Hughton finally admits interest in Arsenal starlet.

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Could a deal for Wilshere be on?
Could a deal for Wilshere be on?
Speculation regarding interest in signing Jack Wilshere has been doing the rounds again today, and Hughton has finally admitted to being interested in securing the services of the highly rated Arsenal youngster.

Which is a confusing one really as I covered the story about Wlishere and a possible loan switch to Tyneside a few weeks back, and whilst it would appear to be a move that would be welcomed by Newcastle fans, Chris Hughton moved quickly to dismiss any interest in the player who spent the back end of last season on loan at Bolton Wanderers. Something must have made Hughton have a change of heart though, especially after what was a very quick dismissal of the kind of player we are crying out for has been followed by this recent admission of interest in bringing the player to the club.

We all know that Jack Wilshere is a quality player, and one that would compliment what we already have at the club, so there is no real need to look into his credentials. All I would say is that if there is a chance of getting him on a season long loan then we should pursue it, although I am pretty certain that there will be other suitors monitoring the situation and seeing if they can jump to the front of the queue.

Personally, I would much rather have Wilshere over Tom Cleverley, as I don’t think Cleverley is much different from what we have already. That is out my hands though and it has been reported that a deal has already been brokered between Manchester United and Newcastle to bring Cleverley to St James’ Park on a season long loan deal.

I must stress that the Cleverley deal should be taken with the proverbial bucket load of salt as it is being reported by the News Of The World, which is hardly the last bastian of accurate journalism. Then again, neither is the paper that the Wilshere rumour comes from, although there are at least some direct Chris Hughton quotes. This is what he had to say about Jack Wilshere anyway:

“Wilshere is a very good young player and I think young players should get the chance to mature. They are the type of players I am looking at. We want new players – but what we have said is that I don’t expect to be making wholesale changes.”

Make of it what you will, but it does seem like a pretty weak link in fairness. I would like it to come off, but I guess we will just have to wait and see. I don’t expect many signings to be made in the near future, in fact I don’t think we will conduct any business until the middle of June at the earliest. The fact that Hughton has said pretty much that, and the fact that we will apparently be monitoring identified targets at the World Cup would suggest that deals will probably not be finalised until the potential signings involvement in the tournament is over.

We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

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143 Responses

  1. “Wilshere is a very good young player and I think young players should get the chance to mature. They are the type of players I am looking at. We want new players – but what we have said is that I don’t expect to be making wholesale changes.”

    what about harris chris you never give him much of a chance when we were nailed on promoted..speaks with folk tounge

  2. Can we have some perm players please Mr Ashley…the premiership is not a kindergarten and you are turning us into a bloody youth club.

  3. If we had any intention of decent signings surely the groundwork and enquiries should have been done as soon as promotion was nailed on.

    I just think there is no football brains at the top end of the regime and it just seems they drag their heels during every transfer window.

  4. If we are following some kind of model like “Arsenal” surely that does not mean we will offer their players 1st team experience at the expense of our players playing reserve football or having a bit part in games…..this is just stupid if the loan player has no clause/option to buy at the end of the loan.

    It just stinks of peasant piss to me.

  5. Dig Deep Cashley..I can see the bedsheets being unfolded again before too long :lol:

  6. How much do you reckon Arsenal will be paying for Taylor?
    Think he is already packing his Louis Vuitton Luggage as we speak….back to his cockney roots.

  7. Feeling the love SJT, nice, good flow, the positive energy, it’s all good.

  8. i can understand blackpool doing things on a shoe string but us narr dosnt sit well with me like,all i can see is more heartache and more kick offs,when were struggling at the bottom of the prem next season..

  9. Maybe we are now following the Blackpool Model Hitman…we may as well we have followed everyone else’s and the play attacking football too.

  10. Mid table…If you look at last season teams created a boat load of chances and retained loads of possession against us,the only reason we won most of them games was many opposing sides couldn’t finish.

    If we play like we did last year (I imagine we will as the squad will be unlikely to change much) it will be tuff going.

  11. SJT – I’m looking into writing up something about that. Looking at how teams who romp the championship do in the prem etc.

  12. If we play like we did last year (I imagine we will as the squad will be unlikely to change much) it will be tuff going.
    spot on sjt,we were very lucky that the teams were shite,total difrent story in the prem tho

  13. Should be good Toonsy….some people think the Prem will be like a happy little picnic :)

  14. Hitman so many teams we picked of last year creating 1 or 2 chances and soaking up pressure…with them tactics,the same team,we will be crucified most weeks,especially away from home.

  15. Like to get wilshire, looks a decent player, not sure if he’s as good as Barton or Guthrie though.

  16. SJT – Think he is something stupid like 6ft 7in. For a 15 year old that is fecking impressive.

    Thy grow up so quickly eh?

  17. This stories from the Daily Star & don’t believe Hughton anything of the sort…

  18. I think Wilshere is a good young player but why are we looking to develop other teams youngsters when we shoul be blooding our own who are very talented, Vuckic, Inmann, Airey, these could all play next season rather than Cleverly or Wilshere. If were getting loans in, then bring in experience.

  19. the club is in total dissaray,they change there story constantly,its the blind leading the blind..its all going to end in tears ashley has learnt nowt..

  20. hiya evry1, wasnt sure who jack was so found this youtube vid, looks pretty damn promising :)

  21. Jesus, The blog is full of wet cnuts and drama queens today.

    Anyone would think the transfer window had just closed with loads of deals confirmed at other clubs ;)

    But then I realise there is still nearly 3 months until the new season and only 5 deals have been confirmed from PL clubs.

  22. @37

    in disarray??? Might have got the wrong end of the stick but there’s only been a few rumours today & all of a sudden we’re in disarray. When it happens it’ll be on the club website until then it’s not official.

    We’ll find out if they’re is disarray as & when we see some signing…

  23. Hitman I have said it before….The 1st team needs investment,we should not be used as a training camp for other premiership clubs especially when we have a load of youngsters already at the club all wanting to get experience and develop their game.

    This age cap of 26 and a wage cap is just a crazy way to run a modern football club in my opinion.

  24. Hitman – What way? As a business? Rather than somethinh that was buying things it couldn’t afford? Don’t get me wrong, I oved the whole signing marquee players things, it was the perfect mask so Shepherd could continue to take his dividend out each season. But what is most important to me is having my home town team to support.

    People have some short memories. Less that 20 years ago we were on the verge of going out of business, dropping to the 3rd tier of fooball etc etc. Times have been worse than what we have now, much worse.

    The fact is we don’t know how it’s being run, just from snippets from the press at the minute. Hughton has said not to expect any player movement until June/July, yet we are getting written off already, just like we did in January and look what happened. We got the players in that we needed.

    We have lost £30 million a year as an average now for about the last 4 years. That is not sustainable. We are in a mess financially, a mess that needs to be cleared up.

    What would happen if by some chance we qualified for Europe in 3 years time? If you can answer that properly, then you will see why it needs sorting.

  25. It seems the board are clueless and have learned no lessons at all.
    They will continue to fumble along all singing off different hymn sheets and all out of tune.

    5 year plans that never get started,modelling themselves off a different club every other week depending on who is writing the spin…we need a football brain at the top to talk some sense into the 2 muppets currently in charge.

  26. Hitman…have a deeks at that NUFC finances websites then you’ll really see how the club was run by the previous regime & perhaps why the club has to be ran the way it is now!

    In short they took out about £100m in wages/dividends/cash from sale, left us with £70m in debt, alledgedly another £100m of hidden debt & charged a massive 11% on loans they made to the club!!!

    Oh & they called us all mugs fir buying shirts & slagged off probably the best Newcastle player ever. Sacked Bobby Robson. Hired shit managers, sacked shit managers, paid them millions in compo, left the next shit manager with players he didn’t that we’re playing for today…

    Phew…rant over!

  27. I think the agecap is most definitely a good thing, but not the wage cap- but whaddayagunna do about that?
    Man Utd have an age cap of 26, does Alex Fergusson run them in a ‘crazy way?’
    The only player they broke their agecap for last year was Berbatov- look how good a deal that turned out to be…

  28. Toonsy Mick and Owl heed couldn’t brew a pot of tea between them.

  29. hear hear witters. People saying FFS was a better owner than this lot really need their heads checked. How thick have you got to be to think he ran things smoothly?

  30. DevonMag…so a premiership player comes available….good track record,decent price…but oh he’s 27 let’s not bother.

    Does the same rule apply to loan players,free agents?…if it does that is even more fookin DUMB !!

  31. look im all for getting the debt sorted but do yous not think ashley should have done it when we were settled in the prem first,ashley has just tyed hughtons hands.

  32. Dummies flying everywhere today.


    Or we could reserve judgemnet until the window shuts. Like what happened in January…

  33. Hitman-Houghton will be given the chop at xmas..that’s why his war chest is a lonsdale shoe box full of pound coins and bottletops mate.

  34. Everybody’s getting hung up on the age cap,which if it exists is a guideline and not a hard and fast rule imo

  35. look toonsy no one is asking for owen signings,just good investment to give us a fighting chance of staying in the prem what is wrong with that

  36. Nobody wants Glory signings Toonsy-just sensible buys in key areas.
    Loans and kids are just an insult…it is like we are living in the dark ages..this is modern football,if you can’t afford to run a club properly JOG ON and sell it to someone that can deliver the goods…I don’t want us living in the bargain basement with the Leon Best’s for the next 5 years.

  37. Hitman – I agree, but there is also nothing to say we wont be buying enough players to make sure we are ok.

    I feel more confident because we romped the Championship and were at a different level to the rest of the teams in that league.

    Sure we conceded chances, name me a team that doesn’t conced a couple of chances in a match (and back it up, not just your opinion), but we also did enough to steal games. How many time have Man Utd done that over the years?

    We were miles ahead of the play-offs, we could have stopped playing in March and still gone up automatically. The biggest margin ever, promoted in record time etc.

    So we could be optimistic and wait and see what the window brings OR we could moan about something that hasn’t even happened yet?

  38. I heard they changed the rules is now 26.5 years instead of 26 :)

  39. Toonsy sure I read Houghton say there will be few changes to the first team?
    That to me says expect some loans…15 year olds and that’s your wack.

  40. SJT – Bullshit!

    It’s 26 years 3 months and 64 days. 65 days if asked nicely ;)

  41. Only problem there hitman is that there’s no good time to pull the reigns in. It’s shit, frustrating & at not very enspiring but we’re back in premiership, the basis of a squad good enough to get 17th, some canny youngsters apparently who I think will mainly get there chance in the cups & this season will hopefully go some way in sorting debt out…

    I can’t do anything about happens in the boardboard, all I do is support the 11 players the manager puts out….

  42. SJT – “I can certainly see players coming in, but I don’t see wholesale changes.”

    From the mouth of the horse.

    To me it says, we can expect to see players in. Depends on how it fits peoples agendas as to how it’s read I suppose.

  43. witters all we want is the club to do well but i just carnt see it under ashley,he dosnt seem willing to try and get this club stable in the prem,all he cares about is getting his money back,which is a double edged sword,coz if we struggle and end up back down hes lost money were as it would cost him a little of his vast wealth to try and get us settled in the prem,im not asking for a sh1t load

  44. We may get decent signings,good enough to keep us up.Not one of us knows until that window closes.This just all sounds like before the Jan window opened with the ,we’re doomed,we won’t sign anybody,we’re not good enough to get promoted,Forest and WBA will overtake us etc etc.At the end of the day CH will do what he can with what he has.The only thing we do know is that we’re in debt,promotion has not but us back in the black.If we don’t spend a penny on transfers we will still be in debt,If we sell all our 1st squad we will still be in debt so all these millions upon millions for new players we want spent where should it come from? Ashley? a new investor? it isn’t going to happen.CH will get some cash which hopefully he’ll spend wisely.That’s probably the best we can hope for so get used to it.HWTL

  45. Officer Dibble…can you please find another day job?
    I am sick of you commenting on people’s posts and asking them to cheer up etc
    Are you some kind of retard social worker?

  46. MA will not back Chris..that’s why he has not offered him a longer contract…MA will gamble again on running a Prem club on Buttons and Bottle tops and Fail miserably (again).

  47. unfortunately u cant buy a mansion with 100 grand. we have to live within our means for the forseeable future. that means tightening the fiscal belt, like it or lump it. iether u accept that or the pet lip juts out.
    thats not to say a little petulance is a bad thing, just not my bag :)
    we should cut our clothe accordingly, thats the msg coming from the board. i dont c bedsheets havinf any affect on this policy, its here for the time being.

  48. Hitman – I agree. To get out of the mess we are in it will take a while an we will have to tighten our belts, but we won’t be the only ones.

    We have more chance of sorting oursleves out in the prem as there is more money. I honestly don’t think Ashley will want to jeopardise that (it’s extra money after all) so I think Hughton will get enough to make sure we can stop up.

    Carry on posting Morale Officer. A shining light in a sea of doom ;)

  49. No Johnny MA should sell the club and move on if he can’t invest-Top Flight Football is not his Bag.

    Funny how he had millions tucked away when he thought he could buy Blacks…..NUFC is always going to play second fiddle to Sports Direct and his Designer Labels like Kangol and Slazenger :)

  50. Don’t know if anyone has spotted it but the “new” signing is a Goalkeeper, really short of them aren’t we!!


    We’ll probably get some loan players but I wouldnt rule out permanent signings of a decent quality who are over 25 ( I reckon two..a good striker & a play maker).

    And frankly, they can buy as many yousters as they want, the more the merrier, cos they won’t all work out & you want to incease the odds of getting some gems.

    I also think vudic & other youngsters will get some games this season (probably cup)…

  52. Football and Chat Sports Retail just don’t get on.
    Invest proper Cash Mr Ashley of pack up and ship out.

  53. Cheers toonsy, thought SJT was my friend though, there doesn’t seem to be much love from the man today.

  54. Whats love got to do, got to do with it, Whats love but a second hand emotion. ;)

  55. unfortunately SJT no one wants to buy us or if they do they don’t have the cash.I’m saving up but it may take me a while mate.

  56. Hitman…so MA wants the £100m (one hundred millions pounds) back? It’s his money & he owns the club. I bloody would if it were my £100m but he’s used that money to keep us out of the shit.

  57. timing is everything witters like im saying he should wait till were settled in the prem first

  58. Jason toon, give it a rest for god’s sake. You don’t like the Arsenal model and you don’t like exciting young players breaking through. Ok we get it, now change the record.

  59. Hitman – Bet Stardust is foaming at the gash about all this :lol:

    He’d be pulling his tail right off..

  60. Possibly but the only business with him is the actual purchase then they need not have anything to do with him.The fact is we are just not worth what the club would cost even if he only asked for £100m added to the debt to Ashley at £135m ish(min),then unless a Citeh type Sheikh comes along then I think we’re stuck with Ashley for at least 2 more years but possibly upto 5 imo.God I’ve just totally depressed myself :-(

  61. I would really hope that some of these youngsters get some games, they are actually young men with some in their early twenties. They are either good enough or not. If not whats the point in them being at the club. Tozer for example was playing first team football for whoever we got him from but didn’t get a look in when Enrique was injured. The Chelsea kid got the nod instead, ok he was good but perhaps Tozer or Kadar might have been just as good!

  62. do you not reckon he would take a hit like richie,say if someone offerd him 175mill.

  63. willy whats the piont of bring in the likes of wilshere,when we have our younguns,dosnt make sence m8

  64. Maybe hitman but if he is owed £135m it would mean him letting the club go for £40m.I think he may just try and reduce the debt as much as he can then he’ll pocket more if/when he sells it.That said I don’t think there’s anyone around who’d pay £175m,Moat couldn’t even cobble together £80m plus the cash to run the club allegedly.

  65. Sirjasontoon…for all the irrational nonsense you write I’d be interested to understand the type of budget you’d be happy with this transfer window, the type of player you want & perhaps a few examples.

  66. Hitman, agreed. Does nowt for the morale of the second squad players. I often feel calling them kids or youngsters all the time is a bit demeaning. I mean they can drink and vote without needing a carer, although admittedly drinking can be a bit stupid but no worse than repeatedly voting for labour. Oops sorry Toonsy how did that slip in. :)

  67. hitman the point is wilshere is about 500times better than any of our youngsters, with the POSSIBLE exception of the entirely unproven Haris Vuckic. I know who I would rather see in midfield out of Jack Wilshere and Brad Inman… (sorry Brad)

  68. how do you know that devon,Haris Vuckic can play in the same postion as wilshere, so whats the point in trying to bring him to the club.haris has been scouted by all the top clubs in europe.

  69. If you did your research on the blog Twitters I have already stated numerous times that £20m in this window would be sufficient.

  70. Also Twitters can you please cut and paste what posts of mine have been irrational nonsense and we can discuss them in greater detail if you like?

  71. Nick this we will follow whatever club model we see fit to spin…just shows the lack of Novel vision the owner of this club has.

    One week it’s Arsenal,next week it’s Birmingham,then Wolves etc what a Fkin Joke !!!

    Why follow somebody else’s model?
    Surely a club of our stature deserves to move forwards in a way that is individual and unique to us?

    What it boils down to Nick is the Owner has no plans other than to feast his greedy mouth on a Black and White Cash cow.

  72. I need some medicine from Officer Dribble Toonsy…Half a Warm Amstel and a paracetemol.

  73. @103

    To be honest ladyjasontoon it’s most comments most of the time but I’ll bear that one in mind.

    In seriousness I’d like £20m but might be a bit too rich. I could see £10-15m (along with the odd loan) & I reckon for this season that would be enough to keep us up.

  74. 106 lol ;) nice1, feeling better now sjt ? ah deary me u gotta laugh eh sjt. its never easy bein toon supporter eh, should be a health warning on all club merchandise ;)

  75. Here’s the Plan Mike,

    Establish an Individual Blueprint suitable and ambitious enough for NUFC not based on Spin,Hokum,Hearsay and other Clubs that will see us moving forwards in a sustainable manner i.e We don’t want World Stars just good committed professional with premiership/similar experience.

    Run the rule over the 1st team Today…decide who is upto the task of playing at the highest level of English Football and delivering the goods.

    Once observed clear out the junk…similar to a january sale at sports direct.

    Before doing this establish the caliber of players you see fit to wear and do justice in a black and white shirt that has the potential to excite and reward 52,000 fans paying top dollar week in week out.

    Rolling on to Xmas now Mike…you should have seen enough of the 1st team and what it is all about,is it doing well? Are they treading water….do we need more Players?

    Then repeat the process again.

  76. 107-Twitters-Weak Answer.
    As expected.
    If you can’t back up your silly statements just let the play roll on and sit at the back of the classroom.

  77. il bear me arse in fenwicks window if ashley spends more than 5mill this window

  78. Reet time to Polish the Laminate floors…Hopefully when I get back MA will have sold us to an Oil Barron and we can live happily ever after…TOON TOON THE BLACK AND WHITE ARMY !!

  79. Hitman, I fear that that might be a rash promise, I’m expecting more that that to be spent although 20m is probably a bit too hopeful. 10m might be close to the mark imo. Still, I’m a glass half full type of person. :)

  80. Ed’s got 8 new blogs up already and it’s only half three…reckon he must have some ghost writers or be necking loads of Speed.

  81. Willy-10m will not be enough,we should be spending at least that amount on a proven premiership striker.

    20m now and another 10m in January depending on how things are panning out.

  82. @111

    LadyJason…I’ll go to the back of the classroom but only if you lend me your dunces cap….

    Enjoy your half full amstel…

  83. SJT – It’s quality not quantity over here man.

    He could save himself a lot of time by putting a shortcut to newsnow up ;)

  84. I am fine Officer the parecetamol’s are kicking in with the warm Amstel.

  85. It just defeats the object Toonsy-less is more in blogsville,that’s how there is no banter on there anymore….wouldn’t swop this blog for any other Bud.

  86. Nice, it’s all positive energy, feeling the force, liking the motion.

  87. SJT, you are probably right although if we could get a couple of Bassongs and some of the decent frees available, we could be ok. The squad as it stands should be able to hold its own providing they still show the same spirit as this season. Thats a big “if” though.

  88. :)
    Any anger I had in me will be channeled into laminate world…sweating out any last drop of anger and evilness.

    I will be back later and will have a positive glow that I will spread across the blog…like ready brek on a cold and frosty morning.

  89. BW I have no problems with scouting for young talent-just training other clubs teenagers with no option to buy at the end of it and our lads falling further down the pecking order.

  90. I got wasted last night so I had a bit of a lie in, the missus went shopping for some floor for the living room, bad idea, £1200 :(

  91. Wounder Jay Jay….hopefully mine will look a million dollars shortly…my mother got me this new dettol Polish so going to get cracking Laters Dudes :)

  92. JayJay, you should never let them out to do DIY shopping, bad idea. My missus keeps wanting to buy trees for our small garden and would if I wasn’t with her. As we are in our dotage, we agreed to try and have a low maintenance garden, Ha!

  93. Wilshere, yes but only with a buy out clause. Unfortunately this won’t happen.