Where should Newcastle strengthen now?

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Ben Arfa - Would have been a great signing.
Ben Arfa - Would have been a great signing.
Sol Campbell became signing number three of the summer as he completed his move to St James’ Park earlier on today.

Campbell will no doubt beef up our central defensive options and his signature will leave us looking pretty solid in the middle of defence, well in my opinion anyway.

With everyone fit we would have Steven Taylor, Fabricio Colocinni, Mike Williamson, Tamas Kadar, and of course Campbell himself who are all central defenders. Then we have James Perch who can also cover in the centre when called upon, or so we’ve been told he can anyway. So where does that leave us now? I would suggest that the centre of defence is now done, in fact Chris Hughton has said much the same thing, but where should we be looking to strengthen now?

It’s always a good subject for debate as everyone has a different view on what is needed, so I’ll chuck my thoughts into the public domain before anyone else does.

Goalkeepers – Sorted. Enough said on that really.

Defenders – As I mentioned earlier, I think we are pretty much sorted in the centre of defence. At right-back we have Danny Simpson (when he comes back from injury), Ryan Taylor and James Perch who can cover there. I still have reservations about right-back but I think it’s unlikely that we will be looking at signing anymore players for that position.

That leaves the left-back position, with Jose Enrique being the only recognised left-back in the squad. That concerns me, in fact it has concerned me for some time now to be honest as it has been quite a while since we have had cover there. If Enrique suffers an injury, which is likely at some point in the season, then what happens? For that reason i would like us to chase a left-back who can compete with Enrique and offer back-up when needed.

Midfield – We have an abundance of central midfielders in my opinion. Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith, Danny Guthrie, Joey Barton, Dan Gosling and Haris Vuckic are all capable of playing varying roles in the middle of the park. On that basis I would say we are sorted there.

It’s the wide positions where I have concerns. Wayne Routledge provides us with pace, as does Jonas Gutierrez, but what happens when they are missing? Will we be forced into playing square pegs in round holes again? That won’t do in the Premier League, and for that reason I would like us to chase cover for either wing, or chase a player who can play cover on either wing, whichever.

Attack – I would really like to see a nippy, stylish number 10 type striker at Newcastle, but I can’t see it happening. Carroll will be a starter, Ameobi will be hovering around, as will Lovenkrands, and I don’t really have any concerns about them three. Leon Best, Nile Ranger and Xisco make up the rest of the numbers, but for me that is all they do – make up the numbers.

I would like us to sign a proven goalscorer, but the problem is that they cost money, usually quite a bit of it. We would also probably have to reduce the numbers we have playing up front, with Nile Ranger possibly going out on loan to get the first-team experience he needs to improve his game.

So that makes 3-4 players that I would like to see coming into Newcastle. If we could get them I believe that the squad would be more balanced and better equipped to deal with the injuries, niggles and suspensions that inevitably mount up throughout the season.

Where do YOU think we need to strengthen?

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191 Responses

  1. creative midfielder with pace,and a striker who is smaller in stature with a bit a pace.
    if we’re shopping in the bargain basement,what about matt fryatt from leicester?

  2. id say a peter wittingham type of player might be a good signing for our number 10 shirt but would need to get rid of 3 of our 6 strikers first

  3. “creative midfielder in at weekend, Monday latest.
    If after weekend not the 1st choice”

    Make it what you will

  4. Is that all the info ya have Waddler?……..depends on who’s 1st choice too ;-)

  5. Roy Cropper says:
    July 28, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    “ice – i’m as brown as a berry m8”

    That comes from Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’, but how many berries are actually brown?

  6. I’d rather not think about Cropper’s ‘brown berries’ thank-you very much 8O

  7. Don’t have a clue who they are but my feeling is skjelbred or Ben arfa and both playing tonight.

  8. The dictionary.net definition of “berry” is a coffee bean, so “brown as a berry” could mean “brown as a coffee bean.”

    Google is your friend. ;)

  9. I heard that Joey Barton learned to crochet while he was in the slammer – does that count?

  10. Hi guys ,not posted for a while ,but in regards to players to bring in ,i would like Robbie Keane as the classic no 10 ,can score goals and can create also.Ben Arfa was a cracking player a few yr ago ,but seems to have lost his way a tad ,would prefer KP Boateng ,he was quality in world cup .As for left back ,i would probably go for Shorey or someone of that calibre ,as we will need someone to come and do a good job ,if jose is out .

  11. afternoon lads ;) gotta say weve been busier than i think most pple imagined this close season ;) slow but steady progress. i think the signings so far have been excellent for the club, nd we seem to have a steady ship atm. with this in mind im a little wary of signing any petulant prima donnas, who may disrupt the team. but ive got to say so far so good, so i guess ive just gotta trust CH judgment.
    just reaed this grt article about us, well worth a read for those who havent read it yet ;)

  12. Toon Chicken says:
    July 28, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    “The dictionary.net definition of “berry” is a coffee bean, so “brown as a berry” could mean “brown as a coffee bean.”

    Coffee beans are green until they are roasted though, TC, and Chaucer had never seen them. I guess he must have been referring to dangleberries after all!

  13. With the abundance of central midfielders is there a 4-3-3 in the offing.
    Shorey is a good shout but a nippy striker/No 10-Bellamy or Vela.

  14. xisco was wearing the number 10 for the norwich game,dont know if he will keep it like..

  15. Left Back cover…. Danny Fox

    left sided midfielder/creative attacking midfielder…. Ben Saada.

    small nippy striker…… Carlos Vela

    none of them will happen like!

  16. Cover for LB is a must!! I would take a stab dos santos out of fav a spuds n with right work could be well worth a few mill n can play on either wing or of are new number 9

  17. winger!must be the next signing or he is going to get cleverley on loan when he gets back.cleverley can cover both wings and central.gosling will be able to do the same when he gets back.and goals what we need from them and gosling done it against the best teams.with joey barton coming back hes got goals in him.this is good for us not just realying on the front players who might do it or not becasue we dont no either.thtas what we have mist most of all in the last 3 years.

  18. let’s not forget we can use alan smith in a stricker number 10 role !!!!!
    I share the concerns for lb cover although kadar can play there, maybe chris thinks jonas can cover lb ?

  19. i honestly dont think we will see smith up front again dunno why like cos he’s better off there than in the holding midfielder role he will be a liability there in the prem.

  20. why does everybody seem to think we need another creative midfielder. We have Barton, Gosling, and Vuckic. Another thing, we must not look to sign players because they are cheep, we must sign players that fit into the team. I like the idea of Ben Arfa and maybe a loan move for Anelka.

  21. loan move for anelka?? no chance he would come plus he’s a moody twat and wud upset the rest of the squad!

  22. Loan move for Anelka? Have I clicked on the wrong ‘blog? ;)

    Never going to happen.

  23. I think Hughton really should consider bringing in Ben Arfa on the midfield (on loan) and why not have our young Hungarian to cover up on the leftside of the defensiveline?! He’s got potential to cover up as a fullback…

    Attacking? Why not use Caroll (with Lovenkrands as our supersub) up front and play with Nolan on attacking midfield along with Vuckic as an even MORE offensive midfielder/attacker… Sure, maybe should switch between a 4-1-2-2-1 and a 4-1-3-2 with Smith as the more defensive midfielder?

    My starting-11:

    Keeper: Harper (but we really should consider bringing Krul in more frequently)

    Defense: Enrique – Colo – Campbell – Perch/Simpson

    Midfield: Jonas – Smith – Nolan – Gosling/Vuckic Routledge/Perch

    Attack: Caroll/Lovenkrands

    The variations are endless… Though, we need to strengthen the backline with ONE more and the attack with ONE more pure striker.

    What do you think lads?

  24. can’t lovenkrand play on the left wing as well? and if the preseason matches are anything to go by, maybe xisco covering on the right wing? obviously not ideal, but if we get in a pinch, could happen.

  25. Geet up, Joined the fantasy league!

    Lookin’ forward to see who comes out tops like.

  26. Daverism – No need to look forward so enthusiastically. It will be me who finishes top of it :)

  27. @eastcoastmag

    Of course, that’s an option.

    But I’d rather see Perch and Routledge on the rightwing.
    Of course Lovenkrands can cover the leftside, he’s done it before with great results.

    Xisco maybe can get the first 5 games to prove that he’s got the nose for goalscoring. If not, ship him away, buy him out.. Whatever… He sucked last season in Primera Division! What, 2 goals in how many games? Of course he didn’t start many games… But still! He’s not going to bring in something new to our game.

  28. divnt bother Daverism,Stuarts gonna walk it.His teams going to be far too good for the rest of us ;-) :lol:

  29. Aye Richie, saw him yapping on about that like.

    He should hope he does like, otherwise he’s going to look a right ring.

    However, I will destroy you all..

  30. Toonsy you’ll be near the bottom all season until the last game………then you’ll delete everyone else and finish top ;-)

  31. Aye Toonsy, you may, It’ll probably just end up you in the league though, after kicking everyone out for being way ahead.

    You do that on here don’t you?


  32. yea dannydee – it’s obviously not the situation i think anyone would really want, but it’s capabale players we already have on the books.

  33. toonsy you building yourself up for a big fall m8 , i am going to walk the fantasy football league ;) after the toon have qualified for europe and CH wins the manager of the season awards and Ameobi the golden boot . see i know every thing there is to know about football :)

  34. @eastcoastmag

    Yeah, this team posesses a great deal of potential and creativity. I can’t see that we wouldn’t succeed this coming season. We will not be in bottom 5. That’s for sure. Just play their cards right, and we will prevail!

    But, I still think Tamas Kadar would do great if he got the chance as left fullback behind Enrique.

    And we need a pure striker! Someone who can score 15 goals or more this season along with Carroll’s tally of 12-14 in the topflight! :)

  35. just as well me and big dave are not in it,yous would have a sad look on,we have to let yous win something ;)

  36. Titus Brambles had is initiation ceremony at Sunderlands pre season training I see

  37. I may aswell reveal mine;

    Hennessey, Baines, Cuellar, Shawcross, Hangeland, N’Zogbia, Piennar, Etherington, Arshavin, Defoe, Tevez (c)

    Subs – Harper, Craddock, Giggs, Rodallega

  38. well thats one less team to worry about Toonsy :lol:

    Daverism…….my feelings exactly,when ya’ve got it flaunt it :lol:

  39. Hart
    A. Johnson

    Subs –
    B. Ferguson

  40. I might of icedog but I won’t reveal my line up until 2 hours before KO ;-)

  41. Unfortunately Richie, the flaunting part could very well land you in a cell if you time it incorrectly!

  42. RICHIETOON think i know you better than that you will have gone for best unless your lass being picking the team for you ;)

  43. Best will score well over 200 points!

    Just had to make a quote there for Louise Taylor, expect that quote on her site featured in an article about how deluded we are.

    I expect my cheque in the post, Louise.
    You cow.

  44. That could be the next poll question.

    Would you piss on Louise Taylor if she was on fire?

    I don’t think I will out a ‘yes’ aoption. There is no need for it ;)

  45. I’m in! :D

    Keeper: Given

    Defense: Johnson – Terry – Dunne – Jose Enrique

    Midfield: Kompany – Aquilani – Nolan – J.Cole

    Attack: Carroll – Rooney

    Subs: (K) P.Robinson (D) Samba (M) J.Olsson (A) Defoe

  46. whats the young lad up front from Reading with the hair like a beefeater? Shane Long is it? He looked canny last season like.

  47. I’d give a yes like Toonsy, I’d like to have the pleasure of kicking her to pieces after she received severe burns.

    Internet rage!

  48. What happened to the Killian Brennan rumor? Thought we were announcing him today as well.

  49. You lads don’t stand a chance…






    (GK) B.Foster
    (Def) H.Ilunga
    (Mid) J.Wilshere
    (Fwd) M.Chamakh

  50. mine is:



    i have a good feeling about this :D im gonna win this.

  51. o i will trust my feeling, except routledge, shawcross and ferguson, i dont think they will deliver, but i have all of them other players that will propel me to the top of the league through all of the season :D

  52. Me will be coming toon Friday night-Saturday Morning

    as we say in French

    “”Vas te faire encule suce ma bite retarder vous lécher le cul sucer Winny cons vous sucer votre mamans vous savez ce que vous les gars hehe mais j’ai vierges faibles Newcastle”

  53. Did a few transfers, my team now is:

    Keeper: Reina

    Defence: Heitinga, Terry, Hangeland, Enrique

    Midfield: Song, Aquilani, Nolan, J.Cole

    Strikers: Carroll, Rooney

    SUBS: Gomes, Bassong, Wilshere, Bent.

  54. Tummy, you got me thinking. And Bent is dangerous in front of goal, and Reina IS the keeper with most shutouts in the league year after year so… I’d rather have Reina as a starter! ^^

  55. I’d put mine up but ya’s would all copy and I divnt want to share the title :lol:

  56. Well you might as well see mine as you wont see it for dust in a months time… ;)


    Subs: Harper, Mouyokolo, De Jong, Wood

  57. same here richietoon! This fantasy league’s a lot harder than it would seem lads; my starting team last year was absolute pap. I had to make serious changes to climb back up the league! This will be an awesome contest though, can’t wait

  58. you have to think though when ur doing the teams, its not a matter of picking the highest profile players, its picking the players that will get u points with clean sheets, goals and assists, thats why i dont think essien and enrique wont get many points for you CC

    im thinking of making wholesale changes to mine.

  59. actually 5 including his subs………so ya’ve almost got a half decent team CC ;-)

  60. Mine isn’t far removed from CC’s so I’ll take comfort in that!!

    I have said for a while we need 2 wingers, and a number 10. Now sol is here I think kadar will be the lb backup and we won’t be worrying about that now. I cant see us not getting rid of a couple of players still but let’s see

  61. Essien will get plenty points!

    Not so sure about Enrique like, but Essien is immense. By far and away the best defensive mid in the league.

  62. To all those compiling fantasy teams, even in this country, Alf Ramsey’s 4-4-2 formation is rapidly becoming obsolete in football at the very highest level, Fabio Capello notwithstanding.

    Just a thought.

  63. A winger like Ben Arfa would be perfect! He can plays on both sides and are a big artist and can also score some goals! It would be very descent if Mike Ashley would put some money on the table!

    And I think we need a striker like Martins, one with extremely pace and a goalgetter! (What the hell didnt we sign Beckford?? He was free. What could we loose?) We can sell Xisco and Best. Heavy crap!

    Think also we need some cover at the left back. Van Aanholt would be perfect.

  64. Daverism says:
    July 28, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    “Not so sure about Enrique like, but Essien is immense. By far and away the best defensive mid in the league.”

    He’s immense because he’s much more than a defensive mid.

  65. richietoon says:
    July 28, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    “Worky….thats why mines 4-3-3”

    You’ll want a special kind of mid like Essien or Yaya Toure then. Nearest thing we have is Biffa Barton I suppose.

  66. True, but that is his position, being much more than that is surely what makes him immense!

    You’re right about the 4-4-2 dying Worky, however I’m sure it can still be applied very effectively in fantasy footy!

  67. Daverism says:
    July 28, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    “You’re right about the 4-4-2 dying Worky, however I’m sure it can still be applied very effectively in fantasy footy!”

    I knaa, but I’m a perfectionist, Dave. I carry my method right through in every detail!

  68. Fair crack!

    You do raise a good point though, Xavi and Iniesta as attacking mids, supporting Villa was quality to watch. I wonder if Jonas/Routledge could do a similar job, albeit with alot less quality?

  69. Hart, corluka, vidic, carragher, vermaelen, nolan, barry, kranjcar, a. young, agbonlahor, defoe and subs harper, rafael, gera, doyle

  70. Would definitely like to see at least two more signings in the form of another pacey winger and a #10 style striker, small, pacey and an eye for goal. Wish we could get a young Nobby Solano playing for us again like haha!

  71. I would like to see a player with Siphiwe Tshabalala’s pace on the wing. He would fill up nicely behind Jonas. He’s got an impressive strength in his 5ft7inch body…. He was good in the World Cup this summer. I can’t imagine him being that awfully expensive either…

  72. Daverism says:
    July 28, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    “Fair crack!

    You do raise a good point though, Xavi and Iniesta as attacking mids, supporting Villa was quality to watch. I wonder if Jonas/Routledge could do a similar job, albeit with alot less quality?”

    The thing about Rinus Michels’s innovation of the 4-3-3 formation, and later his ‘Total Football’ philosophy is that it is demanding, and to work at it’s best requires players of a high calibre with certain qualities, both in terms of individual, technical skill and as a unified ‘team’. So why it may be perfect for top teams such as Chelsea, Spain, Barcelona etc, it isn’t for everyone all the time. Even the great tactical master himself reverted to 4-4-2 on occaision.

  73. …and with that said about Tshabalala… I must also say he would fit nicely in the PL, with his physical style of play.

  74. worky,better get him to knock two up,one for the squad and one for shola lol.

  75. You’re probably right worky.

    I do think Jonas could be a good shout for that sort of position though. His crossing isn’t up to standard most times. Maybe he’d be better off being moved into a narrower supporting am. He can pick out a pass, he’s decent vision and he either never loses the ball or wins a freekick.

    Could be worth a bash?

  76. Jonas’s moves wouldn’t work as well in the middle – the sort of trickery he’s always pulling works best out wide because he knows much better where defenders are coming from.

  77. Celtic losing two nowt.

    Somebody criticised me earlier this week for having a dig at Hooper joining Celtic defending the move that he would be playing champions league football. Doesn’t look good now. Still cannae understand what made Ledley and Hooper sign for them.

    Bloggers are saying we need a wide man who can play left or right we should take McGeady by miles the best player in Scotland. Scott Brown is useful too but is more of a grafter rather than a creator

  78. Agree with budalovesa about McGeady
    Thought I had heard that he was unsettled last season. I also liked Scott McDonald, speaking of Celtic players, before he moved to Boro. He just seems to always be in the right spot to get a try in on goal.

  79. I’m surprised Goon Chicken or Skint Flint haven’t suggested Marlon Harewood. Cheap, crap and ancient. Fits in with Ashleys crieria.

  80. Well McGeady was missing tonight and there’s no news of any injury flare up so there could be a deal near completion with someone there. The lad really needs to move on and play consistently against higher opposition if he’s going to fulfill his immense potential which sounds right up our alley for the right price.

    Additionally Ben Arfa seems to have been giving a very final looking wave to supporters at his match today.

    Two players we could really use and they look like they’re both off somewhere very soon.

    Then if we could just go into a season with 2 proper leftbacks – now that’s a novel idea considering the last time was under Souness with Baba and Bernard.

  81. French papers reporting that we’ve bid 6mill for Ben Arfa !!………their tabloids probably as reliable as ours tho!

  82. Ay up – here’s little old senile bob. Is it not lights out in the nursing home yet? Remember to empty your piss sack before you turn in for the night.

  83. except Barnard was never fit enough to play and Baba was never a proper anything ;-) ………except a waste of money.

  84. worky – 442 still the way forward in fantasy footy – midfielders have more opportunities to score points.

    also – defensive mids like essien and toure are aboot as useful as a chocolate tea pot.

  85. Hey, how can I tell if I am in the Fantasy League?
    I’ve created a team, how do I join this league…or check to see if I am in it already? I think I missed a step.


  86. I still say: Hughton should look up Tshabalala!! :) He’s turning 26 this year and has a lot of pace, is a creative winger and is really explosive!

  87. No CC just got a message of a mate who’s brother lives in France and he said it was being reported over there.

  88. DannyDee, Tshabalala doesn’t really have explosive pace. He has a good shot, a fine cross, and is neat with the ball. But he isn’t gona beat anyone with pace down any flank.

    If we had to sign any South African players, we should sign Tsepo Masilela. A quality attacking left back.

  89. I thought he did one hell of a job on his wing in the World Cup. He impressed me, not just because of his ROCKET of a shot which resulted in that 1-0 goal… His overall-workrate was really good in my eyes.

    But sure, Masilela was really good as well. Africa has so many players with so big potential.

  90. Cheers, Richie.

    I think I must be missing something though…I don’t see nufcblog.org.

    How do I get to that league? Maybe I need to go back to that blog post…ug.

  91. you know…i just need to start reading the whole post…found it and am in now…holy crap there’s a lot of people that are going to lose to me…

  92. Can you get your team up on the screen NorCal? if so just to the right should be a leagues box with nufcblog.org………if not ya’ll probably have to start again. what was ya team called and I’ll take a look.

    CC……..yeah I reckon so mate.

  93. :) Richie

    Actually, I don’t have great confidence in my team overall, but I think I’ll do better than average…that’s what I am shooting for.

    I did recently win my World Cup pool that I was in…so maybe I am a little knowledgeable.

  94. Has anyone herd the rumor that Hughton made a call on the St James Pk pitch width?

    APPARENTLY He wanted it made narrower for this season so that the pace of some of the top EPL wingers and strikers would find it harder getting behind the defense?

    I think it is a good idea, if we had a player that could deliver a good long throw we now have the players that can dominate in the air!

  95. @165…ok, this is where I am admittedly niave. You can do that? I thought they had to have certain width and length dimensions?

    Obviously you can’t make it 18 yards wide…I mean meters…i mean metres…but seriously…how can he change the width?

    Or…did I just fall for a a very bad joke…

  96. NorCal……..my modesty prevents me from saying I’ll win it easily :lol: ……….I’ll prob do crap tho it might help if I actually read the rules and how points are scored!!

  97. NorCal-my understanding is that there are regulations for both a minimum and maximum width of the pitch. Some are wider than others in the prem to suit a teams style of play. You haven’t fallen for a random joke so dont worry, lol.

    If Hughton is playing with the dimensions to create a tactical disadvantage for other teams then it’s just a great bit of management on his part. Where you read about that ni?

  98. From a quick search there are limits by Fifa.

    FIFA Says for domestics games:
    “Length: minimum 90 m (100 yds), maximum 120 m (130 yds)
    Width: minimum 45 m (50 yds), maximum 90 m (100 yds) ”
    so the smallest is 100yds x 50yds

  99. See Richie, that’s where I was struggling. You get points for 60′ of play and 90’…so, who’s likely to get that 60′? Who’s likely to go the full 90. But, you obviously get more points for scoring and saves and whatnot.

    I have Enrique on my team…sure we won’t have a lot of clean sheets, but the dude is good, will certainly go 60′ and most likely will always go the full 90. But, is that enough…is the fact that we’ll likely give up a lot of goals going to hurt my selection there…you get what you can on 100 M…

    Oh well, i am looking forward to the competition. I love this stuff. Good luck to all and may the best TOON fantasy team win…

  100. “The length of a pitch must be between 100 yards (90m) and 130 yards (120m) and the width not less than 50 yards (45m) and not more than 100 yards (90m).”

  101. Phew Ross…I was a wee bit worried…I hate that you can’t get tone in text…should be symbols for sarcasm and such like there are for ? ! .

    You’re right though…if he does change to fit what he wants to do…pretty smart…just hope it doesn’t backfire.

    Now, can you change per game? Seems too costly and difficult to do that, but imagine a pitch that was adjustable throughout the season…ooooo…new invention…quick patent this idea…we’ll make a mint.

  102. It was a mate was telling me about it. I was looking into it online but seen nothing yet, was just wondering if anyone has herd anything about this??

    If it is true then I think this a great show of tactical knowledge on Hughtons behalf. And could give a vital advantage agains some of the “big teams” like Arsenal.

  103. was the Millenium stadium pitch not on pallets? so in theory they could have changed the width every game quite easily……but then so can everyone,its just a case of repainting lines!!

  104. Yea, there was some article a while back where this ‘pitch resizing’ thing was mentioned, can’t remember which ‘piece’ it was though, soz.

  105. NorCal-Not that i’m aware of mate. You submit your pitch dimensions for the season and that is that. If true it would have it’s downsides though. A narrow pitch means we’re not getting the natural wingers we’re looking for! lol.

  106. 442 should be occasional now anyway.
    You should only play it if you’ve a) got great wingers & b) the oppo has crap full backs.

  107. Its at home we’ll want to use use our wingers the most…………. we already have one of the smallest pitches anyway.

  108. I think Hughton showed last season that he had his game plan for home and away. His tactics were spot on at home all last season as we all know :D So I view this if its true as showing there is an over all tactical plan for home games where we would expect to pick up the majority of points. And obviously each away game is a more circumstantial tactical matter.

    But I could be over thinking this all… :S

  109. CliNT-It should be mate but Hughton is old fashioned and if we’re not playing a 4-4-2 we’ll be playing a 4-5-1 I think. I’d love to see us give 4-3-3 a bash or even playing a diamond of some sort and giving Vuckic a go in the hole behind two strikers but I can’t see it happening.

  110. From what I hear Ben arfa was the boy the last 20 mins when he come on!!!!
    Pity more chance of messi signing.

  111. Ross,
    at least he’s open to 2 forms. :)
    Y’never know, he may make the 451 a flexible one, switching to diamond & 433 or 4321 etc.
    Ok, probably won’t.

  112. CLiNT-Thing is, I think we have the ability to play other formations. Use Smith/Barton as a box to box/sweeper (and probably end up with 10 men on the field every time we do) lol and try out the likes of Guthrie in the hole, or Vuckic and let Jonas and Routledge hug the touchlines. I just think a 4-5-1 could resort to us playing the long ball to Carroll. At the same time though I’m confident Carroll will continue last seasons form. He’s a massive lad and will cause plenty of problems for back fours this season I reckon. It’s just whether he can create a chance for himself. Stick a “playmaker” in behind him and we could be onto something.

  113. Waddles-Well hopefully he’ll continue that form into the Rangers pre season friendly on the 7th! :D..(i’m kidding, obviously,lol)

  114. Completely agree Ross, Carroll has already played some premier league football. 14 games and 3 goals in ‘that season’… Most appearances of which were from the bench. I agree he will do great this season. Have to keep behind they lads and manager, owner not so much but we have a team of hard working, committed players that have earned their place among the best.

  115. gay assulin is a great young player that played for barcelona and is now training with tottenham could play winger..

    why not try to bring that south korean striker?

  116. So we think theres another coming in this weekend do we Wadds?

    Feel a bit out of it this week working the nightshift :-(

    I would like to see us try and steal KP Boateng from Pompey, does anyone else agree he could be a good No 10?

  117. Not a No 10 in my opinion. I would like him here, but I don’t think he has the finishing quality to be up and around the striker/s.

    Nights? Pfft! I’ve become accustomed to them now :)

  118. lol toonsy – yeah I move from nights to being here on my own all day, hence why i was an uzi poster a couple of weeks ago!!!

    I am still hopeful for the rest of the window like