult, if not insurmountable, but get over yourself man.
    The only reason it wasn’t a ‘terrible tackle’, is because it wasn’t ‘actually’ a tackle.
    It was a terrible attack.
    On a flair player & football in general.
    He’s got form & fortunately for football, his mother country & parent club are gonna do what the lame ass fa daren’t.
    Make a stand.
    If your club & fans are prepared to defend this kind of behaviour, then we all need to reassess our idea of man city.
    Probably a down grade in most cases.
    But no doubt ‘our’ lack of grammer/spelling makes it all ok.

  57. Blend says:
    October 12, 2010 at 12:35 am

    Wow, this has decended in to such a farce of grammar and spelling

    The correct spelling is “descended”…