Newcastle can gain financially, IF they sign Ben Arfa.

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Money can be made by signing players!
Money can be made by signing players!
Now you probably thought when you saw the headline that this would be yet another Ben Arfa article, correct?

Well it is, sort of, but I am more using his name to lauch into another tangent of thought, although these same thoughts can be applied to any player of a certain ilk in fairness.

As a fan, when you look at a transfer, all that we generally tend to look for is how much it cost and how much the player is getting paid in wages. That doesn’t change the fact that they are still assets though. Sulky, moody assets in the case of Ben Arfa, but an asset all the same. In many cases, money can be made by signing a player who pleases a crowd.

Go to any football game and you will see replica shirts all over the place, Newcastle fans are notorious for it in fact. Some of them have names on the back of the shirt, but there are a lot that don’t, and much like an empty advertising board, it is a space that gives the club an avenue to claw back some money on a transfer.

A player like Ben Arfa is likely to be a signing that pleases people, which in turn will make them part with their money. It happens quite often, all over the place, and it is called merchandising.

Now I am willing to bet that if Ben Arfa does end up signing for us, then there will be a fair few people who will go and get his name on the back of their shirt. With the letters costing somewhere around £1 each then it is easy to see there is an opportunity to make a killing. If 100,000 people get the name of Ben Arfa on the back of the shirt then the speculated loan fee has just paid for itself.

Perhaps 100,000 people is stretching it a bit, so how about another avenue for potential revenue? I am talking about ticket sales.

The days of guaranteed sell out crowds at St James’ Park have passed by at the moment, but they can be boosted by signing players who people will pay to watch. People will have seen video clips of Ben Arfa and will know from them what he is capable of on the football field. Even if he can’t reproduce that on Tyneside in the long-term, people will still initially go along to have a look. An extra 20,000 seats sold throughout the season, 1,000 each home game, will pay for his loan fee, and that is without anyone bothering with those shirt names.

Those are just two potential revenue streams that can justify the outlay on Ben Arfa. I hope that both of my scenarios arise if the Frenchman does end up as a player on Tyneside. If they do then perhaps Mike Ashley can see the benefit of signing players who can please a crowd.

The downside is that they generally cost a bit more than the average plodder, but if there is a benefit to it that can outweigh at least the transfer fee then surely it would make sense for the club?

Financial preaching over.

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138 Responses

  1. Waddle is it gonna happen today like I say the lad on eds blog gets all info 100% ryt alltime n he says he is at sjp now we picked hba up n press were there takin pics

  2. Blackpool are beating Wigan 3-0 at half time…. they could be leading the PL at the end of today.. lol

    I think he should sign for us but until OM say he can, we’re in limbo & all that dosh will stay in the fans pockets :(

  3. Seems to me someone has too much spare time on their hands. But I can’t fault your logic (or enthusiasm)!

  4. He is called craigcoozy he has got the last 4 deals bang on a few days before they happened

  5. Ritchie – not really mate, he went awol so could be here just to try & pressure OM into letting him come to us.. :)

    Davy – not seen him post mate, lets hope he’s right with this one too :)

  6. Marlon Harewood is the top scorer this season. Two goals against Wigan.

    I think we have a chance at 6 points against Wigan this season.

  7. cyprus…sorry mate,meant to say if the latest stories are true then he’s at St James’ :-)

  8. Toonsy its a no brainer to me If the Fat Controller gets Arfa Daley he will make it back in no time as most Fans will then see it as a sign that he does want the best for us and is willing to back CH with quality players.
    And if there is no pics of him on the net by tonight there is noway that Benny boy was at SJP today ;)

  9. Can’t fault your enthusiasm or logic but your maths is definitely awry ;-) hope he signs though, looks a cracker.

  10. cyprus he only posts when he has spot on transfer info, toon officals apparntely picked HBA up at his hotel to take him to sjp n press were there taking pics so we must hav permission to spk to him, blackpool 4 up jus proves what i been sayin all along the bottom half of this league is poor we finished 32 points clear of blackpool so dont know why ppl r worried

  11. The stadium tour story is a departure from craigcoozy’s usual knowledge from the hotel the club uses, however he has been 100% true on transfers back to Routledge and Williamson – so I have faith.

  12. cyprus he always updates on the latest report, think he must work at hotel were players stay because he has been talking to HBA n reckons he says he will b playing against man u

  13. Anyone find it funny how David Edgar left us for Prem, but now finds himself in The Championship anyway?

    Joy :D

  14. Davy – that lad at the hotel is usualy right & it sounds like he’s spoken to. Think your right about the epl, top 6/8 will buggar-off into the sunset & the rest of us take points off each other.

  15. yip he is spot on with all transfer info since the routledge deal so i believe, n we must hav permission to spk to him if we picked him up when press were there talking pics

  16. Davy – Just been reading Ed’s blog re what Coozy says, I think most of what he’s saying at present is guess work, as he’s not syaing it’s defo, just thinks it is :(

    As anyone seen this General gadgie who posts on the Villa websites, he’s apparently someone high up in the Villa boardroom who relates to the fans via their website blogs & they get loads of inside info, nothing critical but stuff the fans love to know?? shame we don’t have someone inside the Toon to do the same for us eh :)

  17. cyprus am telling you he is never wrong with his transfer info he only ever posts when he has 100% facts

  18. RICHIETOON your going bad m8 should have said birmingham drawing as @38,dirty hands you have

  19. Davy- I know there was a guy on there a while back said that Wheater was signing for us & no one’s ever heard or seen him post again,… lol :)

    I do hope Coozy is bang on again mate but with all the crap-loids stories being posted about L’OM not giving us any permission, warning us not to talk to Arfa, I’m a little hesitant at present :(

  20. Cyprus – A few clubs have people who trawl blogs and forums etc, but it works both ways.

    For instance, a Derby fan was recently taken to court byt the club for making slanderous comments on a forum.

    Just to warn people ;)

  21. Davy, I agree with you as coozy has been spot on with transfers regarding gosling and perch. So if he has very good information he posts it and this info sounds like a deal may have been agreed.

  22. Yeah I know Toonsy mate, these days you have to be careful what you post, even calling people names can get you a £10k fine if taken to court!!!!

  23. Cyprus – they were talking about the villa bloke on 5live the other day, its their chief exec.

    Deep throat from the hotel has at least confirmed he’s here, the rest is speculation.If he has gone to look at the ground & doesn’t have permission OM are going to go nuts, really hope we’re not playing silly buggars.

  24. Cheers Noir9, I read his monica is General blah blah or summit, can’t remember exactly but he give the fans loads of facts & info that isn’t top secret like, he was telling them the day about why MON left etc, it was good read & he’s given the fans proof of his credentials so they all believe what he write, good stuff if you ask me :)

  25. if he’s there L’om will have given permission,they are more desperate to sell him than we are to buy.Don’t believe owt they say,they are trying to sell him and appease their fans at the same time.Their chairman has already been proven a liar over the transfer/loan.If not he can sue me ;-)

  26. Don’t wish to sound pessimistic but he could just be on one of those stadium tours !!!!

  27. seeing blackpool cause a shock has given me some hope fo r monday,i know wigan arent manure but its still a shock,am i clutching at straws? sounds like benny boy could be in the team yet for old trafford,what a boost that would give us,notice ch hasnt said the bellers rumors are rubbish,think he would come here rather than fulham,city wont let him go to spurs and dont think he would go back to spl now

  28. I may contact the club to warn them about their choice of hotel and suggest that confidential details are being leaked :lol:

    That’ll end it right there :twisted:

  29. Ben Arfa will be a nufc player tonight, he’s flying back to france first thing in morning! I can guarantee this

  30. I suspect we are the last place that Bellamy would end up. We just couldn’t afford him.

    Shame really. I’d have him back in a heartbeat.

  31. word up craigcoozy, spot on the money every time. And well in Blackpool, although I hope that’s their only win of the season! Arsenal at the emirates next week…

    Off topic, my f*ckin manager dropped me today cos I went to a festival last weekend and missed our first pre-season friendly. Not f*ckin happy, I was fired up for the 90 minutes and he only told me after the warm up.

  32. what else have you found out craigcoozy to back up what u say? this is getting interesting again woop

  33. Is that really the same craigcoozy from Eds blog?

    Remember anyone can use any name on this blog!!

  34. Has craigcoozy ever posted on here before?

    I reckon this particular tip is a wind-up by someone pretending to be craigcoozy, knowing the faith he now have in the dude.

  35. I believe fitness side of medical going on at SJP, nuffield hospital for scans etc later on before confirmation

  36. well if this is true he still wont be available for man utd game but well he can make his debut against aston villa along with arevalo

  37. What time can we expect this to be confirmed than craigcoozy, and assuming he does sign today can he play the man united game?

  38. Wont be involved on Monday, that is my opinion though, i dont know this for sure lads

  39. craigcoozy hasnt posted anything on the other blog wher hes been posting all his updates so im leaning towards this being a wind up.

  40. If he does sign tonight, I think he would be avaiable under prem rules at least – isn’t it 24hrs?

  41. If IF IF IF IF he signs tonight can’t ha play against Man Utd? I thought they only had to be registered 24 hours before the match?

  42. Lol coozy would love to believe u but il stand by on the confirmation.

    Glad to see Blackpool won and to be honest I think the delegation candidates are Wigan, west ham, brum, wolves, maybe Blackpool, but I have a sneaking suspicion that bpool may just do a Reading, although they haveess money than us so whatever bpool do really will be down to team spirit and effort.

    If we do manage to get afra and this arevalo, then I’m happy, I would love bellers to come bak and then I would have us mid table. I’m sick of Reading all these negative comments before a fricking balls been kicked. Yes it’s man u away and we may well get beat but Christ alive let’s not give up before we’ve started. And there’s 1( days of the window left, can’t we slag the big lad off after it’s closed and judge them all then? Jesus

  43. @nick you could be on to something there mate,would craig be able to go to eds and log in and post to prove this or if he is a wind up he wont be able to use the same name?

  44. sure its got to be signed and sealed by 5pm on the saturday with the offices being shut n what not on the sunday, so its doubtfull that he would be playing if this is true but well never no

  45. WTVH – Great mids eh? ;)

    Lads, the details Craigcoozy is using have not been used on here before by anyone else. Make of that what you will.

  46. While this is probably a joke, I believe the earlier details of the stadium tour etc are genuine from the real craigcoozy and given that am still optimistic.

  47. provisionaly 39. not bad and i still got my players the morrow! has nzogbia injured himself thinking he’s mint cos he cost me today

  48. why would you do a fitness test/medical at the stadium dont they normally happen at the clubs training ground

  49. yeah thot the training ground was the place for medicals,sjp will be limited compared to the training ground

  50. havnt reported anything yet and they normally not far behind anyone else if thaz anything with any reality, reported arevalo pretty much straight away and no updates since

  51. plus normally need a few hours inbetween medicals anall i.e Caicedo going to west ham had fitness yday and gettin 2nd part on monday, maybe he might not even need his fitness neither as hes played for france midweek so maybe might just need tests scans or w/e they do these days

  52. Ashley doesn’t understand the whole speculate to accumulate method.

    He’s not spending any money as he’s preparing the club for Championship football after relegation.

    It sounds like were a yo-yo club now I’m afraid.

    As for Arfa Daley, he’s been in the Pitcher & Piano all afternoon…

  53. Toonsy,I couldn’t be to nasty to them,Feel sorry for them,it’s bad enough having to follow Wigan :lol:

  54. according to a link on ed’s blog, HBA has just signed some guys shirt outside St James’ Park!! Fingers crossed its true!

  55. Cattermole sent off for going through players – twice!
    Now there’s a surprise. I still reckon we might never have gone down if we hadn’t lost both Barton and Beye for months to that thug

  56. Glad we went down, rebuilt are confidance and team spirit, just hope man u dont smash that

  57. I’m looking at 36 points if Chelsea get clean sheet, more if goals or assists from lampard or essien, and 2 arsenal players in tomorrow

  58. Think a mackem on a windup here,,if he was at stadium,in newcastle or having a medical sky would be all over it…belive it when hes at press conferance with his shirt on….

  59. WBA look lost against Chelsea. They’ve given away two terrible goals from free kicks. Their wall is just parting at set pieces

  60. Dunno if Craigcoozy on here is real, he seems like a wum. But Craigcozy on Eds blog is always right and says he was at the stadium…..

  61. i think best think for monday night is to go out and attack if i tell the truth if we sit and defend we will just get broken down anyway

  62. GeordieToon89 says:
    August 14, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    “why would you do a fitness test/medical at the stadium dont they normally happen at the clubs training ground”

    Nuffield hospital with doctors, nurses and medical equipment usually, GeordieToon.

  63. yes but tht doesnt explain why hes doin fitness tests at the stadium im saying they normally happen at the training ground like every other transfer ive seen.. a didnt say anything about the hospital cos obv u go ther for the scans like heart monitors n tht..another reason why your supposed to have a few hours in between intense fitness and a heart monitoring scan