Hughton keen on signing Danny Simpson permanently.

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Permanent move?
Permanent move?
Chris Hughton might attempt to sign Danny Simpson permanently at Newcastle United when his loan contract comes to an end in January.

Sources in Manchester have allegedly claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson has written off Simpson’s chances of making it big at Manchester United, so he may indeed be available.

Last week, Derek Llambias said that Hughton could sign players for “£1m-or-so, if it was on the right player, who preferably would be under the age of 23” but whether or not Ferguson would accept £1m for him is another matter. Also, Newcastle may not be the only club interested in signing Simpson, which could force the price up beyond what Ashley’s willing to pay.

Hughton has been impressed with the 22 year old though, particularly with his versatility and willingness to play in any position as necessary to plug the gaps in a thin squad.

Hughton said:

He’s played two or three games at centre half, and at left-back.

When you approach him about that, he just wants to play.

He’s a good character to have around, and I’m really pleased for him.

That goal for him was a great moment and a great reward.

The lads were ribbing him, asking him if it took a bobble, or was it a cross, but he meant it.”

Danny Simpson was named in last week’s Championship Team of the Week.

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17 Responses

  1. Sounds like a good start to joining the scrum of the January sales.  Let’s hope we see some of the expensive deadwood moved on too and that Simpson’s not the end of the clubs investment in promotion.

    On another note posted on another thread, yes, a code of conduct and a means of filtering out imposters and those who use more than one name – if that’s possible.

    This site has so much potential and it’d be a shame if the idiots who ran amok on Ed’s last post were allowed to do so on here.

    Fingers crossed and best of luck to all……  including be bestest friend in the whole world (well, after George Bush et al), Sawdust!

  2. Lesh
    ‘On another note posted on another thread, yes, a code of conduct and a means of filtering out imposters and those who use more than one name – if that’s possible. This site has so much potential and it’d be a shame if the idiots who ran amok on Ed’s last post were allowed to do so on here.’

    Agree with you Lesh. Worky and the guys are pretty on the ball with removing inappropriate posts, but guess there’s always the potential for the idiots to spoil it for everyone. It was a shame to see what some of them did to Ed’s blog. Whether you always agreed with him or not, the bloke was dedicated and there must have been times he could have wept at some of the antics that went on which ruined it for the majority. Then again he could have taken more interventional action to deal with it.

  3. Anyone really steps over the line and worky sends the ‘heavies’ in.

    They’re a bit like those old Space Invader figures and they don’t stand for any nonsense.

    As for Danny Simpson….I’ll probably get slated for this but I’m not totally sold on him yet. Just a couple of things nagging at me but he seems like a grafter and is committed. Great ‘swinger’ the other day too. Undoubtedly a good Championship player though and that is after all our only concern for now. But if and when we start talking about preparing for the Premiership, I’m not convinced he’s cut out for it yet. Maybe this season will get the experience he needs and prove me wrong?

  4. Ed gave them a blog to use for the best part of 3 years and they send abusive emails and post loads of rubbish about him. If they didn’t like it then why visit the site? He deserved better regardless of what action he was taking against certain individuals.

  5. Danny simpson is out of contract at the end of the season.

    I can see us extending his loan contract through to the end of the season with a fee being agreed for the end of the season.

    1 million should be more than adequate otherwise he could leave for a free at the end of the season and then it would go to a tribunal.

    On a completely unrelated subject; Beckford is alo out of contract at the end of the season and as he is over the age of 23 (he is 25) then he will also be up for grabs on a free. This figure of 5million in january has been dreamt up by the papers! It is ridiculous. I’d like to see us agree a pre-contract with him in January and take him for free at the end of the campaign. If we look to sign him in January then a figure somewhere in between 1.5-2million would be far more realistic; but i think it will be worth far more to leeds to have him stay on and help them gain prmotion back to the champioship.

    We have shola due back at the end of the month; Carroll is on fire; then we have Ranger and Lovenkrands who in my opion is far better playing upfront.

    Let’s send Harewood back as soon as physically possible. Has anyone else heard anything on the rumour that it was written into the loan agreement that he has to start the majority of games? Just what i’ve heard?


    Agree. I get a sense for how much effort Worky, Bowburn and Hugh put into this blog and know it’s a great deal of time and commitment on their part. Ed was doing it on his own and bloggers should have been grateful for that. As you say, if they didn’t like it, don’t visit, and ceratainly don’t be abusive.I must say I was disgusted to read how some people treated him.

  7. Worky @8…. may not registration be a good idea to think about? 

    It might just go along way to nip the imposters and idiots in the bud before they run amok – thus ensuring a degree of quality and good conduct in posts.

  8. Well said ESAMIM and Geordie Deb  regarding the disgraceful behaviour and abuse Ed was subjected to on his blog.  We all  know who you are and you should be b**** ashamed of yourselves.  I take my hat off to Ed for all his hard endeavour over the past 3 years. 

    Lets face it Worky would probably have not created this blog had Ed not considered packing it in earlier, when he first mooted that he had had enough.

  9. Its a shame ed has stopped but as lesh @1   posted , this site seems to have massive potential . As for Simpson , i would love too see him signed permanently . The lad imo has premiership quality and with a couple of seasons back in the prem with us could go on to get England caps . He is definatly worth a fee of  2-3 million and only so low because his contract is running down . 

  10. good to hear worky
    i’m disgusted at how some people treated Ed, they’re a disgrace
    and yes, unfortunately they post on here too… there may come a time my friend when you post something that they disagree with… heaven help us we have differing opinions!

  11. eastend toon says:
    November 11, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    “good to hear worky
    i’m disgusted at how some people treated Ed, they’re a disgrace”

    eastend toon, I have run quite a few websites over the years and it’s nearly always the same if you have a site with any degree of popularity. I’ve had allsorts over the years, death threats, malicious DDOS attacks etc. It’s just par for the course and you can’t take it personally.

  12. appreciate that worky,and yeah, i imagine you need thick skin to persist. but i’m still livid at how he was treated, completely childish
    the press have their view of the coined “geordie nation” and said people have opitomised it and the same people bemoan being the football press’ whipping boys

  13. agreed, i like simpson… ithink he has potential and would be a good permanent addition, better than having r taylor at RB anyway, and at the moment us beggars cant be choosers!

  14. Unfortunately the opportunities of catching The Toon on tv following relegation are few, in which case have been unable to watch Simpson play lately.
    Simpson and Beckford eh !
    Guess it`s come down to that  hmmmm,  maybe we will sign Simpson, no way a third division guy “Beckford” will bring five million, just paper talk !
    The others,
    Ranger, not ready for the PL, yet.
    Carroll, not good enough period, four million for him looks better every day.
    Shola, ok fill in striker.
    Harewood, battering ram !
    Lovenkrands, play him on the right wing, only real winger we have, so why is he playing up front ?
    Conclusion, we are in need of a decent striker or two.
    Also even as thin as we are on the ground , were still carrying deadwood, has to be be some changes made , big time.