Tom Cleverley set to sign in at Newcastle.

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Tom to Toon to be confirmed soon?
Tom to Toon to be confirmed soon?
It looks like Newcastle are set to capture their second signature of the summer as a loan deal for Manchester United’s 20-year old youngster, Tom Cleverley, looks set to be announced imminently

This comes hot on the ‘eels after landing Perch from Nottingham Forest yesterday, and after such a slow start in the market things now appear to be picking up for Newcastle United.

Cleverley signed a new three year contract at Old Trafford not so long ago, so the chances of us being able to sign him on a permanent basis after his anticipated 12-month loan deal expires look to be slim, but on the other hand it does point towards the fact that the Manchester United hierachy must rate the kid enough to offer him a new deal, unless it is a new contract put in place purely to ensure that any bidding club will have to pay top dollar for the central midfielder.

Now Newcastle could learn a thing or two from that, but that is for a different article entirely. So in this one, let’s look at just what Tom Cleverley could offer Newcastle.

Cleverley drew many plaudits from around the country last season for his driving performances and goal-scoring explots from midfield, and that was in a Watford side that ended up having a disappointing campaign. He made 33 appearances last season, scoring 11 goals in the process and would have surely added to that tally had his season not have been prematurely cut short due to a knee ligament injury. Despite the injury though, he still managed to win the Watford Player of the Season award for last season.

So the boy knows where the back of the net is, which is a good thing, but he also has a bit of pace, which again is a good thing and something that our midfield is lacking in currently. Another plus point though is the versatitly of the player.

There is no doubt in my mind that Cleverley would predominantly be played in midfield, but he can also play in a number of other positions such as left back, left midfield, right back, right midfield and of course his more recognised position of pushing forward from central midfield.

At the end of the day I would prefer it we bought players, but I am by no means averse to signing young players on loan from other clubs, particularly if they are as highly rated as Tom Cleverley seems to be. One thing I don’t want to happen is for youngsters from other clubs to hinder the development of our own youth prospects.

Let’s spare a thought for Haris Vuckic here, who I fear could be placed on the periphery of the first team squad due to the reported imminent arrival of Cleverley. It may not happen, and Vuckic may well still get the chance that he, and a lot of Newcastle fans, are waiting for.

We await official confirmation, but there are a hell of a lot of rumours, even from Manchester United, claiming that the deal is about to be announced. If that is so, then it would two signings in a few days, which I don’t think was expected as it isn’t nearly the end of the transfer window yet.

Just like busses, you wait all this time for one and two come along at once!

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169 Responses

  1. Where does it say he’s about to sign?

    Anyway, I don’t like the idea of shining other peoples players up for them.

  2. cleverly all a long i have said is going to be a star player.sorry we couldnt buy him.i said they wouldnt sell him. the kid has got the lot.the best think about him he is very cool in front of goal.where does that leave nolan on the bench or him.i hope the injury he got at the end doesnt effect his recovery.i have not been a fan of ch.but i hold my hands up and say well done mate we need fresh energy and we are getting it.the way forward is energy and pace.that tells me we are going to play 1 up front and my be play 2 at home sometimes.

  3. i expect him to compete wit routledge on the wing, hopefully could sign him next season

  4. Asim – Aye, it’s all over the internet, with claims that the deal is being finalised and should be announced imminently.

  5. Ya was about to ask the same question,saw a comment on the facebook posted by someone saying that a certain Man Utd website has confirmed the news???

    So where is it exactly??

    From the way Haris Vuckic plays,i would class him as same with another Man Utd Player,Darron Gibson.

  6. craig chisholm says:
    July 6, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    “fcuk me, am i first??”

    You’ll always be my first Craig Smiley

  7. I went to watford last season and he must not have played at they were S**t.
    Vuckic is a true class act who deserves a chance.

  8. davey he can play any where across the midfield but likes playing central or on the left.we have got no chance of signing this lad unless he plays sh..t.i am surprised they are letting him go on loan.

  9. good player, great prospect. i’m happy to borrow off others as long as it propels us up the league

  10. doug he wasnt playing! he isnt sh..t mate you will change your mind and so will the scum.they will have him back and we will miss out.cant see ch playing all young players in midfield in the prem.

  11. This deal is hard to understand when we have Guthrie , Barton , Smith , Nolan and Vuckic battling for places in CM and Jonas , Routledge , R taylor out wide , not too mention our own kids in the reserves . In theory we are doubled up in every midfield position because Taylor can play left and right side , why then loan a youngster from another club ? It would be more logical too blood our own kids .

  12. Axel.. because Cleverley is that little bit different, hes flamboyant, Guthrie-esque

  13. Our first priority is survival. My first choice midfield:
    Routledge Guthrie Nolan Cleverly

  14. Jermaine Pennant anyone? Latest rumour apparently.

    Feck me, I preferred it when we wren’t going to sign anyone :lol:

  15. seen him play a 2 or 3 times not frightened to put his foot in either,which i like,just hope it doesnt hold vuckic back as i think he could be a canny player

  16. Just talked to a guy who recently played golf with Alan Thompson. He asked him about the toon kids – he rates Inman highly but raved over Vuckic as the best young player we’ve ever had! He did point out though that his contract is running down and the kid knows of Man U, Madrid interest. Reckons the only chance we have of keeping him is to put him into the first team NOW. Interesting!

  17. Good bet for me. Don’t have much faith with RTaylor on the wing and if he has pace and skill to cover both wings as well as maybe stepping up to the plate for attacking midfield then it could be a wise move from Hughton. We cannot expect Vuckic to be our AM saviour, the lad has only just turned 18, but of course we want to see him get his chance next year and by all accounts he will do.

  18. just as things seem to be picking up that dick taylor seems to rock the boat saying he wants to move to l/pool if reports are true let him ship out quick if thats the case,gob shite

  19. hi, long time listener first time caller…

    where does taylor say that, icedog?

    Also, don’t loan deals usually happen later in the window? Surely Fergie will want to see how Cleverly gets on in preseason and training before deciding whether to loan him out again? (I’m assuming that’s what hughton’s doing)

  20. Icedog – Agreed ;)

    I’ll wait and see, but people better be preoared for me to say “I telt ye so”

    Joke by the way ;)

  21. Where you see that Ice? I’m with you though, if he publically says he doesn’t want to be here, show him the door and take the cash.

  22. beatski says:
    July 6, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    “hi, long time listener first time caller…”

    Quality, and welcome aboard :)

  23. NOOO

    Cleverly is rubbish, thats why he’s not good enough for manure and was very average in a very average Watford team at SJP last season. I hope this is just rumour mongering. Ok if it is a loan I suppose it doesnt matter so much but really I think they should be focusing their limited time and resources elsewhere.

  24. Also, i should have added that i dont want to see loan deals coming in in positions where we could be playing our own youth instead of someone elses

  25. djg dont think u no nothing about football he was in average team u say scored 15 goals from midfied or so.only nolan did for us u must watching something else.

  26. Ice – I wouldn’t take much notice of Tribal mate, certainly nor for proper news anyway ;)

    It was in The Express earlier though…

  27. Vukic is class better than cleverly n is am we’ve need, cleverly to b used on the wing I fink n fink another winger to come aswell, then need a left bk a striker n chalf if taylor leaves,

  28. I know enough to be very dissapointed in his general passing and give the ball straight back style asim. Ok maybe he was a bit hyped and I was expecting too much of the lad, its hard to judge a player on one game, especially away from home. All im saying is dont get too carried away he wasn’t as special as some people are making out on here thats for sure.


    Well seems in General the Man U fans are happy he can develop or disappointed he won’t be a member of their own squad. Which can only be positive.

    Personally, I think he is a good signing. And he would give us the cover and a bit of creativity on either flank.

    What we need now is a “in the hole creative striker”

  30. Funny thing is pool could go tits up next season. Benayoun-(their best player last season at times for me) gone. Mascherano-plenty of time to leave. Torres-plenty of time to leave with his agent refusing to say he’ll stay and that other pl clubs aka Chelsea are possible. Gerrard-plenty of time to leave. Imagine Taylor buggering off there and then watching that unfold, lol.

  31. Good signing, but share the fear that he takes minutes from Vuckic in the cup matches and occassional league match. As was pointed out, this may not be as much of a problem if we go with a 5-man midfield. Would prefer if he is used as the first backup to Bill and Jonas instead. Still we should rejoice that he improves the squad for the coming season.

  32. We need cover in every postion so we need to wingers, left bk n striker, cleverly cover routledge, masare cover jonas if it hapens, maynard or erdling, then if liverpool want taylor id ask to swap for ryan babel

  33. Georgio…..think Vucic still has 2 years left on his contract but if he gets a few games and does well they really need to get him tied down for longer or better still do it now.

  34. I wudnt b bothered if taylor left but u know the press they’ve targeted tayor now since carroll said he wants to stay, personaly I fink tgey will both sign new deals but I fink taylor is easily replaced + we hav sum good young defenders in kadar n folan comin thriugh

  35. TOONSY bang goes the ex,maybe this one PSG report sessegnon will leave in the next 2 days to un-named epl team ? ashley likes things kept SH—–

  36. That fode masare looks to b a good deal for 1.5mill he is a winger n not a striker as in reports

  37. Icedog – That seesegnon would be a cracker, but I can’t see us wanting another CM, unless one is on the way out?

  38. ive heard raoul moat is gannin after mike for not sellin the club too his uncle :lol:

  39. I fink we may c 2 to 3 new players in this week coz I fink ch will want them in for the ireland trip fink that’s why the cleverly deal is being done so soon

  40. TOONSY aye m8 but funny things happen in footy,just trying to give your brain rest m8 lol

  41. so… so far we have this donkey from forest at 1 million and also cleverley coming in on a year long lone. Out we have taylor going to liverpool at prob around 5 million. Well to me that puts cashley 4 million up straight away… who was it yesterday saying that the signing from forest proves the ‘no capital outlay ‘ theory wrong?? looks like to me that taylor will fund all our movements in this window… thus we will spend no money. No capital outlay. and will have less salary outlay anyway as butt and taylors wages will be more than anything we bring in. In other words ,ashley has creamed yet again in another window. early days i know but i bet it works out that way. not that i am bothered as long as we end up with a btter team.

  42. Craig – But using your theory, Ashley wouldn’t have “creamed” as anything that is made would be going out again?

    So if he creams nothing of nothing, then he has creamed nothing, right?

    Anyway, it’s all rumour and speculation at the minute ;)

  43. Craig- the thought did cross my mind that the reports on STayor are related to the movement on transfer front. Not sure that I care if Taylor gets us 3-4 new players. But as Toonsy says, it’s all speculation right now. Should all be clearer by the end of the week.

  44. We have to give young Harris a chance, let’s develope our own youngsters instead of man ures ffs.

  45. craig chisholm says:
    July 6, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    “In other words ,ashley has creamed yet again in another window.”

    Couldn’t he be arrested for that?

  46. Depends where he has creamed doesn’t it? It certainly isn’t at Newcastle United anyway, how can anyone cream anything when they are owed over £100 million by it?

  47. JJ- I totally agree we need a no.10 deep sitting striker now.

    Icedog – let’s not rip into our own players (s Taylor) based on some totally bogus report in a national rag. The mob has really turned their ire towards S taylor haven’t they – jeeeeez put your pitchforks doon until you know for a fact what’s happening.

  48. i wouldnt read to much into the stories about s.taylor.he was the only player who cared and cried when we went down.i would have him in my first pick if it ment something just he loves newcastle does the other players who are not geordies luv us dont think so.he isnt a true geordie anyway. we are only having a go becasue of the carrol incident other wise we would be going mad if we sold him.he may be a dick but if he stays then hats off to the lad. only man city showing ambition the other clubs havnt got a pot to piss in that includes liverpool.

  49. Those who frequent this place often will know that I have always been suspicious of Taylor, and yes I blame his dad for it ;)

  50. Ice – How do we know is any of the taylor trouble causing is true?

    What annoys me is that our academy – like any other – produces about 1 in 30 players to break through into the first team, the rest are written off as loss leaders or sold for nominal amounts to lower division sides. By the time we get a successful player through we’ve built up so much bile towards them we just look to get rid for some reason or another – we’ve aaaalways got an axe to grind. Selling Taylor to liverpool reflects terribly on our club. Having groomed him for 10 years, he will be off to liverpool with his best years ahead of him, be called up for england and we’ll all be left saying ‘ah he was trouble that lad,, good riddance” based on something we read in the fookin express!?!!? or something a mate of a mate said doon the pig and whistle.

    This is a business lads – half of you acting like a bunch of gossiping lasses on their period. As usual WE LOOSE yee dafties.

  51. Boater – You appear to be neglecting the fact that the reports are saying that Taylor WANTS to go.

    I notice his previous contract negotiations, the claims that other club are interested in him from his only family to force the clubs hand, the link up with Louise Taylor (mackem scum) are all being forgotten. Not by some.

    If he wants to go then fair enough, if he wants to stay, great, but he ain’t a saint either.

  52. asim – who gives a damn if the players are geordies or not? What are yee going on about man? You just trot that sort of thing out, but do you think for a minute what does it mean? Yes Shearer was a geordie, so was beardsley – both of whom loved the club, but then what about waddle or gazza? daft, mad passionate geordies who left to further their career. What about rob lee, solano, speed, beresford, keegan? Do you think they demonstrated a lack of commitment to the club at any point?

    I want 11 gifted professionals on the pitch, who believe in nufc and what it stands for. All this geordie nation stuff is for stupids mate.

  53. “hot on the ‘eels”

    were not going there again surely…

    There are no quotes so i still refuse to believe any of it, I dont think you can say owt until there is news but looking at the footage from training he looked happy enough.

    The kid only arrived back yesterday with Carroll and Krul who are also set for contract talks lets give it a few days at least before we start slagging the lad or Alfredo.

  54. Toonsy – you’re a bright lad and most of the time I’m with you all the way but the reports can say what they like. Until I hear from Taylor or Hughton officially that he wants to go I refuse to start bashing our own players based on fleet street hearsay.
    It’s got nothing to do with Taylor being a saint – damned right – nor a villain, he’s a smashing player that I want to see at the toon.

    The press is filling column inches with spurious rumours, and quotes from un-named sources. I’m surprised you’re even giving it the time of day.

  55. more like icedog’s sticking the knife into taylor.

    There’s no quotes, only idle journo bullshit, they just step up the story every couple of days. They did the same with Carroll, before Carroll said he was staying the other day, i could have sworn the papers were reporting that carroll had just bought a flat in Stoke was learning to make pottery and looking forward to getting on the end of some long throws.

  56. Jay Jay – He is from Felling so there is a chance he could be unwashed ;)

    Boater – I know what your saying like, and whilst he is a decent player I don’t think he is irreplacable. Williamson came in last season and we actually conceded and lost less than we did with Taylor.

    I know it’s a flimsy barometer, but it certainly indicates to me that he wouldn’t be a great loss if he did go providing the cash was spent on a replacement

    Let’s be honest, we could do with the cash. If he isn’t going to sign a new deal then we HAVE to cash in, whether we want to or not.

    But as you say, until it’s anything official then it is just speculation.

  57. Toonsy

    Are you sure about that?? we seemed to keep more clean sheets in the first half of the season, 1-0s most week as i remember it.

    Sure we were a hell of a lot easier on the eye after january and we scored a lot more goals but we also started giving silly late consolation goals away.

  58. Toonsy – I disagree that he wouldn’t be missed. That’s not to understate how good Williamson was last season, very true. But like I said, what does it say about our academy if our best product in 15 years (yes, I know Carroll but he’s just breaking through now) is carted off for a mere 7mil cos we’re in a huff with him?

    If he went to liverpool then that would essentially assure him of a place in the next england squad, that’s just the way it works. Two good performances in the senior side and he’d be a 20mil defender. Even from a business point of view we’d be stupid to cut our losses now.

  59. 14 league goals conceded in 25 games with Staylor

    19 league goals conceded in 20 games with Williamson

  60. not to sure about the wisdom behind cleverley,tbh.
    remember we took that italian striker from manure on a loan,and it turned out to be pointless.
    some people have a warped sense of humour,i’ve bee told to day we should sign up raoul moat,as he could get us 10-15 goals this season
    good strike rate,
    good shot on him,
    and he shoots on site.

  61. Taylor is be far the best centre half the club have FACT
    He would run through a brick wall for this club.
    The fact is it does not matter who you are if a decent bid comes in they are sold!
    Taylor is waiting to see what happens in this transfer window but I don’t think he will have the choice as a bid will come in and be sold.
    No choice.
    Sorry about the text iPhone Sh!t on this site

  62. Serious question to anybody who can be bothered to answer: I’ve just had HD installed by Sky and I’ll be honest, I cannot tell the fckin difference! Can anyone else?

  63. CC – Fair enough, I didn’t actually check lol

    Boater – That is provided he wants to stay, of which there have been no noises of that kind made from Taylor, unlike Carroll. So on that basis, what do we do? Do we cash in now or let him walk for nowt at the end of the season, where he will join a club like Liverpool etc, have a couple of good games and be a £20 million defender, leaving us with sweet FA for it?

  64. toonsy – did you really just say that if Taylor left he wouldn’t be a great loss? You mean our only PL proven player? Williamson is totally unproven in the Prem so you cannot just presume he’d fill his boots.

    I despair, I really do.

  65. Aye Stuart its different but the easiest way to notice the difference ya’d need it side by side with a non hd pic…….ya can try flicking between itv1 and itv1 hd…..ya might notice then….also the sound should be better…I love it just love it for the footy like.

  66. ………ya’ll notice it alot on the old slow mo replays that they do in the footy too

  67. Stu
    I’m with you.
    People calling Taylor and saying he is sh!t must be mad!
    Remember collo’s first season,Jesus

  68. Waddles – I’m sat watchin the footie on a 42 ” (the tv is 42″ too) and it looks exactly the same!

  69. ITV HD ang ESPN HD is not the greatest to judge it by mind!
    BBC HD and SKY much better

  70. Stuart79 says:
    July 6, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    “toonsy – did you really just say that if Taylor left he wouldn’t be a great loss? You mean our only PL proven player?”

    Well, yes, if we replaced him with the cash raised. I just really don’t hink he is irreplacable.

    To flip it round, for such a committed lad who loves the club, why has there been nowt from him about wanting to stay? Like the rest of the lads have said at various times?

    If he goes, I guees I’m just more prepared for it than the rest. And the slaggin will happen, with things like ‘error prone’ probably being flung around. It happens with the majority of players who leave a club. Milner can’t cross and has no end product, remember?

  71. Stu-I’ve seen football on a 50″ that barely looked any different for me, and then i’ve seen the UFC on a 42″ and there was a huge difference between standard ESPN and ESPN HD when flicking between both channels. In saying that, when my mate showed me ESPN, the standard channel looked awful, like, well below average, so obviously HD looked alot better, lol. I dunno, i’m not 100% sold on it yet but I havent got it at home, i’ve only seen it rarely.

    At the same time though, I notice a huge difference between blu-ray and standard dvd, so maybe i just havent seen enough of HD yet.

  72. Who’s all coming up for Rangers by the way? It’s only a 2 hour trip and it’ll be nice to have a load of our lot up here for once, lol.

  73. Ross – I was thinking about it, but it would be a 5 hour each way trip for me. I thought about making a long weekend if it, driving to Newcastle for Friday night and stopping at the family pub, driving up for the match on Saturday and coming back to Newcastle Sat night before heading home Sunday.

    I’m actually thinking of going over to Spain for the Deportivo game on August 3rd. It’s my birthday the next day, and I have the week off work but I want to check how much flights etc are going to cost first, somthing I hould have done today really but got side-tracked

  74. Have you lot heard? Raule is in Morpeth! Just been down with my Toon top for him to sign, but they won’t let me in?! What’s the crack?

  75. boater,
    exactly! @70.
    the express uses terms like ‘a source’, ‘reputedly’, then adds ‘spurious’ at best & probably out of context ‘quotes’……
    …….Also, it’s a rehash of a story of a story that’s been touted about Taylor & liverpool’s supposed ‘interest’ for years.
    That paper should be renamed depress.
    All that is cradled in suppositions about NUFC based on their inability to get any facts together.
    It’s the epitome of gutter press shite-hawkery, coming from the standpoint of hatred.

    Virgin cable HD is noticeably clearer than sky, which looks tacky & lacks depth from what i’ve experienced.
    The sound difference is dramatic too.

  76. the depress? it’ll go nicely along with the daily fail.

    Also, keegan’s advice to uruguay is to attack, surprising.

  77. toonsy – how can we guarentee bringing in a player who is as good as Taylor if he does go?

    Ever thought that he might be being offered a pittance from us and knows he could earn a lot more elswhere and possibly play at a club who can move forward without the restraints we have?

    What would you do if someone offered you a better job, at a better company, with better prospects for a lot more money?

    Nobody could blame him.

  78. Off topic it seems Liverpool are going to be the new Newcastle as far as the gossip press are concerned, couple of big stories concerning Gerrard are going to hit the papers this weekend

  79. On Cleverley,
    I guess.
    Seems like a good player, though i don’t want any of our bairns to miss out, i can see him as an insurance policy.
    Don’t like the idea of preparing other teams (League rivals) players, for their benefit & paying them for it.
    But if we’re gonna get loanees in, good ones.

  80. beatski,
    that’s what i refer to them(daily fail) as too.
    snooze of the world.
    blues of the world.
    take y’pick on that one.

    mick g,
    Taylor shipped out to a sinking ship.
    How ironic.

  81. jay jay-I heard that aswell, but haven’t seen it in the tabloids yet? apparently she’s 16 and he’s got her up the duff or somethin?

  82. Clint, the words 16 year old ,pregnant ,wife sister, seem to be the key to it

  83. No, it’s bull shit! There’s been a ridiculous rumour doing the rounds on the web regarding Gerrard and his 16 yr old sister in law! How low can some peoples jealousy make them stoop?

    Does his wife and children deserve that, just because he’s on good money? Not to mention him!

  84. Ah!
    well, i was told during the slovenia game that rooney had got a schooly in the club, but maybe it was gerrard. Then yesterday a different person said gerrard.
    Something is defo afoot.

    Sounds like it’s a scouser anyway.

  85. jay jay – that rumour was started on twitter.

    As much as I’d like it to be true, I know for a FACT it is total bollox.

    How do I know this? Alex Curran doesn’t have a sister.

  86. Waddles & TF-I had also heard that, but was unsure if it was actually true. My mate then decieed to come out with “It must have been her niece then”..he was determined to give me the gossip one way or another, lol.

  87. There’s been all sorts going round about the England team throughout the world cup like. There’s talk of Gerrards lass sleeping with Kris Commons of Derby for quite a while, that Gerrard got a mystery 16 year old up the duff a matter of weeks before the WC, That Rooney was playing with a double hernia, Becks had to seperate Terry and Gerrard in the changing rooms, the list is endless, lol.

    I’m quite surprised they haven’t all been spat out by the rotten red tops already tbh. Maybe they’re saving them and every rubbish rumour will go into print one at a time. Wouldn’t surprise me like.

  88. Fair do’s TC, it’s just what I heard, didn’t read into it to be honest, never do with these things, but somethings going on.

  89. Honest it’s all KAKA unless you mean john terry doing his own sister!

  90. I’m not suggesting any of this is true my original point was that Liverpool seem to be the new Newcastle as far as the gutter press are concerned

  91. @112 – i’ll pick snooze of the world.

    Fact is, if we sold Taylor, we wouldnt be able to get in a replacement as good as he was, we’d be trying to get a bottom half club’s best defender basically, and they wouldnt sell to a rival, unless it was at a stupidly inflated price (which Ashley wouldnt pay.)

  92. Ross – Rooney was playing with two Hernia’s – They were called Emile Heskey and Jermaine Defoe!

  93. Stuart-Haha, very true. In all seriousness though, there was something wrong with Rooney and I’m intrigued to know what. There is playing poorly at a world cup and then there is losing the ability to control the ball with your first touch overnight. It has to point to fitness, he looked horrendous, miles off the pace from start to finish.

  94. jay jay – aye mate – I’ve heard and been emailed loads of different versions of the story and to be honest it all does sound fairly plausible – apart from the one massive glaring error :)

    there was an add on blaming that affair for englands performance at the WC saying that Terry was p!ssed off cos he’d been stripped of the captaincy for something similar.

    those (insert current liverpool player) stories about shagging another players/managers/scouse celebritys wife/daughter/sister/mother have been doing the rounds for donkeys now

  95. Interesting to know if the linesman thought Van Persie was offside or not there. If he did and he claims VP wasn’t interfering with play, then I dont understand the offside rule. I dont know if I understand it anyway,lol

  96. Simply there was no touch from v persie.
    I think.
    & he didn’t block the keeper’s view.
    I think.

  97. yeah but he made a move for it clint imo…..i just think the linesman thought he was onside….it was canny close.

  98. CLiNT-Thats the issue though mate, I don’t think you need to touch the ball to be classed as interfering with play, haha. I really dont understand. For me, if you’re infront of the last defender you’re offside, if you’re level, you’re onside. There’s no need for it to be this complicated.

  99. Maybe richie,
    But they also keep changing the rules about how much is offside.
    behind the defender, level, advantage to the attacker etc.
    One finger offside, one hair.

  100. Aye ross,
    but a goal would be ruled offside if a guy out on the wing was stood in an offside position before they rightly changed the rule first.
    Remember scott parkers jump over the ball?

  101. aye Clint for me if ya off ya off.For me ya nearly always going to be interfering.If a defender or keeper thinks/has half an eye on an attacker,even for a split second then surely that attacker has interfered with play? thats my view anyway and I’m sticking to it :-)

  102. It’s true mate.

    Maybe the refs ass. thought vp was trying to get outta the way after the deflection off the defender?

  103. Holland are going to be in the final and I haven’t seen them play well at all! Same as Spain. We’ve really missed a trick this year!

  104. if he has to get out of the way then surely he’s interfering as the keeper doesnt know what he’s gonna do…anyway 3-1 :lol:

    Aye ya dead right Stuart

  105. richie,
    it’s ambiguous like.
    I’m with you mate though.
    in the final!

  106. I hope its Germany in the final living here in Holland i know the dutch would just love to beat the Germans in the final .The party has already started.

  107. Axel………its just cos I’ll be in Spain the weekend so would be a great atmoshere………oh and wor lass is Spanish too ;-)

  108. Jamie O’hara is on that James Corden thing. Shame we’re not linked with him anymore, I think he’s a top little player. Is he back at Spurs next season?

  109. I’m off to Spain on Sunday morning so I hope their in the final. Although there aren’t too many Spaniards where I’ll be the Irish bar will be buzzing!

    Moat is demanding £100m for two hostages, but he said he’ll accept NUFC for his uncle Barry.

  110. I’m off on saturday Stu,enjoy it…..think of all the big name sigings we wont be here for ;-)

  111. Is it just me or has anyone enjoyed a world cup less than this one, Count on one finger the ammount of memorable games ive seen, Slovakia vs Italy in the group.

    The rest has been like watching paint dry.

  112. richie,
    is that you off to live there then?

    dead right an.
    Although i would add denmark v cameroon to your list of one.
    No atmosphere, dull football, crap & chiding commentary & punditry.
    It all needs a clear out on tv.

  113. CC , I thought the krauts game v. england was exciting FOR THEM ! and you have to give germany ( I know its bad to say it…) full credit for beating the hand of sod , argies !! Four nowt no-one predicted that at the bookies ! and this morning Robben was class !

  114. The STaylor stuff – he’s in contract negotiations, wouldn’t we expect his agent to be using any tactic at his disposal to get the best deal? That includes leaking stories to the press and giving the impression that his client will leave if he doesn’t get what he wants. From what I gather this is pretty normal behaviour. The sources close to Taylor are most likely the agent.

  115. toonsy says:
    July 6, 2010 at 4:13 pm
    craig chisholm says:
    July 6, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    “fcuk me, am i first??”

    You’ll always be my first Craig….

    Ahhhh, bless, that brought a tear to me eye!

  116. Tribalfootball says that Hughton denies interest in both Cleverly & Mansare. 1 thing i’ve learned about CH is when he says he isn’t interested, he isn’t interested. Quote included…