How did YOU get on in the Fantasy Football competition today?

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It's fantasy football time!
It's fantasy football time!
Well that is just about it for the opening day of the Premier League season.

West Brom are playing at Chelsea as we speak, but once the final whistle goes at Stamford Bridge then people can start to fully reflect on the results of the day.

The opening day of the Premier League season has also signalled the start of our Fantasy Football League competition aswell, which goves us something else to get involved with.

There are already some points up for players who have already played so you can get a feel of just how you have done. Personally I have earned 22 points today, with more to come over the next couple of days hopefully.

Anyway, there is now a link in the banner on the right hand side of the page that will take you straight to the log-in screen where you can access all your statistics. Rather unsurprisingly it is located in the ‘links’ section, as obvious as it sounds.

If you haven’t entered yet and want to take part, don’t worry, you still can submit a team. All you need to do is follow the instructions in this link and you will soon be rocking and rolling.

Be warned though, competition is fierce amongst your fellow bloggers and there are currently 301 teams taking part in the competition. We can all talk a good game, now is the chance for people to back that up. As was written earlier, it is a competition, and that means there will be prizes. Modest prizes, but prizes all the same, which will be revealed at a later date.

How did you get on?

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147 Responses

  1. 25 without drogbas goal, got gerrard and the caroll to go, altough cant see caroll getting me to many points agains man u

  2. Cheers kids, 24 points with 5 players to play over the weekend to go, I smell the trophy, best get some brasso in

  3. 42 points now for me, with Drogba (my captain) accounting for 18. Two players left to play.

  4. if chelsea keep a clean sheet, i will be on 34 by end of today with 4 players, nani, valencia, rooney and van persie left to play :D

  5. toonsy

    First and foremost, i’m not new to the blog, more of an observer but feel compelled to comment. Thumbs up on the blog, looks great and the posts are top notch. Was getting overly tired of uncle Ed’s ‘Edlines’.

    Anywho, i’ve just joined the fantasy league and had a pretty average day in terms of points.

    Hope we get HBA in this weekend! Absolutely cracking player.

  6. How poor do west brom look, also OM are playing now so we mite hear from deschamp or there numpty president later

  7. 47points with drogba hat trick who has just been subbed, with nolan carroll chamack sagna nani and fabregas yet to play

  8. Canny scary watching chelsea/wba like. 5-0 down with just under 20 mins to play. Nervous about Monday night

  9. I’m a bit dissapointed 53 points so far with Carroll,Vermalaen and Fabregas still to go.

  10. davy says:
    August 14, 2010 at 7:00 pm
    How poor do west brom look, also OM are playing now so we mite hear from deschamp or there numpty president later

    We couldn’t beat them on three occasions last season – Out passing us and really causing us grief with their pace.

    Doesn’t look good…

  11. Chelsea are a different kettle of fish though. People aren’t going to put 6 past them on a weekly basis. In saying that they gifted Chelsea a few of their goals

  12. I hope Man Ure aren’t thinking of keeping up with Chelsea on the goal difference front on Monday.

  13. 28 pts so far, tanx to mainly malouda!!

    anyway, hopefully we can nip ben afra, would be a great great signing!!

    arvelo would be good too, smith is too defensive when he plays dat he justs sits in front of the back four which can invite trouble, arvelo has a bigger engine so he can do a lot of chopping down in the middle

    on another note, we could snatch greg cunningham on loan from city as a back up l.b., with kolarov and bridge ahead of him at city, he could see more game time at newcastle. he is a future irish international l.b. in the making, he is not spectacular but is solid and would be a good, cheap option for back up

  14. Welcome to the comments Slimcat :)

    Sorry for the delay, I was just shoving my face full of pizza :lol:

  15. Blah, meagre 31 so far. 4 players yet to have a game but don’t expect that many from Barton and Carroll tomorrow to be honest…

  16. colos perm read comments ;) 59 with gerrard evra and caroll to play, so im not giving up yet

  17. 46 with arshavin still to put is normal 4 past the pool! guess that crazy kid was a fake! why be gay 4 tho???

  18. ice :lol: 62 points today wi 2 players to go tommorow and big AC’s hattrick on Monday ;-)

    Whey thats me away oot on the lash.later lads

  19. BIG DAVE,just back from my village where i see a toon employee sometimes,i asked him if he k new anything,and got a wink,normally just shakes his heed,something afoot maybe

  20. @Richie – felt so shite from last night just seemed like a Sunday.

    Hoping my blind faith pays off sometime down the line.

  21. Thought the business Blackpool did bringing 4 players in was brilliant. They’ll probably be heading right back down, but much better when a bottom club play nice football, like WBA or Burnly, unlike Derby or Hull.

  22. Gona sound stupid, but how do u change for
    ation, and how do the subs score? On 34 with 5 players yet to play

  23. Toonsy :lol: it might have been a come on :) but I have faith in wor Icedog he knows his stuff ;) Ice richie near hit the cat with the ball

  24. The simple fact is that the supporters need ‘hope’. We’ll have hope if we see the club doing everything they can to maintain our PL place. At the minute it looks like were preparing for life in the fizzy again next season.

    If the club do their bit by investing and giving us hope, we’ll do more than our bit by buying the shirts, the merchandise and packing the ground to bursting point.

    At the moment I don’t see the giving us any encouragement to spend our money and give our support – Unconditionally.

  25. Jay Jay I have a bit of faith in yer team mate I think you will be fight for the cup at the end of the year ;) but as for Toonsys with no Toon players he will be relegated before Blackpool :)

  26. TOONSY could be, never thought he is the toon 1st team physio like,ill cross-over next time

  27. Stuart I agree 100% couldn’t have said it better myself, I dont think Arfa Daley is the bee’s knees but if we get him it would prove to me that MA is doin his bit to support us

  28. is ther anymore news on ben arfa, havnt seen any pictures anywher which maybe means he wasnt at the stadium afterall cos the press would of got atleast 1 pic if he was ther surely

  29. BIG DAVE thats right m8,if hes lead me up the garden path ill take icepup down to clip his lug,owr big for me lol

  30. Marseille have just gone down 3-2 to valencienes can see them upping their bid for Fabiano which will set the HBA wheels in motion :)

  31. GeordieToon89, I don’t think the press know everything and would always be on the spot so I am hopeful that progress has been made in a suitably understated manner.

  32. Whoever said cricket is for girls aren’t for real.

    Watchin TWENTY/20 and someone has just had a ball smashed in his face. He looks like a boxer after a fight!

  33. oh well fair do’s, hopefully we’l get the announcement we all crave later tonight or perhaps tomorrow morning and a nice big pic of benny in a toon shirt, i just hope we aint throwing all our eggs into one basket and focussing on one play rather than gettin other players in aswel, hopefully he will be followed by a couple more :)

  34. WhoTheVuckicHaris but if ye go by what Graigcoozy said there was photographers there and atlest one pic would find its way onto the net ;)

  35. Big Dave and GT89

    Just reread what he said and now I understand what you are getting at. At the time he thought it was likely someone in the press would have got a picture to go on the web but they may have been unable to get one.

    Even so, you would think if any journalists had actually seen him they’d want to run the story as an exclusive – photo not necessary.

    Given this I am definitely torn but I have faith in what craigcoozy said on .com (the one here was clearly a fake) and that some progress may have been made.

  36. There is no evidence to suggest the craigcoozy on here was a fake btw.

    I must contact the club and inform them they have a privacy leak and it is coming from the hotel they use ;)

  37. yes i have faith in craigcoozy on .com just waiting to see if ther is any update from him, also yes i do believe some progress has been made maybe he has been allowed to hav discussions, but someone also said either on this site or on .com that he see him coming out of the stadium and he signed his top for him, we can only wait and see

  38. i no but as soon as we questioned him he didnt reply and hasnt replied since we started sayin he was a fake which leads me to believe hes finished his little game for now plus craigcoozy has said on the other site he doesnt use any other site that sums it up for me, ring the hotel and ask to speak to ben arfa pretend your ch ha

  39. Toonsy ye wouldn’t do that would ye :) . By the way did craigcoozy not post on here before im sure he has or someone with a simular name mate ?

  40. If the press have pics they won’t be used until tomorrows papers I would have thought anyway.

  41. blaintly a dorty mackem!!

    ayee suppose, think a best stay online till about 3am again for the online newspapers

  42. Stuart I would have thought that they would have wanted to have an exclusive and show their pic before someone else puts one up, much like the same way Toonsy loves to have an exclusive ;)
    But we will soon find out either way

  43. BIG DAVE on eds blog at 9.15 from so called cc nothing till t/morrow, went to sjp at 6pm has not returned yet,make of it what you will m8

  44. Look, are people seriously suggesting that all this activity around SJP is going on without anyone, ANYONE, leaking anything. Whether that be a reporter, a member of the public or a charver who takes a photo on their phone?

    It’s been going on for a few hours now so people will have gone and had a look for themselves. Funny how nowt has come of it? :roll:

    Pure bollocks man

  45. its very suss to me toonsy,some press feeding on it,none of the big shits like,just a little on ssn

  46. Ice – And we all know that Sky go on blogs/forums and such to find out things. The same as the local reporters do, even the national reporters. As soon as there was a sniff they will have been all over it after the exclusive. Where is it then?

    Too much of a stretch for me like.

  47. AYE TOONSY,if they want a exclusive they could ask you lol.

    whatever way it goes they got some legs out of it,kept a lot of lads on the blog going which cannot be a bad thing m8

  48. 306 out of 355 :(

    Great result for us with Blackpool winning, Wigans next two Chelsea and Spurs to who they conceding a combined 21 last season could be another get out of jail card…

  49. @Toonsy

    Hey mate – so do you think the whole thing is ballocks or just the story of him going to SJP today…?

    I really hope there is some clarification on this tomorrow, really starting to do my head in now! Keep getting excited just to have something happen to put the dealin doubt…

    Never easy ride being a toon fan is it lads!?!

  50. NI – I don’t know what to think about it mate. Do we even know if he is 100% even in Newcastle?

    The SJP thing mate, there is no chance that not one person will have not seen anything going on. There are people milling around all the time, driving past, walking past, and with reports of him being there they will have been watching, yet there is nothing, nadda, zip being leaked about it.

    Strange considering that he couldn’t even apparently get through the airport without a snap being leaked.

  51. Icedog – Aye your right. Whether it happens or not, it has certainly been entertaining. Marseille actually make Newcastle look well run 8O

  52. I hear there is no leak because people don’t recognise him? It could be something to do with his cunning disguise

  53. Toonsy-agree RE BenA not being at sjp today. There were reports out of France saying he was in the UK and reports coming from blogs that we’d picked him up for talks or whatever. I just can’t see him being able to wander round Newcastle and everyone be oblivious to it. Majority of people have a camera on their phone like. In saying that, if he’s holed up in a hotel, thrown Into a car and is straight Into’s doable I’m just not buying it like. See if the reports of press getting pics of him are true the Moro. It’s not even confirmed he’s in England? Lol

  54. @ 103 :) – only think that is giving me hope is the fact that fella CraigCoozy from Eds blog has been spot on with every transfer since he started posting.

    So I do believe he is in Newcastle and I hope to hear some more news tomorrow. However do clubs announce things on Sundays or will we need to wait until Monday?

  55. NI – Not sure. I suppose there is nowt to stop the club announcing it, but I doubt the bods at the FA work on a Sunday so I doubt the paperwork could get signed off officially.

  56. Seen Harewood’s goals on MOTD. Keeper messed up first one and the second I don’t think was on target until Kirkland pushed it in. Thankfully not too many people are bemoaning the fact we didn’t sign Marlene.

  57. Come on guys, give Blackpool some credit. Some of the football they played today was superb. Wigan are total s**t and i will really enjoy seeing them go down if my prediction comes to fruition. Shocking team, shocking manager, shocking chairman and shocking support.

  58. Aye Blackpool looked canny at times there as the highlights showed but I think they could be the new WBA from a few seasons ago. Quite nice to watch but they just won’t score goals and they’ll ship plenty. As for Wigan they looked terrible. WBA also looked awful at the back against Chelsea.

  59. Ross

    Good point. They don’t seem to have a goalscorer. Harewood is not really reliable in that sense. We desperately need a goalscorer ourselves.

  60. NOTW say we’re after Anichebe.

    I mentioned us being after him in the ‘Lack of investment could cost us survival’ article yesterday.

  61. Ross

    That’s probably why it is in that garbage publication. Those scumbags just make up whatever they want or trawl through blogs/forums for inspiration.

  62. El toro-alright Mate, long time no speak. We’re desperate for a proven goalscorer. I’d kill to get Bellamy back but it won’t happen.
    On another note, watched spurs/city live this morning and after watching the highlights here again, shay is struggling to get into that first team. Hart was incredible and against top opposition cemented his place as city and england’s first choice

  63. Hart is superior to Given. No questions about it.

    I have said it for years, mate. Given is a top quality shot stopper, but he lacks in other key goalkeeping areas.

    1. Distribution
    2. Crosses and set pieces
    3. Commanding the defence

    Hart is an all rounder. fantastic keeper.

  64. My main issue with Given was always his inability to come off his line and command the box. That for me was his main weakness. I always thought Harper was better at coming off his line but it’s not as if his shot stopping is poor either.
    Hart on the other hand looks excellent all round. He should have been a world cup starter.

  65. Ross

    Personally, I feel Harper and Given have exactly the same weaknesses. The only difference is Given is a slightly better shot stopper.

  66. Excellent from agent Titus there, keep going son. Lee Cattermole you’re a dirty little Cnut, easily my most hated player these days. He’s a disgraceful tackler. Even that elbow was rotten, little scumbag.
    As for Steve Bruce badmouthing the ref like that, what was he moaning about? The penalty you were given for a foul clearly commuted outside the box? Twat.

  67. Clint-being away from the scum for a season has only made me realise just how much I can’t stand anything about them mate. Cattermole is just a rotten little sh!t. They can moan about Barton all they like, he is their answer to him. Steve Bruce mouthing off like that was just a bit sad aswell. From what I saw he had a good game, bar, giving Sunderland an undeserved penalty. Maybe if Bruce had realised that, he’d have kept his trap shut.

  68. Ross

    Bruce has to blame the ref, mate. Otherwise, the press might clock on to the fact that Titus Bramble was actually the one who sparked the Birmingham resurgence with the cheap corner he gave away. The press would rip the s**t out of the lad, and what a shame that would be ey? ;)

  69. Let’s just hope a few refs have got tw@amole’s no. this season, it’s time his vile version of hackball was found out.
    & bruce just made himself look a tit trying to defend that display, didn’t he?
    s*land look their usual scrappy, scruffy, vagabond selves.

  70. El toro-I reckon Titus will look to dine out on the half decent 4 month or so spell he had last season for as long as possible. I just can’t wait to see him make his first real clanger. A miss placed back pass to set a striker in on goal and they concede or something. The reaction of their lot will be brilliant.

  71. Ross

    Couldn’t agree more. It won’t take much for them to turn on him. Will be beautiful WHEN it happens.

    What do you make of this Ben Arfa nonsense then? I said from the start that it wouldn’t happen, but i might end up with a bit of egg on my face. Not that i rate the lad particularly highly anyway. He has had lot of hype for a few years now, but has never delivered. I suppose if he were to arrive on loan it would be a shrewd piece of business though.

  72. anybody still here?? p!ssed oot me tree,started readin thru all the threads but had to give it up…far to many.but Stu at 57 absolutely spot on mate.

  73. Even more disheartend, mate who gave up on fantasy league had a team up tahr he’s not bothering with. 76 f**king points..

  74. Even more disheartend, mate who gave up on fantasy league had a team up that he’s not bothering with. 76 f**king points.Not sure how I’ll cope wanting non-nufc players to do well either. Spent half the England game hoping someone would get their ankles smashed for our sake…

  75. “It’s over. I’m not ready to play (for Marseille) this season,” he said. “I have my pride, my dignity. I am not a stopgap.”

    “Over time, people will see that I was right,” he continued. “Just because we are paid doesn’t mean we aren’t slaves.”

    anyone else think that this lad could be more trouble than he’s worth?

  76. Does anybody know any latest developments in the Ben Arfa saga?Wasnt he being supposedly shown around SJP and supposed to sign yesterday?

  77. malchick….possibly,most french attackers are tho.If we can get at least one good season and if he wants to go make a decent profit.although I don’t like what he’s doing but Marseille aren’t exactly acting in the right way either.Their own president said the loan was all agreed between the clubs the a couple of days later saying there’d been no contact.

  78. I reckon Hatem Ben Arfa will sign mid next week. CH is trying to play down the hype before the important game at Old Trafford on Monday. Or we’ll have to wait to see who blinks first, MA or the Marseille owner, after call there are still two weeks of the transfer window to go, need to hold the nerve, we’re talking about a lot of money… Unfortunately the only people who are getting wound up are the toon fans and Hatem himself.

    Probably old news, but German text confirms KP Boateng has signed for Genoa, who will loan him to AC Milan for this season…another one gone..

  79. munich,no mate just got up heeds bangin.Gonna do myself a fry up then maybe go and watch the village play.

  80. Wrighty, why would you waste your time writing that? Spurs are shite and so is Jenas, but i’m falriy certain everyone who reads that will already know this. why are Arsenal fans such dickheads? i think thats a better subject for a blog, dont you? please discuss. You chose to ‘support’ your club, by having a go at other clubs? just go to the game and cheer! Or as you londoners like to do; clap and boo. your a waste of time.