Manchester United v Newcastle United – Match banter.

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Howay the lads!
Howay the lads!
It’s here. It’s finally here. Newcastle will soon be kicking off their Premier League campaign, although most of us would probably have wanted a more favourable start than we ended up with.

Still, we have to face Manchester United at Old Trafford at some point so at least the game is out of the way.

It would be fair to say that expectations of us pulling off a win are fairly low, although you never know I guess. It’s a funny old game is football, unfortunately Newcastle are usually the butt of the jokes.

Anyway, I digress. In our poll of how you all think we will fare against Manchester United, 44% have backed us to lose this evening, 40% are opting for the draw and 16% believe we can pull off a shock win. I hope they are right!

As ever, this is the place to come together and piss and moan about Newcastle, like we always do. The match will be beamed on TV around the world , so if anyboy knows of any coverage they want to share with other Newcastle fans then please feel free to do so in the ‘comments’ section below.

If you wish to take a look at the match preview article and try to work out who will be playing, look at who is injured and take a look at how we have fared in the past against Manchester United, you can do so here.

At the end of the day, nothing will be decided tonight and there are still 37 games to go afterwards. I will be looking at the performance more than anything, although a cheeky result would be fantastic. Not many teams get a result at the home of the 11-time Premier League champions though, and whilst it is possible and can’t be ruled out, it would appear unlikely we will get one tonight. Fingers crossed though.

Howay the lads!

Man UtdEdwin Van Der Sar, John O’Shea, Nemanja Vidic, Jonny Evans, Patrice Evra, Antonio Valencia, Darren Fletcher, Paul Scholes, Nani, Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov..

SubsThoms Kusczak, Ryan Giggs, Chris Smalling, Javier Hernandez, Michael Carrick, Rafael, Federico Macheda,.

NewcastleSteve Harper, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith, Joey Barton, Jonas Gutierrez, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

SubsTim Krul, James Tavernier, Ryan Taylor, Haris Vuckic, Nile Ranger, Xisco, Shola Ameobi.

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378 Responses

  1. I hear the team is Harper, Perch, Colo, Williamson, Enrique, Routledge, Smith, Barton, Jonas, Nola, Carroll

  2. Most excited I’ve been for a match in a long time. Realized this morning that this will be the first Newcastle match ever that I will get to watch on TV in HD. On live nationwide here in the States!

  3. Barton? Hope he keeps a cool head tonight. All I want from the toon tonight is a good performance – EVERYONE of them playing like they want to win it.

    Even if we get thrashed, I want to see them fight it !!

  4. oh my god !at least we are playing united slow cnetral midfield.has he not learned anything.he cant play nolan and smith in the same can u play with smith.with no pre season game against united u are a bigger fool then u are.dont care if people slag me off for if we get a result.pals act.not bothered about smith but he is not fit to play as he isnt fit to play pre season this is a sick joke.

  5. Asim- if Guthrie’s hurt, who else do you play at CM. I assume you could start Loven upfront and go 4-4-2, and I probably would, but CH loves the 5 man MF on the road

  6. Oh no!
    Smith instead of Guthrie.
    Guthrie picked an injury last night, how convenient.
    What a load of bullsh.

  7. Let’s wait for the official line-up lads…don’t think Hughton would play Smith and Nolan…he can’t be that daft…i rather Jonas played in the middle with Routledge on the left and Ryan Taylor on the right.

  8. toonsy sorry for having a go at ch.we cant play that slow man nolan with smith.becasue they cant get up quick enough to support are front players.carrol cant keep up with are wingers so we will just be playing backwards football.and if they do come up we will get hammered going back.u can only play that system with a fast centre forward and carrol is not.

  9. Asim – It still doesn’t negate the fact that we have nobody else who can play apart from Smith. It will be 4-5-1 tonight, which was expected in fairness. Don’t be sorry about having a go man, it’s your opinion :)

  10. pals act! pals act. we wont move forward with ch in charge.nolan captain he will never be droped.

  11. whats the bench.harris can play.what is the point in playing smith.if he isnt fit.yes he would have to play.but he isnt match i bet u he doesnt last 45 minutes or get sent off becuse he cant run back to catch united.

  12. Come on Smudger. If you’re gan to get booked, make it worth it son and slide straight through both of Rooney’s ankles. The fat ginger cnut :mad:

  13. Imm pooing myself here ;) early injury worries :S we dont need to be playing catch up!

  14. can any1 put the bench up for me.and another thing i dont wont to see ranger or harris coming on with 2 minutes to go. r.talyor will come on first.pals act pals act we need goals they dont give u goals ch.

  15. Anyone on their bench would be an automatic pick for us. :(
    Still look what Blackpool did, so ought is possible. If Vukic had had more first team experience I’d have preferred him to Smith, on the other hand he was probably our best player for the first half of last season so lets not be too pessimistic.
    And as already mentioned not many teams will come away with points from them!

    6-0 to us? ;)

  16. if that is indeed our official line-up we are fecked :)) ….Smith better kill that balding-fat-ginger mutha***…he doesn’t have any use otherwise…

  17. wish my mother and father would invest in sky so i dont have to watch on this crap streams :(

  18. ToonKing – I took it straight off of Sky when they announced it. It is the official line-up. I’ll await an apology soon :)

  19. Spencer – I’ll pay for Sky, but I draw the line at paing for axtras like ESPN. For that game I will be streaming aswell :)

    Unless I can twist my mrs’s arm and see if she fancies a day out ;)

  20. Guthrie’s injury shows how important it will be to sign at least one central midfielder before the window shuts.

    If we are playing 3 all season we cannot get by with just 4 (and Vuckic + Gosling).

    However, the negativity towards Smith is so strong that I wonder why so few have stressed the need to strengthen in the middle of the park. In the first team it is there and right back that we currently look weakest – I accept we probably won’t sign another specialist right back because Taylor and Perch can both cover (possibly ineffectively).

  21. Man u appreciation channel, a little note from gray there, wonder how hard that was for him

  22. well toonsy my dad buys movies and normal sky pahah but refuses to buy the sports package as my eyes would be glued to the tv :D

  23. cheers toonsy1 we got hope.harris needs to come on against united.and ranger b4 the rest.goals they have scored the others dont offer u that option so be bold for once in your life and lets go for it if we are getting beat and then bring r.tlayor nob face on or the rest b4 the kids who score goals then i now u are a manager just a pal.then .

  24. Smith & Barton in CM – No problem! Both will break up play whilst Barton will knock it about and Noland will come back to give a dig out when needed.
    We’ll put up a good fight tonight lets just hope we carve out a few chances and take 1 of them.
    Evra cant be too fit either so lets hope Rout gets at him and Jonas can trouble O’Shea!

    Keep the faith boys!!!!

  25. Just to let you guys know – you should check out Virgin Media’s “VIP 50” package. It completely destroys any Sky HD package available, with free ESPN, Sky HD channels and 50MB broadband.

    It’s a top class package for those who dislike Sky prices.

  26. Deb – I’m actually getting rather angry about it now. They hae been talking for 5 minutes now about their team, lets see what we get.

  27. I cannot believe Perch is rates higher than Ryan Taylor.

    Taylor may not be the best defensively, but he offers something going forward and Perch hasn’t shown himself to be great defensively himself.

    Also, Taylor has far more experience than Perch.

  28. …..sorry Toonsy…:(…this is gonna be a though-though game with this line-up…if we get 2-3 shots on target it will be an accomplishment…

  29. oh lads who fancys alan smith to get his first toon goal against his old club ;)?

  30. we all have been going on about this central midfield for ages.the point is he plays his pals b4 the frist option.goals pace and the running midfielder.we have nolan in that postion.he cant run or tackle back or run back and his captain.we are fecked then he wont get droped.

  31. asim, obviously you’re entitled to your opinion but you are just being ridiculous.

    Ranger scored 3 goals Nolan 18. Vuckic hasn’t started a senior game. This team got us promoted and has more of a chance than the youngsters.

    If we need to bring on a striker it’s a tough call between Ranger and Shola but if you are looking for a goal it has to be Shola

  32. ToonKing – Serves you right for doubting me ;)

    Just kidding :)

    I think Vidic will be marking Carroll personally.

  33. pace u daft man.talyor cant tackle or run.they have got 2pace men.he has got that 1 right.he has to play perch.

  34. Also if maintaining fragile team morale is crucial to our success I have no qualms with Hughton being a “pal”.

  35. I thought 4-0 Man U before I saw the team sheet, now with Smith about to amble around yards off the pace (he was yards off the pace against most teams last season FFS) and committing rash challenges for fun around the area (perfect excuse for the ref’s Old Trafford agreement) we will be lucky to keep it to only 4. Even if we keep it tight first half Giggs will be sent on to tear our RB to bits after an hour.

    A rubbish pre-season and an appalling lack of urgency has seen us put out a Fizzy team in all but name, and with Smith a one that is woefully slow, despite 3 months of “much needed” (CH) team building. What have we done about it? Chase around after prima donnas, mediocre defenders, crocks and overweight pensioners looking for a bit of part time work.

    Save your money on bets, CH will not be here by Xmas. Fat Ashley has passed him the poison chalice and poor Chris is too slow or too trusting for him not to realise… Would Cloughie have accepted this treatment (or Sir Bobby), I hope we all know the answer to that?

    VERDICT = SHAMBLES. Only question will be ‘how many goals against’ and ‘how many players will we have left on the field’ (Barton, Smith & Perch would be my early bath favourites). Impending apocalypse – and a week of sweeping up the mess before the Villa game.

  36. u on glue.they have to start somewhere.u cant have them on the bench for ever.stop talking crap man.

  37. C’mon the Toon!!!!!

    All the sweeter when u only pay £1.25 a month for Sky Sports :)

  38. Where the hell is loven? Not even on the bench?…reckon smith asked to play to prove himself? Bricking it like. HWTL

  39. Ross- he must be hurt. No way he wouldn’t have made the bench if fit…

    The benh looks appaling, but will look a whole lot better when Gosling, Guthrie, Loven, STaylor, Simpson and Campbell are fit (plus hopefully Arfa).

    (Damn, didn’t realize so many were missing until I typed that out)

  40. I reckon first will come inside 15. All depends on how we start and how we react. Come on lads, we should all be 110% up for this. Carroll’s tasch is awful, haha

  41. They aren’t going to bully Vidic. Evans they have a chance with, but if they keep popping the ball high Vidic will just eat them up.

  42. Did anyone see the black and White shirt in amongst a sea of red behind the goal there!? Lol

  43. The life of a Newcastle fan – Part 1

    Enthused by our start to life in the Premier League I await the kick in the bollocks that will no doubt be with us shortly.

  44. Smith for me doesn’t have a good enough first touch (or second touch for that matter) to be a centre mid in the PL.

  45. That’s a crowd pleaser. Honest attempt to won the ball, a split second off and it’s an immediate booking.

  46. SpencerTheToon : defending well, wall holding up to 2 free kicks so far, Enrique playing well as is Barton. Smith up for the fight against Scholes, and Caroll has missed a sitter of header from an early corner, but also had a pretty basic shot saved. We’re not standing off and letting them play too much which is encouraging at this stage

  47. Spencer- Carrol’s had the two best chances of the match. ManU asserting themselves now but haven’t had a good chance. We’re holding our own quite well…

  48. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    August 16, 2010 at 8:26 pm
    What did i tell y’, nailed on homer ref?

    If it makes you feel better.

  49. ok thanks lads :) but by the sounds of it the defence isnt getting the ball away good enough

  50. any but where was the call toonsy, he played himself into trouble but more than made up for it as Nani is a pussy and bottled the challenge

  51. Clear foul on Carroll there. Bit Ropey at the back but a brilliant tackle from Williamson. Pinned back bigtime here, gotta soak it up

  52. It’s a bit like watching last season really, only difference is that we would go and get a goal about now.

  53. Nolan laboured and lost, he should be replaced by a true number 10 asap. As I said doesn’t fill me with confidence and shouldn’t be the captain

  54. All too bloody easy, we’re giving the ball away in dangerous places, and paying the price

  55. Defence is playing way too deep. There’s a mass of space between the midfield and the back line for us and we’re getting caught out.

  56. We’ve got so many men behind the ball when we get out the box there’s nee one there to support and we can’t help but give it away.

  57. Nolans slow and wanting. Stu I take it all back mate. We are out of our depth, there’s no one out there to put his foot on it and control the game

  58. I’m just glad we won’t be playing these every week. It could be anything in the second half when we’re knackered from chasing leather!

  59. They are closing us down so high up the pitch, that and our shite passing means we just cant break out. Suppose our lack of pace up front means Manure can play with a high def line without fear of us exploiting it

  60. What is jonas supposed to do there. He’s turning vidic inside out and no one is coming to ask for the ball

  61. I’m glad I’m going to work soon. The mass sucide on here becuase we are losing 1-0 at the home of the 11 time PL champions in going to be unbearable!

  62. Jesus christ man!

    We’ve actually got in some good positions but we just look so poor in their half.

  63. Well I’m glad everyone thinks our defence has improved!

    Lets see where our ‘great team spirit’ gets us!

  64. Big Dave says:
    August 16, 2010 at 8:46 pm
    TBH manure arn’t playing like 11 time PL champions

    Doesn’t that make it worse?

  65. no one tracking runs, pish poor marking!
    come tae fcuk! lets get it sorted lads! Still got a feeling we can grab a goal though. HWTL!

  66. Christ why are we arsing around at the back. Granted we’re trying to hold the ball up but in that situation, belt it.

  67. Our passing has nothing to do with the goals (maybe Enrique’s first touch) – we’re being caught on the break.

  68. Sorry Toonsy…

    Gotta agree with most… we’ve been absolutely pathetic.

    And Man United has played terribly and are easily 2-0 up.

    Jonas just can’t be bothered to mark or pass or run off the ball.
    Coloccini looks like he’s been paid to play for Man United.
    Perch looks totally out of his depth.
    Barton is gona get blown for anything he does.
    We have no movement, no energy and no hope.

    The only three that look to be trying are Carroll, Williamson and Routeledge the rest just seem to have given up before they started.

    Pathetic really.

  69. Thats what scared me Big Dave… Man United have been aweful today. And we have been worse. Far worse.

  70. The first 10 mins were canny but after that it’s been really poor. They’re not playing especially well we just look static at the back. Both goals have been conceded poorly. Carroll working his socks off as per.

  71. toonsy says:
    August 16, 2010 at 8:49 pm
    Ah well. Never expected anything else to be fair.

    But you didn’t expect us to be so fckin abject though did you?

    I mean our ‘stand out’ defenders have looked slow and poor, our midfield has looked exactly what it is – Slow and our attack?

  72. Its not the score that worries me. Its the performance and the attitude of the players… If they give up so easily and look so unfit, then what will the dressing room spirit be like if we get beat three on the trot…

    I see no spirit at all on the field.

    Fans have been excellent though… as usual.

  73. That is the problem with playing the one up front and trying to keep it tight. It invites pressure and doesn’t give us a way back as the one up front is easily marked.

  74. Man u were giving us the ball at times and we were clueless with what to do with it.Enrique is having a shocker.without an injection of pace were in a lot of trouble.

  75. well that was abysmal…we knew it will be though…but this is horrible…only Carroll is playing..the rest are strolling…Chris better kick some arses…

  76. Err, reality check. This is manu. At old trafford. Just what did you expect? We’ve done ok all things considered. Yet again the usual people moaning because we agent playing like the 96 team and are losing to one of the top teams in the world. If we are in the same position against Bolton, blackpool or wba then we can start to worry.

  77. As I have said all summer – I have no idea why everyone was so cocky about Enrique. The guy was crap his first two seasons in the Premiership and I see no reason why he is suddenly God now.

    Had a huge role in both goals but nevermind, it will all be Perch’s fault, no doubt. Enrique is above criticism.

  78. Who was the idiot this morning that said ‘great team spirit’ would make the players better passers, finishers and quicker at running?

    We actually look like we’ve never been away…

  79. Stuart79…do me a favour & shut up with your utter negative bollocks. Go support someone else if you’re that disillusioned…tit!

  80. For all those saying “this is Man United at Old Trafford”…

    Can you not see how badly they are playing??? They have given us every oppostunity to get back into this game and we have said “no thanks… you take the points”…

    And side well drilled and with passion would have had this layed back Man U side on the ropes.

    God help us when they click. Which they may in the second half. It could be 7-0, 8-0.

  81. joeybartonstache says:
    August 16, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Y right we are playing Man Utd, and their playing fckin crap!

    That makes me worry. I hope it’s just the occasion that’s got to them.

    Some players really found wanting imo.

  82. Toonsy-the thing getting to me mate, is the fact that it’s been all to easy. I didn’t expect anything but a loss but we’ve made it very simple for them. We don’t even look to be trying at times, they’re just walking through us

  83. For god sake get real some of you.Did you expect anything else .unlike most of you I do think the lads are trying they are just not good enough.If they are outclassed by Bolton Wigan Blackburn etc then have a go,but not against one of the best teams in the world as Isaid at the begining get real.45 mins into the new season and some of you have given up all ready for fck sake.

  84. I gotta disagree with you, JJ.

    I think we’ve played halfway decent. Sure there’s some cobwebs, but it’s the first game of the season. For one, I’ve thought Carroll is looking good in his attacking runs, just need to work on the finished product. Jonas needs to learn how to get rid of the ball, but his footwork has been fancy, and Coloccini has had a couple crackin’ saves. Thought Williamson looks decent too.

  85. ch sack support when we run forward.2 slow in central.for are sake.carrol has been are best player.vidic is getting battered by him.goals change games should have scored. anyway lets not get beat 5 0r 6.thats why he cant play nolan he is 2 slow 2 get forward.thats when we lose the ball becasue nobdy to pass to.we have been in good postions.

  86. We should not have been allowing them to play in & around our box.
    Trying to play defensively v manu at theirs is & has proved to be suicide.
    Dumb game plan.

  87. 2-3 the Toon ;-)
    on the plus side Andy C as provisionally earned me a point in my fantasy team :-)

  88. @191
    And side well drilled and with passion would have had this layed back Man U side on the ropes.

    JJ….utter bollocks!

    There’s some shit been spoken on here tonight…

  89. Witters says:
    August 16, 2010 at 8:56 pm
    Stuart79…do me a favour & shut up with your utter negative bollocks. Go support someone else if you’re that disillusioned…tit!

    Well I’m glad you’re happy – We don’t really need supporters (loosely termed) like you who are happy to settle for mediocrity and no effort.

  90. I’m in full agreement with Toonsy and a few others on here. We are playing Man Utd, at Old Trafford. WTF does everyone expect???!!!! We knew we were never going to play well against the top 6. But we look a damn sight better than Wham, WBA, Wigan and a few others. Give it a rest with the constant criticism! It’s getting pretty boring tbh. We need to concentrate on beating the teams who will also struggle and consolidate this season. A few highlights, Carroll has looked good and Routledge has looked full of energy!


  91. Does no one see how bad Enrique is? Seriously, it’s like mass delusion – his crapness is something people’s eyes don’t see.

    Perch is the black guy getting little support from Routledge, Enrique is the white guy getting help from Jonas but still messing up.

    It’s easy to spot him. He’s the guy you get erections over.

  92. i don’t care if Manure beat us 8-0 if they are playing like it and scoring crackers …but they are crap today and we are playing like a fizzy pop team again…when you can’t string two passes together there isn’t much you can look forward too…

    Nolan and Smudger are useless today and Perch is just plain bad….

  93. At least this match will be out of the way in an hour. It’s not an easy place to play, and I think the ref has been a bit of a homer so far which hasn’t helped. Not that I’m blaming him for anything, as we’ve looked devoid of any creativity. If we aren’t getting any freekicks though, we’ll struggle to create chances.

    There is no link up at all between defence and midfiled, our movenment needs to be far better.

    Keep it respectable lads, PLEASE!!!


  94. I am not doing a knee jerk reaction – I think the performance has been decent and I expected to be further behind just now – I am pleased on the whole. I just can’t believe how Enrique is so poor and nothing is said.

    I am also getting annoyed at Richard Keys and Andy Gray literally laughing at how bad they are mocking Newcastle. Literally laughing.

  95. Here we go the hysterical over reaction by some starts again. Regardless of team performance who in their right mind expected a result at Old Trafford? No? thought not. We had to play them at some point there at least it will be over and done with in 45 mins. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get too bad.

  96. @201

    Stuart79…if supporting is constant whining then you’re I’m not a true supporter!

    Anyway I’m sure you’ll absolutely hate the 2nd & enjoy it as you’ll gave more stuff to whine about…

  97. Williamson has looked far more solid than Coloccini has.

    Jona always has fancy footwork, but he needs to learn to pass too as well as stay on his man, not leave him free when he tracks but in defence.

    Witters – I’m sorry I only see 100% effort from a handful of players.
    Jonas seems to stop completely at stages. I forgot Smith was playing the last 20 mins and Coloccini seems to be passing the ball round the back like he’s playing Sunday park football.
    Also, Perch (not his fault) is just not premiership quality.

    R Taylor should come on.

  98. The main positive so far? Caroll is a battering ram. He could be lethal in the air and will give plenty of cb’s hell this season.

  99. See fat Ash’s belly behind Baldini and Pearce? Arms folded looking like he’s had a good summer.

  100. wicky there’s plenty people with jobs who still can’t afford sky you obnoxious little tw@t

  101. Ross – I agree. Carroll has impressed me. The lad is all over the place, which is great, but he needs to be up top where he stands a chance of inflicting damage.

  102. JJ & Stuart79…welcome to the premier league! We’re playing of the best teams in the world & our players won’t play well all of the time!

  103. Toonsy-he’s the only one that’s looked like any sort of threat the night. He’s all over the place working hard and isn’t afraid to have a pop on goal. Williamson has also looked canny most of the time.

  104. Quite brilliant.

    How about gettin stuck into them and not giving them any time in the middle of the park?

    I know it’s a new concept but howay, lets give it a go.

  105. Anyone can afford Sky if you cut out the booze and useless crap you fritter away hundreds/thousands on.

    Honest isn’t obnoxious – you just realise you’re an idiot with your money and lash out.

  106. @richietoon (224): I’m unemployed and have a job. The trick is to not spend your dole money on drugs and Brighthouse – who’da thought?

  107. The way some people are going on here is shocking! We’ve just been promoted! Survival is our only goal! Man U are a world class side, that means that even when they’re bad they are still better than us! Stop expecting the impossible and accept the fact that we are starting from the bottom! HWTL FFS!!! Get behind the team!

  108. @nathandio (235): Don’t try and reason with the cynics. It isn’t worth your energy mate.

    Let’s see Vuckic on for Smudger.

  109. Why haven’t we got into Scholes? Don’t give him a second – He’s got the whole pitch to himself at the minute.

  110. Stuart-we’re getting over run in the middle. We had alot of time on the ball last season and we’re learning a lesson tonight, you won’t get it in the pl. We need pace in the squad so that when the ball comes out the box we have an outlet to get the ball up field. Barton and Nolan sadly aren’t the answer. Shame bout Guthrie and loven.

  111. Thump…..I’m just sick of him,he called people on the other thread scroungers if they wanted to watch online cos they couldnt afford SKY…..theres plenty people who cant get jobs or have jobs but have more vital things to spend their hard earned on,without some idiot having ago at them.rant over :-)

  112. Ch won’t put the kids on. The best thing to come from the game is we get to see a decent epl team play. 8 of the 11 took us down, and unless we invest sharp we are indeed going back. Stu all is forgiven

  113. What’s owl heed shaking his head at there like? Hopefully something along the lines of
    “Christ mike, why haven’t we spent any money?”

  114. Ross says:
    August 16, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    He’s probably saying “This wasn’t in this week’s five year plan, Mike”

  115. Haha “Don’t worry dekka, it’s in next weeks. My vision involves us losing heavily here, yet qualifying for Europe”
    “wow mike? Europe? Do we spend money in the plan?…”
    “……err, sort of. Well, nah.”

  116. Oh thank you lord for our savour is coming on!

    If Ashley doesn’t look at this substitution and think “Fck me, is this the back up?” then god help us!

  117. In all honesty we’re playing Man U, we expected nothin, but I just hope the players don’t lose too much confidence from this.

    However it is as clear as day that we need reinforcements.

  118. Stuart-the first 10 minutes were canny good, lol. We even should have been 1 nowt up! Carroll and Williamson have both looked good. Caroll is going to cause problems this season. If he is for man u he will for everyone.

  119. Clint-we just want too much time on the ball in the middle. Our pressurising stopped after the first 15 or so and scholes has ran it since.

  120. Ross – The problem Carroll is going to have is that we may not create enough chances for him to make an impact.

  121. Delivery from routledge hasn’t been great. All the time in the world to hit a man there like. That’s another half chance like.

  122. Another chance gone begging!

    Last year we knew there’d be another chance on the way – Not so sure in this league.

  123. Stuart-if the delivery continues like that wor andy will be pulling his long locks out his head by Christmas.

  124. How did berba manage that? Bloody hell. Someone just needs to stick with scholes to the finish now.

  125. The plus is we’ve still created chances……..downside is we havnt taken them but if we can create against Man Utd we will against poorer teams and hopefully will take them.

  126. How many times did Enrique do that last season and he got away with it everytime. First time in the big league and we get punished!

  127. as toonsy said the other day we have to try and beat the teams outside to top 8 at home. and a few away i would expect this agains man u to be fair

  128. Another goal – another botch by Enrique. His farting about at the corner flag made that. The guy has been a joke tonight.

  129. Toonsy-excellent finish but what is Enrique thinking with the ball in the corner there. Not the first time he’s done it the night. Scholes has had all the time in the world for about 80 mins tonight and has taken full advantage. I never expected a win but quite honestly all 3 goals were avoidable. Regardless of performance we’ve gifted them goals.

  130. In our next five games we play Stoke and Blackpool at home and Wolves away. We need minimum of 7 points IMO.

  131. The whole Newcastle Player, Only Routledge puts a very awful game of himself. geez.

  132. routledge, xisco, as well as jonas have made some fantastic runs going forward, but can someone please teach them when & how to pass FFS…

  133. Well at least they put 3 past Chelsea too.

    We’re out of the bottom three! Whoop, Whoop!

  134. ah well…better second half…all in all i’m not totally devastated..if we bring in a couple of players (Arfa, Fer) we should be okay…

    …but we better improve on this for Villa…

  135. Not in the relegation zone, wahey, lol. Excellent from Carroll and Williamson the night. Jose had his first really poor game for quite a while. We’re desperate for pace. BenA would be a great signing looking at tonight..but after potentially watching the same game he may not think so!
    Didn’t expect a win, our season starts next week. Non the less the nature of the goals conceded was disappointing tbh

  136. Yes we won’t play manure every week and thank god for that, but I’m not convinced 100% effort was put in by everyone. Having said that, we had 6 efforts to their 11 so we just need someone to put the thing away! A couple more additions and we should be ok against the lower end teams, but Early days

  137. richietoon says:
    August 16, 2010 at 9:56 pm
    we’ll beat Villa on sunday like

    Dunno like, Villa looked a bit tasty on Saturday.

    I really think we’re desperate for a bit of quality in the middle of the park. Not just because of this result, everyone expected this.

  138. aye Stu,they were quality on saturday.Just have a feelin we’ll beat them.Put ya hoose on 3-1 ;-)

  139. only carroll did well for us today. the rest of the lot have to sort themselves out soon or else we’ll be looking at a very long n hard season! especially jose enrique! he played horrendously!

  140. Well can’t complain too much about that. Carroll really looked good to me, all over the pitch. Giggs goal was a really good one. 3-0 at Old Trafford isn’t that bad and some of the way we played does hold out a bit of hope.

    Player who didn’t perform for me was Barton again. I really can’t see why some rave on so much about him. But lets look forward to Sunday now and hope we can get something out of that game

  141. Carroll and maybe Williamson are the only ones i’m happy with today..although Williamson does remind me of Bramble…

    The rest all did incredibly amateur and big mistakes at some point ..

    It looked like we were tired of the EPL even before it started …we need more fire and stringing two passes wouldn’t hurt either…

  142. Much better second half. Thank goodness because Man United came right too… If they played like that first half result could have been scary.

    I’ll give my usual player ratings:

    Harper – 7
    Enrique – 5
    Coloccini – 6
    Williamson – 7 (high of not for one poor pass)
    Perch – 5
    Jonas – 5 (typical flatters to deceive)
    Barton – 6.5
    Smith – 6.5
    Routeledge 6 (would be higher if he could pass/cross)
    Nolan – 5.5
    Carroll 7

    Hughton – Played the only team he could bar Ryan Taylor who I’d have prefered at right back. So 7.

  143. @toonsy: Oh,thanks…. cause i was wondering that the official webby mentioned only Guthrie~~~

    IMO,Routledge seems quite nervous,and has been awful in his passing.

    And,what happen to our “supposed” left side power? 8O

    Did Jonas have a good game?

  144. aye, not a terrible display by all means. Thought Williamson was pretty decent tonight which is encouraging. At the end of the day we’re a new prem team and we’ve just played one of the best teams in the world so 3-0 was a decent result. This could have happened at any time in newcastles history. Man U have walked over far bigger and better teams.

  145. Well, I couldn’t get the streams to work for more than a few minutes, but from what I did see plus the radio commentary, it was pretty much as expected.

    I don’t mind losing 3-0 to Manure at the Theatre of Prawn Sarnies. I don’t even mind that there were some dodgy performances – you expect that in these circumstances, and frankly I’m just relieved it wasn’t 6-0. I’m sure a lot of teams will ship a lot more goals than we did, and create a lot fewer chances.

    And I doubt you’ll be able to hear anyone else’s away support the way you could ours tonight. Good on ya, lads; well sung.

    What does piss me off is the totally predictable, “I told you so” bollocks from Stu and the others who are never happy unless they’re having a go at “their club”.

    People like that are what feed the press in their “deluded fans” articles. They need to either realise who we are, where we are and what we just took on, or – seriously – piss off and leave us to actually SUPPORT our team. Go. Nobody’ll miss you.

    Rant over.


  146. That’s the first night nerves over with then.
    Suicidal game plan.
    Big hole in MF.
    Some bad passing up front.
    Some childish errors(nerves) at the back.
    Showed too much respect.
    Not enough movement off the ball.
    We made the pitch look big.
    It coulda been worse, but it coulda been better.

  147. You don’t like losing three nil but that was better than what i was expecting. Harper didn’t convince me on the goals with his angles but lets move on. Carroll was immense.
    Spidey so frustrating all the skill but cannae cross the ball.
    A big shock for some of the players. Enrique didn’t look so composed as last year. Perch and Williamson always looked if they were stretching to keep pace.
    Happy overall. I believe that wasn’t a performance of a relegation threatened side. The forthcoming games against Wolves and Blackpool will be far more important than this tonight

  148. All in all, this game went how I expected it too, though I would rather us have scored a goal. Williamson is definitely class and a great buy. Carroll looks strong and full of fight (just like a true Geordie, right? :D)

    We are dreadfully weak in the middle though. And our wings could use some work. Jonas and Routledge need to do nowt but practice crossing and passing. That’s what’s separating them from Top Quality players unquestionably.

    Definitely want to see Guthrie in the middle as I think he’ll fight harder than Nolan or Smudger. I love those guys, but they looked pants the night.

    Maybe we’ll get Ben Arfa in before the Villa game and he can help us make an impact. I’d LOVE for us to beat Villa at SJP.

  149. Clint – fair assessment. I think in all honesty you can say our nervy, uncertain, 1st-match-back performance was three goals worse than theirs. I think I’ll take that, purely on the basis that at least 3 other teams would have lost by more.

    Not a great thing to fall back on, but it’s what matters this year, I suppose!

    Right: that’s the opener done and out of the way. We need better for the next match, and I think we’ll get it.

  150. WWW – what an completely pathetic reply, good to see your living down to your reputation.

    If you really think your measured by what you own your very obviously compensating for something & even more pathetic than you seem. If I was as shallow as you I could reply by listing my possession’s, make of car etc etc but your just not worth it.

    I’d say I’ll see you at SJP, but I doubt you could find it on a map never mind go there.

  151. Just read through some of the comments on here after watching the match. God, some people are fcking idiots!

    My impression: ManU will again be up there and Newcastle will be fighting it out with about 12 teams that are as mediocre as we are. So, everything is pretty much as expected then.

  152. my problem is only the fact.why is ranger and harris on the bench.when they are never going to given a chance.sorry ch but we need energy spark and goals.ranger and harris provide why bring on players who offer the same on the pitch.they will leave like most of are young players.

  153. Brisvegas – sounds about right! Ok, file that one under “done with” and let’s get on with the rest of the season, eh. G’nite all!

  154. Good points-
    1.andy Carroll will win long balls against the big teams wasn’t 8-0

    bad points-
    1.although Carroll will win headers we have nobody with any pace wanting to get onto them
    2.we can cross for toffee
    3.all our chances were andy Carroll nobody else took a shot.
    4.jonas and Enrique were getting caught on the ball.
    5.some of the defending showed lack of communication.

    Overall thank god we don’t play against Paul scholes every week.we need to bounce back against villa.MIke Ashley watching that if he has any brains will know ben arfa is now a must.

  155. my analysis of the match

    harper – did ok, could have maybe done better for first and 3rd goal

    perch – looked a bit out of depth, i got nervous at his defending which isnt a good sign

    williamson – i rate this guy highly, very solid tonight

    colo – solid aswell, a bit too calm sometimes, could do with a kick up the backside

    enrique – needs to learn when to simply put the ball out of play if nothing is on – he could have prevented the first and 3rd goal if he did this

    routledge – not good enough, i don’t think he should play against the big teams, dosn’t offer enough defensively & cant simply skip past the defense of better teams!! he got mixed up with perch a few times in defensive duties as seen in second goal

    guttieriez – must realise that he cannot dribble with the ball aimously in the middle of the pitch in his own half..especially against the clinical play of united as seen in first goal!! he also failed to put through a few good balls when he had the ball in attacking positions..disappointing!!

    smith – dosn’t offer enough just to sit infront of the back four and invite trouble, he is not premier league standard for a defensive mid!! a good defensive mid can break up play in the middle of the park rather then deep in their own half!! i think he need a powerhouse with a big engine here (leroy fer, de guy linked with us today would be a great signing)

    barton – not a great game, only a few good set pieces and a few nice touches!! played too defensive, a shadow of the player we saw playing with city, maybe a run of games with guthrie may spur him on!

    nolan – im not a fan of this away formation we play, we never won conviningly with it last year and we may struggle a lot with it this year in the premier league!! did not offer much at all in way of anything! he seemed to have a job of closing down scholes but might as well have given up on this task after the first goal

    carroll – he’ll be disappointed to miss that early header considering his ability. did test the keeper and did win a lot of teh ball directed towards him, he actual did gwell..but he needs more support and in truth at this level and against united, he needs to put those headers away if we are to stand a chance in this league

    ameobi – his arrival did spur the toon on a bit but saw little eveidence of an effective partnership with carroll..he’s a poor man’s carroll

    xisco – surprized with his introduction, did ok, at least he looked someway effective in the final third of the pitch than the player he replaced – guteriez

    overall the result was not too surprizing but was still very disappointing. it showed that this honest bunch of hard working players can only get you so far. their lack of creativity is worrinying, right back looks weak and routledge didnt have a great game, needs to offer more of an attacking threat!

    solution – 1) leroy fer to replace smith would solve a lot of problems

    2) ben afra is badly needed for his creativity poweress

    3)in perch, simpson and r.taylor have we got a good r.b. that a good modern team needs…

    4) back up for l.b., i would like to see greg cunningham of man city be loaned in – this guy is a future irish international

    5) campbell & gosling will be good additions when they are ready

    6) maybe s.taylor could do a better jon at r.b. then what we already have or even our old favourite beye

    7) we seem to have an abundance of average strikers i.e. xisco, best & ameobi!! carroll is a cut above and i like the potential of ranger but i think if we are to survive, a good premierleague team needs goals so i would happily like to see ameobi, best and xisco replaced with a quick pacy striker ( i hate to say it but bellamy would be nice)

    if money and wages are a problem than i think we can afford to offload: smith, xisco, ameobi, best, r.taylor or perch – 3 high earners here

    and replaced with ben afra, fer, bellamy, beye & cunningham – not much money needed here to buy these guys

  156. listen- we did ok.

    Compared to the other teams in our ‘group’ I think we can go home with our heads held high.

    The boys started v well and naturally we couldn’t maintain the stalemate.

    Carroll looked sharp as f### and won loads in the air, even had a turn of pace. He turned his man great for his chance and I just think nerves got the better of him coz 9 out of 10 of those I would expect him to bury. Dont anyboby get on his back coz if he plays like that he wil destroy the bottom half and remember he was a 21 year old playing alone upfront at old trafford.

    Perch was CLASS. Bye Bye Simpson. Thank god we seem to have a RB at last. :)

    Lets not get too down, at the end of the day CLASS is perminant, Giggs showed that. If we play like that at home I think we will get something from Villa I really do. We didnt let ourselves down tonight and non the critics will be able to clame that either. Same about the Giggs wonder goal but thats life.

    Ashley please sign Ben Afra. We could do with him! Please man just pay for him. He will be worth x3 that after 2 season in the prem!

  157. I’m not too disappointed, the majority of premiership clubs will go there for their beating and we were the one’s that had to go first.

    It was expected but at least it’s out of the way.

  158. Btw I’m not sure if it’s been posted but I read some interesting comments from Arevalo’s agent.

    “Yesterday I traveled to England to speak with their management, and they told me they wanted 24 hours to think about it. Two weeks ago it all seemed done and dusted. Time in football goes by very quickly, we were asked to wait until after the Uruguay match, and now we are waiting. We had already made an agreement but time will tell. They are definitely keen but they also have their eyes on another player from the Ivory Coast. Fortunately, they remain interested, but they have asked for a day to think about the other player first.”

  159. ‘MIke Ashley watching that if he has any brains will know ben arfa is now a must.’

    Get it sorted Mike. Routledge and Jonas need to be fighting it out to be no.2 in this league. We didnt create enough. FACT

  160. Bye the way, HATE TO SAY this but can people please stop shouting ENGLANDS ENGLANDS NO. 1 to Harper, he is on the way oot, again hate to say this but CH you have decisions to make with Krul, Ranger and Vuckic. They are better than some of your senior ‘commitee’ and I would hate to see them leave because the players pick the team and not you.

  161. The reason Harper is not, and has never played for England is because he has never been good enough sorry for the home truths but it’s true.

    I would have Given back in a flash all is forgiven.

  162. Our inability to retain the ball was one of the main irritations for me today. Apart from an ok opening 15 minutes we were disappointing. There again, take Paul SAcoles out of the Man Utd team and they wouldn’t be half the team.. Pity AC never scored with his header in the first half, ditto Shola in the second half with a header. Collocini was poor for the second goal, a really gay challenge from the lad. Now the games out of the way, we can look forward to the Villa game.

  163. I you think you had it bad, I was watching it with this lad I know who is a Man U fan. He said at half time if you come back 2-2 I will run in the bar (where all the Geordie lads were) and show my arse. I though your safe as houses but wait till you play Chelsea and City mate. ;)

  164. Honestly can’t be bothered to comment too extensively on tonight’s game. In terms of learning about the team it was a pointless exercise. The main thing to be learnt if not known already was clear before the game kicked off as Guthrie’s injury exposed the lack of depth (and quality in the middle)

    It’s best to avoid making any judgements, we don’t find anything out about how equipped we are for the premiership when the opponent is really in another league.

    If Barton and co still have a tash after the Blackpool game then maybe we are in trouble.

    It was a decent effort and Williamson and Coloccini did well on the whole but there was no chance of any result against a team with Scholes on top of his game.

    Sky’s coverage though was bias, pathetic and at times laughable. Alan Smith(commentator) did nothing but massage the ego’s of the united side. When they were clearly offside it was a tight call etc – just embarrassing.

  165. Rangerman-where you find them? Very interesting like. Hope we don’t leave him hanging to be turned down by someone else only to find arevalo has also moved on. Either way, we’re looking for players and that’s encouraging. We need someone to keep things ticking over in the middle, a pacey wide man who can deliver (howay benny)..and a quick pacey striker who knows where the net is to play alongside Carroll. Who I will again say was brilliant tonight

  166. I thouht Harper made some good saves tonight. The defence was part of his problem along with the skill of the other team.

    Before people start calling Harper again, lets see him against some other teams. This one is one of the Worlds best and I thought Harper did ok.

    We just need somebody with pace and creativety and wingers who can cross. Jonas should be played through the middle to take people on really or against the top teams at least.

  167. Munich- “a really gay challenge from the lad”..that had me laughing mate! I agree though. Why is he bottling it and turning side on like that. Face the player and make the target harder to hit you plum!

  168. We are Premier League !
    We are Premier League !
    Business as usual.
    Bottom 3 xmas-CH sacked.


  169. Thought we did alright today. Was a bonus game and we shouldn’t have expected to take a point really. I thought perch and williemson looked ok. Collocini had his moments, Enriwue was poor for his standards. Routledge looked lively but didn’t really have much support. I just don’t rate jonas bit of a headless chicken just charges about in the hope someone comes near him so he can tumble. Barton didn’t look sharp yet. Smith had a decent game especially considering he’s been injured. Nolan didn’t have much of the ball. Carroll worked hard and had alot to do by himself up there. Don’t think the game tells us anything we didn’t know. If we keep putting shifts in like that we’ll be ok.

  170. Harper: Decent looks safe enough although i thought he should have done better with the Giggs goal.

    Perch: Frustrating as hell, Constantly let Nani come inside on his right which is so obviously his favoured foot, Luckily 99% of this legaue isnt as good as the side we played tonight.

    Coloccini: I thought he was solid kept Rooney at bay.

    Williamson: Ditto pleasantly surprised again at how well he coped against such talented players.

    Enrique: Decent other than the third goal.

    Routledge: Struggled but how many left backs are as good as Evra in this league ?

    Barton: Looked wary to get stuck in after that tosser Foy needlessly booked him, Alongside a pacier player who can pass a ball and he will be a star this season.

    Smith: I thought was decent other than the usual stupid hack on Scholes.

    Nolan: Too slow to play as a number 10, At least with Carroll.

    Gutierrez: Stupid to try and dribble past half a dozen players for the first goal, Sholud learn to release the ball sooner.

    Carroll: Good movement in the box against a centre half as good as Vidic bodes well for when we play lesser sides, Gutted about his header it would have made very interesting watching had he put it away.

    The only disapointment for me is that we contributed to our own downfall by needlessly giving the ball away in and around our own box.

    Despite the patronising commentary about being punished by premier league opposition we all know Bolton, Stoke, Wigan, Fulham, West Ham, Blackburn, West Brom, Birmingham and Blackpool, Do not Have players as good as Valencia, Berbatov, Rooney, Scholes and Giggs.

    A few bright spots and our season really starts against Villa…

  171. Perch imo has done his best and can’t really blame a CCL player for making mistakes at Old Trafford.He needs time thats for sure,,if you want someone to blame tonight….then Enrique’s the man for that.
    I believe that Perch will become a good player in the future if given the trust and time like everyone gave to Enrique.

  172. At the end of the day why do you think Fergie still massages Scholes and Gigg’s 40 year ols arses after every game…because they are CLASS! He kicked Nicky Butt out YEARS AGO! But what about when G. Nev, Scholes, Giggs, Fergie retire. interesting.

  173. Just seen Odemwingie saying he’s going to West Brom. He’s been highly rated in the past – would be good option to play up front, off the striker or on the wings. If there’s a possibilty I’d go for it.

  174. My favorite part was when we sang, ‘We support our local team’. Made me weap a tear of pride, :lol:

  175. I also think Harper could have done better for 2 of the goals. But on another day he would’ve.

    Frankly, I think we did as well as I expected. I reckon 0-3 would have been about the most predicted scoreline for this game.

    There are no indicators that can be gleaned from this game other than confirmation of what we already knew.

    Next game might be a bit different – at home against a top8 side in a bit of turmoil. Could be interesting.

  176. I just hope ashley gets someone like Ben Arfa in coz at the min we look like a impotent without his blue pills.

  177. DJG

    Aye me too but i still didnt know if he could step up against quality opposition but he looked well up to scratch IMO

  178. CH-“For us the important thing was to come out of today with some credit going into what is an important game [against Aston Villa] next week.”
    Well done Chris credit where credit is due.
    Hope the team spirit and togetherness is still in tact for the weekend.

  179. Smith can only defend and Nolan is not playmaker that’s the point we lose in midfield battle today. However Hughton planed to keep defend this game but after we conceded I don’t see why we didn’t try to attack them.

    Only reason I hurt is we make it so easy to lose. Scholes said ” we should score more ” WTF !!!

  180. Someone needs to stand up for Enrique. He COMPLETELY shut down Valencia, who was tormenting Ashley Cole last weekend. Gave the ball away cheaply a couple of times, but it was clear what Hughton wanted him to do.

    Can’t blame Chris for picking the team that he did, Ben Arfa would have been helpful as well as Guthrie.