Newcastle United TV schedule revealed.

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Toon in for the new season.
Toon in for the new season.
The one thing I missed about being in the Premier League was the lack of TV coverage of Newcastle matches, but now we are back I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I realise we had our fair share of matches on TV last season, probably more than our fair share in fact, but it is more the ones that weren’t on TV that I am talking about.

Coverage was virtually non-existant in The Championship, and the best you could hope for was being ‘game of the day’ on that silly Football League Show with those irritating people hosting it at some hour where I was either too drunk or too tired to be bothered to watch it.

It’s not a problem this year though as TV coverage in the Premier League is nothing short of exceptional, so you never really have to miss a game. It’s especially nice to see that, now the fixtures have been amended for live TV cover, we have eight games that will be broadcast live before the end of November. Well they do have to pander towards the big boys, don’t they?

That was a bit tongue in cheek, but there is no denying that Newcastle bring a far wider viewing audience to the table than perhaps say, Birmingham or Stoke for example, and it is that wider audience that the TV companies are interested in, purely because it brings them in extra money.

Our first game against Manchester United has been moved for TV coverage, and we will now kick-off our own Premier League campaign on the Monday night, 8:00pm, live on Sky. Our first home game against Aston Villa has also been moved and will be played on the Sunday instead of the original Saturday and is now scheduled for a 1:30pm kick-off.

Below is a list of fixtures that have made the grade for live TV coverage done in a kind of ‘cut out and keep’ fashion, although if you want to double check on the clubs official website you can do so here.

v Manchester United (A)
Monday 16th August
Kick off 8:00pm, Sky.

v Aston Villa (H)
Sunday 22nd August
Kick off 1:30pm, ESPN.

v Stoke City (H)
Sunday 26th September
Kick off 4:10pm, Sky.

v Manchester City (A)
Sunday 3rd October
Kick off 1:30pm, ESPN.

v West Ham United (A)
Saturday 23rd October
Kick off 5:30pm, Sky.

v Sunderland (H)
Sunday 31st October
Kick off 4pm, Sky.

v Arsenal (A)
Sunday 7th November
Kick off 1:30pm, Sky.

v Chelsea (H)
Sunday 28th November
Kick off 1:30pm, Sky.

And that’s about it so far, although things are still liable to change, and it now means that I can definately make the derby game again this year, although I do question the wisdom of having the kick-off put back to 4:10pm. To me that is asking for trouble.

What d’ya reckon? I reckon the TV companies love us!

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50 Responses

  1. Good and bad news for me. Great that we get so many games, … But I was really looking forward to the ManU match and its now going to be at 3am in the morning for me. :-(

  2. Tv coverage is gonna be so good to enjoy this year, can’t wait! Also, RE your last article Toonsy, the pics of the lads training are out and taylor looks quite happy to be there to be honest. Happy-ish anyway. I know it means very little but it’s a glimmer of hope nonetheless!

  3. so nowt much said on here about the tom cleverley loan move, looks like were in the pole position, hoping to hear more about this loan deal later in the day

  4. i reckon the only reason newcastle are getting a lot of coverage early on,is because all eyes will be on ashley with the media ready to pounce on potential flashpoints and unrest.they are basically willing the crash to happen,and they want to be there to see it.i may be paranoid,but then again i’m convinced that’s why we are getting the coverage.

  5. yeah heres hopin JJ, the rumourmill reckons its a season loan n all. happy dayz if true eh?

  6. Well,saw Xisco with Colo training,he doesn’t seems happy though. I hope he isn’t being frozen out there.

  7. As a US based Toon fan, I am very excited to see NUFC back on the TV. Last season was a pain trying to catch a game. Every so often they would be on Setanta, but that went bye-bye and I had to rely on Internet broadcasting…that wasn’t always reliable either. Sky Sports match commentary was terrible.

    So, back on the air is going to be nice. Long may it continue.

  8. MDS: Not bad indeed. I hope we fill in a few of those “TBD” slots.

  9. I think that’s the same 8 we have televised here……prob moving to Spain tho so I’ll need to check out schedule there :roll: ……. were ya drunk on the 4th NorCAl or is it more of a family thing?

  10. Rich – If all else fails, there is a little thing called the internet as back up ;) ;)

  11. NorCal- I think FSC often picks up Sky matches since both are owned by Murdoch- so there is a chance for a few more.

  12. Toonsy…I’ll be taking the sky with me but the apartment faces the wrong way so unless I can get it on the roof I wont be able to use it…until we sell the house over here then buy one in Spain which will face the reet direction ;-)

    Spain does show prem games now tho(Marcelino is a commentator) so most televised ones should be on there,failing that it’ll be the ” Ye olde English Sports Bar” for Sky :-)

  13. RICHIETOON good luck with house sale m8,sons being trying to flog his,to nick off to malta.might move with him,wor lass wants to like

  14. Rich – The internet is always good for games that aren’t televised though ;)

    I had to get written permission from the authorities to get Sky installed at my house. Soemthing to do with the dish breaking a restricted rural covenant, and I had to sign an agreement saying that if it caused offence then I would pay damages.

    Quietly, if someone claims damages I would offend their face with my fists and boots ;)

    I did shyte myself at first though, until I saw that nearly everyone already had a dish and just thought bollocks to it, I’ll have one too.

    Feck me, I thought I was moving up the property ladder, not moving to North Korea :lol:

  15. cheers ice… all depends if I find a little business to buy to pay me bills n beer money when we go over this weekend.Then we have an apartment we can live in for nowt in Alicante til the house sells(which could take a while).Then nae more crap like tomorrow having to drive doon to Rotheram for a training day in which I have no interest :-(

  16. Toonsy..I’m sure I’ve read that there’s a Euro law that says you can’t be denied access to satellite tv(might have been a load of crap online article tho!)…..only thing in Spain is ya need a bigger dish, probably 1.5m

  17. Rich – They never said I couldn’t have one, just that I would be liable if I ruined the area of outstanding natural beauty I apparently live in!

    Wouldn’t mind so much, if it wasn’t a new build housing estate that has been built within the last few years :mad:

    I remember when me mum and dad had the shop on Crawcrook Hill and we had one of the first wall mounted satellite dishes. It was fecking huge man, and it used to have to move to trcak the signal. Everytime it moved I remember I could hear the wall creaking :lol:

  18. RICHIETOON always silver lineings m8 its just finding the sods ;)thats my only regret comeing back to uk when i finished :(

  19. i watch the match online mainly through iether veetle or sopcast. veetle was mint but the last few times ive been there it hasnt been good as i think they were in trouble with copyright issues.
    sopcast is good nd reliable, nd through myp2p forum or 80% of epl games can be seen. coz the toon has such a large loyal global fanbase its rare to miss an epl game.
    with there bein no problem leaving links on this blog i wouldny worry about missing any games.the quality of pic really depends on ur b-band connection, so if u have good b band connection the pic will be good to excellent ;)

  20. TOONSY bet you enjoyed the hens, ducks, pigs, ect as a kid the used to sell at sales rooms they had in crawcrook ;)

  21. Toonsy…..surely when ya moved in ya ruined the natural beauty straight away :lol: cancel me statement anyway,can find some federal law in the states about it but not UK. In Germany we weren’t allowed them but there were hundreds in the married quarter areas so the Germans just give up trying to stop us I think.

    Aye Ice,actually found summat ideal last time I was over,but then he pulled out…….but the agent got back in touch and its back up for sale so might get that if all goes well.Best thing is I don’t need any Spanish for it :-)

  22. Aye I’ve used veetle before,not for a while like but it used to be canny.

  23. Johnny – There are other, more secret, channels for online football knocking around mate ;)

  24. ya’ll have to send me the links Toonsy…the apartment hasnt even got a fone line in never mind broadband but we’ll sort that out if and when we know we’re going over permanently.

  25. Icedog – Loved it in Crawcrook mate. There wasn’t much to do, no PlayStations and what not so I just had to make my own fun.

    Sure, I was only young, but that was before people were scared to let their kids out alone so it didn’t really matter, even though I was only like 5 or something. I was always over the fields wih my brother an sister.

  26. Johnny – It’s a secret ;)

    *taps nose*

    It’s not so much the avaiability, as anyone can probably get them, more the quality of the broadcast I mean ;)

  27. yeah it was excellent richie, but like i said b4, its come a croppa, the last time i went on it was like justin, screens advertising the game, but once there it gave a link for an another flash site ;( most with v poor broadcasts.
    am sure something will replace it tho ;)

  28. I reckon kids are in more danger chatting online to people they don’t know (a bit irony there I know :lol: )than they ever are kicking about outdoors imo.

  29. the goaly situation is intriguing, i see norwich have signed a young goalie nd dont need forster anymore. so which goalie will CH send out on loan then? i hope we can keep both these, as they both get rave reviews, nd are highly rated nd sought after :)
    this cleverly loan will be a grt bit of business if we do get him for a year :)we desperatley need some pace in midfield

  30. have seen footy links for the VLC Player (media player like real etc) b4 nd never used. but ive just tried a link for wc game on itv nd the pic is fantastic.

  31. Richietoon,

    My apologies for the delayed response. I think I missed the reference on post 17. Was i drunk…no, but did have a fair share of Newcastle Brown to ring in Independence Day. I think I miss what you’re getting at with “Was I drunk or is more a family thing?” piece…my apologies.

  32. He means did you go out with your mates and get drunk? Or did you stay at hime with the family and celebrate it? :)

  33. I dont understand???

    In Dubai we get every single game live. Not one game of the whole premier league is not shown live?

    Is this not the case in the UK?

  34. Oh. Richie and Toonsy. I did both. We had a block party with a jumpy castle type thing for the bairns and plenty of adult beverages for us. Then when night came we watched the fireworks. It was a grand ole time.

  35. Roscoe – No, we get about 3 week in England :(

    Pisstake, considering it is our league.

  36. NorCal..sounds like ya had a good time mate .Let’s hope the fireworks are out at the end of the footy season and we’re all partying and celebrating :lol: