Newcastle linked with Leroy Fer.

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N..not tonight, N..not tonight.
N..not tonight, N..not tonight.
Newcastle have been linked with a new name today, one of 62,349 transfer links to date.

The Daily Mail seem to believe that Newcastle are close to capturing 20-year old Dutch defensive midfielder, Leroy Fer.

I’ve never heard of him to be honest, but apparently Fer, nicknamed ‘the bouncer’ due to his strong physique, is close to signing at St James’ Park in a deal said to be in the region of £4 million. Now this is a report from The Daily Mail that has no quotes or anything to back it up or to give it any substance, so on that basis I am inclined to believe that this is just be paper talk. Still lets take a look at him anyway, have a look at what we could have won, so to speak.

Fer is currently playing for Feyenoord, who are apparently under pressure from the banks to sell some of their players in an effort to raise cash to reduce their debt. He is very highly rated at De Kuip and has been handed that role of vice-captain this season despite his relative first-team inexperience.

The Holland under-21 manager has likened him to Patrick Viera as both players show similarties on and off the field of play. Fer has now represented Holland at all international levels and certainly appears to be a player that is tipped for the top by a lot of people in his native country.

Sounds good then, but I shall refer back to those words I meantioned earlier – The Dail Mail. For that reason I highly doubt there is any truth in the rumour, much like that Halliche rumour that is going around at the moment, again from The Daily Mail, who claim that we are trying to nip in front of Fulham to secure a deal.

It’s yet more speculation though, and it’s another name that we can tick off the list. At this rate, by the end of transfer window there won’t be many players left that we haven’t been linked with.

Transfer gossip – You gotta love it!

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159 Responses

  1. at least we now know what alan carr’s dad’s been up to since he got the job.
    seriously – i’d prefer this type of player any day above a “name”. just think of that guy at everton (the one with the mad hair) – Fellaini – he is some player – nobody knew who he was (they did pay rather a lot though)

  2. Never heard his name but his profile and ability fit our target plan. If we can sign another 1-2 players before Villa game, I will be over the moon.

  3. people are creaming over him on Ed’s blog, sounds like a fantastic talent, however, The Daily Mail……

  4. Ben arfa
    3 up and coming world class players we are getting linked Aston villa or everton would have any of these 3 in their team.if we could get all 3 then we should be looking at more than survival.

  5. yeah – daily mail is full of complete crap
    think they just trawl websites and make sh1te up, kin housewives choice piece o rubbish

  6. I Love Mike says:
    August 16, 2010 at 1:26 pm
    people are creaming over him on Ed’s blog

    lol mate

  7. Slarth says:
    August 16, 2010 at 1:15 pm
    Stuart79 said it all, unfortunately

    It’s often the case, my friend.

  8. Leroy Fer is a very good and potential player, strong as feck.
    He is just unlucky to play in a shitty team right now, the team is terrible so this player cant carry the whole team, only 20 years old.
    If Newcastle gets this player he will become alot better and im sure Newcastle will have fun with this kid.
    7 Million euro’s and he’s yours i think, 2 bad wish him all the luck and hope he finally gets to play in a good team.

  9. Another one thats not gona happen. Ashley won’t spend money unfortunately. No matter how much they could potentially grow in value. Ashley doesnlt plan on being arond more than a season i reckon so he wants a cheap survival. Thats it… Don’t see us bringing anyone in apart from maybe an uninspiring loan signing…

  10. I Love Mike says:
    August 16, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    “people are creaming over him on Ed’s blog”

    I’ll refrain from saying a thing :lol:

    Peace and love and that ;)

  11. Its hard to belive when it comes out of no where like this esp from a tabloid ,

    Remember reading on the way home for my stag that we were going to bid for Adebayor! Same paper last week in its premiership review claimed us fans were deluded and put too much pressure to sign big name players…..

  12. But in saying that if we do sign him n if he is half as good as he is been made out ( i have never seen him play so cant comment ) he’d be a good signing tho i wouldnt hold my breathe due to the source

  13. Its becoming more and more clear to me just what “no capital outlay means”…

    Two freebies and a maybe 500k signing of Perch which was probably covered by cash freed up by the release of Geremi, Butt, Casapa, Hall, Pancrate (wages saved).

    We are not going to spend a cent this transfer window. But I said I’d be happy if we just didn’t lose anyone important so I’ll stick by that…

    If we do see someone of around 4Mil value come in, you can be assured someone of around 4Mil value will be sold.

  14. how many midfielders are we going to be linked with??nonetheless from what i read and the fact that he’s only 20 should mean his value can only go up.we should spend the cash and get him,if only ashley had a bit of sense..fer sounds like an apt replacement for smith.

  15. Our tranfers over the past three years have gone something like this…

    Player available for 10Mil, Ashley offers 3Mil, Ashley comes back with new offer for 3.2Mil… rejected… Bid fails. We buy no body.

    Only differece is now, player available for 5Mil, Ashley offeres 800k, comes back with new offer for 900k, rejected… bid fails.

    Its like a total turn around of what we used to be under Sheperd… What we need to find is a happy medium.

  16. Fink ben arfa will happen this week both dechamps n dassier hav said they don’t wanna hold up his career he is bk in france now were am sure he will demand a move expect somthing in a day or 2

  17. i would love to know what we would talk/argue/speculate about without these rumours!? Maybe the rate at which the grass grows on the pitch at SJP??? Me for one, i love it! I think its the same feeling the missus gets when she watches Eastenders!

  18. There has been little talk of the manure game tonight … I have taken a 20-1 bet for a newcastle win from a WBA supported (who couldn’t believe his eyes at the chelsea game on Saturday)

    I have a ticket and I am off at 4.30 … I am always wildly optimistic but can we win … without Ben Arfa:) ??

  19. Davy – Apparently HBA has been called back to Marseille. Now is that to allow him to leave? Or os to try and convince him to stay?

  20. ana every1s sik ov this now but the chronicle rekon arfas bak in marseille and a deal is doubtful is that old news or is the deal on, off coz am gettn confused

  21. I see some people are coming round to my way of thinking.

    I’ve told you all – You cannot argue with facts and the bare form of the man!

    Stick to this ethos and you won’t be dissapointed.

  22. @ 25 – Feck knows. I would like to know who their French source is as I can’t see anything about it anywhere in the French press. I have only seen it in The Chron.

  23. “Summoned back to Marseille”

    Now from what I’ve read over the weekend he really doesn’t strike me as someone who would be summoned anywhere!

    Total bollox – Nobody at all knows what’s going on apart from him and his agent.

  24. unless their – freebies – overweight has-beens – championship players costing south of 1 million nicker then these linked players wont be seen within 100 miles of newcastle.

    pretty much like most of this sites bloggers..

    sad but true.

  25. Cropper’s list of shyte wind ups hasn’t grown then. I should ban the kunt for being boring :roll:

  26. They don’t want him to stay,they need to sell a) to reduce the wage bill b) to pursue their own targets.
    Their president said on their own website that they’d originally said Niang was not for sale just so his price would immediately go up. theres more chance of us winning the league than Ben Arfa staying at L’OM

  27. aye your right jj,they normally have two cash bids for players.if those two attempts are knocked back,that’s basically it.

  28. Rich

    He’ll win eventually either make him stay and pay him silly money for doing nowt or take a million euros now get him off the wage bill and take another €5m in 9 months time, Makes perfect sense to me…

  29. 28 Stuart79 says:
    August 16, 2010 at 3:07 pm
    “Summoned back to Marseille”

    Now from what I’ve read over the weekend he really doesn’t strike me as someone who would be summoned anywhere!

    Total bollox – Nobody at all knows what’s going on apart from him and his agent.

    I think that sums all this up perfectly! I think he will end up here in the end tho ( i hope )

  30. CC I think they’ll be in a bigger rush to get shot now that their bid for Fabiano was knocked back they need money to go back with a bigger offer(if they still want him).

  31. if we are tryin to get fer…..then it could be the best thing that will ever happen to us….coz he is immense……..he s the perfect type coz most of the goals we conceed are by counter attacks and this guy in the middle will give the pace…….for a dm he lightning quick…….strong,very very good on the ball…..better than most wingers i should say….and he can play almost anywhere….for 4 m he s too good a chance worth passing…..coz trust me i have seen him play many times…he s that good…..

  32. sorry to interupt … but there is a small trifling of a game tonight … does anyone think we can win ??

  33. skybet have got man u winning the first half and then toon to win the match @ 80/1! Two quid on that! I reckon we’ll be the first team to create an upset this season!

  34. Shrews…doubtful but stranger things have happened……….apparently Toonsy once got a round in ;-)

  35. shrews mag says:
    August 16, 2010 at 3:28 pm
    sorry to interupt … but there is a small trifling of a game tonight … does anyone think we can win ??

    If we treat it like a cup tie and hope for a cup shock we might get a draw.

  36. CC – I think most people on Ed’s blog believe we can win tonight. That seems to be the opinion looking at comments. And Marseille doesn’t have a ‘s’ on the end if someone wishes to tell him ;)

  37. Well I’ve got a £5 at 20-1 … but as I said earlier I am normally wildly optimistic …

    Toonsy … so what is the score going to be ??

  38. “shrews mag shrews mag says:
    August 16, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    sorry to interupt … but there is a small trifling of a game tonight … does anyone think we can win ??”

    Do you want the long or the short answer? Tell you what I’ll give you both…

    Short: No
    Long: Nooooooooo

  39. toonsy says:
    August 16, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Well I think half are on drugs on there to be honest.

  40. We have 7 times there in 116 years, and one of them times was when they were still called Newton Heath.

  41. It’s funny how people are negative about our prospects tonight …

    I am widly negative and sceptical about things like the Ben Arfa deal … but when it comes to predicting games I just cannot in my heart commit to a loss.

    Oh well … roll on the drubbing … and if we do lose I am going to stay behind and cry like a baby to get on sky tonight.

  42. toonsy says:
    August 16, 2010 at 3:40 pm
    We have 7 times there in 116 years, and one of them times was when they were still called Newton Heath.

    So what ya saying, toonsy? There’s a chance?

  43. TOONSY,not saying your heading is a rouse,being a daily shite quote,but i think it will be rios myself,as i think still looking at defence/d.m. imo

  44. Fer Yes!!
    HBA Yes!!
    Bellamy Yes!! proven quality in EPL

    get it done Ashley – u know it makes sense – its hardly a gamble!!

  45. TOONSY ive heard its the 3rd party ownership thats holding up the deal and cannot get it sorted at the mo

  46. Stuart – don’t be too shocked, but we’re in agreement on this one! Ashley’s recent form shows he’s unlikely to blow £4m on anyone, let alone a 20-year-old.

    Besides, as Toonsy says: Daily Mail, no quotes… garbage.

    I vaguely remember someone totting up the rumours from two summer windows back. Over 150 players linked, and (if you discount those links within 24 hours of actually showing up in black & white) precisely NONE were correct.

  47. Right … I’ve got m’ ticket and I’m off to Old Trafford

    Enjoy :)

    1-2 carrol and nolan with a consolation for shrek

    Howay the lads
    :) :) :)

  48. Fed up with transfer klunge.

    When does the pre-match banter post go up? I’m in the mood for some pre-emptive Manure-fan baiting. Even if we’re going to lose, most of their fans represent everything I hate most in footie (although much less interbred and better-washed than yer average mackem), so let’s get stuck in…

  49. cheers richietoon … not sure how to do the evil face but I will make lots of noise :)

    right computers being switched off …

  50. Whumpie – The match preview? Was done yesterday man 8)

    Match banter will be up in a bit.

  51. :twisted:

    cheers toonsy

    still here … m’ lads still sorting himself out … not sure whether to wear his top (adidas not puma)

  52. Up my humble prediction again.

    3-2 to Newcastle.

    Jonas score a scremer,Lovekrands a penalty,Carroll a header.

    Btw,i seriously thinks that if Arfa comes in,is time for Jonas to move inwards and behind our striker. An Attacking Midfielder…He still can’t cross that well….

    Though it will take time for Enrique to form a partnership with arfa…hmmmm

  53. I think Carroll will score tonight.

    Our best bet is from dead ball situations as I don’t envisage us having too much of the ball.

    We may have some success on the counter attack if Routledge can use his pace but other than that I think it might be a night of chasing shadows.

  54. dicktoon says:
    August 16, 2010 at 4:55 pm
    Any of you bast@rds got a link for the match yet?

    Good old dick…

  55. Watch it on Sky Sports. Does no one have a TV anymore?

    The amount of scroungers who ask for links on the internet is shocking. Do fans spend so much money on replica kits they can’t afford a Sky set up now?

  56. Roy Cropper says:
    August 16, 2010 at 3:21 pm
    @ 34 i’ve banned myself – goodbye.

    Miss’n y’awready Roy!

  57. wicky.aye I do have skysports thanks but not everyone can afford it or many are in places who cant afford it.So shut up ya knob.

  58. WWW – Personal choice I guess. Some of them may not have acces to Sky? Just a stab in the dark like.

    Me, I’ll be watching us getting humped on Sky!

  59. wickywoowoo,i’ve got sky myself,but that’s a bit harsh slagging people down because they haven’t got sky.

  60. wickywoowoo you twat. I went to plenty matches last season. Did you? And no I can’t afford sky you ignorant c@nt. I would rather spend what little spare money I have actually going to matches.

  61. Rangers fans are a top bunch – British to the core. Not like the Irish Celts down the road.

    Don’t get me started on the Catholics….

  62. www,
    some of us won’t actually give money to that C*** murdoch, he can stick his sky where the sun don’t shine.

    I thank you (bows).

  63. Aye,
    i’d rather watch it for naff on tinterweb than give them a lousy penny.

    Only way i’d pay for watching football is at the game or if some tv co. offered the chance of only buying our games.
    Not interested in paying for spuds v wigan for eg.

  64. CLiNT – That would never happen mate, as much as I would like that. Like a season ticket for your own team but you get to watch every game on TV. Cynice will say that it will reduce attendance. I don’t think it would have a bearing to honest.

  65. CLINT ime with you m8 too true,cannot see the sackless thing when it rains ect,ill stick with my freesat h.d.

    but everyone to there own,ime going for draw the neet

  66. toonsy,
    maybe mate.
    But they could pay the clubs a %, after all, they use us & the usual suspects to get their figures up.
    That’s why we’re always last on motd, to keep us watching the whole sorry show.

  67. We’ll get humped Hitman. We could have sent £50 million and we would still get humped ;)

  68. hitman,
    andy gay has sent the Toon some of his vas mate.
    So we should be well lubed.

  69. Getting nervous now like. God knows whats going to happen tonight. I’d murder for a draw

  70. He uses it when he’s with his manc marras, normally round his bonce, for wearing them as a hat.

  71. Well i promise myself not to watch any Newcastle matches till January. Just interested in results that’s all.

    My aim is to see whether CH will survive till that time or not. :lol:

  72. CLINT watching it on tinterweb we dont have to put up with that dick i hate toon andy grey

  73. And also to take care of my health. ;)

    geez. watching Newcastle players play/misses,ish hazardous to health.

  74. ice,
    top reason bud.
    The guy is a complete mong & his fawning prattle does me swede in.
    I’ll hire some tap shoes when he snuffs it.

  75. Watch out for some homer ref moves the neet.
    Away to the scum, ref’ll be briefed right about now.

  76. All im hoping for is a respectable performance but if players like Jonas, Barton and Routledge have a good game never know.

  77. We might have a good game considering we were good in all but the final third, and you never play in the final third at old trafford anyway so we might be ok! Need to cut out conceding silly goals like otherwise we will be punished. I fancy us going up and scoring from a set piece tonight I really do. Man U have several key players including Evra & Rooney doubtful like which is a help.

  78. Interesting to hear what hughton will have to say after the game about transfers.surely he won’t still be denying interest in ben arfa?

  79. im nervous aboot tonite,think our midfield will be sorely lacking and struggling to get the ball let alone keep it,but i dont think its going to be a foregone conclusion like for some reason i think we can spring a shock

  80. supposidly Arfa hasnt turned up for the meeting he was supposed to have today with the president of marseille, when will this load of balls end im fed up!!

    On tonight if we can shut them out for first 30-45mins we should be okay i think we may even be able to sneak a win a dont think we’l get hammered as much as people are saying a would like to think the 2-1 to newcastle ive said will happen but well howay in all seriousness i’d be happy with a draw

  81. Andy Gray on sky said that last year everyone said we’d come straight back up!!………..funny that,not exactly how I remember it like :roll:

  82. the bench is the key for me.dont wont to see smith on it.if we do then forget having any harris and ranger on it smith hasnt even played in pre he wont be fit to play.and if he comes on from the bench i will then no ch cant run a football team.

  83. Dave……aye grew it over the weekend……not convinced Toonsy’s is real lioke ;-)

  84. Has us down to get beat 2-0 at a canter tonight with no shots on target registered.

    But as it creeps closer, I’ve gotten curiously more confident. I think a cruel twist of fate will befall the mancs and we’ll sneak it. I’ve even stuck a tenner on it at 12/1. Rude not to.

  85. Asim I would be very surprised if Harris or Ranger are on the bench
    Richie it would take toonsy a few years just to grow a Joey pornstar tash :lol:

  86. BBM tbh yesterday I was thinking if we didnt get beat by more than 2 goals I would be happy but like you as it gets closer im getting braver I would be happy with a draw and ecstatic if we sneak a win :lol: . It would be brill to shout all the gobshite Fergie loving pundits up

  87. BIG DAVE evening young fellow hows you,we will have to hold back on little digs at toonsy-tash,he famous now you know y-tube is agog with him :),hold for 15/20/min we will get a

  88. big dave!ch needs to address what he wonts from his subs or not bother having any1 who can change a game.ranger will get on becasue best is injuried.r.talyor cant play at right back tonight.

  89. “Rangers fans british to the core” LOL….you don’t really think they sing rule britania & fly the union flag because they’re proud of being brit’s & love the queen?

  90. Rangers fans mock Celtic fans because a large part of Celtic’s history is Irish – specially catholic Republic of Ireland. Rangers fans, obviously, being blind to the fact their history also features a fair amount of Irish blood – mainly protestant Northern Ireland.

    This is why they are stuck with Neil Lennon managing Celtic. Technically, he is one of theirs but they drove him out the national team with death threats and Lennon himself wants a unified Irish football team – he hates the division.

    As a born and bred Celtic boy – it is hard to see many positives because of the bile and hate they send to the green half but as I have lived most of my life in England, I am removed from the situation and more objective and I can see Celtic have a section who are just as spiteful and digusting to Rangers.

    The whole situation is just a mess.

  91. I don’t know if there’s any truth in it or that much about the player but he fits the mould I think we need. A proper defensive midfielder and one who is the kind of athlete the premiership now demands. Young and over 6foot these are the qualities to give our midfield a lift.

  92. wickywoowoo

    “As a born and bred Celtic boy”

    could you explains what that means please? Other than you being a victim of brainwashing obviously.